Just How Close Was The 2014 Amnesty Vote? – Here’s The Back Story…

The he-said, he-said, between presidential candidates Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz provides an opportunity to highlight just how close passage of Amnesty law was in 2014.

cruz rubio Lee immigration

The senate “Gang of Eight” comprehensive immigration reform bill, which included amnesty legislation  was not blocked by Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio – it specifically passed the senate because of them, not despite them.

A very insightful PBS documentary “The Immigration Battle” lays out exactly what took place during the 2013/2014 legislative time frame.  If you have not watched the documentary I would strongly recommend you do so, it is profoundly enlightening. 

The documentary walks you through a timeline  explaining exactly who was doing what at the times discussed.

Here’s the trailer:

Watch Full Documentary – HERE

After the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill, the activity shifted to the House of Representatives.  Paul Ryan was part of the team supporting passage.

Eventually, against ever increasing pressure from President Obama’s bully pulpit, it came to a moment in the House (June 2014) where Speaker John Boehner was going to take up a vote on the Senate Bill.

Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan and a few other close insiders had been holding secret meetings discussing support for the bill.   On Friday June 6th 2014 Boehner recognized there was now enough support for passage – he also knew it was going to be controversial.

Boehner - Cantor- McCarthy - House-GOP-leaders-

Boehner asked Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Whip) to whip the vote and get a confirmed vote count on Monday June 9th 2014.   Unbeknownst to both GOP and DEM rank-and-file membership  Boehner, Ryan and Eric Cantor already knew they had the votes for passage – the request to McCarthy was merely to confirm.

Speaker John Boehner was planning to schedule the vote for Thursday June 12th or Friday June 13th the consideration on either date circled around political benefit through the media:  Was it better to celebrate, if so Thursday -or- was it better to pass and get out of dodge, if so Friday.

So the GOP House Members were officially whipped on Monday June 9th.   The results confirmed what John Boehner and Paul Ryan already knew – They had enough votes to pass it.

On Tuesday June 10th Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor (Majority Leader) and Kevin McCarthy (Majority Whip) had lunch together discussing timing the vote Thursday night or Friday Morning.

However, later that same night the results from the 2014 Virginia primary showed an unknown conservative outsider, Dave Brat, had defeated (primaried) Eric Cantor.   At 7:00pm Tuesday night the first word went out that Cantor had lost.

cantor vs bratBoehner, McCarthy and Cantor were STUNNED beyond belief.

The next day, Wednesday June 11th, the House of Representatives was also in a state of shock – Almost the entire reason for the defeat was the controversial immigration position of Cantor.

Immediately panicked GOP congresscritters were calling Kevin McCarthy and revoking their previous (2 days earlier) positions of support for the bill.   By lunchtime Wednesday June 11th it was obvious the Immigration Bill was NOW DEAD in the House.

That’s how close it was.  Literally within hours of a vote for passage.

Amnesty didn’t die because of Senator Ted Cruz or anything he did or didn’t do.   The gang of eight bill had already passed the senate.

Amnesty died exclusively because candidate Dave Brat beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  Period.

Dave Brat


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173 Responses to Just How Close Was The 2014 Amnesty Vote? – Here’s The Back Story…

  1. RINOKiller says:

    One person caused the Amnesty bill to die


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  2. beaujest says:

    Send this to Limbaugh he is confused !

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    • hnlbeach says:

      Limbaugh getting old …1st he trashes Trump .. then he praises Trump

      Thank God for Brat

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    • sundance says:

      Go to 05:38 of this video.


      It ends the argument. Cruz’s position created citizenship – PERIOD.

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      • Arkindole says:

        Bret Baier had him tied in knots during yesterday’s interview. It’s the worst stuttering I’ve ever seen from Cruz in any video. Broadsided. T-Boned. He owns that position.

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      • AMD_Afficionado says:

        What am I supposed to be seeing at 05:38?

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        • Cruz begins after 5:37:00.

          I’m left with the impression that Cruz played both sides the same way Rand Paul and a lot of Republicans have. They’re “against amnesty” only insofar as they’re not for making illegal aliens into citizens. But they are (or were) in favor of rewarding the bulk of illegals with work visas. Can somebody explain to me how in the hell that isn’t amnesty?

          It’s the same BS that McCain has always repeated – it isn’t amnesty because it’s preceded by a slap on the wrist. Have to pay a fine, be fluent in English, yada yada. You know, the same crap that was in the 86 amnesty and was never enforced. Bush touted a border fence in 2006 and it passed (no doubt a political desperation move, I would love to see a timeline of when he started to push that and when he saw the first polling that Rovian politics was going to deliver the GOP historic midterm losses). That double fence still isn’t built and to my understanding isn’t funded in this omnibus.

