Update #10 (Part 2) – The Trayvon Martin Shooting “DeeDee” Reveals The False “Truths”…

<— Continued from Update #10 (Part 1)

To paraphrase Winston Churchill:

Benjamin Crump created a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is TRUTH.

All We Need To Do Is Ask DeeDee

Imagine if you will, a constructed narrative, designed with an intentional and hurried specific purpose, and replete with a hidden agenda.

If your ordinary mind can take you into the land of Machiavellian construct then you are a far better-minded cynic than I.

It is only when you are deep within that manipulative place you can begin to understand how challenging it is to get inside this riddle. It is like a basketball made of individual rubber bands intertwined to form a specific shape.

As you take apart the rubber bands the new shape takes on an entirely divergent form, and you realize what you once saw from a distance is not a basketball after all. Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump are master band weavers but what you are about to read will help you unlock the mystery.

I must take an authors liberty to thank many people here at the Last Refuge for providing literally hundreds of hours of painstaking research to carefully untangle the cyber enigma codes. And so we begin, again.

Only this time we begin the final analysis.

It is important prior to going any further in this thread that you have read Update #9 and Update #10 part 1 in their entirety. Trying to understand this thread post alone would be like trying to understand the US Constitution without first having read the Declaration of Independence. In addition the prior two segments contain over 200 sourced and referenced citations. In the interest of already cumbersome readability it would be impossible to duplicate all the citations into one digestible article.

From the outset of the Trayvon Martin shooting case two things have been consistent. First, the statements both recorded, written, and re-enacted by George Zimmerman; And Second, the Sanford Police account that after a two week investigation there was no cause for arrest. The constancy of these two points are factually irrefutable.

So what changed? Well, for one, the narrative and discoveries of the Trayvon contingent of attorneys and media specialists. And more importantly the climate that led to the change of prosecutorial determination officials amid relentless media and political pressure.

Despite these two substantive changes, one from an obviously, and expectedly, biased party in Team Trayvon; and the other from an optically worried political class, the facts or known truths have never changed from before March 5th. Those facts have remained constant.

Yet, George Zimmerman now sits in jail. So, if the facts of the case did not change since before he was cited with an affidavit for probable cause for arrest, then why is he now incarcerated?

Brutally short answer: Political fear, worry about riots and public reaction via racial animosity, and most worrisome of all “lies”; or in todays politically correct lingo “mistruths”.

Trayvon Martin was shot around 7:15pm on Sunday February 26th. His father, Tracy Martin, was notified shortly before 8am on Monday February 27th. He went to the police station and met with lead investigator for the Sanford Police Department, Detective Chris Serino on Tuesday February 28th, when he also heard the specifics of the Zimmerman account and listened to the 911 witness phone call. The now infamous phone call containing the background cries for help, which at that time he confirmed to police WERE NOT the voice sounds of Trayvon, his son. (Details available in Update 10 Part-1)

As a specific outcome from this debriefing, on the same date, February 28th, in the afternoon, Tracy Martin called his sister-in-law, Patricia Jones, herself an attorney, for help. She in turn contacted Tyrone Williams, another attorney, who knew how to contact Benjamin Crump from the law firm Parks and Crump. Parks and Crump both specialize in personal injury/wrongful death with an emphasis on civil rights cases.

Both Tyrone Williams and Patricia Jones reached out to Benjamin Crump who was in court in Tallahassee. The outcome from these contacts was Crump was put directly in contact with Tracy Martin to discuss the shooting on Wednesday February 29th.

On Wednesday February 29th Trayvons body was returned to Fort Lauderdale via funeral director Richard Kurtz. The viewing and visitation was held on Friday evening March 2nd, and a memorial service with interment the following day March 3rd. Through this timeline Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fuller age 46, had not left her North Miami home.

48 hours after being contacted by Tracy Martin, with no arrest of George Zimmerman yet made, Benjamin Crump decided to take the case. Crump enlisted the help of Sanford attorney Natalie Jackson, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, and Director of a Womans Trial Group on March 1st.

Together Jackson and Crump formulated a media strategy, and on Monday March 5th Jackson brought in Ryan Julison, a publicist who had worked with her on a number of high-profile cases. Julison pitched the story to a long list of media contacts.

Eventually, on Wednesday March 7th, Reuters published a story titled “Family of Florida Boy Killed by Neighborhood Watch Seeks Arrest.” The next day, March 8th, CBS News aired a segment on “This Morning,” and by 10 a.m. a crowd of reporters gathered at Natalie Jackson’s law office for a news conference with Ben Crump and Tracy Martin.

Benjamin Crump – Lead Attorney for Trayvon’s parents, and Natalie Jackson

The team was now assembled the firestorm media blitz was about to begin.

