2014’s Bonfire Of The Vanities – Officer Darren Wilson Is The New “Great White Defendant”…

How many times since the search for the 1987 “Great White Defendant” began – has the national media chased, worked up, created and sold some white racist outrage;  only to find out after a thorough review, when all the facts come out, it’s all a fiasco – a farce?

Benjamin Crump 2 Sharpton-JacksonTawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, Jena Six and recently Trayvon Martin just to name a few.

It is profoundly ironic, and actually a sad reflection on both society and the media, we find ourselves in 2014 with yet another replay only two years distant from the Trayvon Martin fiasco.

Yet, here we go again.   The legacy media once again trying desperately to convince the masses a transparently innocent man is guilty of racism and deadly intent.

Yeah, I said “transparently innocent“, and yet only the cursory facts are presentable on the table.   How, you might ask, it is possible to come to such a rapid conclusion? 

Easy – lest anyone need a reminder; all are considered “innocent” until proven guilty in a court of law.

So allow me to ask the reverse: “how anyone could reconcile a disparate current belief when the investigation is only in it’s infancy, and there is nothing empirically available to bring an alternate conclusion”?

The bizarro factor is how entirely predictable these events are.  It’s almost like they are following a specific planned sequence;  inside the playbook you find the surrounding narrative of the Michael Brown shooting looking for a willing audience.

Every single detail is following the exact same pattern in the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman case.


Every detail, including the media construct which flies in the face of the daily surfacing events – yet the media cling to reconstructing it even as it is shredded in front of their eyes.

We have previously outlined 36 exactly identical aspects to Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin.   To those previous mentions you can now add (37) video tape which contradicts the initial media preferred storyline.  (38) Both took possession of cigarillos, or blunts, immediately prior to their deaths.  (39) Neither of them paid the cashier for the products they needed. (40) The media trying to cover for the lack of character inherent within the recorded and visible activity.  (41)  Both community responses calling for the firing of the police Chief for sharing the truth.  (42) The Federal DOJ comes down against the release of the truthful information.  (43) The New Black Panthers show up in the community and demand the DEATH of the shooter.  (44) The local, state and federal authorities do nothing about the death threats, and actively seek to support them.

michael brown 2

Captain ron johnson marching with the bloods

The non-cropped photo:  Eric Holder approved Captain Ron Johnson marching for justice in Ferguson Missouri alongside street gang members from the notorious “Bloods”.  But nobody seems to have a problem with that – go figure. 

ron johnson

“what’s up blood”?

It’s Deja vu all over again.   As Steve Sailer has aptly written:

How can the New York Times and the Obama Administration do their job of telling you what to think about this Defining Event of our Times when the local cops are free to release a security camera video on the Internet for the whole world to view?

It’s just not fair: the Obama / Media Industrial Complex has all these highly expensive methods and minions for the engineering of human souls; yet a few wreckers at the local police force can undermine all that power and prestige just by posting evidence on YouTube.

I hope and pray Officer Wilson doesn’t hire some limp-wristed legal academic who becomes more concerned with his own career, chasing a job in TV punditry, and the feelings of the greater nationally wounded community – than the actual representation of his client.  Let us hope this becomes the first point of difference between Zimmerman and Wilson.

The absence of staunch legal representation could possibly be too much to watch unfold again.  Because neither of these examples should ever reach beyond a Grand Jury review.   But we saw how that worked out in 2012 – when the consideration of a Grand Jury actually became a risk to advancing the larger grievance goals, so the schemers skipped it.

Transparently Innocent –  Even a first year journalist can find the visible dots which connect a very specific set of facts.

darren wilson

Officer Wilson with not a blemish on his record.   A man with a 6 year history and network of community engagement where the friends and colleagues speak highly of his professionalism and character.  An officer who accepted the detail of the more challenging district and passed on opportunities for lesser crime areas.

