Report: Trump Will Nominate Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary – Understanding America’s Real Adversary….

Today it is unofficially announced that Elaine Chao will be nominated as President Donald Trump’s Transportation Secretary.

President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to head the Transportation Department, a source with knowledge of the decision said on Tuesday. (link)

To understand the nomination we must remind ourselves of the real opposition to any America-First policy agenda.


Trump’s real enemy in his battle to replace the influence of Wall Street and K-Street is best exemplified within the U.S. Chamber of Commerce;… and more specifically by understanding U.S. CoC President Tom Donohue;… and even more specifically by understanding who Donohue pays off and uses to push his agenda, Senator Mitch McConnell.

For far too many years conservatives, ordinary Americans, have not fully grasped the usurpation within those who are professionally Republican.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the primary usurpation agent, the snake within the body politic; the representative personification of all that is corrupt on one side of the UniParty.  The symbiosis between McConnell and Donohue has been toxic to America’s interests.

The UniParty’s intentional shifting of the balance of power into the Senate is known very well by many political junkies on the freedom side of the political continuum.   We have been grinding our teeth the issue ever since state legislatures lost the ability to appoint their federal Senate representatives, and the popular vote usurped the intent of the Constitution.

All of that said, Donald Trump is having to position his/our America-First agenda against the headwinds of these progressive and Machiavellian constructs and consorts.

Tom Donohue (supreme financier), Senator Mitch McConnell and his Senate GOPe cohorts (Cornyn, Cochran, Thune, Hatch et al) are Trump’s, and by extension, our, adversaries.

President Elect Donald Trump wants infrastructure investment to rebuild America.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce views this approach as an existential threat to their Wall Street globalist agenda; they prefer a weaker America based on outsourcing – their road map for the past 30 years; there are trillions at stake.

Under Trumps economic revitalization plan, and the larger economic strategies therein, there are multi-hundred billion rebuilding and domestic investment proposals.  Within this stage of necessary construction the Transportation Secretary position is critical.

Enter the world of four-dimensional strategy and foresight to see around corners.

trump west virginiaelaine-chao

Elaine Chao is Mitch McConnell’s wife.  Any domestic infrastructure spending bill that McConnell will oppose becomes oppositional to his wife’s interests, goals, objectives and legacy, not just President Trump.   That’s starting point number one.

Unfortunately, too many DC insiders (the professional political class, politicians and the media) read these research conversations, so I proceed with that caution in mind….

In addition, as Secretary of Transportation Mrs. Chao will be engaged in multi-state massive negotiations and expenditure proposals.  Multiple big influence meetings, luncheons, dinners etc await the schedule over the next 24 months.  Mr. McConnell, as a natural condition of his relationship, will be a part of that travel schedule.

Any time McConnell spends outside of DC smoke-filled-room meetings, is a better time for Trump to engage in the more purposeful golf-outings, meetings and casual encounters.  At this level, it’s just the way titan negotiations play out.

trump mcconnelltrump-mcconnell-2trump-mcconnell-1

trump convention 2trump-lion

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274 Responses to Report: Trump Will Nominate Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary – Understanding America’s Real Adversary….

  1. svpolicy says:

    Great analysis Sundance — as usual…


  2. It makes me wonder why Elaine Chao would even accept this position. What’s her game?

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  3. Pam says:


  4. Afterthought says:

    Mnuchin for Treasury? This isn’t draining the swamp.

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  5. velvetfoot says:

    Is there an up to date list of appointments to date? Something that gets refreshed going forward?

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  6. kenmar1965 says:

    Interesting take on this…


  7. Albertus Magnus says:

    Concern trolls out in FULL FORCE today, lol.

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    • sunnydaysall says:

      I am concerned, but I am not a troll! And far from it! Why are concerned people now called trolls? I have been a huge supporter, a volunteer worker and I and my family voted for Trump! I do accept the choices that Trump makes for his administration but there will always be a certain amount of concern when the enemy is in play! Please quit labeling us! It is only useful in dividing us and that is what liberals and neverTrumpers do!

