Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains Our Four Stages – “The New Normal”…

You’ll never get a clue what’s being done to, and within, this country from the complicit “mainstream” media. But a KGB expert who defected to the good guys was explaining it for us back in the 80s. Yuri Bezmenov tried to warn us:

Stage One: DemoralizationElimination of American Exceptionalism, fundamental change of national identity, structural deconstruction of foundational principles, elimination of religion. Embedding a new societal design upon the psyche of generations through ideological academia. Peer pressure by elites upon academics and society to convince that prior values were inherently flawed, racist, prejudiced etc. National identity is diluted with aspersions toward historical references. National history is re-written, re-defined, and molded to fit the new intended behavioral model and create the new values.

Stage Two: CrisisCreation of economic, financial, and national security crisis. Also includes social crisis and breakdown of previous self-evident restrictions on moral behavior. Cloward Piven approach to overloading the system, ie more takers than producers. The crisis produces benevolent leaders who will promise to deliver “things” (Hope and Change) to meet people’s needs through Social and Economic Justice. False illusions that the situation is under control if certain strategic directions are followed (Bailouts, Stimulus, Jobs Bills, Regulations of industry, Unconstitutional Power Grabs, Dismissal of Historical Laws, Changes in legislative processes, Changes in checks and balances of power etc).

fist pump first fam

Stage Three: NormalizationThe uncomfortable feelings of change including losses of freedom are absorbed and accepted. Lost national identity becomes accepted as the norm within the new societal model. A period of national rebranding transition where people are so overwhelmed by the change they become numb and begin to accept a ‘new normal’. This period of normalization lasts indefinitely as the progression is continually advanced and acceptance takes place in small controlled doses. (New limits on behavior, Regulations, TSA Patdowns, Intrusions into privacy, Controls into daily life) These things begin to be accepted as “just the way it is now”..

Stage Four: DestabilizationUnlike the period of “Crisis” the people who helped orchestrate the change are now no longer needed. The new overarching centralized governmental model begins to take control. Leftist usurpers who initially thought they were going to be part of the new power structure begin to realize they were used and manipulated and they themselves become the new enemy. Because they have first hand knowledge of the agenda they are the primary target for elimination. They may simply be disregarded, obfuscated, thrown out, or they may be collected, imprisoned, or worse killed. There is no longer room for dissention. Dissent is only possible within the free system that has now been deconstructed. Therefore the leftist purpose is served once the destabilization is complete. Totalitarian Government takes control…

One cannot be intellectually honest and look at this video and the summary of the Four Stages Bezmenov has outlined and not see distinct and similar, albeit creepy, parallels to today. Granted the historical examples he presents in the video (Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, USSR, Poland, etc) are extreme in their Stage Four result, or are they?

Perhaps a reasonable person would argue that elimination of economic capacity (to live freely) is just as restrictive as living inside a walled camp. If you cannot live freely, earn a living freely, move about without restrictions, and determine for yourself your choices, then what really is the difference between being thrown in an internment camp and having the invisible chain link fence of diminished freedom built around your home?

If government can control your income through taxation, employment and redistribution; tell you what to eat by deciding your choices for you; tell you how much energy you are allowed to consume through rules and regulation; tell you what kind of car you can be allowed to drive; tell you what type of toilet you can buy; tell you what kind of detergent you may wash with; determine what information you have access to through the TV media and internet access; and then control your capacity to receive the healthcare of your choice; then really what is the difference between living in a collective camp under such rules and living where you are now but following the same rules ?

I would argue that we are solidly in the middle of stage #3 (normalization) while all around us Stage Four (destabilization) is beginning, perhaps as planned. We talk about the new “ism’s” all the time. Heck, most of what we discuss is our reluctance to engage in acceptance of the “normalization” and our seeming frustration to be able to influence “it” to stop presenting us with new acceptance challenges.

What say you?

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23 Responses to Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains Our Four Stages – “The New Normal”…

  1. ottawa925 says:

    Sundance, that was a pretty powerful prognosis for the United States. I definitely knew things were bad, but according to this man … it will be just a few years before it all breaks down.

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  2. To quote my 14-year-old son — “What’s that type of mental illness? It’s where you’re really smart, but you not really in touch with reality. Uh, optimism.”

    He meant “autism”, but I think he hit the nail on the head. There’s not much to be optimistic about and, if you are optimistic, you’re not dealing with reality. A crash is coming. Which may, in a paradoxical way, be a good thing.

