Apropos – Hillary Clinton Delivers Speech at Trayvon Martin Foundation Event…

Hillary Clinton speaking at a Trayvon Martin Foundation event is an analogy wrapped up in a proverbial metaphor…. Everything about the foundation, Sybrina Fulton and Hillary Clinton is based on fraud.  ALL OF IT.

hillary and sybrina fraud

I was once asked how much time I personally spent in research of the Trayvon Martin shooting from April 2012 to July 2013. My best guess answer was 4,000 hours.

If you were to combine the efforts of approximately 100-500 CTH researchers during the same period you can amplify that number exponentially beyond a half million hours.  Yeah, we have some familiarity with this entire story.

I’ve been to Miami Gardens at least 5 times; I’ve interviewed dozens of Krop Senior High school students; I’ve talked to dozens of Miami Dade police officers, Miami-Dade School Police Officers, detectives, resource officers, teachers, school administration officials and school board members.  

Over the course of eighteen months, we spent over $6,000 in FOIA fees, records collection fees, and transcription service fees for copies of sworn taped testimony from MDSPD officers and administration officials as they tried to hide the unethical, and arguably unlawful (secret) criminal diversionary program that ultimately led to Trayvon’s death.

That’s in addition to hundreds of logged hours tracking robbery reports, reviewing admittedly fraudulent police records and talking to the officers who wrote them, and reading embargoed school discipline reports that outlined the last two school years of Trayvon Martin’s life in Miami Gardens.

Every step of the way we were obstructed, blocked, had a vehicle vandalized and even physically threatened. We’ve even spoken to some of the Trayvon’s robbery victims and reunited his stolen merchandise with the rightful owners.

We’ve read every transcript, watched every second of pre-trial and trail proceeding, reviewed and deconstructed every scintilla of evidence, and followed the entire web of political influence surrounding the lies and schemes within the story.

We specifically documented dozens of lies told by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin to the media, and perhaps more alarmingly, to law enforcement and the court.

We’ve talked to reporters in Miami and Orlando who, after being confronted with empirical proof of deception, openly admitted they were instructed by their corporate editorial boards they were not allowed to ever write the true story of Trayvon Martin or his encounters with law enforcement and accompanying diversionary programs.

Yeah, it’s safe to say we’ll forget more about the Trayvon Martin story, the real story, than a dozen of the next closest media outlets will ever remember; combined.

Almost everything about the Trayvon Martin shooting is false.  So much so, the scope of the lies in comparison to the truth must be in the realm of  100:1

Ms. Sybrina Fulton didn’t even know Trayvon Martin.  She was NEVER his mom, only technically his legal guardian.  His mom for 13 of his barely 17 years alive was a woman named Alica Stanley (Tracy Martin’s ex wife).

No-one at Carol City High School (2010/2011) or Dr. Michael Krop High School (2011/2012) ever even remembered meeting Ms. Sybrina Fulton prior to Trayvon’s death, and politically timed memorial (Krop Senior High).

Almost the entire student Junior class of Krop Senior High (TM attended 8/2011 to 2/2012 with three 10 day external school suspensions) in 2012 never knew Trayvon Martin because he barely attended school.

Trayvon was as much a figment within his own school as he was within any school in any state in the entire U.S.  Of course, this invisibility became beneficial when the political needs of those who construct narratives needed to present a mythical media persona and begin a sympathetic movement.

Everything about the life story of Trayvon Martin is a media created myth; sold writ large to a politically correct audience, and laughed at by the larger local community in/around Miami Gardens.

Here’s An Example of How Ridiculous It Is

Follow the links ↑ and read the affidavits from the police officers.

tray - Newest

Carvalho with Biden

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134 Responses to Apropos – Hillary Clinton Delivers Speech at Trayvon Martin Foundation Event…

  1. waltherppk says:

    Like the Duke Lacrosse case, the Zimmerman prosecution was a COMPLETE FRAUD and a FARCE perpetrated by corrupt politicians using law enforcement and the administration of justice as a weapon used by criminals operating under color of law.

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    • Pam says:

      Agreed. Both cases were based on nothing but lies. In the Duke lacrosse case, the young girl in question was a pathological liar and in this case, Trayvon Martin was portrayed as if he was a defenseless child when imo he was behaving like a thug. It’s sad when these kids die in these situations but when they exhibit the kind of behavior that Trayvon Martin did where the thug is portrayed as a victim and the cop as a criminal then it just shows you what kind of twisted world we live in.

