Trump Economics Today – Delivering A Handshake and a Warning…

For more than a year we have been discussing the Trump ‘America-First’ economic platform.  Within the discussion you may remember the following:

[…]  In addition, an unquantifiable benefit comes from investment, where the smart money play -to get increased return on investment- becomes putting capital INTO the U.S. economy, instead of purchasing foreign stocks. (read more)

We would strongly urge people to grasp the fundamental outline of Trump’s economic path; because he continues specifically showing evidence of this fundamental economic paradigm shift:

In addition to the announced investment from Masayoshi Son of Softbank, a very Trump-esque business leader within Japan, President-elect Donald Trump also made a specific point about Boeing and the contract they carry to build the next generation Airforce One fleet.

Entirely missed by the MSM and those who discuss political economics is the relationship between the business model of Boeing and their relationship with China.

Over the past weekend Donald Trump fired an economic message across the Chinese bow; the message today, toward Boeing, is directly attached to the same issue(s). First, Watch:

Now remind yourself:

trump vs bush[…] During the January 2016 South Carolina debate, and in response to Trump pointing out a necessary shift in trade position (a shift to put American interests first – a shift to stop the dependency on cheap import goods – a shift to use China’s dependency on access to our market to OUR advantage), Jeb Bush came back with an example of Boeing manufacturing.

Donald Trump, responded to Jeb’s Boeing example, and pointed out China is forcing Boeing to open a manufacturing plant in China. As would be typical from a candidate who is unfamiliar and poorly briefed on the issue, Jeb Bush looked back incredulously and said:

“C’mon man”…

There we saw it.

Right there was the disconnect.

However, almost everyone missed it.

There, in that exact moment, was the spotlight upon all that is wrong with a professional political class; globalists dependent on Wall Street best interest for their talking points.

Donald Trump was 100% correct.

But the issue is bigger.

Not only is China demanding Boeing open a plant in China, the intent of such a plant provides an opportunity to explain why Trump, and his approach, is vitally important – and time is wasting.

China is refusing to trade with (buy) Boeing products if the company does not move. Why? It’s not about putting Chinese people to work, it’s about China importing their research and development, Boeing’s production secrets, into their country so they can learn, steal and begin to manufacture their own airliners.

This is just how China works.

In time, Comac, a state-owned, Shanghai-based aerospace company will then use the production secrets they have stolen, produce their own airliners, kick out Boeing, undercut the market, and sell cheaper manufactured airplanes to the global economy.

Boeing, the great American company that Jeb Bush thinks they are, becomes yet another notch on the Asian market belt.

All of those Boeing workers, those high-wage industrial skill jobs that support the American middle class, yeah – those jobs lost. And the cycle continues.

Of course Wall Street will be invested in the cheaper Chinese aerospace manufacturing company Comac, as it emerges as a manufacturing power.

This reality within this story is a peek into the future of the fundamental disconnect between Wall Street (grows again) and Main Street (lost jobs/wages). The reality within this example is exactly what has taken place over the past three decades. (more)

Now you understand, why this:

The issue is not about Boeing, the issue is not about Air-Force-One per se’, the larger issue is a notification to Boeing that getting in bed with China may not be in their long-term best interests.

It’s subtle, unless you are within the organizational leadership construct of Boeing.  For those executives, it’s subtle like a brick through a window.

In addition, the secondary benefit is a notification to all military and/or federal governmental contractors that the era of using inflated costs to power their business model profits is, well, not the same as it was before….

trump convention 2

The era of taking advantage of America is soon to end!   Donald Trump is an existential threat to all enemies, including economic enemies, foreign and domestic.




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183 Responses to Trump Economics Today – Delivering A Handshake and a Warning…

  1. EV22 says:

    The best of America came about because of our Constitution, our Citizens and our Culture. American business success was based on the synergy between our 3 C’s.

    Trump is reminding business leaders – like Boeing – that their success came from America and that they will not find the same “secret recipe” in other countries. Sure, Boeing may have short-term benefits getting in bed with the Chinese, but it’s not going to last.

    I’m amazed how stupid these business honchos are. Captains of Industry my foot.

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  2. FLOTUS Melania #1 Fan says:

    …unfamiliar and poorly briefed on the issue, Jeb Bush looked back incredulously and said: “c’mon man”…

    Wow, Jeb, that is some serious 1-D chess right there, bro.

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  3. Here’s a WaPo article from 1980. It talks about how China has tried to knock off our Boeing planes then. There are other more recent articles with the same message.

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  4. vinchenzer says:

    Donald Trump is an existential threat to all enemies, including economic enemies, foreign and domestic.

    Yes, he is fighting an entrenched enemy, and has to fix the borders, economy, military, infrastructure, trade and healthcare and at the same time deal with the social unrest in this Country. And of course the Pravada Press.

    Trump is the man at the right time. Weakness won’t do; it only emboldens the enemy. If Trump can pull off half of what he promised, he will be recognized as one of the greatest presidents.

