Vichy Republican Meeting: “We can’t buy or control Trump, and that’s the problem” (video)…


Steady your nerves America.  Detach yourself from auto-emotional responses.  Remember the difference between anger and “cold anger“.  Recognize the “Battered Conservative Syndrome” and resist it.

The cloistered institutional power-elite who have set-up the political system for their own enrichment, the oligarchy, are facing the very real possibility of losing control.  There are TRILLIONS of dollars at stake.

Their very exclusive lifestyle of indulgence is being threatened by the candidacy of Donald Trump.   They are throwing every ugly attack angle possible in Trump’s direction in order to eliminate the threat.  Remain focused, stay frosty and steel your resolve.

A message from Senator David Perdue – Explains HERE

The goal of any insurgency is to work earnestly against the ruling power structure.

patriotLook closely at the avatar (pictured image) that I have continually used since we formed this Last Refuge.

What you’ll note is it represents a singular character who recognizes the power structure is two political parties that no longer represent the people; but rather represent their own interests, the “UniParty” of Limo-Democrats and Vichy Republicans.

DC representing their own best interests, financial interests, the interests of Wall Street and Globalists.

The Democrats and Republicans working together to maintain their collective place at the political trough, and a character personified by a patriot trying to dispatch that ideological alignment.

There is a very good reason why this little corner of the internet is labeled The Last Refuge. A recent example was highlighted in Maryland at CPAC, where Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, gave a speech and received a standing ovation from “conservatives” in the audience.

The “conservative” audience stood and cheered for a former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, a federal “Budget Expert”, who only two months ago spearheaded the passage of an Omnibus Spending Bill giving the government unlimited spending and elimination of the debt ceiling.

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweet

The “conservative” CPAC audience stood and cheered for a budget chairman who never passed a single budget, and instead for the past 8 consecutive fiscal years has maintained federal spending growth through continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills.

Speaker Paul Ryan, a Vichy Republican, received a standing ovation.

From “Conservatives”.

Stop and think about that for a few minutes.

So when you look at the election today – think about the same mindset characterized within those cheering fans are also showing up at the polls.

It should come as no surprise to see the onslaught of the national media and republican party’s professional propaganda working diligently on the psyche of the electorate. If the professional political class can “gaslight” an electorate so successfully as to get an audience consisting of thousands of “conservatives” to cheer for Paul Ryan, what exactly do you think is possible in all of the remaining states that hold elections?

The goal of the UniParty, including professional Democrats, professional Republicans and the Wall Street interests they represent, is to stop the vulgarian Donald Trump from casting them into irrelevance. They are fighting for their livelihood… There are trillions of dollars of graft at stake.

Their goal, as openly admitted by UniParty leadership (Mitt Romney et al) is to block Donald Trump. The tool to block candidate Trump is to use the same splitter strategy they constructed in 2014 when it was originally designed to benefit Jeb Bush; only with this modified approach they want to block candidate Trump.

Only one candidate is a threat to their livelihood.

trump lion

Fix Bayonets ! 

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308 Responses to Vichy Republican Meeting: “We can’t buy or control Trump, and that’s the problem” (video)…

  1. At the end of the video someone says “More martinis?”

    That will be the GOPe’s “Let them eat cake.”

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  2. sundance says:

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  3. lou Ann Watson says:

    refreshing commentary from senator perdue…a bright light piercing through the political darkness of elitist washington.

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    • Perdue still misses it. It’s not any Republican at the end of the process in order to deny the Democrat. It’s denying the Republican as well! They have done nothing but shrink like cowards in the face of destruction to this country, nay, their cowardice has contributed to the destruction. Trump must be elected to dismantle the elite club and send all of them back to where they came from.

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      • Esperanza says:

        There is a dictatorship being imposed here. A trans global dictatorship. And because they know that white people invented and love democracy, they want us dead.

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      • yy4u says:

        I’m going to channel unreMARCOable Rubio here — I don’t think the Republicans “have shrunk like cowards” once they got to DC, I think they knew when they were campaigning that their agenda was not that much different than the Democrat agenda. They are for open borders and the Hispanization of America, too, just for different reasons. Dems do it for the votes and permanent power, Repubs do it for the cheap labor for their benefactors. Neither gives a good youknowwhat about the country and the “little people” because their wealth allows them to live above the problems their policies have wrought.

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      • drdeb says:

        Yes, we are keeping our eyes on Perdue, a senator from my state. We voted him in. We will remove him if necessary.

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        • I live in says:

          I live in your state….and he ain’t done jack squat for in the Senate for Georgia other than be Perdue’s “Go Fish” cousin. If you study your Georgia History good ole Sonny was a Democrat until his words “Had seen the light moment”. Then once Sonny got in he got caught up in the lobbyist arena. Neither of these crony’s or Deal for that matter has been good for the state. I just read an article out here that we are fixing to spend 20 Billion till 2021 for the Hartsfield Jackson Airport….first where’d they get the money. Second….our interstate system is the worst I have ever seen next to California….no one wants to put jobs here and it’s killing us…and I mean literally. Why couldn’t they use that before the airport…..God Help Us All.


      • Betty says:

        Please, please, stop with the “They have done nothing but shrink like cowards in the face of destruction to this country,”

        They have COLLUDED from the get go. The candidates who told us they were republican (or lately told us they are conservatives) either lied to get elected or where compromised and co-opted once they got there.

        Stop making any kind of excuse for them or we will never defeat them.

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      • 1hear2learn says:

        This whole thing was a ruse, for a tv show… they are actually pretending that they care about “the party” and electing a conservative supreme court justice when we all know they don’t really give a fig and would prefer if H wins so can just move it along that much quicker.