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      • waltherppk says:

        Both cases were fraudulent race hate crime cases that followed the Al Sharpton invented Tawana Brawley rabble rousing “grievance industry” scam template.

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    • The Boss says:

      In both cases, more than one network should have lost its FCC broadcast license, and their executives should have been jailed.

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    • Catluver says:

      Great video! I never heard of Jack Cashill or his book but plan to read it.
      He gave so many kudos to the Conservative Treehouse that I lost count! Wow.

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      • flova says:

        Always admired Cashill until he supported Cruz. For somebody who has vetted many people and situations how could he be so blind about Cruz?


        • Mikayla825 says:

          Nobody is perfect.

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        • Rural NC says:


          I have been surrounded by the most Cruz lovers in the universe. It has been rough being the only Trump supporter among them. Yesterday at my local GOP meeting, they all had on Trump pins and have converted to supporting our man forever!

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        • Old Codger says:

          Jack is a professor. Cruz has an appeal to the intellect. Jack could buy into it, as I did initially. Then you find out just how wacko old Ted is!

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    • Here's Your Sign says:

      Terrifying. These are evil people in the media, the government and the grievance industry.

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    • JeremyR says:

      I played that on my tablet this morning. It kept popping a warning about malware. My guess is a libtard attempt to scare off guests to the site.


    • springstreet says:

      Sundance. I love Jack Cashill too … but … he (and you) did not ask a simple question: if the police saw “noting of evidentiary value” in the street side surveillance cameras, then how did Trayvon get to the store? It is not too late to solve this puzzle. Just look at the tapes and see if Cousin Boobie’s car drove back and forth … to come in the back gate … and leave with the 22 dollars in Trayvon’s wallet. Oh … and the car which George had to stop for (that he identified during his next day police walk thru)? Well, go back and ask that driver if the hooded person he also saw was in his early twenties, not tall and wearing stone washed blue jeans (unlike Trayvon Martin).


    • NJ transplant says:

      I started coming to this blog during the Trayvon era. I saw George Zimmerman on Hannity and that was the first time I heard that Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman. It also was the only time I heard that explanation up to that point. George Zimmerman had pictures of his injuries.

      Then, I found this blog and the whole picture became clear. That was the first time I heard about the black on white violence and the cover up. I was working in an inner city in NJ at the time and I was very familiar with the true nature of black and white relations in this country.

      Sundance and the readers did outstanding research on this case and helped bring about the outcome, which was self defense. I also bought the Jack Cashill book.

      The media in this country is a disgrace for their complicity in all these coverups. These parents are making a living on lies and the media and the political class give them cover.

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      • jello333 says:

        Yes, Sundance did something incredible. That’s not uncommon for him of course, but with the GZ case it was to a whole other level. As I said then, the guy should have won a Pulitzer. I’m not joking in the least.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Just one more of Hillary’s Crooked shams…

    I can only hope that Trump puts out there the very lengthy video of Crooked Hillary talking about Democrat Senator Byrd upon his death

    How Byrd was her mentor
    How wonderful he was
    How he will be missed

    When Senator Byrd was the Grand Cyclops of the KKK

    After watching/listening to that video how could any Black Human Being vote for someone as phony as Crooked Hillary Clinton…AMEN

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    • rattlerjake says:

      Because blacks don’t give a rat’s a$$ about slavery, discrimination, or being called “niggger”, all they care about is the money that flows to them over these idiotic “racist” agendas.

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      • hocuspocus13 says:

        Perhaps one day they will gain some self respect and self worth

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        • rattlerjake says:

          BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right!

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        • Dark Side of the Moon says:

          Don’t count on it.

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        • lou Ann Watson says:

          50 years of the great society says no

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        • That will only happen if WE make sure the “gravy train” of “welfare” “benefits is completely phased out over a three year period. Why three? Because it is plenty of time for people to pursue the jobs that Donald Trump will bring back to our nation, even if they are at the bottom of the rung, which most of these people (of ALL colors) would only be qualified for in most cases having NEVER worked. Yes, it is serious to me, as it should be to all of us. I cannot tell you how many times I have typed out the words “give them back their personal responsibility and eventual dignity…”. Because, it is the truth.

          The Uniparty plantation, of which they steal from those who still participate in the annual give away of THEIR property for evil to use to destroy them, to keep going MUST END. That, and the feral reserve must go, or America will never be greater than it ever was. It’s impossible to have either and both in place anymore. It’s no different and equally as important as that wall that Mexico is going to pay for. Let’s WIDEN the narrative folks! And, let’s make it happen.

