Update: Berlin Terrorist Attack: Death Toll Climbs to 12, Terrorist Was Afghan Refugee…

update-1Sad update.  The death toll has now climbed to 12 in the Berlin terrorist attack.  It is also being reported the Jihadist was an Afghan “refugee” who arrived in February during one of the numerous waves of refugees accepted by Angela Merkel.


(Via Daily Mail) – A refugee is thought to have been behind the wheel of a 25-tonne articulated lorry which mowed down and killed 12 people – and injured 48 others – as it sped at 40mph through a busy Christmas market in Berlin.

The vehicle laden with steel cargo mounted the pavement at 7pm, before tearing through stalls and shoppers on Breitscheidplatz Square, outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the German capital’s main shopping area.


The man at the wheel – who according to German newspaper Berliner used different aliases, was of Afghan heritage and had arrived in Germany in February – fled the scene before being arrested at a nearby zoo.

Police confirmed the original driver, who was transporting steel beams from Poland to Germany, was a Polish national who was found dead in the lorry’s cabin. It is thought he was hijacked.

As German police, the White House and Germany’s top security official indicated the incident was terror related, there was a chilling echo of the deadly terror attack in the French city of Nice in July. It also came just one hour after the Russian ambassador was shot dead in Ankara.

The harrowing incident also comes amid repeated warnings from various security agencies that ISIS planned to wreak havoc on European countries during the festive season, specifically threatening Christmas. (read more)


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385 Responses to Update: Berlin Terrorist Attack: Death Toll Climbs to 12, Terrorist Was Afghan Refugee…

  1. maga2016 says:

    last time I’ve checked, Pakistan wasnt a country from where Germany accepts refugees, (only 3.5% are accepted as real refugees from this country) this terrorist should have been deported a long time ago but leftists prevented this

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  2. nimrodman says:

    Here’s what traditional-minded Germans have to put up with from their rabid lefty extremists:

    Parenting Magazine Warns ‘Blond, Cheerful’ Families Dangerous, Likely Right Wing

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    • Good grief. It’s like a photographic negative of Hitler. Same thing with the colors flipped.

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      • Always with these people it is SKIN COLOR. Interesting in Italy where lots of Italians look the same they are not using skin color as a meme.

        It’s all about propaganda. They use skin color in the Northern white skinned countries, and RELIGION in the Southern European countries.

        HITLER DID THIS SAME THING when he was trying to get Europe to hate the Jews! And in Italy the Pope is using RELIGION, like you said “a photographic negative” of each!

        That is why we need to stop making the muslim problem — or anything other invasion problem — about skin color. And even about religion. Because it’s really only about ISLAM which is neither a religion nor a skin color!!

        The Koran, it’s a BATTLE PLAN against humanity and I’ll say even against the animal kingdom who suffer at their hands as well!

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        • testpointwp says:

          We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. … In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8:22, 37

          Until those in leadership recognize this is a spiritual battle that is not based on skin color, tribal or ethnic allegiance or country of origin there will be no victory.

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        • blaze says:

          My nephew did one tour in Afghanistan via the National Guard (security). He mentioned that the men were unusually cruel to animals and people alike. The Afghan men beat animals they same way they would beat women and children too. He said Afghanistan was the cruelest place on earth that he has ever seen.,,all related to Islam.

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        • trapper says:

          Actually, I have come to the conclusion that we will never understand what is going on until we understand that Islam has very little to do with it. It is primarily cultural, NOT religious.

          These people were animals before they became Muslim, and would still be animals even if we eliminated Islam. They are currently just animals carrying Korans. It is their underlying cultures that have to be destroyed and replaced.

          And lest you think you hear racist tendencies, I would say that Scots never had a chance either until they stopped bashing each other with rocks, came out of the hills, put on pants, learned to read and write and argue in English, and nurtured a thriving middle class, then voila! The Scottish Enlightenment!

          It was not the local peoples that God was concerned about when He instructed the Israelites to wipe them out when they got to the promised land. It was the animal cultures they practiced that God wanted eliminated. At least that’s my theory.

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          • trapper says:

            And lest we think it is just “over there,” here is a post I put up somewhere a year ago in response to some article about Chicago:

            FTA: “Chicago is a major distribution node for the Sinaloa drug cartel”

            That’s just gas on the fire. Also, where there were once a handful of major gangs with clearly defined territories and few border skirmishes, there are now roughly 300 street gangs (per CPD), all fighting each other street by street and block by block for drug selling territory. Thus, Spike Lee’s “Chiraq,” the working title of his upcoming movie about it.