    When addicts hit bottom is when they decide to turn their lives over to a power greater than themselves. Some of them recover and live very successful lives after that.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to live through a crash and reset of the system. There are all sorts of scary consequences possible in that, including what our enemies might do to us while we’re down and that whoever is left to pick up the pieces may toss the whole system for something they think is better. I want the United States of America as founded to return, but there are no guarantees that it will. That’s reality.

    On the other hand, hitting bottom may leave us with nowhere to go but up … or back, as the case may be. I hope that’s the silver lining in the very dark cloud.

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  3. LHlaredo says:

    Where was I when the Patriot Act was applauded as our need savior for our security and thous granting unlimited discretion to them upon our every aspect of our lives, and I ask where was I when our draconian drug policy, gave birth to the current oppressive for profit enforcement elite, for this fallacy, I have earned the right to be humiliated in public while getting a finger shove up my *** and still where was I when the corrupt squandered and stole us into the edge of financial oblivion and scared me to compensate them with my wealth. I know where I was I was only looking out for myself, when foolishly I was also included in the dimise. So if history has taught us anything is that when we target any particular group, the following group might be us.

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    • michellc says:

      I was making many of my conservative friends mad when the Patriot Act was passed and was being told we couldn’t ever allow another 9/11 and this would stop that.
      Their drug policies never work for example when our governor signed into law limits on otc sinus and cold medicine and said it would stop meth and meth has became a much worse problem since then to the point where Tulsa, OK is the meth capital of the country.
      Income taxes imo was the domino that started the fall and we’ve slowly been watching for years it come to where we are today.

      If we truly will ever turn it around, which I’m afraid it’s too late for, we’d eliminate the IRS, EPA, DHS, ATF, DOE. If we just started with those we’d make a huge impact.
      I remember several years ago a politician wanting my vote was talking about lowering taxes, curtailing environmental regulations that were hurting farms and businesses and fixing education. I will give him credit, he took questions and gave answers, but he was stumped when I asked him are you really willing to do what needs to be done? He of course answered he was. So I asked him, can I expect then that you will present a bill abolishing the EPA and DOE and an amendment to remove the 16th amendment. He was caught off guard and after all night doing a pretty good job of giving straight answers went into politician mode, giving a long drawn out answer that never really addressed my question.

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      • income tax was the harbinger of much to come. you can thank Col. Edward Mansell House for helping to orchestrate the downfall of America and wonder who such prominent stooges could be deceived ie Woodrow, FDR, Hoover, LBJ, etc. Cecil Rhodes must be laffing in his grave. It was his impetus and funding that created the Fabian and like minded socialist movements. If you want an inside look at the corruption of USA, check out under FEATURES – “The House That Evil Built” by he and Devvy Kidd, and “Christmas Day 2013” too. Check out (the site applies to USA also) especially read the document linked to under “NAME GAME’ on the site. Watch the YouTube series “You Own A Bond – The Crown Connection” especially after reading the Name Game, and you will learn the Crown (of the Holy Roman Empire ie the Pope’s crown), owns and controls all due to a treaty in 1213, which King John & all his successors were made vassals – giving all their territories and colonies to Pope). The Rothschild banking goliath administers and controls all finances for HRE by their owning / controlling all central banks, World Bank. IMF, Federal Reserve, BIS and Vatican Bank).
        They will use socialist tyranny to create their NWO if they get their way.

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  4. 22tula says:

    “The ‘Red’ White but Not True Blue: The Truth about Harry Dexter White – Soviet Agent” – By Ron Radosh – February 19, 2013

    Anarchy USA (1966) – G. Edward Griffin
    Hidden Agenda, Vol. 4 – Anarchy USA: In the Name of Civil Rights USA
    A documentary demonstrating how Communists were behind the civil rights movement. The template used in America is viewed in light of prior unrest in Algeria, Cuba and China.
    ***Warning – Graphic Stills/Algeria & Offensive Racist Language***

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  5. Hey, Eleanor, forget sugar, butter, meat, tires and gas…
    they’re now rationing EVERYTHING, including Freedom, in the good old US of A.
    Lucifer’s smile grows wider, day by day. 👿


  6. Sam says:

    I see I’ve got plenty of company in the “oh cr@p, we’re so far down the road to totalitarianism I’m not sure it can be stopped” camp. History is full of warning signs. The recent past is full of warning signs: Danger Ahead. Socialism has never worked anywhere it’s been tried. And the low info crowd surges forward, eager to participate in its own demise.

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  7. ytz4mee says:

    Thanks for posting again. I know that we have posted Bezemenov’s interviews before, but I guess people just weren’t ready to listen to the message. There’s still a lot of “that can’t happen here” mentality, which is why they count on.

