More Fake Hate Exposed – Whole Foods Suing Texas Pastor Who Manufactured a Hoax Lawsuit – Gay Cake Accuser….

lovewins_wfm-cakeA left-wing gay activist and Texas pastor, Jordan Brown, is now facing serious legal issues for manufacturing a fake lawsuit against the grocery store Whole Foods in Austin Texas.

After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney” ~Whole Foods.

The controversy initially began when Pastor Jordan Brown posted the following video to his Facebook account, and then followed up the issue by hiring an attorney to sue Whole Foods:

However, the entire incident is a complete fraud and thankfully Whole Foods is fighting back, including the release of store CCTV video showing Mr. Brown at the point of sale checking out and paying for his purchase. 

Here’s the CCTV video which refutes the claim of Mr. Brown.  Notice a few glaringly obvious issues:

  1. The cashier scans the barcode which is atop the cake.  In the video made by Mr. Brown the barcode is on the side of the box – it has been moved after leaving the store.
  2. The top of the cake box is “windowed” for a reason.  The customer is able to see the top of the cake – in order to believe Mr. Brown’s claim you’d have to believe he didn’t look at the writing after asking for the cake to be customized.
  3. Anyone familiar with the process knows the cake is pre-made, the customization comes after the cake is already in a retail display case for the selection.  The cake box exits the store unsealed because the original seal was removed *before* the clerk could write on it, and once customized the label is applied to the top of the box as evidenced in the CCTV checkout video.

How and why Mr. Brown thought he could get away with this is absolutely ridiculous.  However, now that Brown has damaged the reputation of Whole Foods it is a very good idea for the company to counter-sue and protect their brand-image and reputation.

Here’s video of Pastor Brown and his attorney making their accusations.

A Complete Hoax !

“We stand behind our bakery team member, who is part of the LGBTQ community, and we appreciate the team members and shoppers who recognize that this claim is completely false and directly contradicts Whole Foods Market’s inclusive culture, which celebrates diversity,” the company said.

More than a half a dozen calls and emails to both Brown and his attorney Austin Kaplan seeking comment were not immediately returned Tuesday .  (link)

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91 Responses to More Fake Hate Exposed – Whole Foods Suing Texas Pastor Who Manufactured a Hoax Lawsuit – Gay Cake Accuser….

  1. Coat Confiscator says:

    You should credit author/attorney Mike Cernovich, who was first to reveal the hoax on his website:

    He was also the first to fully document the Michelle Fields hoax. Smart guy.

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  2. Chip Bennett says:

    This is my shocked face.

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  3. margo says:

    How are things looking in New York?

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  4. notasmidgeon says:

    It would be so good to see this hearing/trial broadcasted all over the networks for total transparency. Of course, I dream!

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  5. Riddick says:

    This was way too obvious from the start. ANYONE who finds such a problem, or some other one, while still IN THE PARKING LOT of a store, be it food store or any other, WILL THEN IMMEDIATELY GO BACK IN and ask for manager to resolve an issue, FACE TO FACE. I stopped reading and decided this was a “payoff scheme” once I saw the “victim” describe how he CALLED instead of simply walking back in and complaining. A set up if there ever was one.

    “I took a picture of bruises…”, 2 DAYS AFTER.

    Really hope Whole Foods goes after these frauds big time, enough is enough. Lawyer must be disbarred.

    I keep asking, is there an honest lawyer left in state of Texas?

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    • Margaret-Ann says:

      YES, there are and some are friends. 🙂 But, I know what you meant!

      There’s ALWAYS going to be those lawyers that sit and wait for the easy case, such as this, so he thought. LOL So happy they will be suing the attorney also.

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  6. Jill says:

    “It’s the nature of the allegation that is so important. The fraud, deceit and lying are just fluff. By any means necessary to achieve our goals”
    Dan Rather

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  7. Trump4Prez says:

    This is ridiculous as that “collage students get traumatized by seeing Trump”s name written in chalk” bs

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  8. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    I’ve been touting the advantages of pie for years. Nobody feels the need to customize a pie. If we didn’t have cake then this type of stuff wouldn’t even come up. Time to get rid of cake. Cake is nothing but trouble.

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    • MVW says:

      It started hundreds of years ago, remember, “Let them eat cake?” Cake has been trouble ever since. /s

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      • Brian L says:

        She was actually so clueless, that when she was told “they have no bread” she thought it was perfectly reasonable for them to just eat cake instead.

        Feels like our leaders nowadays. Eyes wide shut.

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        • gainny says:

          First, she likely never said it.

          Second, it would have been “Let them eat brioche”—another type of bread. Yummy—it’s like challah.