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      • TheseTruths says:

        My take on concern:
        It is human nature to be concerned. We are concerned about safety in traffic, about our children and family, about the country, etc. More specifically, we are concerned that things will not go right with each decision and pick that Trump will make.

        That said, being around people (not talking about you) who do nothing but express worry and concern is tiring and counterproductive. I could voice the following things and many more (most of which I’m not worried about, but some are):

        I’m concerned that Trump is interviewing so many GOPe people.
        What if too many of them get into power and influence him the wrong way?
        What if there really is something to the recount?
        I’m concerned that Obama might cause a catastrophe, declare martial law, and prevent Trump from getting into office.
        Does Trump have the right people on his team? What if someone betrays him?
        I’m concerned that the GOPe’s in Congress will join the Dems and prevent Trump from getting anything done.
        I’m worried about Trump’s safety. I don’t know if he should do any more rallies.

        Now, has anything been accomplished by those statements? Frankly, they just bring me down and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. It’s exhausting to have to talk people down from the cliff. Taking some responsibility for one’s worries is a good thing.

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        • Sue in MT says:

          Exactly how much “concern” is appropriate or acceptable around here anyway? Give us a graph, or a scale or something so we don’t offend unintentionally going forward. That would be helpful….geeeeshh.

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          • TheseTruths says:

            It’s not up to me, at all.

            When I become aware of my own concern, before I post about it, I reflect on whether my posting would be productive or would just be negativity about something outside of any of our control.

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          • Disgusted says:

            What does concern me is an upsetting tendency by SOME to expect all of us to think in lock step the same way we agreed was abhorant when all democrats and liberals always did so. This is a wonderful forum, not all of us feel exactly the same way about everything other than about FREEDOM, President Trump(!!!) AND The Constitution.

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        • grannysue says:

          If the voting process were not so corrupted then we would not have people like Ryan and McConnell in power. I live in Texas and Cronyn did not have my vote. If Trump can clean up the voter rolls and put the integrity of the vote back in place a whole lot of these elites will not be holding office.I pray he does not put MItt Romney in for SOS primarily because Trump pledged to clean the swamp. Romney is the swamp and so is McConnell.

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        • ginaswo says:

          some peeps are so concerned they become typhoid mary spreading anxiety

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          • Albertus Magnus says:

            Exactly. What is needed is for people to be reasonable. Concern is fine if it is tempered by good sense and NOT used to just disturb others’ peace of mind.

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            • platypus says:

              I call concern trolling something else – harshing my mellow.

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            • If you are disturbed by another’s concern and comments, that’s your problem; why lay your trip on everyone else. Not everyone is disturbed by someone expressing concern because if you are at peace nothing will disturb you thus freeing you to feel compassion and love for others suffering.

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              • dutzie60 says:

                Reverse this, “If you are disturbed by another’s concern and comments, that’s your problem; why lay your trip on everyone else.” Some don’t want worriers trip laid on them. It’s a two way street.


          • Wayne Robinson says:

            Right / not to long ago everyone was so positive now sooo many fearfully proclaiming by worry about well for one someone might influence Trump? Like that should be a concern . . My estimation of the man is he gathers all information and takes recommendation and then makes his best moves . . Anyone really believe Trump will betray himself ? . Like tomorrow he will wake up and become someone different, not gonna happen . Trump will be true to nature anything else is not gonna happen. I personally believe that Trump is destined to go down in history like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln . . But I have always been able to pick a good one.

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          • Evelyn says:

            I agree, and they undoubtedly mean well and may occasionally be right about some of their concerns. And they may be a bit like the spies in the Exodus story – they are concerned that there are giants in the land.

            But it is important to remember who is doing all of this – the power is coming from God, not Donald Trump. Defying God is a recipe for failure, for reference please consider Pharaoh, Haman, Nasser, etc.

            Our continued prayers for our President Elect and our nation are crucial, but it’s also crucial to recognize that they are being answered, and to believe that the same God that answered us with Donald Trump and the events of the past year hasn’t suddenly changed His mind! Fear not!


