Wall Street, Main Street, and Global Economics With a Donald Trump Victory…

As we all begin to filter the impact of a historic Donald Trump victory, perhaps it is important to remind ourselves what should be the primary filter for perspective..

…the economics.


For the first time in many decades the chief executive of the United States will walk into office concerned about the fiscal stability of the United States.  For the first time ever, a titan of American Main Street is going to be in the oval office. Do not downplay the significance of this aspect. Money makes the world go ’round.

Every single global leader and politician is reviewing the U.S. election through their own domestic financial prisms. Enter, the land of Samsung, Kia etc:

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea said on Wednesday it will react firmly to severe financial market volatility if needed after Republican Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the race for U.S. president House, sending global markets plunging.

The government and central bank said they plan to boost monitoring of markets around the clock.

“We plan to consider ways to provide market liquidity through a number of methods, including issuing foreign currency bonds, flexible use of macroprudential measures, and foreign currency funding for the private sector,” Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho said during a meeting to discuss the election.

South Korean stocks plunged to their lowest level in four months while the won notched its biggest daily fall since mid-September as market investors braced for a shock victory by Trump. (link)

The U.S. media will attempt to frame such issues through the prism of defense issues: South Korea feeling vulnerable to North Korea hostilities etc. However, this is a false narrative.  The reason for this is the western media narrative is to marginalize President Trump.

Rule #1 – Everything is about the money.  Rule #2 – Everything is about the money. Rule #3 – when pondering any information broadcast by corporate media about a global Trump effect, refer back to prior rules.

Donald Trump is 100% pure MAIN STREET, never doubt that. Trump’s macro economic DNA outlook is compromised of American business interests at a micro-cellular level.  Senate Leader Mitch McConnell will be dispatched immediately if he attempts to bring his big Wall Street/K-Street lobbying friends into the Trump economic equation.

For the sake of brevity, we’re going to accept that most readers here are familiar with who funds and directs Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and in larger more consequential measures – the DC UniParty legislative team in charge of U.S. Policy, ie. Wall street.

During the January 2016 South Carolina debate, and in response to Trump pointing out a necessary shift in trade position (a shift to put American interests first – a shift to stop the dependency on cheap import goods – a shift to use China’s dependency on access to our market to OUR advantage), Jeb Bush came back with an example of Boeing manufacturing.

trump west virginiajeb bush what

Donald Trump, responded to Jeb’s Boeing example, and pointed out China is forcing Boeing to open a manufacturing plant in China. As would be typical from a candidate who is unfamiliar and poorly briefed on the issue, Jeb Bush looked back incredulously and said:

“C’mon man”…

There we saw it.

Right there was the disconnect.

However, almost everyone missed it.

There, in that exact moment, was the spotlight upon all that is wrong with a professional political class; globalists dependent on Wall Street best interest for their talking points.

Donald Trump was 100% correct.

But the issue is bigger.

Not only is China demanding Boeing open a plant in China, the intent of such a plant provides an opportunity to explain why Trump, and his approach, is vitally important – and time is wasting.

China is refusing to trade with (buy) Boeing products if the company does not move. Why? It’s not about putting Chinese people to work, it’s about China importing their research and development, Boeing’s production secrets, into their country so they can learn, steal and begin to manufacture their own airliners.

This is just how China works.

In time, Comac, a state-owned, Shanghai-based aerospace company will then use the production secrets they have stolen, produce their own airliners, kick out Boeing, undercut the market, and sell cheaper manufactured airplanes to the global economy.

Boeing, the great American company that Jeb Bush thinks they are, becomes yet another notch on the Asian market belt.

All of those Boeing workers, those high-wage industrial skill jobs that support the American middle class, yeah – those jobs lost. And the cycle continues.

Of course Wall Street will be invested in the cheaper Chinese aerospace manufacturing company Comac, as it emerges as a manufacturing power.

This reality within this story is a peek into the future of the fundamental disconnect between Wall Street (grows again) and Main Street (lost jobs/wages). The reality within this example is exactly what has taken place over the past three decades.

Wall Street entities like Goldman Sachs will be fine. Ted and Heidi Cruz will be fine; Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, Mitt Romney, John Kasich will also be fine – it’s middle America who suffers.

The economic consequence, yet again, creates disparity between those insulated by Wall Street and the rest of the U.S. This is how our current oligarchy is growing out of control.

And so they, as professional politicians, will propose solutions – their solutions. However, their solutions are actually the preferred solutions of their campaign contributors, ie. Wall Street. The same Wall Street that funds lobbyists, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to set the economic legislative priorities of congress.

Meanwhile the non-import market, your visit to the grocery store, food, energy etc. sees prices increasing. This is what happens when a production economy becomes a service economy.

trump hard hat

In 1984 a name brand polo shirt would cost around $45, a really good 26″ TV around $600 to $1,000, a decent couch $1500, and a pair of name brand sneakers around $100. However, eggs (.49), milk ($1.79 gal), and store bread (2 loaves for $1).

