Sunday Question: “Why Do You Support Donald Trump”?

Personally I have supported Donald Trump since November 9th 2013, I just didn’t know who he was.  After the Kentucky electorate reelected Mitch McConnell,…. well, mentally I threw in the political towel and resigned myself to watching another ridiculous Romney ’12 redo with a Jeb ’16 logo change.

Later, in July 2015, after the glorious bastard identified himself, and knowing what was on the horizon if we tried to explain the rather bold and disconcerting GOPe Road Map and Splitter Strategy, we began to share what we researched for the previous 2+ years.

…..The only thing more dangerous than facing down a corrupt political system with unlimited resources – is the corrupt political system facing an awakened electorate who realize they have nothing to lose….

Specifically “why I support Donald Trump” – Part One Part TwoPart Three

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We have received a number of inquires for Tripwire Updates, or various questions on the same overall theme “what’s next“?   However, before going any further down the path of prediction, perhaps you would share:

..why do you support Donald Trump? 


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591 Responses to Sunday Question: “Why Do You Support Donald Trump”?

  1. nimrodman says:

    Why do I support Donald Trump?

    -1- Trump is a wrecking ball
    -2- There’s stuff whut needs wrecked

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    • livefree2016 Kate says:

      Because Trump tells the TRUTH about everything: the trade deals, Saudia Arabia and 9/11, the Bush Family, NATO, Hillary and Bill, and most of all the GOP Establishment. The truth hurts but it is liberating. Forever TRUMP! We owe him so much!

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  2. singtune says:

    I support Donald Trump because I KNOW he is Not a NWO Globalist, like those Politicians that are now Within our Government who are Systematically & Effectively Destroying all we American’s hold dear ~~~~~{I have known this since Bush #1 was in Office, & vowed Not to vote for anyone else the Republican Elite chose for us since then. Ross Perot was my first Write in Vote. That Continued with different Write In’s ever since, until Trump Announced last June.} My first Vote was in 1960, but only the elections of Goldwater & Reagan were of Interest to me.

    Donald Trump will be able to Save our American Sovereignty & Bring back our own Constitution to the Light of Day~! Of Course Building that Wall will Solidify the Fact that America is actually a Country with Borders & telling the Illegal aliens to Leave will Restore the Rule of Law. {Of course, the So-Called Refugees will go with the Illegals, because they have been brought in without any Vetting & by Illegal Executive Orders, by an Illegal President~~that is Not an American Natural Born Citizen.}

    The Reason I was so aware of what was going on, before I started doing Research in 1998, after i retired from teaching was what I SAW going on in the Public Systems. I started Teaching in 1959 & saw Dramatic Changes take place between 1959 & 1997. Most of the Changes started to effect the schools, in noticeable ways in the 1970’s, but like with everything else, GRADUALISM does not effect us ~~until it is Right on Top of us. Then there is little a Few of us~~spread out in the Population, can do about the damage then. {Also , like Now~~not everyone sees the Problem.} So I left Teaching ~~& retired as couple years earlier than Planned, even though i was was 62, because “No Child Left Behind” & other Policies started to effect us in a lot Negative ways~!

    So the fact that Trump will not only Eliminate “Common Core” & return Education back to the States & Towns is something I not only applaud but Know will work. I also understand what Donald suggests for Healthcare, after he eliminates ObamaCare will work as Competition is healthy. I also like the Idea that Vets can get help near their Home’s, because i have seen the problems many Vets have in Traveling Long Distances just to see a Doctor & then not to get any real assistance at all.

    I am happy that our 2nd amendment will no longer be compromised, & that the excess regulations will be removed, in time. It is hopeful that we might even have Carry laws that are uniform throughout the land. Then getting the “Jobs Back” should not be too difficult once NAFTA & the TPP have been rejected & Trump changes the TRADE Situation to Favor our country, instead of everyone else’s. The Money saved there will be tremendous & will help get rid of our deficit. I know the Other Countries are aware they have been getting away with so much, & they will be aware also that Trump will make Fair deals with them. However these deals must be fair for us too. Getting our Businesses back will also work, but Trump will have to threaten to Charge these Companies to bring their Product’s in, if they choose to stay elsewhere.