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  4. Joe's Dad says:

    Had posted earlier but wanted to repost in case some missed it:

    We already knew the Chicago “protest” was orchestrated by elites like Soros, GOP, establishment, etc. Here’s some proof:

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  5. mtatina says:

    Thanks for this great site. I like your honest reporting. What’s going on in DC makes me furious.

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  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

    It is backfiring on them too. Here is some proof:

    John Cardillo: 90% of Chicago Police Officers Support Donald Trump after Friday UIC Rally

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    • Riddick says:

      And this somehow exonerates their NON ACTION last Friday? I am curious, if Rahm orders entire CPD to stand down and allow this BS, what happens when that entire CPD tells him to go pound sand? Rahm cannot fire even one of them.

      What do you think would NYPD do if ordered by De Blasio to stand down and allow a riot take place? How loud and long would that laughter be?

      CPD was part of the problem last Friday, NOT part of any solution. No honor in voting for Trump while allowing any Trump supporter be endangered.

      Sorry to disagree.

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      • emma says:

        Didn’t Rahm do exactly what the ‘room to destroy’ Mayor of Baltimore did?

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      • 1hear2learn says:

        Probably depends on what part of town it’s in.


      • SharonKinDC says:

        If the brass doesn’t allow enough manpower out on the street by the venue, and the crooked Alderman’s brother runs security at the venue (was NOT checking tickets), just what was the understaffed force supposed to do. They were dealt a lousy hand and they did the best they could. Part of the problem, is the lousy venue security, which let in so many problems, needed the police to come in and help, at which point the already weakened line of defense outside was too weak to hold the agitprop people back.


      • AdamSelene says:

        The police are basically held hostage by the city government and the mob (I don’t mean mafia, I mean the mob of gangbangers etc). They can’t stand up to the criminals because the mayor’s office doesn’t have their backs. Right now media sentiment is pro-mob anti-police. Pretty sure they want to help Trump, but can’t. We need Trump to set a law and order tone and have their backs against the city. We need this all over the country.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Excellent News! Not at all surprising. I firmly believe they were sent on a suicide mission without the appropriate gear. Their lives were put in danger knowingly.

      The other 10% are the crooked ones. The ones who can be bought.

      BTW, has the Mayor of CHI-Town denounced the violent and illegal interruption of free speech of the 2016 Presidential Candidate and his supporters yet? Governor? President?

      IF TRUMP did not have business in CHI-Town a definite boycott would be in order

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    • corimari2013 says:

      The manpower cut ordered by Rahm for Trump’s rally is corroborated in the eyewitness account sundance included in his post on March 12: “Extremely inefficient police presence. The cops were lined up on their horses or standing behind barricades, but generally were not present where Trump supporters were being hounded and occasionally struck by protesters.”

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  7. moogey says:

    And Romney this morning brought out the Republican promises: If you want Obamacare eliminated & if you want a budget, then everyone needs to vote for John Kasich.

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      Oh, that is rich coming from the architect of RomneyCare which gave us OCare!

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    • stringy theory says:

      Ha ha ha ha, get real mittens. We don’t believe a word you or your cronies say. You are all proven liars. Now run along back under that rock you crawled out from under.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      We believed these promises in 2010. We believed these promises in 2012. We believed these promises from the GOPe in 2014. Now, we do NOT believe the GOPe!!!
      We believe Mr. Trump will accomplish what he says he will and will stand firm.
      Fool us once, twice, three times… shame on us and NO more!

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      • stringy theory says:

        Bravo Katherine, absolutely right. They had several chances to keep their promises to us and totally kissed us off once they were back inside the Beltway. Well, we’re cutting the free in 2016 since we no longer believe them. They cried Wolf once too many times.

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      • moogey says:

        :0) Last year, I sent out a letter to every Republican that had promised to repeal Obamacare. In the letter I asked that they consider legislation that would at least repeal the IRS non-compliance penalties that were in the Obamacare mandate.

        A Kewpie doll to the one who knows how many responses I received.

        You are absolutely right…NO more! :0)

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      • Dixie says:

        It just warms my heart to know that 34 senators out of 100 are up for re-election and the whole House of Representatives too. Let’s give him republicans to work with who are new to the job and not yet corrupted to overwhelm the ones still there.


    • yy4u says:

      And if you want amnesty for 11 million burglars who burgaled into the country, vote Kasich.

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    • drdeb says:

      I Love it!!! Romney will add fuel to the defeat of Kascich’s campaign. Ohio is the only Super Tuesday state which gives me some concern. My prayer is a complete Donald Trump evening.

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho….. got any swamp land in FL you want to sell me too?

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  8. Hannibal Toissant Beauregard IV says:

    Start shuttering lobbyist and government offices instead of companies and manufacturing facilities.

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  9. The Defiant One says:

    The import thing is “control” and “buy”, so the GOPey WILL DO EVERYTHING TO DESTROY Trump because they CAN’T control or buy Trump… but this also means since they aren’t doing the same crap on untrusTED Cruz, he is UNDER THEIR CONTROL AND/OR BOUGHT ALREADY!

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    • Mike says:

      I heard someone on Morning Joe making the claim that (paraphrasing) It is only Trumps campaign that has these problems with violence. Implying that it’s Trumps fault. First thought that came to mind was your comment about Ted being on the take!

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      • yy4u says:

        “MOrning Joe” is all in against Trump now. I’ve turned it off.

