The Instigator – How One Saint Louis Man Originated The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Mike Brown Controversy – And Created The “Eye Witness” Testimonials…

Understanding The Origin Of The Mike Brown Narrative

When we first began digging in to the Mike Brown story something odd was immediately identifiable.    The individual witness statements, when compared over time, were case studies in the evolution of self-contradiction.

But why ?

It’s generally a true statement that eye witnesses testimonials can often be unreliable; but the statements of the people hitting the New York media circuit were beyond unreliable – they were contradicting themselves from show to show, often within hours.

A little research into the shooting aftermath and things begin to fall into place.

darion johnsontiffany mitchell and piaget crenshaw

The primary witnesses used to create what we’ll call ‘the media narrative’ were and are:  Dorian Johnson,  Piaget Crenshaw, and Tiffany Mitchell.

A few days later Michael Brady surfaced, but Brady didn’t follow the same script – and we’ve discovered why.

To understand the origin of the “Hands Up” tale it helps to have a firm understanding of where each of the players are AT THE MOMENT the shooting took place.

Canfield Map 4 with witness locations

Tiffany Mitchell was arriving to the apartment complex in her car to pick up Piaget Crenshaw for work.    Tiffany’s car pulled in as the shooting took place.

Tiffany Mitchells car 2

Tiffany Mitchell's car

Piaget Crenshaw, Tiffany’s friend, was in her apartment.

As Piaget Crenshaw explained, Tiffany had just called Piaget to tell her she had arrived, when Tiffany noticed something happening down the street in front of Piaget’s apartment.

Minutes earlier, according to Michael Brady, Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown’s strong-arm robbery cohort, had taken up a hiding position behind a parked two-door white -or silver- vehicle located on the sidewalk.

Moments later, as Tiffany Mitchell was walking to her friends apartment, Dorian retreated further to the parking lot between where Tiffany’s car and Piaget’s apartment were located.

Witness Michael Brady was in his apartment at the West side of that parking area – originally looking out his window as a consequence of hearing the voices, shouts, and initial scuffle at Wilson’s SUV.

You’ll note all of these people are essentially in the North Western region of the crime scene.   THIS IS IMPORTANT TO FURTHER UNDERSTANDING.

The grassy area between the parking spaces for both Mike Brady and and Piaget Crenshaw’s buildings became the gathering place AFTER the shooting.  As people who lived in each building began exiting their apartments.   It’s a Saturday – and it’s just after noon.

Canfield Map 4 with witness locations

What initially sticks out to an independent observer is that ALL of the New York media witnesses, those who have made the TV circuit, are from this physical area of the incident observation.

Virtually none of the witnesses on the Southside of Canfield Drive have appeared in the news; nor have any of the witnesses East of Piaget Crenshaw’s apartment appeared in the news.

To understand why the Northwestern witnesses were in the media – you need to understand how quickly the scene was initially cordoned off.   It’s actually bizarre, interesting, and incredibly simple why things happened as they did.

Crime scene tape stopped people from walking through the crime scene where the body of Michael Brown lay in the street.   However, it also stopped people from traveling amid the complex.

Police units arrived within 2 minutes of the shooting.

12:01 – Officer Wilson first encounters Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson
12:04 – First back-up officer arrives on the scene (Brown is dead)
12:05 – A supervisor arrives on scene.

The police immediately begin securing the scene at 12:04/05 less than 3 minutes from the time the shots were fired.

Wilson vehicle 2

wilson vehicle screen shot 1

wilson vehicle via black canseco vid

piaget perspective

Crime tape is used to cordon off the area.

In essence Mike Brown’s location created an area of non-passage, and the police tape created a grid.

Witnesses were confined to their immediate geography.    Moments later, as tensions escalated, those perimeters were even more secured as dozens more police units arrived.

Essentially all of the witnesses became confined or corralled to their physical locations.

Canfield Map 4 with witness locations

Wilson vehicle 2

Wilson Vehicle 3

The media arrived into the apartment complex following the same path Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson had been walking.

The initial media, and consequently the immediate media footage, all showed perspectives from the North West side of the crime scene looking East down Canfield Drive as seen above.

Coincidentally, this puts the arriving media in EXACTLY the same location as the gathering witnesses – in the Northwest quadrant.

The same area as Tiffany’s car, the same parking lot as Michael Brady and Piaget Crenshaw.  The same parking lot where Dorian Johnson ran after the encounter with Officer Darren Wilson.

It was the appearance of Dorian Johnson in the background shots of the first media live feeds that piqued our curiosity.   We were researching the location of the principals not expecting to find Dorian Johnson hanging around in the crowd, but there he was.

