CNN Headline “Putin Approved” Disputed By CNN Content “No Direct Ties To Putin”…

Sometimes all you need to highlight “Fake News” is a screen grab:



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121 Responses to CNN Headline “Putin Approved” Disputed By CNN Content “No Direct Ties To Putin”…

  1. rashamon says:

    I’m tired of this anonymous cr@p. Put a name behind the intel.

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    • rashamon says:

      “Putin most likely”…”U.S. official familiar”…”suggests Russian President”…”neither pf the sources knew of specific intelligence”…

      Been there, done that before, This is the stuff WWIII is made out of.

      The Donald won’t buy it. We just have to get The 0 out of the dialogue.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      It used to be called rumors. Now they pass it along as fact and hype it up more.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      I don’t think they can; at least not without huge risk.
      Does Ivan have a well developed spy network? Yes. Are they to be trusted? No. Could they wield enough power/influence to attempt a coup of the U.S. by “hacking” its elections? Eh…very doubtful (although I notice that’s the message the sheep have been given to send them into a panic). But that isn’t really the issue here…it’s what was on those hacked e-mails (that a kid could have gotten into) that the DNC, Podesta, Hillary, Huma, and the rest are (and this is the real news)…not denying.
      For what it is worth, I highly doubt Putin would want to ruin the chances of the senile, corrupt, drunk who sold him 20% of our strategic uranium. That means no motive and very little means.

      All of this has sounded like a great big game of hide the potato since it first started with a side order of the Bush ’00 treatment. They’re going for a complete de-legitimization of the presidency before it even starts — and they don’t care if they start a war: either foreign or domestic, or both.
      And this smells as though it has got something to do with actors in the ME, Asia, and in Europe (primarily Merkel) as well as people in the Uniparty. Somebody apparently wants us taken out of the game but good, and something tells me it isn’t Russia (although if crazy Alexsandr Dugin still has any devotees still within the halls of Russian power; they could be cheering this on).

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    • dmi60ex says:

      Obama is sure that Putin will do what he asked .He made him give a pinky promise.


  2. Sentient says:

    I think it’d be funny if PE Trump tweeted (after his inauguration) “I’d like to thank President Putin for his assistance in my election win”. The butt hurt would be even more epic.

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  3. From what I read, Podesta’s emails were accessed after the idiot was “Spearfished” and gave up his password.THAT type of attack doesn’t require a state-sponsored IT team to complete. Far from it.

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    • WSB says:

      One of Podesta’s assistants passed it along.

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    • nyetneetot says:

      Some people are like couds. When they go away, it’s a brighter day.

      “I can see clearly now, Obamas gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. It’s going to be a bright, bright non-Obama day!”

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    • repsort says:

      exactly. That’s not a HACK. It’s called idiocy! He GAVE his password away to a trick/scam email he had received.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Yep, i’ve read that as well. And this is the “sophisticated Russian technique” the article claims is akin to NSA techniques? What’s next, a Nigerian “Dear Friend” letter?

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    • Jenny R. says:

      That’s what’s always bugged me about the whole thing: generally, we have an idea what’s on our e-mail accounts…and most importantly, if it would cost us to have somebody get ahold of them. So we do two things: keep our computers (laptops) with us and make up a password that’s at least somewhat secure. And if we get the hint that somebody did get into them, we change our password, maybe keep our little tablet thingy’s closer to our physical person.
      Podesta did none of those things; not even close…which says those e-mails were set up to be gotten into (maybe not by whoever did, but by somebody). If you think about it, it’s a great way to pass on things with a fair amount of plausible deniability — you can always plead stupid.
      And I think Podesta’s many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

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  4. Abster says:

    This man won’t let up. I suppose he has more tricks up his sleeve. Whatever they are, he can distance himself as he is vacationing in Hawaii. Scary.

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  5. Joe Knuckles says:

    They are just repeating the big lie as many times as possible.

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  6. kimosaabe says:

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    • TexasDude says:

      “The NSA, with the help of the nation’s largest telecommunications firms, like AT&T, has tapped the nation’s Internet backbone, searching and sifting through vast amounts of innocent Americans’ Internet communications.

      This was true when we filed our first lawsuit challenging the NSA’s programs in 2006, and it’s still true today. And, as new NSA slides published in August by Pro Publica and the New York Times confirm, even in 2006, we were remarkably accurate in our description of how the NSA’s program operates.

