Donald Trump, Sam Adams, and The Modern Sons of Liberty…

A few days ago we were relating an analogy of Boston circa 1774 to the current political insurgency movement supported by candidate Donald Trump.  At the time of that writing we certainly did not expect to see evidence so quickly of support for such a framework.

Yet, here we are.


A stunning moment occurs outside a building in New York City belonging to, and representative of, a single political force that strikes fear into the well constructed political corruption surrounding our modern body politic.

Yes, here they are, assembled – and no one had to call them together.  The authentic Modern Sons and Daughters of Liberty, in all their deplorable, vulgarian and oh-so-American glory just knew what to do.

Quite remarkable.  Completely authentic.

It is almost as if the voices of our liberty founding were calling us back to assemble outside a Boston tavern…


And, just like our vulgarian founding, the political revolution is well underway.  These are intensely glorious days to be alive.

Within the DNA strain that makes us Americans, the binding which joins the patchwork quilt of a united group of states, is a steadfast aversion toward tyrannical government in any form.

The notoriously American political pendulum, a beneficiary of the jaw-droppingly accurate foresight of our founding vulgarians, simply cannot sustain itself when it is dragged too widely toward the totalitarian left.   The resulting political correction is almost always manifest in direct proportion to how far out of constitutional plumb corrupt forces pull the electorate.   And boy howdy we’ve been pulled a long way from liberty central for decades.

Enter Trump.

The current modern tyrannical opposition, our movement per se’, is almost identical to our founding in terms of urgency.  Lies, deceit and manipulative intents are impossible to hide over time.  Thus, those who benefit from the lying, deception and manipulation have to rely on ever increasingly obvious methods of fraud.  However, eventually even the best Machiavellian constructs are laid naked to the enemy…

…And the enemy is us.

Against this backdrop, it really doesn’t matter what the fraudsters, the media, cook up next in their scheme to retain relevance and power.  At a certain point, a particular threshold, it all becomes moot because the larger mass see the naked emperor.  Further attempts to retain the ruse only end up backfiring as the Liberty Group laugh at the futility of the fraud….

…Methinks we are there.

But we should not be naive to the scope of what is truly at stake for the governmental loyalists.

If team liberty (Trump) wins this election, there are entire institutional constructs of governance and societal guidance that will cease to hold any reasonable relevance.

Think about how far out in front of their cause, the various self interests have put themselves.

If Donald Trump, and all of us who support Donald Trump, win this election, not only will Washington DC be deconstructed from influence peddling – but so too will all the various support affiliates who indulge in scheme and graft upon their peddled outcome.

With an oval office desk devoid of IOU’s upon entry, K-Street lobbyists become irrelevant. Additionally, and as a direct consequence, Wall Street influence agents -massive global corporations- become irrelevant.  The downstream effects are almost too stunning to comprehend.

Think about how irrelevant and inconsequential corporate media becomes when they have to accept the reality of their minority position.  Think about how diminished liberal Hollywood becomes when they are forced to accept their product audience is the minority shareholder in almost all of their constructs.  Then think about the scope of paradigm change needed for just those two entities to engage in a process of rebuilding relevance.  It seems like an impossible task, because it almost is.

When you accept this potential future lies ahead for these entities you begin to understand why they are essentially involved in this 2016 campaign from a position where suicide vests are a better option than defeat.  Their entire ideological frame of reference cannot fathom a world where their influence is irrelevant.

If we take back liberty, all of those elements become nothing.

Previously when we were discussing the perspective we noted how this really is not a Win/Lose election for us either. As hate-filled and desperate as the opposition is toward Donald Trump, so too must we remind ourselves of the irrelevance of their attempts to change the landscape of battle.

Gadsden_flagThe accurate perspective for this election is that we are trying to stop those who are now in control of a weaponized institutional government from doing even more damage TO OURSELVES with the power of the UniParty they already possess.

This distinction is critical.  This distinction defines the insurgent nature of this specific campaign.

Make America Great Again, is a vague concept more akin to grabbing the power cord feeding the UniParty, ripping it from the wall, and shutting down the out-of-control Skynet U.S. Federal Government.  Only when the entire apparatus has been halted can we begin the evaluating, dismantling and cutting it down to brass tacks phase.

Don’t worry about tone folks, heck don’t worry about any absurd outrage intended to weaken our resolve.  Everything from here to November 8th should be considered irrelevant. We do not have time for tone conversation; and we most certainly are in a position where failure is not an option.

