Mike Brown Family Attorney: “May File Civil Suit Against Officer Darren Wilson and Ferguson Police Dept”…

Obviously many people may find this alarming, however it is entirely predictable.

The entire construct of the “Scheme Team’s” objectives is to file civil (wrongful death) lawsuits. This is their version of justice, albeit financial justice. The filing of wrongful death lawsuits is the entire reason why the Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump law firm exist, and the entire reason why they were called upon by Mike Brown’s parents, Lesley McSpadden and Mike Brown.

Daryl parks and brown familybenjamin crump

In order for Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks, and in this case local attorney Anthony Gray, to get the leverage they need for financial judgment they first need to establish a position of implied wrongful death. Ben Crump calls this “first base”, and requires “an arrest” – not a conviction, just an arrest. The arrest establishes the “probable cause” basis for both a criminal trial, and, more importantly, civil litigation.

The “probable cause” is what they need. This is also why in both the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Mike Brown shooting the family asks for an arrest: “all we want is an arrest”. Without a preceding basis for an arrest the hurdles to gain a wrongful death civil reward are much higher.

Rioting erupts in Ferguson, Missouri after police involved shooting of an unarmed teenBill Lee 2

The Ferguson Police Department in Missouri learned from reviewing the exploitation of the Sanford Police Department in Florida and did not acquiesce to the pressure applied by the Black Grievance Industry.

This industrial sized pressure comes from Al Sharpton, the NAACP and the AME Church Network which includes the federal DOJ community relations service.

The Ferguson Police, and the Saint Louis prosecutor both held firm on following the established legal process for a complaint.   This frustrated Parks and Crump, who were using the successful model from Florida but not getting the desired response.

In the Trayvon Martin case the local police chief, Bill Lee, was removed, the local prosecutor, Norm Wolfinger, was removed, and a politically favorable special prosecutor, Angela Corey, was appointed by the governor.

Corey then subverted/cancelled a previously scheduled Grand Jury so that she could manufacture a probable cause affidavit fraught with outright lies, and media evidence, provided by the Scheme Team (Parks and Crump).

Angela Corey 2Angela Corey in court with scheme team

Had the 2012 Grand Jury in Florida been given the Zimmerman case for determination, charges against George Zimmerman would not have been returned. The evidence used to establish the probable cause affidavit was built on a non-existent 16-year-old ear witness named “Dee Dee” who became known as 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel at trial.

Jeantel’s entire narrative was manufactured by the Scheme Team to assist a probable cause affidavit for an arrest. Their claims did not need to be factual, they were only looking for “an arrest”.

Witness 8The special prosecutor Angela Corey never vetted the manufactured witness, nor did she even ask for identification during her witness statements.

This is called “willful blindness”.

Every aspect of Rachel Jeantel sold to the media by the Parks and Crump Scheme Team was false when introduced into the narrative (March 20th 2012) and Angela Corey did nothing to stop the fraud, allowing the entire scheme to go all the way to trial before it was exposed.

In 2014 in Saint Louis, County Prosecutor McCullough quickly understood the approach the Scheme Team would take; hence he took the evidence to the grand jury and would not give in to the pressure from the BGI. This legal approach, using the established process, derailed the Scheme Team plans for financial justice because it accurately reflected a lack of probable cause for any arrest.

Parks and Crump could not get to first base.

After the failure to get the arrest the Scheme Team packed their bags and went looking for the next victim to exploit. Meanwhile the local family attorney, Anthony Gray, is holding out hope that he can leverage the political class to pressure the Ferguson Police Department into giving the family a pay out without trying through the court. The threat of “civil action” is the leverage Gray is using to get the politicians on board with a “go-away” extortion type payoff.

mike brown parents 5

SAINT LOUIS – The family of Michael Brown is considering a civil suit against the police officer who shot him in the wake of news that a Department of Justice investigation is preparing to recommend no civil rights charges be brought against the officer.

Anthony Gray, an attorney representing the Brown family, confirmed that the​ family ​is considering a civil suit against Darren Wilson, the police officer whose fatal shooting of Brown in Ferguson, Missouri , led to protests last year.

“That is an option that is available,” Gray said. “They have not made a decision to move forward at this point, [but] that is an option that is always on the table.” (read more)

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64 Responses to Mike Brown Family Attorney: “May File Civil Suit Against Officer Darren Wilson and Ferguson Police Dept”…

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Why I’m sure that nothing will bring closure to a emotionally wounded family faster than mo’ money, mo’ money. mo’ money.