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        • noritadek says:

          Yeah and also I notice that the political commentators that Harris Faulkner has all the time on her Sunday show ( and they were pretty fair in their reporting, even to recognize the goodness in Trump) started to say the same BS that the MSM, GOPe and even the dems are saying about Trump. I guess that they received some of that 15M that Soros is spending in bring him down. What a disgrace guys! I’m appalled. I pray for my country and for the welfare of Trump and his family every day. Gosh! I feel like crying!

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      • Zzschnops says:

        I am watching ‘ The Lone Ranger ‘ . Much better than the news. (WHT)

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  10. Daniel says:

    This H1B thing is doing the worst possible damage to the US economy. IT and intellectual property along with research and development is the one and main thing that has made America great for hundreds of years.

    We cannot allow our best stuff to leave or these very large businesses who think they are being clever will find themselves replaced by Chinese technology companies because THEY DON’T CARE about good R&D or technology or intellectual property.

    H1-B has been a tragic concern for as long as I’ve been in IT. Finally the issue is getting attention. It is amazingly stupid that it has gone on this long and amazingly obvious to see what is going on.

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    • politijim says:

      As someone who builds companies based upon engineering and scientific talent, I can tell you that the US education system is so bad – both secondary and college – that there is not enough well educated, hard working US citizens to staff companies ESPECIALLY in mathematics and hard sciences. We have to recruit heavily from India and China and when we bring those people here, they are much more respectful, diligent (and even grateful) that all but a tiny minority of US college grads. The H1B for the technical jobs is critical to US industry – especially in technology and engineering. Of course it is misused, but attacking this misses the real issue – which is the malpractice by education policy bureaucrats and college Presidents. Jack Kemp and Newt Gingrich saw this over 25 years ago and had wonderful ideas which of course in part was completing eradicating Federal control over education. I love the idea of Trump’s exemplification of hard work and entrepreneurship which hopefully will inspire are young’uns to WANT to compete for these rolls. .

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      • kallibella says:

        My husband is a chemical engineer and works for a private engineering and construction company in the Chicago area. Medium size company doing multi million dollar energy sector projects. My husband works with many engineers from India, mainly due to the shortage of American engineers in the labor force.

        American kids are not attracted to go into science/math/engineering mainly because the quantitative rigors of these study programs are too high a bar for our poorly educated students to tackle.

        When my husband went to HS, he took calculus and it was not unusual for kids to take calculus in HS. It was not “advanced placement” at all. Fast forward to 2011 when my son graduated from HS, pre-calculus was advanced placement. The whole system has been dumbed down and it is hurting our labor force terribly.

        However, I see lots of kids working at coffee shops/retail/restaurants that have degrees in Women’s Study/Minority Studies/Sociology and the like. It would be better to get a technical two-year degree than to get one of the above.

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      • I agree completely.


    • frangelica1 says:

      So true!

      I have been complaining and commenting about H1-B Visa abuse for many years now and am thankful that it is getting the needed attention this election cycle. There is so much technical talent that have lost their jobs during the downturn that are not being utilized and could be used to help get America and the economy back on its feet.

      It is disgraceful how senior well respected technical people cannot get rehired after losing their jobs by illegal discrimination and abuse by companies and corporations during the recession. These same experienced technical people are not hired back by corporations now because of rampant age discrimination within the corporate world.

      And the young technical graduates are also continually overlooked due to H1-B Visa abuse also.

      It is a very sad country we live in today. Donald Trump is our only hope!


  11. TheFenian says:

    Off Topic heads up –

    Trump on Savage right now

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  12. Steve in Greensboro says:

    I cannot imagine why anybody in Ohio would vote for Kasich after his statement that he would implement amnesty in his first 100 days after being elected president. I hope that gives Trump the boost he needs to win the state.

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  13. stringy theory says:

    I think Drudge has a big link to a piece by Perdue in some Heritage Foundation pub. Not sure how much I would take Perdue as being honest as I can’t say he’s been much of a friend to We the People. They’re getting scared and frightened we are going to take their feeding troughs away—and they’re right.

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  14. sundance says:

    Ugh, ugh, ugh. This is the type of endorsement Trump doesn’t need. She’s an opportunist GOPe flake.

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  15. sDee says:

    “We are Hierarchical. We are respectful of authority”

    Who ever is at the top top of the hierarchy, it damn sure is not us, the people.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Ritchie Rich and his brother, Filthy, having tea.

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    • Rainer says:

      How about the blood-red paneling? And they they each look a couple of pints low

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    • They remind me of the Duke brothers from “Trading Places”-played by Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy.

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    • tz says:

      See below where I mention CS Lewis “inner ring”

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    • DEGinTN says:

      makes me think of the Rothschilds. same slime.


    • R-C says:

      Agreed, but I think we must expose the rest of the quote as well:

      “We fall in line–and Trump has interrupted that cycle.”

      Exactly correct–and very damning for them. They do “fall in line”.

      This has been the GOPe’s problem for…ever: “We fall in line”; we follow “that cycle”. It’s simply not Donald Trump’s ‘turn’–it would never be Trump’s turn in their world. But thanks be to God, Trump has “interrupted that cycle”. WE have interrupted that cycle! YES!

      Once upon a time, it was “Bush’s turn”. They installed him as Reagan’s #2 to ‘prime the pump’.

      Then, it was “Dole’s turn”. A more lackluster, droning candidate I couldn’t imagine, but they chose him as well, because it was Dole’s turn; he was next in line in “that cycle”.

      Then, we suffered through another Bush. It was his turn.

      Then, Romney. It was his turn too, you see.