        • Nonnie says:

          “Taking some responsibility for ones worries is a good thing.”

          Excellent. I sometimes wish people would write their concerns in a journal instead of in the comment section here.

          I did not watch MSM election night. I came here for updates. The worry warts got so bad here that I had to limit myself to five minutes every hour!


        • razor1 says:

          truth…my wife has many of these same concerns. come out from under the bed, you’ll be fine. Trump will make America great again…it’s already starting. there are “steps” in the process and it can’t all be done at one time. Don’s a master at pitting people against each other…too achieve positive results! With Chao he gets the wife of his adversary to do his heavy lifting… giving her goals to achieve publicly while “mitch the bitch” runs his games in hiding is really smart….one fails and one wins….or they start singing from the same book…no where to hide….and what if mitch isn’t the leader in the senate??? what if he retires in the next year or so….Don’s put mitch in a pinch. make no mistake there will be several attempts to put the reins on Don….successful people have a hard wired code to make decisions and be resolute in there staying the course to accomplishment. Don has this trait in spades. remember these words…mid-terms and 4 years from now….you’ll have much better choices for your elected officials…gopE and dims will take big hits in the mid-terms…bigger in the next Presidential election….because the economy will ROAR! money looks for a safe harbor….it will pour into the USA because Don will make it safe. Sorry but Don can only take out 10 bags of trash at a time…so to speak based on today’s rules….until then….give big goals….if they don’t accomplish them….fire them. he’s doing this by putting them in a position to succeed or publicly prove their incompetence! And he has Jeff Sessions sitting waiting to “unveil them” if they cheat, it’s brilliant!!! stay safe, get happy and get ready to get tired of winning ALL THE TIME….I can take at least 20 years of that before I tire however! MAGA!!!


          • TheseTruths says:

            “truth…my wife has many of these same concerns. come out from under the bed, you’ll be fine.”
            Thanks, but I think there might be a misunderstanding. I’m not really concerned about those things; I was just pointing out the kinds of things people think about and post. 😀


        • saveedra says:

          I am concerned the RINOs have wormed their way in and are influencing Trump. I am having difficulty w/Cho for Transportation Secretary & very possibly Romney as Secretary of State. Both are RINO progressives. Not to mention Priebus who was head of the RNC. These are not ‘new’ faces, and are in my mind part of the swamp that needs draining.

          Romney is a two-faced, stab you in the back type. Where is Rudy?


      • sundance says:

        It’s not about Chao.. it’s about Donohue.

        If you think it’s about Chao, you are not elevating yourself high enough.

        It’s about Donohue.

        The next Transportation Secretary is going to be targeted by the U.S. CoC regardless of who it is. Trump just blunted the attack, and made it more difficult for McConnell to block his spending proposal…. nothing more.

        People need to reset their traditional political thinking to understand the actual adversary. When you reset/elevate you recognize the concern carried is focused on the wrong principles.

        President Trump will be personally involved in every aspect of the infrastructure spending soup-to-nuts…. it is, well, simply his builders wheelhouse. He’ll be in the office at 3:00am deeper in the weeds than any executive in the history of the modern republic.

        When the staff shows up at 7:00am, he’ll have a to-do list, not a conversation. He’ll also assign deadlines for completion. The next day he’ll do it again… and the next, and the next, and the next…. and it will never end… until it is complete.

        Force of will is actually a strategy.

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        • sunnydaysall says:

          I have said I have no problem with Trump’s picks… I fully agree with your logic and you never fail to enlighten all of us in these matters! You also have that three dimensional mindset you speak of when describing Trump! That (I assume) is how you are able to see Trump’s splendid game of chess when most of us do not! What I do have a problem with is being called a concerned troll! My concern is not for what Trump is doing. Trump has this… My concern is for what the liberals are doing on the sidelines! They have not given up and have no lack of resources, especially money, when it comes to creating chaos!
          Thanks for the reply, Sundance! Your articles make more sense than any media on the web today! I must say, I feel honored! 🙂

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        • JB-OH says:

          I am alway concerned with the MSM headline until I read CTH. It’s been that way since I’ve been reading this website, which is well over a year now. Never commented before but the “Last Refuge” this has been my ‘safespace’ the entire journey. CTH makes being a little out of touch with minute-by-minute political news much easier and a lot less stressful. Thanks for the “inside baseball” analysis again, Sundance.

