Two Dead, Dozens Injured in Louisiana Bus Crash – Illegal Alien Driver W/out License…

A terrible bus crash in Louisiana today results in the death of two people and dozens more injured.  The local fire chief who was responding to an earlier accident was one of those killed when the out of control bus collided with the fire engine.

Louisiana – State Police told Fox 8 firefighters responding to the earlier crash were attempting to close Interstate 10 just west of New Orleans when the bus lost control for unknown reasons and struck a fire engine on scene.

louisiana crash 1

The bus then struck three firefighters, throwing them from the elevated portion of the interstate over the guard rail and into the water below.

Among those killed Sunday morning included a local fire chief, District Chief Spencer Chauvin with the St. John the Baptist Fire Department, Matey said.

Louisiana State Police said that there were 30-40 passengers on the bus, all of which suffered minor to moderate injuries.  Matey described the bus passengers as a group of volunteers heading from New Orleans to Baton Rouge to help flood victims. (read more)

louisiana crash 3 fire chief

Killed: Fire chief Spencer Chauvin (pictured, with family) died in the crash after being knocked over a guard rail and into water.

However, what most national media (including this NBC report, although they do hint at it) do not reveal, is the fact the bus driver was an illegal alien with no valid drivers license.

[…]  Louisiana State Police said the bus driver, Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, did not have a driver’s license and was not licensed to drive a commercial vehicle. A public information officer said he was from Honduras and in the U.S. illegally. (link)

Terribly sad, and unfortunately like so many other incidents that have been noted, completely avoidable if we just had stronger controls on immigration.

Having followed the immigration crisis, and especially the Obama administrations approach toward funding illegal immigration, there’s almost a guaranteed scenario here where the bus, driver and volunteers all stem from a faith-based charity group like Baptist Children and Family Services, or Catholic Charities.  See It All HERE

The same faith-based charity that provided the volunteers relief effort, most likely also provided the illegal aliens with safe harbor – and it’s almost certain all of this was paid for with tax payer funds.

Faith Based Groups” – Exposed



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220 Responses to Two Dead, Dozens Injured in Louisiana Bus Crash – Illegal Alien Driver W/out License…

  1. Paul Killinger says:

    I live near there. I’m stuck back where how a BUS COMPANY can hire a DRIVER (much less an illegal alien) without a DRIVERS LICENSE?

    And that fails to mention how the worthless State of Louisiana can LICENSE and INSPECT such a so-called COMMERCAL CARRIER in the first place?

    Incidentally, New Orleans is also a Sanctuary City with a legendary history of political payoffs, which no doubt answers my previous questions.

    And as for an alleged “faith based” organization’s involvement in this deadly parody, I’d say that’s par for the course in our “third world” nation today!

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    • waynestrick says:

      The Baptists won’t let my father drive a Sunday bus because he divorced at 21.

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    • Bill O Rights says:

      Asking a Hispanic for his driver’s license is profiling, and would be aggressively investigated by Lynch.

      I was rear ended by an unlicensed Spanish speaking individual. His handler at least had insurance. The handler showed up a few minutes later. Asked me to lie and say he, the handler, was driving. I declined.

      The Deputy Sheriff arrived. Said he had to go. Told me there was no point giving the driver a ticket since he wouldn’t show. How’s that for profiling. I know he was right, but it pissed me off because I know I would get a ticket if the roles had been reversed.

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      • The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

        My dad was a cop. One of the things he hated most was illegal alien drivers, who never had a license or insurance or registration. To deal with them what he used to do was impound the vehicle which he was perfectly right to do, being as there’s no license registration or insurance on it.

        Once it was impounded only registered owner can claim it, so essentially impounding it illegal aliens cart is de facto civil asset forfeiture

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        • dekare says:

          One of my favorite things to do when I was a cop. Most cops today, with our laptops, know before we even pull you over, if your vehicle is currently registered and has insurance, and the status of the drivers license of the vehicle owner. So, don’t lie if you are ever pulled over and know you have an issue. It only pisses the cop off more. When towing someone’s vehicle, I wouldn’t even tell the driver his vehicle was being impounded. I would collect their info, and tell them to sit tight while I checked out their info. And they would sit there hoping I would cut them a break. They would of course, put it together once the tow truck pulled up in front of their vehicle and started making preparations for towing it. I would then put a hold on it that it had to be picked up by a licensed driver, with proof of current registration and insurance. I made sure to tow at least two vehicles a shift.

          Needless to say, I got perfect and timely service from our contract tow company. I had a rule, if you had any two of the three, you got towed. No insurance, unregistered vehicle, suspended or no DL. If you had just one of the three, chances are I would cut you a break, depending on your attitude, and let you off with a warning to get it taken care of.

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      • dawndoe says:

        So they’re no longer tracking this stuff by refusing to even ticket the illegal alien. That way, they purposely skew statistics like they do with other important issues plaguing our nation.

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      • DGinGA says:

        That makes no sense. In most jurisdictions you don’t have to go to court unless you want to fight the ticket. All you have to do is pay a fine. If you don’t pay the fine they put a warrant out on you, and if you get stopped again you get arrested.

        Of course, that said, it appears there is a vast system that is extra-legal where illegal aliens are never asked their status, never asked for a green card, never held accountable to uphold any of our laws, because God forbid we should scare or offend them.

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      • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

        Bill, one thing that 8 years of this administration has taught us is that the laws only apply to citizens. The illegals and refugees always seem to get a pass because their handlers (our government) demands they get preferential treatment!


    • Exactly, and what about insurance coverage? How the heck do you get covered when you hire unlicensed drivers? I’m sure whatever insurance they have will deny coverage.

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  2. Blaze says:

    I wonder what the Chinese would do to the bus company owner and the driver? Bullet each?