      And with Romney, our last nerve was rubbed completely raw. It’s OUR turn now. These GOPe power-brokers can whine all they want–and that’s what they’re doing in this video: “WHINING”. But this time WE are re-writing their hierarchy: we are reinserting ‘We, the People’ at our rightful place at the TOP of the heap.

      “Good-bye, power-brokers. You have been declared ‘obsolete’ and ‘surplus to needs’. You are being liquidated as we speak; turned in as scrap.”

      Watching these clowns whine, one is reminded of the parallels between this republican contest and the French revolution.

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  16. Apfelcobbler says:

    Note that Ed Goeas’s Tarrance Group crows about influencing outcomes by polling. We’ll be seeing a lot of this activity. Note he’s one of the firms behind reelections of several governors in OH, MI, WI, NV, OK — and in the Thad Cochran throw — see Sundane’s previous post about Thad Cochran in Biloxi MI and Trump’s clever seating arrangement at the Biloxi rally. also, he played a role in Sen Sass campaign. Sen. Sass (Nebraska) was the first senator to announce his opposition to Trump (about 2 weeks ago).

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  17. joanfoster says:

    Saddle up, we ride at dawn. Tomorrow is going to be YUGE for Trump.

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  18. whuptdue says:

    Tomorrow, the 15th of March, aka “Ides of March” should reveal any remaining status/viability of the Republican Uniparty.

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  19. Katherine McCoun says:

    Love the article and the use of “Vichy”. On the phones for Mr. Trump in MO and getting a bit tired. Reading this blog and articles like this help buck and keep steady and stay on the phones!

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  20. Empress says:

    Hope Perdue gives Trump his resounding endorsement, and soon, and that this isn’t a set-up before backing the faux “outsider,” fake Conservative, and pretend Constitutionalist of questionable citizenship and eligibility. Might Perdue be on Trump’s short list for VP or a Cabinet position? He wouldn’t add as much to a Cruz ticket, electorally.

    That vid is incredible. Why would those GOP insiders allow themselves to be documented as members of the ruling class dining on disdain for democracy and swilling our sovereignty?

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    • apfelcobbler says:

      Arrogance. Up until lately the Bush clan has always treated this country like its own personal football team. The voters are pests they must tend to every 2/4 years and nothing more. We must win this election.

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      • 1hear2learn says:

        Nah, I think it’s all part of their so very clever scheme – let’s show them how concerned we are and how much we care… and so scared of this evil man called Trump… so scared may have to vote for Hillary. Gimme a break, they would not ever allow an unscripted version of that dinner to be recorded – no way, no how.


  21. mark4trump says:

    I want it to be over — I want Cruz to be crying like a baby. I know we have to keep fighting no matter what — but man do I want Trump to plaster Cruz & Kasich & Rubio!!! I hope the people will sift through all the crap & have their eyes opened to see who will be the best for our country — Trump 2016 — PRAY!!!

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    • Eris says:

      Unfortunately it’s unlikely to be over tomorrow as Sundance said in his post above.

      They’re keep going with this Super Mississippi Gaslighting since if nothing else they figure it would damage Mr. Trump in the general election. It’s the Uniparty you know.

      Fortunately for us, Mr. Trump seems to have anticipate most of what’s happening which is why he started doing his rallies since last summer and tagged the press from the start with the “lying” and “dishonest” labels which they happily proved by their actions to be true. I figured the other purpose of attacking the press early on that we’re seeing the pay off now is to encourage them to act emotionally and go overboard with their attacks.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      It won’t be over tomorrow, or after he wins the nomination, or after he wins the presidency. This is a non-stop campaign to destroy him and will continue to the last day of his term.

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      • yy4u says:

        paulraven1 is 100% right. This is a movement and a rebellion against the ruling elite/hierarchy — they are not going to give up. Too many billions of dollars are at stake.
        They really don’t care if Hillary wins. Anybody but Trump. They will never let up on him. Those of us who are in the fight with him had better put on our iron underware because it’s going to get dirty.

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      • mark4trump says:

        You are right – guess we are going to be on a constant war footing


    • TwoLaine says:

      Scorched Earth, I Hear Ya’! GIT-R-DONE!

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  22. platypus says:

    Everybody should be grateful that the Secret Service guys are non-partisan because I fear that guarding Trump is going to require every skill they possess.

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    • Nope says:

      I’m not sure the Secret Service is truly non-partisan, but whatever their personal feelings, I’d bet money they all like Trump. After dealing with the Clintons and the Bushes and the Obamas, Trump’s probably a massive breath of fresh air. I think they’d be very willing to go above and beyond for Donald J Trump.

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  23. lvdancer says:

    We’re holding steady, sundance. Not to worry. 🙂

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  24. Eric Kennedy says:

    Related to all of this, we all here live inside our own information bubble (ConservativeTreeHouse) that 99.99 percent of Americans don’t have access to. Most of their information comes from FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, newspapers/mainstream internet.

    When I was at the gym today, CNN was on the TV and at the bottom of the screen was a footer that read “Trump is a Neo-Fascist”.

    We know this is bunk, but I fear they may be winning the information war with the bulk of the population. Does anyone have a sense or feel how these stories are playing with people outside our circles? How are they reacting when they see CNN interview the attacker, or blame Trump for the Chicago violence? Are people starting to question all of this or are we just hoping?

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    • kallibella says:

      Though in some level this may be the case about the liberal media and their stories, we know that there are poll numbers where the media and Congress and other bodies/professions are rated, and the numbers for the media are low, lower than Congress. I don’t remember the numbers for Congress but they are either in the low teens or below! The media are not fairing better.

