Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting Updates: 14 Police Officers Fired “thousands of rounds” on 200 Bikers Killing 9, Wounding 18 – Two Thirds Of Those Arrested Had No Prior Criminal History…

IRONY – The death toll from the “Twin Peaks” shootout was greater than the total number of homicides Waco police investigated in all of 2014 – And all of the “Twin Peaks” dead were shot by police.

waco 8Previously Waco Police Spokesman W. Patrick Swanton stated 22 members of law enforcement were present prior to the outbreak of the shooting.  Including 10 members of the Waco SWAT unit, 2 sergeants, 1 rookie, the Asst. Police Chief and 4 state troopers.

Newly released information today includes the Waco Police stating 14 Waco PD officers were involved in firing shots which killed 9 bike club members and wounded 18 more.

The 14 officers involved in the gun battle are all now on administrative leave, which is standard protocol in officer-involved shootings, Swanton said. (link)

In addition Sgt Swanton previously stated that all of the 170 arrested bikers were known “criminal gang members”.  However, a review by the Associated Press of court records finds at least 115 of the 170 had no police records:

waco 24 mugshots

Waco police have said that all those arrested after the shooting belonged to criminal motorcycle gangs. Most of them were being held on $1 million bonds Thursday, charged with engaging in criminal enterprise. Nine people were killed in Sunday’s shootout.

Records searched by The Associated Press show more than 115 of the 170 people arrested in the aftermath of a motorcycle gang shootout outside a Central Texas restaurant have not been convicted of a crime in Texas.  (link)

After previously saying he had not watched the CCTV video from the restaurant/bar yesterday (Wed) -which was reviewed by Associated Press reporters- Swanton now says he has watch the CCTV video.

He said he has viewed surveillance videos of the violence, and said they tell a different story from the some of the accounts being spun online.

“We can’t wait to show you what truly happened,” he said. (link)

Which is a disingenuous statement at best because all they need to do is authorize the restaurant to release the video, and the public can decide for ourselves.

waco 11

One of the bikers the police killed, Jesus Delgado Rodriquez (65), was a purple heart recipient.

Family members of a man killed in a biker shootout at a Texas restaurant say he was not part of an outlaw motorcycle gang.  That contradicts police claims that all nine bikers who died were members of criminal gangs.

The son of 65-year-old Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, of New Braunfels, told the San Antonio Express-News that his father did not lead a life of violence. An Associated Press review of court records and a database maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety found no criminal history in Texas for Rodriguez.

Family members said Rodriguez had belonged to two now defunct motorcycle clubs but was not part of any club when he was shot and killed at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.

Waco police spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told the AP on Wednesday that all those killed were members of the Bandidos or the Cossacks. Swanton did not immediately return a message Thursday. (link)

In addition from a lawsuit filed against Twin Peaks by the neighboring restaurant Don Carlos it is claimed the police fired “thousands of rounds” toward the bikers; striking not only bike club members but also Don Carlos customer vehicles.

Summary and personal thoughts:  It is entirely possible that some of the bikers were criminals; and it is also entirely possible that twitchy police responded excessively and overreacted to a perceived threat.  These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

Who shot at whom first; who did or did not pull the trigger; and what might have spurred the 14 police officers to fire “thousands of rounds” at a group of 3 to 5 potentially armed bikers when the downrange backdrop was a patio filled with hundreds of unarmed bikers is not yet known.

Look closely at this picture:

waco 11

You can see bullet holes in the customer vehicles in the Don Carlos parking lot.

♦ NOTE: Direction of fire from Don Carlos toward Twin Peaks.
♦ NOTE: The downrange backdrop of that fire (for the bullets that miss their target) is the patio of Twin Peaks.

However, apparently pointing out a strong possibility for an overreaction by twitchy police is now considered “Conspiracy Theory”, or something.   A radio broadcast today calls our previous outline (which quoting MSM information) as conspiracy theory. [Listen at 8:15]

I find it interesting how intelligent people cannot bring themselves to believe the police may have influenced, initiated, created and/or worsened the events with their militarized (SWAT) presence at a bike club meeting.

Ruby Ridge?… How about M.O.V.E (Philadelphia)? … Or maybe Waco 1.0? … or perhaps more recently “Baby Bou-Bou” ringing any bells?  Cops make mistakes too !!

stun grenade 1stun grenade 2

Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that an Asst. Police Chief was on scene at Twin Peaks along with the SWAT unit, presumably as scene commander prior to the shootings, and yet no-one has heard from him/her?

Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that initial police statements claimed they had “an active intelligence operation” on the “Bike Gang” which customarily would include monitoring (camera’s, video, etc) and yet the police release NO VIDEO to support their “we were under fire” claims?

A previous comment by J.D. sums up the strange sniff of it all nicely:

I’m former law enforcement for over 20 years. I have ridden with 2 different LEMC clubs. I worked undercover back in late 80’s and have dealt with 1% clubs many times. I have friends in 1% clubs.

I’m pro law enforcement but have a funny feeling that there is lots of horseshit in the story that Waco PD is telling.

I have family living and Working in that area. They have had interaction with the clubs and never felt scared or intimidated. Always felt safe.

Now are we going get the truth or more bullshit? I’m tending on believing the bikers sides on this deal more with every day that passes. Too many people arrested and charged with RICO that were just spending time at TP.

I think LE has overstepped it’s authority on filing these type charges on most these people. $1,000,000 bonds??? BS…

Even if you find reasonable excuses for all the LEO contradictions (fight in bathroom, shots inside, all killed were inside/dragged out etc.);  even if you ignore all the misleading statements by law enforcement spokesman Patrick Swanton (100 weapons, 50 weapons, 1000 weapons etc); even if you ignore the lack of willingness to produce factual data to support their claims, ….you are still left with a ridiculous assertion that 170 non-criminal people deserve a million dollar bond because they rode a motorcycle last Sunday to a meeting, and possibly witnessed what happened.

The total number of bikers on scene, according to Swanton, was 200.  170 are arrested, 18 were wounded, 9 were killed, that totals 197.  So only 3 people were non-conspirators?

This nonsense about weapons found in vehicles etc. is just that, nonsense.

If you go to a Waco Texas Wal-Mart on Sunday, rope off the parking lot, arrest the first 200 people you see and search their pick-up trucks, suv’s and various vehicles you’ll probably come up with a similar set of statistics.

50 out of 200 people captured at Wal-Mart with prior arrest records; some with pocket knives, chains, handguns, and even rifles in their vehicles etc.  


So what? None of that is illegal or unlawful. Ridiculous. Go to a Bass Pro shop on Saturday and you’ll probably find even better stats if that’s the goal.

Another factor which makes it all the more curious is these are the ACTUAL talking points Sgt. Patrick Swanton is relying on to justify the shooting.  This innocuous nonsense is what they are focused on.  That itself indicates -to a reasonably discerning person- there’s something uncomfortable about the narrative the LEO responders are trying to avoid.

That’s not conspiracy, that’s just common sense.

It is not conspiracy theory the incident occurred at 12:24pm Central Time (1:24 pm Eastern) and in around 90 minutes, 2:04pm CST (3:04pm EST) this press conference was held, giving the specifics of 9 dead and 18 wounded and a restaurant owner who needs to be shut down for non-compliance.

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Next Up – False Claims of Threats Against Police

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268 Responses to Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting Updates: 14 Police Officers Fired “thousands of rounds” on 200 Bikers Killing 9, Wounding 18 – Two Thirds Of Those Arrested Had No Prior Criminal History…

  1. Jason says:

    You ask some good questions but conveniently very biased. MY BIGGEST QUESTION….why are law abiding citizens associating with a known outlaw/criminal organization like the Bandidos?? This propaganda about meeting peacefully for biker rights is horseshit. The Bandidos boldly wear the 1%er patch…sorry, you don’t get to waive the white flag when you are a self proclaimed ruthless thug. Most members who were carrying weapons hastily hid them when the cops came in…TX is a CCL state…if you are carrying legally, no reason to hide your weapon. Generally I don’t mind the MC’s because they don’t mess with the public. However, you don’t get any sympathy when you are known to do ‘internal cleansing’.



    • Bam Bam says:

      Why are law abiding citizens associating with the Bandidos? If you are not a part of the biker community and do not know about the Coalition of Clubs and Independent Riders, than you may need to do a little research. It is a national organization open to all bikers and meets in many cities around the US. Our chapter here in El Paso meets once a month. It is made up of all the local bike clubs and is attended by indepentents and club riders, both. There is no prohibition to any club from attending. So yes, the Bandidos have representation there, but then, so do all 5 Christian Coalition clubs, all 5 Veterans associations and the 2 American Legion Clubs. The day you tell me that these 12 clubs are guilty of anything because they attend the same meeting as the Bandidos, is the day I tell you that you are a judgemental ass.

