The Riddle of The Dorian Johnson’s Quid Pro Quo – August 13th FBI Interrogation, and Missing Statement…


Dorian Johnson hands uprobert mcculloch 2

According to Saint Louis Prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, the Grand Jury was given ALL the evidence, including all of the witness statements during their investigative inquiry.

McCulloch went out of his way to state local investigators and the FBI shared ALL of their information/evidence during their investigation into the Mike Brown shooting.

Additionally, McCulloch went one step further and stated that ALL of the witness statements, recorded and transcribed, would be open for media review.

OK, so where’s this one?

Dorian johnson giving statement

Dorian Johnson giving a statement to the FBI on August 13th in the law office of his attorney.  Strange, but I don’t find this interview/statement in any of the released documents.

Related:  October 27th NAACP says they are helping to finance Dorian in protective custody.

And Today:

Dorian 2

deAndre joshua 3

DeAndre Was Murdered Last NightBody Found Today

Meanwhile Mike Brown’s step dad, Louis Head, a member of the Bloods’ Gang Leadership proclaims:

“Burn these bitches”

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72 Responses to The Riddle of The Dorian Johnson’s Quid Pro Quo – August 13th FBI Interrogation, and Missing Statement…

  1. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Thought this was interesting….

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    • lovemygirl says:

      Interesting. Frustrating that a few comments supported the stupid tweeter but the vast majority supported the response.


    • Maury says:

      I hope the kid who was shot to death & then burned wasn’t a witness who testified to the grand jury in support of Officer Wilson.


    • wasntme says:

      Evidently their school district doesn’t teach their kids how the justice system is supposed to work. He can start by teaching them what proof and probable cause are. But I bet they don’t want kids knowing about those things. It makes things harder for the school administration when kids know their rights.


  2. screwauger says:

    The Mayor of Rochester NY (an african american) posted similar sentiment on FB and has been excoriated for it. There are many out there who just ignore the facts and blather on about injustice. This ignorance I will never understand.


  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    We are living in a duplicate of the period of German Transformation in the 30’s only this time America is being transformed. Lets hop it doesn’t turn out the same way for us as it did for the Germans.

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  4. justfactsplz says:

    It is odd that that particular interview is missing. There was some kind of wheeling and dealing going on or he would have been arrested for assaulting Darren. I still have a hard time accepting that Dorian, Piaget, and Tiffany weren’t charged with perjury. That was an injustice that they weren’t.

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    • benzy says:

      I can understand the prosecutor’s concern about the reaction had he charged the three witnesses with perjury, however… Shelley Zimmerman didn’t catch that kind of a break, did she? Oh… that’s right, she’s a white woman.

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    • michellc says:

      I’ve never been able to keep all the characters straight, but I read one of the witnesses testimony today. They went after him for different statements to the police, FBI and then the grand jury. Even when they were giving him an out, he kept on claiming he saw his friend/cousin on his knees begging for his life and the cop shooting him in the head at point blank range.
      Even after being told over and over he couldn’t have saw that because the forensic evidence proved it didn’t happen, he wouldn’t back down.
      Folks shouldn’t be allowed to blatantly lie under oath, but illegals shouldn’t be given unconstitutional amnesty, Presidents shouldn’t make law and people shouldn’t be able to set buildings on fire and rob stores with no consequences.

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    • I believe if they were it would go a LONG way to bringing the light of truth to some people. On the other hand, there’s little to hope for when it comes to the willfully ignorant engaged in a quest for perpetual victimhood.


    • barbi says:

      Rudy Guliani complimented the prosecutor but did say his one criticism was that he isn’t going after those who perjured themselves.

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    • John Galt says:

      I find it strange that nobody asked Dorian what happened to the stolen cigarillos handed to Dorian by Mike Brown during the “tussle” with Wilson in the SUV. Maybe that would have made it too hard to ignore the accomplice – felony murder issue.

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  5. stellabella25 says:

    Wow! Can he be one of our mystery witnesses and succumbed to the “Snitches Get Stitches” policy? I heard his momma was crying & screaming “They killed my baby, they got him”!


  6. Wait. Why would Dorian Johnson need to be in protective custody? I would think he was the hero of the hour. Unless, of course, this is yet another case of ‘we’ll call something whatever we want’ and he’s being hidden away in case he can’t keep his lies straight.