In the same timeframe George Zimmerman was being questioned and investigated by Sanford Police and investigators. In addition to a 6 hour unrepresented questioning session the night of Sunday February 26th, the police followed up with a crime scene re-enactment with Zimmerman on Monday February 27th. Then, at the conclusion of the re-enactment three detectives grilled Zimmerman, again unrepresented, at police headquarters in their most thorough and hostile questioning. They told Zimmerman they didn’t believe him, and tried unsuccessfully to poke holes in his story.

George Zimmerman’s statements, explanations, outlines and narrated construction of events did not change from the initial night of interrogation, through the on scene crime re-enactment, and again during the third round of questioning at Sanford Police headquarters. He continued to repeat the same consistent structure of the events that led up to the shooting. In summary Zimmerman accounted as follows:

As has been reported, Zimmerman told police officials that he lost sight of Martin and went around a townhouse to see where he was. Then he claimed Martin confronted him and punched him in the face, breaking his nose, and knocking him down.

According to a Daily Beast’s source, Zimmerman told police that when he was on the ground, Martin straddled him, striking him, and then tried to smother him.

Zimmerman claimed that he yelled for help, and that various neighbors who peered out to see the fight from their backyards didn’t get involved. Zimmerman told officers he was so paralyzed by fear that he initially forgot he had a gun, but he said that after Martin noticed his 9mm pistol, Zimmerman pulled it out of his belt holder and fired one round, a hollow-point—the round that killed Martin. (*Note – The autopsy report on Martin has not yet been released.)

Zimmerman told police that Martin’s last words after the shooting were, “Okay, you got it.” He said the phrase twice, then turned and fell face-down on the ground.

(Martin’s father told reporters last month that police had told him his son’s last words were, “You got me.” Benjamin Crump, the family’s lawyer, said he doesn’t believe either account.)

Zimmerman told police he didn’t realize that Martin was seriously injured, and that he lunged to get on top of him after the teenager fell to the ground. Moments later, a police officer from Sanford arrived, placed him in handcuffs and took his gun.

Following the 10am March 8th strategically structured press conference outside Natalie Jackson’s law office with Ben Crump and Tracy Martin, the media interest picked up exponentially. Ryan Julison, the publicist, who pitched the media narrative had done a masterful job of drawing in the attention.

Unfortunately it was from those initial story line pitches that several wrongful conclusions were drawn. Most importantly inaccurate of them was that George Zimmerman was white and the shooting was racially motivated.

But the Julison, Crump, Jackson, Martin, Fulton team et al needed to bait the media hook, so they were not aggressively correcting the factual inaccuracies that eventually worked their way into the Institutional Main Stream Legacy Media narrative.

Pandora’s racial box was open and there was no going back now. By March 23rd the race-baiting narrative reached a boil over point when President Obama took to the Rose Garden podium and publicly stated if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.

Four days after the Team Trayvon strategic press conference, on Monday March 12th, the Sanford police chief Bill Lee told reporters he lacked necessary probable cause to arrest Zimmerman. Bill Lee, the police chief, would also contend that under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, and even under common Self-Defense laws, police could not arrest Zimmerman without evidence to contradict his story. And there was no contradictory evidence found from the initial beginning of the investigation on February 26th through March 12th.

Immediately Reverend Al Sharpton took up Trayvon Martin’s cause on his MSNBC show, and was soon followed by Jesse Jackson and NAACP President Ben Jealous.

The forces to pressure the Police Department, and the prosecutor’s office into an arrest were all assembled. The only thing that was lacking was justifiable evidence to do it.

There was a slight sense of necessary desperation on the part of Team Trayvon. They had coordinated the local and national NAACP, there were on-line petitions, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Ben Jealous were all on board, but they needed heavier emotional artillery.

Enter Trayvon’s Mother, Sybrina Fulton. That Friday night March 16th Benjamin Crump arranged a meeting inside Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett’s office. Triplett invited Trayvon Martin’s parents and their entire legal team into his office to listen to each of the recorded 911 calls along with the original nonemergency call from George Zimmerman.

No-one was there to represent George Zimmerman’s interests, only Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, the legal team led by Parks and Crump, the media publicity team, and civil rights activists. Mayor Triplett played the calls on his computer.

“When we got to the cries for help, that was when Sybrina burst into tears,” recalled Natalie Jackson. “She said, ‘That’s Trayvon. That’s our son.’ She ran out of the room crying.” “The mayor himself started to cry,” Jackson said. “Everybody in the room was in tears.”

After playing the calls for Team Trayvon, Mayor Triplett overrode the prior decision of Police Chief Lee not to release the tapes, and instead publicly released the tapes to Martin, Fulton, Parks, Crump, Jackson, Julison et al for them to use in associated media coverage and releases.