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      • smiley says:

        good statement.

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      • Jason says:

        I didn’t say any of the other clubs were guilty. I question their decision to associate with the Bandidos who by all accounts organized the meeting. Don’t come crying to the general public when shit breaks out and claim ignorance to the likely occurrence of violence with the nefarious MC’s. The Waco PD has documented requests for Twin Peaks to desist in allowing the meetings to occur and I guarantee the local representation of the CoC knew that there was a reasonable expectation for shit to go down based on the previous meetings. Going defensive after the fact is bullshit. They knew who was coming and that confrontations were likely and they proceeded despite the request to stop the weekly meetings at Twin Peaks. The non violent clubs have a imperative to keep their members safe and it looks like they failed on this occasion. We don’t live in a police state, and the local PD is hired/voted in by the general public. Poor planning and a general disregard for safety drove this train. If that makes me a judgmental ass, so be it. I have a reasonable expectation to not deal with that kind of shit at 12pm at a Twin Peaks. I applaud the Waco PD’s response and those that were truly not guilty of participating will get their day in court. The rest can eat crow.


        • Jason says:

          Correction…TxCoC organized it…I retract the statement asserting the Bandidos organized the meeting.



          • The Dude says:

            Haven’t heard from any clubs crying. Haven’t heard any members proudly telling the world that their thugs/criminals etc. Where did you get all your ‘FACTS??’………….. Oh sorry, I didn’t see the hyperlinks. I apologize profusely because as everyone knows, if it’s on the internet, it must be true ………….. LOL

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        • Rc Stuart says:

          Responce, they were there ahead of time in battle gear, to fire Thousands of Rounds ???

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        • Scott Spencer says:

          I can see your view is “All” are guilty until proven innocent, Why? I believe a few are very likely guilty, probably of some type of disturbance ( unsure ) but to suggest they will get their day in court if not guilty is contrary to Law.
          ” innocent until proven guilty” ? the one million dollar bond was set that way to contain not the guilty, but those who are innocent. It’s very clear you have little understanding that innocent people likely died and family’s are distraught. Innocent bike riders wearing names on a vest showing names is not illegal. A Purple Heart U.S.M.C Veteran has died & has no criminal record at all. At the end of the day, we have a couple of demented riders, a Police Dept. itching for a show down, ( evident by the heavy & well armed P.D.) Waco got what they wanted, as they walk around freely, others are dead, and being held, basicly without bond.


          • Jason says:

            The Founder of the Bandidos was a USMC Vet. Prior service with a purple heart doesn’t mean he didn’t get caught up in the violence…and it’s not released who shot him. For all we know, this vet you speak of was shot by a rider. At least 3 were shot dead, prior to the police responding….do some more research. An article re-posted by this website actually says the base telling of the story is plausible and mirrors that of the Waco PD.


            • Bryan says:

              So the police were on scene, armed and armored, even the tactical swat team with sniper emplacements, and they didn’t respond until 3 bikers had killed each other? Who said that? And then they killed 6 more to stop them from killing each other? Exactly how did they assess and ascertain targets? I agree with the person above, innocent until proven guilty; not the other way around. And by the way, the first amendment also guarantees the right to freely and peaceably assemble and associate. Just because you are assembled and/or associating doesn’t mean you can be considered guilty in the parking lot and judged by cops at the scene and executed at will.


      • Scrape says:

        How many LE clubs are allowed in at the CoC. In Florida- None. Why the secrecy.? Why no transparency? After having rode with an MC for the past many years, my experience with the CoC is that they all started as a means to end the violence between 1% clubs by offering a venue to establish communication and dileneate territory. What the CoC has morphed into – in my opinion and experience- is a venue where the dominant 1% Club flexes its muscle and essentially makes any newcomers who want to establish a club in “their” territory kiss the ring and often pay a “tax” to get established. If a tax or donation is not levied these subordinate clubs are made to wear a “support” patch- in essence pledging allegiance to that group. It’s all a bunch of horseshit- Ride Free and do what and wear what you want. Try taking my shit or intimidating me- way too old and experienced for that crap.