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      • kpm58 says:

        Send your child out on to the streets every day with no respect for anyone and filled the thought that they are entitled to whatever they want. And when their criminal acts bring them into conflict with the police that ends with their death, shout “Hallelujah, We have hit the Ghetto Lottery”.
        The Legacy of Trayvon Martin

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    • LP says:

      I had no idea ‘they’ created a Trayvon Martin Foundation.
      Money talks and well everything else walks. Not surprised The Crooked One is there to pick their pockets.

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  3. Kent says:

    Thank you and many others for your efforts SO very much concerning the ongoing TM story.

    The sad part is that those who need to study your research the most never will.

    I’ve tried dozens of times, even pulled up this site on my laptop so they didn’t even need to go look for it, which takes seconds, and they wouldn’t so much as glance at it.

    They know I’m right.

    The don’t want to know the facts and they want no one else to say them or know them either.

    They want THEIR narrative and they want to feel oppressed and they want to feel righteously indignant and angry about it even if it isn’t true (I speak of co-workers and it happens that we make very good incomes by most peoples standards).

    Without fail they hide behind race and narrative.

    So I let them have it until THEY bring it up….or any of the other ‘thug human rights heroes’ pushed by MSM and others.

    Again, Thank You.

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    • white1awake says:

      This event was my entrance to the Treehouse. I followed every single story and the trial itself. You may not get the accolades you deserve Sundance, but I know for a fact your amazing coverage of the trial was the beginning of a major awakening for many. In fact, it helped sow the ground for Trump. Take a well deserved bow. And kudos to all the people who contributed time and effort.

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  4. ascomanni says:

    Hillary Clinton and Trayvon Martin are both 100% media creations. So in a sense they are relatives. Born of the same lie factory. Of course Hillary will speak there.

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  5. FREDDY says:

    Your Trayvon reporting was the best journalism I have read in years. That’s what brought me to this site like many others. You guys broke that story wide open in amazing research and detail… I take my hat off to you and call you sir for that report…….

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    • myopiafree says:

      Sun Dance did an incredible job of reporting what actually did happen. This thug cold-cocked George, and was beating his head, into the cement – and probably would have killed judge. So George shot him – and saved his life. That is the second-amendment – that saved George’s life.

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    • teaforall says:

      I also have been here since Trayvon, and never left. Thank You for all your hard work and endless hours of research. Because of you we have learned the truth, about many issues.You are my go to site every single day. A TRUE BLOODIED AMERICAN WHO LOVES THIS COUNTRY. For that I am eternally grateful MAGA 2016

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  6. Just Curious says:

    Hillary is the worst human tragedy. I do not believe in abortion, but if there is an exception, it would have applied to her case. This world would have been a better place if peoples like Hillary Clinton were not born at all.

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    • To her it doesn’t matter how late either, right? So, I would make the exception for her… right now. She hasn’t the courage, but I believe the Grim Reaper will be visiting her soon anyway. Or, maybe I just hope so so much that I believe it. With no apologies or worries, I am free and I practice my own liberties!

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    The mother of Tamir Rice, Cleveland shooting “victim,” was this year’s speaker at the Kent State 4 May commemoration. She calls for “justice.” https://m.recordpub.com/news%20local/2016/05/05/rice-calls-for-justice-duringksu-may-4-commemoration

    ” When you’re talking about the National Guard shooting into a crowd of unarmed civilians and some college students, America should be ashamed of itself,” said Rice,…”
    (The truth about what really happened at Kent State is never spoken of, officially.)

    The narrative continues, unhindered.

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  8. Stringy theory says:

    Bless you Sundance for all you do to provide us with the unvarnished truth.

    Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar whose whole life is one prevarucation after another. May she burn in Hell.

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  9. Martin says:

    A criminal supporting another criminal.

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  10. Lucille says:

    Something these two “moms” have in common–both their outfits, jewelry, hairdos are paid for by the American taxpayer. You know, the 53% who work for a living and a few retirees.

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  11. John Galt says:

    Hillary gave a speech about Trayvons in 1996:

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    • Trumped says:

      Getting prisons to earn big money and less jobless on the streets was en vogue back then.
      The storyline has to go on.

