Reminder: Why Trump Battles The Fox News Machine…

Anyone who is viewing the battle between Donald Trump and Fox News as a representative battle of thin-skinned ego is entirely missing the point.

Roger Ailestrump with hat

Trump is not just taking on the construct of progressive ideology that has undermined the essence of American exceptionalism; Trump is not just exposing the immense number of faux-conservatives in media and political punditry;  Trump is not just allowing us to see the scope of anti-American interest; no, he’s taking on the very selfish foundation they’ve used to sell out our country. Heck, he’s taking on all the “Decepticons” simultaneously.

In many ways Fox’s Roger Ailes and Republican Mitch McConnell carry the same ideological character trait, deception. For McConnell his deceptive ways allow him to retain power inside the DC construct. For Roger Ailes manipulation benefits his media dominance and political interests.

Neither McConnell nor Ailes can actually be trusted.  However, we are only just beginning to understand the enormity and scope of the previously hidden betrayal.

It all boils down to a very familiar problem. Would you rather rid yourself of the schemer, manipulator and deceiver who claims to be your friend – and as a consequence face a visible enemy in their stead. Or do you chose to be associated within the camp of a person you can never fully trust.

The 2014 re-election of Mitch McConnell was a case study in choosing between the lesser of these two evils. If you don’t re-elect him your team may not win control of the Senate; but if you do elect him your team may win control – but you’ll never be able to trust him to do what he says.

We are all witnessing the 2015 reality of McConnell’s untrustworthy legislative behavior; he lied to get re-elected, and he’s only working on the priorities of Tom Donohue, Wall Street, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Our Co-Dependent Behavior:

♦ If, in the spring of 2014, anyone had tried to convince the electorate that the National Republican Senatorial Committee would pay for racist attack ads, and pay for Democrats to vote in the Mississippi Senate Primary against a republican candidate, the same electorate would have said ‘you’re nuts’.

McConnell and Boehnertom donohue 4

♦ If, prior to the fall election of 2014, anyone had tried to convince the electorate that Mitch McConnell would NEVER repeal Obamacare, because his handlers wanted Obamacare to remain in place, the voting electorate would say “you’re nuts”.

♦ If, in the dawn of 2015, anyone had tried to convince the electorate the now Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, would change the senate rules to pass Obama trade agreements with only 51 votes, destroying the construct of the Senate oversight simply to give Obama more power -because McConnell’s handlers wanted it- again more people would have said “you’re nuts”. Perhaps even the same people.

♦ If, in the summer of 2015, anyone had tried to convince the electorate that the RNC and DC-based GOPe, had constructed a specific and intentional plan to elect Jeb Bush with 20% of the voting base, those same voices say “you’re nuts”.

Some people just refuse to accept what is. The rest of us -who do accept- are called “nuts”…. or Whacko-birds, or Hobbits, or Crazies, or… well, you get the point.

trump brilliantThe bottom line is Donald Trump is advocating for us; he’s representing the interests of all of us who are sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated by the Mitch McConnells of the world. So while campaigning, he’s taking them head on.

What value lies within victory, if the reason for being victorious is open to interpretation? A fancy way of saying “bold contrasts, not pale pastels”. When Trump shows up to the White House, there won’t be anyone in DC who doesn’t know exactly why he’s there.

If victorious, Trump will carry the biggest and boldest mandate EVER.

Candidate Donald Trump has now taken enough positions for us to clearly identify that he is indeed our friend, and as a consequence their enemy. Just look at what he has exposed in the two months since he announced. He’s done this simply by putting sunlight on issues and taking firm stances that all others in/around the same issues have apparently lied about for years.

Donald Trump, a serious student of the entire decades long game, is waging a 360° war against the entire GOPe apparatus, on every single level of its construct. And yes, that also means the monolithic media empire which facilitates all of the aforementioned usurpations.

Donald Trump is campaigning against EVERY ADVERSE INTEREST to the U.S.A. This is the essential underpinning of the “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Those adverse interests are both outside and inside our borders. He’s intent on tearing down the machine, all of it. By now that should be obvious to everyone.

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

In that regard, Rupert Murdoch FOX owner is part of the problem. So too Roger Ailes Fox News President is also part of the problem…. again, their interests – i.e., elect Jeb Bush- are antithetical to those of a restored, strong, free and independent U.S.

Mitch McConnell, Rupert Murdoch, The RNC, Roger Ailes, Tom Donohue, Wall Street et al, are all part of the apparatus simultaneously being confronted.