    Everything else Trump has Said & has Plans for are absolutely fine with me. The Bonuses for me are Little things Like being about to Celebrate “Real Christmas” again & hopefully allowing “Patriotic Songs” to be sung in the Public Schools Again. {By the way, i never watched any TV program featuring Trump, but watched him grow as a Businessman in the N.J.~~N.Y. Area over my lifetime & knew exactly who he was, as Donald has always been an open book.}

    Lastly, i am Grateful, that Trump has come to the Fore, while I am still here on Earth, so I can at least see the “America the Beautiful” I grew up in. Plus my hope is that this “America” will be here for My Wonderful Family , Trump’s Family & to Everyone Else that Treasures this Land. As I believe Our “America” was founded with God’s Blessing~!

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  3. Trumpire says:

    I’m still reading through all these wonderful comments. I could have written the majority of them myself. We are all on the same page.

    My like button doesn’t work so everyone consider your posts liked by me.

    Good News, we Americans are still here and we plan on taking it back.

    Go Trump!
    Go America!

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    • ladypenquin says:

      The comments have been incredible. Wishfully thinking that it was too bad they couldn’t be bundled into a book and published. Even I would read a Kindle edition if it was the only way to get them. 🙂

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      • what a great idea. a nice inaugural gift to Trump? 🙂

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      • Southern Son says:

        Like you Lady Penquin, I come here for association with like minded people.
        This IS the Last Refuge.
        Hampered by circumstances, I haven’t been gettin’ my fix of commentary by SD, or from fellow Patriots past 24 hrs. Thanks to Wheatie, I finally found older page button. Really small on a phone. Thanks again Wheat!
        That said, I have had extra time to consider why I Love Me Some Trump.
        I was Glad he got involved in this, but really didn’t give him much consideration, until first debate. When he stood up there alone, and raised his hand to Not Pledge to Not run Independent, my first thought was COURAGE! Or that he Knew something we didnt. He DID KNOW!!
        But that was not all. I could not find in my mind, what it was specifically.
        But then, I recalled how the Establishment (repubs, dems, enemedia, obomao), All tore into him at that WH Corespondence dinner. Was that 2011 or 12?
        There for All to see, was the Enemy.
        Seemed as everyone there, ridiculed him. His hair was main target. But they All framed on him. He must have known how it was gonna be.
        I submit, That He Did Know.
        I submit, that he had grown so tired of their
        collusion, that he knew Most people needed an Example of proof.
        His Courage in going there, and standing Alone, is an example of his Sacrifice against the Enemy. OUR ENEMY!!
        The Outrage and Anger I felt then, was the germ of Outrage and Anger I Feel Now.
        That germ has sprouted. And Mr. Trump has Cultivated it into a TREE.
        A tree that is This Movement.
        This Movement is bearing fruit.
        Yes, I did not follow Mr. Trump all along. I was probably like some others here, who were so much battered spouse syndrome, we felt we could do nothing.
        But through his Leadership, we now have Hope. Real Hope. More than that, I feel Victory is not only Possible, it may be Enevitable.
        RAGE Against the Machine, is what I feel.
        There is No turning back.
        We Must Press On!
        Thank You Sundance, for being Mr. Trumps “Field General”.
        Awaiting Orders.


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  4. I support The Donald because there is tremendous love and humility in that YUGE EGO driven man.
    And yes I would vote in Colorado if given the chance!

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  5. mightyconservative says:

    As a small business owner, we need our economy stronger, mich stronger. We have been hamstrung by this administration until we are blue in the face. Trump will ENFORCE our laws; most specifically, our immigration laws. He will, hopefully, put business people in his cabinet, not cronies, not more politicians, If he accomplishes 30-50% of what he has promised, it will be a grand start to Making America Great Again,

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  6. redsequin4 says:

    Stopping illegal immigration is my issue. I’m really with Ann Coulter on this, if illegal immigration is not stopped, nothing else is going to matter. It’s changing our culture, it’s destroying the fabric of our nation, it’s depressing wages (businesses who profit by hiring illegals pass the social costs onto Americans) and on and on. Donald Trump is the only candidate who’s serious about not only stopping illegal immigration and building the wall but he’s also taking a strong stance on putting a hold on muslim immigration, which is the prudent thing to do to protect Americans. He’s also against using H1-B visas as a way to replace American workers.

