San Jose Police Chief Says: Community Criticizing Him For Doing “Too much to protect Trump supporters”…

Many have wondered if the local San Jose California community is really as violent as they have been portrayed.  The Mexican and Latino community in/around San Jose’ came together on June 3rd to beat, punch, kick and drag Trump rally attendees through the streets.  Is this really what San Jose is about?

Trapped between angry, lawless Mexican invaders and the police state that encourages them. Tough spot.

A Donald Trump supporter trapped between angry, lawless Mexican invaders and the police state that encourages them. Tough spot.

Obviously the San Jose law enforcement community anticipated the violent activity because they scheduled undercover police officers to mingle with the mob.

Unfortunately, the undercover agents only documented the beatings and did nothing to stop them when they were happening.

Those San Jose undercover officers described the scenes in recently released written affidavits including “Trump supporters were running for their lives“. –link

However, due to backlash from media cameras broadcasting the beatings, the Democrat San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia was criticized for instructing his officers to ignore the punishments as they were occurring.  Police were captured on camera allowing a lawless mob state where the rally attendees had to fight their way through the gauntlet.

The San Jose Mayor, Sam Liccardo,  and San Jose Police Chief, Eddie Garcia, have been revealed to affiliate with members of the National Council of La Raza, a violent anti-American hate group who preach severe racism, including violence, against anyone who is non Hispanic.

san jose sam liccardoSan jose chief garcia

After the Trump rally attendees were beaten severely by the mob outside the venue, Mayor Liccardo praised Chief Garcia for his approach.   According to a recent media release Chief Garcia is very appreciative of the support from his ideological partner:

The chief added that he appreciated Liccardo’s backing of the department as it weathers the criticism, which he contrasted with responses in other large cities that have recently faced police controversy. – link

However, the criticism described by Chief Garcia in the article above is probably not defined the same way law and order enforcement is traditionally viewed.

This may be challenging for many Americans to understand, but the criticism Chief Eddie Garcia is receiving from within the San Jose community, as he describes it to the local media, is that he did “too much to protect the supporters“.

“There are things we could have done better, and if Mr. Trump comes back, we will do things better,” Garcia said, noting that he has heard criticism contending police either did not do enough or did too much to protect Trump supporters. –link

If you take the Chief at his word, at least according to the statement Chief Garcia gave to the local media, Republican candidate Donald Trump is being invited back to the San Jose area so that local law enforcement can do a better job allowing the community mob to finish off the remaining Trump supporters.

I don’t know if allowing Chief Garcia to feed Trump supporters to the raging mob is such a good idea.  Perhaps people would prefer not to be fed to the lions, but who knows.  We hate to be argumentative, but wouldn’t most people respectfully disagree with the San Jose proposition they deserve to be beaten?

Perhaps not; though absent of a sadomasochistic tendency, it’s a little challenging to find the upside when your blood is on the outside.

It is indeed a strange new political climate we are witnessing.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.

san jose 11

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208 Responses to San Jose Police Chief Says: Community Criticizing Him For Doing “Too much to protect Trump supporters”…

  1. beaujest says:

    Just committing the violence that Americans don’t want to commit !

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  2. freddy says:

    I told you a bunch of times I was born in So Cal in the 50’s. What a great place to grow up. Now not so much.. Why what happened. We allowed a quarter of the Mexican population move here and pay them to come. Well whats wrong with that maybe I;m racist. Since I’m married to a Mexican woman that won’t fly so consider my little town. 18th in the state for murders..gues who the big town down the road was just named most dangerous city in CA. it is…. San Jose is way down there…….The roads here are the largest drug corridor in the world. My town has an 85% Hispanic crime rate….. So if your wondering what will happen to your town just come by and visit some night and listen to the sirens gun shots it’s wild………

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  3. You know something? This is how the California Left has hung onto power for so long; by convincing the majority that they are the minority and have no power. They’ve demoralized the majority and tricked them into believing they don’t have enough votes to counter this march to Radical Left Utopia. It’s utter nonsense!!!

    I’m not buying for one damn minute that the majority of Americans who reside in San Jose are in favor of the assaults inflicted on Trump supporters as they left the rally.

    To the San Jose Mayor and Chief of Police I shout this to you pieces of excrement,


    I AM CALLING BS, BS, BS on your assertions that San Jose citizens are angry at you for protecting the Trump supporters/victims too much. No effing way, Jose!

    Enough of these lies! San Jose citizens, for chrissakes, get out in your community and shout down these thugs! Recall your mayor, fire your police chief and anybody else who was responsible for the plan they layed out to facilitate the violence.

    I will NEVER believe a majority of you agree with this anarchy and thuggery! Stand up and fight for your community, for your country and your fellow Americans. It’s time for San Jose citizens to demonstrate some courage! Show us who you really are!

