More Eyes Wide Open To Iranian Deal Fraud – Benjamin Netanyahu Interview…

The construct of the fraud is becoming more obvious. We outlined it on day one. Yesterday the New York Post and NPR, yes even NPR, outlined the ruse also. American Thinker adds:

Obama[…] Admitting that negotiations to reach the general “framework agreement” failed would render meaningless the June 30 deadline for reaching the detailed agreement. Without the “framework agreement” there is nothing to negotiate. How to save the June 30 deadline without having a March 31 deal — and without losing face?

Easy: agree that a framework agreement was agreed on – but do not sign it, and thus simply do not “agree on what they agreed on”!

Hence, “a senior U.S. official, speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the talks, says Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif let each other know in advance that their narratives would be different.” (more)

Today Netanyahu is interviewed by CNN and asked, repeatedly, (@07:00) “Do you trust the President”?

Update: Professor Jacobson catches on also:

Iran Framework Deal: Greatest Political Hoax Ever?

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42 Responses to More Eyes Wide Open To Iranian Deal Fraud – Benjamin Netanyahu Interview…

  1. smiley says:

    as if iran has any intention of “complying” with anything.
    JK is just trying to con Congress w/ nonsensical blather.
    political posturing & insulting everyone’s intelligence, like we’re now a 3rd world country.
    Fielding Mellish/ Bananas comes to mind.


    • MattMusson says:

      Even if Iran complies with the ‘deal’ they are left with 6000 centerfuges that will create slightly enriched uranium. Creating slightly enriched uranium is 80% of the work in creating bomb grade uranium. After 10 years Iran will be able to spin SLU into bomb grade uranium in 12 months. At 6000 centerfuges they will be able to produce 25 nuclear bombs a year.

      25 bombs a year – if they don’t cheat.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I think asking Netayahu if he trusts the President was disrespectful.

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  3. bofh says:

    Could CNN be any more virulently and transparently anti-Israel?

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  4. sundance says:

    President Clinton Discusses North Korea Nukes – general similarity.

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  5. doodahdaze says:

    More lies, social justice, and the anti-american way, by the Obama Administration.


  6. RJ says:

    Am I correct in thinking the CNN interviewer’s name is Les Grossman? Let’s get beyond this and just look at how he framed his questions: I’ll massage it my way…

    “Have the scars your wife received from your beatings healed? Did she need to go to a plastic surgeon for repair? Have your children formed an opinion on these beatings? Have you entered into a group therapy program to deal with such angers as beating your spouse?”

    Yea, that’s why I and millions of Americans only watch CNN for real, truthful, accurate news…yep, that’s the place I go for reality!

    Ted Turner…are you happy?

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  7. cohibadad says:

    This and Obama’s announced shift from support for Israel makes me think of this recent video:


  8. Dixie says:

    If you didn’t click on the “Iran Framework Deal: Greatest Political Hoax Ever” and watch the interview with Diane Feinstein further down in the article, you should watch it. I tried to copy and paste it here but it was not allowed. I searched for it on google but no luck. It was a CNN video by the same guy who interviewed Netanyahu.

    She said, Netanyahu has not offered an alternative either in his speech or since then (like he was included in the talks/s) and the deal was better than she thought it would ever be. She went on to elaborate that it could be a very serviceable, practical agreement and would signal a new day.

    She was obviously one of those senators Obama chose to call because they need to know. It was soooo obvious that she was repeating everything he said like a parrot. With insipid, uninspired, feeble, flat, dull, boring, tedious, tired, unexciting, uninspiring, unimaginative, vacuous, bland, trite, vapid, hypnotized people like this representing the American people, we sure don’t need any enemies.

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  9. czarowniczy says:

    The concept of a ‘deadline’ is the same as that of the ‘red line’ – it’s written up there in Dry Erase. I’m betting this ‘deal’ is so misty as the players aren’t sure we’re gonna see anything vaguely suggestive of a deal. The only two players who want something solid are the US and Iran and they both want the same thing – those pesky other spoilers are muddying the waters. I.m waiting for June when they can’t get to something realistic and the Orwellian Newspeak thesaurus comes out again to explain why the snake oil salesmen wasted all of this time, money and breathable air to come up with as much or less than they started with. Them’s our boyz.

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  10. crazy says:

    It’s obvious that the point of this has been to normalize relations with Iran and drop sanctions. Unfortunately for Obama the Iranians are so deliriously happy they can’t stop themselves from bragging about how they forced the great satan to surrender. With world economies struggling from too much socialism fueled by credit there’s enough pressure from big business to open up closed markets that Congress is likely to do little more than huff and puff as the Ayatollah uses his immunity idol (nukes) to expand his reign.

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  11. John Galt says:

    “Iran Framework Deal: Greatest Political Hoax Ever”

    I don’t know about that. There’s some pretty stiff competition: Global Warming, Obozo, BGI, illegal immigration / amnesty, green energy, war on women, Obama Care, democracy loving Islamic freedom fighters, Benghazi, Clintons . . . .