Electric bill $100, water bill $20, phone bill $50.

In 2016 an imported name brand polo costs around $20, a really good 42″ TV $300 to $400, a couch for $500 and a pair of sneakers $50 – All imported, all Asian, all about half of of what they cost in 1984.

However, eggs ($1.99), Milk ($4.50+), and store bread ($2+ each). All domestic products and all double or triple 1984. Electric bill $250, Water bill $100, phone bill $100+. Again domestic consumables, again double, triple or even more.

egg prices

We consume and spend more on domestic goods such as food, energy, fuel, than we do purchasing imported durable goods. As a consequence, depending on lifestyle, the net out-of-pocket is essentially the same to a little more.

However, the income opportunity, the jobs, the good paying jobs, well, those are gone because the durables are no longer part of the domestic production.

To keep the unemployed pitchforks at bay, government policy (now directed by Wall Street globalists and corporations) subsidize the income gap. Ergo EBT, WIC and food stamp assistance necessarily increasing.

The pitchforks are dropped, but economic independence turns to dependence. With government policy adjusted accordingly – deficits necessarily explode. Stopping those deficits would require an actual budget. There hasn’t been a federal budget since ’07…. “Omnibus”,… Sound familiar?

Yes, under Donald Trump’s proposal the cost of “durable” goods -at least those we import- will increase. Your iPhone might cost $800 instead of $600. However, the North Carolina apparel, clothing and furniture manufacturing market will have an opportunity to revitalize – and with it, jobs, people as the tailors and the custom wood furniture makers would have opportunity to thrive again with their creations.

There’s going to be a period of pain as U.S. manufacturing finds it’s footing and begins to restart. However, in the longer term, it’s a shift from “dependency” to “independence”.

Those who were fully matriculated independent adults prior to 1984 know exactly what needs to be done.

Freedom is dependent upon it.

reagan trump 2ben shapiro

Meanwhile, Ben Shapiro was born in 1984 and necessarily views the world through the cost of his next iPhone. Another Wall Street supporter, Ted Cruz, was thirteen.

On Social Security – Unlike many candidates Donald Trump is NOT calling for rapid or wholesale changes to the current Social Security program; and there’s a very good reason why he’s the only candidate not proposing wholesale changes.

With the single caveat of “high income retirees” (over $250k annually), which Trump is open to negotiating on, candidate Trump does not consider these programs as “entitlements”. The American people pay into them, and the federal government has an obligation to fulfill the promises made upon collection.

To fully understand how Donald Trump views the solvency of Social Security, you must again understand his economic model and how it outlines growth.

The issue with Social Security, as viewed by Trump, is more of an issue with receipts and expenditures. If the aggregate U.S. economy is growing by a factor larger than the distribution needed to fulfill its entitlement obligations then no wholesale change on expenditure is needed. The focus needs to be on continued and successful economic growth.

trump hard hatWhat you will find in all of Donald Trump’s positions, is a paradigm shift he necessarily understands must take place in order to accomplish the long-term goals for the U.S. citizen as it relates to “entitlements” or “structural benefits”.

All other candidates are beginning their policy proposals with a fundamentally divergent perception of the U.S. economy. They are working with, and retaining the outlook of, a U.S. economy based on “services”; a service-based economic model.

While this economic path has been created by decades old U.S. policy, and is ultimately the only historical economic path now taught in school, Trump intends to change the course entirely.

Because so many shifts -policy nudges- have taken place in the past several decades, few academics and even fewer MSM observers, are able to understand how to get off this path and chart a better course.

Candidate Trump is proposing less dependence on foreign companies for cheap goods, (the cornerstone of a service economy) and a return to a more balanced U.S. larger economic model where the manufacturing and production base can be re-established and competitive based on American entrepreneurship and innovation.

The key words in the prior statement are “dependence” and “balanced”. When a nation has an industrial manufacturing balance within the GDP there is far less dependence on the economic activity in global markets. In essence the U.S. can sustain itself, absorb global economic fluctuations and expand itself or contract itself depending on the free market.

When there is no balance, there is no longer a free market. The free market is sacrificed in favor of dependency, whether it’s foreign oil or foreign manufacturing, the dependency outcome is essentially the same. Without balance there is an inherent loss of economic independence, and a consequential increase in economic risk.

No other economy in the world innovates like the U.S.A. Donald Trump sees this as a key advantage across all industry – including manufacturing and technology.

The benefit of cheap overseas labor, which is considered a global market disadvantage for the U.S., is offset by utilizing innovation and energy independence.

The third highest variable cost of goods beyond raw materials first, labor second, is energy. If the U.S. energy sector is unleashed -and fully developed- the manufacturing price of any given product will allow for global trade competition even with higher U.S. wage prices.

