Stunning: Trying To Protect His Foot Soldier – President Obama Exerts Executive Privilege Over Letters Between Eric Holder and His Wife (Sharon Malone Jones)…

Judicial Watch has just CRUSHED mainstream journalists. Here’s the backstory and link to the full FOIA outcome:

(Judicial Watch) […] On June 28, 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt by the House of Representatives over his refusal to turn over records explaining why the Obama administration may have lied to Congress and refused for months to disclose the truth about the gun running operation. It marked the first time in U.S. history that a sitting Attorney General was held in contempt of Congress.

holder and obama

A week before the contempt finding, to protect Holder from criminal prosecution and stave off the contempt vote, President Obama asserted executive privilege over the Fast and Furious records the House Oversight Committee had subpoenaed eight months earlier. Judicial Watch filed its FOIA request two days later. Holder’s Justice Department wouldn’t budge (or follow the law), so JW filed a FOIA lawsuit on September 12, 2012.

But then the Justice Department convinced U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates to stay our lawsuit, in part to allow ongoing settlement discussions between the Holder’s government lawyers and the House Committee to continue. Unsurprisingly, the “negotiations” between politicians running the House and the Justice Department went nowhere.

Fed up with the interminable delay caused Holder’s gamesmanship and stonewalling, JW renewed its request to the Court to allow our transparency lawsuit to continue. Thankfully, this past July, Judge John D. Bates ended the 16-month delay and ordered the Obama administration to produce a Vaughn index of the alleged “executive privilege” records by October 1. Judge Bates noted that no court has ever “expressly recognized” President Obama’s unprecedented executive privilege claims in the Fast and Furious matter.

Unhappy with having to produce the records prior to the elections, Justice lawyers asked the judge to give them one extra month, until November 3 (the day before Election Day!) to produce the info. Judge Bates rejected this gambit, suggested that the Holder’s agency did not take court order seriously. Rather than a month, Judge Bates gave Justice until yesterday to cough up the Vaughn index. Judge Bates issued his smack down on September 23.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation two days later.

With only 3 hours and 26 minutes left to comply with the court order the Department of Justice finally released the 1,307 page “Vaughn index” which is being used to hide 15,662 pages of Fast and Furious documents –  the revelations are mind blowing – SEE MORE HERE


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33 Responses to Stunning: Trying To Protect His Foot Soldier – President Obama Exerts Executive Privilege Over Letters Between Eric Holder and His Wife (Sharon Malone Jones)…

  1. carterzest says:

    was just about to post this on the open thread. AMAZING, but not surprising.

    KING: Judicial Watch Obtains List of Fast and Furious Documents Held Under Obama´s Executive Privilege


  2. beaujest says:

    “The Fish Rots from the Head”,Two despicable anti- American frauds joined at the hip,impeach them both !

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  3. Sharon says:

    The iceberg tips in the index…..the one that caught my eye in the first couple of pages is one described as “Google alert….” They’ve got software scanning and sniffing for trouble in the implementation of their felonies obviously – is that what that is referencing?

    ADD: Since the House investigations were successfully stymied on these things I wonder if some House staffers will be turned loose now to mine what JW has pried loose. Whether they are or not will give some insight to how motivated Congress actually is. I assume nothing will come of it.

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  4. Josh says:

    Well, I guess it’s time I make a donation to Judicial Watch.

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  5. Attorney says:

    Repeat after me . . . Banana Republic . . . Banana Republic . . . .

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  6. crossthread42 says:

    Just the Tip “Baby”; Just the TIP, I PROMISE

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  7. Josh says:

    “Guns from the Fast and Furious scandal continue to be used in crimes. Just last week, Judicial Watch disclosed that a Fast and Furious gun was used in gang -style assault on a Phoenix apartment building that left two people wounded. We figured this out from information we uncovered through another public records lawsuit against the City of Phoenix.”

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  8. TwoLaine says:

    My Personal FAVE!

    “There is no precedent for President Obama’s Nixonian assertion of executive privilege over these ordinary government agency records.”


  9. truecoiors says:

    A more accurate term for Eric Holder is “hatchet man.”


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  10. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    I wish I had the insight or information necessary to be able to determine which of the documents named on this lengthy list might be of any real significance. From my point of view, I might as well be reading the NYC telephone book.

    Also, nothing really means much until we see the documents, themselves, and (if I understand it correctly) that’s not going to happen until a judge makes a decision about each and every single document. So, we aren’t going to see any of this for a long time to come, right?

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    • Sharon says:

      That’s why I was trying to figure out. Much of what’s included has already been released and there’s no way to link through. We don’t ask for much, do we?? 😉 – reminds me of one of my favorite one-liners from Reader’s Digest quips in the 1950s:

      There, there, little luxury, don’t you cry; you’ll be a necessity by and by.

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    • TrickleUpPolitics says:

      It sounds like some of the documents listed do not have the statutory exemption listed nor the reason release will be harmful. It should be quick to weed those out and rule they are not covered and then release them to Judicial Watch, Congress and the public. That’s what legal interns are for.


  11. Rachelle says:

    Of course Judicial Watch crushed the MSM. The MSM has no interest in getting the truth and when it comes to them by accident they hide it or twist it.

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    • bitterlyclinging says:

      Obama is the MSM’s baby. They will do nothing to harm or despoil anything he does.
      The media fainted or orgasmed in their seats during Obama’s speech at the 2004 DNC that nominated John Kerry
      Anyone with a scintilla of intellect should have detected the aroma of ‘Eau de Barnyard’ when Obama told us “Let it be known that today was the day the oceans stopped rising and the planet began to heal” from the stage of the faux Greek Temple in Denver in 2008, instead the media present were busy throwing their still warm, still moist, intimate undergarments bearing their embroidered media network logos onto the stage where Obama stood.
      The media will join the Captain of the Titanic in going down with their ship. Only when all the old crew is dead can a new crew be formed. Hopefully, tthis time with some common sense.


  12. kittycat77 says:

    Amazing picture of dumb and dumber, but I’m still not sure which is which. Well, maybe it’s dumber and dumberer.


  13. peachteachr says:

    I believe this is the oddest story in the news today. Sharon Malone, the wife of Eric Holder, is “the first lady of the DOJ”??? What the heck is that?


  14. justfactsplz says:

    An honest Constitution loving judge probably feels disgust at such a lawless Attorney General. I guess there are still some left who believe in the law of the land.

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  15. Ronan says:

    Not Richard Nixon or even Bill Clinton would stoop to pathetically exerting Executive Privilege for their wife’s Gynecologist. Excuse me- Obie-Gynie.
    What tales the speculum could tell.

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  17. doodahdaze says:

    The Black Foot Soldiers strike again.


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