Justice For Jessica Lane Chambers – The Investigation,….


The murder of 19-year-old Jessica Lane Chambers is perhaps one of the most gruesome acts of violence in recent memory.  The full backstory is available here.  However, in the comments section LJP asks a question and ponders a research concern.

I’ll explain after you watch this video. Watch and “listen” closely:

The reporter filed the report 90 hours after Jessica Lane Chambers investigation begins.

Jessica Chambers 3

Why is the reporter the one to “find” the CCTV video at a gas station less than a mile from where the crime scene took place? In a rural area with little to no other similar possibilities to exist?

You’ll note it is the reporter’s recording of the screen displaying the CCTV video that’s being displayed, not the CCTV video itself.

Think about it.

Jessica was killed Saturday night. You’ve heard that MBI joined the investigation on Sunday, Feds and additional resources on Monday. Yet Tuesday night the reporter finds the video? Why didn’t Local, State and or Federal officials already have the video?

The simple answer, the Occam’s Razor answer, is that they were not looking for it.

So, why weren’t they looking for it?

The simple answer, the Occam’s razor answer, is that they don’t need it.

So, why don’t they need it?

The simple answer, the Occam’s razor answer, is that they already have what they need.

….. and then, when you accept what is in front of you, you get to the heart of the matter, you get to the construct of the script.

jessica chambers 7 kobe


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  1. joesbabygirl says:

    I just caught a few minutes of the end of a press conference by the prosecutor and LE. I didn’t catch if it was the sheriff or MBI. A reporter asked about the damage to the rear-end of the car, prosecutor said “they were looking into the damage of the rear of the vehicle”. They have no “clear” suspects. Said usually when something happens in Courtland, there is “talk on the street”, but they are not hearing anything from the community as far as who-dun-it. They are offering a $1000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. Jessica did NOT give the “name of a suspect” but did give a “lead”. Will report more if I find anything. You guys, especially sundance and LJP.


  2. zephyrbreeze says:

    I had seen this posted yet, interviews with her new co-workers:

    “Up the road in Batesville, Chambers’ co-workers at Goody’s department store could barely even say her name without tears.

    “The store associates are just devastated, they personally are in a place where they can hardly share their words right now,” said Goody’s Director of Public Relations Bria Lundy. “Our district manager had been at the store trying to talk with everybody and everybody’s been really upset.”

    “Chambers had only worked there a little over a month, Lundy said, but she had already worked her way into the hearts of everyone she came in contact with.

    “She was a joy to work with and put a smile on everyone’s face every day. Her co-workers in the store and everyone here at Stage Stores was so grateful that she was part of our team,” Lundy said. “She will be greatly missed. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.”


    Also interview with clerk at gas station who saw her regularly and was her friend, describes her state of mind that night: happy, smiling.

    So either this was a completely random crime in an area, where the article says “everyone knows everyone,” or this was retaliation for feeling being snubbed or dropped by Jessica. Jessica had been a cheerleader, so she had relatively high status in a small town. If she was dating anyone, it would have been another relatively “high status” person. She wouldn’t have been dating a nobody, a loner, someone hardly anyone knew. Jealous men do not take well to having a high status woman leave them or snub them. A low-status male might retaliate for being snubbed by Jessica if she was rejecting his attempts to date her. Or someone who knew he had no chance with her, at all.


  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    About Jessica’s mother Lisa:

    “Jessica’s funeral will be held on Saturday. A candlelight vigil is scheduled for Friday night. Lisa believes Jessica isn’t ready to rest in peace when so many questions still remain.

    “She’s not going to be at rest until her killer is caught,” Lisa added.

    “Investigators continue to question witnesses and go through evidence, which includes surveillance video and Jessica’s phone records that may reveal who she talked to that night.

    “She cannot rest. She knows who did this, she has told who did this,” said Jessica’s mother.

    The 19-year-old whispered something to first responders before she died at the hospital, but at this point, it’s unclear if whatever she said will help close her case and allow her to rest in peace.