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  7. sundance says:

    After following the evolution of this case closely, here’s what I think happened:

    Dorian gave the obvious lying story to the media on August 9, 10, 11, 12….

    Then Dorian met with the FBI investigators on August 13th. The FBI had the evidence of him being an “active” participant in the entire event (bracelet etc.) So they used it to get him to spill the beans on the truth.

    As soon as they realized (8/13 interrogation) the entire narrative was false in the extreme, the FBI were faced with a problem.

    What to do with Wilson, and what to do with Dorian? FUBAR.

    Dorian was allowed to keep up the false pretense, in essence to lie to the Grand Jury, as reflected in his GJ transcript – in part to protect himself from “street justice”. That’s why the only statement released is the on at the GJ, yet we know he gave a statement on 8/13 (as above).

    Then, even knowing the accurate story, the entire apparatus had to let the Grand Jury play out because of what was happening in the streets and media. I mean, how could they actually stop? It would have been impossible.

    That’s why everything played out like it did. In essence they (state and feds) knew it was all for show – but they had to do it.

    Meanwhile the streets ain’t stupid. They, the really in-tune “they”,… the leadership of the streets “they”,… the Louis Head “they”,… knew Dorian turned. He was/is a marked man.

    Let the Occam’s Razor settle in and you begin to fathom the level of political corruption and manipulation.

    Because Obama and Holder knew all of this too. But everyone held an agenda.

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    • nomorebsplease says:

      Interesting. What a disaster that this makes the most sense. Re: Your 2nd to last paragraph it explains why he’d need protection and is scared. But what I’d love to know is if he did have a gun/something else and ditched it. I don’t think we will ever have 100% of the story with him. He really may have gotten away with murder. Pathetic. He should be rotting.

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    • That’s stunning – and has to be true; pieces very much fall into place with this.
      Hopefully Dorian will be peeing himself every morning when he opens his eyes for the rest of his life. He deserves no less than to have to dance on that blade. Let him always be a marked man; in that, I hope his life is long.

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      I put all blame on Obama and Holder – they knew the raw facts when they sat for their August 18 photo op and before Obama slandered the US at the UN – Simply, they used their positions of power and influence to try to lynch a man they knew was innocent.

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    • General P. Malaise says:

      why would they protect a lying co-thug? Dorian should have been arrested as an accomplice period.

      it is the complete lack of consistency that gives ammunition to the thug group.

      the fact that the local police were up against the DOJ and the obama administration is bad enough. … they were walking in a minefield and I think they were lucky to at least not indict an innocent policeman.

      allowing the rioting and looting just makes the thugs do more of it as few feel any cost to participating in the criminal behaviour.

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      • John Galt says:

        “the fact that the local police were up against the DOJ and the obama administration is bad enough” and also up against the Dem governor. Enough leverage to compel provision of a smidgen of cover for DJ / BGI narrative ?


      • Lottacats says:

        It also shows the thugs all over the nation…why not? Like roaches hopped up on crumbs.
        We be da crumbs.
        Go through the film and arrest the mofo lot of ’em.


    • Great explanation. If the facts continue to support it, please create a full thread and account. I think a few ladies who still practice investigative journalism could take this where it needs to go.


    • John Galt says:

      pspinach in another thread: “The assault on Wilson was not limited to the driver’s side. Dorian went to the passenger side too, dropping his other bracelet.”

      “As soon as they realized (8/13 interrogation) the entire narrative was false in the extreme, the FBI were faced with a problem.”

      Holder was faced with a problem: exposure of the entire scam circa the November election.

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      • commonsense says:

        Dorian appears to only have been on the driver’s side for the start, when the cigarillo handoff occurred. NO ONE places him next to Big Mike at the car. In all the TV interviews, neither Piaget or Tiffany Mitchell ever say Dorian is next to Big Mike. In fact, Tiffany Mitchell who supposedly had a straight on view of the drivers side never even mentions Dorian, ever (her testimony appears to be totally bogus…which was predicable given this Lawrence O’Donnell interview…forward to about the 10 minute mark where she says she was parking her car the entire time during the shooting, prompting a classic cut-to-commercial from O’Donnell):

        But I digress…back to Dorian’s position. Michael Brady always said that Dorian was on the opposite side of the car (passenger side) near the bumper. This coincides with GJ witness testimony in Volume 18….the two sisters in the mini van who corroborate Wilson’s story almost perfectly. They say they never saw Dorian except at the very end when he went running toward the woods.

