Al Sharpton Today: I’m The Victim Here

The grievance playbook is consistently predictable.  Al Sharpton appears at a press conference this morning and proclaims himself as the victim in the assassination murders of two New York police officers.  The professionally Black Grievance Industry (BGI) and the professionally Islamist Grievance Industry (CAIR) use the exact same script when the consequences of their own actions confront them; they spin to become the victim…. 

(New York) It’s all about him.

The Rev. Al Sharpton claimed Sunday that he’s received death threats in the wake of execution-style murders of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn.

Sharpton, appearing alongside the wife and mother of Eric Garner, played a voicemail for reporters purportedly of a racist threat made against him.

sharpton becomes a victim

“Hey n—-r, stop killing innocent people, I’m going to get you!” according to the barely audible recording.

The voice mail also included three f-bombs that went over live television in New York.

Sharpton also took umbrage with police union leaders who have blamed Mayor de Blasio for allegedly inciting violence against cops.

NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were gunned down in cold blood as they sat in their patrol car on Saturday in Brooklyn.

“To blame the mayor and others is not what we need,” Sharpton said. “The blame game will only lead to further kinds of venom and further division.” (read more)

sharpton march

What do we want?  Dead cops!

When do we want them?  Now !

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183 Responses to Al Sharpton Today: I’m The Victim Here

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    “A young man once came to an old sage, complaining about the manifold abuses of language that abounded in the society in which they lived, and asked what he could do about it. He was expecting to receive from the sage an elaborate response to his question. The sage simply told him, “Speak the truth.” “Is that all?” the young man said. “That is everything,” the sage responded.”

    Sharpton is the liar’s liar.


  2. bamakatt says:

    We don’t need “the blame game”, Al? Every last minute of your wretched career has been ABOUT the blame game. It’s about TIME some of it started blowing back on you.

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  3. archer52 says:

    I am amazed after all the bodies attached to him trying to make money and divide races that he isn’t the guy gasping “I can’t breath.”
    I mean at some point somebody would want to at least punch him in the nose.

    He causes death and gets a show on MSNBC.

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    • xschild says:

      Alice Sharpie is a victim of What! Sharpie made his bones a long time ago attacking Jews and whites. Had the media following his fat a$$ around to make a dime. Blood is on Al’s hands and so are a lot of broken families. So why is Al still here making a living from MSNBC with the biggest microphone in the world. Bobble head and turkey neck. Depends on others to pay his bills.


  4. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    If this is true, why isn’t the phone in the hands of the FBI?

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  5. James F says:

    A Crump is trying to trademark “I can’t breathe.” Seriously. It is linked on drudge. Just when you think these BGI bloodsuckers can’t stoop any lower…

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    • Les says:

      Let him. It’s not like he’s going to get any of my money with it.


    • dginga says:

      Well, hearing that Crump is involved explains some of Sharpton’s involvement, and Holder and Obama’s involvement as well. I mean, Sharpton will go anywhere there is a TV camera, but with Crump on board representing Garner’s family you can bet we’ll be hearing about this nonsense for a very long time – or at least as long as it takes for Crumps civil suit against the city to go to settlement. Crump is the go-to attorney for blacks who want a payday from the unfortunate results of their loved ones’ criminal behavior. These people are all a bunch of disgusting race hustlers, including Holder and Obama, and have set race relations back decades in this country.


  6. jello333 says:

    Death threats? Really Al? That’s terrible, especially considering you would NEVER associate yourself with anyone issuing death threats… would you Al? You and your buddy Eric Holder are above that kind of thing…

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  7. Rob Crawford says:

    Have they traced that call to the Oval Office yet?


  8. tovex11 says:

    Well, I hate to say it but this lawless administration has destroyed race relations in the country for decades. It’s sad, the conservative African American candidates will unfortunately suffer skepticism because of a communist, un- American presidency.

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  9. dginga says:

    Can you imagine the monumental ego of a guy like Sharpton? No matter what is going on, it somehow comes back to him? How does he ever get that swelled head through the door? Jesse Jackson is just as bad.


  10. Kauf Buch says:

    Al “Captain Renault” Sharpton
    TO YOU!


  11. joshua says:

    When I see his face, I can only see Tawana Brawley and a trash bag….Al, is the trash bag.


  12. labrat says:

    It’s time to bring Al Sharpton down!!! He’s worried about threats??? Let’s make him really scared! Let’s start demanding NBC fire him. Let’s start demanding the media companies black him out and shut him down.


  13. ctdar says:

    yeah like who would have sharpton’s personal cell phone number other than his inner circle?


  14. nameofthepen says:

    Wuz prolly just Dee Dee. So, don’t ask for the phone records. They’re lost already.


  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    When I found out Sharpton was not barely 60 I was like — you got to be kidding me.
    Sharpton is the total opposite of MLK, along with being a money grubbing hustler. When I see all the pictures of him with those very young women; I can’t help but wonder how many thousands of dollars he must be paying them.
    Hey I know its what is in the inside that counts but Shapton — Ok no more…I be a good girl.


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