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        • I a having trouble connecting Chao to Donahue. But I do know that he and McConell are thick as theives and have their own little plan. Donahue being in charge of the CoC, why would he give a thought to bridges and roads and infrastructure.

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        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Improving infrastructure will actually stir more support to Trump in the long run from
          sources that no one would ever imagine. Think how wore down the American public is,
          looking around at everything that was New! Shiny! Maintained! Just a few years ago.
          It’s all run down, wore out, rust stained, peeling, fading. Decay takes away your spirit
          faster then damn near anything. Move from heavily littered surroundings to an immaculate
          area, and see how you feel a weight’s been lifted. Fixing infrastructure will show, in a
          literally concrete manner, that someone’s paying attention. That we are actually getting
          what we are paying for . ( Any one see any improvements in their area from “shovel-ready jobs”? Anyone?). Think how seeing one’s surrounding area improved will play to those
          who actually care and participate. Many wouldn’t ever think about supporting Trump before. Minds will be changed after the “after” picture.

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        • RedBallExpress says:

          There is absolutely nothing worse than a boss that shows up at noon and tries to undo what his employees did all morning.


        • Dennis Leonard says:

          Excellent Sundance.We hired PETrump to run the company ,now let him run it.

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      • Founding Fathers Fan says:

        Anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with a comment is automatically charged with being a troll. ‘Conservatives’ fancy themselves with being for free speech, but only if you agree with them. In that respect, they are just like leftists.

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      • Bert Darrell says:

        I found out today that Chuck Schumer has become Head Troll Elect, way ahead of January 2017. After voting to raid Medicare to pay for illegal aliens’ medical services, Schumer is now afraid that Trump may throw his oldest relative over a cliff, preferably if s/he rides a wheel chair … a la Paul Ryan (/S).

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      • solomonpal says:

        Because one can become a Trump syncophant just like Hillary has hers. Look I appreciate the moves Trump makes and how said moves are pointed out on this site…but who said it? Trust but verify.

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      • Paul Killinger says:

        Speak your mind, Sunny. Most of us here aren’t into the Dems’ version of “group think “

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    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      Betrayus and Romney’s only roles in govt should be as taxpayers.

      Romney, the spawn of generations of polygamy, is well known to those on this site as a worm.

      Betrayus was the coward who lied to cover for Hillary and BO because they knew he was doinking Paula Broadwell, whose can-opener nose was about the most serious weapon he had to face in his years in and out of uniform.

      Betrayus ordered young men into combat with criminally negligent rules of engagement and some of them were killed, blinded, paralyzed, or left with other serious injuries. Yet he was too much of a coward to tell the truth when the fate of the nation whose people hw swore to serve hung in the balance.

      We nned a Secretary of State who will serve the nation, not save his own slimy ass.

      Meanwhile, I hope Sheriff Clarke is rewarded for his service, his capacity, and his loyalty with a cabinet-level or similar position worthy of his abilities. Hopefully he is keeping a watchful eye on Milwaukee County to head off Jillary recount fraud.

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    • Lipsticking the RINO pig is real trolling….we elect “outsider”…. we get….

      DeVos Common Core….Mnuchin Goldman-Sachs….Minnie Mouse McConnell….

      likely Willard the BAIN Bandit and Betray US Petraus….who got trolled ?


    • Nordic Breed says:

      I, for one, am not concerned at all for two main reasons:

      Millions upon millions of Americans are praying daily for Trump and our country. For me specifically, the prayer is not only for Trump, but the same that I’ve prayed for since 2008: that the hand of Satan be struck from our country.
      Trump knows what he is doing, and should something go awry, he will take prompt action to correct it. God will be giving him the graces necessary to execute his new job, just as God gives everyone the graces to execute our callings.