Trayvon Martin’s parents. Tracy Martin (Dad) left and Sabrina Fulton (Mom) center. Attorneys Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson (background)

These tapes, along with the emotional visual of a heavily promoted grieving mom in Sybrina Fulton, were blood in the water for the now frenzied media. This was Friday March 16th. Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton along with their attorneys went from TV station to TV station giving interviews all weekend. The message was simplified, the calls for an arrest increased:

We only want an arrest, all we want is an arrest, we simply want an arrest

The financial motivation began to visibly peak just above the surface for those in tune to the previous efforts in the Martin Lee Anderson case also coordinated by Parks and Crump along with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. $7.2 Million Motivations.

But still the factual evidence of the case had not changed and their was still no actual reason, or evidence to proceed with an arrest.

More heavier artillery was needed. They needed more substance to continue the pressure. More research and strategy considerations would reveal a new strategic manuever.

So accordingly on Sunday night March 18th Tracy Martin decided to investigate his son Trayvon’s cell phone use. As reported by Benjamin Crump it was on this night that Tracy discovered Trayvon had been on the phone with a girlfriend. The girlfriend was previously unknown to them, did not attend the funeral services, and yet apparently was on the phone with Trayvon for 400 minutes on the day he was shot.

Benjamin Crump coordinated a press conference for Tuesday March 20th at 11:30am EST. The results of that press conference outlined the substantive narrative that would be used from that point forward. This is where the Skittles and Tea originated. This is where 14-year-old Chad Green originated. Again, here is an excerpt of that transcribed press conference: (emphasis mine, with dates added for importance)

We took another step in this — what has been a daily journey for the past three and a half weeks.

Mr. Martin, on Sunday evening [March 18th], was working with his cell phone account, trying to figure out Trayvon’s password. And he looked on it, and he saw who the last person was that Trayvon Martin talked to while he was alive.

He called me late Sunday night [March 18th] and told me that he had called the young lady, and he told me, and I was just utterly shocked when he told me the time that they talked. They had talked all that day, about 400 minutes, starting that morning to the afternoon. Like many teenagers do, they talked on the phones.

And all his family and friends knew Trayvon would have his ear plugs in his ear and he would have his phone on the side of his pocket. It was no different that day. His father and mother talked about, a lot of times, they would wake up and he’ll be on the phone talking to his friends.

Well, what George Zimmerman said to the police about him being suspicious and up to no good is completely contradicted by this phone log, showing, all day, he was just talking to his friends. And in fact, he was talking to this young lady when he went to the 7-11 and when he came back from the 7-11.

I’m going to get into that in detail because her testimony, her testimony that is shown on these phone logs, connects the dots. Completely connects the dots of this whole thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s really important to note, and you can follow along because we now have the 911 calls. And we have Zimmerman’s call to the phone, the police dispatcher. And you can follow audio, every account now. Never, in any account, other than George Zimmerman, this neighborhood association loose cannon, does anybody say that Trayvon Martin was up to no good, that he seemed high or anything and in fact.

This young lady details it completely, the tone of the conversation and the nature of the conversation, and what was happening the last minutes of his life. I will ask you — her parents does (ph) not in any way want to reveal her identity. She is a minor. Her parents are very worried about her. She is traumatized over this. This was her really, really close personal friend. They were dating.

And so it’s a situation where to know that you were the last person to talk to the young man who you thought was one of the most special people in the world to you, and know that he got killed moments after he was talking to you, is just riveting to this young lady.

In fact, she couldn’t even go to his wake she was so sick. Her mother had to take her to the hospital. She spent the night in the hospital. She is was one of the most special people in the world to you. And we all were teenagers, so we can imagine how that is when you think somebody’s really special, and you call it puppy love or whatever you want to call it. Then suddenly and tragically, this is taken away and you have, unfortunately, a first-hand account of it.

So I will ask you again on behalf of the family and on behalf of the young lady’s family if you would please respect their privacy. She is a minor.

[…] Now, details. That day Trayvon Martin, 17 years old, three weeks, weighed about 140 to 150 pounds soaking wet, as his mother says, and that’s with his shoes on, leaves to go to the store to get some snacks before the NBA all-star game is about to start.

His little step-brother asked for him to bring some Skittles back and something to drink. He is talking to the young lady, as he walks to the store. The phone records show — you get copies of these phone records, they will show you the times the calls were made and how long he was on the phone. And it is without any doubt that he’s on the phone the entire time during the day. especially when he is going to that store and coming back.