You are in possession of  your section of your intellectual Bangalore, you have honed your skill set on how to use it, now get ready….

Tea Party Recon

The UniParty is afraid, very afraid, of our arrival.   Take friends and family to the polling stations.  Reach out to your neighbors and civic groups… steel your resolve and deserve victory.

Working together we will overwhelm the opposition and bring back liberty for all.

white house gadsden flagRepublican voter turnout projected 2


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355 Responses to Donald Trump, Sam Adams, and The Modern Sons of Liberty…

  1. Trumpius Victorem says:

    It will be great to see those #NeverTrump cretinous wretches’ heads explode on November 9th.

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  2. Trumpius Victorem says:

    Let’s see. In 2005, what was Bill Clinton doing? Bill Clinton who is the same age as Donald Trump. That’s right, he was on the Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein enroute to Pedophile Island.

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  3. Jim Rogers says:

    Eleven years ago, Donald Trump made vulgar, obscene and tasteless remarks about women to another guy!!! Remarks recorded and now being used by his enemies to politically castrate him and his campaign for POTUS!!!

    But, NO ONE DIED ~ which is more than can be said for 30-years of failures by Hillary Clinton ~ failures crowned by law-breaking, lies, hypocrisy, pandering ,deceit and treason! How many bodies litter the wake
    of her 30-years of failure? I count FOUR in Bengazi alone ~ but the total is many, many more…..

    The huge chorus of calls for Donald Trump to end his presidential campaign is predictable! He is running not only against Ms. Clinton and Democrats. Aligned against him is the GOP Establishment ~ the Wall Street/Washington DC oligarchy ~ US corporations and billionaires ~ the media, and the world’s Elites!!! Because Mr. Trump is the only person standing between all of them preserving their Eliteist status and
    achieving their One-World goals ~ and the rest of us, i.e., We The People!!!

    I’ll defer to the rest of “We The People” and speak only for me….. Unless Mr. Trump rushes across the stage of tonight’s second debate and grabs Hillary in the same crude action he described 11-years ago, he will have my vote!!!


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    • BobinFL says:

      A little post “skirt chasing foul language outrage” election recon. My mother in law, a wonderful woman but a lib/dem and D voter no matter who the heck they would put up there – asked in a text if everyone was going to vote for Hillary now. This was asked of 1 Republican 25 yr old young lady, 2 independents and 3 Dems. All had voiced some interest in Mr. Trump last Thanksgiving (if Bernie was not the nominee for the Dems). What transpired after that was a litany of texts from the recipients cataloging Hilary and Bills greatest hits, the problems this country faces because of Dem leadership and Uniparty, the rapes, the cigars, the deaths, the lies, the wars, the corruption – this went on for a couple of hours without a break. One person would put one up and another would follow. A deplorable was followed by basement dweller and on and on it went.

      Everyone understood that all of the pearl clutching by the pantywaists (my wife’s term, an independent now after being a Dem all her life) in the RINO wing of the Uniparty and beyond the pale from the a-holes on the left was all gaslighting from those who are desperately trying to hold onto their prestigious posts.

      And no one, not a Dem, Repub or independent was falling for any of it. Everyone was even more set in their ways than before and pissed at the way Mr. Trump and we as voters are being treated.

      Cold Anger all around. I feel as though my family unit on that text stream are indicative of the monster vote. And no one is falling for any of this crap.

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  4. MaineCoon says:

    I am encouraged by the comments here by so many Christians. Actions by us are so very important. I was struck that my first action should be prayer. God hears the prayers of the righteous. Prayer is a sweet aroma. My prayer is that Jesus Christ, our intercessory prayer warrior, intercede for His followers who are fighting for Him in our country, a country that founders based on belief in Him, which encompasses the fundamental laws of our land which was based on Him. May it be His will that our country return at such a time as this through the leadership of Donald Trump to be guided by believers in the Lord to be used in His life and campaign. God uses who He determines to use for His purposes. Remember God using a donkey? Diligently pray for His will to be done in this election. Pray that we can have Him return in our Supreme Court decisions. Prayer is our first defense. Mt 7:7. Ask. Seek. Knock. I ask in Jesus name. Amen.


  5. MaineCoon says:

    Other than Israel, the land Yahweh promised to His Chosen people, USA is the only other country founded on and dedicated to Him. Pray for God’s mercy and grace that we may return to Him in our land through the leadership of Donald Trump. May it be God’s will to thwart all evil in this fulfillment. Mt 7:7


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