Trump is talking about, and, well, actually he’s doing more than talking about it, he’s taking on BIG ideological entities that have embedded themselves inside the body politic.

It’s often a painful exhibition to watch a surgeon cut clear margins out of an infected patient. And it definitely ain’t pretty when you have to do it on a battlefield in the midst of an ideological war.

This is the backdrop for Donald Trump taking on Fox News, and as a consequence Rupert Murdoch through Roger Ailes and Murdoch’s princess, Megyn Kelly.

Just like exposing the real motivation behind the RNC, or Mitch McConnell, or the NRSC in 2014’s Mississippi primary, Trump is exposing the sordid and corrupt world of the U.S. legacy media.

However, better than merely exposing them, he’s taking them head-on.

Trump would rather face an enemy who genuinely opposes him, MSNBC and CNN, than deal with the likes of a enemy who puts on the mask of being favorable toward him while simultaneously working diligently to eliminate him. (Remember Brutus?)

Trump respects the honest opponent, he does not respect the dishonest manipulator. Obviously, a level of media dishonesty was dragged front and center, in front of 24 million viewers, during the Fox News RNC/GOP debate.

Megyn Kelly Debate

It was the severity of the dishonesty, the deceptive intent and the scope of the planning and forethought, that triggered the response. ENOUGH !

I mean c’mon, seriously. While initially many didn’t want to believe what we were saying, we saw the deceptive sneak attack coming a week before it took place. It was transparently obvious that Megyn ‘too-cute-by-half’ Kelly had a specific agenda she was intent on delivering. [ June 30th Warning To Donald Trump ]

Lil Miss Condescending was so pissed that Trump avoided her initial pre-debate set up on August 4th she took it out on Ted Cruz

As a consequence of the specific forethought, and after deciding it’s better to have an honest enemy, Mr. Trump is now in the position of tearing down the pillars of Roger Ailes creation. And, as evidence of Trumps’ strength therein, Roger Ailes’ responses reflect a reality that Ailes views this ENEMY, unlike any other enemy, because Trump holds Samson-like capabilities.

It’s not about Megyn Kelly per se’. It’s about taking the strongest most valuable part of Ailes organization, the one he has invested the most time, effort, energy and emotion with, and confronting that ‘golden goose’ first. Ailes would surely never respond the same way if it were a less valuable part of his business. Trump hits em’ where it hurts.

Appearances on CNN, MSNBC or the alphabets might seem antithetical to most GOP candidates who view Fox as a more direct channel to a specific audience. But Trump is saying he’d rather confront an honest opponent who he knows hates him, than walk into a dishonest interview unsure of their masked ‘angle’.

Trump is also showing the approach he would take if he is able to achieve victory and win the White House. Mitch McConnell will never be accepted as a representative leader, nor would John Boehner, neither could/would be trusted. Trump would dispatch their self-serving interests to the land of irrelevance and work around them.

Yes, that implies he’d use the bully pulpit against his own Republican leadership, if that was what’s needed to “Make America Great Again”. Prepare for it.

If the hierarchy within the republican party loses an election to Democrats it’s only a lost election; they are still there, and still comfortable even in the minority.

However, if the hierarchy within the republican party loses an election to Conservatives, they are out of a job.

Donald Trump’s greatest weapon is not his money, his wealth, or his keen and astute business acumen, those are all simply tools he’s developed over a lifetime. No, his greatest weapon against these ideological foes is something we shared on the very first day of his candidacy….

… US !

tea party dc

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180 Responses to Reminder: Why Trump Battles The Fox News Machine…

  1. 1hear2learn says:

    I tried posting this image on a prior thread and it came out YUGE… trying again here, and hopefully not so large this time around.

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  2. The Boss says:

    SD – This is a spectacular analysis of what is VERY likely going on in Trump’s mind. I doubt anyone else could have articulated better the current situation, even if they had spoken to Trump himself. I include even Mr. Spock, who could do that Vulcan mind-meld thing on him. Sorry Trekkies. But for everyone who cares about America….Live Long and Prosper.

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    • Christine says:

      Sundance without doubt is the best in the business. He brought it all together. We understand it. What I am running into with other conservatives who always claim how much they hate the status quo is how much they are still influenced by it. When Trump “insulted” Fiorina they got upset, they are buying into that he is thin-skinned and not a fighter. I get the impression they just want things exactly as they are. They just want to keep complaining they are betrayed but when a man like Trump comes to their rescue they tuck tail. This has been hard for me to see among all my friends. I try to convince them but people get afraid of real change. I pray about it and thank God for this enlightening website. Thank you.