      Trump is very tactical in his marginalization of the media. Do you remember when Newt Gingrich blasted the media in one of the debates he was in during the last nomination cycle? The audience went wild with applause and approval and the sound bites were played all over the news cycle. American news consumers know the media are biased and that is the main reason for the rise of the alternative media.

      I think that some sort of “survival” mode in the minds and hearts of Americans has taken hold and the evidence to me at least is the continued and unwavering support for Trump.

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    • Kay Elle says:

      My favorite hair stylist (a FORMER self-described “Cruzbot”) told me on Saturday that she is done with Teddy-boy. “What a jerk! When he blamed Trump for the Chicago thing, he made me sick. Any Republican who won’t side with Trump and his supporters about this doesn’t deserve my vote.”

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  25. InfidelDefiler says:

    What sundance is describing is the very definition of ‘cognitive dissonance’
    People are so inured and so brainwashed over their lifetime in the false left/right, republican/democrat, conservative/liberal paradigm that their brains refuse to accept the fact that it is all a lie and that they have been lied to their entire life.
    Why do you think a country the size of the United States is the only developed country in the world that has only been ‘allowed’ to have 2 political parties?
    It is very easy to keep people divided over 2 choices than it is several.

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  26. TwoLaine says:

    The world is at peace with ShrillBillary? H3LL.NO.WE.ARE.NOT!

    Gee, and this is just the part they were willing to show us!

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  27. bitterlyclinging says:

    Sitting around the table longing for the ‘Good Old Days’ when the party’s standard bearer was somebody like Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney?
    Somebody they could control, the ‘Fire in their belly’ having gone out years before?

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  28. Backspin says:

    Just like , Libya – Syria – Ukraine – and Egypt = Pay poor people to riot ( Soros / Move-On ) Then blame the target ( Reichstag ) …. all in an excuse to disrupt , then ‘ restore order ‘ … a N.W.O.

    Globalist ‘ Color Revolution ‘ playbook ; version 666 point zero.

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    • Americat says:

      Exactly! …”Then blame the target… ” e.g.1933.
      And Yes, Soros is of the age to be able to remember that day in 1933.
      And he was even in that country at the time… !
      Soros must like that same old technique…
      Enabling the riots and then blaming the target

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  29. feralcatsblog says:

    The way the press is covering the Soros/BLM/MoveOn disrupters is how they cover any conflicts between Israel and the “Palestinians”. The Palestinians (BLM) can launch thousands of rockets into Israeli neighborhoods (Trump supporters) for weeks, but if Israel retaliates in any way then all blame is put on Israel.

    None of this is surprising because it’s what the “liberal” media is. What’s so disgusting is Cruz/Rubio/Kasich and the rest of the GOPe align with the Soros/BLM/MoveOn thugs.

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  30. Coast says:

    Just got home from work….and found two large anti-Trump flyers in my mailbox. They are pulling out all the stops to derail him. I sure hope tomorrow will be a great day.


  31. roberto says:

    This is not the appropriate thread, but I need someone to walk the back from the edge. A report in which it is reported that Trump fired today his Illinois state campaign head for not fulfilling his duty and basically doing nothing. I don’t believe a man a thorough as Trump would allow this state campaign to deteriorate to a total systemic breakdown-which an article alleges.For months nothing was being done in Illinois and no one called New York? I find this hard to believe.


    • Eris says:

      Here’s the report:

      There’s probably some gaslighting involved as usual. Keep in mind that no political campaign is perfect and mistakes with personnel will be made especially with volunteers. You also have GOPe hacks who will infiltrate the organization so as to benefit from the association while not doing their jobs or even intentionally screw things up.


    • tz says:

      At least he fired the idiot. Perhaps it wasn’t “nothing” but primaries have strange rules (and cauci are worse, I’m from Wyoming). In IL, you only get about 1/4 the delegates if you win the state, you get 3 delegates per congressional district, so it looks like Cruz might pull a reverse South-Carolina or Nevada. I’m not worried, but if Trump’s campaign manager in IL didn’t handle this properly, he deserves to be fired. If, however HQ didn’t realize it, someone at HQ needs replacement.
      California is also Winner-take-all but by congressional district.
      I hope Trump wins Ohio – except listening to Beck this morning, it might keep Kasich flailing and splitting the vote with Ted.


  32. Kef Farms says:

    I’m a Texan who voted for Cruz. However, if Cruz was number 1, Trump was 1A. It was a very difficult decision. That being said, I am absolutely fine with Trump. If he got the WH and did NOTHING other than upset the establishment tea cart, that would make it all worth while.
    I do think Trump will do a lot of what he says and that is a good thing.


    • Riddick says:

      You mean you are not at all bothered that your state Constitution was violated by Cruz when he “forgot” to disclose his DUAL CITIZENSHIP, which is a FELONY in your state for someone running for US Senate. And you are not bothered by STILL UNREPORTED loan from Goldman Sachs and Citi, even though FEC gave him until march 8th to do so? And his TPP vote, which is so rich for someone who claims to be a Constitutional attorney, since TPP pretty much invalidates our Constitution and allows ANY TPP partner to change any of our laws they seem fit?

      He’s in bed now with Soros with shutting down Trump rallies, you mean you’re OK with someone like that in WH? That’s First Amendment last time I checked, not sure how Cruz is not clear on that part after telling us all every chance he gets that he is a Constitutional attorney. Since when First Amendment is not part of the Constitution?

      I can keep on going, point by point, the list is long and only getting longer with each passing day. And here we thought our Gov. Sandoval is a fake and wanted to move to Texas. Glad for this election cycle for exposing every fake shill out there, we’ll stay out for now, have no idea what’s in that Texas water supply. Way more was expected form citizens of Texas. Way more.