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  5. JJ...the first one says:

    China stealing Boeing technology??
    Has anyone heard of Hinkle chairs?? The rockers at all Cracker Barrels??
    Well, I grew up around that industry in Tennessee.
    So, China makes the 100 year old company an offer they couldn’t refuse….lelt us make your parts and ship them to you and you assemble.
    Guess who makes the rockers at Cracker Barrel now?? 😦

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    • wondering999 says:

      I NOTICED THAT last time I was at Cracker Barrel (a while ago). I looked at the chairs and was surprised. I mean, Chinese people need rocking chairs too, right? But wow. Rocking chairs are such a local item. Quilts are also manufactured in China now


    • USMCLt says:

      You are making an eloquent point here. It’s one thing for China to steal high tech secrets and jobs from Boeing. I find it far more tragic and cruel that the Chinese have stolen the products and jobs of much smaller companies like Hinkle. Furniture and textiles were low hanging fruit for these Chinese corporate pirates with eager assistance from American politicians and federal government bureaucrats. Obscure companies in “flyover country” used to provide decent paying, honorable jobs for proud Americans in small towns. The owners and managers of these companies fought the good fight until the pincers attack mounted by our own government and the Chinese got the better of them.

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  6. trummpin says:

    Read Boeing is also in deal talks with Iran…. @Sundance how does that fit in all this?

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  7. essential liberties says:

    The picture of Trump taking the reigns of our China policy brought to mind the following picture, in the vein of the typical political cartoon:

    Based on the Wizard of Oz, Xi Jinping is the wizard with the huge holographic head and has a large speech bubble with “One China!!” (or something similar) written in it coming out of the holographic head. There are tubes coming out of the machine funneling cash surreptitiously from the shadows into the pockets of US CEO (Boeing), politician (Obama), and “journalist” (take your pick of the CNN scum) caricatures as they all bow, scrape, and yes-man the “big”, “powerful”, delicate China. While all of this is occurring to the right of the picture, Trump is standing on the left side of the picture with an incredulous look on his face, looking at the reader (breaking the fourth wall), while pulling back the (red) curtain to reveal a very small-statured Xi Jinping gesticulating wildly and speaking into the microphone.

    I am sure something similar to this has been done. However, this is the picture that popped into my head regarding this portion of the relationship between China, the Uniparty PTB, USA, and Trump.


  8. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Time we tell all those sell-out business people, and Wall Street folk the same thing Mike Rowe says to Hollywood and Celebrities.

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    • Deganawida says:

      I would really love to see Mike Rowe in this administration. It would probably require him to give up MikeRoweWORKS, but the man has too much common sense to not be in a Trump administration.

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      • dianeax says:

        New Cabinet Position – Secretary of Works 😊

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Mike could work in the Dept. Of Ed. – while it still exists.
        He could help with Vo-Tech.

        For the longest now studies have reported that more jobs would require Vo-Tech training – with maybe 2 years of college – if that much.

        The studies said there would be more of those jobs than 44 year college degree requiring jobs.


  9. Jack says:

    When you talk about this rape-and-pillage Wall Street mindset, this cosmopolitan outlook completely divorced from country and culture, from where do you think it emanated? What rootless, nation-less people could have hatched such a mindset, a mindset that doesn’t see countrymen and brothers, but cattle waiting to be harvested? Who sucked all the cultural patrimony out of France? Out of England? Germany? Italy? Who’s boot is on these nations economically and financially, and through that, politically?

    Wake up America. The people you think are your friends and allies are your worst enemies. Through usury – injected in the bloodstream in youth with horrible student loans, ridiculous credit cards, and continuing with five-year car loans, and 30 year mortgages – they destroy your ability to build wealth. You become a slave, working every month to feed them 3 and 4 times or more the value of the things for which you borrowed. You are big teat to them, just sitting their waiting to be milked every month.

    They hammer away at your will and your discipline and your virtue with porn a few mere keyboard taps away for ANYONE, even children. They destroy women with abortion and a feminism that dislodges them from their ancestors – women today revile the way their grandmothers and great-grandmothers lived, thinking them fools and pushovers for loving their husbands and having big families.

    This is what they want: a mass of culturally disconnected, un-tethered, porn-addled, morons to fill out their Matrix cells so they can suck your life-energy out of you and then eject you from your comfortable mucous bath into a sewer when you’ve served your purpose.

    Wake the hell up folks. You know who I’m talking about.

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  11. paulinohio says:

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  12. I hope Trump tells this guy to get lost.
    How Cisco’s CEO plans to convince Trump to import more immigrants for US tech jobs.


  13. andi lee says:

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  14. andi lee says:

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  15. anarchist335 says:

    China demanded some years ago that if Boeing wanted to sell 777s to China the AIRFRAMES would have to be built in China. This was the first time a critical assembly of a new passenger jet was sub-contracted to communist China. It has been going on for years folks. President Trump’s tweet shook them up – to say the least. MAGA


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  17. jay norris says:

    should ship CNN and the other communists back to china !!!!!!!!


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