Donald Trump Interview on Clinton Foundation: “Shut It Down”… (video)

Donald Trump appeared on Fox and Friends this morning and discussed some current political events including the Clinton Foundation.

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73 Responses to Donald Trump Interview on Clinton Foundation: “Shut It Down”… (video)

  1. Duhders says:

    How refreshing it was to actually hear an interview rather than an attack. Are things actually changing???!!!!

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  2. Sayit2016 says:

    Trump is right again — SHUT IT DOWN ! Ok– I need some help here Treepers..I have a thought on Hillary unresolved SERVER issues .What I do not get is, if Hillary was not sending or receiving classified information on her servers why did she have them in the first place? What was the purpose of setting them up ? She is SOS– the majority of her work is on classified matters. If she did not received 600 email screaming for help in Benghazi at the State Depart which has classified protection, and she did not received them on her server what work was she doing ? — who was receiving them ? Where are they ? Who did they send them to ? I have a hard time believing that Chris Stevens was sending emails to the State Dept with the REF on the EMAIL TO: ANYONE AT THE STATE DEPARTMENT. She can not have it both ways, she was either working and doing her job or she was not.

    Second item– Since the FBI refused to recommend charges to the DOJ, and the DOJ would never in a million years indict Hillary ( which would in theory indict Obama ) under Attorney Lynch. Could Trump in theory revisit this and seek justice when he is elected with a non-corrupted Attorney General ? Trump and others are saying they can not believe Hillary was not charged–( I am stunned she was not ).Hillary is the OJ of politics- mountains of evidence no conviction. Is that the end of the matter ? Surely not !!! Please tell me it is not. Is there more than one bite at the apple on this ?

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  3. Muddlerman says:

    With all the outing of the workings of the Clinton Foundation seems likely the scads of cash accumulated in that cesspool of ill-gotten gains have been migrated out to other secret accounts. The Clintons have Chelsea atop the heirarcy to be sure as much money as possible will be ‘disbursed’ to all the proper charities requiring help. Let’s see … Saudi princes are falling on hard times what with oil prices so low, ambassadors from war torn areas are hurting, ISIS defence fund could use a top-up, and can’t forget the thousands of migrants wasting away in Europe. What humanitarians those Clinton folk are! Snark.

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  4. dakotacav says:

    Glad he addressed everything, including the latest media BS about him being in such great debt to the Chinese, implying that he is out there bashing China just so he can later cut a back room deal with them to leave them alone if they cancel his personal debt.

    This is the way Democrats operate, so naturally the media assumes this, because it’s what they’re used to: saber rattling, followed by pay to play corruption. Of course no word ever from the media on “donations” — not loans at fair market value — made by foreign countries to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton.

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  5. hocuspocus13 says:

    The Clinton Foundation is currently under investigation in NYC it’s main headquarters

    Preet Bharara is leading the investigation

    In this way there will be no need for the DOJ and Loretta Lynch ✌

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    • Bull Durham says:

      He’s a Federal Prosecutor, head of So. District, DOJ.

      He can initiate investigation. Where it goes and how fast is another thing.
      Don’t hold you breath. He is covering his ass in case of Trump winning.

      She is untouchable until Obama dumps her.

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      • NCPatrick says:

        Hello, Bull .. you have contributed such weighty, smart and courageous posts as long as I’ve been coming to the Treehouse, but of late … you have become a senior statesman. Thank you for bolstering my own courage. Though I have never been a shrinking violet, I have come to rely on your solid background information to fill in the blanks. Just wanted you to know you are greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    • emet says:

      I would guess that summer interns are conducting the investigation. This will go nowhere. However, if the administration really wants someone whacked, this is the office Read their prosection of INS S/A Joseph Occhipinti. He was the only one charged, yet tried and convicted of conspiracy!


  6. Maybe, but Kilmeade’s radio show is clear evidence that Kilmeade should have stuck to sports reporting. Sadly, I can’t listen to him any more. He knows just what Trump should do – i.e. don’t appear on Sunday shows. LOL
    You’d never know it was the same person between the TV show and his radio show. Does anyone listen to the radio any more.
    Also, on another note, regarding Trump properties debt. Based on the numbers Mr. T cited, $3.7 billion worth of assets carrying $650 million debt, that comes to 17.5% debt. His percentage comes from all of his properties at ca. $10 billion, I believe, which does come to 6.5%, as indeed, Mr. T noted.
    So, tell all the math-challenged and innumerate reporters to just give up!