In addition the U.S. has a key strategic advantage with raw manufacturing materials such as: iron ore, coal, steel, precious metals and vast mineral assets which are needed in most new modern era manufacturing. Trump proposes we stop selling these valuable national assets to countries we compete against – they belong to the American people, they should be used for the benefit of American citizens. Period.

EXAMPLE: Currently China buys and recycles our heavy (steel) and light (aluminum) metal products (for pennies on the original manufacturing dollar) and then uses those metals to reproduce manufactured goods for sale back to the U.S. – Donald Trump is proposing we do the manufacturing ourselves with the utilization of our own resources; and we use the leverage from any sales of these raw materials in our international trade agreements.

When you combine FULL resource development (in a modern era) with with the removal of over-burdensome regulatory and compliance systems, necessarily filled with enormous bureaucratic costs, Donald Trump proposes we can lower the cost of production and be globally competitive. In essence, Trump changes the economic paradigm, and we no longer become a dependent nation relying on a service driven economy.

The cornerstone to the success of this economic turnaround is the keen capability of the U.S. worker to innovate on their own platforms. Americans, more than any country in the world, just know how to get things accomplished. Independence and self-sufficiency is part of the DNA of the larger American workforce.

In addition, an unquantifiable benefit comes from investment, where the smart money play -to get increased return on investment- becomes putting capital INTO the U.S. economy, instead of purchasing foreign stocks.

With all of the above opportunities in mind, this is how we get on the pathway to rebuilding our national infrastructure. The demand for labor increases, and as a consequence so too does the U.S. wage rate which has been stagnant (or non-existent) for the past three decades.

As the wage rate increases, and as the economy expands, the governmental dependency model is reshaped and simultaneously receipts to the U.S. treasury improve.

More money into the U.S Treasury and less dependence on welfare/social service programs have a combined exponential impact. You gain a dollar, and have no need to spend a dollar – the saved sum is doubled. That is how the SSI and safety net programs are saved under President Trump.

When you elevate your economic thinking you begin to see that all of the “entitlements” or expenditures become more affordable with an economy that is fully functional.

As the GDP of the U.S. expands, so does our ability to meet the growing need of the retiring U.S. worker. We stop thinking about how to best divide a limited economic pie, and begin thinking about how many more economic pies we can create.

Simply put, we begin to….

…..Make America Great Again !

trump west virginia

trump hard hat 2


Authors note: If I absolutely did not believe this economic model was doable, I would never expand the concept and place advocacy upon it. I am an absolute believer that we can, as a nation, reignite a solid manufacturing base and generate an expanding middle class.

Yes, in the short term durable goods may cost more, that’s to be expected. However, these are durable goods, not disposable goods. As consumers we may have to spend a little more on maintenance and repair to offset an increase in durable goods, but that’s a small price to pay to make the U.S. manufacturing base great again.

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240 Responses to Wall Street, Main Street, and Global Economics With a Donald Trump Victory…

  1. Toriangirl says:

    Very thorough, thoughtful and accurate assessment. I’d love to see your assessment of the coming changes to the energy sector. I am a professional service adviser to many top oil & gas (upstream and downstream), and seismic companies. If let loose, we would quickly be the worlds best oil & gas sector.

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    • AndrewJackson says:

      Torianagirl? What is your opinion on coal. I have heard people say that coal is unaffordable compared to natural gas. Is this true and in what purposes is coal preferable to other forms of energy? Thanks.

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      • toriangirl says:

        I shall plead ignorance on commenting on coal. I’m in Houston and it’s all O&G. However, I do know clean coal powers more power/electric and is vital to the electric power grid.

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      • Texian says:

        While being an oil & gas Houstonian myself, I do know we have a tremendous amount of coal reserves in the U.S. as well. Torian is correct about electricity reliance on coal. The gubmint has artificially demonized coal – as a tactic to self-destruct U.S. independence (and jobs) in the world via the “climate change” hoax. This global hoax is purposely aimed primarily to destroy American Sovereignty. Through untenable regulations coal powered electrical plants have shut down. As a result, it is why in the past eight years there have been increasing power grid temporary “outages” (they cannot meet the demand) during high demand situations such as extreme cold or heat periods – all because of forcing out of business the coal powered electrical plants across the Country. (Cali had ten in 2005, now only 5 at the most. Texas has it’s own electrical grid separate from the rest of the U.S., 20 are coal powered plants and we sell electricity via our western disconnects to Los Angeles during high demand periods).

