Here’s The Iranian Video Of “Hostages for Pallets of Money” CNN and Washington Post Claim Doesn’t Exist…

This is a great example of the current state, and competence, of American Journalism.  Worse yet, this example shows the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, didn’t even know what’s going on, and Vice-Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine also joins the crew of the clueless.

CNN and The Washington Post are both making an absurd attack Donald Trump story out of the most simple and easy to prove claim.

Iran cash 1

Donald Trump said there was video (yes, that’s a screen grab of the video above), put out by Iran, showing the United States sending pallets of cash in exchange for U.S. hostages.

Trump stated the Iranian’s were using the video to “embarrass the President“.  The Washington Post and CNN jumped on the Trump statement and immediately decried it as ridiculous and set out to prove the claim false:

(Via Washington Post) […]  Trump first mentioned this footage from the Iranian government during a rally in Daytona Beach, Fla., on Wednesday. Several senior U.S. officials involved in the Iran negotiations told the Associated Press they weren’t aware of any such video, and there was speculation that perhaps Trump saw it during one of the classified security briefings provided to presidential nominees, although those briefings have not yet begun. Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who was traveling in Argentina on Thursday, told reporters that he was unaware of any such video, according to the Associated Press.  (read more)

Here’s the presentation from Brian Stelter of CNN:

 >> Today’s WashPost headline: “Trump continues to claim, with no evidence, that Iran released a video of a cash transfer from the U.S.”
>> Tomorrow morning’s news tonight, via CBS: Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine tells Norah O’Donnell, “I have no idea what he’s talking about… It doesn’t exist.”
>> Now the pressure is on Trump’s running mate Mike Pence. He’s live on the “Today” show with Savannah Guthrie tomorrow morning. What will he say about this?

Here’s the video, and you can see the pallets of cash at 11:00 (prompted):

iran cash 3

You really should read the Jenna Johnson and Tom Bell article to see the scope of their shark jumping, and also fathom the insufferable inanity of our own government not to know immediately that Iran had indeed produced a full length feature documentary, airing on state run tv, showing exactly what Donald Trump said the Iranian’s aired:

Iran cash 2Iran cash 4

(Read the WaPo Story Here)

Now, we don’t know where Donald Trump might have caught the clip of the video, but we  do know it was widely discussed several months ago when the hostages were released.  The Iranian TV ran it with a title “The Rules of The Game” etc.  We saw it on BBC TV during a segment discussing the release of the prisoners.

Good Grief – It’s on You-Tube. AND, if we remember correctly, it was also hosted and discussed by MEMRI tv at one point.   Any reasonable journalist search for data would have found it easily, or at least the discussions of it.

The Video is also in a BBC Journalist twitter feed.  The short and the full version of the Iranian Documentary.

Here’s another version:

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481 Responses to Here’s The Iranian Video Of “Hostages for Pallets of Money” CNN and Washington Post Claim Doesn’t Exist…

  1. mikebrezzze says:

    Hillary looks terrible today

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  2. GREENMIRROR says:

    Embarrassing, I need Glenn Beck’s Chalkboard timeline and US/Them Sharpie White Board to sort out the the specifics of this(another) negotiating with hostages/terrorism stupid deal…

    Soetoro tries to make Iran whole from Jimmy Carter days(400million 1979) by adding 1.3 billion in interest(Jan 17 2016 begin payment plan) and in good faith we get 3 people back.

    Anything else in this short form, besides cash instead of wire transfer because of “Sanctions” I haven’t been told?

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  3. The nutcases over at TRS were claiming that Trump was releasing classified information by discussing this video.

    Now that the video has been shown not to be classified, they’re harping on the fact that the plane in the video is actually the hostage plane and not the one carrying the cash, so therefore Trump is either a liar or an idiot.

    The thing we have to understand is that these lunatics don’t care about the truth and are incapable of admitting when they’re wrong. They cannot be won over so the only thing to do is defeat them.