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  7. Trumped says:

    “FBI found almost 15,000 new Clinton documents. When will State release them? Court hearing today.”
    President Judical Watch

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  8. Shevtsova251 says:

    Donald Trump: they’re “like grifters”.

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  9. emet says:

    I know this is a little old fashioned, but Federal employees are not supposed to be conducting personal business on taxpayer time. Nor can they obtain “outside employment” without written approval, normally thru counsels office. Yes, I know, she is not a GS9.

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  10. Dan Patterson says:

    The Clinton Crime Family is thoroughly dishonerable and corrupt. If justice is ever served to any of that slimy horde I am taking three days off.

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  11. Trumped says:

    Sessions on CNN. The cnn dummy/clinton operative was totally unhinged giggling and repeating trumptrumptrump. I think they are started to drink all day at cnn.

    Sessions was great on the immigration topic. Very clear.

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  12. amjean says:

    “….want to come up with a fair and firm


  13. andi lee says:

    I am really disappointed in Judge Emmet Sullivan’s decision of not enforcing the absolute truth, the lack of “under oath” submittance of questions to Hillary Rodham.

    What other means are there? Is Judge Sullivan in the loop on the October surprise? 🤔


  14. andi lee says:

    Speaking of Preet: (yikes!)


    • John Galt says:

      LOL — Preet is prosecuting an Erdogan associate.


      “On March 19, 2016, Zarrab was arrested in Miami, Florida for conspiring to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran (by using his gold business to help Iran’s government evade the sanctions),[15] money laundering and bank fraud. The case is being prosecuted by assistant U.S. attorneys of the Southern District of New York, led by Preet Bharara,[15] with assistance from a trial attorney of the National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section.[4]

      During the case, prosecutors have noted that Zarrab donated $4.5 million to a charity founded by Emine Erdoğan, the wife of Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.[15]

      Since Zarrab’s arrest, shares in Halkbank, whose CEO was charged with taking bribes from Zarrab, have fallen by 20%.[15] He has offered to pay $50 million to achieve bail.[15] Bail has been denied.[16]”


  15. JJ says:

    Someone needs to ask the question – IF Hillary cannot keep the Clinton Foundation running as POTUS, does she even WANT to be POTUS? If she and her criminal partner can’t charge massive speaking fees, what’s left for her to do? Everyone knows her primary motivation is self-enrichment.

    She’s already phoning it in during the campaign, making even Jeb Bush look like the Energizer Bunny.

    At some point she has to come out and face the sunlight.


    • Psychopaths can’t enjoy the ill gotten treasonous gains they steal, they can’t control themselves so therefore seek to control the “masses”… krooked killery klinton wants so badly to be the first woman president that she would die trying, if forced to ramp up her efforts, she just might…

      Let’s help it along, shall we?




    • emet says:

      She must become POTUS to keep out of prison. And to keep Bill and others out of prison. And to avoid having her assets forfeited and money seized. She already knows she is not strong enough to last as president


  16. unseen1 says:

    buzzfeed, Univision,NBC,NYT and most of the rest of the MSM is so far up hillary’s as@ they can taste what she eats. The dems got what they wanted. they have delayed Trump’s speech this Thursday. His outreach to Hispanics because now Trump’s team has to make sure that there is no way no how the dems can paint it as him backtracking. Idiots.

    You allowed the dem plant into that Hispanic meeting with Trump. They should be fired.

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  17. unseen1 says:

    Chrisite should make a very public case on why the Clinton foundation is an illegal operation and should be charged under RICO.


  18. Mr.Right says:

    The question I have is… what make the Clinton foundation so great that Saudi Arabia would give them tens of millions VS any other organization ?

    Here is other saudi “donation”

    “Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has said $681 million banked into the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s bank accounts was a “genuine donation.”

    Get the data on Malasya and you know why saudis are involved…

    They donate to a certain kind of people.


  19. TexasRanger says:

    Rush Limbaugh:

    The Clinton Foundation Is Letting It Be Known “The Time To Get In Is Closing”

    Hundreds of corporate executives, foreign dignitaries and celebrities will pile into a Manhattan ballroom to hobnob with Bill and Chelsea Clinton next month at their charity’s keynote annual event — just days before Hillary Clinton defends herself against pay-to-play accusations from Donald Trump in their first debate.

    Hillary has stated she will stop accepting donations to her Clinton Foundation, ie. bribes, if she wins the presidency.

