Lyin’ Ryan – Four Months After Promising “Regular Order” Speaker Paul Ryan Announces No Prospect for Fiscal Year 2017 Budget…

Please allow me to be perfectly clear. I hold a ‘traditional conservative’ outlook.  Fiscally conservative.  I don’t care if what you do in your bedroom, nor does it bother me if you choose to marry a squirrel, wear a snickers bar costume to the grocery store, or make it your life’s mission to spend all day filling canoes with pancakes.  So long as your personal life choices in the pursuit of your happiness do not impact, impede, diminish or interfere with independent choices of others – have at it.

patriotHouse Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan And Sen. Sessions Discuss GOP Budget Plan

However, when it comes to federal spending, it becomes another matter entirely. A tidal wave of debt is close to collapsing our nation.

That’s why this latest proclamation by Lyin’ Speaker Ryan is infuriating.  Heck, honestly, it’s well beyond infuriating.

President Obama has never had a federal budget.  The last federal budget was signed into law in September of 2007 for fiscal year ’08.  That was the last budget passed and signed into law.  Nine consecutive fiscal years without a budget.

On December 11th 2015 the House passed a $2+ trillion Omnibus spending bill, and eliminated the debt ceiling.  They didn’t raise the debt ceiling, they eliminated it.  The Omnibus was structured to carry federal spending all the way to March 2017.

In January 2016 Paul Ryan took over as Speaker of the House.  His first promise was to bring back “regular order” and pass a federal budget for fiscal year 2017.  Fiscal year ’17 begins in October of this year (2016).

Two months later Speaker Ryan reaffirmed his commitment to ‘regular order’ at CPAC.  Despite the years of lies which preceded his claim, the members of CPAC stood and gave him a standing ovation.

Now, today, a report comes from congress stating that a federal budget cannot be done this year:

House Republicans are coming to a consensus on this year’s budget bill: There won’t be one.

GOP lawmakers are universally accepting the fact that the party will blow past a budget deadline on Friday, and they say voting on a budget at all this year is unlikely. (read more)

“There won’t be one”?

Perhaps most people don’t know what this means.  This means fiscal year 2017 (begins October 1st 2016) will be yet another year without a budget.

That reality now means a FULL DECADE, without a federal budget in place.

Cold Anger doesn’t begin to explain how infuriating this is.  How the heck do we get people to understand how incredibly damaging this is?  We are being eaten alive from the inside-out.

Why, for the love of God, would we ever keep electing these people?

Partriotic Preparation

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150 Responses to Lyin’ Ryan – Four Months After Promising “Regular Order” Speaker Paul Ryan Announces No Prospect for Fiscal Year 2017 Budget…

  1. Paul Killinger says:

    I like it, half of the federal land in Nevada and Wyoming each in return to settle our debt with Japan and China. Just keep Interior and the EPA in place so they can’t do anything with them either.


    • jackmcg says:

      The last and only time we had our federal debt wiped clean was when Andrew Jackson sold off Federal Land to pay down the debt.

      It can be done again.


    • Mindcraft says:

      This is never a solution. They will just go right back to spending again. This will not break their habit, it will just feed it. It is like paying off someone’s credit card debt and giving them 10 more credit cards to fix their spending problem and teach them a lesson. Alaska and Louisiana represent the fallacy of this thinking. Think of the wealth and potential the U.S. gained by buying, not selling. Alaska in particular.

      The old saying – it is the owner of the cow that has the wealth, not the person who can buy the milk.


  2. Paul Killinger says:

    Or better yet, let’s let ’em have the Federal Enclave along with all the politicians in it!

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  3. Peg_C says:

    We work like dogs to get liars and frauds into office to give the “leadership” to these CRETINS. We have got to stop this!! We know what the Democrats are, but it is as obvious as the sun coming up that the GOP is NO different. They are barely competent as an occasional obstruction machine but as “leaders” they might as well be terrorists.

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  4. americalsgt says:

    Sundance – Couldn’t agree more. I’m a liberal socially, but those who call themselves liberals are really liberal as long as our views are the same. Otherwise, I become repressive in their eyes. In other words, I don’t care if you marry a squirrel, just don’t tell me I have to agree with it and demand I make you a cake with acorns. As far as the economy, right there with you and why I’m voting for Trump. Worst day of my life was when I failed in a business and went bankrupt. For 15 years I rolled a quarter mil in credit cards around floating a business, and then the product I sold bottomed out and I was a goner. Did everything I could to stop it, but it happened. I got up off the mat and at 67 I started again. Much smaller this time, but doing fine. My point is debt will eventually kill you, and the debt this country has is going to kill it unless you get a person in charge that can stop the accumulation of debt..

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    • redlegleader68 says:

      With you, SGT! Stand fast … we’ll make this happen.


    • Fratman says:

      I agree with your selection for President and VP !!

      I worked as the number 2 person in a company of 50 answering to the owner as WE made that company go from handling $1 million a year in business to $29 million and we busted our asses, struggled to pay bills, fought off our competition most of the time and struggled with all the red tape and government rules.

      No debt eventually freed us to buy equipment, hire people, improve technology and grow the business while improving the lives of everyone involved, employees were paid more and received end of the year bonuses. We lost the 500 pound gorilla of debt from our back because we were prudent and made sound business decisions that were not easy fortunately the owner was a business savant with only a few minor weaknesses.

      We all worked hard and benefited because the debt was minimal and the government thieves weren’t including their “vig” on every transaction. It really blows my mind that no one seems to care about the debt of the US nor understand the ramifications or limitations it places on our country.

