Boldly Into The Breach

Will the real life story of incredible bravery, and the extreme courage of warriors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods be lost just because of Machiavellian politics ?

Updates as more information is coming through.  Even if the true story of their heroism casts an uncomfortable light of truth upon the lies told by President Obama and his administration we will tell it.   They deserve it.

President Obama implied, quite intentionally, in his Weekly Address that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were part of Ambassador Christopher Steven’s security detail:

Glen and Tyrone had each served America as Navy SEALs for many years, before continuing their service providing security for our diplomats in Libya. They died as they lived their lives — defending their fellow Americans, and advancing the values that all of us hold dear.

-President Obama (Weekly address)

Sounds good, the only problem is this statement is a total fabrication.   It was worded to imply Ambassador Stevens had more security than actually existed.   Yes, they were both former Navy SEAL’s, but neither Tyrone nor Glen were part of the Ambassadors official security detail.

No.  The truth is: they heard the attack, they heard the gunfire, and despite the danger to themselves they rushed into the breach taking weapons from the frightened Libyan security officials to help protect the American Consulate, Ambassador Stevens and his embassy aide Sean Smith.

Both Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were under no obligation to assist, protect or defend Stevens.   They could have bugged out, they didn’t…..  They ran into the breach.   It was, and is, an important enough distinction such that two U.S. officials quickly wanted to tell the truth.   They told the Guardian 

[…]  they feared the Obama administration’s scant description of the episode left a misimpression that the two ex-Navy SEALs might have been responsible for the ambassador’s personal safety or become separated from him.

“Woods and Doherty weren’t part of the detail, nor were they personally responsible for the ambassador’s security, but they stepped into the breach when the attacks occurred and their actions saved others lives — and they shouldn’t be lumped in with the security detail,” …..

According to what scant actual information is available the former seal team members, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, appear to have been in Libya because they were contracted by another intelligence office, probably the CIA, to track down the missing surface-to-air missiles from the initial rebel uprising.

During the Gadaffi overthrow massive stockpiles of Libyan weapons including MANPADS and other surface to air missiles were looted from the military storage facilities.  Estimates put the number of missing missiles around 20,000.

It appears Doherty and Woods were in Libya to track down those weapons.   As a consequence of their visit they were crashed at an annex to the US consulate grounds using it as a safe place to meet, coordinate, and evaluate their ongoing intel.  Their location was approximately a half mile from the main consulate compound area.

They were inside an annex building when the main consulate complex came under attack from the Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists.   They heard the distant shots and responded to a call for help from the compound itself.   Both Woods and Doherty evaluated the assassination attempt, and immediately took up arms to defend Ambassador Stevens.

Their heroism is incredible when you consider what they were facing.   Doherty and Woods reached the main compound of the Consulate and evacuated approximately 20 employees.   Unfortunately, Ambassador Steven’s aide Sean Smith was already dead when they arrived.   Woods and Doherty fought through the firefight, and took the consulate employees back to the annex building where again they came under another wave of attacks.

Between the initial firefight at the Main Consulate, and at the annex building, for over six hours they, along with others, were able to fight back against approximately 200 al-Qaeda terrorists, who pre-planned and coordinated the attack to occur in two stages.

The second wave of attacks at the annex brought even more firepower upon them.  Yet they held their position providing time for the 20 consulate employees to be rescued.  In total for over six hours they held off upwards of 200 attackers, under heavy fire from RPGs, mortars, and at least one 23mm Anti Aircraft gun firing on their position(s) around the consulate grounds and the annex building.

This story must be told.   The heroism of Doherty and Woods MUST surface.  They deserve it.   Unfortunately, because the truth represents a risk to the manipulated narrative of the White House and State Department, it will be up to outsiders to keep the pressure on and force the truth to the surface.

If we leave it up to the Administration and the State Department we will probably never know the TRUTH and the heroism of Woods and Doherty will not be fully recognized or appreciated.

These guys died while defending US interests because they were brave patriots who put country ahead of self.

We will not let their courage be hidden or diminished.   I promise to do all I can to keep their story in the spotlight and provide their family the full measure of appreciation for their bravery.

They deserve it.

We will not forget, and will keep fighting for the recognition they deserve.

CNN Security Analyst Fran Townsend confirms the initial reporting from officials familiar with the Benghazi attack.    She posted an article titled:  Former Navy SEALS Died After Coming To The Aid Of Others.    Her information resources, and intelligence contacts, affirm the initial story of Doherty and Woods bravery.