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  4. All the hang-wringing for people who aren’t paying close attention. Please consider that the media has had the hostage plane video clip playing over and over and talking about the pallets of cash story. The MEDIA has fueled the confusion for people not paying attention because they need a video clip to cause the misdirection in their story. Classic bait-switch tactics. I have been watching the business channels all day every day during work hours and they are all doing it. The talk part and ticker don’t match the video they are playing on the screen. Like the red circle highlight of someone walking off the plane is supposed to indicate something related to the cash?
    The media is totally dishonest.

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    • wyntre says:

      I was wondering about that but didn’t have time to concentrate on it. But you are absolutely right. Even though I’ve been skimming news sites it did occur to me the red circle showed nothing but an airplane staircase.


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  5. Jason says:

    ‘The Islamic republic made an expensive offer to the equation: the release of seven Iranian prisoners in the United States, $1.7 billion, and the lifting of sanctions against 16 Iranians who were prosecuted by the U.S. legal system with the unjust excuse of sanctions violations,’ the narrator intones.

    ‘But this was not all the Iranians’ demands. Lifting sanctions against Sepah Bank was added to Iran’s list. All of this, in return for the release of only four American citizens: a win-lose deal that benefits the Islamic Republic of Iran and hurts the United States.’

    ‘The Democrats’ concerns were mostly due to the fact that Obama’s rivals, the Republican presidential candidates, might find out the details of this deal through legal means,’ the narrator says. That, he adds, might lead them to ‘use them against Democrats at the time of the next presidential election – just like what happened to Jimmy Carter.’

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    • El Torito says:

      Gotta give Ohammed credit though – he sent no money until he was completely sure he did max damage to USA.

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    • Tom Hill says:

      The Iranians didn’t film the money. There is a reason why the footage showing a pallet has a blurred out portion.The naughty Iranians lifted the footage from a 1991 video showing the procedures inside the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington DC.

      See 6:05 in the following video.

      Video description

      ‘Inside the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C., 1991. The video features the assembly line of printing, cutting, and sorting machines, and the process of producing paper currency with a Koebau-Giori-De La Rue Intaglio Color 8 Printing Press. The machinery operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.’


  6. DebbieUK says:

    But the story is now well and truly out there and Mr Trump is the one who has made it happen. The media can whine all they like but I think Mr Trump wins this one.

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  7. GREENMIRROR says:

    I need to find the POTUS speech on this from yesterday…he said they used cash instead of bank transfer because of “Banking Sanctions”. So yea the Treason/Negotiating with “almost” hostages “almost” terrorists lawyer talk is one thing, but


    So the bank said “No, you are going to put your nation’s wealth into this with physical IOUs we loan to you” & not have it conveniently bounce on us.

    Every day it gets more obvious who is ruling the world.


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  8. Dr. Emmitt L. Brown says:

    I really think you nailed it with this. Hemmer says ” …when you see video of an unmarked jet with pallets of euros…”, at the same time showing a video of a plane at night and the banner “US Sent Cash To Iran as Americans Released”, anyone can make the mistake that a plane of cash was being shown.


  9. Well, the good news of Trump “reversing” his position is that this cash for prisoner swap will actually get 20 minutes worth of coverage by the major media outlets.

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    • PremAmerica says:

      Trump reversed nothing. I’m sure that’s why you put it in quotes 🙂

      He only said that the plane he saw on TV was the plane with prisoners.

      He did not say that he was wrong about the existence of the cash footage.

      It is now widely circulated on social media. A BBC reporter Tweeted it out yesterday. Now the US media including Sundance, Bret Baier, Hannity, DC Examiner have picked it up as well.

      This story is gaining legs.

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  10. Concerned Virginian says:

    Heard Barack Obama several times last night and this morning on radio news (CBS/ABC/FalseNews affiliates) talking about the Iran ransom for prisoners swap issue. He did NOTHING but stammer. try to deny, lots of pauses, several “uh’s” in every audio clip. His denials that it was paying ransom sounded too contrived, something about “payments for a 40 year old issue” or some such horsesh&t.
    Obama knows that Donald Trump has him cornered. Not even Valerie Jarrett can get Obama out of this one.
    Question that just came to me: Is Obama paying ransom like this an impeachable offense? Not that anybody in Congress has the “stones” to start proceedings—just asking for clarification.