        Regards to the TP incident- my thoughts and prayers go out to those involved- the dead, the families and those responsible.


        • FL says:

          No LE clubs because they’re full of fake backstabbers. Of course there’s LEO at the FL CoCs, they just don’t wear colors or hide within other clubs to perform undercover investigations. As for the dominant club, there are many powerful clubs in FL so there’s no one that dominates, though each have their respective areas. During the CoC meetings everyone typically gets along. While this TP event was occurring there were other CoC meetings with far more people, with far more variety of clubs, with zero incidents, and this happens all the time. This story by the police of TP is political agenda, and an attempt to work on public opinion. Hollywood played out on the 24 internet news channels, and the public as the lobbied audience. One last thought, if I set up an ambush, and have tons of people… I don’t arrive after those I intend to ambush. With so man ex military strategists in the clubs, you’d think the Bandidos would have had plants ready to notify and actually “ambush” the Cossacks. No? Hmm… only one “gang” was there before everyone, with guns out and ready… the cops.

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    • Charles Shumaker says:

      Jason you are the most uninformed of any poster on this Ive seen since the incident. As an ex cop (27 years) and motorcycle rider the questions presented in this article are well investigated and legitiment questions. Also for anyone experienced from eith direction, law enforcement or biker, the whole incident smells a bit fishy. You seem very uniformed, closed minded to some distressing facts, bit naive and extremely prejudiced in your deductions.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jason says:

        Considering my buddy is a cop that was there and I flew combat missions with him. I’ll take his word…see, I actually have talked to someone who was there, so I already have a more informed opinion than you or the writer. Just bc you are an ex cop doesn’t give you any credit on knowing what went down, nor does being a motorcycle rider–pretty sure most of us here are riders. As an ex cop, you would know that cops are trained to use various levels of force, all designed to deescalate the scenario. The only deduction I made was from fact…local PD asked them to move the meetings due to violence concerns. The organizers and TP ignored those requests….shooting occurs. Please inform me what parts of the writer’s biased deductions I’m not reading correctly. Let’s start with the ‘thousands of rounds’ shall we…thousands implies at least 2000, with 14 officers, a minimum of 142 rounds per officer. While assault rifles were present, most had sidearms….tell me Mr ex cop…how many rounds does the average officer carry, extra magazines, etc…142 is the minimum based on the ‘thousands’….bullshit. The AP has interviewed actual bystanders who all corroborate the police returning fire. Do you really think that 14 officers, Mr Ex Cop, just decided to go Rambo all at the same time….or more likely, they were returning fire in fear of their lives and protecting others?? Please put down your crack pipe and come back with some actual talking points and leave the ex cop and rider crap to the side. The writer has done very little investigation…it’s all here-say, he hasn’t seen the video, he wasn’t there, he didn’t interview anyone who was there. He’s taking pot shots at the cops. His only likely plausible talking point is that the police arrested some innocent bikers. I’m sure that part will get sorted out…the rest, however, pure speculative horseshit. The AP has the video!!! If it gave any credit to the websites claims, we’d have heard about it already. That many cops don’t decide to go off the reservation and participate in a blood bath in the middle of the day with innocent bystanders danger close. You sir, are the uniformed naive and prejudiced gomer with your head clearly buried in the sand, or quite possibly, somewhere on your person.


        • mike says:

          And you think that an officer that was present on the scene is not biased? Who is the naive one?

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          • Scott Spencer says:

            Exactly, strongly biased I might add, but that’s fine. It’s noted that the posturing by Waco PD is a very defensive one.. From every angle they present, it’s all defensive. It also demonstrates what a division there really is between “citizens” & all agency’s of Law Enforcement. That my friends is the most worrisome of all, IMO..

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        • James says:

          NOR does YOU knowing somebody who was there! were YOU there? NO? then all you have is a lying cops word and you are a sorry individual and I will NOT thank you for your service as I see you are NEITHER a REAL American NOR a real vet as you served not for selfless reason or that you believed in America and what she stands for but to get glory and recognition JUST like your buddy the moron cop. Well I do NOT thank you NOR will I ever! I would be happier if you and your trigger happy friends LEFT this country and went to a more suitable country with your brain dead and archaic attitudes. Say like Afghanistan or one of the similar no intelligence but just empty rhetoric countries.