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  3. Ellie says:

    folks, if you can spare it, send in a contribution to here, and to Donald Trump. These people are out there fighting for us. Not only do we owe them our moral support, but we can each do our part to help out financially. if you can’t help out financially, a letter of support to him would be appreciated. Donald Trump is fighting for us. He needs our support!

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    • amjean says:

      No. 1 – this is the best article I have read about Donald Trump.
      …and is the perfect report to those who say that
      Trump is too “thin skinned”. Trump is working for
      all of us. The rest of them are only working for
      No. 2 – the best video of Donald Trump (thus far) in my opinion
      is the one with Tim Scott Q & A posted here.
      No. 3 – Please send letters and/or a few bucks to Trump. It
      will do wonders for your soul; it always feels uplifting
      to be part of something that is good.

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      • No. 1 – this is the best article I have read about Donald Trump.
        …and is the perfect report to those who say that Trump is too “thin skinned”.

        People who play the thin skinned card are no different than those who play the race card. It was a meme started soon after they figured out that Trump would fight back.

        Think about that for a second. Surrender has become so second nature to these folks that any hint of not rolling over and taking it is now considered a bad thing. There are even dummies over at Hotair who say Trump is a coward because he fights back. Seriously, how pathetic has the republican party become?

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        • Nelle says:

          Remember how frustrating it was to have a President who never fought back, to such an extreme that everyone else got tired of defending him, and pretty much gave up? So I guess Trump is the anti-Bush, it’s no wonder if people like to see him fight back. Anyway, isn’t that what all politicians promise they’re going to do when they get elected, is fight, fight, fight?


        • Kathi says:

          Exactly Steve, he oes bite back himself, and not rely on others to do the work.


    • keebler AC says:

      Yes, please send money to both CTH and Donald Trump for their personal protection and best defense because they are taking on great risk to help us and America. Remember they are battling Wall Street and several big monied interests like Fox’s Murdoch and Soros (who each are much older than Trump with billions$) along with terrorist sponsors willing to feed the rot. We the People together are bigger because we caused the movement from CNN to Fox since 2008, and we are the juggernaut to defend and protect. Never forget that. If Trump doesn’t win or something untoward happens (G-d grant him superior protection), people will rise up like an even bigger tsunami and the military/police with them.

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      • wacojoe says:

        Jeez, the guy says he has $10B ready to go and won’t accept anyone’s campaign donations, but here you are hawking them? What goes here? The guy hasn’t spent squat so far. Have you seen a campaign add he paid for? Put up or shut up, Donald. I still think he is a shill for Hillary. What do you think that tete-a-tete with Bill was all about right before he announced? Eleventh-hour conservative? Don’t buy it for a second.


        • stella says:

          Trump said he won’t take campaign donations from billionaires, but that he does accept small donations from everyday people like us.

          PS: You make statements with no facts behind them, or you repeat unsubstantiated rumors. I think you are a concern troll. Probably a shill for somebody else. Who are you shilling for, “wacojoe”?

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I’m just guessing, but I think that our support matters to Trump. For all his bluster, I think he is actually probably a sensitive human being.

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    • Piper says:

      I mailed a letter and money this morning, it was on my heart to let him know how much his fight is our fight and how much I appreciate the time, money, and personal risk to himself and his family that he has taken on. I reminded him how dangerous this was going to be and I hope is very well protected. Poor JFK never saw it coming and all the others TPTB have taken out. I sort of felt stupid sending him an “old fashioned” letter, so reading that suggestion made me feel better, thanks.

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  4. sha44ss says:

    WOW….Breitbart would be proud!! Couldn’t have done a better job himself!!

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  5. ltyner says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    I like Se. Ted Cruz, but stand with Trump in this fight! Call me a “whacko-bird”.

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  6. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    This is right on 100% right. The traitors in the RNC have basically combined with the traitors in the RNCto and the various other oligarchs to form a Lernaean Hydra that means to enslave us. Trump is our Heracles!

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  7. IntoTheFray says:

    sundance, just when I think the info here just can’t get any better, it does! Your ability to not only have these ideas, but to so clearly and concisely put them down in words so that we, the average people, can clearly understand them so that we can than understand what has become a convoluted, complex and yes corrupt political system, is just beyond amazing. There are no words, for me, that can truly express my gratitude for what you do and the excellence with which you do it. As someone said here in a previous thread, Pulitzer Prize winning material, for sure, though sadly, it probably won’t happen. I would also have included Nobel Peace Prize, but since they gifted one to Obama, yuck.