Dorian johnson 1

jason 2 dorian johnson location

Yes, Dorian Johnson the strong-arm robbery accomplice, and participant in the incident, was right there in the crowd; from the outset, talking, listening, and watching intently.

As you can see, Dorian had removed his dark colored T-shirt, slung it over his left shoulder, and was standing amid the crowd of observers watching the investigation unfold.

A lucky turn of events for the first media on the scene who initially interviewed him without understanding the full scope of how he related to the events at hand.

Additionally interesting, and vastly self-explanatory, is how Piaget Crenshaw, Tiffany Mitchell, and Dorian Johnson were all in the exact same crowd merely feet away from each other as the “what happened” conversations continued.

Tiffany arrived to pick up Piaget for work.  It was at that exact moment when Officer Wilson was pulling the trigger about 150 feet down the street.   Tiffany and Piaget were on the phone as Tiffany pulled in to pick her up.

Piaget begins looking out her window, as Tiffany walks up to her apartment.  Tiffany joins Piaget and together they look out over the body of Mike Brown from the window and the stairway balcony.

Here is a picture taken from their position looking right (West)

piaget perspective

Here is a perspective from their location looking left (East)


They took both pictures and video.    You’ll notice there’s no actual video or pictures from Tiffany or Piaget until about 8-10 minutes AFTER the shooting itself as they are documenting the post shooting activity.

However, once the body of Mike Brown was covered both Tiffany and Piaget went into the parking lot where Tiffany’s car was located, but also where the crowd was gathering and discussing what just took place.

For simplicity we shall call this area the “Grassy Knoll”.

Canfield Map 4 with witness locations

Michael Brady was also on the Grassy Knoll area having left his apartment to take phone video footage of the events as they unfolded.

ASSEMBLY COMPLETE – There you have the confluence of witnesses and participants;  Dorian Johnson, Tiffany Mitchell, Piaget Crenshaw and Michael Brady, all within moments of the shooting, all within feet of each other.   These are the same people who did the New York media circuit.

Tiffany and Piaget not actually having witnessed the actual shooting per se’, but witnessing all of the events immediately after.

Only Michael Brady had witnessed some of the event at the SUV and seconds later some of the event of the shooting scene.   The event void for Brady was the time it took him to grab his phone and walk outside to the stairwell balcony.

*Remember according to the CNN shooting audio from beginning to end the fired shots were less than 7 seconds TOTAL:

  • Shots 1 through 6 took 1.8729 seconds.
  • Pause 2.76 seconds
  • Shots 7 through 10 took 1.6273 seconds.

After the shooting, and as the community was gathering, Michael Brady, Dorian Johnson, Tiffany Mitchell and Piaget Crenshaw all ended up on the Grassy Knoll.

In addition some other key people begin to arrive and assemble in the same area.   Most notably Mike Brown’s mom, Lesley McSpadden, and her boyfriend, Louis Head.

However, additional “interested parties” had also arrived into this cordoned off Grassy Knoll area.

Calvin Swings, Mike Brown’s uncle arrived – and almost simultaneously so too did the key player who immediately knew how to put all the witness ingredients into just the right formula….

…. enter Mr. Anthony Shahid.

ferguson 8

That’s Mr. Shahid, aka “green shirt guy” getting in the face of the riot police.   Mr. Shahid likes to wear a mock police captain’s hat:

“The police hat: “I wear the police hat because the police are killing us – and because we need to see more black police leaders.” (link)

This is also Anthony Shahid standing behind Dorian Johnson in the initial media interview:

Anthony Shahid is a severe racial and anti-police antagonist within the Saint Louis community.   He is very well known by activists and law enforcement.   Mr. Shahid is an avowed friend of the notorious Louis Farrakhan, and also a National Action Network (NAN) friend of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton.

As this article from 2003 gently headlines:  “Who’s Afraid of Anthony Shahid? – He’s a hero to some, a pain to others. Either way, he makes people very nervous“:

[…]  When they were led to the elevator, Shahid and his friend John Bordeaux came, too. Both men have led civil-rights protests, but Shahid’s a professional agitator, an agitator who makes even his allies reach for water. Bordeaux usually comes off as the reasonable one, shrugging indulgently at his friend’s excesses. An ousted president of the St. Louis NAACP chapter, Bordeaux is also better known. Shahid plays his own game, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks of him.

“We’re going up with the sister,” Kessler remembers Shahid telling the Barnes security guard.