    • Melania for 1st Lady says:

      I’m sorry but I can no longer take seriously any news story that centers around a baked good. I’ve had enough cake-gate. This story was a total hoax, but you know what? Even if it wasn’t I still don’t give a shit. Millions of Americans are unemployed, there’s a major terrorist attack nearly every month, Europe is under invasion, everything is ready to collapse….and we’re supposed to care about a F&%$#ing CAKE?! What is wrong with people? Is this really what we’re doing as a society – discussing cake? We sent men to the moon, harnessed the power of the sun in a nuclear reactor, eradicated smallpox – it’s 2016 and we’re talking about CAKE?!?!?! I thought there’d be flying cars and robot butlers by now but instead society is talking about cake and trying to figure out where to go to the toilet. F%$#ing CAKE! Does anyone really give a shit?! The whole cake-gate, bathroom-gate, tranny-everything-gate is getting really old and played out.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:


        Baked Goods of the World Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        RE: ” What is wrong with people?’

        They’re selfish selfish selfish – just as the Uni-Party, Hillary and Ted Cruz and his evil GOP backers.

        Selfishness is the basis of all evil in the world.

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      • not only that, Melania for 1st Lady, people that do this sort of thing clearly have too much time on their hands… I wonder if this guy is outta work and a welfare recipient?

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      • Rhodiegirl says:

        100% everything you wrote Melania for 1st Lady, but I would like to share my families own cake-gate. It was at my nephews 6th birthday party. The cake was in the kitchen and my nephew was sitting on a bar stool drooling over it, and my other nieces and nephews were hovering around waiting for an adult to cut it up. His mother, my sister was pretty strict with him when it came to eating sweet things hence his drooling over it.
        My boyfriend and I thought “what the heck” so we pushed his face into the cake. We wouldn’t have done it if he was a sook, but he’s a great kid with a fabulous sense of humour. Well up he came with a big smile on his face and took off to the lounge room where the adults were and said “look at me”, ran back into the kitchen where all hell broke loose. They were like a pack of hungry wolves and there was cake everywhere.
        Needless to say I was in trouble big time, but after everything was cleaned up everyone had a laugh and the kids had a ball. I must have started something because after that there have been many birthday cake fights in my family.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Melania said: “Is this really what we’re doing as a society – discussing cake? We sent men to the moon, harnessed the power of the sun in a nuclear reactor, eradicated smallpox – it’s 2016 and we’re talking about CAKE?!?!?! I thought there’d be flying cars and robot butlers by now …”

        There’s an app for that:

        ‘Whitey on the Moon’: Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 – 1972

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    • gainny says:

      I share your partiality for pie. The only cake I’ve had that is as good is the strawberry shortcake at Veniero’s, in New York City’s East Village; it’s practically all whipped cream.

      Plus, there’s meat pies. I never heard of a meat cake.


  9. Clc says:

    was he trying to build some street cred with the gay community so that he could be the “go to” pastor with the media? or perhaps just looking for some free money?

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Clc- here is the deal.
      For the Marxists, the enemy is our culture, our society.
      Our religions are part of our society – one of the main threads forming the “cultural hegemony” that is the cloth of our society.

      The Marxists have to unravel the cloth in order to re-weave society wholesale, from top to bottom, getting rid of that Evil Capitalism, and ushering in the utopia of the Communist Workers Paradise.

      To them, the unholy trinity is: the nukelar family, Judeo-Christianity, and free commerce (or capitalism, or free trade, or whatever you want to call it).

      Their strategy is to take down our culture by taking down the nukelar family, Judeo-Christianity, and capitalism.

      They have intentionally had a three-prong strategy to cut off Judeo-Christianity at the knees.

      First, make it unacceptable to be a “fundamentalist.” This is pretty much achieved.
      Next, develop a close-enough agenda that you can get the organized religions to gradually adopt your world view (hence, the current reigning Pope).
      Next, infiltrate the organized religions.

      The infiltration and agenda-setting have already been done. The major denominations are now on their second generation of genuine believers/church community members (pastors,etc.) who see these “social justice” battles as their religious agenda, whereas they were not in 1960.

      This guy probably actually believes he is a crusader for Christ when he fights the social justice war. Behind him, a generation ago, were atheist communists setting this all up.

      One book on this is from Gary North, called “Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church.” –It is out there as pdf if you search.

      Take the first part of my mini-lecture, and you will see it applies to so much of the silliness going on – the gender-bathroom stuff, the made-up story people being “offended” by an American flag, the blind eye toward the religion of peace, and all of the other “triggers,” and on and on.

      The goal is the destruction of our culture.

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      • hocuspocus13 says:

        The gender bathroom stuff is just that a “Bathroom Bill” to keep Women and Little Girls safe from Male Predators in the Ladies Room

        Which by the way many have already been victim of

        But of course someone decided to spin the name into the LGBT Bill which it is not

        Any Establishments that allow guys in the Ladies Room will loose the business of the females and let’s face it where the Women go the Men follow

        Establishments also open themselves up to Law Suits if a female is attacked in their Establishment


        • platypus says:

          In America, married men die on the job at a rate of 95% of all workplace deaths.