      Liked by 6 people

      • georgiafl says:

        Failure to report the million $$$ loans (donations) to the FEC was not the only violations by Cruz.

        In a letter dated February 21st, 2016, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) sends the Cruz campaign yet another letter regarding more campaign finance violations.

        • Accepting donations from foreign nationals
        • Accepting donations from unregistered organizations
        • Accepting donations that exceed campaign finance limits
        • Disbursements made without proper documentation
        • Inappropriate disbursements for travel

        Liked by 1 person

        • georgiafl says:

          There is more, much more:

          Concordance of Cruz Corruption, Deception and Lies –


          • Riddick says:

            Notice I said I can keep on adding points of corruption all day long 🙂

            Doesn’t look like we’ll see any response.

            What is truly bothersome with TX supporting Felito is their non-remorse of sending an OBVIOUS FRAUD to US Senate. Yes, he supposedly represents Texas VALUES, but worse yet, he now controls how we live in other states.

            I have had a number of run ins wit locals here NV, after we moved here, with them telling me they did NOT vote for Angle and, thus, allowed Reid to get re-elected last turnaround, because “Angle was weird”. Me pointing out that a dead rock in the desert is a better choice than Reid still somehow doesn’t register with these self appointed “conservatives”.

            And what took place in Texas is just as stupefying, electing a KNOWN CRIMINAL somehow is not an issue these days. Not even one masquerading as supposed Constitutional attorney.

            The LYIN’ Ted…

            Liked by 2 people

    • Jason says:

      glad to have you Kef. Soon enough it’s going to be time for the general, regardless of what we think about whose best for the Rs, all are better than what Hillary will bring.


    • Eric Kennedy says:

      Kef Farms, thanks for the feedback and keeping an open mind!


    • saskamare says:

      Glad you chose the eligible American over the ineligible Canadian/Cuban! Welcome aboard the #TrumpTrain! #ChooChoo!


    • Martin says:

      Cruz is not eligible to be president. You should know that.


  33. Raven says:

    As a Christian I am holding myself back from cussing right now (thank you Lord, and thank you Sundance for the warning ahead of time).

    Seeing a bunch of establishment men laugh because they know they cannot control Donald Trump is sickening. Knowing I once believed in the Republican Party makes the feeling worse.

    I imagined for a moment what it would be like if I were to show up and sit at the table with these men. Being extremely middle of the road in everything most of my life, I imagine they would dismiss me altogether.

    Then I imagined what it would be like if I were to show up and sit at a table with Donald Trump.

    When my one year younger sister and I were 8 and 9 she lost her hearing to a freak softball accident. The doctors at that time told our parents to ‘put my sister away.’ My parents did not hold themselves back from cussing, and naturally brought their daughter home. My siblings and I were taught multiple lessons about what it might be like to be deaf — on purpose by our parents — to get a sense of what our sibling was going through. We had to watch TV for a few days with no sound on, and our transistor radios were taken away.

    Through the years I learned a lot about people due to my sister’s deafness, especially in really seeing people. I often notice insignificant things and wonder if anyone else ever sees or cares about them.

    When Donald Trump announced his run for the Presidency I watched him on TV. I watched how he related to people, especially the people in his world many would consider vastly below his social standing. As I type this it brings tears to my eyes, because beyond his words, I have seen Donald Trump truly respect and care for each individual he comes in contact with. Yesterday, while talking to a dear friend who knows me well, I mentioned my observations. They wanted me to explain, and after giving many examples of what I had seen Donald Trump do ‘to the least of these,’ my friend got teary eyed too.

    Although I know Donald Trump has many people who want to be with him all the time, and now he must be kept secure from crazy people, I still know he would never treat me with contempt, even though I am only middle of the road.

    Liked by 10 people

  34. Paula says:

    Thank you for posts like this, Sundance. I know I need them. I have to admit my knees get weak just watching what Trump is going through.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Patriot1 says:

    CPAC has been taken over by kids in college. They are just getting their feet wet and don’t have the benefit of time on their side to determine who is real and who is fake. I worked a lot with college kids in my local GOP. They have a grasp of conservatism but aren’t fully developed.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. fred5678 says:

    One of the speakers quoted classic open-borders line “we can’t deport 11 million blah blah blah”.

    Evidently they didn’t see this video:

    or see this poll:

    The Oregon vote is the best poll to show the nation’s sentiment — but GOPe ignored it.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. bullnuke says:

    The GOPe thinks all Trump has going for him votes. Trump says thank you, may I have another.


  38. Suzy Kiprien says:

    Trump moles everywhere, in every nook and cranny. Deliciously delightful.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. kallibella says:

    I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I will vote for Trump and so will my husband. My son who lives in Georgia already had the pleasure to support Trump, and Georgia was on of Trump’s victories on Super Tuesday.

    I will go to cast my support in the morning and will definitely be looking out for the results in the evening. The polls are in eastern and central time zones so no need to wait until midnight to see how things went.

    Tomorrow is my birthday, I so want to celebrate a decisive win for Our Candidate.

    About the video: I kept thinking about how much these globalists and GOPe’s are terrified of a Trump presidency. Their power, which they have lorded over Us for decades, will be severely curtailed and who knows to what extent their power and influence would be diminished, but one thing is for sure, they don’t want to take the chance.

    The pollster who mentioned how they prevented Trump from winning in Iowa was gleeful about it, and asserted that he [and others by implication] are still doing things to try to stop Trump. There will be voter fraud tomorrow for sure.

