Media Begin Catching On To The Paid Activist DeRay McKesson…

DeRay McKesson is one-half of the most hate-filled, lying and manipulatively destructive force in the U.S.  It was/is DeRay McKesson and Shaun King who promoted all the lies from Ferguson, to Baltimore, to McKinney Texas and Charleston South Carolina.  And more recently the suicide of Sandra Bland….

Activists gather to campaign on issues highlighted by events in Ferguson(Via Mediaite) Few activists in the Black Lives Matter movement have received the sort of glowing accolades from the left as DeRay McKesson. The Huffington Post has declared him “among the most widely recognized and respected young black civil rights activists.” Fortune declared him among the “World’s Greatest Leaders,” The Los Angeles Times hailed him as one of the “new civil rights leaders,” and New York Magazine gave him a fawning profile. Even Hillary Clinton invited him to her campaign (re-re-)launch.

At the same time, few activists have provoked the ire of the right wing to the extent DeRay has. His announcement that he would visit Charleston after the racist murder of nine people spawned thousands of tweets with the hashtag #GoHomeDeray.

National Review‘s Ian Tuttle nicely summed up the gist of conservative opposition with a piece calling him “The Next Generation of Race-Baiters” modeled after Al Sharpton.

Argue all you want if DeRay is indeed a “race-baiter” or the next Martin Luther King Jr., but one thing’s for sure: he is an unrepentant conspiracy-monger with no qualms about smearing innocent men with accusations of murder. (read much more)

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66 Responses to Media Begin Catching On To The Paid Activist DeRay McKesson…

  1. True Colors says:

    Deray = black supremacist


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  2. Sentient says:

    Just glad he left his job with the Minneapolis Public Schools. Hated the thought of my tax money going to him, when there are so many other ways they can waste money.

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  3. Chip Bennett says:

    Deray Jackson is a race-hustling charlatan who lacks even a modicum of the competency of the likes of Jackson and Sharpton. He’s mostly a slacktivist who gets useful idiots to fund his slactivism via social media.

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    • dginga says:

      Chip, it sounds like that makes him an excellent choice to replace those loathesome criminals (Jackson and Sharpton). They belong in jail for extortion and tax evasion. DeeeeRay will take the mantle of loathesome and kick it up a few notches.


  4. justfactsplz says:

    He hasn’t earned any of those accolades. It’s good to know people are on to him. He is full of hate.


  5. Just Tea says:

    Remember this:
    ‘Hannity asked McKesson if he’s a “professional protester,” but McKesson insisted he’s just in these communities to “make sure that these stories are heard.” Hannity kept pressing him on whether he’s part of the rioting or believes the “proven false narrative” in Ferguson.

    But things ratcheted up a bit when Jackson accused McKesson of hypocrisy because he hasn’t gone to police funerals or celebration ceremonies of cops “who have protected many, many black people for decades.” He accused McKesson of being in it for the notoriety and said, “You’re a race pimp!”’

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  6. Daniel says:

    Not that there aren’t more than enough topics to cover which aren’t covered here, I would like to see some sort of perspective on black civil rights leaders of the past until now. I know I have learned things about MLK (for example, that’s not his legal name) which are far from supportive of his publicly accepted image.

    But to be more in topic, the people which are called civil rights activists are so incredibly far from that identity that they do, by comparison, push MLK closer to the “saint” end of the spectrum.


    • IMO the entire “Civil Rights” movement of the 50s and 60s was co-opted by communist agitators who wanted to provoke police into reacting in a manner that would create international outrage and condemnation of the US. Additionally, they intentionally aligned with anti-war demonstrators (who were deeply infiltrated -and led- by communist sympathizers) to inflame anti-war sentiment and undermine US efforts in Vietnam and elsewhere.