          Married women spend 85% of the family’s income but earn less than a third of it.

          Time to stop whining about inequality. Unless we’re willing to simply kill a whole lot of married female workers and cut their discretionary spending by two thirds.


  10. Niagara Frontier says:

    Jordan Brown will get his 15-minutes but it won’t be the 15-minutes he imagined. I hope it turns out painful for him. The sad thing is that many of the owners of web sites, blogs, news outlets, etc. who took this story and ran with it to serve their cause will never, ever run the correction.

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  11. I knew it was a hoax as soon as I heard about it.
    Everyone knows how cake customization works, obviously he’d have to see the writing before paying for it. Plus, the frosting isn’t the same color. Too bad, try again (?),

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  12. paulraven1 says:

    The CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, is a good guy. He’s a libertarian and has written some fine pieces defending and extolling the free market.

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  13. Luckily this time it was exposed right away as fraud. There are many of these false flags put out by the gay crowd to garner sympathy falsely. It’s one of the ways they’ve gained stature as a “victim” group.

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  14. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Ted Cruz must be pastor Jordan Brown’s advisor!


  15. Will says:

    I think it shines a light on the shadowy world of leftist “direct action”. Cake hoax, deflation hoax, rape hoax, hoax, hoax, hoax. It bears a second look back in history to events that although taken as “settled science” may well be proven to have been hoax’s. Remember, to both Red and Green, lying is not a problem, if it gets you what you want, or the outcome you seek to attain. Hope they nail his clown a** to the wall.

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  16. Suzy Kiprien says:

    Another Lyin’ Ted. Good – They are getting the laywer also!


  17. sundaybu says:

    I can’t stand a lying liar, especially a pastor.

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  18. aguywhovotes says:

    He planned this before he ever bought the cake. Who has 2 short words placed at the top and along the edge? He had those words placed there so he could add the slur smack in the middle. The slur is thinner and weak and the other 2 words are heavy and bold, like a pro would do. All Whole Foods needs to do is have the icing analyzed to show the ingredients to be different from the 2 other words.

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    • Zoe says:

      I believe you are right about it being a set up, but I wonder if the whole foods employee was in on this because the icing color is the same. You cannot buy this color off the shelf. So I wonder where the rest of the icing came from?

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      • It stated above that the Whole Foods bakery team member was a member of the LGBTQ community. What are the chances they know each other and thought they were going to pull a fast one? Curious to see how this pans out.

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    • stobberdobber says:

      Also I guarantee that they could have checked that tape and see that it was moved. Those ragged edges gave it away to me right away.


  19. labrat says:

    They want to be hated so much they have to create it when they can’t muster the real thing?

    Why else are so many “hate crimes” hoaxes?

    I just don’t “get” it.


  20. aprilyn43 says:

    This was for the money, money by the pound!
    Ike to see if any other LGBTs are in on this!


  21. hocuspocus13 says:

    The gay community have always been the most discriminating group of people

    This I know first hand I live in a city with a big gay population

    Me and a man friend of mine were walking arm in arm on a hot Summer Afternoon and wanted to get some AC and a drink

    I said get me into the first place we see darling I am melting

    Which was a gay bar we walked up to the door and were denied entrance because we were not gay

    We went elsewhere and suffered no major emotional breakdown that would require years of therapy 😉

    No law suits filed either

    Next time though I may rethink that last one ✌

    In gay clubs gays get in free
    Straights are charged a cover

    Gay hotels will only rent rooms to gay guys

    Gay establishments only hire gay employees

    ….and so on and so on…

    I guess they can’t handle getting a good strong taste of their own medicine 😉

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  22. Truthfilter says:

    So glad they are punching back! It’s just like Donald Trump says: Don’t settle! Too many companies avoid the costs of going to trial and settle out of court–even if the plaintiff is wrong. I hope more companies start a trend of fighting back. The costs of paying out settlements is always passed on to the customer.

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  23. Libertati Aut Ad Mortem says:

    Can I play the gay activist card here? (Sarc)


  24. aprilyn43 says:

    There were Christians who showed Homosexual bakers refusing to bake Christian sligan cakes.
    It showed the homosexual hate for Christians and the lie they perpatrate.
    And, why have homosexual never gone to Muslim bakers to bake their Wedding cakes???

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  25. trapper says:

    Hey, I have a keyboard too! I now declare myself Pastor of the Church of the Conservative Treehouse Comments. Checks are appreciated. Hah!


  26. True Colors says:

    Texas resident here who has actually shopped in Whole Foods stores before.

