Happy Second Birthday! To “The Conservative Tree House”


Wow!  The year just flew by!  We’ve added lots of new friends and visitors.


I don’t know that we’ve introduced all of our administrators lately, so I’ll do that here:

First of all is our founder, Sundancecracker.  He writes most of the posts, and is the one who always has our six.patriot

Next, there’s Ad rem, our dear Puddy, who needs no further introduction to most of you:  puttyglasses-1

Our dear dog, Menageriemenagerie

Here’s our other devoted patriot, who finds many of our great daily bumper stickers, Patriot Dreamerpatriotdreamer

Dear friend and deep thinker, Sharon, creator of  Sunday special, Mailboxes & Old Barns:

There’s me, Stellap:


Our lovely dahling girl, WaltzingMtilda:


Our quick-witted (and funny) Texan, WeeWeed:


And last, but never least, our brilliant Ytz4mee:

It’s no surprise that many of our new visitors were drawn here by the conversation surrounding the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman controversy, and some have joined in our general conversations, while others stick pretty much exclusively to the TM/GZ threads.  Some of you are not the conservatives or libertarian guests that we were used to, but I think that different points of view have added in a positive way (usually) to discussions on a variety of topics.  The increase in traffic has correspondingly increased our moderation/administrative load, and spam increased proportionally, but we’re not complaining – much.


In January, 2012, we had total views of 109,271.  Last month (January, 2013), views totaled 602,073.  Today we will break the mark of an all-time 7,000,000 page views!  In contrast, at the end of January, 2012, we stood at total page views of 1,158,925.

Our most popular post over the last year concerned the Benghazi massacre, Boldly Into The Breach, at 120,856.

In second place was Sandy Hook Shooting – Discrepancies (not conspiracies….. yet), at 83,462.

Trayvon Martin doesn’t make the list until #3, Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – A year of drug use culminates in predictable violence…, viewed 55,007 times …

followed by Whitney Houston, DEAD – Whitney Houston 1963 – 2012 (Video) with 52,223.

In fifth place is Update #10 (Part 2) – The Trayvon Martin Shooting “DeeDee” Reveals The False “Truths”…, at 39,453.  Pastor Alois Bell is right behind this one – over 38,000 so far.


We’ve added lots of NEW friends – I hesitate to mention names, because there are so many new people who have joined our daily discussions.  I will mention a few I’ve gotten to know over on the Open Thread, in no particular order:

F.D.R. in Hell:fdrinhell






Chip Bennett:chipbennett




Please don’t feel slighted because you weren’t in this list.  There are some I would have included, but you don’t have an avatar yet.


Many of you have been around for most of the past year, so get a move on!  Here are the instructions for creating a Gravatar, compliments of Mtilda:

Gravatars 101


Please join with us in singing Happy Birthday, and we will blow out the candles and pass out the cake and ice cream.  Fireworks would be fun too, but I don’t know if the budget will stretch that far.

I like this cake – I hope it tastes good!


Okay, we all chipped in and got the fireworks too!

And as always –


Angry Wolverine

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136 Responses to Happy Second Birthday! To “The Conservative Tree House”

  1. Omar says:

    I am so sincerely honored, blessed and delighted to have found this completely awesome, brilliant, self-thinking, brave, funny, compassionate, honest, and diligent group of people with which to share my thoughts and delve into issues which affect each of us. I can only give you my must humble thanks for all that Sundance and the other wonderful moderators do. You make me laugh. You make me think. Your words make me feel like a better person. Wishing the Treehouse and it’s inhabitants a very Happy 2nd Birthday…..and wishing you many, many happy returns!!


    • Ad rem says:

      Yep….and we’re not only good to read, we build strong bodies twelve ways! 😆
       photo broccoli-treehouse_zpsc806cfc4.jpg


      • Omar says:

        Ooohhhh. I like strong bodies!!