      MLK, himself, was known to have associations with known communists (though he may not have been one himself-TBD). Additionally, I believe the speech in which he virtually predicted his own assassination was an indication that he intentionally martyred himself for the purpose of creating a “legend” that (he assumed) would be unassailable, or that any efforts to discredit his “legacy” would seem sacrilegious. And it seems (for now) that he was mostly successful, since any people who attempt to dissect the myth of MLK are automatically labelled “racist” from those on the left AND the right. The mere idea that a statue of him was erected on the National Mall is slap in the face of every decent American, black OR white.

      And the people like Deray McKesson and Shaun King are no better. At best, they are dupes or “useful idiots” whose racial hatred is used drive them into action against their own country. At worst, they are “knowing” agents who seek to ignite a race war, thereby aiding the other forces of the many-headed Hydra that seeks to destroy us from within, and without. Fooled into believing that (after our Republic finally falls) there will be a seat at the table for them, they work diligently to hasten that event. But, should they be successful, they are in for a BIG surprise. Whatever new “Masters” they enthrone will be certain to eliminate the threat that people of their ilk will pose.


  7. vonutley says:

    She was smothered to death by a Conferate flag that was possessed by an evil Confederate general that died at Gettysburg.

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  8. Confederay. Has a nice ring.

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  9. froggielegs says:

    Deray still claims and tweets the guy in Colorado was targeting the NAACP with the pipe bomb even though evidence proves he was targeting his accountants office on the other end of the building where he placed the bomb. Facts mean nothing to Deray.

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    • Just Tea says:

      I noticed that about him, he just makes up stuff and so does BLM. They have even PhotoShopped pictures of Sandra Bland’s mug shot. That was really low. Just to stir it up.

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  10. DeRay hey….be stayin’ out my hood see
    won’t be good n***er, not for you or me
    Thing’s be happnin ’round dis hood of late
    Dis Cracka say now, you pause, why wait

    YOU got your dark skinned prez, half white
    He was born in Hawaii in 1961 am I right
    Din why dem black folk in darkest Kenya
    Be welcoming dey favorite son home, huh

    I admit, before this post never heard of you
    Can’t imagine why I would, just another pile of poo
    Well if you ever get to the northwest corner of Oregon
    Stay away from me and mine, just keep on goin’ on

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  11. SlavicVillageGirl says:

    I guess the sad sack just showed up in Cleveland. Thankfully, nobody cares for his riot starting tactics here. What I really wish someone could do is find out just exactly how this douche is living and traveling in style. Where is all the money coming from?


    • holly100 says:

      George Soros.

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      • SlavicVillageGirl says:

        Perhaps I should have been more clear. We know Soros is not mailing the guy a paycheck every week. I want to know more about how this machine is actually running.

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        • ctdar says:

          No, he’s wiring it to a bank account that gets filtered to DM and his ilk to show up at the designated site of protest or upheaval of the week. How else do you think these mutts can afford travel, living in hotels, clothing (think they wash their own clothes on the road?) and eating out 3 meals a day. That’s serious $ the protesters cost and as JZ already admitted some involvement, someone is paying for it.
          Spotlight needs to shine on Soros big time.

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        • fred says:

          At the site nothiefs allowed they know how all the money moves and have videos and audio for a few years now on these guys. Good reference point. I think it’s ustream.

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      • Just Tea says:

        I thought he did donate to a bigger ‘non-profit’ and then they distributed it. Rent-A-Mob.


        • Fantasia says:

          Yes, multiple orgs, who filter it down, one being MORE, which is the renamed ACORN, in Ferguson, Mo. You can read about #cutthecheck(s), and how activists demanded they be paid when the checks failed to come.

          They organized a rally and went and camped out at MORE’s office in Ferguson, and at their demand, MORE cut over 50k in checks for 20 or so people.

          Uproar on Twitter happened when those who had participated and considered themselves a part of “the inner circle” were totally left out of the check cutting protest, much to their chagrin. This caused something of a fallout among some of the “inner circle”, who felt hurt and betrayed by their so-called “friends”. This was mostly white “allies” who were left out of the check cutting by the BLM group, though not exclusively.