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    • Michael North says:

      Ok you ask a good question but its not horseshit. The Texas confederation of Clubs was started to bring clubs closer together and help stop street violence, and believe me it has helped more than anyone knows. A lot of problems have been solved behind closed doors instead of on the streets with death. Now the COC deals a lot with motorcycle safety and regulations that involve motorcycles and automobiles. The Bandidos are just a SMALL part of that and I mean very small when you add up the number of members that are involved in the COC like B.A.C.A. and the Legacy Vets and countless Christian Clubs, they far outnumber the Bandidos. Anyone can attend a meeting you don’t have to be a member or even ride a motorcycle just believe in the freedom and liberty’s we all enjoy in OUR LAND OF THE FREE. All I ask is type in the Texas COC or any other COC and read what they are about. I hated going to COC meetings but I do agree with what they try to do for everyone’s rights.


    • Aaron Sewell says:

      115 of the 170 arrested had no criminal history. Had 170 people actually been involved in the shootings, there would have been a whole lot more dead and wounded. I saw some claims that an undercover cop was fraudulently wearing one of the gangs “colors”, and that is what the initial altercation was over. I don’t know if it’s true, but doing something like that is pretty much begging for violence to ensue.


    • James Randum says:

      the COC/I has been going on for almost 20 years maybe more an just so happens to been an organized event to discuss said issues and always has and always will include many a 1%er and non 1% er’s including Christian riders, sober riders hells A’s and other 1% clubs. Also great link from a biased based media Corp who has been put on blast for leaking false information about huge world events in just the past three months they have been caught making false reports on two different major subjects.


    • carlos ordones says:



    • most of the guns found were found on the bikers. only a few of the guns found were not on the bikers.


  2. Valerie Morey says:

    If the police were there first why didn’t they stop it from happening? They should not of been hiding in the bushes waiting! Why didn’t they help the bar owner by being in the bar? That was not their plan from the get go! Chicken Shit if you ask me. The police department should fry for this!!

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    • Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

      It’s a sting gone wrong.


    • wullfe says:

      Police make themselves known when they expect black violence. A police car nearby in plain view would have been all that was needed unless they were planning a sting, which is what I suspect.


  3. EdG says:

    I’ve been wondering if the 3 guys that were released on bail are undercover cops or paid informants. It’s a bit odd that only 3 got out of jail so far.

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  4. why are all the gunshot wounds to the bikers in their backs ,they where all shot trying to get out of there .and not one cop was shot so they never fired on you ,but you fired at them because it was un safe for them to be firing gun in that area .. now it all makes sense


    • Jason says:

      How did you verify that all those shot were shot in the back? The AP has the footage from inside TP’s and not one report details anyone shot in the back. What happened outside is up for debate.

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  6. Phil N says:

    As it becomes clearer that the police did most if not all of the shooting and all of the killing, the story has totally disappeared from the main stream media.

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  7. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    If the Police prove to have shot 4-5 of them there ought to be a compelling reason. If the cops injured the remainder the whole thing stinks. The Fergie and Baltimore rioters were kid gloved.

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  8. famousprince says:

    Hmmm… I don’t know. Seems kinda like a “we ain’t done nuttin” defense.


  9. xavier179 says:

    Wait till the governor passes the open carry law, criminals will be carrying weapons openly and they can’t be asked to show their concealed carry permit.


    • Bob says:

      So? They’re carrying them concealed now. I’d rather know at a glance if they’re packing. But, I had to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s pretty unlikely any criminal would open-carry. If a Cop has reasonable suspicion that one is a felon, he’ll run your ID, and you’ll go to prison for carrying. Really. Lighten up.


      • Chris Amore says:

        Run your ID? That’s actually illegal. Because there is no evidence to charge the person with a crime, and for that person to give them an ID card is for that person to voluntarily submit documentation which can be used against him. This violates Constitution. The police don’t have right to demand any documentation from a person without having evidence first that the person has committed a crime. Yes, the stopping of a person in Texas, even in a private establishment is “legal detainment”. This means if the person knows his/her rights and claims those rights, the law enforcement cannot legally violate their rights. Legal detainment means you are under a form of arrest in which any submission of documentation can be used against you in a court of law. See Taooflaw.com