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      • _jbrown says:

        My heart is breaking bc I’ve been a longtime supporter of Cruz! New here and I’ve learned so very much but did not want to believe that Cruz had belied his conservatism on amnesty. Even after deciding to support Mr. Trump two weeks ago I still held on to a sliver of hope for Cruz. That sliver is gone! I pray every day that God will bless this country and we can propel the political class out of power. Would Cruz be a bad choice for Trumps VP?

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        • H Hutto says:

          I first wandered into this site ready to “Cruz on”. Not commenting,, just reading and observing the good folks here. Not by name calling, and poo throwing, but by good and simple logic, facts, links, under the guidance of Sundance here at TCTH. I now, am all in for TRUMP.
          Look where your prayers have led you. Praise the LORD, and vote TRUMP.

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          • peachteachr says:

            It’s a great feeling when you understand that you belong here at the tree. So now you choose your branch and roost here with us.

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          • _jbrown says:

            Been doing the same kind of “Cruzing” politely commenting on occasion and was ready to move on. Just couldn’t stay away from the, as you say, logic and facts backed up by links. The Cruz immigration flap brought me back for the cold, hard truth even knowing I didn’t want to know. Truth is just too important for our country! Trump says what is truly going on in out country and i just pray he will do what he says. I’m terribly afraid he may be the last hope for America. Praise God for all of you here and thank you for responding to my post. I no longer feel alone. God bless from a much, much less hesitant Trump suporter!

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        • stringy theory says:

          Cruz has no place in the Trump administration in my view. He simply cannot be trusted. He’s demonstrated that time and again.

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          • tiredarmyvet says:

            He might make a good U.S. Attorney General, that’s about it.


          • anon says:

            Cruz will hopefully be an ally in the future if he sees Trump sandblasting globalism out of of DC (I know I exaggerate) but he would have to work a lot of years to earn enough trust to be considered actually ‘on the team’. Allies are people with whom you can work to pursue common interests, but they are by definition NOT on your side.


            • _jbrown says:

              Now, I no longer look at Cruz the same way. Such a disappointment. Btw, great observation on the definition of an ally. Love your perspective.


          • Notmeagain says:

            Yes, yes. It isn’t foolproof, most everyone is somewhat hardy to illusions, but this is a very insidious video whether you watch or listen, and between the two–don’t turn it on.


        • Trumped says:

          Dont worry he had ,and still has, many fooled cause he is a very good liar. Truly one of the best. But this comes hopefully to an end.
          Absurd that establishment Fox Baier did that work. Of course only for the benefit of rubio and bush.

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        • singtune says:

          Welcome to the Treehouse. I too, am fairly new here I also do not think Cruz has any part in the Trump Adm. He is a closet Globalist & much research and reading has brought this to my attention. Trump has much to accomplish , in order to bring Our American Sovereignty back to Strength. I believe he has to Avoid all the NWO Class Globalists , for as long as he is President~~~along with any of the RINOS that have been traitor’s to the People who voted for them.

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        • SI says:

          Yes, Cruz would be A VERY BAD CHOICE for VP. He would invalidate the ticket. He is NOT natural born. In fact, he was Canadian last year and when he won his senate seat. HE IS GUILTY OF ELECTION FRAUD AND BELONGS IN JAIL.


      • littlebytesnews says:

        Untrue, citizenship and legal status were already part of the gang of 8. Cruz removed citizenship in his amendment but the gang of 8 still voted against it and all border enforcement amendments proving they only wanted amnesty and legalization with welfare. Cruz’s amendment process exposed this lie because the gang of 8 were publicly saying the gang of 8 was about border enforcement when it was really about amnesty.

        See my comment below for more explanation.


      • Cora says:

        Would you like to post your real name so we can see if you have any real knowledge or if this is all a smoke screen> It’s so easy to hide behind your mask of anonymity as “journalists”. If you really cared about America, you would not be supporting a Democrat opportunist turned republican for the campaign year like Trump.


  3. tappin52 says:

    Rush Limbaugh was twisting himself into a pretzel today to spin Cruz’s actions

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    • hnlbeach says:

      After watching the Frontline show…. sad to see America has become a 1 party political Country….. where voters voices are not heard except on election day

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    • Tonawanda says:

      I like Rush and probably give him more latitude than a lot of folks, but today he was disgraceful. He sounded ridiculous.