On October 9th, facing pressure from a congressional hearing scheduled for the following day (10/10), the State Department held a briefing to confirm details of the attack.   The early insider reports of Doherty and Woods actions were again confirmed.  (Full Briefing Here)

Yet as of 10/21 no-one from the President Obama administration has ever once clarified the attack, discussed the true involvement of Glen Doherty and Ty Woods, or answered a single question in a press conference.  It has been 40 days -so far- without specific answers from the administration.

The New York Times ran a letter (below) written by Brandon Webb who is a former Navy SEAL, author of a memoir, “The Red Circle,” and editor-in-chief of SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Report). He served with his best friend, Glen Doherty, at SEAL Team 3, where they were sniper students together. They had just completed a book together, “Navy SEAL Sniper,” which is due out in January. He Penned this farewell to his friend:


I still can’t believe you punched out early on me, but glad to hear from the guys that you fought like a hero–no surprise there.

You should know, your efforts resulted in the rescue of over 20 Department of State personnel. They are alive today because of yours and Ty’s heroic action.

I know you hate funerals as much as I do but, the service in Winchester was humbling and inspiring. The people of Boston are amazing. I had to choke back the tears as me and the boys rolled through town, and thousands of people lined the streets to honor a hero and our friend and teammate. Seeing American citizens united around a hero, if only for a brief moment, restored my faith in humanity and that there’s other things more important in life than killing each other.

Your family is and was amazing. Their poise, patience and the dignity they displayed was incredible to witness. Your mom, Barbara, stood by stoically for hours to ensure she greeted everyone who came to pay their respects. She was an inspiration to everyone who watched. Seeing your dad, his sadness and how proud he was of you, made me give him a big hug, and reminded me to work harder at patching things up with my own father.

Greg delivered one of the best talks I’ve ever heard under the most difficult of situations. What an amazing brother; I hope to get to know him better. His speech made me reflect on my own life choices and how important our relationship with friends and family are. I’m going to work harder at embracing my friends and family the way you always did.

Katie gave such an awesome toast at the wake with all the Bub lessons to live by, I smirked secretly to myself knowing that I’ve heard them all before and will never forget. “Drive it like it’s stolen!” and “Kids don’t need store-bought toys, get them outdoors!” and all the rest.

Your nephews are amazing and so well-behaved. Great parents of course. F.Y.I., I told them I’d take them flying when they come out west. They were beaming when I described all the crazy flying adventures me and their uncle went on. I told them how you and I would fly with my own kids and take turns letting them sit on our laps to get a few minutes at the controls. I’ll do it up right and let them each have a go at the controls.

Sean has been steadfast in his support role and has handled everything thrown at him. Helping him this last week really showed me why he was such a close friend of yours. He’s solid, and I look forward to his friendship for years to come. You chose well having him execute your will, he’s solid.

We are all dedicated, as you explicitly indicated to us all, to throw you the biggest eff-ing party we can, and to celebrate your life as well as our own. Done deal; Sean and I are on it.

Most of SEAL Team 3 GOLF platoon showed up in Boston. It was great to see how guys like Tommy B. just made stuff happen, no matter what was needed. Things just got handled like men of action handle them, no questions asked and no instructions needed — just get it done in true SEAL fashion.

One by one the Tridents were firmly pounded into to the mahogany as the guys paid their respect. Mike and I handed the plank to your mom, choked back tears, and kissed her on the cheek. We both told her how much you’ll be missed by us all.

Afterwards, the Team Guys, Elf, Steve, Sean and others tipped a few back in your honor. In good Irish fashion we drank whiskey from Sean’s “What Jesus Wouldn’t Do” flask, hugged each other like brothers and said goodbye, each in our own way.

We are planning the yearly surf trip to Baja in your memory. We share Steve Jobs’s philosophy on religion and tolerance, but if you can arrange it, please talk to whomever and fire up a good south swell for me and the boys.

My kids will miss their Uncle Glen. I told them it’s O.K. to cry (we all had a good one together) and to be sad but not for too long. You wouldn’t want that. They will grow older, and like the rest of us, and be better human beings for having known you.

You definitely lived up to the words of Hunter S. Thompson:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!”

When I skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke myself I’ll expect to see your smiling face handing me a cold beer.

See you on the other side, brother. You are missed by many.


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  1. We must never forget who fought for us. We must be ever vigilant in our lives to always remember all who fought for our freedoms. I know I will never forget.


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  3. laurierogers says:

    Make sure you tell the Romney campaign so that somebody can tell Romney so that Romney can tell the American people this on Monday.