      In fact, we even got the diagrams right.


  7. Michael says:

    I’m at the point that whenever I see a “source” without attribution I immediately stop reading the article. I’m like 95% certain they’re just making it all up at this point.

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  8. Niagara Frontier says:

    Can we make them stop calling this “election hacking?” E-mail and computer systems may have been hacked, not an election. Language matters.

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  9. bertdilbert says:

    They are still running cover for the democratic party, pissed off donors need someone to take their anger out on, so may as well be the Russians lol.

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  10. BobW462 says:

    Well… A “US official” familiar with horse manure told me that CNN is full of it. So, there. That settles everything.

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  11. rashamon says:

    And how much impact did Anthony Weiner’s laptop and the NY investigation have to do with what hit the media? Then Wikileaks? Seriously, folks.

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    • dmi60ex says:

      I imagine if anyone else was sexting a 15 year old and sending sexually suggestive pictures they would get the 2 am bed roust and a trip to the magistrate in their boxer shorts ..,so why has he not been charged.


  12. RP says:

    Look closely at the NDAA voted on and passed last week by Congress. 3076 pages of lawyer speak making/reaffirming that we are all terrorists, and which reportedly ties Trump’s hands from cooperating with Putin unless Putin completely withdraws from Crimea so the US-placed Ukrainian govt hostile to Russia can be put in place so NATO can roll their tanks, planes and personnel in place.

    FAKE NEWS isn’t reporting on this of course.

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  13. lastinillinois says:

    I can personally attest to this idiocy, as CNN is the only national news channel I get with my SlingTV so I’ve been watching since June when I last cancelled cable.

    They contradict themselves consistently, seemingly everyday broadcast.
    They don’t even need to have their ‘counter-point guests on.
    They make a (false) point, and then they contradict it themselves.

    It is total madness.

    And then add in the straight up lying of Jake Tapper, like this afternoon when he said (while waiting for Obama to get done smoking a J with Obie Trice and Missy Elliott):
    “The only people with blood on their hands in regards to Aleppo are Vladimir Putin and Assad.”

    They are truly in psychotic overdrive.
    Good thing no one watches anymore (except me).

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  14. If everyone now knows it, put a name on that announcement.

    If you agree it’s Putin, then you have to know all were hacked. DNC, RNC and both campaigns.
    You’d also have to believe that released the Hillary stuff and held back the Trump stuff for leverage.

    But why? Right up to election night, Trump had no chance of winning. So what was the Russia play?
    That would mean the plan all along was to make Hillary look bad and win! I think the Russians are smarter than that.

    The point is, the Russians most likely hacked those places. So did the Chinese and almost every other hacker worth his salt. And the US has done and was doing the same to them.
    But I’m not sure at all that the Russians leaked any of it. The point of intelligence is to gather it, not let someone know you have it.

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  15. Risasi says:

    Who knew Joseph McCarthy would eventually be right…and the greatest irony is the Communists are accusing Russia! Strange times we live in…

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  16. My take from the CNN article is that Russia has been, and continues to, wage cyber attacks against multiple US entities. They are still doing it!

    A reasonable, relatively intelligent and sane person could conclude from that information that there was no intent to aid PE Trump in getting elected, that the cyber attacks weren’t about the election at all. Instead, Russia was just doing what many countries – including the US – do….get info on their ‘enemies.’

    This ‘conclusion’ that our ‘intelligence’ agencies have reached is all based — not any evidence, mind you — but on ‘intelligence’ our ‘intelligence’ agencies have collected/received. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

    The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Oh, noes….

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  17. Miss Michael says:

    Was disgusted once again when listening to this guy O….but felt good watching him accidentally call President-Elect > President Trump twice!

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  18. RP says:

    Look at everything happening from the outside in.

    Obvious CIA government overthrow plot following the same template they’ve used dozens of times around the world.

    Plant news stories, control a narrative and stir up civil unrest
    Fund/arm the militants

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  19. Bert Darrell says:

    I don’t know have signed piece of paper to show you but the extraordinary level of incompetence of the Obama administration and Hillary’s horrendous, imbecilic campaign are highly indicative of the involvement of the US government in her predictable loss, including 8 disastrous years of Obama’s fumbling and bumbling everything, including the economy, Solyndra, 5 $billion misspent of software to complicate enrollment in Obamacare, and nearly $1 trillion on shovel-ready manure-pushing jobs that nobody wanted. So, let’s draw the line right now: Obama, go to a corner, stop talking nonsense and say 100 times: I’ll be going away on January 20 without stealing all the T key from all White House computers.