Initial reports from officer Wilson and two eye-witnesses were that he was in a direct physical confrontation with Mike Brown; a struggle for the officer’s firearm ensued; a single shot was fired inside the police vehicle which is suspected to have hit Brown; and additional shots were fired outside the vehicle as a consequence of the suspect resisting arrest.

Michael Brown store robbery

Mike Brown, 6’4″ and almost 300 pounds, having just committed strong armed robbery of a liquor store, and video shows him physically assaulting/intimidating the shopkeeper, encounters the questioning officer 10 minutes after committing the robbery.   A struggle ensues, the officer is punched in the face, a shot fired inside the police vehicle as the suspect tries to get the officers weapon; Brown tries to escape arrest and is shot as he attempts the same intimidation move he was on video tape carrying out 10 minutes earlier.

What makes more sense ?

And what is transparently manufactured NON-SENSE ?

don't shoot

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301 Responses to 2014’s Bonfire Of The Vanities – Officer Darren Wilson Is The New “Great White Defendant”…

  1. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    excuses for Capt Ron’s gang sign:
    Eric Paulfrey It is a kappa black fraternity sign
    Like · Reply · 1 min

    Darrian Roo Williams That’s a fraternity sign idiots!
    Like · Reply · 20 · /

    Brandi Davis That’s not a gang sign. It’s the hand sign for members of kappa alpha psi fraternity! Educate yourself.
    Like · Reply · 17 · 37 mins

    Keisha Yvonne He’s apart of Kappa Alpha Psi
    Like · Reply · 1 · 40 mins


    • John Galt says:

      Close, it actually means “I cappa honkey”.

      Liked by 1 person

    • John Galt says:

      Traditional fraternity regalia:


    • Lucille says:

      So, whoever the guy is standing with Johnson ran up to him and flashed the sign of fraternal recognition? Then someone took their photo, posted it, and laughed as all honkies misunderstood. I’d say that was baiting. Why would anyone outside the educated black fraternal community know what it was? Certainly the non-educated participating in the terrorist attack at Ferguson hasn’t a clue of the meaning.

      As for Johnson marching with gang members, that is disgusting. THAT photo WILL be seen by the lo-fo/lo-ed community and they will think Johnson is approving. What does Johnson think about that? Did anyone ask him?

      When Rush played an audio clip of one of Johnson’s first interviews, Johnson seemed to be a genuinely religious man, quoting Scripture. I think someone got to him and told him to cut that out and join the PC team…either that or the media is cropping out any mention of God by Johnson when they air interviews.

      Everything, EVERYTHING, happening in Ferguson is AGENDA.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. John Galt says:

    So now IIRC, the script requires entry into the phase of the “investigation” where investigators re-interview witnesses to conform witness statements to the physical evidence.


  3. maggiemoowho says:

    The DOJ is going to use a Military Medical Examiner, whats up with that. Why is our Military resources being used for this nonsense.


    • Lou says:

      Eric Holder needs to be held accountable. time to sue black racists. play their game

      Liked by 2 people

    • justfactsplz says:

      Is that legal in a non military case? Maybe Stompy Feet used his pen and paper again.


    • joanfoster says:

      “Why is our Military resources being used for this nonsense”

      Two answers: We are using it to fight terror any longer because Odumbo has won that fight. Second, Mike Brown, was really an undercover agent for the CIA working out of the Ferguson office and this is one of his entitlements.

      Liked by 1 person

    • ytz4mee says:

      Because they feel that a military ME is more corruptible and easily influenced to arrive at the “right” decisions.

      Military commanders are pressured ALL THE TIME in Zero’s army to falsify records to support the meme.

      Liked by 1 person

    • John VI says:

      They cant get a private medical examiner to do the exam for the DOJ. If he tells the truth, he will face death threats and financial ruin from the race baiters. If he Lies he loses his license and his private practice goes down the tubes. A private individual wouldnt touch this with a ten foot pole.