            The shooting victims are mostly bystanders in street gang hits in 3 or 4 exceptionally bad neighborhoods that burned in the 1968 riots and were never rebuilt. They are filled with 30-year-old grandmothers, girls with 5 kids by 5 different fathers, never been married, boys who’ve been on the streets since they were 4, and no one has held a job in 50 years. It’s a different planet in there. But look closely and you find none of it is new.

            The shootings are a cultural phenomenon, a direct product of the worthless and destructive culture in the neighborhoods where the shootings take place. Remnants of slave culture? Remnants of African tribal cultures in a people that never truly assimilated? The artificial grouping of varied tribal heritages and personalities into a unified race of “people” that itself doesn’t actually exist? The eggheads at the University of Chicago can debate all that. The short of it: The violence is just a symptom; the culture is the disease. And it goes back a LONG way.


  3. Esperanza says:

    Obama to Germans ‘If you like Christmas, you can keep Christmas’.

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  4. hugofitch1 says:

    Cue the stock footage.


  5. Joshua2415 says:

    “These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners”….Like Russia – DJT
    The jihadis are in for a world of hurt.

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  6. golfgoddess says:

    They got the wrong guy!


  7. Major Styles says:

    Germany needs to stop apologizing to the world. Yes, they gave us the Nazis.

    But they also gave us the automobile, along with countless other inventions. Their culture is one of the top ones in humanity, and inferior people want to keep them down because they fear the greatness off the German mind and spirit.

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  8. testpointwp says:

    As of 6PM, 12/19/16, NPR was reporting that no terrorist connection was established and it might have just been a truck that, “Went out of control.”

    Please, PE Trump, defund these propagandists.

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  9. EarlPHolt3rd says:

    The solution is obvious: We need more diversity, beginning with more young, sweaty, unemployed Muslims from the Middle East. They work wonders for the problem of over-crowding…


  10. Trumpmendous says:

    I’m starting to see why the MSM doesn’t report these terrorist thugs shouting Allahu Akbar when they do their thing. It’s fake news. Allah isn’t good.


  11. MaineCoon says:

    Many believe the German won’t step up and give Merkel the boot. I think they just might.
    Major Twitter backlash against her yesterday. Don’t rely on MSM for that election — any more than we did here. Sadly though, Germans have turned their back on God —



  12. Kristin says:

    Daily news reports that German police have the wrong guy….. maybe the right guy is not an refugee/immigrant and thus it would not break Merkel’s heart.


  13. tampa2 says:

    I don’t understand what I don’t understand about this. Feral animals slaughtering innocents indiscriminately is cultural diversity? Reciprocity is in order.


  14. youme says:

    I was shocked to hear on NPR a voice of reason who actually states that ISIS is based on the Muslim religion.

    From the interview of Graeme Wood, author of a book on the Islamic state “THE WAY OF THE STRANGERS”

    “You write in the book that part of the West’s misunderstanding of ISIS is a kind of refusal to acknowledge its religious roots, that there is a theology behind all of the violence.

    WOOD: Yes. I think that there is a strong urge to say that Islam has nothing to do with religion, that ISIS is a bunch of psychopaths, people with blades cutting off heads wantonly. Unfortunately that’s just not true. ISIS has looked into Islamic history with historical accuracy, with intellectual rigor. And that’s part of what has produced that group as well as its Muslim opponents.

    MARTIN: How do they justify the violence?

    WOOD: You’ll find some who will say the violence is temporary. We are Muslims who are reviving the faith and we have to do this in a fallen world, so we’ll cut off the hands of thieves right now. But once the Islamic State is stronger and people realize this is the punishment, we won’t have to cut off hands.

    MARTIN: The violence is a way to peace?

    WOOD: Yes. That’s what you find with the nicer ones. The less nice ones just say this is a wonderful thing. The violence is not something that needs to be explained except to say that our scripture says it must be so. And so when it happens, we should celebrate it.



    • youme says:

      Here in America, we encourage and pay for the training of jihadists to obtain commercial drivers licenses

      “A Minnesota man, who Homeland Security identifies as a terror suspect who is on the “No Fly” list, now has his Class A commercial license, which will allow him to drive semi-trucks.

      The FOX 9 Investigators revealed last May that Amir Meshal was attempting to get his Class A license from a Twin Cities truck driving school. The $4,000 tuition was paid for through the state workforce program.

      The Minnesota Department of Public Safety confirms he was granted the license after passing a road test on August 8. A spokesperson said Meshal has also applied for a school bus endorsement, pending the outcome of a criminal background check.”


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  15. youme says:

    “Google, Twitter and Facebook are being sued by the families of three victims killed in the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, Florida in June that left 49 people dead.