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  20. thetrain2016 says:

    If the CIA knows who is hacking what, why don’t they stop it?

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    • NJF says:


      Plus who are they hacking? The election is over.

      Of course everyone hacks everyone ALL THE TIME. I mean wasn’t there a story a while back about Merkel’s phone?

      Bet that was Vlad too…..oh wait.

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  21. NJF says:

    I don’t know why CNN didn’t put this in their article????

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  22. emet says:

    Its just like here in the US. President Obama gives the DHS wide discretion to hack, for example, the Georgia SOS website. But there us no direct evidence implicating him.

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  23. Paco Loco says:

    This is a last ditch effort to de legitimize Trumps stunning victory and to rile up the neocons who are blood thirsty for Putin. It’s clear now that despite Assange’s categorical denial that the Wikileaks DNC emails did not come from a Russian hack, the Obama regime is stuck on stupid. This is the epidimy of ” fake news”, unattributed sources being quoted is ” fake journalism”. There are no facts here except that the DNC and the Idiot John Podesta’s emails were copied off the DNC email server and then leaked by an insider. There is absolutely zero evidence that the Russians had anything to do with it. ZERO! Claiming that the Russians Hacked the election for Trumps benefit is a Big Lie and what used to be called Yellow Journalism. Does Trump see this fake news as sufficient to change the electoral college vote on Monday? Apparently not. So then this whole story becomes just another ugly smear by the NWO/Uniparty thugs who are afraid of Trump breaking their rice bowls.

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  24. saywhat64 says:

    Of course, no comments allowed on the CNN Article…

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  25. Sunshine says:

    Most people read titles only and the first few lines of the text.
    Press Council rules allow for some extrapolation in a title as long as a semblance of truth can be found in the text. Sad, but true.
    Do not click on anything CNN. Let it die slowly.

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  26. MrE says:

    CNN makes the Enquirer look classy.

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  27. MVW says:

    The Fake Newzzz networks have lost credibility with all except the most wide eyed Candide’s. So, it looks like all pretense has been dropped. What is there to be lost?

    And there are still some viewers that take the position that there must be a pony somewhere in the manure pile and still watch.

    In basically 30 days the era of pretense will over for Government respect for the Fake Newz media. Trump will put these characters in the back row, standing in Michelle’s naturally fertilized vegetable garden, in fresh fertilizer.

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  28. libby says:

    Seems like the leak was approved by the former secretary of state who thought cybersecurity was a mere inconvenience

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  29. Mr. Izz says:

    I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer take the idea that a story is factual until proven false. I just assume now that anything the main stream media reports is completely false. From there, I search out this website and others to verify only the facts. I’m tired of reading opinions and narratives that are being reported as “news”. I’m tired of being lied to, then being accused of all sorts of “-isms” if I don’t agree with them.

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  30. catluver99 says:

    Suuuure, it all sounds so reasonable.

    -The CIA goes out of it’s way and publicly announces that their intelligence is what? Unintelligent. They don’t know how Russia hacked, they have nothing to go by but, they did it! Why would the CIA go public with anything about hacking without evidence? Unless it’s for propaganda, the CIA never goes public with anything, it’s always hushed.

    -Then we have Obama, the left and our media propaganda machine jumping on board and this is the true tell that it’s all BS.

    -Now we have Putin calling for Obama to put up or shut up b/c he’s playing a dangerous game.

    This isn’t about Russia or hacking. It’s about ELECTORS, soothing the crybabies so the left doesn’t look so lame and giving an excuse why Hillary lost to her donors. It gets the Dems off the hook for stupidity and changes Electors minds. Think about it, Podesta using a gmail account? Sure, only a high tech Russian could hack that LMAO!

    C’mon Jan 20th, it can’t get here soon enough!

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  31. quintrillion says:

    Defund CNN. Take away their broadcast license. Elections can’t be hacked….Clinton server was hacked. Podesta lost his cell phone. Laptops went missing. They are careless, stupid people and are NOT PROTECTING OUR ASSETS OR US. CIA should be eliminated from cyber forensics. Now they ALL lie to cover up their drunken power mad mess.