You will see that he goes to the store talking to her. And then when he comes back he’s talking to her. This is what she relays. And I’ll share with you some of the audio. We’re going to turn this over to the Department of Justice and their investigation because the family does not trust the Sanford Police Department in anything to do with the investigation.

She relays how he went to the store. When he came out from the store, he said it was starting to rain, he was going to try to make it home before it rained. Then he tells her it starts raining hard. He runs into the apartment complex and runs to the first building he sees to try to get out of the rain. He was trying to get shelter. So he tries to get out of the rain.

And unbeknownst to him, he is being watched. He is a kid trying to get home from the store and get out of the rain. That’s it. Nothing else. So, he stands under that apartment building for a few minutes, the rain kind of dies down. He then goes, and he has his hoodie on because it’s raining and he goes back to walking. And he goes back to talking to her again. You’ll see the phone calls when it came in at 6:54. He then says, I think this dude is following me. And she talks about how he kind of slows down and he’s trying to look in the car like, I think this dude is following me. And she tells him, baby, be careful, just run home. She tells him that.

[…] This young lady connects the dots. She connects the dots. She completely blows Zimmerman’s absurd defense claim out of the water. She says that Trayvon says he’s going to try to lose him. He’s running trying to lose him. He tells her, I think I lost him. So, he’s walking and then she says that he says very simply, oh, he’s right behind me. He’s right behind me again. And so she says “run.” He says, I’m not going to run. I’m going to walk fast. At that point, she says Trayvon — she hears Trayvon say, why are you following me.

She hears the other boy say, what are you doing around here. And again, Trayvon says, why are you following me. And that’s when she says again he said, what are you doing around here. Trayvon is pushed. The reason she concludes, because his voice changes like something interrupted his speech.

Then the other thing, she believes the earplug fell out of his ear. She can hear faint noises but no longer has the contact. She hears an altercation going and she says, then suddenly, somebody must have hit the phone and it went out because that’s the last she hears.

[…] Arrest George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin in cold blood today. Arrest this killer. He killed this child in cold blood. Right now, he is free as a jay bird, he’s allowed to go and come as he please while Trayvon Martin is in a grave.

Full Transcript Available HERE

Do you sense the urgency, weight, and importance that Crump is placing on this “girlfriend”? He identified her as “DeeDee”, describing the name as an alias, then proceeded to state she had sworn a testimonial, then a sworn statement.

Essentially Benjamin Crump based the entire construct of the Trayvon narrative of events squarely on the shoulders of “DeeDee“.

Before proceeding it is highly important that you pay attention to the dates and times associated with this Press Conference, and with the content outlined within the substance of the press conference. Tracy Martin “discovered the phone records” late Sunday evening the 18th, he called Crump “very late” that night. The press conference was Tuesday morning March 20th at 11:30am. There was only one day, Monday the 19th, between the discovery and the conference.

Monday, March 19th a school day.  Benjamin Crump would have needed to talk to, interview, and retrieve a testimonial from a 15-year-old girlfriend, described as was one of the most special people in the world to Trayvon.   She was in Fort Lauderdale, Crump was in Sanford, Florida.

She was filled with “puppy love” and “traumatized beyond anything anyone could imagine”. So devastated she had to be taken to the hospital and could not even attend the visitation or funeral. So special that Trayvon and DeeDee spent 400 minutes, or 6 hours and 40 minutes on the phone with her on one day, Sunday February 26th, the day he was shot.  His last day alive.

Their relationship was “so special” that after hearing the event unfold on the phone she did nothing. She never called Trayvon again, she never called Mom or Dad worried, she never spoke to anyone about it, nothing.   How is it possible they were so especially close that Tracy didn’t even know who she was.  No-one did.  Not Tracy, not Sybrina, not no-one.

She was so important to Trayvon yet she refused to cooperate, or talk to police, or give sworn statements to states attorneys or police, even when offered representation. From March 20th until sometime after April 4th, she refused to cooperate; then, when she did give a statement, she would only give it to Federal authorities. Does that part make sense to you?

Oh, it gets worse. But more on that in a moment. For now just understand how important to the narrative DeeDee actually is.

Fast Forward. Thursday March 22nd, yet there was still no cause for arrest, nothing of substantive verifiable evidence had changed. DeeDee still refusing to be interviewed by investigators, and the media interest was boiling.

Subsequently, on March 22nd driven by the relentless 24/7 media blitz of Family Attorney’s Parks and Crump, along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP applying pressure, the Sanford city commission voted “no confidence” in Police Chief Lee by 3-2 margin.

The police the chief Bill Lee announced his temporary resignation of the case. Lee told a news conference that while he stood by the Sanford Police Department, he was stepping aside to remove any possibility of distraction caused by him.

“It is apparent that my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process,” he said. “I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to the city, which has been in turmoil for several weeks.”