      I am observing everything and appreciate the Treehouse for the insights it gives me. If God was willing to save Soddom and Gomorrah at Abraham’s prayer if only 10 just men could be found, I am 100% sure He will take care of our country because of the many prayers for deliverance going up daily from decent fellow Americans and foreigners who also see how liberating a constitutionally governed America can be for the world. Especially when we Christians keep Christ at the center of our lives.

      Peace to all.

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  8. ExmilUK says:

    I think working with the White Hat team is going to be more fun than most politicians have had in their entire lifetimes, because MAGA involves getting stuff done on a massive and rapid scale, with commensurate political credit from a delighted and surprised public.

    Even go-along-to-get-along republicans can help if helping Trump’s agenda advances their political career. The only difference is that COC’s globalist agenda is now defunct, and MAGA is the active career path to be involved with.

    There is a new, and incomparably more popular, sheriff in town. And he wears a white hard hat. 🙂

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  9. freddiemacblog says:

    Elaine Chao is Mitch McConnell’s wife. Any domestic infrastructure spending bill that McConnell will oppose becomes oppositional to his wife’s interests, goals, objectives and legacy, not just President Trump.

    I like this!!!!- What a wonderful way to co’opt some of the DC insiders — what sort of man would torpedo his wife’s career? 😄

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. Albertus Magnus says:

    of course you don’t.


    • sunnydaysall says:

      Now this one (Kevin) is a troll! Not a concerned troll at all, but a shill for the left! Just here to put doubt in the minds of treepers!


  12. Pam says:

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  13. Sue in MT says:

    This one makes sense. She is more than qualified, seems like a nice lady, and it neutralizes McConnell. Checkmate.

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  14. Pam says:

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  15. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Wives can turn a husband’s head whether the husband doesn’t want to turn it or not.

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  16. fedback says:

    I am in the fortunate position that I trust President Elect Trump 100 % to pick the best person for every job.
    I don’t have to worry and can focus on enjoying all the winning.

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  17. milktrader says:

    All these micro criticisms of each of Trump’s moves is like watching Kasparov play and complaining about why he moved a rook when he should’ve moved his queen. Ok geniuses, let’s let the game play out.

    Nice work Sundance.

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  18. james23 says:

    Meh, Mrs Turtle is Swamp. Nothing to get excited about there.


  19. Doug says:

    I like this pick… also she neutralizes mcconnell and she is actually quaified for the job.. win win here

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  20. katherine mccoun says:

    Friendly fire is still harmful. Let it play out. Trust (now) but verify (watch carefully the words and actions of these appointees to make sure they are indeed on tract to fulfill the Trump Administration agenda). Now is Trust. Later is criticism as warranted by words/actions, etc. as they carry out their job.

    There are no actionable items in our endless “conversations” of concern. The posts of past speeches, positions, resume, etc. are good and educate us. How they might work out and what the reasoning for their hire is interesting and helpful to going forward. A few things to watch for so we are prepared is good.

    But for now the job is to let President Elect Trump and his team do their job that we “hired” them to do and protect from Unfriendly fire. That is coming and will be tough at times as the Dems and Globalist fight his agenda, his nominees and their legislation and polices. Good for us to keep an Eagle eye on all appointees after they are appointed and doing their jobs but until then give it a chance! If someone gets off track, then we can raise cain. If legislation or policy needs to be implemented, passed or stopped then we actually have something to do (calls, emails, letters to legislators, dept. heads, Secretaries offices, social media and comments, even call campaigns to get others calling their legislators if the issues are big enough).

    I come here for info, constructive conversation and opinion but the endless concern and disagreement with President Elect Trump is tiring.

    Unless it is someone who we feel is a total disaster (and I understand why many feel that way about Romney!) let it play out and be supportive. Friendly fire is still harmful!

