10/22/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread – “In Anticipation Of No-Bill”…

♦ NEW – Officer Darren Wilson version of events given to media. (LINK)

♦ NEW – Official Mike Brown autopsy supports Wilson’s Version of events. (LINK)

The official autopsy on Michael Brown shows that he was shot in the hand at close range, according to an analysis of the findings by two experts not involved directly in the case.

The accompanying toxicology report shows he had been using marijuana.  (link)

•  Officer Darren Wilson pushed into vehicle by Mike Brown. •  A Struggle ensued. •  Two shots fired inside vehicle. •  One bullet striking the hand of Mike Brown. •  Blood from right arm wound on interior door, uniform and officers weapon. • Gun powder residue also on hands of Mike Brown. • Attorney for Dorian Johnson admits DJ lied to media.

canfield map new 3

• One bullet strikes near window of adjacent apartment building. • Hat and one shoe located on South side of police SUV. • Second shoe located approximately 10-15′ East. • Officer Wilson chases Mike Brown. • Both travel approximately 100′ from SUV. • Brown stops, turns, makes aggressive statement. • Brown charges Wilson. • Ten additional shots fired at approaching Mike Brown. • Five bullets strike Brown. • Total of 12 shots fired.

Dr. Judy Melinek  […]  also said the autopsy does not support witnesses who have claimed Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up.

She said Brown was facing Wilson when he took a shot to the forehead, two shots to the chest and a shot to the upper right arm. The wound to the top of Brown’s head would indicate he was falling forward or in a lunging position toward the shooter and was instantly fatal.

A sixth shot that hit the forearm traveled from the back of the arm to the inner arm, which means Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson, as some witnesses have said, Melinek said. That trajectory shows Brown likely was not taking a standard surrender position with arms above the shoulders and palms out when he was hit, she said.  (read more)

This is what the actual forensic evidence shows; and it aligns with “actual” eye-witness statements from James McKnight, Michael Brady, Philip Walker, Ace Johnson’s anonymous witness – as well as the known account of Officer Darren Wilson – who:

Gave a written account of events to Saint Louis investigators.
♦ Gave two recorded statements and sat down for two interviews with Saint Louis investigators.
♦ Gave another written account, and another recorded interview with Federal investigators.
♦ Gave four hours of testimony to a Saint Louis Grand Jury without an attorney present.


The “no bill” announcement is anticipated at any time.

shoot 1.1

shoot 1.2

shoot 1

(Via Gary)  In the Shotspotter analysis of the Glide audio, it was determined that the shots fired “were all taken from within a three-foot radius”. Which means that Darren Wilson could have moved forward or backward roughly 6 feet as he was shooting.

Ejected shell casings can travel in a 12 foot radius in any direction. Since we know Brown and Wilson traveled from the SUV to the spot of the shooting we can assume they traveled in a straight line down the center of the road.

shoot 1.3

If 3 circles with a 12 foot radius is drawn around the placement of each cone we have an area of roughly 6 feet in which Wilson could have moved while shooting. It also happens to be the spot where Brown fell after he was shot. How else could Wilson have fired in that area if he wasn’t retreating as Brown was advancing?

evidence-cones1 grid revised

shoot 2

(Chip)  The best evidence is the shell casing several feet behind Brown. Wilson had to have backtracked at least 12-15 feet while shooting, at a minimum. […]  Unless Wilson was waving his gun around wildly, pointing and shooting in different directions, the ejection of the shell casings would be instructive.

The scenario is one in which Brown is either standing still, facing Wilson, or else facing Wilson, and approaching him (depending on what you believe). However, in either case, Wilson would be pointing his gun in a given, consistent direction. Thus, the linear placement of the shell casings implies a linear movement of Wilson while firing those rounds.

Based on shell casing placement, Brown was moving forward, and Wilson was moving backward, while Wilson was firing.

evidence-cones1 grid revised

Distance Matters:

canfield map with ferguson overview


mike brown construction workers

shoot 3

Actual eye-witnesses all agree and are supported with the forensic evidence.  It’s the manufactured media-witnesses, Tiffany Mitchell and Piaget Crenshaw, whose accounts do not align with the forensic evidence.

Dorian Johnson has already –through his attorney– admitted he lied to the media.