Some news agencies even began to sell the story and report that Sanford’s lead investigator, Chris Serino, wanted Zimmerman charged with manslaughter that night but Wolfinger’s office put a stop to it.

The city of Sanford issued a statement saying that is completely not true.

Police did that night prepare an incident report that lists “manslaughter” as the possible crime being investigated, but in every case in which an officer prepares an incident report, he or she fills in that spot with some crime and statute number to allow the agency to properly report crime statistics to the FBI.

Three weeks ago, on Monday April 2nd, during an exclusive interview with the Sentinel, Police Chief Lee disclosed certain details of the investigation and during that session, attended by Detective Serino and others, Serino said his investigation turned up no reliable evidence that cast doubt on Zimmerman’s account – that he had acted in self-defense.

“The best evidence we have is the testimony of George Zimmerman, and he says the decedent was the primary aggressor in the whole event,” Serino told the Sentinel March 16. “Everything I have is adding up to what he says.””

So it would be prudent for the media and Trayvon supporters to stop with whole “The lead investigator wanted to charge him but it was shuffled under the rug” narrative. It really only further diminishes the search for truth in this case.

And yet Zimmerman was arrested and charged by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey with Second Degree Murder. They got their arrest. Or as Crump would say, they got to “first base”.

Getting to “Second Base” or “financial scoring position” requires them to get past the immunity hearing. If Zimmerman successfully argues the immunity hearing and the Judge finds self-defense was reasonably warranted, then the entire case is wiped out and Zimmerman will be released.

Throughout the horrible story of Trayvon Martin there have been two paralleling goals. From the Trayvon family they sought truth, and from the Trayvon Family Attorneys they sought justice. But not the type of justice you would assume.

Benjamin Crump esq was seeking monetary justice. Wrongful Death type financial justice.

Initially, I believe, Benjamin Crump was contacted because Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton just wanted honest answers. However, the motivation behind Parks and Crump, while it may contain some semblence of this objective, is more aptly framed around financial interests, and a broader, social/financial justice. This provides them prestige and influence under racially driven civil rights type auspices. Legal civil-rights credibility.

Tracy Martin, and Sybrina Fulton became, perhaps unwitting, tools toward the end goals of a much larger objective. Tracy and Sybrina stood to gain success in their original goal of knowlege, and then Crump added another benefit, while not initially considered, of financial reward.

Yet, the factual evidence stood in their way of both goals.

On one hand you see distraught parents forced to face the reality of a troubled teenage son, and simultaneously faced with guilt from complicit failure as parents to provide Tryavon the internal moral compass and value system to succeed. Defining him as a victim helped avoid confronting the mirror.

On the other hand you have a self-defense claim from Zimmerman which would not only wipe out any chance for Parks and Crump to achieve Financial Justice, but such an outcome would also place the guilt burden back upon an absentee Mother and Father in accepting the failure to develop a moral compass within their son.

Enter Florida’s immunity statute.

The law: Statute 776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—

(1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.

(2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.

(3) The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1).

So under section “2″ an arrest implies “probable cause”, but the hurdle of immunity still needs to be overcome. Once the process of arrest is established they then need to get beyond the immunity hearing. Once past the immunity hearing a civil action is possible. For the purpose of “monetary justice” it only takes an arrest (first base), winning the immunity hearing (second base), and then on to trial; a subsequent conviction is not necessary.

Without an arrest that leads to trial, there is no implied probable cause, which could lead to Compensatory and punitive damages for wrongful death. They need an arrest and subsequent trial. They DO NOT need a conviction to achieve PAYDAY.

Remember this specific point as you contemplate the Crump strategy.

Again, the problem lay with factual evidence not leading to arrest. So media evidence was needed. Media evidence need not be real, it merely needs to appear to be real.

On Monday March 12th the absence of evidence was again noted by investigators. By Friday night March 16th the 911 calls became a media strategy to manufacture the framing for an arrest.

But, the investigators had already determined the 911 calls did not contradict Zimmerman, to the contrary when added to the eye-witness accounts they supported Zimmerman’s explanation of events.

Crump needed something else to change the arrest narrative in their direction.

That something became “DeeDee”, Trayvon’s “girlfriend” and she became an audio-witness. Again it is important to review the CNN Transcript from Crumps Press Conference disclosing DeeDee.

There is only ONE problem.  The framing is FAKE.


Does “DeeDee” exist?  Yes, when you follow the twitter feed from Trayvon Martin it appears so, yet despite the scrubbing of one on-line social identity, after another,  several internet blogs, and researchers were able to trace profile steps.

