The Man Behind Our Masthead – An Interview With Oleg: Modern Echos of Cold War Now Visible In Ukraine

oleg(Via Breitbart ) Oleg Atbashian, a Florida resident and conservative activist who now runs the political parody site “The People’s Cube”, worked as a propaganda agitprop artist for the former Soviet Union, when he was a young adult working in his native Ukraine.

Now that he’s watching the debate unfold about Russia invading his native land, he said he can see the Russian rumor influence operation is making its way into western media the way it did during the Cold War.

He has noticed, for example, the Russian narrative about the Ukranian opposition movement as “Nazis” and “Fascists” appears to be finding itself in Western outlets and American blogs.

“The Pro-Russian propaganda is still being spread. This time, it’s not leftists. It has nothing to do with Communism. It has nothing to do with anti-war sentiment. It has everything to do with Russian national interest and Russian nationalism and Russian dominance in the region. The same people the same town the same figures are being used to plant this information,” Atbashian, comparing it to the Tea Party being maligned as racists in the U.S.

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh noticed the coverage as well. During one of his segments last week, Limbaugh played a CNN clip with Wolf Blitzer citing the Ukranian protesters as “neo-Nazis” “anti-semitic” and “anti-Russian.”

Atbashian has an interesting story about how he came to be part of the Soviet propaganda machine – and eventually landed in the U.S. as a conservative activist.  (read more)

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8 Responses to The Man Behind Our Masthead – An Interview With Oleg: Modern Echos of Cold War Now Visible In Ukraine

  1. Stormy says:

    I’ve enjoyed his work, and it’s fascinating to read about his background!

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  2. sundance says:

    The Peoples Cube is by far the most intelligently depth filled agitprop, almost to a fault.

    However, it did spin off BigFurHat and the iOTW crew who softened the cognitive absorption and present a more digestible understanding of exactly the same perspective. Both Peoples Cube and iOTW are my internet heroes.

    I never have to filter my view of their content because it strikes directly to the heart of the matter.

    God Bless them both.

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