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  32. keeler says:

    If CNN is even aware, it doesn’t care.

    A widely circulated study released earlier this summer claimed 60% of internet users who share news links don’t read anything past the headlines on news story links. Of course, since this comes from the circles who actually propagate fake news, it’s impossible to say whether this is true or not.

    In any case, it demonstrates how establishment media thinks about its consumers: the headline is more important to establish rightthink among the people than the story is; if the article refutes or fails to support the headline’s claim, over half the people will never know. The desired narrative is seeded among the majority, and that’s all that matters to the MSM.

    Interestingly, the Washington Post article on this (which I won’t link to in order to avoid giving the WP traffic) had this to say:

    “The editor of the site, who writes anonymously, told The Washington Post that he had tired of seeing the sheer number of misunderstood, misrepresented or straight-up fictitious bunk that people gleefully signal-boost across the Internet. The Science Post is run by professors and doctors, he explained: It pains them to see bad information spread this way.

    Unfortunately for them — and indeed, for all of us — it wouldn’t seem the practice is going away.”

    As far back as June, the establishment media was laying the groundwork for the “Fake News” battle. This phase paved the way for the “Fact Check” campaign during the debates, which paved the way for “Fake News” campaign after the election.

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  33. Wigitgetit says:

    Hey Sundance used your image to poke at Jake Tapper a little bit. Didn’t have the character count for link, but here is the tweet if you want to chime in. I know how much you love them over at CNN. lol

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      Edward Snowden has said that the NSA knows exactly who hacked, that is, if a hack occurred. It was probably leaked by DNC or American agents who where scared of Hillary Presidency.

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  34. fred5678 says:

    For background on NSA capability for eons:


  35. Watcher says:

    Putin is just the boogie man for the dems to hang on to their base.

    Zeros legacy and to some extent hildabeast would go down as who destroyed the democrat party.

    Without democrats the rhinos are not necessary either.

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  36. The Devilbat says:

    Let us put this in perspective. Firstly, the alleged hacking was made and the damage done by making public a lot of emails to and from Podesta. The emails exposed Podesta and his DNC accomplices as being absolutely rotten to the core as well as a number of them very likely being Satanists and pedophiles. Now after being exposed the democrats and their fellow traveller – communist friends are blaming someone (guilty or not) for exposing them.

    I truly believe that Trump would have won regardless of the Wikileaks releases but if I am wrong then they lost the election because someone exposed them all as cockroaches. these same cockroaches are now dangerously bear – baiting a nuclear superpower. Hopefully Putin understands who these people are and he will ignore them.

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  37. I wish that the Trump team would have pushed back against this story from the start. So far the response has been very weak – just a one page statement saying “these are the same people who told us there were WMD’s in Iraq”. I notice that even some of Trump “surrogates” have already accepted the premise that “Putin hacked the election” – they only dispute whether it changed this outcome.

    The Trump team should have countered from the start with the following:

    there is NO evidence that the DNC and Podesta emails were “hacked” versus “leaked” by an inside whistle blower
    If hacked there is NO evidence that Putin or any Russian official directed the hack
    Julian Asssange has stated more than once that the DNC emails did NOT come from a “State actor”
    Julian Assange – in an interview on Dutch TV – strongly suggested that the DNC emails came from Seth Rich – Assange has offered a $20K reward for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killers while saying that leakers have put their lives on the line.
    Wikileaks operative Craig Murray said the DNC emails were handed to him in a DC park by a “disgusted” Democrat (Seth Rich?)
    CIA’s Brennan REFUSED to brief Republican congressional intelligence leaders on the evidence they have
    Trump should publicly condemn Barak Obama for trying to delegitimize his victory. He should challenge Obama to back up his assertion’s with proof or shut-up. He should stop playing nice with Obama – Obama is his ENEMY not his friend.

    If the Trump team doesn’t start to push back hard and change the narrative (it might already be too late) it will become accepted gospel by a large percentage of the American public that PE Trump’s Presidency is illegitimate – I don’t see how this can be beneficial for PE Trump. I don’t know who is in charge of communication strategy over at Trump Tower but they have done a lousy job so far on this file. Will Trump be forced into taking a tough stand with Putin as a result of this false narrative taking hold? Will his foreign policy end up looking not much different from Obama’s as a result?