    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
    You sundance, like Donald Trump, are absolutely AWESOME!

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  8. I am realizing, more & more, how naive & gullible I’ve been for my entire adult life as a Republican woman. I was too stupid to see what was going on right in front of me. My awakening began in 2008 with the savaging of Sarah Palin by the RNC leadership. I wrote letters & sent emails to RNC Chairman, Mike Duncan, demanding they support & defend Sarah Palin. I received NO reply, nothing! After decades of RNC membership & contributions, I didn’t even warrant a form letter or auto-reply from them. I was insulted on a personal level, which I now understand just how small & self-absorbed I have been.

    But I had no idea the dawning that would happen to me once my resolute support for the GOP was shaken. It was a crack that has now broken the dam. These traitors have been promoting this self-serving, greedy, global agenda to the detriment of the country & our nation’s future for decades. GHW Bush & his thousand points of light, kinder, gentler nation … New world order…. It’s all designed to fundamentally transform our nation. Barack Obama was not the first to espouse this destructive goal, he’s just much better at implementing it.

    Is Donald Trump the leader we’ve all been hoping & praying for? The man who can lead our country back its former strength & prosperity? I think he is and I’m going to do everything in my power to get him elected. I’m done with being a loyal, ignorant RNC supporter. I’m now just an American woman who wants our country to thrive & prosper again.

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  9. You wrote: “Trump is also showing the approach he would take if he is able to achieve victory and win the White House. Mitch McConnell will never be accepted as a representative leader, nor would John Boehner, neither could/would be trusted. Trump would dispatch their self-serving interests to the land of irrelevance and work around them.”

    This is exactly what Obama has done/is doing. That is NOT the way our founders set up and intended for our three branches to operate. Saying that Trump would work around them sends a chill. Obama (along with his accomplices Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) have bastardized our system of government — twisting and contorting it into something our founders wouldn’t recognize.

    It is for this reason that we should be very careful to elect someone who understands our Constitution and will adhere faithfully to it.


    • BobNoxious says:

      Good post; at the very least in that it should force everyone to really take a step back and think about it is they truly want and are asking for….


    • flawesttexas says:

      Note that McConnell and Boehner have surrendered their Consitutional duties to Obama…they refused to challenge him on his eligibility….gave up challenging him on ObamaCare, PP defunding, illegal alien amnesty…and outright supported him on ObamaTrade

      At least the GOP challenged Clinton during his admin. The GOP Leadership (lol) caved to Obama every time

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    • Ivehadit says:

      With all due respect obama hasn’t worked AT ALL with anyone in congress except those who want the same as he wants..which apparently is the establishment of both parties, imho. I don’t think Sundance is saying that about Trump. In fact, I think it’s the opposite.He is a deal maker, not a ruler, imho.

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    • Andrea, when President Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, he assumed office with a Republican majority in the Senate and a Democrat Majority in the House, led by Speaker Tip O’Neill. During the course of his first term, he routinely went over the heads of Congress and spoke directly to the American people when he encountered Congressional interference with the policies and programs he was trying to implement, taxes he was trying to cut and agencies he was trying to reform. Donald Trump is telling us he’s going to use the Bully Pulpit of the President of the United States to call out Congressional obstructionists. He not saying he would function in the lawless manner that President Obama and his administration has. In fact, he said directly, during his assertion that he’d go around Congress if they get in his way, that he thinks Obama has abused his executive powers. You are misunderstanding his remarks.


    • PhvRing says:

      “Working around congress” can be done in more ways than one.

      Going over congress’ heads to the people, bringing sunlight to cronyism, corruption, conflicts of interest and back room deals, and then letting the people tell their representatives what they want–that is one way. Trump communicates and advocates well enough to do this. Nothing unconstitutional about that.

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    • swissik says:

      And who would you suggest? Cruz: don’t trust him, Rand: he made sure that McConnell won in 2014, Rubio: untrustworthy motormouth…..I could go on but you get the point. The only candidate among politicians I would vote for is Scott Walker but he is out. Outsiders are the best choice now and that means Trump and Carson. Fiorina speaks well but is not trustworthy either, plus she declared on national TV that she would not speak with Putin at all, and that in my book makes her unfit for president.