  4. xschild says:

    “Department of Justice – Community Relations Service”. Showed up in MS 12/09/14.
    Talking points and dialogue already written.

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  5. Anton says:

    The fuel injector is in the back of the Kia Rio 2005—Is is possible Jessica backed up into the tree and her car caught fire–the impact of the tree could have had her jar forward causing the gash in her forehead


    • firefly says:

      Has anyone established that the gash was on her forehead?


      • sundaybu says:

        I believe her father noticed the gash on her head while she was hospitalized. In an interview I saw tonight (of the father) he motions to the area on the side of his head toward his ear when talking to the reporter about the head gash. Sorry, I do not have a link, I have watched several videos today, so not sure which one had this.

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      • FF on a FB page some time ago one said “she was hit in the head with a toilet tank top”. So many sites that carry this can’t remember which one. FB was woman in Panola area.
        At the time wondered why it was not picked up by the Treepers. Church? Check the toilet. MM, check the toilet.


  6. cb says:

    has it been determined where she went to clean out her car?


  7. Melane says:

    Some people said they saw her at a party. By the way she was dressed (oversized sweatshirt & pajama bottoms) she wasn’t planning on going to a party. Who lured her to the party? The woman who states she saw Jessica there, has she given any names of who Jessica was seen with there? Is there a different angle from the video at the gas station that may identify who called her over as she was walking in the store? Round up everyone who ‘hangs’ at the gas station & ask some direct questions. A steakout by the FBI should be in place there until the murderers are in custody.


  8. MyThoughts says:

    A likely scenario based on what is obvious of the evidence so far.

    1) Jessica cleaning her car at car wash. Perp is drives by and sees her alone. He turns around and goes to car wash close to her.

    2) Perp approaches her and overpowers her, forcing her into her own car and rapes her.

    3) He hits her over head, knocks her out, and drives her car to the the place where it was burned.

    4) He does not have lighter fluid on him, so has to get some, so leaves the car, gets his car, gets lighter fluid or gas, returns and lights the car on fire.

    5) He walks through the woods to his home or his car that is within a mile or two away, which is why he choose that location.

    6) This person wasn’t a friend but had noticed her cleaning her car at the same place before and was a sexual predator.

    7) The best chance of a tip will be from when he got the accelerant, as it’s unlikely someone would carry that with them at the time, and must have getting it from somewhere just before setting the car on fire. He may have even stolen a gas can from someone’s shed who he knew, etc.

    8) He didn’t use a gun so this implies he wasn’t a career drug dealer, gangster type, and more of a sexual predator and maybe small time gangster.

    9) He may not have had his own car and just used hers. There could have been more than one person with another car, but they would still need to go and get lighter fluid or whatever accelerant they used. I’m wondering if police used dogs to try and follow a scent though the woods to determine if they were on foot or car?


    • MyThoughts says:

      Just learned that she did go to the party. So either went off with someone to get high, or was overpowered while going back to her car, or while cleaning her car afterwards. Either way I think it was a sexual predator and they didn’t have lighter fluid on them, and this was an opportunity rape killing.


  9. Robert says:

    I’d love to know where the media giants, sharpton, obama holder, and the rest are. here is about as troubling story I’ve ever heard in my short 65 years of living.


    • jello333 says:

      They’re waiting to see whether the murder(s) is black or white. If black, then you’ll never hear a peep from Sharpton and his ilk. But if white… oh believe me, THEN you’ll hear from ’em.


  10. Jo Ann Dancy says:

    I was just wondering could the catylytic converter have caught on fire and burned through the car and caught her on fire? My husband barely made it out of a car about 18 years ago . The car burn up. The fire came up through the front seat. From under it. If he had been still driving he would have burned alive. But he felt the heat and pulled over and got out of the car. I am so very sorry for that poor little girl. I wish she didn’t have to die. My prayers are for her parents for the Lord to comfort them.


  11. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.


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