    In a nutshell, putting America first is what I care about. Jobs, knocking out ISIS, protecting the 2nd amendment, rebuilding the military, appointing conservative Supreme Court Justices, negotiating great trade deals, restructuring NATO are all important to me but if we don’t stop the invasion nothing else will matter.

    I believe Donald Trump is a patriot who loves this country, believes in it’s people and truly wants to bring us back to our glory days. He’s the only candidate I’ll vote for.

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  7. shallbe4 says:

    Donald Trump has great warmth and compassion for the American people. I can’t wait to see him as our President. Its not often you find a wonderful man like this who is ready, willing and able to make our lives better. I feel safe just knowing that Donald Trump will be in charge. What a wonderful person he is and how grateful I am that he will be running my country.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Yes! Donald Trump isn’t going around like a stilted, programed machine controlled politician. He’s going around like a real person and talking to the people – real folks, in real time. The current crop of politicians and media people practically all seem like they’re on Prozac (just using it as an example of the drug group SSRIs) which while these meds help folks, of course, the side effects include dulling of emotions, and personality. Sometimes I’ve thought the entire country must be on meds since they’ve let the PC police, the malignant media and the elitists take over.

      Maybe, just maybe, not this time…


  8. cdubbs says:

    There are two things I know about Donald Trump. One is that he views everything through the prism of whether it is good for America or not. Yes or no. No “maybes”. Winning for America is good for everyone no matter what your political is.. And two, that he will surround himself with the absolute best talent there is to get the job done. Ruthless, brilliant people intent on only one thing, doing the job of carrying out the people’s business, political correctness be damned.. .

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    • ladypenquin says:

      The commies and lefties who dominate the media don’t want America to win–that’s where one of the disconnects exists. And now I’ve realized that the politicians aren’t in it for America to win either.

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  9. Zen Masta says:

    As a business person myself I am always looking for teachers and I have followed Donald Trump as a mentor because of his excellence in business for many years. I have most of his books and I signed up for Trump University back when it was still up and running (by the way those were great educational courses don’t believe anything the media says).

    Why do I support Donald Trump?
    1. Although he is a billionaire he is also very cost conscious, he would run the United States very efficiently in terms of what is spent, not spent and better management of our national budgets.
    2. I believe he would be very good at improving the economy and encouraging increased job growth in the United States.
    3. I believe in his military aspirations and I believe the United States will need it in the near future.
    4. I hope he further destroys the culture of political correctness if he becomes President
    5. Mr. Trump is an animal, a wild man, a beast (I mean this in a good aggressive manner) and I would not want anyone else at this time to be President because he will absolutely destroy ISIS.
    6. It will be very entertaining and pleasing for me to see the media who hates Mr. Trump to get destroyed for at least 4 years straight if he becomes President.
    7. Christian and religious freedom will be protected, he will stop all of this nonsense all of these attacks on Christianity and stand up for the religious community unlike our current President.
    8. Illegal immigration will be fixed if Mr. Trump becomes President I have no doubt about it.

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  10. TCTH is the first and only place I come to anymore accompanied by my morning coffee each morning. TCTH is where I visit and read the wonderful dialogue of so many when I sit in a doctor’s reception area or in my car waiting for one of my children finish their sports practices, etc. TCTH is where I go before sleeping, to learn, laugh, be inspired, etc. Last night especially, while reading this Why I Support Trump post by sd and all of the fine, fine comments that have followed, I felt so much love for country and what DJT is doing! I intend to read every comment before the day is done, but must get off to work now! 🙂 I could pay for this week’s groceries if I had a dollar for every “like” button I have pressed last night and this morning!