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    • SNAKESRULE says:

      Strong ticket. Mattis as SeDef. Bolton at State. Christie as AG. Bill Parcells as Press guy.


    • Attorney says:

      Dude, you rock! Thanks for posting this. I hope everything works out for you. Prayers your way, awesome job getting off the mat!

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  5. Howie says:

    The Christmas Phoneybus Bill is heading your way. Get ready for FREE MONEY!


  6. MfM says:

    On August 22, 2012, Paul Ryan spoke in West Chester, PA as Romney’s VP selection. This was a week before the convention. This is the video of the speech. I’m sure there are more jewels in it but if you FF to 9:00 you will find him passionately speaking about the debt our nation has and that spending more money isn’t a good thing. That we should be slashing spending. I hope that all of Ryan’s speeches are being captured so that they can be used campaigning against him.

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  7. cjzak says:

    The voting public is by and large numb to this stuff. They don’t know or care that we are trillions in debt, fail to have a federal budget for a decade and that the Congress passed the Omnibus bill. Ask anyone you know and the majority will look at you cross eyed when you ask if they know what this all means. They don’t realize they’ve been affected by all these things and they just ignore the govt. actions because they are not being overly put out of their sense of normalcy or way of life. More and more people however, are starting to get it somewhat, that something is wrong with the country, which is why Bernie and Trump are so appealing right now, but most don’t truly understand or want to understand the real problems. We are at war with the establishment and we must win or we will be buried under the policies coming to us if we let this continue. Very frustrating that we try to elect the people we thinks will fight this and they turn out just as badly as what we tried to get rid of!

    I don’t even know if we can save ourselves at this point, unless we start a brand new country somewhere. Fantasy, I know.

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    • chris says:

      Hate to even think it, but it’s about time we throw all members BOTH houses in Jail ,Out of touch with Society. No Access to crooked lawyers. Start over. Elect a Clean Slate of TEMP PATRIOTS to do the peoples National business for a Period.
      Allow a phone in each cell, only allow communication from cells to go thru a Court. let the Rats start Squealing.. Make a list of the traitors. Build some more Jails,fill them up.
      Think about it.. The Government has given themselves the Authority NOW to wield these type actions against it’s Citizens.
      They will and Do it at their will and pleasure.

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  8. BiggBear says:

    You said: “So long as your personal life choices in the pursuit of your happiness do not impact, impede, diminish or interfere with independent choices of others – have at it.”

    i would add “…and my money isn’t used to pay for it!”

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  9. americalsgt says:

    Got this link from Drudge and followed it to an old George Carlin rant halfway down the link. Only a couple minutes. Hits home and why we as Americans have to stop this and why the media, the Democrats and Republicans are so damn determined to stop Trump. He can’t end it all, but he can expose it all and start the return of a country of, for , and by the people.

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  10. solomonpal says:

    to Volunteers for Nehlen

    Goterdun. Every little bit helps.


  11. Mike says:

    Which is why I always said a balance budget Amendment was stupid. While Bush was spinning his wheels for that I said it does not matter cause they’ll do a trillion in off the book spending. Now we see they don’t even have a budget. Same people like Bush that barked they wanted this were bringing in lots of immigrants just like now. It is nothing new and much of his and GOPe’s CONSERVATISM is a distraction so you do not notice they have the same masters as Obama.

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    • chris says:

      Mike ,to stay somewhat on topic, I too once supported the idea of a constitutional convention but for the sole reason of a balanced budget,

      Read a good article this morning on Phyllis Schlalflys (spelling?) concerns about an article V ‘Constitutional Convention’, which in a nutshell, she is concerned with methods previous attempts to tamper and adjust the founding Document went awry and off track ending in unexpected results.. unintended consequences.
      Bottom line. We don’t have any Ben Franklin, Hamilton forefather types today who THINK like the creators of the original Constitution did then.
      Once Un-zippered for adjustment, todays lobbyist’s ,politicians, special interests would surely cavre themselves out some ‘loopholeian language to sell the country out and line their pockets, for eternity . Look at OBO Care..
      One would think a balanced budget would be a ‘No-brainer’. but todays generation of politicians think it’s perfectly normal to walk around with their pants on backwards everyday.
      I’m with you!.. it’s stupid to muck with the constitution, just do your job and balance the budget.


  12. dumbplumber says:

    Well, with the last two post having been “moderated” and found unworthy of this blog, the Dumbplumber is out of here. It was fun, but when I discovered the futility of expressing actions beyond VOTING, which has been already proven an exercise in more futility, it has become abundantly clear my opinions are not needed. Good luck to you all. Your gonna need it if you think you can vote your way to victory!


    • TPW says:

      yep…… some won’t admit it but politically correct censorship is hard to get rid of….Dumbplumber, people are too afraid. We are not made up of the same fabric that our past patriots were. I don’t think people have it in them to do what is necessary to save this country…know of an Island somewhere?


      • June says:

        I’m not rich or own a company I’ve raised a family,lived on a budget and did without plenty of times to get my family thru the next hurdle. I feel like the democrats & Republicans are one under the establishment and they are looking after themselves. If you want to become a millionaire just run for Congress don’t worry about the American people. Than you have Saudi Arabia owns 10,000 acres in America! How did that happen? How is it another country owns a part of America? Is this why the federal over reach of federal land so they can sell it to another country? Yes it scares me, not for me but for my children and grandchildren. Is China making advances toward America because we are in debt? I think a lot of people are worried about our country. Everyone is learning more every day how corrupt Washington is. We the people are more wiser I think!


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