    • daughnworks247 says:

      He means that McConnell would NEVER be in a position of leadership. EVERY business person understands how to build consensus. If we do not, the whole business sinks and we actually LOSE money (unlike a politician).


    • sundance says:

      What I’m referencing with that is more along the lines of Trump calling in a representative “doer” like Jim Jordan to the White House to discuss legislative needs and skipping the Boehner types.

      On the Senate side how much more impactful would it be for President Trump to call McConnell and tell him to send Mike Lee and Tim Scott over for a meeting – and McConnell can come too….. if he wants. 😉

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      • keebler AC says:

        I agree with the above comments too by others, well said!

        The Executives and Congressional house are to counter-balance each other to prevent tyranny as established by the Constitution. When all three are usurped and no longer working for its voters and constituents, but become arms of personal agenda (not of the people) and Wall Street financial manipulators, then the protectional powers of Constitution for the people has lost its power.

        Trump as executive is the voice of the people in the face of this usurpation by Senate and Congress. These two houses have shown they are willing to corrupt themselves for ignorance and the global initiative – in detriment to their constituents. GOP Senate and Congress lied to get into office, thwarted the true representatives like McDaniels and Bevin thru nasty and underhanded campaigning unbeknownst to voters. This is why an astute American leader like Trump is needed now – to stop these thieving liars who inhabit Congress and Senate.

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  10. beaujest says:

    Man am I glad I follow Sundance and the Treehouse !

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  11. William says:

    Mr. Trump, if he becomes President, will be despised by the Republican leadership more than they despise Obama. And that seems so strange. You would think that if Trump becomes President, the Republicans in Congress would be happy having a Republican in that position. After all, they share the same party and they should share the same goals. They would be able to get a lot of what they wanted to do done. On the contrary, the opposite is now the obvious reality. They despise Obama because of his pretentiousness more than anything else. Similarly, they despise Trump because of his assertive self-confidence. But unlike with Obama, with whom they share similar views of government, they despise Trump much more because he is an existential threat to them and their schemes.

    If Trump becomes President, and I hope he does, he won’t have a friendly congressional Republican leadership. They will despise him, and he won’t trust them either. That scenario will present some very interesting dynamics. However, I believe Trump is competent enough as an experienced business leader, one who has had to earn and keep his position as a successful business owner, to be able to handle the situation and get things done whether through force-of-will against malingerers or work-arounds with competent, though less senior, members. As a successful business owner, Trump has a discerning eye for separating competent from incompetent people. In that way he will succeed in getting things done.

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    • stringy theory says:

      From the White House, Trump will bring heat and light on mitch and his ilk, the likes of which they can’t even imagine. I wouldn’t worry about him getting the job done as he has promised.


    • They won’t despise Trump when he turns the country around and leads us back to prosperity. They all hated Ronald Reagan, too, in the beginning. Just watch what happens when a real man, with top negotiation skills and awesome powers of persuasions takes hold of the White House. Donald Trump knows how to wield power, how to inspire people to greatness, how to stop sloth, waste, inefficiency and deceit in its tracks. HE IS A LEADER! And he will lead everybody!


    • Paco Loco says:

      When Trump is sworn in January 2016 the battle will have just begun. The Republican Party, which held forth a conservative agenda in the past, no longer exists. Trump’ followers – “Trumpsters” must coalesce and form a new “Unity Party” that puts the Constitution first and who’s full focus must be on electing “reformers” to the House and Senate to institute term limits, throttle campaign financing and the influence peddlers from K Street, downsize the Federal government and redirect the enumerated powers back to the States. This is just the beginning of a long and messy battle to regain what the Progressives have put asunder and to make America great again.


  12. cheekymeeky says:

    Great work, Sundance! My eyes are now wide opened. In a way, Trump reminds me of Godzilla so I made this:

    Oh no, they say he’s got to go. Go, go Godzilla!

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    • anthonydog says:

      McCarthy is Boehner’s top soldier–he will be more charming and dry eyed.
      He has his own “issues.” ….

      They are simply changing plays so as to draw less fire. Nothing has changed with this change of leadership….we have won little so keep fighting and do not back off an inch.


  13. stringy theory says:

    Great post, Sundance. I hope conservatives who still think Faux is different from MSNBC will soon learn they are not. As this posts makes clear, Faux uses deception ala mitch the liar to make it seem that Faux is fair and balanced, when they and their talking heads are no different than those on the alphabet drive-bys, MSNBC, CNN, etc.–they’re just more devious. Trump is doing conservatives a really big favor by shining light on all the fake conservatives both in the broadcast, print, and on-line media (e.g., richie lowry et al.). Go Trump, kick some more ass.

