Donald Trump’s Fox Debate Boycott and The Ridiculous Fox News Response…

Many broadcast hours and column inches are sure to be used today and tomorrow regarding the decision by Donald Trump to skip the Fox News debate in Iowa.

Predicatively 90% of those reports will most likely circle around a Donald Trump -vs- Megyn Kelly narrative. Obviously that aspect will be the preferred hook used by Fox News to avoid sunlight; it is also profoundly wrong.

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Megyn Kelly, and her sidekick Chris Stirewalt are the visible symptom, not the actual underlying issue. Their partnered ‘too-cute-by-half schtick‘ has been ongoing for several months, including the coordinated antics at the last debate, and in the weeks leading up to the last debate; but again, they are the symptom – not the real issue.

However, it’s also more than a little hypocritical for the same republican voices who were shouting at republican nominees in 2011/2012, for walking into traps with CNN’s Candy Crowley and ABC’s George Stephanopolous, to now be clutching their pearls when 2016 republican frontrunner Donald Trump recognizes the construct in Fox News and avoids it.

Chris Stirewalt is the advance guy, the Fox political debate contractor/producer who is in Iowa setting up the parameters.  He’s the scout organizing the Muslim activist to confront Donald Trump.  He’s the guy organizing the Mexican immigrant to question/antagonize the intended target, trump.  Stirewalt puts the agenda script together – Ms. Kelly, Mr. Wallace and Mr. Baier execute the production.

Megyn Kelly tweet Stirewalt

The problem is Stirewalt and Kelly are so full of themselves, they’ve become too transparent.   They were also transparent before the August 5th 2015 debate, but there wasn’t enough history to provide any context for Trump to avoid it.  He just dealt with it.

The “paint-Trump-asexist” scheme didn’t work, it actually backfired, and Fox found themselves facing a hostile reaction from their own viewership.

Unfortunately, when the globalist financial goals of the company owner are driving the decision-making, a strong back lash won’t stop the employees from setting up round #2.

Remember too, this Iowa/Fox debate was never on the original list, the damage was to have been done by the previous debates leading up to the Fox Business Network debate in North Charleston; held during national RNC Committee Convention.

There’s two story-lines to this overall “Get Trump” narrative. One is a corporate Fox media set-up (so ridiculously obvious the intended target saw it coming a mile away); the other is the reason for the Fox corporate need to get Trump out of the way.  The former deals with the petty instructions from Rupert Murdoch and his band of fools; the latter deals with Murdochs own political agendas: Open Borders/Amnesty and Asian Trade-Deals (TPP).

Julia Hahn does a great job outlining the Fox Amnesty Agenda -HERE.  We’ve also previously outlined the specifics of how they were going about it – HERE.

To make ideological matters worse, Fox News President Roger Ailes has been very sick, and not at the helm of Fox News for the past several months.  Instead, Mr. Wall Street, Rupert Murdoch, has been personally meeting with the program executives and formatting their objectives.

roger-ailesRupert Murdoch

Fox News President Roger Ailes would never allow his team to send out a press release like this:

FOX NEWS:  “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president. A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

Obviously, such non-professional snark was a gift to Donald Trump providing him just the excuse he needed to avoid the entire second debate set-up.   That over-the-top media release actually sounds like it was written by a zealous Murdoch acolyte (executive) vying for the job of Ailes as soon as he resigns his post.

As embarrassing as that release was, the ridiculous reasoning/justification provided by Fox AFTER Donald Trump pulled out is even worse.

Fox News, through this last release, attempt to make themselves the victim; and this media release reeks like the scribble of a college-aged social justice warrior, not a billion dollar network empire:

“As many of our viewers know, FOX News is hosting a sanctioned debate in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday night, three days before the first votes of the 2016 election are cast in the Iowa Caucus,” Fox News said in the statement. “Donald Trump is refusing to debate seven of his fellow presidential candidates on stage that night, which is near unprecedented.

We’re not sure how Iowans are going to feel about him walking away from them at the last minute, but it should be clear to the American public by now that this is rooted in one thing – Megyn Kelly, whom he has viciously attacked since August and has now spent four days demanding be removed from the debate stage.

Capitulating to politicians’ ultimatums about a debate moderator violates all journalistic standards, as do threats, including the one leveled by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski toward Megyn Kelly.

In a call on Saturday with a Fox News executive, Lewandowski stated that Megyn had a ‘rough couple of days after that last debate’ and he ‘would hate to have her go through that again.’ Lewandowski was warned not to level any more threats, but he continued to do so.

We can’t give in to terrorizations toward any of our employees. Trump is still welcome at Thursday night’s debate and will be treated fairly, just as he has been during his 132 appearances on FOX News & FOX Business, but he can’t dictate the moderators or the questions.”

“Terrorizations” oh my….

However, Donald Trump knows enough about Roger Ailes to know this is not a public release approved by a normally-minded Ailes.   No, this has the doofus Murdoch boys, his leftist children who are being groomed to take over, written all over it.  As such :

But you can be absolutely guaranteed Rupert Murdoch does not want to be dragged into the sunlight of this battle with Donald Trump.

The Corporate/Wall Street Murdoch has way too much to lose.  If millions of viewers begin to see articles about Rupert’s corporate agendas’ toward amnesty, open borders and Trans-Pacific Trade – the Fox ruse would be exposed.

megyn kelly 2 rupert murdochgrubering us bush murdoch jarrett

In addition the scars of the UK Daily Mirror scandal are not yet healed.

It will be interesting to see where this goes.