          Though some were willing to be outspoken, it is considered “not good for the movement” to air things such as #cutthechecks in public, and those who were left out or hurt, were publicly shamed and outright told, “Don’t talk about this on Twitter”, or online anywhere, for that matter. This happens any time an issue comes up, such as with Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal, etc. If you discuss “dirty laundry” in public, and embarrass “the movement”, you are threatened with being ostracized.

          Then, you have the Shaun King, Charles Wade orgs, of which there are several, some registered, some not, and other multitudinous Soros campaigns and orgs. It’s quite the money laundering campaign they appear to have going on.

          Of the multiple millions flowing into Ferguson, some Federal, some from donors such as Soros, many are questioning where the funds are, as very little, if any, is actually reaching the people.

          Here is a helpful link, just to give an idea of the multiple millions that have flowed into Ferguson thus far, with little to none having reached the needy. They built one “community center”, but donations and funds actually getting to children and families still appears to largely be coming from Police orgs and private assistance. (via reports from families and resources actually living in Ferguson) This is a pdf, btw.

          (this file has been changed since first published)

          Charles Wade, for instance, is raking in hundreds of thousands, while begging for free food from donors, free school supplies, etc., then claiming his org supplied food and school supplies, which cost him nothing. Meanwhile, it appears he pockets dough, claiming “administrative costs”, much akin to Shaun King’s way of doing business, though he did provide receipts for a BBQ, which he paid for catering, beer, and…

          …panties for female protesters…

          When asked online for an accounting of his spending, Wade replied he would not be supplying an accounting online to “white racists sticking their noses in his business”. Though non-profits are required to provide an accounting, it seems people sent certified mail written requests, which Wade took as “threats” and reported to police. boggle

          Basically, any effort to acquire an accounting is met with counter attacks of accusations of racism or “you’re threatening me”, providing him an excuse to avoid any responsibility. His time to file with SoS is due, iirc.

          Wade had a meltdown on Twitter just this weekend, over what appeared to be a total coincidence, that someone thousands of miles away tweeted the name of his parents business within 20 minutes of his arrival there.

          No matter that he tweets and likely Face Books his every move, he tried to claim he was being “stalked”. Of course, he had to read a timeline of someone he had blocked and who had him blocked, to find this out, to begin with, so who is stalking whom, exactly?

          This led to Wade calling off several of his ops, which has led to people fearing he is about to pack up and exit stage left, with the donations. All under the guise of “security”, or, lack thereof. He also appeared to be asking Farrakhan for assistance.

          What does this all have to do with Deray, you ask? Wade actually gives Deray orders. Observing their tweets reveals that Wade seems to have some control over both Deray and, in some fashion, at least some of the funds.

          Should be interesting. A Federal Investigation needs to happen.

          As if.


  12. boutis says:

    His race hustling was welcomed as was his rumor mongering until the rumors became so ridiculous and juvenile that they couldn’t ignore it any longer. He is like the barbershop or beauty parlor. Spreading the rumor that Sandra Bland’s mugshot was taken after she was dead was the last straw. No DeRay. You see the woman was sick. She was mentally ill, just been through a scuffle with a trooper in 100 degree heat, a drug user, in a jail suit. That makes for bad looking mugs. God rest her soul. I think his media appearances will be on the decline from now on. Hopefully.

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    • Les says:

      Yesterday he was tweeting unsavory comments from the autopsy about Sandra Bland and a rape kit. He made the feminazis mad and made me ill with his TMI.


    • Flossie says:

      Also, she had been in jail for three days, waiting for someone to provide $500 bail. Nobody could be bothered. I read in the paper just today that a woman who had been in jail during the same period said she (Bland) spent a lot of time sobbing and complaining that her friend hadn’t shown up with the bail money. A lousy $500. And she had a history of depression and “cutting,” and had attempted suicide at least once. And she had a long history of moving violations and casual drug use.


      • ctdar says:

        Family I guess had had enough too since they didn’t bail her out either. Same family I imagine are the ones dressed in their finest at funeral hoping crump, sharpton or $abrina will show with extra trash cans.