    This story had bullsh!t written all over it from the very beginning. Whole Foods is one of the absolute last places that would ever have an anti-gay hate crime. It is a hipster type of place. They sell organic products and foo foo brands and that sort of thing.

    Furthermore, Whole Foods was founded in Austin, TX, which is easily the most liberal city in all of Texas by FAR. It comes as no surprise that the person who made the cake and got accused of wrongdoing was actually a homosexual himself.

    The dummy who staged this hoax did this in the same town as the Whole Foods corporate headquarters, where all the company lawyers are probably based. Moron.


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  27. maggiemoowho says:

    That fraud of a human should be charged with a hate crime. Whole Foods should rent out a billboard near that store with that frauds photo on it and FRAUD stamped across his face.


  28. F.D.R. in Hellf says:

    A gay “pastor” files a frilly… er… frivolous lawsuit.

    Eleanor thought those might be initials of the baker and he was just signing his work.


  29. F.D.R. in Hell says:

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  30. roxanne175 says:

    I knew it was a hoax simply because it was Whole Foods. They’re too hipster and progressive.

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  31. GoodNews says:

    Things must be tight for gay black ministers. Of course his “boyfriend” is prolly a hit and miss type who refuses to pay as well.


  32. Bert Darrell says:

    They have gone. And they were rejected. No lawsuits though.


  33. yakmaster2 says:

    It seems that activists in the LGBT community want not just to be tolerated and treated respectfully, they want to be celebrated, feared and revered. By pulling these hoax stunts, they expose themselves as players for power in western culture: Give us your unquestioning admiration, or else.

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  34. jackphatz says:

    “How and why Mr. Brown thought he could get away with this is absolutely ridiculous. ”
    No, it is not. Had he actually knew of his surroundings he never would have picked Whole Foods.


  35. socabill says:

    Here’s a site you might want to take a look at to see the homosexual movement for what it really is (in case anyone has any illusions). At it’s core it’s a hate machine bent on destruction of the Judeo-Christian way of life.


  36. uvaldegirl says:

    Maybe this pastor can solemnize the Michelle Fields Ben Shapiro nuptials.


  37. Sandra says:

    Turns out the bakery worker is gay too. Hilarious.

    What’s up with “pastor” Brown’s face? All puffy and bruised, looks like he just came back from a plastic surgeon’s office.

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  38. Sandra says: has a story: “5 Tips For A Successful Social Justice Warrior Cake Hoax” hahahaha


  39. Sandra says:

    The lawsuit is here:

    It was a woman who decorated the cake for him. She did it in front of him, according to the document. And the document says “Pastor Brown rushed out the door with the cake”. Hmmm, in the video it looks more like he’s sauntering. The document says Brown put the cake on the floor on the passenger side of the car, and while at a stoplight he looked down and saw the offensive word. Sure, he didn’t notice it when the woman handed the cake to him, while he was carrying it through the store, while he was paying for it, while he was carrying it out to his car, or while he was putting it in the car. Got it. (smh) Oh, “Pastor Brown spent the rest of the day in tears. He was an is extremely upset.” Well maybe he should see a doctor about high estrogen or something.

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  40. F.D.R. in Hell says:


  41. bruce lorraine says:

    This so-called pastor should become a muslim, he’d fit right in with their penchant for hoax hate crimes.


  42. jcoko johnson says:

    You’ll noticed the sticker shows evidence of unnatural damage. In addition not that he pulls out his phone and does something that appears to be taking a photo of the cake during the transaction….not so nonchalantly. Watch it again. Would like to see phone entered into evidence.


  43. moe ham head says:

    so now the libtards are attacking their own this is great im going to get more popcorn

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  44. jojo says:

    Another Michelle Fields.


  45. JunieG says:

    I’m guessing he’s having a bit of personal or money problems, for reasons that he is a scumbag, but he has chosen to view it as bigotry against his sexual orientation. To make a bit of cash, and get sympathy, he devised a hoax against the company.

    A way to spot a liar is when they provide too much information. He made a big deal about pointing out the sealed cake. And he made a big deal about not having told the decorator his sexual orientation. In order to make the story more “believeable,” he inserted unnecessary information.

    Also – NO WAY he didn’t see the slur on the cake right away.


  46. shipley130 says:

    Perhaps someone could go purchase a cake from the same store and see how easy it is to carefully peel the box label up. The video makes the words a slightly different color, too. The 3 letter word is also a different thickness and the writing is not aligned in the better aligned phrase at the top.


  47. shipley130 says:

    He claims he didn’t check out the cake until he got to the car? Who doesn’t check out a cake that has been ordered with writing before they purchase it? I got banned from facebook for adding a little spice to this idea, so I will forego the rest of my opinion on this.


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