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1,066 Responses to Donald Trump’s Fox Debate Boycott and The Ridiculous Fox News Response…

  1. pokey5735 says:

    Chris Stirewalt is on the John Gibson show everyday running his mouth about Trump and his assessment of the voters and how and why they vote this way or that. And at the same time those two try to denigrate everything Trump has to say. They both remind me how stupid and gullible they think the American citizen voter is. They figure if the continue their veil and sometimes not, attack on Trump his voters will be swayed to vote for someone else. WRONG!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kathyca says:

    This tweet pretty much sums it up lol

    Liked by 3 people

  3. John says:

    Trump is so much smarter than FOX News bullies. Yes Boycott!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Logan Davis says:

    BOYCOTT!!! People like Murdoch, Koch Brothers, Soros all have way to much control over America !! From its banks, to its businesses, to its media, to the politicians. And, so many laws passed on behalf of the rich who buy politicians. Including favors. It’s so fucked up !!! Make Ted Cruz lose big time, and make him realize he has not chance in Iowa. And, make Fox News Network see they will turn into nothing without Trump !! Trump will expose Fox in many more ways than we know now. VOTE TRUMP !!! Boycott the debate everyone !!!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. feet2fire says:

    Another perceptive, well-written article by sundance. Thank you for your labors of love–and truth!

    BTW, that snarky message from FOX to Trump yesterday sounds suspiciously like something Greg Gutfeld would come up with. (He seems to have some kind of adolescent crush on Kelly.)

    Also, think we heard that the Murdoch boys took over the helm at FOX way back last summer, around the time of the initial FOX debate and that they had a hand in the Trump sabotage-attempt in that first debate.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Rich says:

    Trump’s boycott contention that Fox has treated him unfairly is laughable. He has received more free air time on Fix than by other network.Actually it’s sickening how much coverage he’s received on Fox. The bottom line here is Trump doesn’t want to go one on one with Cruz as an enemy. In prior debates Trump didn’t worry about Cruz as he was being “nice” to the Donald..In the general election this “I’m taking my ball and going home” attitude tarnishes Trumps image as the tough guy thus costing him with middle of the road blue collar lunch box voters.


  7. nightmare on k st says:

    Someone should do a video, titled “Roger & Me”, to expose Roger Alies trying to trash Trump and bring him down, at the same time courting him to be on Fox.

    Michael Moore, who did his “Roger & Me” a while back, can do a review with Megyn Kelly, his new BFF.

    Any word if Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz was going to be MK’s guest of honor along with the illegal Mexican and Muslim tonight?


  8. Reminds me of the Trump organization ‘smelling’ the Fox News ambush.


  9. marshabar1 says:

    Exactly right! MEgyn Kelly puffs up like a peacock for her “close-up” on the debate panel. Disgusting spectacle.


  10. As Rush Limbaugh notes, Donald Trump has indeed made illegal immigration into an issue of national debate. The liberal media and now, apparently, the chairman of the Republican Party, have objected to Trump’s comments about criminal aliens. In fact, what Trump has done is jeopardize a plan that goes way beyond mere amnesty for illegals, and which has been on the drawing board for more than a decade. Simply put, the plan is to submerge the sovereignty of the United States of America and politically integrate the U.S., Canada, and Mexico into a trilateral entity called the North American Union………..”I support the Task Force report and its recommendations aimed at building a safer and more prosperous North America,” Mrs. Cruz said in an additional statement in the CFR report. She also urged that economic investment in the region “be led and perpetuated by the private sector.”

    At some point, if Senator Cruz is himself serious about his praise of Donald Trump’s tough stand and comments about illegal immigration, Mrs. Cruz may have to come forward to explain her involvement in the CFR panel’s controversial work.


  11. New Fig says:

    Go TRUMP! Run the Murdocks, Clinton’s and associates out of town!

    Liked by 1 person

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  13. Dormanchan: I had mixed feelings about Trump Skipping the debate until I saw THAT statement eiles (SIC) wrote himself about putin and the ayatolla. Megan Kelly and Roger LIED their asses off saying neither she nor he were bias toward Trump. The heads of Msbn news said any politition or Trump that went on the stage at that debate were stupid and that Donald is anything but stuping. But getting back to kelly, she had that Dump Trump Panel on fox a couple of weeks ago of which she is the media leader and then has the audacity to say she is not biased. Give me a breqk bimbo. You think all of us are morons. We know the attack on Donald which has been going on for months by you and your boss Roger is aimed at bringing him down, but guess what dummy girl, TAINT GOING TO WORK. If you or your boss had to get by in the real world you would be on food stamps shortly unless you hit the streets. Dont know what Roger could do. So just thank god that there is a job where you only to lie and try to set up events and situations that try to make America follow you down the primrose path to doom. Get a life. And had you done your homework before the debate you would have found that 43% of the Trump organiztions employees are women and 61% of his executives are women and many making much more than the men. The pitiful thing is you probably did know but could not bring it up because then you couldn’t hit him with the women abuse bull-shit. So you and your boss have a good time while you can for I think you both are going down because of what you are doing to fox, and you act as if you have no idea why Donald calls you all scum, dishonest, etc.. Hes right you know.


  14. TONYA says:

    Waited and waited for the “Candy Crowley” connection to surface as possible Trump debate skip from Fox. After all, they are fair and balanced. Some personalities must have been contract bridled into silence. I may watch Fox but not STUPID. I look for information and notice it’s absence from all media including FOX. What goes unsaid is more important when dealing with anyone.


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