      • rumpole2 says:

        I feel like doing a CTH JibJab to celebrate… but avatars don’t give much to work with 😀

        I am very happy to have found the place…. for the GZ case excellent analysis initially… but I do also share political views with many here and have an interest in US politics.. and its effects…

        And… most importantly the Admin are so nice… especially the puddy tats


        • WeeWeed says:

          That’s it….. suckin’ up to teh Puddy……. 😀


        • Ad rem says:

          Hey…..re not having much to work with. The last time we gave the old tree a good root feeding, we did manage to capture this brief grin. 😉
           photo treeface1_zpsed3c4e43.jpg

          (BTW….Thank you for demonstrating to the others the much appreciated art of the suck-up. Cat doth not live by kibble alone!)  photo 117.gif


        • canadacan says:

          This place is a godsend the tree house is a. Intellectual oasis it makes me stretch my mind challenges me it puts me on the cutting edge of information necessary to the free mind and the free spirit. thank you.


    • arkansasmimi says:

      I agree Omar!!!! We came here together my Sista!!!! Love this place! I truly have learned alot here. Alot about Politics that I never thought I cared much about, because I didnt understand. But along with Omar and Blam and the TH, It is so much easier to understand in plain English! Thanks for allowing me to sit upon a limb and chit chat away! God bless and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


  2. dawndoe says:

    Happy Second Birthday Treehose! So glad to have found you guys. Keep up the great work!


  3. dawndoe says:

    Oops! That should be Treehouse. No, I’m not Canadian.Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂


  4. maggiemoowho says:

    Happy Birthday to you. A truly wonderful site. Thank you for all you do. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. stringplayer55 says:

    That looks like one deep thinking Treehouse (cake)! Wish I still had that many shingles on my roof!!!


  6. ftsk420 says:

    This is a great site I love the fact that you keep it real no matter which way the story happens to go. I only go on 2 site now this one and Random Topics. Keep up the good work.


  7. nettles18 says:

    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅][̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅]♥♥♫♪Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Treehouse!!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪


  8. yankeeintx says:

    Happy Birthday and Thank You to an amazing group of people. Your site is entertaining and educational, informative and intelligent, a very rare find.


  9. Lou says:

    2 years! that’s awesome. Happy Birthday to the launch of this website. You’re providing a valuable service. most importantly, thanks for supporting George. any one of us could one day be in this type of situation just trying to be a good neighbor and caring.


  10. czarowniczy says:

    Happy Birthday from the POtuS. We’d all like to join the Treepers for ice cream and cake so we’ll be sending a train by for you. Feel free to enjoy the hospitality of the ice cream shoppe in our FEMA camp #25 in Detroit, affectionately know as ‘Bash and Robbings’.. Michelle will be doing portion control to ensure that you will all be able to easily fit into the oven…errr…’train’ doors when it time to leave.


  11. rumpole2 says:

    Here is a fave “go to” song for happy times…. Happy Birthday CTH


  12. rumpole2 says:

    What’s a Birthday without cats?

     photo Happy_Birthday_Cats_zpse2e96cc1.jpg


  13. LittleLaughter says:

    Happy Birthday to the Treehouse- My go to site! I read here every single day! God bless all the admins for the hard work they do; the wonderful posters, and of course, SD.


  14. rumpole2 says:

    And… Thanks to admin for all the Troll control

     photo lolcats14zc8_zps1a05a45e.jpg


  15. rumpole2 says:

    The Treehouse Gophers…

     photo mafia_zpsd73465c8.jpg


  16. Sha says:

    Happy Birthday to the treehouse ! Thank you Sundance and Admin’s for having such a wonderful place and for making me feel welcome. I love this place ….it has a classy staff a strong leader and some of the most wonderful people I have ever meet.


  17. Auntie Lib says:

    Happy birthday Treepers!!! Wow! Two whole years! It’s been a fun adventure since we wised up and abandoned “he who shall not be named.” This site has indeed become a refuge. I can’t tell you how many times I have come here for reassurance, for friendship, for knowledge, and for clear, honest information. Not to mention music, laughter, cake, and most of all bacon!!!