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    • darcy says:

      I quit listening to Rush, after being quite devoted for more than a decade, when he disarmed our rightfully suspicious and therefore intense scrutiny of Boehner, very early in his speakership. Rush did this by proclaiming Boehner his buddy; why, we play golf together, he’s really a nice man, he told us. Essentially — go back to your work and families and your hobbies because Boehner’s got your back. Within a month I knew that was a lie, the having our back part in particular. And about this time Rush also declared that Rubio would become President someday, and saying so not at all critical of such an outcome. What does he know that I don’t? How far into the slime of the establishment do Rush’s roots grow? Far enough to cloud his judgment.

      I listen to Radio Derb, on VDARE. It’s the thinking man’s radio program.

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      • Deserttrek says:

        limbaugh went full entertainment long ago. his shilling for the nfl and apple, the devotion to gingrich , and a single definition of conservative pushed me out. sometimes while on the road i listen and have some items he autographed for me at gold tournaments. rush launched an industry and for that I will always acknowledge. like a lot of things he too has a shelf life

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      • mikefromPortland says:

        It isn’t having one’s back that is important it is what he does while occupying that position. Things inserted from behind are rarely good.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Limbaugh has really lost it and it’s showing. His audience is now catching onto his two-faced ways. He’s one of the elite and doesn’t want to upset the apple cart that brings him loads of cash for doing nothing more than run his mouth. What has he done to save our country? Nothing other than yap and we know what that’s worth–hear that George Will and Dr. Kraut.

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      • WeThePeople2016 says:

        I didn’t listen to him today but I heard that he went on the Cruz defensive. I predicted that he is losing more and more of his listeners every day including me.


  4. Terra Firma says:

    Big shout out to Laura Ingraham for help in getting Brat elected!

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  5. mnlakes says:

    But we don’t have any Dave Brats to save us from Ryan and he knows it. That’s why he has that stupid grin on his face all the time.

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    • H Hutto says:

      That stupid grin. Yeah, here I thought is was just a bad case of gas. but now I know.

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      • stringy theory says:

        Recall that photo a couple of days ago showing him and Pelosi dining together in Ryan’s office? They were planning their tactics to push this huge omnibus bill through. I despise Ryan.

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    • Sentient says:

      All it would take is 25% of Ryan’s 2014 voters to figure him out and vote for his democrat opponent and we’d be rid of him. Assuming Ryan isn’t successfully primaried this spring. The more fiery media personalities – Ann Coulter, Michael Savage could make a strong case for supporting the democrat – both with votes in Wis 1, but also with contributions from conservatives nationwide. It’s only one lousy House seat. We could send Ryan back to driving the wienermobile.

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  6. Andrew E. says:

    Trump/Brat 2016

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  7. remster says:

    Laura Ingraham was a big Brat supporter specifically because of Cantor’s support of the illegal immigration amnesty bill. Ryan should be primaried because of this $1 trillion dollar budget bill.

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  8. daveinsocal says:

    Proof one person really can make a difference.

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  9. mnlakes says:

    I just hope Trump doesn’t pick Cruz as his running mate, word out there is, that’s the plan. Trump did act surprised by that statement during the debates so I am still hopeful.

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  10. mcfyre2012 says:

    Good stuff SD!

    This story needs to be told. It goes to show that the people’s votes DO count…and can change things.

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  11. That was nothing short of a true God Given miracle. I read the story behind this one other time, and I am still in awe of how close that was. It just reaffirms how totally evil the RINO’s and the Demoncrats are. It goes without saying, they will ALL have to answer to Jesus one day, and may God have mercy on their souls………..

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  12. snaggletooths says:

    We need more Dave Brat’s that is for sure, so tired of the ” phony” conservatives we have in congress worse then many of the dems at least we know what the dems will do.People need to start going online finding these congress people’s home towns start commenting on the local articles in the local papers write letter’s to the Editors point out to these voter’s why their Congress person needs to be replaced point out their votes, their missed votes or what ever it is.

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  13. H Hutto says:

    Spineless rat rear-ends. Yet, all we hear from them is: Donald Trump “no es conservador.”
    FTA: “Eventually, against ever increasing pressure from President Obama’s bully pulpit”, Now stop and consider if/WHEN President Trump gets that “bully Pulpit”. With a Lets Make America Great Again attitude. Hooyah,

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  14. Jill says:

    The telephone calls to the Congress also had an affect on the outcome. I remember Michelle Malkin pounding the table for everyone to call.