Early on, quick action was taken by the media team hired by Parks and Crump to hide the on-line social identity of Trayvon Martin.  In addition, to help create the optical illusion of “angelic Trayvon” they filed motions to seal school records, police records, and more alarmingly the coroners report.

It appears the initial goal was to construct a media campaign, and a media image.  That required creating a specifically controlled media driven personality profile of Trayvon Martin.

However, multiple independent blog researchers quickly began to question the narrative being sold by the Institutional Legacy Media.   During that research a divergent picture, arguably the real picture, the honest picture, of Trayvon Martin began to unfold.  The Daily Caller used web caches to capture 150+ pages from the twitter feed of Trayvon, which included multiple twitter handles, and the picture is far less angelic.

Another site, Wagist, began exhaustive research of Trayvon Martin to reveal many more details.

*Note* If you visit those twitter feeds prepare to enter a world of unbridled vulgarity, profanity, and very, shall we say, “salty” language.

Within that archived twitter feed, and those details, “DeeDee” is defined by Trayvon’s social identity @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, under the Twitter Handle @iAdoree_Dee.

However “@iAdoree_Dee” as an on-line identity, was painstakingly scrubbed.   The Social Media Twitter account deleted, and the on-line identity deleted/scrubbed in all manner of social networks.   Perhaps, for obvious reasons, once again the truth presents a risk to a discovered false narrative.

It is quite amazing how much people will broadcast of themselves, and their daily, even hourly, activity into the internet.  Personally I never understood the need for such public broadcasts; who cares?   But when it comes to issues like “who is he/she” the shere volume of what people intentionally broadcast about themselves into the internet becomes  a resource.  And then the shere size of U-Tube users comes in to play also.

There are mulltiple traces of the profile for “@iAdoree_Dee” all over the web, and all publicly visible.     Several blogs like Daily Caller etc have become proficient at using “caches” or retrival searches to find deleted public information.    Even when an identity is changed or deleted  using various search engines and cache pages they can be located.

One such cache is Topsy. http://topsy.com/s/%40iAdoree_Dee/link  Within the topsy search you are able to locate pictures associated within social media accounts.  “@iAdoree_Dee”. Once such search reveals:

*Note: Shairaaa_x3 is identified as the cousin of “DeeDee”,  aka: @iAdoree_Dee.

The identified @iAdoree_Dee had (actually still has) an Instagram account under the user id: “yourobsessionx3” Seen Here:

So “DeeDee” who was “@iAdoree_Dee”, or someone on her behalf, removed the on-line identity. However, because of multiple intertwined social networks we were able to discover who she transformed into.

The on-line identity for @iAdoree_Dee” was scrubbed and she became @x_FashionObsess” 

“DeeDee” twitters under the user handle “@x_FashionObsess”

Twitter picture from “@x_FashionObsess”

“DeeDee” who twittered by @iAdoree_Dee is  now twittering by the name @x_FashionObsess.

On-Line riddle solved “DeeDee” is currently @x_FashionObsess (who was formerly @iAdoree_Dee).

*I have a strong hunch all of the above links are soon to be scrubbed*

Why is this important? Well, now you know who DeeDee is. So now we can take a historic look at what activities were taking place in the life of DeeDee on and around the time frames that Benjamin Crump describes in his story. The great thing about 15 year old kids these days is they feel the need to tell everyone what they are doing all all times.

Additionally Face Book has become so, well, yesterday duh. It’s all about Twitter now. Twitter, Twitter, Twitter….. 24/7 Twittering. *Note to self, never let the kids do this.

Ben Crump describes Trayvon on the phone with DeeDee for 400 minutes on the day of the shooting 2/26/12. So lets look at DeeDee on that date:

Do you interpret her day to be filled with 6 hours and 40 minutes of conversation with Trayvon prior to 7:30pm start of NBA All Star Game? “Out and about with the family” etc. Highly, highly questionable. Impossible even.

But then what about the Feb 27th, the day after Trayvon was shot. Remember according to Ben Crump “DeeDee” was irreconcilably devastated:

Now lets take a close look at the notification that “DeeDee” @x_FashionObsess posted to her twitter account and subsequent social media sites that Trayvon was dead.

DeeDee was responding to the death of Trayvon as a really close friend.  A self described “best friend”.    Indeed they were very close and talked often, but they were not “dating”, and there was no “puppy love”.   They had previously dated but the relationship was now one of friendship, great friendship.   And she sweetly aknowleged Trayvon’s death with “RIP Bestfriend You Will Be Missed”.

Not devastated, not uncontrollable, and not manic with grief.   She was confronting the loss of a close personal and platonic friend.