    The people deserve to know, and the Americans who died deserve to have the truth about their deaths be told.


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  5. Greg says:

    Served from 1972 to 1995 US Army. Although these gentlemen are from a fellow branch of the U.S. Military they are Brothersin Arms. I was there when Beirut barracks were blown and we lost so many. I shed tears then as it wasn’t hidden and mostly the truth came out. Today L shed my tears for our fellow brothers but I also have this great anger that this administration would be so evasive and actually lie about what is in the actual happenings. It is funny that with old technology the then administration felt fear in any attempt to lie about what happened in Beirut, but this administration even with this new technology, the actual time video and audio the twitters and facebook, how can someone be so bold to think they will get away with this. Gor those who vote for Obama again or for the first time, I would like to talk to you after 6 months if he is elected, for those who vote for Romney I congratulate you for your eyes being opened. Let us get to the truth and bottom of this and what is going on in Texas. Let us join in telling this administration that if they can fix the government from the outside then let us send them back to Chicago to try. I have given my life to defend this country, as these men have done the supreme sacrifice of giving and dieing for there fellow countrymen. I ask God to bless them and there families and friends, and to please if it be his will to finally get someone into the White House that will be truthful and also to investgate and prevent as best as can be expected our country, The United States of America. God Bless You All


  6. Dave Ryan says:

    Once more into the breach dear friends once more…Or close the wall with our dead!
    In peace nothing so becomes a man as modesty and humility…But when the blast of war blows in our ear…Then, imitate the tiger. Summon up the blood. Disguise fair nature with rage and lend the eye a terrible aspect. This is not the cry of a warmonger,but the whispered prayer of one that loves peace but will suffer war to see it. This is the will to say no to men of great ambition and with a thirst for conquest and blood. It is the song of a soul that will not suffer tyranny or to see others suffer it in silence and hopelessness. It is the nightmare of evil men to know of these words. Let them lie in anguish,let sleep be far from them. Let them know no rest.


  7. John Chinn says:

    I can add nothing. I am appreciative of the Patriotic Comments made by many if not most on this issue.



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  9. Shamrockswife says:

    Speechless… God Bless them


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  11. LTC Robert T McLaughlin Jr. says:

    Volley’d and thunder’d; Storm’d at with shot and shell, While horse and hero fell, They that had fought so well Came thro’ the jaws of Death, Back from the mouth of Hell, All that was left of them, Left of six hundred.
    All the world wonder’d. Honor the charge they made! Honor the Light Brigade, Noble six hundred
    Wen I think of the honor of battle I always remember “Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennison. God bless Glen and Tyrone for giving everything they had in battle, we all Honor them and when I meet them on the other side, we’ll all have a beer together.
    LTC Robert T McLaughlin Jr. (USA-RET)


  12. John Chinn says:

    I have been following all the comments on The Last Refuge concerning our Deceased Patriots. We all know that Hussein Obama, will not nor anyone in the Department of Defense will put these men up for the Medal of Honor. Nor will any move be made to Honor the Civilians for their sacrifice. Whether it is successful or not, is not the question. It is not even a consideration. I must try. I will start with my Representative Rob Wittman. Though it is useless , I will go to my Two Senators. Third , I will try to get on Hannity’s phone and see if he will help.

    Just because we have a Dishonorable Thing occupying the Oval Office , does not mean we, Americans , are Dishonorable.

    I will also try another Avenue. I will call my Governor’s Office and ask that McDonnell convey to MR. Romney a request on behalf of the American People , that he add his voice to so honoring all those who were left to die by Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton and anyone else in this Regime in a line of responsibility.

    I will let you know ,as I proceed and how I fare.

    God Bless America !


  13. Outstanding letter! Outstanding Heroes! And outstanding Bravery against a God-forsaken culture. Another shining example of American exceptionalism. More leadership shown here during a long 8 hours than has been shown in Washington DC in 8 years! A grateful nation salutes you. Stand tall, Americans. [1600 Pennsylvania excluded]


  14. Outstanding letter! Outstanding Heroes! And outstanding Bravery against a God-forsaken culture. Another shining example of American exceptionalism. More leadership shown here during a long 8 hours than has been shown in Washington DC in 8 years! A grateful nation salutes you. Stand tall, Americans. [1600 Pennsylvania excluded]