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  21. WeThePeople2016 says:

    “Elaine Chao is Mitch McConnell’s wife. Any domestic infrastructure spending bill that McConnell will oppose becomes oppositional to his wife’s interests, goals, objectives and legacy, not just President Trump.”

    That was my first thought. Trump is playing chess with all the right moves.

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  22. Pam says:


  23. Pam says:

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  24. Brian L says:

    If you control the women, you control the men.

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  25. anarchist335 says:

    Tired of winning? From the failing NYT: On Thursday, Mr. Trump and Mike Pence, Indiana’s governor and the vice-president elect, plan to appear at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant to announce they’ve struck a deal with the company to keep a majority of the jobs in the state, according to officials with the transition team as well as Carrier. MAGA


  26. GKC says:

    More winning – Trump to announce that Carrier will keep jobs in US & not move them to Mexico (just saw it on Lou Dobbs)

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  27. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    ‘Conservatives’ in Kentucky had an opportunity to remove McConnell in his primary when he ran against a conservative and there was only a 20% turnout. Rand Paul ‘claims’ to be a conservative and he supported McConnell. Too many ‘conservatives’ just blah-blah-blah and do nothing to remove RINOs in their primaries. Paul Ryan ran against a conservative in his last 2 primaries and there was a 19% turnout in the previous one and less than 15% turnout is this last one.

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    • Blue Moon says:

      Mitch is embedded in the state of Kentucky. He knows how to wooo the people. Do them little favors and they believe he cares about them. I think we need to be concerned about our 2nd Kentucky senator Rand Paul. He was interviewed last week on our local station and he let them know that he will fight Trump to keep him in line. I do believe at some point PE Trump will be speaking privately with Rand. I like Rand, wished he had been the VP pick. Mitch is a bad influence on Rand.


  28. Jan says:

    So, some people think Mitch can be bought off by giving his wife a job? That’s silly to start with.
    The other part is the Federal Gov’t being involved in infrastructure. It makes no sense to collect gas tax from the states, lose a big chunk of it to admin costs and then send it back to them. That’s the swamp. Let the states collect the tax and fix their own roads and bridges.
    Very bad decision by Trump.

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    • Thorfinnr says:

      Many states are bailing on the gas tax too, and raising money through toll roads (Florida). My state, Georgia, pays way more in than we get back. Less populated states that have big transportation problems (Montana- long distances, crap weather) soak up a lot more than they pay in.

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  29. Trumped says:

    When Trump announced Pence as VP, I knew that he will use part of the old guard to dismantle D.C.
    That is the way to make a hostile takeover. You can’t just fire everyone and then don’t know where the keys for the office are.
    It is on us to vote the old guard out. If we can’t achieve that through primaries then it is our own fault.
    I know a lot of people who are better patriots then Mconnel and family but they would be useless as secretary of transportation.


  30. jackk says:

    Have you got many IP’s from DC on your website?


  31. truthandjustice says:

    I understand what SD is saying however, if that’s the case, why would she accept? And who is doing the vetting of these people?
    For more info I found interesting on McConnell and wife’s family – her family owns
    The Foremost Foundation, a Transportation Corporation and is led by James S.C.
    Chao was caught running 90 pounds of cocaine in Columbia.

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  32. Texian says:

    This is hilarious. “zulu” male Mitch vs. his wife. She is going to beat the sh*t out of him until she gets her way. Poor Mitch, wall street pushing on one side, his wife pulling on the other – something is eventually going to break..


  33. Bubba says:

    This is a national politics/DC horse trading type of deal. This is big boy, down & dirty stuff (sausage making). Trump is a deal maker. He’s done it with politicians all of his life (think NYC politics). This is simply a deal between him & McConnell. We can’t know the details of the deal as they aren’t public knowledge. Maybe, Chao’s nomination is a payoff for holding up the sumpreme court pick? Maybe, it’s something else? One thing is for certain, there will be many more deals to come (Romney?). Unfortunately, that’s the way it works when you have to get the uniparty to work with you instead of sabbotaging you. For those of you who have angst against any of his picks (as I do), please remember that we cannot get everything we want. We have to DEAL with reality. Trust Trump.