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  12. Chewbarkah says:

    The pseudo-deal has a logical implications.
    1. It greatly increases pressure on Israel to pre-emptively take out Iran’s capacity to develop nuclear weapons. The most feasible way to do this would be pre-emptive nuclear strikes to eliminate Iran’s oil industry, industrial base, and Teheran’s population (which is the base for the regime). The Iranians are not stupid, and realize the danger.

    What exactly did Obama/Kerry promise the Iranians that the US would do to stop Israel from nuking Iran?

    Once Iran uses the cover of the Obama/Kerry deal to achieve nuclear weapons, will the US be able to risk putting carrier groups in the Persian Gulf, or concentrate forces in the region? Of course not. Obama’s deal makes the Gulf an Iranian lake, and permanently cripples US political and economic influence in the Middle East. It ends US leadership of a the security system that kept relative stability in the ME and Europe since WWII (our oil politics in the ME was part of guaranteeing cheap energy supplies Europe to avert depression and communist revolution).

    So no more US colonialist hegemony, no Gulf Wars, no fighting ISIS. The US will soon find itself excluded from the region, with scant prospect of clawing our way back in (unless Israel nukes Iran soon). That was the Obama/Kerry goal and they have achieved it.

    But these Nobelniks seem oblivious that without a US umbrella, nuclear weapons will soon proliferate to every major state in the ME. Thank goodness these are stable countries, leaving no chance the Bomb will end up in the hands of ISIS or Al Qaeda.


    • Roy says:

      “What exactly did Obama/Kerry promise the Iranians that the US would do to stop Israel from nuking Iran?”

      That’s a good question. I don’t think Israel will do anything, unless death of the country is imminent, without Saudi Arabia, at a minimum. BO sending Americans to fight the Saudis and new Arab Coalition + Israel would be WWIII.


  13. strat4evr says:

    Why is Patriotic American taxpayer money being used to furnish a paycheck/Lavish lifestyle to elected political figure’s aka: Legislators, Congressmen, Senator’s who “willingly” (or unwillingly for that matter) simply bow to King Obama masquerading themselves to the public as representatives of the voices of those taxpayers who furnish that paycheck when in Reality they are more reminiscent of Court Jesters. BTW, I wonder what the current pay scale would be for a skilled Court Jester in this day and age. What??? Higher than minimum wage? Shut the door……


  14. lovely says:

    Netanyahu must grow weary of schooling morons.


  15. czarowniczy says:

    If I were the IDF I’d be rewriting my my nuke-use SOPs and redistributing my quick reaction forces. I have this uneasy feeling that to in order to sort of ensure Israel’s ‘compliance’ with the terms of its destruction that certain folks in DC (not mentioning and names or associations) just might leak some of what it knows about Israel’s plans/capabilities to Iran. That would put Israel at a disadvantage – and their innate distrust in our mercurial political systems’ probably a major part of their lack of desire to heavily ‘share’ with us.


    • Roy says:

      Yes, good idea.

      Below took some planning. 3 years at least…..

      Obama administration uses old Pentagon FOIA to out Israel’s nukes

      “Three years after a researcher filed a Freedom of Information Act request for a Department of Defense report discussing Israel’s nuclear weapon capabilities, the Obama administration released the document in what has been called an unprecedented acknowledgement of the heretofore secret arsenal protecting the Middle Eastern nation.”


      • czarowniczy says:

        Israel got a LOT of its ‘stuff’ from the US and Israeli scientists (no slouches themselves) took it from there. Rumors were` that some Jewish physicists working on US nuke projects slid help over, that some of the controlled devices needed in the detonation circuit (dual use) were provided by Jewish supporters in the entertainment business and some of the early uranium products were supplied with the covert assistance of some parts of the US government. Hey, the IDF made some 400ish changes to the F4 aircraft and used it to maintain air superiority over the ‘Arabs’ long after the US declared the plane obsolete.
        The only way the bad guys could wipe out the Israeli retaliatory capacity is if (a) they launched a massive nuclear attack or (b) ‘someone told ’em what we know about where the missiles are stored and which aircraft were nuke-armed and on alert. Even then there’s always the possibility that Israel would have response materials squirreled away that only they knew about. I’m betting that there are enough secret-secret nukes parked so that the Moslem Mideast world would get a whack back they’d never forget about. Remember those Dolphin-class subs?


        • Roy says:

          Yup, I do.

          “I’m betting that there are enough secret-secret nukes parked so that the Moslem Mideast world would get a whack back they’d never forget about. ”

          I would assume so. Being outted so flagrantly flies in the face of “will stand by Israel.” If we only had even ONE real-real media station…..


          • czarowniczy says:

            Yeah, I lost what little respect (trust me, it was ‘little’) I had for the press during Katrina. Nothing like ‘reality-up close and personal’.
            I’m betting the Russians are watching the Israeli Dolphins based at Haifa. The co-opting of Turkey’s all allowed their Black Sea anti-submarine resources to have free access to the eastern Med with, I’m betting, porting in a grateful Egypt. With Israel’s own ‘eyes in the skies’ satellite systems I’m betting they’ll have enough prior warning to make the aftermath an Arab fall.


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