      ( I think the only reason they could get a judge in the zimmermann trial was because Nelson was to stupid, or arrogant to realize the minefield she was walking into…At least you hope doctors are smart enough to see the possible outcomes.)

      The military can be ORDERED to do it, by their commander in chief, or supposedly his minions, and they will follow any order with regard to how the results need to be portrayed.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. maggiemoowho says:

    So did theis Ron Johnson join the NBPP last night. This is unreal, so he just tossed Officer Wilson under the bus.


    • maggiemoowho says:

      Ron Johnson, disrespected every law enforcement officer out there. “I wear this uniform and I’m sorry”. Now we know why he allowed all those businesses to be looted and destroyed.


  5. justfactsplz says:

    Michael’s teacher fro The Positive Alternative Learning Center is being interviews now via telephone. Sounds like Michael couldn’t cut it in regular public school.


  6. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Oh boy crunk and park on Fox news screaming about due process. The killer of the chile be arrested, it goes on and on.


  7. doodahdaze says:

    The Swishers may not be cigarillos but actual Wraps W/O tobacco. They come in many flavors but you fill them yourself. I bet perp like Banana and Strawberry best.


  8. justfactsplz says:

    Gag a maggot. The scheme team with Brown’s parents on air now. Mob dabbing face with tissue but no real tears just like Sybrina. Crump says body lay in street for four hours while they got their case together. The mother’s father evidently reached out to a famous civil rights lawyer as the same time as Crump. They have really lawyered up. Trash can trail of tears to follow.


  9. Stormy says:

    Drudge is linking to the ljr Review, that is quoting SD’s background convo work. 😀

    over 2 million views of the page and over 20K links

    A Witness Conversation Unknowingly Captured at the Scene of the Ferguson Shooting is a Game-Changer

    An approximate transcription of the background conversation, as related by the “Conservative Treehouse” blog:


    Liked by 2 people

  10. doodahdaze says:

    Blood spatter from perp on street would also indicate direction. If blood drops are present on far side of dead perp from the cop this could indicate perp had retreated and then turned around to charge cop with hands in a menacing position. That would be great evidence if they got it. This assumes he was hit at the car then ran off a ways before turning to charge. The first shot, if it was at the car may have just made him madder.


  11. Stormy says:

    I have 2 comments in spam


  12. doodahdaze says:


  13. Attorney says:

    So Sad the shopkeeper couldn’t put the savage down on tape for all to see.


  14. justfactsplz says:

    Aha, now we have it. Good ol’ Valerie is briefing Obama daily on Ferguson. She is in direct contact with civil rights groups on the ground. Sure she is. Obama to return to WH for a few days. He, scratch that, she, is running this here biscuit. Meanwhile parents not speaking at the rally. Their attorneys are doing it for them. I don’t think they could work on this mom as quickly as they did Sybrina. This one needs a lot of coaching first.


  15. lovemygirl says:

    And. Now comes the online petition for a special prosecutor.


  16. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    here comes the trashcans….”they have to take off work for months…”


  17. doodahdaze says:

    I wonder if the Special Prosecutor will be black? That would even be better than Corey. A perfect lynch. Hope the DA has more guts than Wolfinger did.


  18. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    keke palmer and judge greg mathis…..hollywood is onboard with this witch hunt


  19. Ceonupe says:

    That sign is a hand symbol for KAPPA ALPHA PSI fraternity. I know I’m a member. It is one of 9 historically black sororities and fraternities.

    Google kappa alpha psi or NUPES and you will see a bunch of African American college men throwing what we call the Yo!

    Incorporated in 1911 at Indiana University.

    So don’t jump to conclusions brother and remember that captain is doing his job as ordered by his boss. He is the mouth piece and front man but has a long good relationship with the local police.


    • P.Spinach says:

      You said — black sororities and fraternities. It ain’t the white sororities. It has the same ring, pardon the pun, a la creepy.


  20. Pingback: Whites riot and loot in response to Black killing of a White man | Human Stupidity: Irrationality, Self Deception


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