A Reminder “This is an Insurgency”….

The goal of any insurgency is to work earnestly against the ruling power structure.

patriotLook closely at the avatar (pictured image) that I have continually used since we formed this Last Refuge.

What you’ll note is it represents a singular character who recognizes the power structure is two political parties that no longer represent the people; but rather represent their own interests, the “UniParty” of Limo-Democrats and Vichy Republicans.

DC representing their own best interests, financial interests, the interests of Wall Street and Globalists.

The Democrats and Republicans working together to maintain their collective place at the political trough, and a character personified by a patriot trying to dispatch that ideological alignment.

There is a very good reason why this little corner of the internet is labeled The Last Refuge.  An example today is highlighted in Maryland at CPAC, where Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, gave a speech and received a standing ovation from “conservatives” in the audience.

The “conservative” audience stood and cheered for a former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, a federal “Budget Expert”, who only two months ago spearheaded the passage of an Omnibus Spending Bill giving the government unlimited spending and elimination of the debt ceiling.

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweet

The “conservative” CPAC audience stood and cheered for a budget chairman who never passed a single budget, and instead for the past 8 consecutive fiscal years has maintained federal spending growth through continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills.

Speaker Paul Ryan received a standing ovation.

From “Conservatives”.

Stop and think about that for a few minutes.

So when you look at the election today – think about the same mindset characterized within those cheering fans are also showing up at the polls.

It should come as no surprise to see the onslaught of the national media and republican party’s professional propaganda working diligently on the psyche of the electorate.  If the professional political class can “gaslight” an electorate so successfully as to get an audience consisting of thousands of “conservatives” to cheer for Paul Ryan, what exactly do you think is possible in all of the remaining states that hold elections?

This is a delegate race now.  The goal of the UniParty, including professional Democrats, professional Republicans and the Wall Street interests they represent, is to stop the vulgarian Donald Trump from casting them into irrelevance.  They are fighting for their livelihood…  There are trillions of dollars of graft at stake.

Their goal, as openly admitted by UniParty leadership (Mitt Romney et al) is to block Donald Trump.  The tool to block candidate Trump is to use the same splitter strategy they constructed in 2014 when it was originally designed to benefit Jeb Bush; only with this modified approach they want to block candidate Trump.

Anyone who can assist the UniParty is currently useful, including Senator Ted Cruz.  The crowds will cheer for their success just like the crowds at CPAC today cheered for Paul Ryan.

This is the Last Refuge, and candidate Donald Trump is the best hope for the insurgency.

It is about delegates, not states – D.E.L.E.G.A.T.E.S.

Keeping UniParty Senator Marco Rubio below certain thresholds is critical.  Keeping Wall Street’s Ted Cruz below certain thresholds (50%) is critical.  Gaining delegates to maintain a sizable lead is critical.  Winning states is NOT critical.

If Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz can both arrive at the National Republican Convention having amassed most of the delegates, a fight will begin for who should win the nomination.

At that point the argument should be who is the better candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton, and reasonable people will admit candidate Trump has shown an ability to win with independents, blue collar democrats, Reagan Dems, blue-dogs and the America-First independent-minded common sense electorate.

The argument “should be“…

…..however, today “conservatives” stood and cheered for Speaker Paul Ryan.

So keep expectations in perspective.

Partriotic Preparationtrump lion

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243 Responses to A Reminder “This is an Insurgency”….

  1. dsp says:

    When do Maine and Kentucky close up and report?


  2. Toronto Tonto says:

    Agree about delegates, but we don’t want Cruz to reach the magic # of 1237 even if Trump does, too. We want to make sure only Trump wins the required delegate count. No one else.

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  3. Raffaella says:

    TRUMP IS WIINING KENTUCKY – that is why they are holding results for so long.

    Why are they holding Maine this long? Is it possible that they are trying to figure out how to cheat?


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    • cozette says:

      No. The Gov. Of Maine endorsed Trump. He wanted to stop the narrative it was a Cruz blow out that was being pitched with only 7% of votes being tallied. It’s an old political trick to make Trump supporters too discouraged to vote. Gov. La Page nipped that game in the bud.

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    • dsp says:

      To get more Somali votes counted?

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    • Trump lost Maine will win Kentucky


    • Blue Moon says:

      Kentucky will go to Trump. Cruz supposedly won my county (home of Ran Paul) but I haven’t seen the results yet for our county.
      Off topic and worth checking into: Bill O’R of fox asked Newt the other night why the GOPe’s hate Trump so bad and Newt said it was because “He is not a member of the secret society”. Has anyone ever heard of this and if it really exists? I am doing some research on it and I do know that the History channel had a special on it a few months ago.