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      • This was part of the “triangulation” that Chris Hitchens so brilliantly deconstructed in “No One Left to Lie To” (I have an AUTHOGRAPHED copy!)…remember when Clinton was Gov of Ark and rushed back to deny clemency to the mentally retarded guy on Death Row? When he was working the “New Democrat” thing for all it was worth.

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    • Lucille says:

      Campaign mode is her life’s work. 1996–Bill was running for his second term and she was his partner and secret-keeper. At present, she has an image of herself floating around in her mind that she’s this person from 20 years ago, well-dressed, vibrant, exhibiting intelligence, possessed of a well-modulated speaking ability. This whole stance was as phony yesterday as it is today and people are still falling for by it.

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  12. Trumped says:

    “Order” out of Chaos. (their order)

    Without the chaos no order.

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  13. Jemima says:

    I hope there’s a book in the works based on CTH research that exposes the truth behind this hoax.


  14. Trumpire says:

    My new tagline:

    Heartless Hillary is one crooked bitch.

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  15. thehourofdecision says:

    I just found this awesome new parody song using Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. It substitutes today’s events (Trayvon, Ferguson, BLM, neocons, the migratiion, you name it!), the Trump Movement and the alt right. It’s totally awesome and inspiring! Word of caution; it may be controversial to some people so moderators, if this is offensive, please delete. I just had to share this. One of the best parodies I have seen this campaign season.

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  16. Joe in NH says:

    Your coverage of this case is what brought me here and I could not be more grateful for your continued work. Watching Cashill lavish praise on this site in that video finally made me want to comment after years of lurking and learning. You guys are the best, sincerely.

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  17. perpetuaofcarthage says:

    Did you ever follow up with the burglary victim to confirm that it was her jewelry?

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  18. Suzy Kiprien says:

    I discovered CTH long after the Trayvon story. I knew the guy was a thug but didn’t know about the scheming police department.
    Incredible the amount of work you put into researching the facts of the story.
    As to Sabrina, well – Trayvon’s death was her lucky day and Crooked Hillary is not much better.

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    • and Crooked Killery is NO BETTER.

      There, FIFY! 😉


    • Kent says:

      Same for me….Jessica Chambers death led me here….wish I had found it sooner….

      Just watched John Cashills video per Trayvon Martin in its entirety…

      Reminds me a bit of the first time I watched ‘Slingblade’….it’s sticking to my ribs….

      Like peanut butter sticks to dogs tongue….

      Takes a bit of time to cogitate on it.

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  19. TIme to donate folks, whatever you can. I will start it out @ a $100.00 tomorrow! Who’s with me???

    Yes, thanks to all for all they do here. I am still wondering when the h e double toothpicks SD sleeps… 😉

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    • Rural NC says:

      Dear The Human Condition,

      Thank you for what you wrote. I’m “with you” and “just did.” I also appreciate your “h e double toothpicks”… so creative and endearing!

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  20. dianeax says:

    HRC locking up the #BGI vote. She probably wasn’t invited, but rather a campaign strategist recognized the value of her appearance and made arrangements.

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  21. rumpole2 says:

    DISGUSTING WOMAN…. both of them.

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  22. George Zimmerman is a National Hero


  23. rumpole2 says:

    The GOOD news is….

    Because of the great work and research done on The GZ/TM case…. the Treehouse got… Rumpole! 😎

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  24. alliwantissometruth says:

    Any honest person with half a brain knows he was just another loser thug on his way to his destiny. The same goes for the absolutely disgusting Hillary, any person who’s honest & somewhat intelligent knows just who she is

    But we have a much bigger problem, which the excellent research Sundance did clearly exposes, the hiring of political operatives to our civic institutions, ie police departments, schools, etc.

    This is extremely dangerous to our Republic & it’s citizens. When you have people in positions of power hiding the truth in order to produce a false narrative designed to fool the public, not only our safety but our entire civic infrastructure begins to crumble

    This is what happens when a leftist government is put into place & allowed to run wild without constraints. Violent criminals are classified as something else, which allows them to skirt justice & continue preying on the citizens. High schoolers who couldn’t pass a 6th grade test are allowed to graduate, thus ensuring new batches of welfare cases which we pay for

    These police chiefs, school principles & their ilk are worse than the leftists dictating from high ground, because they know better but act as saboteur agents colluding with their leftist masters. Despicable

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  25. TexasRanger says:

    Does Anyone Know – Is That A fly or A Wart On Sybrina Fulton’s Nose – or is it just the general nuance of the two fraudsters together.?