        • Cops run plates all the time. And in case you haven’t noticed, cops and the government don’t care what our constitutional rights are. You know, like freedom of association, freedom of assembly, the right to bear arms. Many of those weapons that were found in Waco were in or on vehicles and found when they searched them. It is totally legal to have a loaded gun in you car or locked on your motorcycle in Texas, even with a CHL. They called pocket knives “weapons”. My grandma carries a pocket knife. I always carry a firearm on me, sometimes have an additional one in the car, I carry a fixed blade (a 30th anniversary gift from my husband) and a pocket knife. All of those “weapons” are totally legal for me to carry and totally normal for someone in Texas to carry. I have always been a supporter of law enforcement and always given them the benefit of the doubt. But when the sheriff says that every one of those bikers is a criminal and that by just showing up that day, they are responsible for capital murder or engaging in organized crime, he lost my support. By him searching those cars and motorcycles and making legally owned weapons that were removed from locked vehicles out to be connected to the crime, he makes me question HIS motives. And by making a multi-tool or pocket knife out to be something heinous, he lost all credibility. He is laughable. He can’t even get his weapon count straight. It is 100, no it is 50, no it is 1000, uhhhh….I mean it is 300. Whatever. Praying for the entire truth to come out and I’m sure it isn’t what we are hearing from the Waco law enforcement community.

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  10. Who tried to assassinate federal prosecutor Kerr? Who supplies a lot of the strippers in these strip bars with hard drugs? Oh but then they give Toys for Tots so that makes them a bunch of good guys. And my final question. Do the Police officers get to wear the patch TCOB?


    • Phil N says:

      Gee Tom, I have no idea who did those things. If you know please report them to the police. If the police know they should arrest them. Or perhaps this is mere speculation on your part.

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  11. Barrett Coates says:

    Motorcycle gangs are just that: Gangs.
    Most are no different than any other gang when confronted with a rival or police. Violence begets violence. It doesn’t help that there’s so much separation between law enforcement and the community.


    • Ghostrider says:

      So the BLUE KNIGHTS MC are a gang after all..Always knew that, thanks for filling us in. OH YEAH then there are the Patriot Guard MC, Fire and Ice MC, B.A.C.A. MC, …Should I continue??? If you are suggesting that people who group together are a gang… then yes you are correct. Look at the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, 2 of the biggest GANGS in the world, Oh and don’t forget all those dressed in Green…. If you had actually read any of the article or listen to the “press conference”, the only things certain is that the police came for a gun fight and people minding there own business where caught in the cross fire, or wild firing of shots, From WHOM EVER WAS SHOOTING. From the sound of it as well, If I or even you where there just out for a ride on our Motorcycle (yes I do ride) and stopped in for a bit to eat, we would have been labeled an “outlaw” Biker and arrested and/or shout/killed (like 3 of the 9 dead where). That being the only reason. Being in the building. I am suspecting that these “officers” where not allowed in that establishment for any number of reasons so the owner/management are labeled Non-Compliant because he/she didn’t want to loose the business they knew they had.

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  12. Bill Kushnir says:

    As a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, I have been to a COC meeting and I have been at “all patches welcome” charitable events sponsored by the Bandidos, all without even the hint of potential violence. Of course, no one who came was uninvited or looking for trouble and everyone understood the need to show the respect that promotes peaceful interaction among bikers of all stripes. Had trouble started I guess I would have been rounded up along with everyone else even though our patch features a Bible and praying hands. As a former cop, I can also relate to the chaos resulting from the incident in Waco and the unique challenges that a crime scene of this magnitude presents. That said, by now they should have been able to sort out the non-one percenter riders using the presumption of innocence approach rather than what appears to be the opposite tack.

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  13. Scott Spencer says:

    I’ve read the Cossacks president’s eyewitness account of the parking lot battle. ( prospect was ran over ” foot” )
    As far as facts, 8 Cossacks are dead, 1 Bandidio… Being ex- military I find it difficult to believe “thousands of rounds” were fired in this battle. Of course I may be wrong. The body count would be much higher. No civilians killed either, hmm, Police are becoming more brazen than at anytime in my 52 years. Here’s the thing, 170 people are incarcerated over what most likely started between 3 to 4 bikers. A million dollar bond is redic & in my opinion is illegal. ( how many are guilty? ) waco continuously states “evil biker gangs” this presumes they are all guilty by proxy only..” Evil bikers” ya know..
    Only in Texas…

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  14. kghjk says:

    Government plan event

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  15. bob lavelle says:

    Truth on both sides seem to buried among uncertain and proven facts. Just give it time and the real truth will rise out among all the maybe this and maybe thats. Then we will know the real outcome of all of this. Do for now” its safe to put down our fingers and quit ponting. time will tell us in due time…..