    • Sorry for the messed up formatting – bullet points didn’t get through


    • jefcool64 says:

      Don’t interrupt an enemy when their making a mistake

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    • lastinillinois says:

      The Trump Team doesn’t need to enter this fray.

      If your enemy chooses to destroy themselves instead of telling the truth – you let them.
      There will always be time for the truth to come out later, to reinforce what people suspect are lies they’ve been told.

      Most people know – or at least have a sense of – when they are being lied to.
      And that is why the Dems have gone all in with this Putin crap, all day for several days now – cuz it ain’t sticking.

      Besides, I have seen plenty of Trump surrogates – as well as Congressman Peter King – speaking of the fact it is all nonsense.

      Let this all play out – let these evil bastards bury themselves,
      Enjoy the show – it takes zero effort on our part.

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      • Here is Trump’s top surrogate – Sean Spicer (rumored to be the next Press Sec) this morning stupidly accepting the premise that Putin hacked the election. When your top surrogate has accepted the false premise being pushed by the Dems and the media – most people will conclude that the lies are in fact true. It doesn’t help trump if most people believe that Putin stole the election for Trump.


        • jefcool64 says:

          “It doesn’t help trump if most people believe that Putin stole the election for Trump.”

          The only people I know who believe that can’t be reached anyway. Let them self destruct.


  38. spren says:

    “Hacking techniques similar to the NSA.” Hmmm. Wasn’t it just today that Judge Napolitano came out and said it was the NSA that provided these details to Wikileaks because of their disgust at the way Clinton had so wantonly exposed critical details of undercover operatives, who have since been killed, or at least disappeared, and pre-emptively tried to prevent her from becoming president? This is clearly a false flag operation by the LEADERSHIP of these intelligence forces to subvert the attempted coup by Obama’s group.


  39. Today, was the first time that we’ve been going down this insane rabbit hole, someone – Surprisingly, Obama, at that, defined what was meant by ‘Hacking’. He clearly stated, hacking meant the DNC. Fine good, probably had no choice to be honest here, well mostly honest, failed to point out the guy who released the Podesta emails outright says, no Russia wasn’t part of this and it was an inside leak – NOT HACK…

    The Media on the other hand has been recklessly throwing around the term hacking. Implying Russia violated voting machines, and never once talking about John Podesta and his… Weird, creepy emails.

    If they did. More people would go and look at them. And in fact, this is the most, sort of coverage Wikileaks has gotten from the MSM, since the leaks broke and election.

    It amazed me how they kept talking about hacking and the election but never defining it at all.


  40. jwingermany says:

    “…the nature of the operation was such that this had to be approved by top levels of the Russian government.!

    Sounds like a twist on one of the old Dem favorites.

    “The seriousness of the charge mandates that we investigate this.”


  41. ZZZ says:

    I remember when the newspaper USA Today made its debut…many were disgruntled and called it the Fast Food of newspapers because people were digesting only headlines and no real substance.

    VOILA! The same formula used for MSM online news articles…look at the headline and move on.


  42. Stringy theory says:

    I’d say CNN has more than its share of hacks.


  43. JMC says:

    Huma put 660,000 of Hillary’s emails on a laptop Weiner used to troll teenaged girls and underaged spice sites. What could go wrong? We should pound that meme endlessly. And the Russians have attempted to hack my own computer! It must be true – I’ve received several emails the past couple years telling me to change my password. Didn’t fall for it though. Too bad, Putin!


  44. Jack Dempsey says:

    It’s my understanding that US intelligence passed the emails to Assange.


  45. Just too funny. Fake journalism still acts like we don’t know they are essentially state run media. Before the election I thought they were arrogant, now they are just stupid.

    BTW Jake Tapper would look like the Grinch if he was green

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  46. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

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  47. fred2w says:

    Since this thread is about fake news, actor Denzel Washington’s blunt rebuke to the mainstream media was very timely:

    “So what a responsibility you [in the media] all have — to tell the truth… In our society, now it’s just first — who cares, get it out there. We don’t care who it hurts. We don’t care who we destroy. We don’t care if it’s true,” Washington continued.

    Just say it, sell it. Anything you practice you’ll get good at — including BS.”

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