“He made me feel personally uncomfortable,” admits the attorney, “because even after we were getting what we wanted, he kept escalating, whipping it up. I never did figure out what his agenda was. But I can’t say anything bad —  (link)

As the famous saying goes:  ….And That’s How Things Get Started.

Apparently, with years of activism under his belt Mr. Shahid knows how to find the nucleus in an opportunity – and quick.   It was only moments before Shahid, wearing a green shirt -and initially identified in our research as the “green shirt guy”-  was quickly working his crowd magic.

As soon as the general script was outlined Dorian Johnson was put in front of the cameras with self-admitted “cop hater and grievance producer”, Anthony Shahid, watching closely.

Johnson is witnessed in this video being held tight by Mike Brown uncle, Calvin Swings.

And watch as community organizer Shahid gives and delivers instructions from the background:

Just off camera, yet within earshot of the audio, Tiffany Mitchell and Piaget Crenshaw were awaiting their turn when, according to Piaget, she was instructed to talk to Lesley McSpadden and confirm to her that it was indeed her son dead at the eastern end of Canfield Drive.

All of the family, and all of the New York media witnesses, and all of the provocateur’s now together on the grassy knoll area.

Overtaken with emotion Big Mike’s mom collapsed in grief and shock (pictured below).

As quick as a jackrabbit, and totally understanding the value of the moment in front of a watching media,  Anthony Shahid knew just what to do with the surrounding crowd:

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”

They killed her son in cold blood;   Damn punk ass fuckin’ cops

…. And so a T-Shirt meme was born.

don't shoot

Hands up, don’t shoot.  Soon turned into violence, looting, rioting and general mayhem.  The exact outcome of the ingredients Anthony Shahid put together on that Grassy Knoll on August 9th.

Anthony Shahid

shahid 3

shahid 1

shahid 2

ferguson 8

tiffany mitchell and piaget crenshaw

Once Dorian, Tiffany and Piaget got the ‘Hand’s Up’ message into the New York media narrative, the actual truth, you know, those “pesky facts”, well, they really didn’t matter.

THE OUTLIER – The only character of the Grassy Knoll bunch who didn’t take the initial spotlight was Michael Brady – and there’s a really good reason for that.

Not coincidentally Brady’s interviews tell a far different story than the Knoll bunch.

Brady’s invisibility on the afternoon in question, and his removal from the socially pressuring group think,  is also the reason his actual witness phone footage was delayed – and to this day not fully seen.

After originally giving his footage to the investigation team, a few days later they gave it back.  It was this “new” footage that piqued the media yet again, and so subsequently Brady was taken on the same media tour Mitchell and Piaget had covered several days earlier.

However, according to Brady’s  own words, the footage he has given to the requested media shows a divergent set of facts.

According to Brady, Big Mike Brown was actually witnessed at the vehicle punching officer Wilson.  This is what he first witnessed when he looked out the window from his vantage point.   Remember, Brady was an actual witness to at least part of the event – Tiffany and Piaget were witnesses to the aspect *AFTER* the shots were fired.

It is not coincidental that none of the New York media alphabets, nor their ideologically aligned cable cohorts, have aired the full Michael Brady footage.  Those same media outlets have previously broadcast the post shooting – “non witness” footage from Tiffany and Piaget, and perhaps that explains their reluctance to broadcast anything which would contradict all those hours of viewership.

However, at least one lefty-pundit was willing to go on record and admit the content of the Michael Brady footage itself.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell was man enough to admit the omission on air.

Go to the 03:10 point of this interview and listen:

MSNBC, or any New York national network, would have collapsed the entire “Hand’s Up” narrative if they had aired that video – they know it.   In my opinion that’s specifically why they didn’t air it.   You’ll notice Michael Brady was the only witness not given the fancy studio media sit down stage setting.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Brady outside his apartment.  Likewise Cuomo did his interview “on scene” at the complex and O’Donnell gave him the outside satellite interview.

Michael Brady is the only person from the Grassy Knoll who did NOT sell the Anthony Shahid “Hands Up” storyline.

In the interview above with Anderson Cooper you can see Brady try to avoid having to answer why the other witnesses are laying claim to something he is sure did not take place.

When you witness Brady’s interviews you can tell he’s consciously worried about that fine line between telling the facts honestly, and becoming a victim to the isolation felt as a consequence of going up against the “snitches get stitches” crowd.   After all, he does have to live in this community when all the media trucks pack up and move on.

Hey Mike, if you are reading this I make you a promise – if you want someone to honestly air that footage, we’ll do it.