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        • This destruction of the coal industry has led to INSANE INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS plus Obama-promised “NECESSARILY-SKYROCKETING ELECTRICITY PRICES”:

          MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE replacement of coal-fueled electric generation plants with wind/solar facilities

          DUPLICATIVE electricity-transmission lines from wind/solar facilities WITH massive associated Line-Loss INEFFICIENCIES

          COMPLETELY-DUPLICATIVE natural-gas generation facilities (for ANY periods when wind doesn’t blow or sun doesn’t shine)

          Demand-driven INCREASED PRICES for all other natural gas uses

          PURPOSE: Line the pockets of GLOBALIST CORPORATIONS who promise to become dominant DEMOCRAT DONORS in return for exclusive contracts with protected market regulation and control.

          FOLLOW the MONEY.

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        • Jake says:

          While Obama has been closing down our coal production, Indonesia (where Obama grew up) has been encouraged to quickly expand its coal industry and is becoming a major producer. Getting ready for TPP, no doubt. President Trump came along in the nick of time.

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      • CharterOakie says:

        Very late to this thread (and oh, what a great article!), nevertheless:

        The U.S. shale gas revolution of this century led to huge increases in economically recoverable natural gas reserves, the production of which drove down prices to the point that natural gas has replaced quite a bit of coal used in the generation of electrical power. Not many, if any, new coal-fired power plants have been build recently, but combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants have been built, and at current commodity prices are more efficient than all but nuclear power plants. Plenty of coal mining companies have gone into bankruptcy proceedings as a result. But once the supply/demand of natural gas rebalances, which will happen someday, prices will go up, and coal will again be more competitive as a power generation fuel. However, even “clean coal” is not as “clean and green” as natural gas is.


    • grannysue says:

      When my father retired under a Reagan Administration, he got 14% on his CD’s. Ever since Bush Jr,. the retired have gotten 1 to 2% for their CD’s causing them to go thru their savings at an exponential rate. I fully think that was the plan in Washington to make everyone paupers while they ruled the land and made us servants. How else could you explain it? I hope under Trump that retirees will be able to make something with their money. Most do not want to put it into the stock market because they are afraid they will lose it.

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      • Linda says:

        That’s why a lot of us baby boomers had our retirement accounts in stock funds. CDs didn’t pay anything. Then in 2008 when everything crashed, we lost a lot of our savings in the financial mess that followed. That hit a lot of people right before they retired. Another reason I despise these people.

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        • unconqueredone says:

          Do not, for a moment think that that wasn’t the plan all along. The collapses don’t even have to be created since markets swing, and those who know how take another piece. The surprise to me so far has been the absence of an oversized tax on retirement account withdrawals. Maybe they believed the majority of baby boomers would die and they could collect it as inheritance tax?

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    • matrix says:

      Anybody who says the government is broke has drank DC coolaid.Your city, county and state and fed is very rich.You need to learn how to read a CFR for all of them..The fed gov net INCOME for 1999 was 8.5 trillion dollars and taxes was one third of that.Where is the money coming from and where is it going.Taxes collected by the fed last cycle was about 3.25 trillion one third of it income.to learn more with links and pdf file see here.This would be a great project for SUNDANCE after resting for awhile.


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  2. mariner says:

    A fundamental difference between a manufacturing or agricultural economy and a service economy is that the first two create wealth but the third only shuffles wealth around, and always from the less-wealthy (who must work for others to pay their bills) to the more wealthy who can afford to employ them.

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    • THAT is why Trump will make America the world’s most prolific ENGINE for ENTREPRENEURS on the planet.

      He will concurrently make America the world’s greatest INNOVATION INCUBATOR, fueled by regulatory reduction, patent-life reduction and monopoly-oligopoly breakup – particularly in Tech and Telecom sectors.

      He will also make America the AUTOMATION NATION to eliminate any low labor-cost advantage for producing offshore or in Mexico.

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  3. JoeS says:

    Interesting read indeed Sundance.

    You wrote, “When you combine FULL resource development (in a modern era) with with the removal of over-burdensome regulatory and compliance systems, necessarily filled with enormous bureaucratic costs, Donald Trump proposes we can lower the cost of production and be globally competitive. In essence, Trump changes the economic paradigm, and we no longer become a dependent nation relying on a service driven economy.”

    My first question (to Sundance or anyone else) is regarding those regulations. Do you think the regulations are put in place by large US based global companies in order to stymie competition from innovative startup companies, making barriers to entry into their industry so high they cannot compete or grow? And then, these globalist companies lobby for “free trade” and outsource their products overseas anyway?

    Second, it is very interesting that many republicans argue that welfare and all of the entitlement programs CAUSE poverty and destruction of middle and especially minority communities and the fall of our cities. The Democrats call them heartless. We argue back and forth every election (and in between) about this! The Republicans say that these programs have destroyed families. Well, in this article, Sundance seems to be saying that these programs are a reaction to the loss of jobs.