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  2. kinthenorthwest says:

    I would like to know when they are going to trial on McSpadden’s assault on Brown’s grandmother, and Head inciting a riot.

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    I hope that Officer Wilson and the Ferguson police department do not cave to this extortion request. There is no evidence of a wrongful death. Parks was on Hannity last night pounding away with the fact that Brown was unarmed. This is the direction they are heading. It matters not that Brown was trying to take Darren Wilson’s gun. While Gray may be the family’s attorney, the original Scheme Team of Parks and Crump are steering this train wreck.

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  4. Madmax says:

    By the way, where is Obama, Holder and Not so Sharpton publicly apologizing to officer Wilson and his family along with the entire city of Ferguson and then the country ??? Yes I know I’m dreaming.

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  5. racerxx says:

    Yep most of these cases boil down to the dollars. Sadly.


    • joanfoster says:

      Yes, Justin will always come in second place to Benjamin. They have the gall to threaten to sue a city agency after they first do millions of dollars in damages to property owners and business people in that city.

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    • True Colors says:

      The main goal of Crump, Sharpton, etc is never to go to court.

      Their main goal is to force large financial settlements without going to court.

      People do not hire Crump and Sharpton for legal services. They hire them for PR services.

      If the BGI can get enough negative attention raging in the media, then some people will pay them “go away money.” An example of this would be the HOA in the Trayvon Martin case. They did nothing wrong but they paid money to keep their name out of the media.


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      • waltherppk says:

        BGI = Black Grifters Incorporated

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      • revbacon says:

        That’s exactly my take as well. Play the ghetto lottery, and do it through extortion, not triumph in court. It would cost millions to defend against these clowns, and they know that. It’s something about that “magnificent equality of the law which gives both rich and poor whites the onus of spending millions to defend themselves against frivolous BGI lawsuits.”


  6. Daniel says:

    Well their plans completely dried up in that any real basis for a civil claim doesn’t exist. So now they are doing a hail mary for the civil suit they intended all along. Who is paying Crump for this? Soros?


    • mcfyre2012 says:

      They needed an arrest so they wouldn’t have the burden of proving wrongful death. Now their chances of suing for any big amounts of money are long gone.

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      • art tart says:

        mcfyre2012 ~ you are exactly correct. IF money cannot be extorted from LE/Town Administration, there won’t be a Civil Suit likely brought that would eventually go to trial. It’s free to threaten, they might even file a Civil Suit to make it look more legitimate, & pray they get $$$$$ just to go away, OR, it could possibly be dismissed for Summary Judgement.

        WHY a Civil Suit would not go to Court: Because the burden would be on McSpadden/Mike Sr./their attorney’s to PROVE their case, to create a case with evidence, we already know there are 8 witnesses to validate Officer Wilson’s statement of events. That’s why it’s easier to file a Civil Suit & use that evidence like the Goldmen’s did in OJ’s case for a Civil Suit. Although OJ walked in the criminal case, ALL the evidence brought forth in his trial was able to be used by the Golden’s Attorney’s & they were awarded a 33 million dollar settlement. For Big Mike’s family, the BURDEN of paying ALL the cost for experts, depositions, their filings, their court cost etc. is on them, something they won’t want to do or likely can’t afford to do on what is a gamble at best, they couldn’t win & their attorney’s know it. The bully pull pit & bringing negative attention through Sharpton & MSNBC/CNN is all they have..

        In the case of Officer Wilson, imo, even if a Civil Suit was filed to make themselves look legitimate, it would be dropped before any trial ever took place BECAUSE McSpadden/Mike Sr.s attorney would have to PROVE wrongdoing, they can’t. ALL of Big Mike’s wrongdoings would be part of the Civil Trial including his “strong armed robbery,” his dysfunctional upbringing something TM’s family chose not to face.

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    • John Galt says:

      I was thinking the taxpayers would pick up the tab as part of Obozo’s $263 million slush fund.


  7. lovemygirl says:

    They should be charged for extortion… Too bad I’m not in charge.

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  8. waltherppk says:

    The family of the recently departed thug should stand outside the courthouse and demand their settlement money or else they will burn this bitch down. Have Al Sharpton stand by with a can of gasoline to say, dats right.

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    • Concerned says:

      You just made me think …. can you imagine how awesome it would be if we had recordings of the meetings going on between the attorneys and MB’s sperm and egg donors? We’d probably all die from laughing too hard. It would be way better than hearing Crump cue DeeDee’s with “OK one…. two…. three….”