As to the Dorian, Tiffany and Piaget story, and make no doubt whatsoever it’s a story, well, its usefulness has essentially run its course.  And, unfortunately, fulfilled its purpose.

ferguson 3 moltov cocktail

quick trip

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452 Responses to The Instigator – How One Saint Louis Man Originated The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Mike Brown Controversy – And Created The “Eye Witness” Testimonials…

  1. knowthyenemy says:

    Shades of Trayvon–>


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I wonder which one of those protesters is actually Arianna Huffinton in disguise?


    • John Galt says:

      Reminds me of the westerns where the righteous sheriff stands off the lynch mob.

      Liked by 2 people

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Know,
      This is right out of “The Crumpster’s” play book – of creating “mob rule” by threatening “thug riots.” Crump-Parks is attempting to get rid of a LEGAL process, in order to crucify (arrest) Wilson, even though he did NOTHING WRONG. The proceedings of the Grand Jury, will make THAT determination. We all need to stand for rule by law, not, “rule by mob”.


    • Hello Hello says:

      There is another eyewitness – the one who was in the background talking about what he saw.

      At this point I find Michael Brady credible, but then he left the window at a critical point to get his phone to record it. He missed whether Brown turned around and rushed the officer.

      The other witness clearly states on the audio, right after the shooting and before all the other witnesses could talk – clearly states that Brown turned and rushed the officer


      • Dan says:

        I don’t find Michael Brady credible at all. He states he saw the first volley of shots go off, and then he ran outside, which took approximately 5 seconds, just in time to see the second volley of shots go off, there was 2.7 seconds between the first and second volley of shots. There is no way he got from his window to the inside door of his apartment and then to the outside door of the apartment in 2.7 seconds. All Rico Suave had time to say during that time was, “…fine. Just going on some of your videos”. Yet Michael Brady managed to get out of his apartment and into a position to see the second volley during this time.

        For all the people complaining about the police’s “lack of transparency”, they are charged with INVESTIGATING, first, not releasing information to the public. With all these “witnesses” making public statements and none of the forensic evidence available yet, the wisest, most thorough thing the police can do is not say a word and let everybody bury themselves. The audio of the shooting is the final blow to these 4 witnesses, if their own words and actions did not give them away. They give themselves away by their over-usage of details, each one designed to make the cop wrong at every step of the way

        Tiffany Brown, “as I come around the corner I hear tires squeaking” (I assume she meant to introduce the concept of tires squealing)

        “and as I get closer I see Michael and the officer wrestling through the window”

        So she didn’t see the SUV almost hit the young men as they innocently walked down the middle of the street and she didn’t see any words exchanged prior to the wrestling through the window, yet this is the only time she could possibly have had her eyes 100% on the scene, while she was talking on the phone.

        It is interesting to note her other behaviors when she is lying. For example, immediately after she says, “and the officer was trying to pull him in”, she swallows hard and visibly, as if trying to swallow her own lies. Then comes an “um” as she is thinking up what to say next, and her eyes start moving wildly, rather than staying focused as she recalls her actual memory. Then she says, “as I see this I pull out my phone…” interesting choice of words as-I-see-this, “because it just didn’t look right. You never just see an officer and somebody wrestling through the window” That’s right Tiffany, you never just see that, and neither did you.

        “I pull out my phone and the first shot was fired through the window” So she had her cell phone in her hand as the first shot rang out, as opposed to Brady and Crenshaw, who both had to go retrieve phones in between the first and second volley’s. She should have the video of the entire event, yet she has none, until she is up in the apartment, afterwards. Yet she pulls out her phone because she INTENDS to get footage she says. Why didn’t she get it?

        Then the first shot rang out and she pulled in the parking lot to get out of the way, and the parking lot was “right next to” where the cop car was. That’s “when Michael broke away and started running down the street” again another visible big huge swallow.

        Then during the questioning she keeps saying that every time she was looking at it, Micheals hands were outside the car, both hands were on the side of the SUV. While he was wrestling with the cop and the cop was pulling him into the car? If his hands were outside the whole time, how did she see him being pulled into the car? She is in so deep.

        Then look at 5:22-5:23 when the reporter gives her new information that the officer had to go to the hospital and his head had been banged, asking if that made sense to her. Now mind you, she already said she hadn’t seen the whole altercation. As she is listening and that devastating blow lands, first her eyes get bigger as in “oh sh**”, then they dart quickly camera left as she takes it in, then they dart back, then she closes her eyes then she starts squirming and all of the sudden the relatively cool demeanor she has had disappears and all of the sudden she goes on the defensive, saying “it doesn’t, and don’t these police supposed to have dashboard cams on their vehicles or something like that?”