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  14. BobNoxious says:

    Well, Boehner is GONE effective Oct. something. That puts a wrench in the “roadmap”….


  15. Breathing and Smiling Still says:

    Thank you Sundance, I’m so glad I found you! There’s hope yet!

    After this article, I’m changing my behavior with my cable television set top box. We’ve always left it on Fox News when it’s idle (which is most of the time.) Well, now by default, I’m going to leave it on a different channel. I know that someone tracks this, little data though it is.


    • flova says:

      i work in a hospital, now after their trashing of Trump, whenever I see a television with Fox News on in the waiting rooms I ask if anybody would like another choice. Most say cartoons for the kids or a sit com. I’m happy to oblige.


  16. Stephen Mac says:

    Great analysis. It is easy to understand when you know what the agenda is of the World Class elites who really want one world government. One of the reasons I dispise the Bush’s. Old George senior, “The New World Order” POTUS. Him and his Bildenburg / Rothschild buddies.
    They have decided communism is the political vehicle they will use to get it done.


  17. jeans2nd says:

    I see the same thing but thru different eyes. Being an unrepentant cynic, I see them all playing the same game. The difference is, Mr. Trump has the truth on his side. “The money power preys upon the nation in time of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and causes me to tremble for the safety of our country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic is destroyed. “ Abraham Lincoln


  18. Karen Hudes says:

    From the comments it appears that your readers understand that the Network of Global Corporate Control identified by identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich wants a “One World Order”. Too bad they are not discerning enough to understand that Donal Trump is just there to co-opt them. How do I know this? Because Donald Trump refuses to accept the US’ monetary gold reserves that John F. Kennedy mobilized for the US 10 days before his assassination.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. anthonydog says:

    I assume, and would like confirmation from Trump, that he will not work around Congress but work with Conservatives in Congress. I hope Jeff Sessions’ appearance with Trump and in the meetings held they’ve transmitted to the American people exactly that kind of alliance with Constitutional Conservatives they foresee.

    That said…as the NatSec debate comes into focus I pray Trump is beyond well prepared.

    I hope he calls out OBAMA for facilitating Putin and Russian usurpatIon of what had been America’s power. OBAMA has facilitated the neutering of NATO.. One only need notice The alliance among Russia, Syria and Iran in BAGHDAD …WITH TROOPS and their Generals.

    OBAMA left Iraq with no Status of Forces Agreement in order to usher Iraq into Putin and Rouhani’s arms…better known as FLEXABILITY !!!!


  20. John says:

    WOW! What an articulate, WELL WRITTEN ARTICLE! Sundance, BRAVO!


  21. jamesbo13 says:

    is fox turning out to be judas Iscariot and trump the modern day king Nebuchadnezzar??


  22. lorac says:

    Yes, that implies he’d use the bully pulpit against his own Republican leadership, if that was what’s needed to “Make America Great Again”. Prepare for it.

    Reminds me of how Palin fought the oil industry and her own party, when she was governor…. she used her bully pulpit to do what she felt was right, even if she had to stand against her own party….

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  23. Mary Greer says:

    A wonderful enlightening read! Exciting times! Go Trump! Go USA!


  24. Kathryn J. Hernandez says:

    Does anyone know if Trump reads CTH? This article by sundance and the many thoughtful, heartfelt respondants all havebrought tears to my eyes. No, really–I would feel better if I knew that Donald Trump had read this! He’d be awestruck, as are we. I will go on my pro-Trump twitter bandwagon and get the word out. Thank you Sundance and fellow CTH readers.


  25. David and Diana Darr says:



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  28. Burner says:

    Maybe Trump will show the RNC why 3-4 million R voters didn’t vote in ’12. We have seen the deception, and will not support it anymore. Better the Devil you know, than the one you don’t, we don’t trust either party at this point.


  29. jojo says:

    I heard Ailes say once that the parties will not pick their candidates anymore….the media will be the ones picking the candidates. Guess Ailes didn’t count on TRUMP! Keep making us proud of you Donald. We love and respect you. Send donations to both CTH & TRUMP. Get registered and get your friends & relatives registered to vote. THEN make sure they VOTE. It’s up to us. TRUMP is doing his part. We must now do ours.

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