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  4. ZZZ says:

    … criticism Chief Eddie Garcia is receiving from within the San Jose community

    Aren’t Trump supporters part of the San Jose community or were they bussed in from another city/state/country?

    rhetorical and typed with disgust


    • That’s my point, z; those Trump rally attendees are San Jose citizens. I don’t buy that the majority there supported those brutal, violent attacks.


      • deanbrh says:

        At least one of the violent attendees came from Minnesota precisely to cause trouble at the event. His photo is in many of the videos from other Trump events as well. Why is no one arresting him?

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  5. beaupre03 says:

    There’s something you gotta understand with regards to the Left and la Raza. According to them, it’s only racism when it’s done/thought by the majority against a minority. In other words, only white people can be racist. Blacks and Latinos cannot be racist. If an Asian American defends a white person, they’re accused of being an Asian Uncle Tom. If it’s by a minority against the majority, it’s somehow justified as reparations for a prior history or oppression. That is liberal/leftist (lack of) logic for you and it explains their behavior.

    As a member of an ethnic minority and a child of immigrants, I can tell you I think that is all screwed up beyond belief.

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  6. nightmare on k st says:

    Where are the Bikers for Trump?

    How about some Rolling Thunder, and some bike chains with padlocks

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  7. @SpanglishKC says:

    San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo & police chief Eddie Garcia send “security monitors” instead of cops to protect us from criminals? Now I know where the inspiration for this came from:…


  8. oldiadguy says:

    In yesterday’s thread, “San Jose Undercover Cops: “Trump Supporters were running for their lives – We were unable to help,” we had a commenter defending the actions of the “undercover” San Jose officers. This commenter stated the following:

    “Sorry, it’s not that easy. You break cover to help one of these people and even though you try to talk your way out of it, you will be under suspicion from then on and will have lost your effectiveness as an undercover officer. I’ve know guys who went UC with major biker gangs who did not partake in certain acts of violence but had to stand by and only observe. You break cover under those circumstances and you will suffer a particularly gruesome death. This officer could be jeopardizing months of UC work infiltrating one of Soros’s operations if he had tried to help. How do you think these perps were ID’d, at least in part? The UC officer was able to ID these mopes from a photo lineup, and from video of the attack, because he was THERE. No, the culpability for this lies with the MANAGEMENT of the PD and mayor of the city.”

    This was definitely an apologist for the SJPD. First, the silly statement, ” I’ve know guys who went UC with major biker gangs who did not partake in certain acts of violence but had to stand by and only observe.” The fact is that officers that go into deep cover assignments will have only limited contact with their agency, usually through a cut out. Often times their personnel files “disappear” while they are on assignment. These deep cover officer would never be assigned to a public event.

    Then there was this gem, “This officer could be jeopardizing months of UC work infiltrating one of Soros’s operations if he had tried to help.” The San Jose Police Department infiltrating one of George Soro’s operations????? By their actions at this event, that they are part of the operation.

    Then there was this, ” The UC officer was able to ID these mopes from a photo lineup, and from video of the attack, because he was THERE.”

    Yes, the “UC” officer was there, he did identify the suspects, however, if you read the Scrib link that Sundance provided you will see that this “UC” officer did much more.

    First the “UC” officer wasn’t truly undercover as the commenter claimed. Here is how the officer described his duties.

    “On 6-2-16 at approximately 1500 hrs, I was assigned to the Covert Response Unit working in a plain clothes capacity. I was assigned to monitor the outside crowd (protesters) at the Trump Convention which took place at the San Jose Convention Center. My duties were to identify individuals from within the crowd (protesters) who were committing crimes.”

    The “UC officer was actually just an officer working a plainclothes assignment, not working undercover in the true sense. Also, the officer was assigned to a Covert (plainclothes) Response Unit. The key word being “Response.” The Unit was there to take action. In fact the officer does take action later in the event when a suspect throws a barricade at some officers.

    “Officer XXXXXX makes contact with Lt. Fong #2710 and informs him that we are following the suspect that tossed the metal A-frame sign at the police. Lt. Font forms an arrest team and drives straight towards the suspect who is in the middle of the crowd. Suspect Fernandez is standing directly in front of me. As Suspect Fernandez sees officers approaching him, he turns and starts to run westbound on Park in an attempt to flee police. I tackle Suspect Fernandez in the middle of the street. Officer XXXXX was able to help me hold suspect Fernandez down (2-3 seconds) until relieved by uniformed officers (arrest team).”

    So the SJPD had plainclothes officers assigned to a response unit within the crowd watching for criminal acts, they see numerous criminal acts committed against Trump supporters but take no action. The SJPD had uniformed arrests teams available to arrest those who committed crimes, yet only arrest the guy who threw a barricade at some officers

    It is truly mindboggling.