        How come she wasn’t asking that question all along and by then she knows they didn’t have a dashboard cam. She needs to get the interviewer off the line of questioning and somehow make the cops wrong again, this time for not having dashboard cams. She automatically assumes that the cop wasn’t injured, even though she says earlier, “you never JUST SEE an officer and somebody wrestling through a window”. This would explain it, Tiffany, wouldn’t it, but you say it doesn’t make sense. Oh-yes-it-does, makes perfect sense.

        What did the police officer look like?

        “He was a WHITE male, tall WHITE male” That’s all he looked like, white and tall? How did she see how tall he was when he was sitting in the car? Was he as “tall” as Big Mike?

        Next she says there was a white monte carlo right behind the police car, when before she said there were no cars between her and the police car.

        Then she says she got out of the car while the shooting was going on, yet no photos or videos from her location. So odd. Why not, since she took her cell phone out to obtain the evidence?

        It is going to be interesting to get her cell phone records to see what time she was talking to Paiget, who left the window she was looking out and gathered up her things and then went to the balcony just in time to see Big Mike turn around with his hands up. In early interviews, before the autopsy and the lawyer beside her, she holds her hands up high and indicates this was Big Mike, hands clearly up. Later she changes that to they were barely up.

        It is my reasoned belief that these two women incited those riots. Long before I knew about the grassy knoll, just based on listening to the witness statements, I said it was very likely that all those witnesses were together and cooked up that story together.

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  2. Dusty says:

    When I want to understand the whole story, I come to this blog and read. You all do a great job!

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    • Sentient says:

      I feel like this is burying us with irrelevancies. As was written above, Mike Brady’s story didn’t stick to the script, Mike Brady’s story is believable and Mike Brady said that Brown only took 1-2 steps forward (seemingly while falling) before the final volley of fatal shots. In my opinion, Mike Brady’s testimony will put Darren Wilson in prison, but only if Brady’s testimony can be coherent enough to be comprehended. He seems honest, but he’s not the most articulate person in the world, to say the least. Any and all misdeeds of Crump and Co. don’t make Wilson innocent. If he was not being charged when he fired the last two shots, he deserves to go to prison. Who started the “hands up don’t shoot crap” is irrelevant.


      • John Galt says:

        “Mike Brady’s testimony will put Darren Wilson in prison”

        I don’t think that Mike Brady’s testimony will even get Wilson indicted.

        “More than a dozen witnesses have backed up the account of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the controversial shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, police sources reportedly told St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christine Byers.”

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        • Sentient says:

          She’s had eleven days to dig up those “dozen witnesses”. Nichts. Nada. Bupkes. Police sources my ass.

          Liked by 1 person

          • John Galt says:

            The witness recorded in the Black Canseco video is pretty easy to find and much closer to the scene of the shooting than Brady.

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            • Sentient says:

              I agree that the person whose voice was on the JJ (black canseco) video could provide illustrative testimony – seemingly in support of Wilson. Without that witness – and the ability to cross examine him – the YouTube video itself is probably not even to convince a jury that Brown was charging.


              • John Galt says:

                GJ with 9 whites, 3 blacks, strong arm robber, punched cop in the face, tried to take his gun.

                There is zero chance they will indict Wilson. That’s why Scheme Team has the full court press to appoint a special prosecutor.

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              • jello333 says:

                Re. the video/audio…. stay tuned.

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              • 1gandydancer says:

                Wilson would be on trial, not Brown. The defense atty doesn’t need to convince the jury Brown was charging, the prosecutor would need to convince the jury that Brown was NOT charging. The black canseco video puts the kibosh on that pretty effectively.

                That said, Brady’s testimony may help convict Wilson. Not of manslaughter, but on Federal charges, and not for killing Brown, but for shooting at him while he ran away.


          • I’m more wary of the people that run to the nearest camera to tell their version of events before the grand jury even convened. I would imagine that the police advised all witnesses to not speak with the media but there’s nothing they can do to prevent them from talking. If there are in fact witnesses that contradict the initial narrative, then they most likely live in that community and don’t want to have people threatening their lives just because they saw the events go down a bit differently than previous reports stated. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist just because they’re not jumping in front of a camera.


          • tracker says:

            Police and DA’s don’t normally release the names of witnesses BEFORE trial


      • P.Spinach says:

        Brady may be honest, or trying to be in spite of peer pressure, walking that fine line, but from his vantage point, he only had a good view of heavy-weight champ 300 lb Mikey punching the living day lights out of middle-weight 170 lb Wilson, on the SUV driver’s side. Even if he got outside, he was viewing Brown and Wilson linearly down the road, 130 odd feet away, with perspective distorted, not viewing from the sides which would give him better perspective on distance apart and whether Brown was moving with momentum or not. His far witness of the final incident can be strongly called into question. If A (Brown), B (Wilson) and C (Brady) are lined up linearly, Brady cannot testify reliably on distance between A and B and whether A was moving rapidly, or falling slowly towards B. C has to be at the sides like a point on a triangle to A and B, to provide witness on whether A charged at B or not.