    Ryan certainly looking more sinister now.

    Michael Savage now calls Paul Ryan “Obama’s Beard”.

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  15. Paco Loco says:

    The GOPe will,attempt to force Trump to run with a VP candidate that they control. Trump will probably recruit a retired politician who is from the senate who has the inside baseball on how legislation gets made and passed. Remember, the VP sits as the President of the Senate to break tie votes. Some one like Sen. Tom Coburn would be fantastic.


  16. KitKat says:

    I just listened to Ann Coulter on Howie Carr, and was surprised to learn she isn’t like Rush and Levin a Cruz devotee. She ripped on Cruz, called him a rino, and said that Romney was a 100 times tougher on immigration than Cruz. I personally remember when Romney was running, his website featured a prominent banner that said “Illegal Immmigration is Immoral” but later in the campaign I couldn’t find it any more.

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    • SI says:

      You should read her book, “Adios America”. In it, she has a quote from Cruz in a 2012 interview with the NY Times where he said it was always his intention to let illegals stay. She has also pointed out that he is not natural born.


    • PatriotKate says:

      She is completely wrong though, because did not stop the Senate bill. IT PASSED THE SENATE months before it came up in the House. So, now she’s re-writing history?

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  17. rsmith1776 says:

    Thanks for educating me on the issue.


  18. Rebel Mope says:

    I could not open the Frontline documentary, but I could open their 4 minute trailer.

    Congressman Mulvaney (RINO SC) was trying to explain that we can’t win with 38% of the vote and that’s why we need amnesty. Let me explain a little something to the Congressman. We have the House and we have the Senate. I guess that means we can win with the people we elected to articulate our position in an effective manner. Are we doomed to some shade of liberalism forever? Or do we just need people that can articulate a conservative position, our core principles, in a manner that can attract new voters? Ah what’s you use. I’m just going to vote against every damn incumbent.

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  19. stringy theory says:

    The debate a couple of nights ago was supposed to be all about trashing Trump, but a funny thing happened on the way–a clash between Rubio and Cruz that stole the show and ignited the continuing firestorm that has both their “airplanes” in a flat spin and we know how those usually end. It’s great watching these two junior senators yelling liar, liar pants on fire at each other. Boy does the GOPe have a problem now: Jebita is toast and their second stringer Rube the Cube is fading and dragging the disingenuous Cruz along. Meanwhile, Trump continues to stump drawing Yuge crowds at every stop. I doubt Ted will be drafting Trump much longer.

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  20. Backspin says:

    CON-gress will continue to Ignore the will of the people. How much more ” Actionable Intelligence ”
    do we need ? Shut the Crap-Weasels down , Full Recall . Pink slip House and Senate . Suspend Operations. We have been TOO QUIET for TOO LONG !! – JAM THE GEARS –
    My Consent to be ruled is REVOKED due to lack of representation . Make Them HEAR US !!
    —— Nationwide – General – STRIKE ——-

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  21. Paco Loco says:

    Let’s start making the list state by state as to who we Treepers should support for the house and senate races. It’s a big task that may be SD can lead?

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  22. jackphatz says:

    I have a serious concern. Once Trump is in office, everyone knows his take on immigration/amnesty. If Congress is still determined to do it “their way” and not give Trump what he wants, then what? Won’t that just tie Trumps hands? We don’t have enough real Conservatives in DC.


    • stringy theory says:

      Jack, when those cowards in the Congress see the tidal wave that will sweep Trump into office, they will mess their pants. And don’t forget, that same wave will wash a lot of these morons out to sea. I wouldn’t worry–President Trump will know how to get what he wants; he always does. Negotiating deals is his forte.

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    • ctdar says:

      who needs congress? obama has made executive orders the norm now.

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      • rsmith1776 says:

        Trump has a phone and a paper. He has the prototype Iphone 16 and a pen tall like the Trump Towers.

        Yes, we should return to constitutional republicanism but after the despicable Obama/RINO legacy is being canceled in one comprehensive and yuge deluge of Executive orders signed on Friday, January 20.

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      • jackphatz says:

        True and Ryan just made the “Republican” party irrelevant. Every Man, Woman and Child for themselves.


    • JustME says:

      Actually, most if not all the laws necessary to enforce our border are already there. Currently, it’s a simple blatant disregard for the law, masked behind the “political climate”. Simply an excuse to pander to the Uniparty’s masters in the Chamber of Commerce.