    • entagor says:

      why no exit polls?

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      • Blue Moon says:

        CNN reported on our county. The exit polling showed Cruz won. Also, they turned away long lines of people still waiting to vote. Our county is “Mitch” country along with Ran Paul. May be why they reported this. If trump was winning they probably wouldn’t have reported it.


  4. Southern Son says:

    Great American Eagle pic. Sundance, as always You Are the Best.
    American Patriot you are.
    No matter how this shakes out.
    I’m Proud to ride with you.

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  5. davecatbone says:

    Sundance, thank you for the work you do, this really is the only place that presents in depth fact and analysis in defense of America, on a consistent daily basis. I scream silently at the so called conservatives I know who, even when presented with truth, aren’t strong enough to accept it. God bless you and all the Treepers.

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  6. Nationalist says:

    To the point of ‘nothing matters but the delegates’, here is a link that shows who is on track for the nomination:


    Trump is the only candidate currently running ahead of his nomination track (according to the folks at FiveThirtyEight). To stay on track Trump needs to finish today with 366 delegates –and he already has 338 coming in.

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    • Nationalist says:

      By comparison, Ted Cruz needs to finish today with 455 delegates to be ‘on track’ according to the link above. Cruz only has 236 delegates coming into the day.

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  7. Howie says:

    Kansas and Maine Rebublicans go to the caucus.

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  8. ssupsky says:

    Hakuna matata about Mr.Trump. I’m thinking he’s a pretty smart guy. AND, he’s in it to win it.


  9. dsp says:

    The delegate tracker at 538 is useful.

    Watch their projections. I think they’re disinfo.


  10. Dehbashi says:

    You are right Sundance. This is a battle that never was going to be easy. I apologize to others in the other thread if it felt to others if that was not the case.

    Even my wife talks about my logical self with minimal emotions causes trouble. 😀

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  11. Did anybody see the movie “Election” with Reese Witherspoon? That is Ted Cruz. He’s an animal. Creatures like this come along only every so often in politics. Trump cannot underestimate him. People don’t like it when I offer advice to Trump, but in my opinion he needs to go after Cruz with far greater focus and ferocity.

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  12. rajabear1 says:

    Thank you for posting this SD. This is my refuge and it’s been nerve wracking especially today trying to stay updated. I finally had to stop reading a while ago, just couldn’t take it.
    I’m stuck at work with no television to give context to all the comments and random numbers being thrown around, with panic in the air on the election threads, let’s just say, even in during the FL rally, folks were throwing in the towel, just a downer and I had know idea what was really happening in real time.
    Your post was well timed and I hope everyone takes time to read and understand it before the next battle.
    Thanks again, Sundance, for everything .

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  13. I think many expect or want Trump to win every state by 20 points. It would be wonderful if the sense of insurgency could be so complete. It isn’t. This is a vicious battle against vicious people, with many clueless and credulous Republican voters in between. It won’t be easy.

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  14. LW says:

    Why doesn’t Trump ask independents to switch to republican for the closed primary states? They can switch back later. Are most of them closed that are coming up?


  15. fnn says:

    NBC Correspondent covering Trump rally in NO apparently sees a live chicken for the first time in her life:


    • boojum says:

      Sounds about right. When I was a child in New Orleans it was not unusual to see people with their parrots or other lovely creatures on the streetcar. It was a magical place in which to grow up.


    • blognificentbee says:

      Great journalism, she will probably win an award…ugh


  16. JJ says:

    I have a neighbor on one side that voted for Obama twice and the other side voted for Obama 2008.
    I have a really hard time associating with either now. At first, I could stomach it, but the damage to our country is so great, I now can’t stomace either neighbor.
    This is a big deal for my husband and me, for we have no friends, no family and are 65 and 67.

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  17. jd7890 says:

    I’m just trying to encourage everyone to get out and make calls for Trump. This is our time to stand up. I’ve never volunteered for a political campaign before but I feel this one is critical. It truly might be our last chance. We all must go out and do our part even if it’s out of our comfort zone.

    I don’t live in Florida but I finally got hooked up with them and started making calls. They can always use more volunteers. Sarasota office 941-955-6300.

    We can’t let this opportunity slip away.

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  18. TheseTruths says:

    This article is spot on. Who are these “conservatives” who cheer for Paul Ryan and who think Rubio would make a good vice president or even president? Do they not know about the Gang of Eight and TPP and our economic woes and the globalist agenda? What do these “conservatives” really stand for? I have no idea anymore. I just know that I’m done with them. I’m actually repulsed by them.

    Once you see the truth, you can’t go back. On with the insurgency!