    That makes perfect sense. Jobs and job growth are lost, we abort our babies and raise those that are not poorly, with divided families on government subsidies. We further destroy the work ethic. These programs began in the late 1960’s under Johnson’s “Great Society.” At this time in history minorities were making huge gains! But shortly after that, the country did begin importing much.

    First we imported oil, then Japanese cars, then Korean cars. Every industry became like this. Electronic, textiles, furniture, and any product we can think of is made somewhere else. Most of the good union jobs and good non union jobs are lost! It used to be that you could graduate high school and make a middle class salary. No more!

    It seems during that time, that “Great Society” program grew not because people wanted to stay on those programs, but because they have nowhere to go now in part, at least! And the cycle continues generation after generation. Even if we wanted to get people off of assistance programs, there are no jobs to place people in where they can earn a living.

    And we cannot sustain this. Once we loose our technological advantage, where are the college graduates who have 100s of thousands in debt going to work? And, for some reason, we are even replacing them with cheap foreign immigrant labor. This will all collapse soon if we don’t change it.

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  4. SR says:

    Megyn Kelly is back in black topless nightie with new hair style.

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    • kittytrump84 says:

      Is she posing as a women again? I will never look at Faux again

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    • Dems B. Dcvrs says:

      Who is this guy Kelly you are referring too?

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    • ShrinkRap says:

      I’m confused about how this “Megan Kelly” thing fits into this discussion.

      On the one hand, I can see how such a “Megan Kelly” might be considered a manufactured item, perhaps an example of a cheap, technologically inferior Chinese knock-off of something we might once have excelled at manufacturing here in the USA.

      On the other hand, this “Megan Kelly” could also be viewed more as a “service” provider or “facilitator” of sorts, although what and how she provides “service” is not pretty to consider, reflecting perhaps the decline that Trump hopes to reverse.

      And then there’s the possibility that “Megan Kelly” merely refers to an undiscovered source of cheap energy – like a vast reservoir of gas.

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    • NorthIdaho says:



    • deanbrh says:

      Hey, what happened here? How did an economics discussion get hijacked? We’re back to caring about a trollop member of the degenerate MSM?

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  5. gary says:

    Megan Kelly is back to her old tricks.

    The Dems are saying they won the popular vote, please inform everybody that we can’t tell yet, only 92 percent of the votes have been reported so far.

    There were about 120 million votes cast for the 2 people (about 60 million a piece), and she has 200,000 thousand lead in popular vote, which is .0001 of one percent difference. So 8 percent of the vote still needs to be registered. Don’t let the Dems get away with this lie. We don’t know who got the popular vote yet.

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    • gary says:

      Are the FBI and Justice and Police going to let these thugs burn down Trump Towers?
      Lock them up! 🙂

      p.s. I forgot , we have to wait 2months before the NEW FBI, Justice, Police can do their job, and lock up the thugs.

      So only 2 more months of these thugs burning the place down, and the MSM showing every bottle, rock they throw and store they loot with no consequences.

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      Just refer them to Article II of the Constitution. And if they don’t like that, they can research how to amend it.

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    • Dems B. Dcvrs says:

      “The Dems are saying they won the popular vote,” and yet the still Lost!


    • Joe says:

      How many illegals voted? That lead is about 2 percent of illegal population. How many Trump votes were flipped? Each flip adds 2 votes to the margin. How many people were suppressed by media not calling Florida and other states?


    • herbork says:

      Gary estimates 60 million votes for Trump, Sundance, and that is well below your Monster Vote prediction. Nothing can ding our love and respect for CTH, but what are your own numbers, please — and why?


      • Texian says:

        Sundance explained her numbers quite a few times in past articles. (But I think I can at least extrapolate some basic figures for you via a concept called “critical thinking”). Sundance predicted 72 mil. Your “Gary” estimates 60 mil. That leaves about a 20% possible and probable vote fraud margin of 12 mil. 60 + 12 = 72 mil. If 60 mil is accurate, then Sundance scored an 83% on her turnout projections. That would be a grade of “B”. Not bad for a projection that was made months and months ago.

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  6. 3x1 says:

    While Megyn plays video strumpet, angry disenfranchised Hillary supporters are burning flags in front of Trump Tower



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  7. danield49 says:

    BTW, this if off topic but…… Has Mark Levin and his cult followers taken credit for Trump’s victory yet?

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    • TheLast Democrat says:

      I caught a few minutes this evening.

      He was boldly commenting how he was never told what to talk about, etc., saying he has always been totally free to say whatever he wants.


  8. fred5678 says:

    At least one Mexican flag flying at front of crowd. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out of OUR country.

    Wallace asked the wrong guy — it’s the lefties who never accept elections if they don’t go their way — 1 month ago Gore and Hillary were still denying the 2000 result,

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    • churchladyiowa says:

      Interviewer on Megan Kelly’s show was on location there, and found a protestor who apparently had agreed to give a lucid, detailed comment on why they were protesting. Instead, he sticks his head close to the camera and yells, “because Trump’s a pusss-say!” He then ran off. Well! Interviewer said, what’re ya gonna do? We thought we’d found a guy who would be a decent speaker and then he pulls this. Megan said, well that’s what we get in our current cupcake nation.