  26. yakmaster2 says:

    Fulton disgusts me and many other mothers who know the truth. She and her other son and assorted grifters are living off sympathy money from a dead son she never gave a damn about when he was alive. Clinton knows a liar when she meets one, but is so politically ambitious she’d kiss Satan to get elected. Both these narcissists are likely thinking the OTHER one is the stupid one.

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  27. zephyrbreeze says:

    One thing I always wished I known was the number of times Zimmerman requested help that night.

    “Can you send someone…?”
    “Can you please send someone…”
    all the way until he’s lying on the ground yelling help me, help me….

    20? 30? times total?

    George was clearly not interested in handling it himself if he was begging for the police to come help him.

    Did Trayvon ever call for help? Nope. He wanted to handle the situation himself.

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  28. Sandra says:

    Do you think Hillary has any idea how much of a fraud the Traythug myth is? She’s a busy woman you know, deleting emails, counting stacks of money, buying orange pantsuits. She doesn’t have time to read and research. But she knows a goldmine when she sees one. Who cares about the truth! This is all about money and power, and Fulton on her side pretty much guarantees the BGI vote.

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    • Sandra says:

      Oh how I wish I could encounter her at an event and tell her “Do you know everything you said about Trayvon is false? Do you know and you don’t care? Or are you just ignorant?”

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      • joshua says:

        She would say “But what difference does it make NOW?”
        She would claim that Zimmerman had posted a video on YouTube insulting black teenage boys and made Trayvon all angry and violent like…


  29. NHVoter says:

    Hillary is a joke. God help us if she ever becomes President.

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  30. ladyfortruth says:

    Thanks Sundance. Even though I faithfully followed this case, I STILL learned a few more things with this story and the Jack Cashill video. Good job!


  31. Daniel says:

    Recently, I was attempting to make a joke about a bird which repeatedly attacks the window glass in the morning. Apparently it sees itself and thinks it’s another bird. It has been doing this, I’m told, for a long time. I’m astounded at the demonstration of its failure to learn as I’m reminded of the study of these insects which were known to jump a particular height and when contained in an area with a lower ceiling, they adjusted the height of their jumps accordingly over time. And I was thinking to myself that this bird isn’t even THAT smart.

    But I went about insulting this bird and then said “species are a social construct” and that “animals are people too.” That’s, apparently, when I went too far and people became uncomfortable. I guess they latched on to the immediate parallel which I wasn’t really aiming at — the idea that race is a social construct and that we’re all the same.

    The truth is uncomfortable at times. Truths within my own personal life are at times uncomfortable and even damages my ego. But I recognize that my own uncomfortable truths, when denied, become a bigger problem.

    That we have this entire national effort of hiding and denying the uncomfortable truths out there makes this a huge national problem… actually, an INTERNATIONAL problem if we want to include the efforts we see almost globally.


    • nimrodman says:

      “… the idea that race is a social construct and that we’re all the same.”

      Uh … walk the streets of Trenton, Baltimore, or Detroit late at night to test that hypothesis out.

      We’ll wait for you to report back.

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  32. Amy says:

    I can’t understand how Sabrina Fulton can put up such a front they way she does.

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  33. Arkindole says:


  34. georgiafl says:

    Thugs and Liars gotta stick together.

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  35. RZ says:

    Although I have been sitting out here on my branch for over four years, I rarely comment. However, I would like to add my kudos to those of Jack Cashill concerning the CTH. Jack and CTH have been the only honest accounting of events related to the life and death of Trayvon Martin.

    The media has recently been very critical of George selling the weapon that saved his life during a savage, unprovoked attack on Feb 26, 2012. (Or as the media describes it – the gun he used to gun down an unarmed black teenager simply walking home.)

    The media – two years ago the media was also extremely critical of George for selling a painting for over $100,000. It was reported worldwide and is still documented on Wikipedia. The only problem is, the painting was never sold.

    It’s certainly true profits, enormous profits, have been made as a result of Trayvon Martin’s death.
    ‘Donations’ have repeatedly been solicited at churches throughout the United States. There seems no end to remembrances, demonstrations, speeches, observances, anniversaries, and numerous other fund raising activities. Although I have no idea how much cash is required to fill just one large trash can, I’m guessing a great deal. I have not seen, nor ever expect seeing, any accounting of these funds – Estimated at well over $100,000,000, and that estimate was long ago.