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  13. Lee Jan says:

    With regard to Sandra Bland. Her cell phone was not working so the police department allowed her to use their phone to make FIVE calls. Not a single member of her family would help her raise $500 bail money. She remained in jail. Those wailing relatives had the opportunity to help her but refused. Her death is on their heads.

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    • Les says:

      AND that they put her in that particular cell because it had a phone for her to use. No telling how many calls she tried to make.

      I have read reports that her “friend” she was staying with promised to bring bail in an hour then turned off his phone and never showed up. He should have $500 available to him.

      She probably figured out her mandatory 30 day sentence for DUI would interfere with her 30 day temporary job. I feel badly for her as a fellow human, but her bad choices are ridiculous for a woman that age. Black culture is destructive and unhealthy and they need to do better. People who promote pot smoking and rudeness and uncivility are full of sh*t. Why does anybody listen to them?

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      • janc1955 says:

        Sometimes when you choose to live like an irresponsible adolescent instead of an accountable adult, things don’t work out so well. Poor, poor Sandra. Think the next idiot driving around town on a suspended license with dope in her/his system who chooses to joust with the cop who stops them will take a lesson from poor Sandra’s unsurprising outcome?

        Me neither.


      • Just Tea says:

        She was actually a Black Lives Matter activist, why didn’t they get her out with their bail booty?


  14. Stamp says:

    There is a young black lady who is calling deray out and she is getting some press..
    Alexiis Starr @AlexiisStarr

    Her anti deray posts nail him and he called her a troll.. ha ha! check her feed. She is calling him on his BS. Seen here too

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Well the police department suspended the officer as I said below and said the officer acted inappropriately. Thus guess what the family will be in the money.


  15. Tkim says:

    When your development is arrested at the adolescent level you get high on telling lies and having them believed. “I told my Dad the fender on his car was like that when I came out of school and he totally believed me!”

    But if Dad has an adult mind, that lie only works once.

    The problem today is the other aging adolescents who can accept (or pretend to accept) the most outrageous lies if they help “our team.”

    “So I come out of school, right, and this car with all of these Confederate flags all over it start following me and I get scared and pull into that empty parking lot where JCPenney used to be? And all these white dudes are like calling me n, and MF n, and telling me to get out of my MF n car and suddenly one of them kicks the fender and they leave.

    “Man if only I had pulled in where there were people and security cameras they could catch these guys..”

    And whipsawed and juiced by social media, some kid who is known to like rodeos and country music is beaten up just in case he was one of the “rednecks” who kicked Marcus’s Dad’s sedan.

    The community agitators beat their drums, and lawyers converge on Marcus’s parents to talk lawsuit against the Board of Education. And JCPenney, for leaving their empty stores as attractive nuisances.

    The Devil loves lies. In today’s world he is fat on them.

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    • JeremyR says:

      Sounds good except that most of the Markus’ don’t know who their dad is, and most of the dads either don’t own a pot to piss in let alone a car, or drive a flashy ghetto cruiser paid for by the pharmaceuticals they sell.


      • Tkim says:

        No there are plenty of middle class black people and those who are working class and have created stable families. The problem is that people of all races, who are smart enough to know better, can be quickly drawn into the web that the professional liars create. For attention, for a payoff, or because they are ripe for those who can jerk them around for their own agenda.

        Most dangerous are those who know they are participating and furthering a lie and have not the slightest sliver of guilt about it. And neither do they raise a hand when medical and police and social media evidence is scrubbed in order to make their own child or feckless spouse into a holy martyr. Especially when that charade will cost innocent people their safety, their jobs, and perhaps their lives.

        We have a nation where the innocent can be harassed to death, where the professional liars who populate our prisons can even get Hollywood stars to work for their release (note: prisoner must be somewhat attractive and/or a member of the liberal protected class) and honesty and decency are circling the drain.