    BTW – I don’t think this gives Trump any leverage over anyone. These people (COC, McConnell, etc) are weasels of the highest order. They’re rich and entrenched and powerful. They must be dealt with because they aren’t going away.


    • sDee says:

      Trump has to deal with them because we did not. Many could have been primaried.

      I fight this uphill battlelocally. The “farm system” for these criminals starts at the lowest levels of local politics. – we deplorables need to be the Party – become Precinct Chairs, District Chairs, Committee members and organizers of Primary elections.

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  34. skifflegirl says:

    Donald Trump is smarter than I am. He’s accomplished things that are outside my realm of possibility. When I voted for him, I implicitly gave him my complete confidence and trust until proven – beyond reasonable doubt – otherwise. Why would anyone who has watched him risk his life, his family, his treasure and beaten 17 Republican GOPe’s and the most corrupt politician in history along with the entire globalist corporate establishment (all on his own dime) begin to doubt him now? Seriously. Why?

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  35. TexasDude says:

    Regarding concerns and trolls …

    The reason why there is an antipathy to those that voice concern about Trump on this website and other similar ones is that this is a gaslighting technique. It can be used to try to shape opinion and then MSM or other anti-Trump orgs/people can then highlight how concerned Trumps own supporters are.

    It has happened.

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    • janc1955 says:

      Sounds like paranoia for the sake of paranoia to me.

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      • cdquarles says:

        Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you. Why do you think Nixon was paranoid? They were out to get him over Whitaker Chambers and the Rosenbergs. Yes, our Federal government was penetrated by communists and full of sympathizers. Am I the only one who recalls the Venona Project/papers?


  36. jello333 says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about some guy named Donald Trump recently. They say he’s a really smart guy…. REALLY smart. Is this true?


  37. Jason Ross says:

    When I think of Viking or tribal societies, if a conqueror swoops in and claims your wife for his own clan, it usually means you are PWNED.

    Better know your role, Mitch.


  38. Tparty says:

    Look at that little puppy dog … good boy Mitch, dont soil the carpets now sit.

    I can see the work of 2 master strategists in this move. Deep thinkers with long memories. The ship of state is in good hands.


  39. Illegal says:

    By appointing Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao to a cabinet position Trump owns Mitch. What husband wants to go home to his wife especially a “Tiger Mom” with his tail between his legs because he was outsmarted by the other team. Trump has his hands full in making the Senate push his agenda through. This move just upped his chances.


  40. InAz says:

    I think Trump is doing what is necessary to get things done in his first term. We must reelect him so that he can do more in his second term. If these people do not do what Trump wants, they will be fired. These people Trump picked will learn real fast what is expected of them, or they will be gone before they know what hit them. I am not going to second guess Trump. He has already done more for this country before being sworn in, than what we have had done for this country the last thirty years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lokiscout says:

      I may consider reelection if I’m not so fed up with winning I need a break! He is going to have to give us a breather at some point! 😉


      • dayallaxeded says:

        NEVER! I got the implied sarc, but still had to say, NEVER!

        I do have some experience with winning fatigue, though. My highschool 4A football team went undefeated to the state championship. Games got sort of boring, but we had lots of fun in the stands and in the pre- and post-game festivities. Didn’t get tired of winning!

        In college, our lacrosse team lost one game in my junior year and went undefeated the next, winning the national championship back to back. Lacrosse, being what it is, was never really boring. The fans still counted off after each goal (sometimes overlapping with the next one). Didn’t get tired of winning!

        When it comes to our nation, the future for our children and theirs, the USA’s role as a “light on a hill” to the rest of the world, the stakes are far beyond any sporting event–we will never, never tire of winning!


  41. dayallaxeded says:

    I’ve been waiting for the Donohue to show up for a meeting with Mr. Trump and/or others in the transition team, but more so, have been hoping Donohue’s first meeting with anyone in the new administration is prosecutorial.

    Liked by 1 person

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