        So Dorian didn’t see anything. I don’t think we was assaulting Wilson from the passenger side since there was never an indication that window as down. I think he got the evidence (cigarillos) and was ready to peace out.


    • YayYay says:

      Did you happen to catch Dorian being interviewed on CNN tonight? The most rehearsed speech I have seen in years. So much so that the attorney standing next to him was nodding each time Dorian got a sentence correct. NEEDS TO BE SEEN


  8. nomorebsplease says:

    I wonder if the reason we do not have access to that is if it is part of Ferret Holder’s federal investigation? The Prosecutor needs to be blitzed with this q and R media, which is always useless in getting to the real story, needs to address this.

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  9. art tart says:

    I never understood why the NAACP was willing to work some type of financial deal w/Dorian, guess they wanted to insure he would be around to LIE yet again in his grand jury testimony. I guess the jokes on them since he turned out to be one of the biggest liars of all w/even his attorney admitting Dorian’s a liar.

    Crump likes his “star witness” available to him like he did Racheal or DD from the GZ case, another lying POS of gigantic proportions. Dorian like DD is as dumb as a rock.

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  10. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Ha! Hannity is carving up Darryl Parks tonight….Parks can’t pull his BS anymore…..someone needs to post this clip when it is done!

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    • Coast says:

      I would like to see it. However, Hannity claims that he and Parks are close friends…so take that for what it is.


    • yakmaster2 says:

      Parks is not smooth when seriously challenged. He desperately tried to dodge Hannity’s questions by reverting back to his BGI script, but Hannity brought him back to each question and insisted he answer.
      He’s a worm who is rarely been made to squirm (thanks to the Liberal Media). I enjoyed his discomfort!!
      Thanks, Shawn.👍

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  11. bob e says:

    amazing .. sundance part pinkerton, part sherlock holmes. part edgar alan poe ..

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  12. LRay says:

    DJ with attorney on MSNBC right now. Recorded interview with Chris Hayes. Attorney just said that what’s not being said in any of this is that D Wilson shot at both DJ and Big Mike as they were running away. DJ sticking with his narrative. smh


    • John Galt says:

      “D Wilson shot at both DJ and Big Mike”

      LOL — and DJ’s suffering from PTSD, at least on FB. DJ’s lawyer wants money from FPD.


    • jason says:

      DJ’s own media testimony says Wilson never once payed attention to him when he got out of the car. He was “focused only on Mike”. Why hasn’t this fool been charged!!!


  13. Johnny Ringo says:

    This plays into the whole gold bracelet mystery. I’m sure Dorian gave up Mike Brown to avoid battery/robbery charges. Now the NAACP is going to pay for him to disappear and keep his mouth shut.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      then why is he on msnbc?
      he is a total loose cannon.


    • czarowniczy says:

      There’s a story about an East Coast FBI office that, years ago, sold the names and addresses of persons in the witness protection program to interested parties. You only disappear as long as they don’t want you reappeared.


  14. StormyeyesC says:

    Again………clarification………McCullough played along with this?


  15. John Galt says:

    Regarding prior LEO interview of Dorian Johnson, see GJ Volume 4 at page 11: 2 hour 13 minute recording played and transcript of interview provided to GJ.


  16. ches1 says:

    Has anyone hit into the GJ testimony of the the 2 Contractors, in the truck ?
    They came into the entire tHing late in the game, said there was no connection to MB, And basically supported all the lies.
    I was wondering if they were the ones who backwalked their stories.

    Also, is it just me or does it seem like they held a lot of the pro-wilson transcripts back and didn’t release them


    • John Galt says:

      “Has anyone hit into the GJ testimony of the the 2 Contractors”


      “Also, is it just me or does it seem like they held a lot of the pro-wilson transcripts back and didn’t release them”

      If you look at the Leo interview witness numbers numerically, it appears that numerous witness interviews are missing. Example, witness numbers start with 10, what happened to 1-9 ?


  17. czarowniczy says:

    Any questions that the picture ‘leak’ of what should have been a protected meeting might be a Fed leak to convince any future Uncle Toms who cooperate with the Feds in slowing down the national social engineering project that their efforts aren’t ‘appreciated’. Can’t wait to see how much credibility the DoJ Inquisitors will give the discredited Ferguson ‘eye witnesses’ when they begin their review of all of the information they freely and openly shared with the Ferguson grand jury.


