BINGO – Donors To The Clinton Foundation Swaying State Dept. Investigation – The Motive Surfaces….

This could be a bigger deal that what originally appears on the surface. It’s one of those things that make other things make sense.

For several years people have wondered what would be the specific benefit to foreign entities sending millions of dollars to the Clinton Family Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.

clinton global iniative

Obviously most of the outside interest is directed toward inquiry and concern of a quid-pro-quo relationship between the State Dept and the donor itself.

However, HotAir shares a specific example that might actually make more sense when considering the contributions on a larger context.

The U.S. State Dept is responsible for oversight of sanctions imposed against nation states like Iran and Cuba. If an entity, individual or nation state, wanted to engage in a business deal in direct violation of those sanctions, and do business with Iran or Cuba, a direct donation to the head of the body who would be in charge of the oversight might help your efforts.

Hillary clinton meh(Via Hot Air) Is another shoe about to drop on the Clinton Foundation, and on Hillary Clinton’s problematic rollout? Newsweek’s Rory Ross reported this morning that the largest individual donor to the Clinton family business has conducted trade with Iran, perhaps in breach of US sanctions. Ukrainian energy mogul Victor Pinchuk has connections to the Clintons that go back almost a decade, and financial connections to the regime in Tehran that go much farther:

The fourth richest man in Ukraine, Pinchuk owns Interpipe Group, a Cyprus-incorporated manufacturer of seamless pipes used in oil and gas sectors.

Newsweek has seen declarations and documents from Ukraine that show a series of shipments from Interpipe to Iran in 2011 and 2012, including railway parts and products commonly used in the oil and gas sectors.

Among a number of high-value invoices for products related to rail or oil and gas, one shipment for $1.8m (1.7m) in May 2012 was for “seamless hot-worked steel pipes for pipelines” and destined for a city near the Caspian Sea.

Both the rail and oil and gas sectors are sanctioned by the US, which specifically prohibits any single invoice to the Iranian petrochemical industry worth more than $1m.
In other words, Interpipe should have been slapped with penalties and sanctions for its operations with Iran. Pinchuk’s company has a US subsidiary, which means that US sanctions apply across the entire organization. The agency for imposing penalties for sanctions violations in these cases, Ross notes, is the State Department. Who was in charge at the State Department during this period? None other than Hillary Clinton.

Pinchuk was among an elite few dumping tons of money into the Clinton Foundation, some of whom have interesting connections for a former Secretary of State (read more).

dead broke clintons

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18 Responses to BINGO – Donors To The Clinton Foundation Swaying State Dept. Investigation – The Motive Surfaces….

  1. czarowniczy says:

    “For several years people have wondered what would be the specific benefit to foreign entities sending millions of dollars to the Clinton Family Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.” huh? Were these people conscious? Exactly how many different base motives for giving any money to any Clinton have there ever been?

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  2. BertDilbert says:

    From the article: “The pledge was to fund a program to train future Ukrainian leaders and professionals “to modernize Ukraine,” according to the Clinton Foundation. Several alumni are current members of the Ukrainian Parliament. ”

    Well Ukraine certainly seems to be going well. Must be the Clinton touch.

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    • Be Ge says:

      Heck yes, they’ve finally banned the communist party and have put up a legal equality sign between WWII nazis/fascists and 1917-1991 communists. Took ’em 20+ years to do so, Clinton’s disciples at work…


  3. watcher says:

    Water on a ducks back to hill.
    She will just do as she always does. Say and do nothing.


  4. Dixie says:

    When it relates to money, the Clinton’s have no integrity. When it relates to the Clintons, I have no respect.

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  5. bofh says:

    Remember that Biden’s son was given a primo no-show job on a Board of Directors for Burisma Holding, a Ukrainian gas/oil company. Don’t know if it directly relates to Pinchuk or not since the ownership of Burisma is a secret, but an additional clear example of foreign-money injected into our government in any case.

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  6. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  7. Totally Domestic says:

    Mind wonderings…hum, wasn’t it nice of doggy to come up at just the moment that pic was snapped to hide her cankles!
    EVERYTHING about this woman is deceptive.
    Just like you know who.

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  8. comradewhoopie says:

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for this administration to bring charges. I wouldn’t even expect the Clinton Foundation to lose it’s tax exempt status. This regime is crooked top to bottom, from the IRS to the DHS and DOJ.


  9. bob e says:

    chinese also donated big to these sick traitors. notice the satellites, subs, ships(nuke carrier) jets, etc etc .. comming on line last within’ the last few years ??


  10. ctdar says:

    Lol! Bill has a leash around his neck!!


  11. peebee says:

    nothing is going to happen to any clinton in our lifetimes


    • Poster says:

      I predict that something will happen to some Clinton in our lifetime. Like all political prognosticators, though, I will remain vague, but trust me — something will happen. 🙂


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