  16. Scott Spencer says:

    Here’s the link from the Cossacks president “eyewitness account”
    He claims after the “prospect” was ran over, (foot) words, then punches followed by guns ( Bandidio’s ) killing 3 right off the bat, if true, that clearly dismisses the ideal police ” killed everyone who died. Read & see what you think…


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  17. Scott Spencer says:

    You have to be concerned when Waco is investigating itself, am I right?

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  18. Bill Carson says:

    i suspected the police of being the shooters from day one. too many kill shots. doesn’t sound like the kind of shooting that goes on when people are excited and all hell is breaking loose. sounds like someone took aim and squeezed off the rounds. sounds like snipers to me. therefore if the cops did this and i think they did, then that to me sounds like at the very least manslaughter and/or outright murder. the police had no right to do this. none. they are at fault and i surely hope that these people have good legal counsel . the man at the restaurant who lost his business because of this also has a good case. i would take this to federal court however. if possible . and get it out of wacko with change of venue. why hasn’t anyone challenged this outrageous bond . most of these men do not even have records. when all is said and done, the waco police and others are going to be made to look like complete idiots and keystone cops, a bunch of trigger happy fools. and because of the trigger happy goons , nine men are dead for nothing…………..and so it goes when are people going to have enough of this crap? the police are just getting too out of control in the land of the free and the home of the brave? freedom? what freedom?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Amy says:

    I just saw your whole article posted at another site. They did credit you, but a whole copy & paste job. Now, I do not blog, I always thought using extracts was the way to go, pageviews in the end that matters. By pasting your whole article leaves the reader no reason to come here.


    • sundance says:

      Thanks. Unfortunately, our material is ripped off all over – I’ve long ago given up on the issue.

      It says more about them than anything else.

      There’s a crew of connected website operators who collaborate together to rip people off and then host the information “as if” they create it, research it, etc. themselves. IJR is the absolute worst.


  20. This is BS , thousands of rounds fired ? BS? No way ? How many rounds in a magazine ? Each officer carries 3 on his belt (1) in the gun 2 in a mag pouch do the math . 45 rounds maybe 46 rounds max per officer x 22 officers = if they all fired EVER round they had !

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Chris Gore says:

    WACO BOTTOM LINE: A Fight broke out in the Parking Lot and Police opened fire. Bikers fired back at Police while running for cover. Police blamed the TP owner and Praised the Officers. Police arrested everyone in Twin Peaks and set 1,000,000 bail on 170+ People. Police confiscated ALL motorcycles and Autos of the 170. Police are currently spinning the story and using the Media to do it. Beware of all news stories. Most recent story coming from an “unnamed” Cossack who claims to have been in the parking lot watching “his buddies” get killed. This Cossack nicknamed “Houdini” for his “getaway” (or “Coward” for running from his “Brothers” dying on the ground) escaped Police while flying Cossack Colors of bright yellow. This “UNNAMED COSSACK” also claims that The Cossacks refused to pay the Banditoes 100 per month for the Privilage of wearing “bottom rockers” claiming the entire State of Texas. These patches are the most sacred of biker gang patches and claim the right to territory. The Police have claimed these patches were the reason for the B&C war. BEWARE OF BS NEWS! Wait for the Video of the Parking Lot… I suspect there won’t be much.


  22. Innocent bystander says:

    I was there in waco I was walking up to the door to go in when I heard the first shot , there was no fight and cop killed them and almost kled me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wullfe says:

      What did you see and what did you do? Are you saying police killed all nine bikers? How did the others get injured? What kind of weapons were police using? Were you questioned by police? Can you give us the details?

      Liked by 1 person

      • wullfe says:

        “You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked your comment!”

        Can you explain why your replies aren’t showing up here?

        Then, what blog? Who is ‘they’?


    • Scott Spencer says:

      Please elaborate on what you know or suspect. Were you a rider, or a patron?
      Glad your safe though, best wishes..