    They also know that this grassroots movement will not stop in November 2016. If we succeed in electing Our Candidate, we will have to be on the look out for any future Trump types that may want to contribute and hopefully feel motivated and encouraged about the support We the People have given Trump. We are going to need more Trumps going forward. The globalists/GOPe et al will not stop. Neither should We.

    Liked by 3 people

  40. tz says:

    Trump needs endorsements as much as he needs money. It is up to him to accept them or not.

    Note how you don’t find anyone on team Vichy saying they will have any problem working with Cruz. They may hate him personally, but expect to be able to argue, bribe, manipulate, or otherwise get their way with Cruz. Not Trump.

    I was reading another article where it talked about Evangelicals putting politics above religion. No, it is exactly the opposite. They keep getting told they must vote for the candidate because he is right on Abortion, Gay militancy, Judges, etc. and even when they get in, nothing happens or worse.

    Evangelicals are always pandered to. Even by the establishment. But the establishment wins. Santorum? Endorsed Arlen Spectre in PA over Pat Toomey, later Santorum lost, Spectre turned Democrat, and voted for Obamacare (which one by 1 vote). You can check the records of the Governors like Huckabee. How many second chances is it prudent to give them? I think they’ve gotten far too many.

    Trump is not a politician.

    Sundance relists the backstabbing and betrayals in “This is an Insurgency” he reposts every so often AND THE LIST LENGTHENS. Boehner was replaced – not with Webster but Ryan. Ryan and McConnell removed the debt ceiling. Gave Obama an omnibus funding everything he wanted and then some. All after Trump announced! Ryan goes to CPAC – instead of being contrite for selling us out, he is apparently among friends – like Glenn Beck and Dana Loesch. I haven’t bothered listening. I have no idea what he could say that would get a real conservative to cheer other than “I’m resigning today”.

    The only reason they haven’t started replacing Scalia with a GOPe judge is because of Trump. If they tried, he’d be getting 60%. They keep doing meetings to try to find a way to stop Trump.

    What they don’t realize is that Trump isn’t part of their “Inner Ring” as CS Lewis described. Cruz is, if not in the center, at least inside the circle.

    In the passage I have just read from Tolstoy, the young second lieutenant Boris Dubretskoi discovers that there exist in the army two different systems or hierarchies. The one is printed in some little red book and anyone can easily read it up. It also remains constant. A general is always superior to a colonel, and a colonel to a captain. The other is not printed anywhere. Nor is it even a formally organised secret society with officers and rules which you would be told after you had been admitted. You are never formally and explicitly admitted by anyone. You discover gradually, in almost indefinable ways, that it exists and that you are outside it; and then later, perhaps, that you are inside it.

    There are what correspond to passwords, but they are too spontaneous and informal. A particular slang, the use of particular nicknames, an allusive manner of conversation, are the marks. But it is not so constant. It is not easy, even at a given moment, to say who is inside and who is outside. Some people are obviously in and some are obviously out, but there are always several on the borderline. And if you come back to the same Divisional Headquarters, or Brigade Headquarters, or the same regiment or even the same company, after six weeks’ absence, you may find this secondary hierarchy quite altered.

    There are no formal admissions or expulsions. People think they are in it after they have in fact been pushed out of it, or before they have been allowed in: this provides great amusement for those who are really inside. It has no fixed name. The only certain rule is that the insiders and outsiders call it by different names. From inside it may be designated, in simple cases, by mere enumeration: it may be called “You and Tony and me.” When it is very secure and comparatively stable in membership it calls itself “we.” When it has to be expanded to meet a particular emergency it calls itself “all the sensible people at this place.” From outside, if you have dispaired of getting into it, you call it “That gang” or “they” or “So-and-so and his set” or “The Caucus” or “The Inner Ring.” If you are a candidate for admission you probably don’t call it anything. To discuss it with the other outsiders would make you feel outside yourself. And to mention talking to the man who is inside, and who may help you if this present conversation goes well, would be madness.

    Badly as I may have described it, I hope you will all have recognised the thing I am describing. Not, of course, that you have been in the Russian Army, or perhaps in any army. But you have met the phenomenon of an Inner Ring. You discovered one in your house at school before the end of the first term. And when you had climbed up to somewhere near it by the end of your second year, perhaps you discovered that within the ring there was a Ring yet more inner, which in its turn was the fringe of the great school Ring to which the house Rings were only satellites. It is even possible that the school ring was almost in touch with a Masters’ Ring. You were beginning, in fact, to pierce through the skins of an onion. And here, too, at your University—shall I be wrong in assuming that at this very moment, invisible to me, there are several rings—independent systems or concentric rings—present in this room? And I can assure you that in whatever hospital, inn of court, diocese, school, business, or college you arrive after going down, you will find the Rings—what Tolstoy calls the second or unwritten systems.

    Does this not sound like the Establishment? Read the entire essay.


  41. chasingfactsblog says:

    Ed Rogers: official snob stuffed shirt: advisor to Reagan, Bush 41
    now with Haley Barbour at BGR Group- This is firm’s own description:

    More than 30 years of executing complex, multi-jurisdictional lobbying and commercial solutions for clients in Washington and around the world.

    After serving under Presidents now runs a lucrative lobbyist business. Wonder if he holds American people’s interest in first place in his “deals”.


  42. chasingfactsblog says:

    Vin Weber: Vin Weber, a former Minnesota congressman and top policy adviser on Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, is assisting Jeb Bush’s all-but-certain bid for the Republican presidential nomination, adding yet another high-powered strategist to the former Florida governor’s political circle.