    Here is why I am voting for Trump:

    I know who my friends are: some of the best, brightest, good, faithful people. Is this what I see in Washington DC representing The People? No – I see not the best and brightest. I see the worst with the biggest pockets. I feel DJT will put an end to this good ‘ole boys club and fill America’s leadership roles with the BEST and BRIGHTEST, like he has done in his own life and businesses AND like any of us would do in our own businesses!
    Look what the ‘politicians’, with wealthy globalist (both foreign and domestic), have done to our country? I’ve had enough of ‘politicians’. It is long-since-past the time that we have a proven, non-attorney businessman, who will begin THE GREAT CLEAN-UP.
    As many have said before me, all of the many connected, politicians and media types who all despise Trump — and are openly aligned to defeat him — that’s why I’m FOR Trump.
    Trump’s unbridled-non-PC speech is a breath of fresh air….and poison into the very corners of America and DC that need bug spray. The cockroaches are beginning to be identified and they are scurrying for their lives.
    My bad – I did not know there has been no Federal budget for the past 7 years. In my book no budget = no accountability. Media doesn’t even talk about it anymore. Enough! I believe Trump will bring leadership, accountability and responsibility (along with so many other attributes) back to the office of POTUS.
    Trump is the only candidate on either side who is not currently receiving a government paycheck! The rest have been and still are part of the problem.
    I believe Trump is for God, Country, Family. I believe the others are for TPP, Uniparty, NWO.
    As others have said so well, Trump has placed his life, fortune and security/safety of his family and himself literally on the line…and for what? Is their any other worldly thing he needs? When you are in your seventies, and you have built a family and legacy as he as done, with a wife, children and grandchildren to enjoy, does he need to take on problems of this magnitude (the burden of everything that is currently so upside-down and corrupt in this USA and put it all on his own shoulders?)
    I believe he will do what is right for the USA, making no apologies to anyone and giving the middle finger to PC!
    Today’s leaders make carefully placed comments and pepper them into the news to divide us, cause us to distrust each other, be impatient with each other, and thus keep us weak. I believe DJT to be a uniter, who will sow seeds of nationalism, love of country, love of fellow citizen/neighbor, and mutual respect. Across all racial/ethnic lines, I believe DJT will help be the uniter we need to make America Great Again and put the race baiters and other maggots of society out of business once and for all!

    I was so moved and inspired by the many comments of others that I read last night and this morning, I reached out to good friends who are for Kasick and tried to make a simple case for Trump and referred them to the “false choice” post by sd and to this post by sd and the hundreds of comments that have followed. I hope everyone is reaching out to friends and family in their circles of influence. God Bless and here’s to TRUMP2016!!

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  11. Taco says:

    I have a list of priorities when choosing a candidate. The first most important priority is that the candidate cannot hate my children. That means I won’t support any candidate who wants my children to be demographicly replaced and terrorized in the country their ancestors built.

    Only one candidate meets that criteria. Analysis over.

    People say “but Ted Cruz is a REAL CONSERVATIVE!”

    It doesn’t matter, the part of my analysis that is concerned with REAL CONSERVATISM comes after the part of my analysis where I consider whether a candidate hates my children. Since Ted Cruz already failed that part, he could be the REALEST CONSERVATIVE EVER and I still will never, never need any circumstances, vote for him.

    That’s why I support Trump.

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    • Taco says:

      Incidentally, even if we assume that all candidates passed my first question, the second question would also eliminate most of them:

      Does the candidate wish to turn control of American foreign policy over to Benjamin Netanyahu and perpetually invade semi-random Middle East countries on behalf of Israel?

      Only Trump and Rand Paul pass this test, and since Paul is already out, I’m still with Trump.


  12. Dehbashi says:

    I can’t believe I missed this thread. Let me get it here before it is too late.

    The reason I support Trump.

    I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard he was running. I knew of him but did not have a proper opinion thinking it was something new. Someone who was never in politics running. Then I heard him say the words that rocked the landscape. “We will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” That should me he was legit. Sure others talked about building a wall with lip service but they didn’t understand the true problem. The problem was Mexico sending their trash, let’s get this out of the way, to invade this country and use their remittances to make run their economy. And even sending other countries people here showed why I consider Mexico the #1 enemy of the US followed by the Saudis. That showed me he understood the problem and that made me support him right there. I knew that if he got that the rest of his views would fall easily in understanding anything else on making this country great again.