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    • We already have the laws, he’ll have the power of the veto, and the people will back him on enforcement.

      It’s the session between the election and inauguration that we should be more concerned about.

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    • Oh please about 85-95% of what Trump wants to do on Immigration alone has already passed and is existing law. Even the Wall was passed in 2006. The President has been authorized to build a fence and I’m not 100% sure but I don’t believe the statute itself describes how that “Fence” is supposed to be, just that Congress authorized it be built.

      So Trump going in has the Authorization. Now funding Trump can go about it several ways. 1 through appropriations, strike a deal with Congress to get it done. 2, He can just pause Foreign Aid to Mexico and use that money for the Wall. Or 3, the Beauty of having a Businessman like Trump in the White House, he can go to the Private Sector to raise the funds. Hell he could create a Non-Profit “Build the Wall” to raise funds so anyone who donates to the cause can also write it off as a Charitable Contribution Tax Deduction.

      So knowing Trump, he’d probably just go with option 3 for most things and just have the Private Sector handle the funding (which saves Tax Payer $$ and in a sense makes Gov smaller.)

      As for his Deportation… IT’S ALREADY LAW. There are countless of laws on the books that are simply not enforced. Laws that give Trump the authority to deport all illegal immigrants. So for his immigration proposals alone, Trump doesn’t need Congress because Congress already passed those bills.

      The Ban of Muslim immigration debate Trump started was brilliant in many aspects because it brought up a very crucial point. Does the rights provided in the US Constitution apply to Foreign Nationals? Answer is no. Meaning someone in London can’t sue their neighbor in US Courts. And you saw that point being made in defense of Trump’s statements. Well folks… I have some news Illegal Immigrants are Foreign Nationals who violated the Jurisdiction of the United States which technically means, Illegal Immigrants are not entitled to the protections and rights granted by the US Constitution.

      There are only 2 things Trump will need Congress for, IMHO. His tax reform plan and the Senate to approve his trade deals. Outside of that…there are laws already on the books.

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    • mariner says:

      Remember that Trump could do a YUGE amount of good by simply obeying the law, and directing the Executive Branch to enforce it. If the scumbag leftist bureaucrats refused, he could fire them and get others who would.

      If Congress sent him unpalatable laws he could veto them and tell the American people why.

      Of course getting more conservatives into DC would be great, but Trump could fight a magnificent holding action until the reinforcements arrive.

      How about J. Christian Adams for Attorney General?

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    • dizzymissl says:

      You saw how they bailed out when Brat got elected? They bailed because they didn’t want to get sacked.

      If they want to keep their jobs (and most do), they will go along with Trump

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  23. jeans2nd says:

    Sorry, but by the end of the first 10 minutes of this video I was too pissed to continue. Why has no one told those kids that their parents have no rights in this country, that they broke the law and put their own children in danger by doing so? Using those kids for this kind of manipulation is despicable.

    Here is a compromise for them – legalize the ones still here after the wall is built and e-verify is in place, and at the same time repeal the anchor baby law/amendment. That should please everyone and no one, but solve both problems. Will try to finish the video when I am less angry.

    And I still say Cruz fully knows that even if the immigration bill had passed with his amendment, they would have inserted amnesty into a budget bill like they just did with H2B1 visas and start screaming that we cannot shut down the government. Presto, a full immigration bill.

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  24. Helen says:

    Paco Loco, my congressman is Kevin Brady, 8th district Texas. He took Paul Ryan’s place on House Ways and Means Committee. I think he and Ryan must be pretty tight. I am voting for whoever is challenging my congressman in the primary at this point. I haven’t been able to identify who that is yet but I know someone is because Rep Brady is advertising on TV for the first time ever.

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  25. milo minderbinder says:

    …what a bunch of maroons.


  26. Helen says:

    This documentary is worth taking the time to watch. I have seen it in the past and it is very enlightening. Thank God for the good people of VA who had the foresight to vote Eric Cantor out of office.

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    • flova says:

      Just a little back story on the good people here in the 7th(I am one) and Cantor’s defeat.

      It all started in 2010 when Cantor challenged Obama in the healthcare summit by bringing with him the 2,500 healthcare bill and putting it on the table in front of Obama’s face. He then got Obam to admit “millions would lose” their insurance.