  23. I grew up out there in that part of the country and in doing so it was near impossible not to at least know a Hells Angel Or Bandito or two. That being said you can not draw down on these clubs and Kill and Murder these Brothers and yes I said Brothers because they believe that they are all Family! If you think Payback is not on the way….You got another thing coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  24. wrongonred says:

    FYI- There is a rumor going around that McLennan Co is attempting to persuade the jailed sign a waiver relinquishing their right not to sue for wrongful imprisonment, false arrest, malicious prosecution, whatever it’s called in the state of Russia err Texas in exchange for dropping death penalty charges.

    Take that with the grain of salt it is worth, as it is grapevine info.


  25. Scoots says:

    No civilians killed? Really? There were 9 civilians killed. The police cannot even figure out how many people they arrested. Was is 170 or 192. Did they confiscate thousand of weapons or was it 300 or was it 50. Since when is a wallet chain or steeled toed boots a weapon?

    I was not personally there but know people who were…..

    People were randomly detained and jailed. Many who arrived after the incident.

    Wake up! If they will arrest you for riding a motorcycle or attending a meeting then what is next? Bikers all over the state of Texas are now being pulled over just because they are riding.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Pingback: Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – The Crossfire and The Four Dead Bodies We Don’t See… | The Silent Soldier

  27. robert l meadows says:

    Protest video
    Title: Waco River of Blood.
    Check out this video on YouTube:


  28. Oso says:

    There is little room for doubt when considering who actually did the shooting / killing. one can’t help but wonder if the body count would be as high if the cops had not been so “prepared” to de escalate a threat to public safety.



  29. Pete0097 says:

    What I want to know is why isn’t Beyonce posting the bonds like she did in Balto? We are not getting the whole story and never will.


  30. neocon01 says:

    simple math cops 3 – 30 round magazine, x 22 cops..= 1980 rounds…= murder


  31. ThirstyJon says:

    I notice that the article claims that all 9 of the dead were killed by police.

    I have seen this claim in several places, but I have yet to see WHY this is believed to be true.

    What is your source?

    P.S. This is not a hostile question. I am just looking for info.


    • A. The largest percent died of head shots from rifles.
      B. Cops are refusing to release video or any evidence.
      C. Waco has a despicable history of murdering people that don’t fit their mold of what is and isnt. (Eg., waco=/= cops/feds located in and around Waco)
      D. When was the last time cops actually told the truth?


      • ThirstyJon says:


        Nothing in your comment answers my question.

        I am trying to figure out the source of the information that all 9 of the dead were killed by the police.

        What you wrote is just speculative reasons whey you consider it likely.

        How does the author of this post know that all 9 were killed by police?

        From a video? From an eyewitness? An audio recording? Another article?

        Where is that info coming from?

        I am trying to find out the source so that I can either pursue it further or draw my own conclusions.

        Right now it is just a statement that I have no way of knowing if it is true or not.


    • Phil N says:

      Actually I have seen nothing to counter the claim that all nine were killed by police. There seems to be a news blackout on this entire incident since the original story by the news media and police fell apart.


      • Richard says:

        All killed by rifle bullets, no rifles among the bikers.


      • Jonathan Reames says:

        Rewatch all the different angles of video that are out there. Jesus Rodriguez is CLEARLY boot stomped by two Cossacks before one of them fires a gun point blank at him. I say that is what killed him. Clear on video


  32. Joseph says:

    By some of the logic presented, the Brian Stowe case in California should have resulted in the arrest of everyone who attended the Dodgers/Giants game until they could prove their case against suspects yet to be named. There were no less than 10 marked police units in the shopping center parking lot prior to the incident here, and 2 of the group who were not involved in the bikers’ rights group removed their vests and changed into police jackets with masks to conceal their identity. One notified their superiors prior to the incident, letting them know this group was armed and preparing to attack, but nothing was done due to not wanting to blow his cover over misdemeanor unlawful carry of weapons charges. Additionally, the leader on scene of that group was a cop in a small town in the area and attempted to claim he was working undercover while in jail, which was rebuked by the department he was employed by. It was an ambush. The other group was seen on Twin Peaks video prior to the Bandidos arriving readying weapons, and then jumping over the patio railing when they arrived. Despite the history of any Club involved, the truth should come out. Those who planned this should be held accountable, as well as those who allowed it to escalate to the level it did.






  35. carlos ordones says:



  36. Jonathan Reames says:

    Several times you mistakenly say Jesus Rodriguez was killed by police, the video CLEARLY shows two Cossacks boot stomping him and one of those Cossacks firing a gun at him. They killed him.


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