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    • Paul Ryan is a democrat

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    • boojum says:

      To answer your question. No, the majority do not know. They have visceral feelings about what they see happening, and to what they hear on the news, But the specifics about the players. No. Up to you to spread the word.


      • TheseTruths says:

        I understand what you’re saying. I just don’t understand people like Glenn Beck, who used to spread the word about progressivism and globalism. Now, he’s indoctrinating people to think it’s a good idea for Rubio to be VP. I don’t listen to him anymore, so I don’t know what he’s saying now — just what I read.

        I don’t know if people are turning into establishment RINOs, or if they never believed the things they were saying, or what. They are now working toward the demise of America.

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  19. TheTorch says:

    If Little Marco is under 20% in Louisiana, then he gets no delegates!

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  20. Jett Black says:

    In New Orleans proper, there are no signs for anyone other than demonrats. Voted for Trump in 13th ward (home of the Nevilles and Landrieus). Praying for a Trump win! Might be possible, just because there are so few Rs here.


  21. Nan says:

    My parents were both disgusted with this week’s debate, but were more upset about the “hands” comment than anything else. They had no idea it was in response to something Rubio had been taunting Trump with all week. They’re still not happy about it, but agreed with me that Megyn Kelly never should have even alluded to it. My mom especially was extremely upset when I told her about the border teddy bears. Hitting Texas with a few ads like that might have swayed the entire state. We like Cruz, but we hate illegals more.

    The debate probably did hurt Trump among older voters. Appears that Fox got the soundbite they needed out it. However, the narrative that’s being built by the media about Trump is paper thin, while the problems with Cruz are piling up.


    • Deadbeat says:

      Cruz is NOT AN AMERICAN. He;s a Canadian Manchurian and should not even be running. SUE TED. Get him the hell outta here!

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    • keebler AC says:

      Your parents have to get with the program, no offense, I’ve told mine to do so. The dirty-minded allegory belongs to the media and disgusting Little Marco who feels inferior to Trump. I heard Trump deny that he has small hands. The rest is up to the person hearing it to become all self-righteous. Again, I didn’t hear anything bad coming from Trump until the media started to replay it noon and night. Stop reacting to the media’s soundbites. When are people going to finally figure it out? Media lies 24.7. It’s non-stop placement of wrong thought in your mind. It’s not just once in a while. Their entire being is corrupted for soundbites and to get a knee-jerk reaction from you. I know it’s not you but you’ve got to point it out to people that they are just repeating what they’ve been told by nameless, low IQ gossip reporters.


      • kathyca says:

        Yep. Get with the program or you’re on your own. My kids don’t “feel the Bern,” for example, but I know some who do. If they were mine, they’d be carrying their butts to the polls in their own cars they pay for, with their own insurance they pay for, from their own apartments they pay for. They’re not “feelin’ the Bern” on my dime 🙂


  22. Miss BonBon says:

    I am 100% Trump. I realize we will win if we stay strong. I do a lot of self talk and know that if Trump doesn’t win we will be part of the globalization agenda forever more. God bless America and Trump because he is the ONLY thing that stands between a strong America and being Europe within a decade.


  23. LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

    It’s disgusting that “conservatives” gave Paul Ryan a standing ovation at CPAC.


    • keebler AC says:

      “Wall Street Peons” not Conservatives is more like it. Hindsight awareness is 100%.


    • mark4trump says:

      Its about putting Trump down – because Ryan has spoken against Trump he is their hero – I will be so angry if they succeed in stopping Trump – I cannot stand the thought of voting for any of these losers running against Trump


    • Jake says:

      Remember, before Ryan agreed to be House Speaker, when Boehner left, he first had a closed door meeting with Mitt Romney. They were plotting their path forward. Not only Romney but Ryan has activated a Super Pac in the last couple of days.


  24. Howie says:

    Trump could win as an Indie. Especially with the right running mate. If he won 75% of the Independent vote, 20% of the Republican vote and 20% of the democrat vote. Do the math. it is slam dunk.


    • Shane says:

      Howie, you are EXACTLY correct! I was actually thinking about this earlier today and trying to crunch some numbers and scenarios for how he could win, and I came to the same conclusion that you did (you just did it more succinctly and explained it better than I could have). Mr. Trump has perhaps a few scenarios in which he could win…and by a landslide in each one if tge numbers work out. I think it is more than safe to say that next year we will have our PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!


  25. Ryan Malkin says:

    In the more tradition-bound areas of the northeast, the persisting custom of the blood feud, based on an archaic conception of male honor, requires revenge for even the slightest verbal humiliation or physical attack. This, combined with clannish social organization, ensures an avalanche-like escalation.


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