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307 Responses to 10/22/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread – “In Anticipation Of No-Bill”…

  1. I admit to everyone here that my explanation based on an “at least two or three minutes” that Wilson sat in his police vehicle was wrong. I thank everyone here who explained my errors to me.

    Now I would like to offer my explanations on a couple of points:

    1) Why did Johnson say falsely that he was standing by Brown and by the vehicle door when Wilson fired the first shot?

    In fact, Johnson was standing by the front bumper on the passenger side (where Brady placed Johnson). From that location, Johnson had an excellent view of the struggle inside the police vehicle.

    Johnson decided, however, that eventually he might have to say that he could not see that struggle. Therefore, he falsely placed himself behind the much larger Brown, so that he could claim that he could not see what was happening inside the vehicle.

    2) Why did Johnson say falsely that “at least two or three minutes” passed before Wilson got out of the vehicle and began chasing Brown down the street?

    Johnson inserted that long interval into his story in order to preempt Wilson from saying that he acted in the heat of passion when he ultimately shot Brown to death.

    Sure, Wilson was in a state of shock after the struggle inside the vehicle. However, Wilson then had “at least two or three minutes” to calm down and compose himself. That long interval meant that Wilson acted in cold blood when he shot Wilson to death.


    • John Galt says:

      If Johnson had publicly told the truth, he would have received the Quik Trip treatment from the local tribe.


    • nameofthepen says:

      Hi, Mike! 🙂
      It’s always tempting to speculate to fill in the gaps.
      But, from having practically a virtual make-believe ephemeral degree in law from watching Judge Judy, I’m pretty sure that only an expert witness can opine as to what someone else was thinking.
      She won’t allow any litigant to say, “She knew…”, “He wanted…”, “They thought…”, etc.
      She says “That goes to the operation of someone else’s mind”, and is not allowed except from, like I said, an expert.


  2. Elspeth says:

    Thank you guys for your great work on this. I still fear they might come back with a charge simply to satisfy the mob. I hope I’m wrong. It’s obvious this officer is innocent.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Those have been my fears, as well. I’ve even (previously) outlined the reasoning that might be used by members of the GJ to rationalize such a decision, flawed as it might be. At this point, though, nothing would surprise me.


  3. eastern2western says:

    well, here is another conspiracy.

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  4. doodahdaze says:

    The entire black “community” has been hit by the dreaded “Hammer and Sickle Cell Insanity” Virus.


  5. CCG says:

    “New evidence supports officer’s account of shooting in Ferguson”

    “Seven or eight African American eyewitnesses have provided testimony consistent with Wilson’s account, but none of them have spoken publicly out of fear for their safety, the Washington Post sources said.”


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    • jason says:

      In interviews with The Washington Post, sources said blood spatter evidence shows that Brown was heading toward the officer during their face-off, but analysis of the evidence did not reveal how fast Brown was moving.

      but the media witnesses said…..


      • Duck65 says:

        I guess 7 or 8 trumps the famous 6?

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        • jason says:

          King will add them into the superwitness count – “they all couldnt have seen a gun, so clearly they all agree Brown was unarmed and not a threat and Wilson is guilty your honor!

          It’s kind of sad, yet comforting that the article had to clearly establish that these witnesses are black. Uh, what would it matter? Oh, nevermind… mea culpa and carry on lol

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        • coeurdaleneman says:

          “7 or 8” means that there were too many to remember exactly.

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        • Duck65 says:

          Well, good on them, they did the right thing and possibly at their peril, … the twits are trying to puzzle out who they are.


        • angie says:

          Especially if the 7 or 8 didn’t use someone else’s urine for a drug screen, didn’t give a false name to police in the past, and if they weren’t arrested in Florida for assaulting a pregnant woman.


    • James F says:

      The black community and the progressives will tar them as “Uncle Toms” or “Urkels” (the term the dailykos racists created when Don Lemon was accused of “acting white”).


    • justice099 says:

      “The Post’s sources said the levels in Brown’s body may have been high enough to trigger hallucinations.”

      If they can prove that DJ supplied that marijuana to Brown, he could definitely be charged with his murder.

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  6. coeurdaleneman says:

    Unlike the Duke Lacrosse and George Zimmerman cases, this was a comparative walk in the park, easy to bat down within days.

    It’s like there is a ongoing method of testing intelligence with word problems that are becoming easier and easier to figure out, yet still stumping the helpless portion of our nation’s left hand of the bell curve.