  18. DeWalt says:

    My question is, If Dorian J. was at the window of the suv (as evidence shows) and participated in the assault on the officer that led to MB’s death. Why wasn’t he charged with murder?


    • sundance says:

      That’s the million dollar question.

      However, there are ONLY two possible options.

      #1) He is going to be.
      #2) They gave him a deal and he will not be.

      The absence of his testimony to the FBI plays accurate both ways.


  19. justice099 says:

    Since Shahid was obviously there from the beginning based on witness statements, I bet he can and will identify which witnesses said what to the Brown family. He is a danger to them and should be locked up.


  20. StormyeyesC says:

    Notes on GJ#4 (Dorian Johnson testimony)
    Page 10 of GJ#4:
    “We told you that you are not a focus of any criminal charges”. How is this even possible?

    Dorian says he usually wakes up and smokes weed but he didn’t that day because he had no “rillos” and was headed to buy one from someone in the Canfield Apts. who sells them then headed to get breakfast for his child & girlfriend. Not likely that the person sells just the cigarillos IMO. More likely they sell them “ready to smoke”, in other words, they sell weed filled ones. I would guess that someone struggling to pay bills would find this a cheaper and easier way to get high without making an investment in a quantity of pot which cash on hand may not allow. It sounds to me like it was MB’s roommate that was that seller (who was “asleep” according to Dorian). BTW, why have we not heard about or from Mike’s Roommate? Since Dorian says he left home at 7 am, met up with MB while he was helping get some kids in his aunt’s car, I suspect that they proceeded back to MB’s place and smoked weed there. We know MB had weed in his system that was consumed within hours of his death, so Dorian lies about this matter. This may account for the missing 4-5 hours from 7 am until the noon incident. Also, Mike had 1.5 ounces (am I correct?) of weed on his body at time of death. Who carries so much weed when just walking to the store? Was he helping his roommate’s sell? I believe that the value of that amount of weed would be in the range of $100.00 to $150.00. Since Mike didn’t have a job, how could he afford this? Dorian says Mike told him he had no money. After death, he had $10.00, 2 lighters, and the weed.

    I found it rather interesting that Dorian was with MB when he stopped to talk to the construction workers. Dorian says it was only for 1 or 2 minutes, and he only overheard them talk about getting high(?) This is confusing to me as the worker said he was cussing about a root or something and MB stopped to talk to them about Jesus for 20-30 minutes. Could Mike have sold the worker(s) $10.00 worth of weed?

    Dorian said he knew MB only 1-2 months (first says 3 months then changes testimony).

    Not clear why, but in the beginning of this testimony, when discussing the Ferguson Market video, some reference is made to “talk about smoking weed”, leading me to ask if the store video included audio. I also got the impression that the Ferguson Market owner may have refused to testify.

    Dorian says he went home and changed his clothes but he had not changed his clothes. The Ferguson Market video shows the exact clothes as after the shooting where we see him on the scene with the same pants, the same t shirt over his shoulder, and a wife eater (sleeveless T-shirt).


  21. Rodger says:

    I kept waiting for Dorian’s name to be brought up in a substantial way during the media interview with Officer Wilson. George S did not ask him about the participation of Dorian in the assault on Wilson. It certainly seemed like Wilson treated Dorian with kid gloves as well, regarding them walking down the center of the street.
    I would like to see a reporter really go after the president about this “justified anger” nonsense.
    He and the attorney general deliberately pandered to the rioters when they KNEW that this was all a false narrative. Rioting, looting, and intimidation (and MURDER) of cooperating witnesses are not legitimate expressions of anger in this country.
    What’s really scary is that the american public has really no clue about the elephant in the room. How justice is being undermined by these disparate impact policies. The issue was so prominent in the Trayvon Martin case and yet it was not examined in a meaningful way by the MSM. Had Trayvon been prosecuted for burglary instead of suspended from school, he would probably still be alive today.


  22. carterzest says:

    Just found this at the bottom of the CTH About thread:
    from Treeper:
    SierraDrawn says:
    August 30, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    I had forgotten about this. Not going to post the entire comment on here, but, in hindsight, this is some fun reading!


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