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    • wyntre says:

      Yeah. That song and dance about interest accruing on the money from the late 1970’s, early 1980’s now adding up to $400 million and the lawyers saying if the U.S. didn’t settle now it would cost taxpayers even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Yeah, but then apparently the DOJ disapproved, afraid of the optics. The DOJ is not an advisory dept. they are a Proprietorial department. (SMH}

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      The US Constitution empowers Congress to appropriate funds, not the President. So did Congress appropriate the funds for this purpose, or were they “diverted” from some other funding? If the latter, start the impeachment investigation immediately. I demand public hearings with the Treasury Secretary in the dock, under oath.

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        Why Lyin Ryan fighting soo hard NOT to have TRUMP in…….His a** will be handed to him.. But then, the entire Republican party who knew and allowed it to happen is also responsible. …


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Chewy, it wouldn’t be the first time, Obie diverted funds….. Congress won’t be back until after Labor Day, So they’ve got 2-3 weeks in September in session. Then the House will be out the entire month of October, but the Senate will be in session. Then both House and Senate will be out first two weeks of November, until week after Election Day.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      YES. Aiding and abetting a foreign enemy= TREASON.

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    • Thurstan says:

      Why did Iran accept another form of payment (not cash) for the balance of the money received?


  11. MVW says:

    I realize saying Obama and Clinton are criminals sounds like hyperbole. Tragically, it isn’t.

    I realize saying the media is pathological run by psychopaths top down (no sense of morality or care for morality, lie without conscience or remorse). Tragically, it isn’t.

    Means justify the ends, and the end is some muddleheaded, egghead, fictional, one world utopia, where people are animals sharing the world with other animals. Nutters.

    And who are the owners of the media. Flooding sunlight needs to illuminate who they are. I would like to know. I know the Saudis own a big part of Fox.

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  12. R-C says:

    Just so you know, I believe this to be yet another impeachable offense. No sense pursuing it, though…just 167 days to go in the obama abomination, after which we can get back to be AMERICANS.

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  13. Bonitabaycane says:

    It is a sad time in U.S. history when the Iranian media and Mullahs are more credible than the American media and the occupant of our White House.

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  14. bluesky says:

    Drudge has the picture of the cash pallets. Now lets see the roaches scurry out of the light. My bet is that the MSM will try to bury the whole story over the weekend. Let’s see if any politician raises the legality of the ransom.

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  15. ratfacedworm says:

    That Jeff Bezos really is a worm of a human. He is of course owner of Washington Post. His family is a bunch of rats.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      TRUMP will never be able to fix past years of corruption and thousands of corrupt politicians, BUT he can right alot of wrongs going forward…….This is so much bigger than we will ever realize and goes back along time……

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  16. beanie says:

    Well he paid 4 high security terrorist for Beau Bergdahl’s release (after he apparently sneaked off base to join the Jihad) and supposedly paid a ransom for him too. Now this new money laundering type scheme. Someone is getting rich in the Middle East. The key man is always Obama.

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  17. jill says:

    I just want to know from which account the 400 million was withdrawn from. Was it in an account or was it kept off the books or was it money withdrawn from the Treasury and provided by the taxpayers? If the 400 million went to the plane manufacturers, where are the planes?

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    • wyntre says:

      WE paid it!!!!!!!!!!!! The POS said yesterday that if the issue wasn’t settled now it would cost taxpayers even more!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Stringy theory says:

      I called my congress rep–Mark Walker–GOPe on NC and asked who in Congress authorized this payment. The idiot staffer who answered acted like he didn’t know about the money. I told him to check the Drudge headlines.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

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        • MVW says:

          Mohammed himself commands taking of hostages for ransom, so long as they are Kafirs. It has been on going for 1400 years. Muslim pirates have operated off the north coast of Africa and were dealt with by the earliest ships in the US Navy.

          By the way, thank you for the cartoon and the money denomination in Euro’s. Appropriate and true.