Indeed after following the Trayvon Twitter friendships for several weeks we note that her actual boyfriend is this guy:  @_GetFreshDeion

His Twitter Account is R.I.P Daddy @_GetFreshDeion  

So let’s really begin to expose the manipulative lying of Benjamin Crump, again referencing how he introduced DeeDee and what he said of her whereabouts on the days of Trayvon’s funeral. As previously outlined Trayvon’s viewing was the evening of Friday March 2nd with a memorial service and interment the following day Saturday March 3rd.

According to Crump:

“In fact, she couldn’t even go to his wake she was so sick. Her mother had to take her to the hospital. She spent the night in the hospital. She is traumatized beyond anything you could imagine”. (press conference 3/20/12)

No, it does not appear DeeDee @x_FashionObsess went to the hospital on Friday March 2nd, or Saturday March 3rd. Benjamin Crump specifically and intentionally LIED on this one.

We’ll get to the motive behind the lies in a moment, but first we just wanted to point out another potential issue that might, just might, absolve Tracy Martin of an initial mistake.

Like you can see, DeeDee aka @x_FashionObsess is a prolific tweeter. In this string of twitter communication (thread) below you’ll note a long phone call with Trayvon on Friday 2/24 my hunch is possibly when he was heading to Sanford with his Dad. It is a long call because she tweets while on the phone.

The twitter sign for frustration is >_< (squinting eyes)…. so something in this call was not going well between DeeDee and Trayvon [@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA]. But I digress.

Perhaps this is the call 2/24 that Tracy Martin confused with the day Trayvon was shot 2/26, who knows? or another option is this might have led the way for some creative use of “phone records” on the dates before sharing with the media.

A couple of things are certain:

DeeDee @x_FashionObsess and Trayvon @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA did not talk for 400 minutes on 2/26 the day he was shot.

DeeDee @x_FashionObsess did not go to the hospital on 3/2 and 3/3 and that was NOT the reason for not attending the viewing or memorial.

DeeDee @x_FashionObsess and Trayvon @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA were not Boyfriend/Girlfriend. They were close, platonic best friends.

DeeDee @x_FashionObsess was not devastated, destroyed, or an emotional wreck. She was sad that her best friend was shot. She notified others, including her cousin who is also a prolific tweeter, but the cousin did not know immediately who Trayvon was.

DeeDee @x_FashionObsess did not miss school.

DeeDee @x_FashionObsess did not contact anyone fraught with worry, because apparently there was no reason to.

Did DeeDee actually hear anything that night?  Who knows.  However, the mere fact that Benjamin Crump can be proven to have falsely constructed more than 80% of his press conference in order to plant misleading misinformation in the media sure brings the entire narrative into question.

You can also go back to Sunday March 18th, the date that Tracy Martin supposedly “found” DeeDee via computer search of Trayvon’s phone records; and follow DeeDee through the time Tuesday morning 2/20 of Benjamin Crumps big press conference where he proclaimed the “sworn affidavit”. NOTHING THERE EITHER. Went to school 3/19 regular day… blah, blah, blah.

Curiosor and Curiosor…. Follow Benjamin Crump and Alice into the “Rabbit Holes”.


The constructed and manipulated evidence to support the claims of Benjamin Crump and consequently Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton appear highly manufactured. There wasn’t enough evidence there for the legal authorities to act, so they created a tempest in a teacup media storm replete with false information to create, non-legal “media evidence”.

Media evidence does not need to be “real”, it merely needs to appear real, so as to pressure officials into bending to the demands of public opinion.

I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s very similar to the Tawana Brawley case with Al Sharpton, only this time its Benjamin Crump playing the role of Reverend Al.

Perhaps one of the reasons, maybe the primary reason, the special prosecutor Angela Corey didn’t go to the Grand Jury was because she would have either had to introduce DeeDee’s testimony, or avoid it completely.   The probable cause affidavit does not outline anything that Benjamin Crump sold to the media during his March 20 press conference.  Nothing.

In addition, the lead prosecution investigator Dale Gilbreath testified under oath during the bond hearing they had found no evidence to dispute George Zimmerman’s account of how the confrontation with Trayvon Martin started.

O’Mara –  “Do you know who started the fight?”

Gilbreath – “Do I know? No”

O’Mara – “Do you have any evidence that supports who may have started the fight?”

Gilbreath – “No.”

O’Mara – “Do you have any evidence, any evidence at all, any witnesses, any statements, anything that would contradict Mr. Zimmerman’s assertion?

Gilbreath –  Err, no.  Well, do I know who punched first?  No.

If investigator Gilbreath held an affidavit from “DeeDee” containing the narrative of hearing the fight start, the physical confrontation, the words exchanged, and Trayvon falling to the ground, he would have stated it under direct questioning.