    Congratulations and many thanks to all the admins – you have created a wonderful, welcoming place in a virtual world. Love you all!!!! And thank you, too, to all my fellow branch-sitters – the Treehouse wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without each one of you!

    God bless us everyone!!!

    Puddy – This one’s for you:
     photo Keyboard-Cat-cats-31023747-550-331_zps60b84978.jpg


  18. Auntie Lib says:

    Hey everyone – look what I found around back of the tree:

     photo 546339e1-4f28-408c-83a3-78ae25125662_zps65d21291.jpg

    Did you all know we have our own supply???


  19. cajunkelly says:

    Fashionably late, I am…

    Congratulations CTH! This site has indeed become my place of refuge, even though sometimes the news is disturbing and unsettling.
    But as is often the case, the best medicine doesn’t taste very good.

    With increasingly anti-American news I take solace in knowing I’m not alone in my dissent. I am in good Patriotic (take *that* Southern Poverty League) company here.


  20. ottawa925 says:

    OK …. here’s my gravatar !!! woooooooohooooooooo Steve McQueen is my fav actor. He’s the anti-hero, a patriot, an every man with faults, a cop, a fire chief, a thief, a POW, and cowboy many times over.

    and let’s not forget the most important ….. THE BOUNTY HUNTER, Josh Randall, mare’s leg ready to go:

    Wonder what this says about me. Any guesses?

    I think SD is like Paladin:

    Have Gun Will Travel Reads The Card of a Man
    A Knight Without Armor in a Savage Land
    His Fast Gun For Hire Heeds the Calling Wind
    A soldier of fortune is a man called …. Paladin
    Paladin Paladin … where do you roam

    Ahhhh those were the good ole days.


  21. yankeeintx says:

    With a little urging (okay, a big push), I have now finally chosen a gravatar.


  22. ottawa925 says:

    Picture Rumpole2 as the one the only … Doc Holiday


    • rumpole2 says:

      I do approve… cool and understated…. with a drink in one hand 😀

      But…… can I be Michael Corleone? That was my Avatar pic for a long time…. I found a fave clip too…….

      “My answer is this……………. nothing”

      So calm and cool… yet you know he has the power to make good on what he says… and he is relentless… sounds like me 😀

      Another fave movie line is from “Kill Bill” (and perhaps originally a Klingon saying in ST)

      “Revenge is a meal best served cold”


  23. Well, I just gotta say it…Happy Birthday to Us! 🙂


  24. bob e says:

    happy b day treepers. my favorite place.


  25. ottawa925 says:

    eastern2western and hooson1st – a man’s got a right to protect his property and his life:


  26. ottawa925 says:

    Jordan and Lou


  27. janc1955 says:

    Happy 2nd birthday to Mr. Cracker and all the Admins who keep this place afloat. And to all the wonderful contributors here. This is the only place I hang out these days. Oh … and thanks to the gentle nudge and directions, I now have an avatar/gravatar/tiny little pic-a-ture. 🙂


  28. Menagerie says:

    Happy Birthday Treepers. What a great ragtag bun h of people here.


  29. dreamerspirit says:

    Okay…I have posted here for awhile on and off and just want to say how much I have enjoyed finding refuge in the treehouse. Happy birthday to fellow my Treepers and to the 6 that keep the branches pruned, the soil watered and the leaves gathered in the fall…thank you! Your hard work and diligence in protecting and promoting the conservative values on which this country was founded is greatly appreciated.


  30. Sam says:

    Happy Birthday, CTH.

    Maybe someday I’ll create a gravatar.


  31. Happy Birthday, indeed! Yep, it was your impeccable Zimmerman/Martin coverage that lured me, and the content that keeps me coming back. The daily Our Father is a necessity, too, and if I ever get around to making a blog, will also be on mine.