    Take Care

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    • Great analysis. Keep ’em honest. The left is slowly and relentlessly corrupting LE.

      Remember – this election has one issue.

      Do we want Hillary Clinton in charge of ALL federal LE? It’s very simple.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      This is great work of Cold Anger. Sunshine everywhere. Intelligence and truth to “their” faces, just like Trump, just like Sundance. Organization. Never again victim of a gantlet line — we are onto them. Pre-planning. What are the LEOs like in the venue area? Call on retired LEOs, military, bikers, anyone else that can present a disciplined presence. Video everything from every direction. Listen to Trump’s plans for the Alinsky-communist so-called mobs. They aren’t a mob; they are a limited number paid to do the dirty work. ID them. Send them warning messages. Whatever works. We are Monster-strong.

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  9. oldiadguy says:

    We know that the SJPD plans for action as Garcia told us so and Garcia showed the public a couple of neat photos of a planning session in progress.

    I can’t figure out for the life of me what photo of the cows in a pasture in the second photo has to do with crowd control. I sure would like Garcia explain that one for us.

    Garcia explained in his press conference that the reason his officers did not respond to the numerous acts of violence occurring around them was because they had to maintain the “Skirmish line.” Looking at the photo below, I doubt Garcia knows what a crowd control skirmish line is.

    Back in olden times when I received first riot training and later crowd control training (crowd control sounds nicer doesn’t it), a skirmish line would be used to deny the crowd access to a location that needed protection or to move or disperse an unruly crowd.

    Going back to the above photo of the line of offices standing with their backs to a wall. Since the officers are not trying to move or disperse the crowd, they must be trying to deny them access to something. From the looks of the photo it appears the officers were assigned to protect a clean white wall. Were the authorities afraid the unruly crowd would write graffiti or LaRaza slogans on the wall?

    Another thing taught in the olden times, you always made sure you had a line of retreat open should things go bad. Looking at the photo, the officers had their backs to a wall and therefore had no line of retreat was readily available. Also, since the officers had no room to maneuver, they could have been easily broken into small groups, attacked and overwhelmed. The level of stupid displayed in that photo is unbelievable.

    I’m sure Garcia had a perfectly brilliant reason for having his officers thus deployed, it probably had something to do with those cows.


    Take Care

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    • Great points.

      Undoubtedly the cows were there for inspiration. Stand still, stare blankly into space and chew cud. I’d say say they nailed it. Moo.

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      • oldiadguy says:



        • nimrodman says:

          I think the cows were an example of how San Jose Police would later herd rally attendees directly into the hostile mob.

          This twitter photo and tweet were posted here at Treehouse last weekend, showing the circuitous route rally attendees were herded on rather than being able to simply walk directly across the street cattycorner to the parking garage entrance. This is truly malfeasance in police strategy by not planning a safe and direct passage for attendees.

          Intentional? You decide.

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    • mariner says:

      I can’t figure out for the life of me what photo of the cows in a pasture in the second photo has to do with crowd control.”

      He wants us to believe the cows were the source of the excrement and the smell.


  10. MC227 says:

    We’re only monitors we’re not here to fix anything. That woman that was assaulted should be suing the mayor and the PD.


  11. I’m looking at the photo at the top of this article and the “police” are not positioned between the victims and the mobs. They are positioned standing against the building. What good are they going to do if they aren’t a buffer? Are they standing there so that they can grab and arrest a Trump supporter if they try to defend themselves? This was a set up. I can only imagine that a lot of those officers are members of La Raza and love Reconquista.

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    • Backspin says:

      Lets see the public records on their prior crowd / Riot control training…. was there any , ?
      Did training get followed or ignored , ? Why ? ( I bet that wall Feels very safe , huh ? )

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  12. info ap says:

    Any othet time, cops would
    be all over that ‘lively exchange
    of ideas’ in a hillbilly heartbeat,
    arresting attacker and defender
    alike; no hesitation, no questions.
    In the blink of an eye, whoosh
    your going downtown for a bit.


  13. GSR says:

    The brutal truth is, so called “Hispanics” simple don’t want any immigration law enforcement.

    Generally speaking, Mexicans are low lifers.


  14. Greg Hyver says:

    Hey SJPD. If you aren’t going to protect us, at least don’t funnel us directly into the hands of the protestors instead of letting us take the shorter paths back to our cars (I was at the event). You not only did not protect us, you INCREASED our risk of bodily harm by channeling us through the gauntlet of angry protestors.

    Who in the F said that the SJPD was protecting Trump supporters TOO MUCH? Have they completely lost their minds? No, their just liberal liars (just like their leader — Hitlery)


  15. 1IreneFlick3 says:

    Where did your video go?


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