    Bottom line, this was the case in its essence:


  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Seems Democrats will go to any levels to try and win an elections.
    Georgia Dems invoke Ferguson in election plea (Snippet from Article).
    ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Democrats are using the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, to rally black voters ahead of the Nov. 4 election, with Republicans calling the move “race-baiting.”

    A state Democratic Party mailing includes images from protests prompted by Brown’s shooting, including a photo of two young black children holding up signs saying “Don’t Shoot.” The mailer says: “If you want to prevent another Ferguson in their future … VOTE,” adding “It’s up to you to make change happen.”
    Party spokesman Michael Smith said Wednesday that democracy is stronger when more people vote. “And we have seen what happens in places like Ferguson, Missouri, when voices are silenced,” Smith said in a statement. “We must make sure to exercise our right to vote.”

    Georgia has become a key battleground in the fight for control of the Senate, as Democrat Michelle Nunn looks to pick up an open seat against Republican David Perdue. In addition, a tight race for governor has emerged as Democrat Jason Carter challenges Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, who is seeking a second term.

    While the state is currently dominated by Republicans, Democrats are counting on turning out minority voters and others who tend to sit out in midterm elections. Meanwhile, Republicans have also launched a statewide minority outreach effort led by Leo Smith, Georgia GOP’s director of minority engagement who’s been traveling the state to meet with community groups and touting the party’s commitment to creating jobs and criminal justice reform.


  8. kc10lvr says:

    Here we go:


    CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – Protesters are inside the St. Louis County Police Department. They are seeking justice for the death of Micheal Brown. The 18-year-old was shot and killed by a Ferguson Police officer in August. Demonstrations have now gone on for more than 70 days.

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  9. Attorney says:

    Another loss for a Parks and Crump thug. Good stuff.

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  10. kc10lvr says:

    How can a man with a law degree remain so confused over the facts??? (really, you don’t need to answer…)


    Family Attorney for Michael Brown, Jr. Comments on Recent Information Leak

    “We are not surprised by the information leaked last night by the St. Louis Medical Examiner’s office. Several independent witnesses indicated there was a brief altercation between Michael Brown and Officer Wilson at the patrol car. What we want to know is why Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown multiple times and killed him even though he was more than 20 feet away from his patrol car; this is the crux of the matter!”

    Benjamin L. Crump, Esq.
    Lead Attorney for the Family of Michael Brown, Jr.


  11. Goofey says:

    Another Myth debunked!

    Cops hesitate more when shooting black suspects, study finds


    With the turmoil in Ferguson (MO) the latest example, activists and many reporters would have us believe that police officers are prejudicially trigger happy when dealing with black suspects.

    But a scientific study from Washington State University-Spokane suggests just the opposite.

    In truth, according to findings from the research team’s innovative experiments:

    • Officers were less likely to erroneously shoot unarmed black suspects than they were unarmed whites–25 times less likely, in fact;

    • And officers hesitated significantly longer before shooting armed suspects who were black, compared to armed subjects who were white or Hispanic.

    “In sum,” writes Dr. Lois James, a research assistant professor with the university’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology who headed the study, “this research found that participants displayed significant bias favoring Black suspects” in their shooting decisions.

    Another good read:

    10 limitations of body cams

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  12. stormyeyesc says:

    Hell, NO! Why let a landslide of evidence change anything? That’s not how they roll..Gnomesayin?


  13. nameofthepen says:

    [Makes popcorn. Pours ice tea. Snuggles couch afghan around self. Settles in to watch.]


  14. lovemygirl says:

    Someone is yelling for clarification on where they need to go to avoid being arrested. I yelled at the screen HOME. My wife is going to lock me up soon. They are coming to take me away, ha ha hee hee ho ho.

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  15. P4R4L3G4L says:

    So the DOJ leaks stuff via the New York Times and now condemns it’s own leak? http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-ferguson-leaks-20141022-story.html#page=1


  16. Sanityzero says:

    Can somebody explain to me why it is always, White cop shoots African Amercan man, not Whit cop shoots black man or even, wait for it…cop shoots man? The labels are ridiculous! Why is it Ok to say white, but not black? Why don’t we see White people in the streets screaming to be called Caucasian or Anglo Saxon?


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