    Commentators can make a good blog better, or worse. So can blog owners and moderators. Moderation and deletion of comments is the deciding factor. Consider: I left LGF for good when the owner became obsessed with moderation and “banning”. I’m pretty sure I’m leaving Gateway Pundit for good because the owner pretty much never reads his comments sections, let alone engages with his readers — so most of the racist comments, the comments which would normally get you a knock on the door by the SS, and lately, the spam, stay forever.

    Excellent blog.

    In league with Ace of Spades HQ, Flopping Aces, Mychal Massie, and Legal Insurrection.

    And just two years old! Congratulations.


  32. taqiyyologist says:

    And what dreamerspirit said:

    “Treepers and to the 6 that keep the branches pruned, the soil watered and the leaves gathered in the fall…thank you!”

    And, is that a chocolate-covered-pretzel footbridge? 😆


  33. justfactsplz says:

    Very Happy Birhday Treehouse! I have gained so much and learned so much in the past five months here. I am eternally grateful. I came researching George and stayed because he had so many supporters here. I have met some very nice virtual friends here and have ventured on to other threads. It is the only place I trust for political news. Thank you to the staff and the treepers for everything. I love this place!


  34. taqiyyologist says:

    For laughs:


    What could possibly go wrong when the White House warns people against photoshopping the picture of Preezy “skeet shooting”?


  35. lovemygirl says:

    OMG, approaching my page down finger. Congratulations all for really exposing all that you do. I really appreciate this site. Happy Birthday!


  36. ZurichMike says:

    ZurichMike just got up (Sunday) and apparently missed all the fun. Happy Birthday to my online family!


  37. jello333 says:

    Oh man! I only just now saw this…. sorry! But anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Going into the Terrible Twos now, eh? Oh oh….

    Seriously though, I’m super impressed with this site. I know 90% of my time is spent in the TM/GZ threads, but I sometimes jump into other ones too. And even when I don’t, I can still see how much work is put into every post you have here, and especially how seriously everyone takes anything that involves digging/research of any kind. Impressive stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for welcoming me here, and I’m really, really glad I’ve met so many good people over the 9 months I’ve been here. And I’m honored that you included me in your list up top. Thanks, Stellap


    • Sharon says:

      hey, jello! ’bout time you showed up. All the best cake ‘n stuff is gone, but if you sort of check around the base of the Tree you can probably find something to your liking! We’re so glad you’re aboard.


      • jello333 says:

        As usual, with the long, video-laden posts, I have trouble getting through these things. 12-yr-old computers are that way, ya know. 😉 But don’t worry, I still got some crumbs from the cake, and it was good. Actually I think that’s the kind I’m gonna have DMan buy for me when the time comes to pay up.

        (Oh, and Ottawa… your character assignments and videos was very cool. Even though my computer hates me now, I enjoyed it!)


  38. ctdar says:

    Happy Birthday Treehouse! Thank you to Sundance & all the admins for what you do every day to make this THE site to come to 🙂 I’m sorry I missed the kickoff was at the kids sports all yesterday afternoon and than to a few parties.
    Er & just woke up so proof you are the first site I check (after I found my phone) 🙄


  39. texan59 says:

    Here I am, a day late and a dollar short, but by golly I showed up for the party! Looks like y’all had quite a little shindig. As one who has been here almost from the beginning, I’ve seen all the milestones, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. We’ve laughed and cried together, yelled in anger and cussed a few times too. But as one who spends most of my time away from my real family during the week, this family has been a godsend during the week for me. I thank all of you who have allowed me to become a part of this family. You know who you are. 😉


  40. 22tula says:

    Happy Birthday Treehouse! Thank You for a friendly branch to sit on.

    “All it takes is a point of light” The Treehouse is that point of light.


  41. Josh says:

    I really appreciate what czarowniczy contributes.


  42. Michelle Hart says:

    Sadly this is more where I am on the spectrum…..


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