      Jarrett must have been furious at the Messiah and at Cantor. She must have vowed revenge because right after that moveon.org set up offices everywhere in the 7th and in Richmond. They started a campaign to have Dems cross over and vote Cantor out–the 7th is long time traditional Republicans and their ploy didn’t work in 2012 but Cantor’s usual huge lead started to dwindle. In 2014 the Tea Party actually joined forces with moveon(little know FACT) to get Cantor out.

      Soon Brat came out of nowhere funded by out of state donors which he has NEVER disclosed.

      Don’t get me wrong, Cantor needed to go but make no mistake this started as a vendetta against Cantor by Obama and Jarrett for his daring to mess with Obama at the healthcare meeting.


  27. delmarvajim says:

    While we are discussing RINO’s to get rid of, does anyone have a link to Kelli Ward’s campaign so I can send her a few bucks?


  28. Paul Killinger says:

    Sometimes we catch a break, thank God! Now awakened, this subsequently led to the unprecadented defeat of nine incumbent Democrat Senators, along with the largest House GOP majority since the 1920’s. What a waste!

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  29. Trumped says:

    The main argument now from cruzbots and apologetics is that he “poisoned” the bill in the interest of the people.


  30. TwoLaine says:

    Many of us knew this, had seen this, before they installed Ryan as SOH.
    We didn’t want him and they shoved him in anyway.
    They all know TRUMP is coming for them.
    Ryan is the Gruber on the inside. He has NO HEART.

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  31. bofh says:

    It’s too much to hope for, that Trump could have coat-tails even before being elected, and yet his support is so strong, I almost wonder if he couldn’t at least threaten to start naming names of various traitorous congress-critters that need to go. I don’t think they’re individually very brave or committed, and some sunlight and the threat of a primary might scare just enough of them to have some effect even before the presidential election. Because otherwise, there is plenty of time for enormous additional damage to be inflicted on this poor, aching country.

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    • mariner says:

      He needs to be nominated first.

      Trying to put the cart before the horse could get our horse run over.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      As Trump said at the debate, do one thing at a time. As long as Obama has access to weaponize the Federal gov’t against Trump, best to hold back on naming names for prosecution.


  32. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    One person can make a difference!


  33. IMO says:

    Of course Canadian Cruz wanted Amnesty just like Indonesian Barry wanted Amnesty.

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  34. myrightpenguin says:

    OK, so the bottom line here is Cruz taking credit for killing the Gang of 8 bill is not right, because he didn’t. Fair point, good analysis.

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  35. jameswlee2014 says:

    When did these contemptuous politicians get the idea that they could give away our country to foreigners?

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    • R-C says:

      Right after we got tired of giving them money, and they made fast friends with the US Chamber of Commerce and the globalists.

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    • jameswlee2014…. oligarchs. evil, despicable men like Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Kochs, etc, etc. These vile men and women put the fear of Satan into the elected officials. Their great plan has been in action for many, many years. I have heard it said in DC that something very evil keeps these traitors in fear of their lives and thus extremely compliant. Trump is in danger from these same evildoers. I pray he knows this and keeps a tight watch on his family. May God protect him and them. Now IS the time for all of us to acknowledge the true enemy.


  36. bulwarker says:

    From Teddy’s own site:
    Deport criminal immigrants: Recommit the federal government to deporting all illegal immigrants who commit crimes – and make use of all available tools to deport criminal immigrants as quickly as possible.

    He only cares about going after illegals who commit crime AFTER breaking into our country/overstaying VISAs, which in and of itself is a crime. So much for the rule of law…
    By turning a blind eye he is allowing de-facto amnesty to aliens.

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  37. scherado says:

    That is a very informative post, sundance. I confess that I couldn’t make it through the PBS video.

    I heard both Limbaugh and Levin take a shot at the historical immigration reform bill. Here is what I found from the information that precedes my entry.

    In the 2013-05-21 hearing video, Cruz begins at 05:28:10.

    At 05:28:42; “This amendment would remove the path to citizenship that is contained in the Gang of 8 Bill.”

    At 05:29:45; “In my view, for immigration reform to pass and to credibly fix the problem, it needs three elements to be added to the current bill.”

    In the amendments list of S. 744 can be found six amendments by Cruz, the relevant three, plus one provision, of which are:

    Ineligibility for citizenship, plus asylum provision,
    Unlawful persons not eligible for means-tested benefits,
    border security requirements

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  38. Veritas says:

    Unfortunately the truth is Rubio voted for the bill and Cruz voted against it. Nothing changes this.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. girlkansas says:



  40. For those who haven’t seen this…

    Ted Cruz Visits Texas Border To Welcome Illegal Alien Families

    Trump 2016


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