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  9. freepetta says:

    How is it that such outright shysters can practice law? So basically the Zimmerman case was a total set up, Angela Cory was in cahoots with the money hungry race baiting attorneys. Now, I’m no big fan of Zimmerman, but nobody should be set up like that Martin would have killed him if he had the chance. I seem to remember when those “attorneys” after Brown’s death, were calling for McCullough to recuse himself from the case. Lucky he was smart enough to realize, the DOJ would have brought in one of their gophers as a special prosecutor.

    My original question stands: How can such legal race baiters get away with manipulating the justice system and still be permitted to practice law? Where is the code of ethics? Guess there is none.

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    • John Galt says:

      “How is it that such outright shysters can practice law?”

      I blame affirmative action.

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    • lovemygirl says:

      When a law firm does nothing other than file civil rights suits you pretty well know they are corrupt.


    • art tart says:

      How much law do they actually practice, meaning going to Court & trying a case if they can’t get a settlement from a shake down?

      The # 1 money whore imo that has proven herself successful a few times, even bigger than Sharpton imo, is Gloria Alred. She hasn’t been to court in years, BUT, if she smells a pay out & the parties might settle such as in Tiger Wood’s payout to her client which was in the millions, she’s on board & calling news conferences. Tiger Wood tried to salvage his reputation but more importantly, wanted to continue to play golf competitively & was willing to pay to make it go away.

      Gloria Alred is now trying to shake down Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby, guilty or not has not been charged nor tried, has a net worth of 400 million dollars & can fight Gloria Alred w/his countless attorneys who are pushing back imo, If Alred can’t get a settlement without charges being brought against Bill Cosby, Alred will find herself in the same boat as Big Mike’s parent’s, as having to create a case, & in some of the cases, the statute of limitations has run out & some of the cases are 30 yrs. old. I’d be surprised to see Alred take it that far as she isn’t known for going to Court, just the shake down.

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  10. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  11. Ziiggii says:

    This three ring circus is getting old!!!!


  12. cherpa1 says:

    If Officer Wilson gets sued, hopefully a defense fund for him will erupt bringing in multi thousand like George Zimmerman so he can hire Clarence Darrow.


  13. waltherppk says:

    DOJ / CRS = Thug and Gangsta empowerment agency


  14. chopp5 says:

    Dont forget that tool, Pam Bondi.

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  15. maggiemoowho says:

    The people of Ferguson need to file a Civil Suit against Mike Browns family and Leslie McSpadden’s so called hubby for property damages and emotional distress. Turn the tables on that group of shysters. Also, the EPA should fine Crump, Parks and Sharpton for releasing harmful amounts of methane gas into the air every time they open their mouths and speak.

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  16. tovex11 says:

    I wonder if Officer Wilson can hire Parks and Crump to sue the Federal gov. and Sharpton! They know the whole strategy and the Federal assistance the BGI received. Should be a real money maker for them. Maggots!!


  17. froggielegs says:

    I’ll believe they will sue when I see it. They have no intentions of suing, they are just threatening in hopes the city will pay them off not to sue. They threatened to sue GZ too and never did. A civil suit will mean everything in MB past, including prior arrests will in fact come out. They don’t want that.

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    • yankeeintx says:

      I think it was explained to Cupcake and Fruit that their whole fraudulent perfect family lies would be exposed. All of Trayvon’s misdeeds would be exposed. They were happy with what they got from the HOA, and Benny got his cut, so they dropped it. It was more rewarding and less revealing to focus on their charity work. McSpadden doesn’t care what people think or know about her or her clan. She though she was the perfect depiction of a grieving mother while her boyfriend ordered the city to be burned down. She actually defended her son strong armed robbery by claiming we don’t know what happened because there was no sound. She has absolutely nothing to lose, but the lawyer will be making a huge investment. Isn’t it stunning that these people think they are owed anything after the damage they’ve done?

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      • froggielegs says:

        The only way i can see them suing and winning a civil suit with Wilson or FPD is if the DOJ did file a suit against him. Being as that is not going to happen, what could the possibly use against him/them? Btw Anthony Grey is chief of police in Pine Lawn too.


        • yankeeintx says:

          Oh, I don’t think they’ll win a thing, but would love the attention she’d get. Their lawyer gets his name out there as a certified go to BGI defender.