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  18. Karmaisabitch says:

    There’s another with the top of the pallet off and could make out the different currencies. It had the same 4ft high crates in the background. Can’t remember where saw.


  19. Trumpire says:

    “The reason we had to give them cash is precisely because we’re so strict in maintaining sanctions,” Obama said.”


    Translation: The reason we had to use explosives to open the bank vault was because it’s illegal to steal money from a bank.

    Now does anyone not think that B. Hussein and Crooked Hillary haven’t shipped cash in foreign currencies into their own offshore bank accounts? Into their friends (failed Obamacare website building contracts) and cronies bank accounts?

    Six billion dollars is missing from the State Department. It went somewhere.

    It’s surreal to watch B. Hussein give a press conference detailing his crime as if it was nothing.

    Trump has absolutely, positively go after all these criminals after he is elected. There need to be tribunals and mass prosecutions. Starting with the B. Hussein, Crooked Hillary, the State Department, IRS, DOJ and DHS.

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    • georgiafl says:

      HO is quite the BS artist, isn’t he?

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      • Trumpire says:

        Yeah he is. They are.

        Bill Clinton – The reason I had to rape Juanita Broderick is because she was strict about not having sex with me. Next question.

        Obama – The reason i had to forge my birth certificate is because the Constitution has a strict NBC clause.

        Your honor, the reason I had to kill my parents is because it would have been harder to become an orphan if I hadn’t.

        It’s surreal. He admits to breaking the law and then sites the law he broke as being the reason that caused him to break the law.

        God I hate Obama/Clinton voters.

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          To keep it simple, I just interpret “in the opposite” of everything Obie says. Consistently
          what he SAYS and what he DOES are polar opposites.

          (It’s almost like some sick need to actually admit what he’s doing….then if he ever get’s questioned on his previous statement, Obie will say, “Oh, I told you, you just misunderstood” Hilldabeast is just Obie in drag.

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  20. feralcatsblog says:

    Re the calls from the GOPe for Trump to withdraw from the nomination.

    I just wonder how many times the British press reported that George Washington was finished and should just do the only sane thing and surrender.

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  21. georgiafl says:

    Kahn – allah is tripping up Trump

    WRONG! Trump is exposing Kahn (and Islam)

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    • OneVoice says:

      So much for Khan saying he wanted to be “out of this controversy”.

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      • LOL! What Khan is calling getting out of “this controversy,” is really he is now in TRUMP SAND.

        He will join the others who are still stuck and sinking in it. So many fools venture out in it and think it’s just a lovely soft step beneath their feet, they enjoy the limelight from Trump and use it to bash him, the whole time unbeknownst to them they’re in Trump Sand.

        Hey Kahn, there IS no way out of “this controversy.” You stepped in a trap of greed and bearing false witness and you spoke lies. Should read the bible and not the koran, if you did you would’ve known not to go there.


  22. Well looks like I’ll have to give Trump another donation today along with SD for such a super duper job of actual journalism. Like they say MONEY TALKS!

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  23. DonG says:

    Kinda confused. Fox just said Trump made a mistake regards Iran video. He saw the prisoners, not the money on pallets. Yet there is video of the pallets.
    Guess I need someone to say what he has said and hasn’t said. He should say he saw the money, because pictures of it are out there.
    Incredibly damning for worthless Obama and his remora Hillary

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    • Jason says:

      Stories were circulating that we had paid Iran will pallets of cash (true), story that Iran released a video showing the pallet(s) of cash (true), trump watched the news which shows a stock clip of Iran prisoner’s coming off the plane and seemingly assumed this was the video from Iran.

      So everything he said was true, but the video he believed to be the one showing money transfer was one of the prisoners. Believe he had to come out and correct to dispel the rumors he was releasing classified info from intel briefings (which haven’t begun yet)

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  24. John Galt says:

    The entire concept of a country with 14 Trident II armed Ohio class SSBNs paying money to Iran for release of hostages is ridiculous to begin with.

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  25. Raffaella says:

    BREAKING from BBC: I think this is a bombshell SUNDANCE.