    The second reason is a little more personal. It has to do with what I believe is the scorched earth theory. It involves Muslims. My reason is different than all of yours. I wanted to hide it a little longer since I was not sure the reaction but yes I am a Muslim who actually loves this country. To tell you the truth I feel like I am the only one. So I am not going to go not all Muslims are like that since even I know it is a lie. When you are at ground zero you see this stuff. All the problems they caused and the excuses. It’s frustrating.

    I want them to wake the f**k up and understand why people hate us. The way they act and why being problems for people to put it lightly is not going to cut it. I don’t know if it would work but it is the last option. I hope when Trump gets elected and the backlash is so great against Muslims they may finally understand. Like I said last option.


  13. Irene Matthews says:

    Because whenever I hear any other politician or media pundit on television, my response is either “liar” or “hypocrite.” I’ve been lied to so many times I really thought there was no hope for US. I had decided that I had to accept that my country was never going to be great again – that “they” were so entrenched nothing would ever be able to remove them. My vote meant less and less, both to me and to the country. Donald Trump has given me hope that things just might be able to change.


  14. I support Trump because I love his unbridled, unfiltered, shoot-from-the-hip personality. He just tells us what he believes and thinks. He’s strong, courageous, ambitious, funny, brilliant, classy… he’s a winner and a macho, real man! I’m so sick of the namby pamby leaders we’ve been saddled with. Who could get excited by Mitch McConnell or Harry Reid or Paul Ryan? Geeks and wimps, the lot!

    We need a bull in America’s pasture and his name is Donald Trump. He inspires me!

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  15. Although I commented already, I’d like to add something. Trump has brought America First back into the public dialogue. This isn’t something politicians have talked about for many years. When I hear Obama or Kerry talking, it’s as though they are on some side other than America. They speak tentatively, as though holding back vast negativity that can only be parsed in the most careful, watered down speech. Praising America or speaking enthusiastically about the greatness of America can’t be done, except in stern or depressed tones that infer the opposite.

    Now look at Trump supporters. We are joyous, full of high spirits and enthusiasm. Our eyes sparkle, we roar with joy. Trump inspires our love and delights in our response. Surely the leader who inspires love is the natural choice to be our nominee.


  16. skifflegirl says:

    Why I support Donald Trump:

    Corruption. Immigration by illegal aliens, H1B visa increases, fiance visas, visitor overstays, all have to do with corporate greed and political corruption.
    Corruption. The reason we don’t have a wall on our southern or northern border is because politicians are told not to build one.
    Corruption. The reason we have bad trade deals is because that’s the way the people who own the politicians want it to be. As Trump often says, everyone gets taken care of and We the People pay the price by losing good jobs, along with our entire economy, to foreign countries
    Corruption. The lack of a federal budget for eight years, running up $21 Trillion deficit is benefitting someone, but it isn’t the American people.
    Corruption. All of the above problems are bringing about the downfall of America and her people by elites who benefit from creating a permanent underclass throughout the world that will ultimately be governed by the wacko’s at the U.N. Destroying America’s sovereignty is a multi pronged, century old endeavor that is well on it’s way to fruition.

    Donald Trump is the only one who not only understands all of the above but has made himself – along with the American people – the instrument of its defeat. A big heart, together with love of God and Country, makes Donald Trump the right man at the right time in history.


  17. I support Donald Trump because he makes me proud to be an American again! I KNOW he loves this country else why would he give up his lifestyle to be subjected to such abuse. He genuinely wants to make America Great Again. Born as a New Yorker I always knew about Donald Trump and admired him. I watched him on the Apprentice and admired his business lessons and had my 12 year old niece watch with me because I felt he taught good lessons on what to do in business and in life. He is bold, unafraid, and such a leader that it makes my heart swell to listen to him. I am a staunch defender of him against those who would spew their lies and believe in my soul that he has been sent to us by God to bring us back from the brink. I pray daily for his safety. Please Father, if he is your instrument, keep him safe. Reading so many comments here match what I feel and some put it into words so much better than I. I love this site, the fellow travelers here, and Sundance, who has led us to the truth and provided so much good information. Thank you all for what you provide daily to sustain me during this chaotic time. May God Bless us with Donald Trump as our next President.


  18. gary23902003 says:

    Because CTH, and Sundance.


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