        Dorian, Paiget and Tiffany are compulsive liars. They do it out of habit. They just continually weave and confabulate in and out of lies all day long. This is how they live and survive.

        Liked by 3 people

      • sundance says:

        Sentient, much like the Zimmerman fiasco I do not fight for the freedom of one man – I fight back for the freedom of our republic.

        Part of that freedom is a demand upon our national press, and a concerted effort to hold the fourth estate to account for delivery of the truth – even when that truth itself presents a painful look into the mirror of consequence.

        The Fourth Estate has been compromised beyond all horrible imaginings.

        It is not “burying us with irrelevancies” to fight the dark media agenda of deception by holding up the brightest sunlight upon the facts. That is not irrelevant, that is our entire purpose.

        Eliminate the need for the Treehouse to exist and you will have restored the republic. Until then, we will stand guard to the defend the flickering flame of truth, even if the hurricane winds of deception peel the flesh from our hands in the doing.

        And if, as a consequence of that effort, Officer Darren Wilson is free again to live without the burden of hate afore him, well, that’s the icing – not the cake.

        Wolverines !

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      • Bildung says:

        Brady fails to account for the first shot, he quickly lost sight of Brown and cannot know whether Brown faced Wilson or not and claims to have seen an already badly wounded Brown receive the entire final volley, which would be impossible per the timeline of the gunshot audio and per the narrative that the first volley was fired at Brown’s back.

        Brady continues that ‘fired at a fleeing Brown’ line, meaning Brown could only have received a significant frontal wound prior to the final volley from the first shot at the truck which, again, Brady doesn’t even account for.

        In short, while Brady doesn’t parrot the full blown Shahid script, his account is nonetheless implausible and self contradictory. He could be easily disassembled on the stand.

        And he does use the word ‘tussle’, just like Tiff and Piaget–a non-Ebonics term and evidence of witness cross contamination.


      • No. Brady’s testimony is what you might normally expect from an eyewitness. Innaccurate, limited POV, confused etc. He’s not downright lying like Johnson though.

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      • doodahdaze says:

        Your argument is weak. If anything his testimony raises the possibility that Big Parp appeared to be going for a gun.


        • bildung says:

          I find this rush to embrace Brady’s version odd. His main contribution for Wilson is attesting to a fight at the truck and no hands up–but DJ has already attested to the no hands up and, in so many words, the fight as well.

          And there’s no need for witnesses per the fight–the forensic evidence will establish that.

          On the other hand, Brady basically affirms the Scheme line that Wilson executed an obviously incapacitated Brown.

          Brady must be impeached just the same as Tiff and Piaget, with DJ being turned or indicted.


      • jillcity says:

        since Wilson has been tried and convicted by the media, why bother with trivialities like testimony


  3. Amber says:

    Interesting to read the propaganda war playing out from the other side.


  4. SAFVet says:

    Cross-posted to – hope it becomes a Must Read…


  5. Amber says:

    Video Outside Quick Tip as it was getting looted:


  6. Amber says:

    Here is the video of the eyewitness testimony on someone’s facebook profile – tagging the eyewitness:


  7. Amber says:

    There is some more footage of evidence at the shooting scene in this video that I haven’t seen tagged on here yet:


  8. froggielegs says:

    Another video I just found. Not sure if anyone has seen it… It’s and interview with MB’s mother and father outside of someones house…

    Dad does all the talking (wearing his gold grill no less LOL) The reporter asks how hard it was to get Michael to go to college and he says…

    “I just kept my foot in his neck me and his mama ya know. Kept my foot in his neck. He got through it.”

    Sounds like a real gentle giant to me LOL

    Then he goes on to talk about how his son is being forgotten in all this and that there are “too much niggas” doing something (I can’t understand him) and that he needs their support

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sentient says:

      “there’s too much negativity that’s going on”.


    • John Galt says:

      I think he was trying to say “too much negativity”.

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    • nivico says:

      “Dad does all the talking (wearing his gold grill no less LOL)”

      Guess that answers my question if people are still wearing gold grillz…

      I still think the unidentified object on the ground by the SUV looks like teeth, lol 🙂


    • maggiemoowho says:

      Parents will always protect and defend their kids, I get that, but maybe if they would have accepted the fact that their son was not a “good kid” and stopped making excuses for his actions, then maybe MB would still be alive today.