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  9. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    Trump is great for business!
    Making a killing on Document Shredders to D.C. area.

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  10. The problem with so many “free traders” is they foist the neo-mercantilism of China on us as if it were free trade. It’s nothing of the sort.

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  11. millwright says:

    Great article Sundance ! Yes, its time to sit back and put our feet up for a few hours and reflect. Not upon what we – and most of America have just done – but upon the ways we can now help our new President-elect surmount all the hurdles the “establishment” , the self- anointed elites, and the global power structure will erect in Mr. Trump’s ( and our ) path to successfully re-establishing our nation’s economy, justice system and society. Even in defeat HRC chose not to accept the “will of the people ” instead urging her followers to “…. continue to fight for what we believe in… ” . So we all know this is not the “….end, or the beginning of the end, but, perhaps, it is the end of the beginning….” . ( W.C. )

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  12. Dark Side of the Moon says:

    Zenith TV had a large plant near where I went to college in Joplin, MO in the late 80’s. It closed and went to Mexico in 1991. They paid decent wages and had good benefits. It was hard to get a job there. I wanted to work there part time while I attended college. When the plant closed it hurt Joplin really bad for a long time. Same thing with the BF Goodrich plant in Miami, OK. The town never really recovered.

    I just read the plan the Donald will implement. No where in the document does he call for gassing Jews, lynching Negroes, making women pregnant and barefoot all the time or killing gay people. What’s the problem with these psycho liberals?

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, you left out the cattle cars deporting loads of parents with their children left behind…..

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    • Regina says:

      Every time Trump would speak about abandoned factories during the rallies, it reminded me of when I moved to Americus, GA and stumbled across the (original?) Manhattan Shirt factory. Abandoned, decrepit – but the faded logo sign on the side made me think of how many times I’d seen that label growing up, and how sad it was that they weren’t in business anymore.

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    • Oh, you don’t understand. The progressive leftist can discern the hidden meaning in Donald’s words. So when he says “Make America Great Again” they know he means (for white men only). When he rails against anti-LGBT violence committed by Islamic terrorists they know he means (I’m only angry about it because I hate Muslims; queers should be lynched by white men).

      That’s why they’re always talking about “dog whistle” phrases. He didn’t say anything remotely racist or misogynistic or homophobic, but it’s all code.

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    • Orygun says:

      Klamath Falls, OR had the largest lumber mill on the west coast and when it opened my father’s family moved there for the jobs from OK. It was the towns major employer for many years and when you graduated from High School you could actually raise a family pushing a broom there. At the same time there were about 5 other family owned mills still operating but now the only big employer is Jeld-Wen.
      The neighborhood where I was raised is completely devastated and all the little mom and pop stores are long gone. I blame this on government regulations and policies coming from the Feds and the State.
      It makes my childhood seem like a dream.

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  13. Nov 8, 2016 All across American, Americans took Aim and Fired the Loudest Shot ever Heard Around the World. I one shot we have stopped Global tyranny, the GOPe, TPP. …

    ViVa La Revotution! MAGA 2016

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  14. donebydesign says:

    Regarding the return of manufacturing, a standalone company hires many skill sets from production to engineering, IT, HR, Mgmt and shipping/receiving to name a few.

    I signed on in 1980 with a great mid size manu group and I lived the rise and fall Sundance speaks of. The fall was offshoring and mergers IMO. Cheap offshore production along with one HR and one payroll servicing hundreds if not thousands of workers really cuts the overhead and the savings went right to the investors. I went survived many VOL/RIF events until they finally drew blood.

    It’s like Walmart coming to town. For every small mom and pop store put out of business, several families or breadwinners lose out. Their living wage paycheck is no longer shared throughout the local economy. All the profits go to a small town in Arkansas.

    Mr. Trump is 1000% correct.

    Bring back the factories and many current problems will solve themselves. And finally,
    manufacturing jobs provide significant upward mobility as you can move lateral, vertical, and get promotions as you gain experience or further your education. It truly is a win/win. No regrets!

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Katherine McCoun says:

    The thing is that not everyone is suited for a white collar desk job. Doesn’t mean they aren’t smart. Some people have a hands on intelligence and can make a living a different way. With a diverse economy this people are reduced to minimum wages jobs in fast food, retail, etc. We need diversity in available jobs for all levels of education and all types of people. We need to have job sector for those who aren’t college types even if they have the opportunity to go to college.