    The Clinton’s Are Signaling – Don’t Get Shut Out – Make Your Bribes Now – While You Still Can Pay-to-Play.!

    Daily Rushbo Video Aug-22-2016:

    The 12th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative Conference will take place in Manhattan, New York City. The three-day conference Sept. 19-21 — a week before the first national debate and seven weeks before Election Day.

    The CGI event is timed to coincide with the United Nations General Assembly – UN New World Order NWO meeting.


    • rush limbought is a CFR neocon puppet who says what he’s told to say. Think for a minute about why an alleged “conservative” talking head in a Constitutionally based Representative Republic would call himself the doctor of democracy???

      Yeah. He’s an NWO tool. I can’t imagine that anyone needed his help to figure out the obvious tidbit of info you posted that he stated…

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      • singtune says:

        Thank You~~”thehumancondition”~! I Exactly~~Rush is a NWO Tool & I personally had that Figured out 9+ Years ago & stopped listening. It seems many here, still have not come to realize that FACT~!


  20. maiingankwe says:

    I seriously doubt huma bows down to her husband, or anything else for that matter. She has got to be a horrible person to live with. She always looks so darn angry at everyone. My concern is the child. It’s obvious the child never sees their mother. It might not be a bad thing to us, but it is to the child. Every child needs their mother, especially during their formative years.

    I know Carlos Danger is a sick pup, but he might be a good father and love their child. I can see him loving a child of his own. I can also see him trying to make up for missing mom too. I may not like him or be able to stand him, but I cannot see him hurting or being mean to his only child. I don’t think he’s made up that way.

    Now his wife is another story. I’m sure she cannot be bothered by the mundane things like getting greeted at the door after work if they’re still awake. Or to look at a picture they had created earlier that day. I really hope I am so wrong on this, I really am. All of our children need loving parents.

    No matter how tired we are, no matter how much of a bad we have had in the adult world, we all need to stop and give time to our children. It means the world to them for us to take a few moments and listen to what they have to say or look at what they accomplished. I can guarantee we will walk away feeling better about our own selves and the day we had.

    I know this is not always easy to do, but it only takes a few moments. Will it really matter if dinner is a few minutes later? It’s going to be late as it is. Will your friend really be upset you were a few minutes late if you explained the reason and called afterwards? Will the vehicle you are working on get worse in those few minutes by stopping what you are doing? No.

    Years ago when I would watch Dr. Phil from time-to-time, one thing really stuck with me. It will take a 1,000 of ‘that a boy’s’ to make up for the one mean remark or action to your child. It’s always scared me. No, I don’t parent from being scared, I just don’t want to hurt my child on purpose or on a regular basis.

    I saw a really nasty father with his four children and wife. He told his toddler son, “now you know what it’s like to want!” He’d also yelled at his wife who was holding a new baby with a wrap around her. Her mistake was asking her husband if he could get something off the shelf. It was a disgusting display of fake machoism. I wanted to say something I really did, but not in front of his young children. It wouldn’t have been right. Instead, I smiled at the toddler when he was watching me trying to grab the last cans of a sale on the very top shelf in the very back. He smiled back, so it wasn’t all bad. Heck, I would’ve been laughing out loud watching me trying to grab them. I never see them on sale, so nothing was going to stop me. You know, that guy was pretty tall, he could’ve offered to help. Hmm…says a lot.


  21. Jim says:

    Does anyone else notice the irony (or hypocracy) that the Clinton Foundation, a supposedly charitable organization, has donated nothing to Baton Rouge, while Mr. Trump, with no fanfare, has donated a semi-truck full of goods? Who runs is the more “charitable” organization?


    • Calinder44 says:

      Excellent interview. And the journalists were really respectful.


    • Sara in NC says:

      Re. getting any donations from the Clinton Foundation (which I am sure will NOT happen): Hannity brought this up on his show Monday night. He was in BR yesterday or today interviewing local gov’t people, victims of the flood, volunteers, etc. Excellent show … highlighted the utter devastation. Hopefully, it will raise public awareness and some much-needed money. Doubt our government will do much to help. Someone even talked about how much they could use that $400,000,000 that our traitor in chief gave to Iran.


  22. myopiafree says:

    If Bill Clinton had a son, well he would look like …

    Actually a simple Genetic (DNA) test would prove this, one way or the other. Bill is a noted liar about his “affairs”. Maybe true, maybe not true.


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