      • scaretactics says:

        It’s all relative.

        “Good kid” for this community = not in jail (yet)

        “Good kid” for me = not on drugs, not getting girls pregnant, studying hard, not being violent, not stealing, …

        A grandma in our neighboring black community was telling my SIL (a physician assistant) how proud she was of her family because they all graduated from HS and none of them were imprisoned. Different standards.

        Liked by 2 people

  9. Amber says:

    This guy seems to have a lot of the posters organizing the protests linked on his facebook account. There are also a number of videos of footage from the Ferguson/StLouis area.


  10. P.Spinach says:

    The orange roping off of the area by police literally minutes after the incident separating the false witnesses into an island of their own with Shahid’s mug in every still is quite an education and every bit fascinating. Wowsers. So this is how it happened. Galaxies more interesting than Brown and Wilson themselves.


  11. Amber says:

    This is video footage of the FEDs conducting investigation at the scene of the shooting.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. That’s the first time I heard his interview. He definitely presents himself in a much more mature and well-spoken manner than some of the other voices that we’ve heard coming out of Ferguson in the aftermath of the shooting. It’ll be interesting to see how the totality of the evidence comes together because I think the ballistics report and any forensic evidence are going to tell the true story, one way or another. Those are also aspects of the case that won’t be released to the public until after the grand jury investigation is complete. It really is amazing what they can do to reconstruct crime scenes with all of the technological advances we’ve had in the last 2 decades. Also, any gun powder residue present on Mike Brown’s clothing will help determine the distance that the shots were fired from. Scientific and physical evidence doesn’t take sides but people do.


  13. VegasGuy says:

    Just want to throw out a question. Was the “magic bullet” discussion concluded with any consensus?


  14. doodahdaze says:

    Wow. Anatomy of a lynching. A true picture of the media/BGI partnership in it. This explains the good protestor/bad protestor narrative. A sad display it is. Things are not what was presented on the Boob Tube. I bet all their stories follow this template in one way or another. Zero credibility. Great Job Sundance. New York Media Circuit. Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Pingback: THE INSTIGATOR: How A St. Louis Man Spawned The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Mike Brown Controversy & Created The “Eye Witness” Accounts - Clash Daily

  16. Miriam Mata says:

    Take a look, The New Yorker magazine. Hands Up, front page.


  17. partyzantski says:

    OK, had to step away and work on other things for a bit… and my apologies in advance if this has been covered, but here is what is itching my brain in this incident:

    Have the police identified ALL firearms that were present/used at that scene?

    Is it conceivable that a 3rd party who either had a private beef with the decedent or saw him as an opportunity to create an incident shot him, or at him in order to generate a predictable police response to a suspect and gunfire?

    How is it possible that a known 5th columnist and professional agitator is on scene on or about the time that a major incident is fabricated? Does he live there? WHY was he there at all/ when did he arrive on scene?

    Is it conceivable that this was a planned provocation (event that attracts police attention, event staged in a place where witnesses may be quite partisan, followed by rapid dissem of various psyop elements such as t shirts, signs)?


  18. mcfyre2012 says:

    Hmmm…how much of a legal standing would Quik Stop and the other burned/looted businesses have in suing Shahid and the “false witnesses” for the damages to their businesses?


  19. StLouieGirl says:

    Piaget Crenshaw’s view of the body would be obstructed by the stairwell as is demonstrated by her friend in this video (she refers to herself as an associate,) possibly her roommate as she has access to Piaget’s apartment. If you notice at the 18-20 second mark she pans around the ground but stops just short of seeing the memorial for MB to the left so Piaget would not have seen him from her side of the balcony/staircase. It would be a blind spot for her.

    In her interview with NBC nightly news on 8/10, Piaget claimed to be on her balcony when she saw the entire altercation and saw MB put his arms up at a 90 degree angle but in a CNN interview with Tiffany, she says she viewed it through a window then went to another window.

    But she could have seen Michael Brown from her neighbor’s side of the balcony.

    Piaget also said in the initial raw footage of the interview on KSDK 8/9 that she was friends with MB and hung out with him. She said, she saw the officer shoot him twice after he raised his arms.

    So which did she see? The officer firing from her window or Michael Brown surrendering from her neighbor’s balcony? It can’t be both.


  20. cristo says:

    “Journalist” Chris Cuomo (Fordham University Law School grad) does a nice job of leading the witness to the proper conclusion.