        Why would a Vassar co-ed work to get a cop killer from Compton released from death row because he shouts that he is a victim of racism? The same reason every notorious killer in this country seems to have a bottle blonde wife who blogs that since no one has identified the 1/4 inch fiber found at the crime scene, her new husband should have a new trial.

        The liars lie, the sheep follow, the damage mounts. And if those on the side of righteousness can be dismissed as “holy rollers” or “Southern morons” or “gun nuts” or “Tea Party zealots” so much the better.

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        • JeremyR says:

          Unfortunately, you are right in that a lot of the children of blacks who are middle class are sliding right back down, or being dragged back down by the Acting White line we hear about too often.
          The sad and sickening irony is that our justice system, the best in the world, is still seriously flawed. the good news is that there is a GOD in heaven who will give justice.
          The great news is that he will also show mercy to those who love him.


  16. kinthenorthwest says:

    Hard to phase this but I have come to the conclusion that it seems that too many Minority Races are seeing death and/or injury by an officer of the law as a good thing. H3LL if they die or get injured by the hands of an officer or can blame it any way on an officer then look at the sweet sweet money they can get.
    Due to people like DeRay, Sharpton, Trayvon’s Parents Skeam Team and ??? this message is spreading all around the country. The survivors don’t give a crap about what their family member did to get shot/injured they just look for the Sweet Sweet bucks. (Ok Rant Over).
    Looks like the police department has sewed up Bland’s family’s suit with the suspension and admission that the officer was wrong. You know that this is going to court for a few Million.


  17. BillDes says:

    How can one person be so consistently wrong about so many things and still people bend over backwards to complement and support them. And the things they are wrong with are not honest mistakes. They are wrong at things that are destroying peoples lives and furthering anger, hate, violence and rioting.
    But still many fawn all over him like he’s some kind of saint. Would this happen if the country was 1% as “racist” as the BGI claims it is? It is the exact opposite.


  18. Jersey Beach says:

    Let’s say if something were to happen to one the people he goes after with his activism and they are injured or worse by say a third party under DeRay’s activism , will DeRay be held accountable for inciting to activism? 😉 You really don’t have to answer this, I’m know the answer.

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    • Jersey Beach says:

      *I know not I’m, forget it, my brain is mush mush. Insomnia struck again last night. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, well maybe not my worst. 😀


    • JeremyR says:

      Did any one hold Barry accountable for his comments that were over the top and dead wrong?
      Reagan made a joke that was as close to the truth as one can get and the press lynched him for it.


  19. chopp5 says:

    He claims have always been outlandeous and they are getting even more so. He’s a paid Soros stooge. Why did it take the media so long to catch on?

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    • Jersey Beach says:

      Why did it take the media so long to catch on? They probably knew all along but since SC people told them don’t want what DeRay and his ilk were bringing, I’m guessing it wasn’t the end result they were wishing for, so they’ll make mention of DeRay’s intentions now. Maybe or maybe not, that’s my take. Civil unrest didn’t happen, so… no outrage means DeRay may be having a “going out of business” sale soon. One can only hope.

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  20. Sandra says:

    Yuck. The chick he was listed with on Fortune’s web site, Johnetta Elzie, is the one with the ultra ghetto twitter name “ShordeeDooWhop (@Nettaaaaaaaa)” She doesn’t appear to have any education or job. Just another grifter preying on her people for her own personal gain. Shameful.


  21. LEO says:

    Sundance, this is a little off topic, but not completely. This person is part of the same racist hating types as #BlackLivesMattter


    • Stamp says:

      uhhh WOW sound warning there.. hard to watch… some major butthurt there…

      Guess Obama didnt quite solve her problems yet.

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    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      over react much…geezus. Yes someone needs to go get her and put her ass in the looney bin. Do they ever think what this hate filled message does to people. Sandra Bland was a victim of this crap, they are all out to get you! resist resist resists, she did and look where it got her. smh…sad that people are so filled with this false manufactured hate.


    • Eskyman says:

      Yeah, hey thanks Obama, all that racial healing has sure done wonders for us all!