    Hadi Nili on Twitter: “Doc on #Iran TV, Feb15, shows pallets of cash, says this was just part of the “expensive price” to release Americans

    I just listened to this Iran TV report. It is in Farsi. I am Iranian/American and speak fluent Farsi. I will try to translate and post again. Here is what I gathered:

    Iran requested $1.7 billion each for 16 hostages.
    They ended up agreeing to only releasing 4 hostages.
    They kept it a secret because the Obama administration was concerned that during political season it could be used against them like WHEN HOSTAGES WERE RELEASED DURING CARTER ADMINISTRATION. Many references to political impact similar to Carter.

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    • Thurstan says:

      Sounds like O paid for only 4 because of price, but he needed some released for pre election optics. If so, release was totally political theater and not done in the interests of hostages per se.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        With Obie and the Hilldabeast, it is always about politics and election optics=SOP


      • Spencer's Mom says:

        Thurstan –

        So are you saying it is likely that Obama paid for only 4 hostages, because it made it look like we were merely returning the Iranian money that we had been holding? and that any additional cash paid might have been an “obvious ransom payment”? Was that the Obama Administration strategy here?


        • Raffaella says:

          Good point. They had an excuse if it ever became public. That is why $400 million.

          I am curious why these 4 hostages and not others? Were they chosen bacause they were liberal reporters (Washington Post)?


  26. Jessica Elbey says:

    This video link should be distributed heavily towards MSM by multiple people here. Fllood their facebook, email, twitter feeds.


  27. BT in SC says:

    And, as usual, way ahead of all of ’em, running marathon-size circles around them, DJT!!! “They” just don’t learn, do they?!? Of course they won’t either – ever learn, that is. As SD has been telling all of us for a while now, there is far too much at stake…

    I sent an e-mail to one of my cousin’s this week, re: old news [Kahn], the last paragraph is as follows, cut and pasted from it: “Don’t worry, Tron, the “Alpha” HAS this one. HE knows and continuously plays three dimensional chess while his opponents, of which there are far too many and who collectively can’t surpass the I.Q. of the first two digits that follow the decimal of pi, are all playing tiddlywinks. Be assured there WILL, eventually, be a hefty price paid by the fool [Kahn] who was a tool!”

    So, here we have it, yet again, and as usual, DJT “has it.” He HAS this! [I don’t mean the election, I mean, he’s got his bases covered and he KNOWS that of which he speaks – or it would NOT come out of his mouth.] But, but, but… “Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals.” Sheesh. SMH… Fools, tools, same same. You know, it would be almost fun if it wasn’t so dayum easy. I just LUV, LUV, LUV it!!! [Best “election” season of my entire life – and I’m “elderly” now.]

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  28. bobguzzardi says:

    Boycott the Dishonest Media August 7-8

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  29. joshua says:

    Lest we all get all self righteous on the Iran money for hostages deal….maybe we should review what happened in Regan vs. Carter and how that played out….Carter created the Hague

    The October Surprise: The Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission, and the 1980 Presidential Election


  30. luagha says:

    And they claim Trump isn’t well informed on the news of the day.

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  31. Mr. Morris says:

    The alleged reporters are willfully blind. I call them “the great pretenders”.


  32. jmilamdeal says:

    Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:

    They won’t admit what they have done, and the media supports the lies


  33. In AZ says:

    Iran threw the USA out if Iran before jets and other things were delivered. Iran wanted nothing to do with the USA. The USA does not owe Iran anything from the 1970s. If this was a legitimate argument of owing Iran money, then Congress would have been involved, should have been involved and a Line Item Budget added for 400 million, and a discussion in Congress.
    The Obama Dictator did this illegally. The traitors in Congress are complicit.


  34. intense48 says:

    And today we have Obama threatening Trump for talking about info from classified security briefing. #1 the classified briefings haven’t’ begun yet #2 apparently the Obama Administration had no clue about the Iranian video to begin with. The Obama Administration is evil.


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  36. Angry Dumbo says:

    Bottom line is there an arms for hostages Iran Contra hearing to be held or can this be ignored?


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