    The families of three fatally shot victims — Tevin Crosby, Juan Ramon Guerrero and Javier Jorge-Reyes — filed a lawsuit against Google, Twitter and Facebook on Monday alleging the tech companies provided “material support” for the radicalization of Islamic State (ISIS)-inspired shooter Omar Mateen and his horrific act of violence, Fox News reports.

    The suit, filed Monday, points the finger directly at all three tech giants, saying they “knowingly and recklessly” allowed for accounts associated with ISIS to exist and allowed the extremist group “to use its social networks as a tool for spreading extremist propaganda, raising funds, and attracting new recruits.”


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  16. fedback says:

    Reports out that investigators are at a loss and police have no idea who they are looking for, according to ‘Die Welt’.


    • 3x1 says:

      This should rightfully enrage Germans further.

      They need to elect politicians who will stop immigration and pull out of the EU. Brussels wants immigration? Let Brussels have them all.


    • bigsy says:

      Bundesliga has mid-week games tonight and tomorrow. last games before winter break.

      Hamburg, Frankurt home tonight. Games in Berlin, Munich tomorrow night.

      I think they’re really worried about an attack at a game and are keeping the public on edge in case they have to cancel a game.


  17. 3x1 says:

    Attacks have occurred all over Germany:

    Hopefully this latest will end Merkels miserable career, along with other pro-immigration politicians.

    Picture source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2440378/german-far-right-and-security-experts-blame-angela-merkels-open-door-migrant-policy-for-berlin-truck-attack-by-refugee/


    • nimrodman says:

      Notice that they’re always “far-right” in the European press. America too, more and more.

      It couldn’t be that that they’re “a bit right of center but entirely reasonable and mainstream”.

      Or perhaps “NOT raving-loon socialists”.

      No. Always “far-right”. Gets tiring.

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  18. Jack says:

    This was all part of the Hooten plan to wipe Germany off the map, and to disappear Germans as a people both genetically and culturally.


  19. fedback says:

    Truck drivers are now a hijacking target by jihadis.
    Drivers should be allowed to protect themselves

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  20. youme says:

    Ambassador murder… remember Obama’s threat “retaliation at a time and place of our choosing”: http://interaksyon.com/article/135317/time-and-place-of-our-choosing–obama-vows-retaliation-vs-russian-hacking

    4 days later this happens and attacker rumored al-Nusra related, US funded and armed group. Ambassador also rumored to be fluent in Korean and Chinese with mandate to pave Turkey’s way into SCO. Who benefits from RU TR relations not improving.


  21. Pam says:


  22. JohnP says:

    This can’t be good……

    Italian woman is feared missing in Berlin Christmas market massacre after her phone and metro pass were found at scene where 12 were mowed down by 25-tonne lorry


    Or is it? (She is described as pro-refugee.)


  23. Watcher says:

    This not reported, but I think related. 10 shot 2 days before raid , 4 during raid. In Jordan.

    Who is benefits from this carnage?


  24. Lucille says:

    Merkel Government Still in Denial
    by Vijeta Uniyal – December 20, 2016 at 5:00 am


  25. fedback says:

    Berlin suspect released because of insufficient evidence


  26. Dommy says:

    Currently showing on Drudge:

    If Germany had any survival instincts left this would be a picture of her final moments.


  27. M. Mueller says:

    Stefan Molyneux has a serious conversation with the people of Europe. Worth watching. 15 min.


  28. fedback says:

    Islamic State claims responsibility


  29. TheBoom says:

    It is absurd to be concerned with Germans. They don’t mind dying to show they are compassionate. Let’s focus on societies that want to survive.


    • Lucille says:

      Let’s focus on the millions of Germans who didn’t and won’t vote for Merkel, who are not blinded by stupid commentary coming from their politicians, the UN, and the various religious bodies who have no true faith in their own doctrine but kowtow to Islam and put out blather to their constituents.


  30. freddy says:

    I guess Putin did this too to jack the german election to get Merkel out. What else could this be. Islam can’t be blamed the Pope told me so. It’s angry young men who miss their home that’s all. Pray that the scourge of the leftist Euros will sonn come to an end. Our biggest problems on this earth are Islam and the News media propaganda network in this country. They work together and it produces a lot of deaths from what I see……


  31. debmonson says:

    Germany has lived a life of veritable peace her police are obviously not versed enough on the evil they let in they need to reach out to Israel New York City and Paris on how to hunt down terrorists before they look like idiots again was the 1 they caught the beard so the real terrorist could away???????


  32. Howie says:

    Liberals and commies panic Merkle may be hurt in election. Damn the murders, full speed ahead.


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