  21. cristo says:

    Did Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson run in the same direction?
    Where on the diagram is the car Johnson was hiding behind?
    At the very beginning of the video, O’Donnell let’s Michael Brady make his statement. Brady says he “heard an altercation outside” his window.
    At 4:55, O’Donnell asks if he (Brady) heard a shot before Michael Brown ran from the car. At 5:14, Brady says, “No, that’s what I didn’t hear . . . because “I was still in the window.” Then OD says, you didn’t hear it because “you were still inside” and couldn’t hear, to which Brady says, “Yes.”
    That’s when Brady decides to leave the apartment and see if he can get some video on his phone (not call 911) and Brady estimates it took him 5 seconds to “get to the door” because he took “some big steps.”
    At 6:04 Brady says, “I noticed that the officer got out of his car and ran past his (Brown’s) friend (Dorian Johnson) and that was the time for me to go outside. (Why? Was Johnson in the line of fire between Brady and the officer? Brady’s apartment is behind and to the left of the officer, Brown’s body is forward and to the right. Where did Johnson hide?)
    At 6:20 OD asks, “had the officer fired any shots by the time you made your move” to the door? And Brady says “I didn’t hear that.”
    OD then asks, And what did you see MB do? You saw him run away from the car and that’s the last thing you saw MB doing before you changed your position (went to the door) was he running away from the car?”
    Then, Brady says, “No, actually, the officer was already shooting, that’s why, when he immediately gets out of the car, he just started shooting, in his shooting position, like I said, he past his police cruiser and he passed the vehicle his friend (Johnson) also ran to . . . and he’s not shooting at his friend . . . and that’s when I went to the front door.”

    So Brady tells OD that he heard an altercation, but he did not hear any shots. (strange) Then he tells him again that he couldn’t hear any shots because he was “still in the window” which OD confirms that he meant he was still inside, the window prevented him from hearing anything. Then he shifts his position and says the officer was shooting “immediately” as he was getting out of his car, but not shooting at Johnson, so it was safe for Brady to go to the door.

    Either he heard shots or he didn’t He can’t have it both ways.


    • springstreet says:

      Brady described Michael Brown’s crime accurately. After he heard loud voices, Brady saw MB assaulting the police officer though the SUV window (it is clearly impossible that the 174 pound officer started the “altercation” by reaching out his window to grab and pull in the 294 pound MB). Brady heard the voices but NO GUNSHOT at the police car. DJ and MB then ran away in opposite directions while the police officer was still in the SUV. The officer followed taking long steps with his gun drawn and Brady heard one shot (slug found in diagonal building). Brady further described this as shots at MB but from his angle this could not be seen and from the forensics this did not happen (the “shots” were probably echos). Brady then went to the balcony (5 seconds) and missed seeing MB running 35 yards then turning and coming back to attack the police officer again. From a bad angle to judge distance, Brady then saw the end of MB’s charge where he was still advancing and erect … before the final volley with some 10 to 25 feet between them. Brady saw no “hands in the air” and no “shots in the back”. He told the truth.


      • 1gandydancer says:

        I tend to agree, but it’s a mystery that he didn’t hear the first shot from inside his apartment but did hear the others. He CAN have it both ways if the first shot was sufficiently muffled, which could explain why it wasn’t on the sex tape recording. If the latter isn’t a fake.


    • tiniancards says:

      I guess Johnson and Brown moved away from the police cruiser in opposite directions.


  22. herdzcatz says:

    Why no interviews from the hospital where Wilson was taken? My friend’s close relative was on duty that day and that individual shared with her that serious, eye-threatening damage was done to the cop’s face (eye out of socket). Is the hospital on a gag-order? Must be “privacy” practices, but it sure would go a long way to bring some light to the hodge-podge of info out there.


    • 1gandydancer says:

      Wilson’s walking around after the shooting with his eye NOT out of the socket. Your friend’s close relative has a credibility problem.


  23. Kristy Sanborn says:

    It’s pretty simple, in the few minutes before police arrived these ‘witnesses’ got their stories so called ‘straight’. It’s just how it happens, especially when one was part of what happened. The discrepancies in their account of what happened is because they only had so much time to get part of their stories ‘straight’ so then each of them added to it when interviewed only they gave different accounts because they hadn’t covered those parts when getting their stories ‘straight’. In the videos shown before police arrived and they are all huddled together it’s the first thing that came to my mind, it’s just what they do, seen it happen too many times


  24. tiniancards says:

    How can there only be 1.87 seconds for shots 1 through 6 if the first shot is in the car and the body is is found 150 feet from the car? Perhaps you mean shots 3 through 6?


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