Insider Reveals Salem Media Was Part of The Coordinated Gang-of-Eight Manipulation…

A few months ago we shared the entire back story of how the legislative gang-of-eight amnesty bill was structured and blocked at the last minute.  After that revealing information was disclosed, research also identified a hidden corporate agenda within Fox News to promote the Amnesty agenda.

Then last week, another story emerged within the New York Times showcasing how various conservative radio hosts were also lobbied, and recruited, to push a more favorable narrative for the Washington DC objectives.  All of the activity was kept from the consuming audience by the participants – all of them attempted to justify their willful blindness.

marco rubio officialhugh hewitt

This week a Salem Communications insider steps forth (via email) to affirm all of the previous reports, and add details specific to the instructions from Salem Broadcasting and Salem Communications group:

In 2014 (sorry, cannot recall the date), Salem Radio hosted a conference call with Senator Marco Rubio to address the Gang of Eight legislation and “set the record straight.” All national and local talk hosts were urged to take part. I am one of their local hosts, and what I heard that day was troubling.

Moderated by Hugh Hewitt, it began with Senator Rubio offering a brief explanation of the measure and why it was so very necessary. Then Hewitt opened the call to questions. There were only a few, and they were exclusively from higher-profile, national Salem personalities, like Mike Gallagher, Katie Pavlich, and Mark Davis. No local host was permitted a question. Following the Q & A, Senator Rubio was cut loose, and that’s when things got weird.

After Rubio departed, Hewitt introduced Salem V.P. Tom Tradup, who began by saying, “Thanks, Hugh. Now, here’s how I would like our talkers to be talking about this…” I exited the call in disgust at that point and have no idea what followed.

The effort by the GOPe to co-opt the so-called “conservative media” is real, and it’s widespread. It also makes me gag.

XXXXXX  (name intentionally withheld by CTH)

Politics as an industrySalem Communications [radio talk show (Hugh Hewitt), Red State (Eric Erickson), now also Twitchy (Michelle Malkin), Hot Air (McCain), NRO, Townhall, Human Events, Bearing Arms]  apparently have the same general ideological world view -regarding immigration-  as Rupert Murdoch and The Wall Street Journal, etc.

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404 Responses to Insider Reveals Salem Media Was Part of The Coordinated Gang-of-Eight Manipulation…

  1. truthandjustice says:

    Re Malkin – I’m another who thought she was the “genuine deal” and agreed with much of what she wrote and was one of my favorites to check for info. But in 2012 or so, while researching on voter fraud, who is behind people, etc., found out from one alleged Insider & others that she is among the “deceivers” as well.. What convinced me was her stance on Scytl. That is the Spanish company responsible for counting our votes in many places in our elections. Malkin completely dismissed it as any kind of threat to worry about and made fun of those who were concerned – calling them “conspiracy nuts”. Yes, just like the others do that we thought were on “our side” – Levin, Rush, etc. So yes, my view is she is not our friend either. Add her to the long list.
    Here are two links about it that are good: Note the other sites also.


    “There are also a number of (CORPORATE) Conservative and Progressive Websites coming out in favor of SCYTL. They say “don’t worry about the Voter Machines being compromised and your vote not counted or stolen. Don’t worry about the Documented theft of ‘passwords’ and the possibility that Elections can be stolen.
    These online corporate shills are pathetic. They include: (Michelle Malkin),,,, There were 2 others, 1 conservative and 1 progressive, but they disappeared from the net, right before our eyes, as we were collecting the websites that ran this Pro-SCTYL Garbage.
    Yes. The Rothschild Controlled Mainstream Media is moving their garbage online!….
    A Spanish Company Known As Scytl Will Be Reporting Election Results For Hundreds Of U.S. Jurisdictions On Election Day…….

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  2. Tparty says:

    CTH is having an effect on on their actions. After the previous ‘outings’ they felt it necessary to bring in an outside host for the debate to ask those particularly pesky questions they didn’t want to be seen asking.

    The hand up the puppets back has been exposed. Now enough people need to see it …. so it can’t be unseen in their minds. We need an all out effort to get the word out … now. Please Donald… tweet this column.

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  3. duchess01 says:

    This is an old video, but demonstrates how dishonest the media is…

    Are You Outfoxed? Media Exposed


  4. Okeydoker says:

    Not the least bit surprised to hear about the Salem Radio dirtbags. All you have to do is listen to medved, hewitt, gallagher, et al to hear their establishment BS. And i recall at the time of the Gang of Eight how the salem dirtbags were pimping this amnesty law. This radio company deserves bankruptcy. Medved is probably the most vile and loathsome scumball on radio.


  5. We have Salem station here in Phoenix KKNT 960 AM. I will put the word to never listen to the ant-American assholes #nevervotingforlyingted


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