  43. nyflacon says:

    I will be voting tomorrow here in FLA. 2 others I know also.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. mike tramel says:

    I think at the end of the day all these republicans will vote for Trump over Hillary because of supreme court justice,but they will tell nobody because they don’t want to be labeled a racist and facist.


  45. 7delta says:

    Wait a cottin’ pickin’ minute. Aren’t these some of the people who got all apoplectic over “nothing but a reality T.V. star?” So, they’re doing a reality show that doesn’t exactly look “spontaneous”, since reality shows aren’t exactly spontaneous? Okay, what’s the purpose of this “script?” They’re playing the roles the public already perceives about them and the conversation they’re having is hardly confidential when it’s being filmed for cable TV. They’re playing the stereotypes to the hilt. Even if it’s a realistic depiction, they’re playing it. Is that how they want the public to perceive them if they’re trying to persuade people to trust them? What kind of special idiot would have a legitimate strategy meeting in a private dinner club, resplendent with martinis and fine china, on Showtime?

    Somebody ‘splain this disconnect to me. This isn’t arrogance, though it would take a lot of that to do this sort of thing. It’s strategy, but not just about Trump. Why would they want to confirm to us, the little people, that they’re a bunch of martini-sipping, arrogant, conniving dirtbags who are conspiring to remove the front runner of their party? What response do they hope to elicit from this? Sumptin’ ain’t right.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tz says:

      Trump has experience in reality TV, not spun propaganda TV.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 7delta says:

        Yeah, but pretty hypocritical of them. I want to know what they’re up to. Taken at face value, a dirt clod would know that acting like J.R. Ewing in this Circus thing isn’t going to improve the public’s opinion of them.


    • singtune says:

      These are People that TRULY BELIEVE they are So Special & Belong to a Class, I call the SUPER ULTRA GLOBAL ELITE! They actually do NOT Relate to “We the People” in any way shape or form. They Believe they are the”Entitled Class”~! They actually Think they have the RIGHT to CONTROL US~!

      The PLAN to take over the Entire World and have NO Borders has been in the WORKS for a Long Long Time, & they started to get inroads in 1913 when they took over the Federal Reserve{Our Monetary System} when Wilson was President. At Present, they ARE within our Government, but We DO have an GREAT Opportunity to Break that BOND right now, & it WILL take a TRUMP at the Head with his Chosen People, to assist. However, It is NECESSARY for “We the People” to Do Everything we can to help in this process, & if WE do We can WIN~!

      Each & everyone of us can do Something to help this process along~~each in his or her own way. I am 78 but I can CALL~~be a POLL Watcher & perhaps do another activity later on. If we ALL do just ONE thing to help, we Can WIN~! It is for US & our Families, benefit after All is said & done. TRUMP has seen the Need & actually has put his LIFE on the line to SAVE our Sovereign Country.

      {Note: It is Human Nature for “Some” to just Sit back & watch~~wait & complain~!} There are also always a few of us that will always take up the slack for those people mentioned.

      Liked by 2 people

      • 7delta says:

        I don’t disagree with you. They are arrogant, but not stupid. Well, not totally stupid, but they are still ultimately stupid. Right now, they’re playing the game, because they think they are special and that what they’re doing will benefit them. They’re stupid to think that they can destroy all the protections of the Rule of Law and it not touch them. History tells us it will destroy them. Sooner, not later, in their plan, someone will decide they are no longer needed. Their businesses and wealth will be confiscated, because there will someone who can and no one to stop them. They mean nothing in the grander scheme of things. They may be part of an inner circle right now that makes them feel secure, but they will eventually discover that there is a circle they may not enter. There always is and the ultimate circle is not them, no matter what they think. They will pay dearly for any displeasure or at the pleasure of a circle that values nothing but themselves and their own god complexes. The guys in the video and those like them are low-level or they wouldn’t be on TV.

        Knowing that and taking into account human nature, it still doesn’t answer why these arrogant dweebs would consent to exposing their smug, silly and dispensable little dinner circle or what they expect to accomplish by being exactly what people think they are?

        God bless you, your fire and love for family and country.

        Liked by 1 person

    • phil fan says:

      This is a smear on the GOPe wing of the uniparty by the Hillary / Dem faction = Kabuki


  46. JoeS says:

    I liked when the one guy said the rest of the world is laughing at us.

    From my perspective, what part of the rest of the world is NOT on fire. Look at the middle east.
    The middle east could be entirely at war any time now.

    Look at Europe-in disarray with a migrant crisis-about to be swallowed up!

    Africa-starvation, war and terrorism is about it!

    China: maybe teetering on a MAJOR recession-depression? Japan? Koreas-chaos? Other parts of Asia.

    Who, who, who is laughing at us?

    Let’s look inward and save America!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mike tramel says:

      They’re not laughing in Germany and France were their nationalist parties our making Great progress in last elections

      Liked by 4 people

    • tz says:

      The rest of the World’s elite is laughing, not unlike the pundits laughed and said Trump’s ceiling was 10%. Oops, 20%. He’ll get out. He’ll collapse. He’ll fade. What the Beck happened?
      They won’t be laughing at this time next year. Can Mexico pay for the border patrol while the wall is going up?

      Liked by 1 person

  47. Howie says:

    We must have Law and Order and Due Process.

    Liked by 2 people

    • tz says:

      This could be interesting as cyber-security breaches are penalized harshly.
      Hmmm. Social engineering works both ways.
      Seriously, “Blackout Wars” and “Lights Out” are serious threats and only two billion would be needed to harden our power grids. 4 states have done so currently.


  48. Howie says:

    Don’t fergit. that the democrats are also establishment.

    Liked by 1 person

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