      Prime example of tremendous anger with absolutely no rational thinking. Very tribal. Not very civilized, sadly. Works well when engaged in by hordes of uncivilized people, it gets them all hyped up to slash & burn whatever’s around them. Shaka Zulu time!

      All that anger produces yet more anger, more broken lives and families, moving on down Desolation Road. It’s not a nice neighborhood & it gets worse over time.

      Coming soon to a suburb near you, if zero gets his way.


    • BillDes says:

      Wow, that was laughable how someone can be so completely nuts. Hillary aligning with the BLM nutjobs such as above may seriously get her defeated.


  22. Les says:

    This story has pics DuhRay’s resume, has been w/ Soros since high school:

    I wonder if he comes from money or if the college/some prog paid for him to attend?

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  23. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    McKesson fails consistently to discern the truth of situations or is simply a lying racist.

    This weekend he’s publicizing the 74th anniversary of Emmett Till’s birth.

    Emmett Till is the left’s first negro propaganda success which they’ve ridden for 60 years doing untoled destruction to sexual morality among American youth. Emmett Till is the propaganda success Trayvon and Mike Brown would have been absent The Conservative Tree House.

    Emmett Till was murdered by the husband and brother-in-law of a woman whose hand he grabbed in proposition as she held it out for his money for an order he placed as she worked the counter of the family store alone. When she broke free of his grasp and retreated he went around the counter in pursuit, grabbed her placing both of his hands on her waist and told he in vile words he wanted to have sex with her and she shouldn’t be afraid because he’d had sex with white women before. She only escaped his grasp because his cousin watching through the window ran in, pried him away from her, and dragged him out the front door of her store. Once he was outside, she sprinted out the front door to the family car to retrieve a pistol. As she ran past he whistled and the left succeeded at having that whistle remembered as the cause of her men folk’s subsequent attack on him.

    Days later when her husband and his brother returned from working the cotton harvest out of state, a local black, possibly related to Till, told them of Till’s physical approach to her in order to gain credit favor with the storekeeper.

    Countless thousands of whites have been murdered by blacks in the last sixty years in situations where the victims were completely innocent compared to the culpability of Emmett Till. But those white victims are anonymous and forgotten to all but family and friends while Emmett Till, would-be adulterer and possibly rapist*, is lionized as a hero and martyr.

    “Emmett Till” made it politically incorrect for public school officials to curb the aggressive sexually predatory conduct of black males toward white females in the integrated public schools. immorality has become mainstream as the result.

    *During the national controversy surrounding the trial and acquittal of Till’s killers, it came out that Till’s father Louis Till was executed by the Army in Italy during WWII after court marshall for raping two women and murdering one.


    • BillDes says:

      Interesting stuff that Emmitt Till case. Yeah he was the original Trayvon. There are more shades of grey to the case than many would like to claim. But the evidence is clear that a black thug from Chicago went into a white town in Mississippi and made very forward sexual advances to a white woman (where the woman actually ran out to retrieve a gun) which was not taken kindly to by some of the locals. It was clearly more than just Till “whistling”.

      Now lets just say hundreds of whites have been killed venturing into bad black neighborhoods for doing a lot less the last couple decades. So one case the other way around 75 years ago, perhaps shouldnt be getting as much press, but I regress.

      But the failure of the justice system was the real story and Mississippi deserves criticism for.. The all white jury clasped onto reasonable doubt because I believe the sheriff and coroner claimed the body they dragged out of the river 4 days later wasnt Emmitt Till. Northern anti-segregationalists flocked to Till’s defense and the backlash against them was fierce in Mississippi.

      Interesting tidbit is that there were black men driving with the two murderers looking for Till and were present during the murder.


  24. Representative Press says:

    Deray blocked me on twitter: “You are blocked from following @deray and viewing @deray’s Tweets” He can’t be reasoned with. Reasonable people should be able to discuss the issues they are promoting publicly. He is reckless and irresponsible.


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