  16. bill riser says:

    Before NAFTA I had a 300,000Sqf Building Manufacturing Engine parts we exported worldwide. 10 years after NAFTA its a empty building that i wrote about in an earlier thread. But the key part to the revitalization of Mfg in the USA is job training as Trump outlined. Not everyone needs college degrees, which many kids during the Obama years took loans out for school just to exist, but technical schools. Many tech jobs will pay as good as college degree jobs.
    The example is the IPhone. The landed cost of the IPhone is $60.00 that is sold for $600.00 that is why Apple now has more money than anyone. Apple went to China using Foxconn as the prime assembler of the IPhone. They use dorm manufacturing facilities with 60+ hour workdays ( these are slave labor camps) paying $40.00 week.To manufacture a cheap piece of junk or a toy that Apple past out at schools for free. Great marketing program. Those kids now can’t live without those things. But the slave labor camps started having problems rebellions and suicides.
    So to keep the media happy and Apples Image they are now switching to robotics to replace the assemblers.
    So without making this even longer. With the tax benefits on Trumps new tax plan and robotic assembly you can easily bring this product to the U.S.A and I grantee it won’t go up to $800.00.
    Demand you want it made here. Using the facts: http://www.forbes.com/sites/bensin/2016/08/22/the-real-cost-of-the-iphone-7-more-foxconn-worker-deaths/#e3d32a961b77.
    The schooling needed for the manufacturing world is changing fast. There will be in great demand CAM operators, robotic assembly & repair, car repair or electronic car repair (robotic). Those people will need new homes (building trade school). And it goes forward new jobs create more new jobs but need to be trained for those jobs.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Sharon Torgerson says:

    Sean Hannity announced yesterday (I think it was) that he had finally been able to come to an agreement on the purchase price for the original of this. Said he had been working in conversation with McNaughton about it for a matter of ‘years’ – said he intends to give it to Donald Trump, as he (*Hannity) characterized this as the ‘forgotten man election.”

    Liked by 3 people

  18. justfactsplz says:

    It sure wish I had teachers back in the day that were as gifted as Sundance that could hold my interest like he does.

    I have always believed in buying American products. It has become increasingly hard to find the products I need that are American made. I am sick of the poor quality of foreign goods too. I will gladly pay more to once again purchase quality, made to last American goods. President Elect Trump knows how and will get America back on the economic track that will MAGA. Knowing Wall Street, K Street, and the U.S. COC have lost their power will make for some very peaceful nights of sleep. However I can support Trump with his mandate, I’m all in. I am so grateful that he loves America and us.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. SeekeraOfTruth says:

    Most of the country leaders responded very nicely to Pres. Elect Trump.

    All except China.
    China had some bad words from one of their richest persons AND THEN middle of last night and all today they played US Bond destruction. They sold and sold and sold US treasury bonds all night and all day to drive bond interest rates up to try hurt US economy. Driving rates up unnaturally that will negatively affect all debt structures, loans, etc that support the funding of almost everything in the US.

    US Fed Reserve went into Plunge protection mode last night and today with their banker buddies to save the stocks market BUT they forgot about the bond market. And bonds drive the entire country. FED better get their priorities straight. Bond yields go up very much and the US is really hurt as it affects all the bond debt structures that fund nearly everything in the US.

    Stock price support only really helps the rich and their banker buddies. So the FED reacted selfishly and not for US best interests. They better learn economies all run on low interest debt and low interest rates.

    So China on the Trump election night officially launched into an economic bond market war. Trump will have to deal with this as China is really afraid they will not get to steal everything from the US like Obama let them.

    China is also ready to launch into a currency war. That is next and was just started a little.

    Trump people better watch this as China has already started a first strike economic war with US to try to get upper hand before Trump takes office. Obama people and Yellen FED are clueless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheLast Democrat says:

      Bonds. National debt. What did God instruct Israel?


    • SeekerOfTruth says:

      sorry I mistyped my handle SeekerOfTruth. Been a long last week for me with very little sleep on all these campaign outings in Iowa and Wisconsin.

      Need a few days of rest and then the real implementation battle begins and the Dems will go full force to try to discredit and continue slamming Trump to bring him down.

      They are already starting that with their many protests (paid, etc.) and false flag meme’s on full display continually still.

      Republicans are mostly finally falling in line, But the Dems will fire up the hate fires much more again. They lost it all and may try to destroy everything. Burn it all down to the ground.


  20. I hope Trump concentrates on homeland security as his top priority to avoid any potential islamic terrorist attacks on US soil avoiding mistakes made by W.. and the wars our soldiers are involved in wars.. their lives matter the most..


  21. Chainsaw says:

    This is exciting stuff…let’s get it done!


  22. So China sold off large volumes of US Treasuries today, putting upward pressure on yields (20 basis points) … to “bring the US to heel as our banker”.