  15. Buck Rogers says:

    I will gladly die defending the honor of my fallen brothers…
    My Challenge still stands, as a sworn defender of the Constitution, I have challenged the usurper Barry Soetoro to a bare-knuckle fight to the death, mine or his, as I see him to be an enemy of the Republic that I took the oath to defend from any and all enemies both foreign and domestic.
    All Americans should join in this fight against the usurper Barry Soetoro and the moozlims that have attacked the United States and are attempting to destroy our way of life here in America. I say that the blood of moozlims will flow freely wherever they stand against Our God or Our Republic.
    Buck Rogers for President, it’s a write-in…


  16. LeBrit says:

    Outstanding bravery and commiment to duty. These wonderful men made the ultimate sacrifice. America should be extremely proud of their endeavors against such great odds. Presidents will come and go, but these courageous men will have a Glorious Page in American History. God Bless them.


  17. Hugh Kendalk says:

    The wrath of “Hell” will soon be upon us, because the Devil is in charge
    I——–pray to God!!!


  18. Dick Thoma says:

    Thank God for real heros. Above the Rest


  19. Philip Piro says:

    This President is our Commander in Chief? Future historians will wonder how our generation who inherited the finest form of government , could have been so dumb as to elect this specimen that none of them knew who he was, where he came from, didn’t bother finding out how he got to where he is, and on this day might be given four more years to continue taking us further away from the founding principels of our government. Let us wake up before it is too late.


    • Gordon Gammon says:

      Yes, I agree with you. But, not so astounding when one considers how Christian values have been so undermined by Left-liberalism and initiated by an unchallenged Academia, fifty years ago. The product of the latter has resulted in a largely politically braInwashed media that has little knowledge of Economics (… not the Paul Krugman version based upon Keynes) and History.

      Blessings. Sent from GG’s iPhone


  20. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B.) says:

    For those of you debating the differance between “abandoning” their post or heroism, remember – they reacted TOWARD the fire.


  21. LeBrit says:

    What in Heaven’s name are you
    talking about SOB Bob…?? This is
    out-and-out HEROISM, whichever way
    you ‘slice’ it !

    Now, go back to sleep!


  22. Floyd Lukowski says:

    Patriots of America. IT IS TIME TO REVOLT !!!!!!!


  23. jaydog says:

    Somebody knew about this firefight as it was happening. Real-time communication went to the highest level. The “fax” wasn’t lost in a pile of paperwork. Somebody watched for the eight hours that the intense assault continued. Somebody knew about the removal of the diplomat to the safe house. Somebody knew about one of the SEALS painting the targets for aerial support that never came. Somebody was flying the drone over Benghazi. Somebody denied permission to support Americans under seige. Somebody sat on their hands far, far away. Somebody needs to answer to the American people how this was allowed to happen. Somebody is not on my team. Someday, somebody will talk.


    • John Chinn says:

      You bet ! And you are very right. Truth will out,as is said. And there are people in high places who must stand accountable for this. What I fear I see, is a deliberate act. Not an accident. Something Obama thought he could skate by. The night of the day this happened,at 9 PM there was a gentleman named John Batchelor who started his show on WABC with , “I will suspend the planned program for tonight .” We have breaking in real time a serious story. by 1 AM the next morning when his show was finished it was concluded that this was a Terrorist Attach. Sadly John Batchelor has been removed from WABC


  24. howie says:

    Yes. It will.


  25. Tonly says:

    That gay weasel Obama lied to avoid a disruptive incident that was hindering his bid for reelection–He’s our President-a man of courage????? He’s simply a disgrace.


  26. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B.) says:

    Did you notice how Hillary couldn’t figure out what difference that “Truth” makes? They, initially, tried to attribute this to a random act of “street violence”? But remember, this same group initially classified Major Nidal Hassan’s murder of 13 Fort Hood soldiers as “Violence in the workplace.” Do you sense a pattern, here?


    • LeBrit says:

      Would it be “Solid Secular Socialism”…no Christian values or truth…??


      • John Chinn says:

        And Hilliary is going to run for President. Carville is going to run her Campaign which we know will be nothing but lie after lie. Carville was the creature who said Bill Clinton was the most Moral Man in America.

        On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 10:59 AM, The Last Refuge wrote:

        > ** > LeBrit commented: “Would it be “Solid Secular Socialism”…no Christian > values or truth…??” >


  27. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B.) says:

    Maybe the incorporation of a three man flame thrower team into the USMC embassy security details would discourage “mob violence” coming through the gates of our embassies. A two second burst would seem to go a long way in dispersing a mob. Sure worked WWII.


  28. Now I am going away to do my breakfast, after having
    my breakfast coming over again to read further news.


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