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        • kathyca says:

          They will draft a complaint that triggers an insurance company’s duty to defend the lawsuit. The insurer will capitulate based on litigation costs and the bgi factor. Simple.


  18. Rurik says:

    There is one obvious answer, for Darren and the Department to file a counter-suit against MB’s family, and their lawyers, individually named. Momma may not have much money beyond her shirt sales and EDT, but those lawyers are deep-pocketed for sure.


  19. Mike Brown’s family?

    Someone remind me again, were Brown’s parents ever involved with him before he was killed? Seems to me I heard somewhere Brown was raised by his grandmother while his parents were AWOL.

    That oughta be the second biggest hole in the case, right behind the fact that the Grand Jury found no evidence of wrongful death: where were his parents before he attempted to assault a cop and lost?

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  20. Dave says:

    Can Officer Wilson and the Ferguson PD counter-sue to cover their legal costs?


  21. doodahdaze says:

    They won’t unless he has insurance that will capitulate. Discovery would destroy them.


  22. pspinach says:

    What will Louis and Lesley do if the Ferguson PD doesn’t quake in their boots at this blackmail — Threaten to loot and burn down the city???

    Drag the civil suit out for 2 years, they’re in a better position than George and the HOA to outlast Barry and Holder. There is of course, no grounds for a civil suit since Mike Brown was strong-armed with Officer Wilson’s gun, and could have chose to do the right thing after robbing the store: Stop when OW told him to stop.


  23. Concerned says:

    I see trash can tours in their future. To fund the upcoming civil suit (which will never happen, of course).


  24. lorac says:

    I wonder if Darren Wilson can file suit against the gentle giants parents for raising such a scum bag of a “child”! After all if was do to the thug they raised that Wilson is out of a job, fears for his life, and has a tarnished reputation. It would be grand if they could sue them but then again you cannot get money out of welfare rats!


    • punkinseed says:

      The real lawsuit worth filing is against Parks, Crump, Sharpton, Soros, the Browns et al et ux et vir for inciting violence, rioting and looting, property damage and loss of incomes by the business owners and people of MO. I’d also throw in the pay for police protection, fire, equipment, you name it. Go after Sharpton and his BGI like they went after the Butler and his Arian Nations in Hayden Lake, Idaho. Put those racists out of business.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Splainer says:

    Someone needs to step up to the plate, be more of a man than I am, and file a complaint against Parks & Crump with the Florida Bar.
    ANYONE can file a complaint, you just cannot do so anonymously.

    Florida Bar’s procedure for filing a grievance

    Form for filing the complaint

    From the Florida Bar’s Rules –


    Further information can be found here


  26. whodoneit says:

    This case has been extremely scrutinized, dissected and generally put through the ringer – result – Darran Wilson not at fault. So what makes Brown’s family so hopeful about successfully bleeding money out of his death in civil court? Maybe they should all just go home and reflect on how this nasty thug was raised to begin with.


  27. kinthenorthwest says:

    A bit off topic — but not really when you see what City beat out LA and every other city in the US. Have to say I was shocked.
    The 10 Most Deadly Places To Live In America
    By Conservative Post on August 15, 2013
    You may not realize you’re close to danger, crime, natural disaster, or some combination of forces out of your control.
    If you live in any of these cities you may need to take some preventative measure and get ready for what’s coming.
    1. St. Louis, Missouri
    According to Morgan Quitno (an independent research firm), St. Louis has the highest rate of violent crime of any large US city. We’re talking murder, rape, and assault.
    Popular Science adds that St. Louis has a higher-than-normal chance of natural disasters. Why? A fault line sits nearby that could cause earthquakes and flooding.
    A 500-year flood along the Mississippi would give a repeat performance of Katrina in New Orleans. In 1956 Missouri saw 42 tornadoes, killing 56 people. The last 20 years in Missouri averaged 30 tornadoes a year. Almost a billion dollars in damage.
    Now put that together with the major oil and gas pipelines in the city and you got problems. Add 22 million pounds of toxins spewing in the air in 2009 alone. All these dangers in one place make St. Louis America’s deadliest city.


  28. Chip Bennett says:

    Oh, do please try it. Discovery would be delicious.


  29. shipley130 says:

    I have great sympathy for Darren Wilson, but new attention to the case will at least bring new attention to Mike Brown severely assaulting a skinny old black man. Most have no idea that there is a video of it. If Darren Wilson’s friends don’t ensure that video goes viral, they should slap themselves.


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