    Hmm, would President Trump slap a 35% Tariff on imports from China to “make up the difference”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Then President Trump turns up the pressure on those Manufacturing-Job-Exporting Global Corporations:

      “You have 90 days to present your plans for Repatriating Profits to the U.S. at a 10% Tax Rate … ONLY for that portion of Profits invested in NEW U.S. Manufacturing Plants that are completed within a maximum of 9 months to add NEW jobs. The Repatriation Tax Rate will rise 5% per quarter thereafter.”

      No Manufacturing Expansion, No Repatriation.

      And NO, you’re not Repatriating Profits to buy up companies and expand your oligopoly/monopoly power to raise prices on or suppress wages for American workers.

      And NO, you’re not Repatriating Profits to distribute dividends/stock to your Board of Directors and Executive Group as a reward for exporting American Jobs/Plants in the first place.


    • Next President Trump puts the onus on Global Corporations using H1B Visas:

      By Executive Order, H1B Visas terminate in 90 days.

      To reinstate each H1B Visa, Global Corporations must do two things:

      Reimburse the Federal Government for ALL of the Unemployment Benefits, Welfare, Food Stamps, Subsidized Healthcare, Reeducation Costs and Lost Tax Receipts for EACH Citizen Displaced/Unhired per H1B Visa during the ENTIRE Obama Administration.

      Train TWO American Citizens to replace H1B Visa holders, creating the American pool of talent that the Global Corporation claimed was nonexistent to justify the H1B Visa in the first place.


      DEBT REDUCTION, too!


    • For those “American” Global Corporations that moved their headquarters offshore to evade taxes, inform them that America will no longer be protecting their PATENTS from domestic use by All-American Companies that DO pay taxes.

      You’re either part of the GLOBALIST PROBLEM or the AMERICAN SOLUTION.


  23. kittymyers says:

    “…it’s about China importing their research and development, Boeing’s production secrets, into their country so they can learn, steal and begin to manufacture their own airliners. This is just how China works.”

    Corning, Inc., learned that lesson the hard way.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. MaineCoon says:

    Excellent. An article to be Bookmarked and referenced throughout the step-by-step process of President Trump & VP Pence for a reminder and better understanding of how each step fits into the big picture. Trump never says/does anything that doesn’t hold meaning.
    EX: A few weeks ago in a rally DT “mistakening” said “ISIL, Did I say ISIL? No, no I never say ISIL, I mean ISIS..I don’t call them ISIL”..I never saw any reference to this comment, but IMO it was no mistake. It was a message to all who understood the difference between ISIL v. ISIS. His policy was real clear. Israel understood. ME understood. YUGE.
    Nothing he says is by “mistake”…
    (He went to work as President long ago…..Israel, Russia, Mexico, Brexit, China, ME….etc)
    All listening hear and worldwide know the game plan.
    It’s going to be quite a ride.
    I will never tire of winning. Never. Ever.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. dondeg says:

    Sundance, you might consider collecting your articles about Trump economics and release them together as a PDF ebook. This would have advantages of being easy to circulate on the net and have everything in one place.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for the really informative article.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Ron Hyatt says:

    Ben Who? Jonah Who?


  27. p.g.sharrow says:

    “The Prophecy said that the “Great Deceiver” after 7 years, will lose all credibility and attempt to rule by decree. He will vanish from the world stage and be replaced by a “Wise Old Man” that will set the world on a new path toward peace and prosperity. The philosophy of Thomas More (socialism) thoroughly discredited.”

    Well, Trump is an old man, the oldest to ascend to the presidency, and so far has demonstrated wisdom, to win the election in spite of all the “Talking Heads” that said it was impossible. And Socialism seems to have worn out it’s welcome world wide…pg


  28. Maquis says:

    In regards to coal, I truly hope President Trump undoes the sneaky azz crap that Al Gore pulled with Billy Clinton, designating a massive non-vital non-National Monument worthy chunk of Utah, as a National Monument. This huge chunk of land has a tremendously massive deposit of an exceptionally clean burning form of coal. This was a sop to his Chinese friends, who owned the only other such deposit and wanted to ensure our resources weren’t available to anyone, especially us. It is called the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

    We need to undo large portions of this designation and put that coal to work for American Industry.

    We also need to lead the World on alternative energy, technology that actually WORKS. Screw subsidies and pushing weak stuff onto American homeowners. Research and innovate and create systems radically superior to everything that exists now, so we become and remain always independent and powerful. Screw climate change, do it for your children.


  29. imatexan says:

    Thank you Sundance! You always break down the big picture into clearer little pieces. I appreciate all you do.
    The USA is the modern day land of milk and honey. Each one of us is so blessed to have been born here. God bless the USA!


  30. Ron Dobbs says:

    I read this report and it is very informative.


  31. JMC says:

    At Aldi’s here in NE CT last week, 1 dozen large eggs – and they actually are large – cost $.49, and a gallon of milk, same price for all three grades, was $1.39!


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