    Bezemenov’s full interviews are still available on YT.


  8. CrankyinAZ says:

    Honestly… that scares the crap out of me! We are in for some rough times ahead, and I really don’t think it can be stopped at this point. Too many people have their blinders and rose-colored glasses on. Not until the boot is on their neck, and the gun to their head…then… THEN … they will believe we have problems! 😦


  9. 22tula says:

    “EU Leader Call for Global Governance with Russia”
    Published on December 27, 2012.
    Russia Summit held in Brussels on December 20-21.

    Nigel Farage – Published on Dec. 21, 2012


  10. cjmartel says:

    Isn’t this what people have been saying all along on this site? The people at The Last Refuge saw this coming years ago! I will forward this to as many friends as possible, hopefully they are not too far gone in the prpaganda department.

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  11. 556mmfmj says:

    I came across these Bezmenov videos several years ago. Posted them everywhere I could. Good to see they are still making the rounds. However, it could be too little too late now.


  12. Chris says:

    You got that back to front son.
    1. Demoralisation
    2. Destabilisation
    3. Crises
    4. Normalisation

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  13. Pingback: Yuri Bezmenov is an essential historical figure.

  14. ddcannady says:

    The undoing of the American Revolution has been underway for many decades. The fundamental principle that makes it all possible is the idea that individuals are subordinate to “the greater good” or “society as a whole”. It crosses all ideological lines, but it really only serves Progressivism. Over the years, opinionated blowhards have become more and more prominent. They speak with great authority about what “we” must do or can’t do, as if the lives of millions of individuals can be directed by an overarching singularity. You know, like a king or something. That’s because, over the years, more and more European social traditionalists have immigrated over here and brought their collectivist ideas with them. The idea of individual sovereignty has been minimized by the Left and the Right and we are reaping the consequences. The loop was closed by the passage of welfare programs and drug prohibition. Those two government programs have established the premise that we are not the owners of our own bodies and, therefore, no longer have individual rights. We have been made children under the law and are now in the hands of abusive parents. You cannot make the government responsible for instilling personal discipline or providing for our needs without giving it sweeping powers that overpower the Constitution. That’s what has been done.

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  15. pyromancer76 says:

    I hope everyone remembers — I sure do — how shocked we all were at the fall of the Soviet Union. We were so brainwashed, along with the CIA, DoD, etc., that the evil empire was so strong that they/it would go on forever, and ever, and ever, and maybe even conquer us.

    It was the economics that got them. They ate themselves up from the inside first — no more prosperity within Russia and surrounds. Kill your workers, imprison all intelligent people, dumb down everyone else with threats to their lives and families, take everything for the party aparatchiks (sp).

    Then they took every single thing they could use from their satellites, leaving them impoverished. All those factories post-WW II emptied of everything and sent to the SU. All of a sudden, there was nothing left.

    And we never saw it. We never saw it.

    Well, think about this being the possibility today. These globalists have had to spin lies to huge, so fantastic and stupid, in every area, that they should be ready for their demise.

    Death wish? I can’t see these globalist corporations basing much of anything on real profits? Do they even know how to do business for a profit today? Or is Clinton fundraising her tons of millions of dollars to keep them afloat so they can support her so she (our taxes on steroids) will keep them afloat. My head is spinning.

    Trump and all we followers are ready to oblige their death wish, and Hillary is #1 exhibit of the “globalist health and success”. MAGA — and a welcome to those in the rest of the world who desire prosperity and freedom with national borders and opportunity to experiment for creative outcomes.

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  16. Robert Baughner says:

    All that sounded real good until my neighbor started raising pigs next to me. I wouldn’t give a sh*t only that it smells like it all the time. Do I want to restrict his freedom to funk up my air? Of course! I didn’t give a d@mn about anyone’s religion until my daughter came home with a Book of Mormon. Who’s Christian values should be allowed in school? The Catholic Bible has many more books in it than the King James version of the Bible I was raised on. I now believe religion should be kept out of schools. I don’t want my daughter praying to the pope or Joseph Smith. The income tax rates for the top earners during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations were in the 60% or 70% range. I don’t know exactly but it was in that range. I’m a combat veteran as was my father. It dawned on me that not only did (and many other members of the military) we open markets for capitalism but we contributed to the upperclass by opening new markets but defending their assets as well. Is it too much to ask that they keep a certain amount of jobs here for Americans? I love my country and I see corporations destroying our quality of life.


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