Therefore one can only reasonably conclude no such sworn statement outlining the confrontation itself, from DeeDee or anybody else, actually exists.

If State Prosecutor Corey included the Benjamin Crump narration, and the obvious manipulations, within the affidavit, DeeDee would have been forced to bear witness at trial and O’Mara would be able to deconstruct or pull the lies out.   Perhaps, that is why no Grand Jury was actually used.

I doubt with considerable, and reasonable, certainty they even intend to introduce her into any legal proceedings.

Corey and Crump wanted the media evidence from “DeeDee’s” narrative to exist to get the arrest and probable cause.   But they do not plan to use any “DeeDee”  legal evidence, because it doesn’t actually exist.

That is why the Probable Cause Affidavit is merely implying that “a witness” might have heard something from Trayvon about being followed or watched;  Again, go back and look at the affidavit. Here’s a part:

Neither Mark O’Mara, nor George Zimmerman is actually disputing that passage within the affidavit about Zimmerman following Trayvon, because Zimmerman openly admits he did follow him.   He followed him to keep an eye on him because he thought his behavior was suspicious.    This is not disputed.   He gave statements to that effect directly to Sanford Detectives repeatedly.   So the actual legal and prosecutorial value to that “witness” (DeeDee) statement contained within the affidavit is nil.    It’s a moot point.

If you witnessed the Bond Hearing Friday April 20th you saw how weak the prosecution case is.

It would appear Zimmerman was intentionally overcharged with 2nd Degree Murder, based on constructed, non-legally binding, media-evidence in an effort to get him to plead down to a lesser charge and avoid trial.

Either a plea, or a trial, provide the same “probable cause” and culpability benefit to Benjamin Crump in a civil wrongful death lawsuit against various interests.

One thing is certain, you will not see anyone named DeeDee anywhere near a court room, EVER.

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481 Responses to Update #10 (Part 2) – The Trayvon Martin Shooting “DeeDee” Reveals The False “Truths”…

  1. bill says:

    Im assuming that Trayvon was completely sober the night he was killed. I’m also assuming his parents have the toxicology tests taken during the autopsy since they would naturally want to know what happened to their boy..


  2. DiwataMan says:

    Doing some great work here. This guy says he was close to Trayvon and judging by his tweets I believe him. He also seems to be one of the first of Trayvon’s friends, that I can find, that found out about Trayvon being dead. Check this tweet he made on March 22, 4:20PM. He says “Tray must have of had 2 hoes, cause that girlfriend we know he went wit aint known he died until ah week after” Now I’m just speculating here but it may be that he heard about this DeeDee on TV and is surprised at the fact that they are calling her Trayvons girlfriend because he knows Trayvon’s girlfriend and he knows that isn’t her. We know this Daisha Brianne found out about Trayvon by 5:44 pm Feb. 27 so we know this can’t be Trayvon’s girlfriend.

    It’s unfortunate whoever broke the news on Trayvon’s twitter first didn’t take the time to investigate all the people he was tweeting with, we might have learned a lot more before they started closing their accounts.

    What’s funny about the tweet’s I’ve been going through is that if there was in fact a person who was so very concerned about the safety of Trayvon that night they didn’t seem concerned enough to tweet it to any of his friends because none of them seem to have known anything until the next day when it was going around that he was dead and that includes Daisha Brianne.

    By the way, scrolling down the twitter pages takes forever and I found Firefox to be the best to do it as IE and Chrome both slow down my computer so much so that I can barely scroll back up through the tweets. Twitter really needs to put a search thing in there so we can go right to the date.

    A close friend

    Daisha Brianne’s post

    A couple of other interesting posts about possible drug dealing

    Another close friend finds out the news 2:27 PM – 27 Feb

    Possibly a couple of other people of interest I haven’t looked into yet


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  4. Question: I have read repeatedly that Trayvon Martin was originally tagged as a “John Doe.” However, the police report written up that was released a couple of weeks ago shows the victim’s ID as Trayon Benjamin Martin. http://wesawthat.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/twin_lakes_shooting_initial_report.pdf Do you understand why this is so?


    • According to Tracy Martin himself via Reuters, Trayvon was initially found without any identification, nor did anyone know who he was, he was transported to the coroner as a John Doe and tagged accordingly. Feb 26th.

      The following day (Mon-27th) at around 8am, from pictures of Trayvon in the morgue provided by investigators, and from descriptions of clothing last know to be worn, Tracy Martin gave a positive ID of Trayvon. The following day (Tue-28th) Tracy met Detective Serino at SPD HQ and requested transport of Trayvon to Funeral home. Wed (29th) Funeral Director picked up body and Transported back to Ft. Lauderdale.

      The initial Police Report was more than likely amended with confirmation of identity.


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