    George has certainly not profited from the events of February 26, 2012, the opposite is certainly true. However, individuals willing to spread lies and present totally false narratives have become enormously wealthy. They should be ashamed.


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    • amwick says:

      Seeing Hillary with Sabrina left me feeling sick, so very sick, then it made me angry. The thing is, I see George as a very real human being, but not Hillary and certainly not Sabrina. They are actors, complete and total BS artists. You hit the nail on the head, they should be ashamed.


    • joshua says:

      Bill O’Reilly is a major outraged biggot about selling of the gun by Zimmerman….BOR of the millions of dollars he has is all uppity about George making a legal buck. BOR is a bore.

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      • joshua says:

        O’Reilly Says George Zimmerman is ‘Despicable’ — ‘You Simply Do Not Profit From a Tragedy’

        Hey Bill, how about Sabrina and her Crip thug exhubby and the lawyers and black activists???

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  36. Rural NC says:

    Late last night I viewed this article and afterward played the Jack Cashill video. Ironically, I dozed off during the video but was abruptly and wonderfully awakened when Jack said, “Conservative Treehouse.” As the video played further and as Jack mentioned the CTH posters along with his recognition that it was Sundance and posters who saved George Z., I was overcome with very deep respect for you all who gave your lives to right a wrong. Thank you!

    I ordered Jack’s book, IF I HAD A SON, this morning from eBay because I want to read his quotations/ citations from the CTH contributors. (It is new, free shipping, $16.94…2 now available. I hope this will help anyone here who wants a copy. There are other copies available there as well.) I can’t wait to see your names and your work in the book!

    Sundance, I have a question: Did George Z. contact you to thank you? I hope so, hope he knows what you all did for him.

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  37. thegoldman says:

    His mother is making a lot of money off her dead son…

    Life is good for her now…

    But where was she then ? ? ?


  38. Will says:

    I’m reminded of the Brown family brawling over the t-shirt proceeds… and wearing red to the funeral. “It’s a holiday in Ferguson, and everyone’s wearing red”. Another disappeared story.


  39. wyntre says:


    Congrats, CTH, for the remarkable documentation of a planned American Coup. The info you cite was published before I learned about this place. 4,000 hours! Outstanding.

    HRC is a traitor to the country and American whites for promoting the Trayvon Martin lie.
    She’ a traitor to American service-people and all Americans for promoting the Benghazi Youtuibe lie.
    HRC is a traitor to all American taxpayers for her Clinton Foundation lies.
    HRC is a traitor to all women for her War on Women lies.
    HRC is a traitor to the world for her OWG and AGW lies.

    (Just to start the list)

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  40. Sandra says:

    I’m not accepting “white” as a label any more. From now on I wish to be described as “European American” to reflect my ethnicity. I’d like to start a movement to abolish “white” as a demographic category.

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  41. jello333 says:

    I don’t even wanna think about this right now…. it just makes me hate Hillary even more than I already do, and that can’t be healthy. (Of course I feel the same about Obama and all the others who have promoted these massive lies).

    But I’ll just say one thing, especially to you Sundance.

    Of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life, very little makes me prouder than being able to say I contributed a little, even if only a tiny bit, to what you did here. And of course it goes further than that. As I’ve said before, you and some others at the Treehouse have literally changed my view on many things… and not just politics, but life in general. (I told my wife I was writing this, and she said to make sure I told you she feels the same way. 😉 )

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  42. jello333 says:

    I know there are a lot of relatively new people at the Treehouse who haven’t followed the GZ/TM case as closely as some of us. So since we’re talking about Sybrina, I thought I’d post something that I do from time to time. Those of you who haven’t seen this will… well, if it’s anything like my reaction the first time I heard it, it should be interesting.

    This was an excerpt from an article in the Baltimore Sun back in the early days of the case. Sybrina and her band were on their Trashcan Trail of Tears Tour, and had just appeared at a church, collecting cash from old, retired men and women living on Social Security. So anyway, here’s what the writer had to say about this… person:

    “At least a dozen women and men assembled at Sybrina Fulton’s feet before she stepped down to grab one of them. She squeezed the woman, patted her back and whispered in her ear. Then Fulton moved down the line, tightly embracing each mother, grandmother and father, each of them too familiar with loss, until she’d touched them all.”

    Some people have suggested that Sybrina is the new Rosa Parks. NO! It seems she’s actually Jesus!



  43. DelAware says:

    My lord, that’s a lotta ugly sitting in just two chairs.


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