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  3. tz says:

    Everyone up the legal responsibility chain needs to go to prison

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  4. thetrain2016 says:

    In my books FEMA is the prime suspect…

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  5. coeurdaleneman says:

    The bus company has been named as AM Party Bus. But its added named seems to have been misspelled. In reality, it is “Kristina’s Transportation.” Details:

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  6. MTeresa says:

    Family had on the CBS News this evening and they mentioned this story. Fascinating that the left out, as Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the story…..” Not one mention about the driver being an illegal alien. Why, why is that? Never mind, I’ve answered my own question.

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    • coeurdaleneman says:

      The newer stories that I have checked mentioned illegal or undocumented.

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    • Stephen says:

      If they’re mentioning that important fact at all, the left-wing propaganda outlets are using terms such as “undocumented immigrant” and “Honduran national.” They banned the perfectly accurate and descriptive term “illegal alien” a long time ago.

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  7. Stephen says:

    I wonder whether incidents such as this cause any unease in the open-borders crowd.

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    • tinkerthinker2 says:

      No, their philosophy is: ya gotta break a few eggs to get an omelet.

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      • Esperanza says:

        I remember back when I was a US style liberal and found myself thinking, when we were having an insecurity spike ( an acquaintance 200 metres from my home had woken up to find a drug addict in her home for the second time and everything covered in blood and the police said they couldn’t do anything about the drug dealer in her building with queues down her stairwell and a Ferrari), that I needed to be willing to get raped for my principles. That is when I stopped being a liberal because it was patently ridiculous.

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      • Stephen says:

        I don’t want to believe that’s true. But I know it is.


  8. watcher says:

    These day workers were going there to work for a middle man.
    FEMA contracts almost everything ( kickbacks anyone).

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    • Siouxma says:

      Just honoring our Emperor’s edict to not discriminate against minorities including illegal aliens. This man who was driving the bus – what proof does anyone have of ‘country of origin’ – he could have been passing through on his way to way to commit Bus Jihad. His name is rather an odd combo. This insanity has to stop – no more donations to any of these traitorous NGOs. Dry it all up, Baby!

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  9. JC says:

    All DC limos should be driven by illegal immigrants.

    (Posted earlier, but maybe my post in spam, moderator? Hope this doesn’t end up a duplicate.)

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  10. myopiafree says:

    We don’t need …

    …no stinking driver …. “

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  11. Mr. Trump, has ONCE AGAIN had a Yuge card fall into the River in his Campaign.. Can He play this right? I dern sure hope so.. Bringin this up at His next Rally/Speech..
    I pray, He brings this up..
    Prayers for the deceased, (not so much for those injured0 as they are ILLEGALS now getting their health care under US tax payers expense..

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  12. TwoLaine says:

    Faux just reported he is an illegal immigrant. It lasted less than 15 seconds, but that may have been a promo.


  13. shirley49 says:

    My Grandson had to jump through hoops to get a commercial truck driver job especially his first one. Do not understand how this illegal was allowed to drive a bus. In fact A bus driver needs more endorsements to be able to drive a bus.

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  14. rutesperanza says:

    All I can say is make SURE you have good coverage for UNinsured and UNDERinsured drivers. Some states policy has them combined and some don’t. However I’m in TN and most drivers carry bare minimum which is 15-25k. I was hit and had my car totaled and let me tell you after two years of treatment 25k won’t cover everything. I upped my insurance to 200k for uninsured and underinsured drivers and the cost was about +$5 a month more. It sucks but that’s a reality of living in Obamas America. You have to plan to be in an accident by someone who has no license or insurance. It’s just math.

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  15. myopiafree says:

    PA REQUIRES that you have proof of insurance. Yet illegals drive in PA. This is a Yuge problem – for which OBAMA does NOTHING. He will not even TALK ABOUT IT. Just hold open the boarder and let them all WALK THROUGH !

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  16. notamemberofanyorganizedpoliticital says:

    Need to get this info to the Trump.

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  17. fred5678 says:

    Just to add insult to the families of the dead — just heard that the illegal alien driver was stopped THREE WEEKS AGO on I-10 for DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE.

    That cop and his administration/policy (and all the way to the White House and Congress) that didn’t report him to ICE using a 287G LOA is complicit in these deaths.

    If a cop sees a bank robber (a federal crime) he can arrest him, but not an illegal alien who drives on federal roads w/o a license.

    Obama has been making existing voluntary 287G LOA’s much more difficult to use, and has cancelled some existing ones, I understand.

    Trump should make 287G, along with E-Verify, MANDATORY AND UNIVERSAL! And he should mention this accident as a great example of why we need 287G to make local and state LE the “first responders” for illegal immigration.

    287G (as an OPTIONAL program) was created in the same 1996 law that made sanctuary cities illegal (but with no effective penalty). Time to make 287G mandatory and put stiff penalties behind sanctuary cities!


  18. coeurdaleneman says:

    One local outlet has named Christian Lombardo as the registered owner and agent of Kristina’s Transportation:

    That seems to be Christian Anthony Lombardo, whose still-active FB page shows an interest in bus technology. Also, Christian Lombardo at one time was a co-owner and/or co-operator of a car lot with a a certain Ahmed Salem:

    The media are digging to find out who is responsible for this busload of illegals, but so far Lombardo isn’t talking.


  19. ivoted4palin says:

    So the plot thickens
    Company owned by St. Tammany official involved in fatal I-10 bus crash

    (Sent from WWL TV)


  20. Philip Chin says:

    Illegal Alien Driver has HISTORY of DANGEROUS DRIVING.

    With history of traffic citations, driver in fatal I-10 crash fuels immigration debate


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