Progs Find A Useful God – Ban Guns First With Prayers

Liberals and Progressives demand religion is removed from all aspects of public life. Religion, and any mention of God, is forcibly removed from schools, religion is mocked repeatedly. Dem/Prog/Libs are constantly on a crusade to remove God from society, while the Liberal leaders dismiss religion as irrelevant and use ridicule as a weapon against God.

Well, that is, until the use of religion or God will help them push their twisted causes. Like today at Senator Dianne Fienstein’s kick-off for her gun confiscation and assault weapons ban of 2013. Quick, go get one of them preacher types and have him pray, or something…..

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22 Responses to Progs Find A Useful God – Ban Guns First With Prayers

  1. Sharon says:

    What God were they praying to? The only Sovereign God in existence that I’m aware of is the One they shouted down and voted out at their convention last fall.

    He would be the same one Whose face they spit in daily with their insistence on legal killing of babies before, during and after abortions.

    He would be the same one who set marriage up between a man and woman to reflect the relationship between Christ and the church and they don’t think He was clear in His definitions there.

    Perhaps they were praying to the demon, Allah? At best, they were just talking to themselves.

    Vile, vile people.


  2. ar10308 says:

    How about she offers a prayer for all the children that have been slaughtered in-vitro through her disgusting, infanticidal policies before asking any help from God to disarm the American people?


  3. mcfyre2012 says:

    Anyone seen the latest Drudge picture? ROFLMAO! (We all know what flies are attracted to!)


  4. Sharon says:

    “But I believe the gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby,” the prayer said.

    Considering their accusations against Christians of wanting to govern “religiously” over aspects of life — can you imagine the howls of outrage if at a Tea Party function we carried signs saying, “We’re the “cross lobby.’ ”

    These people are just beyond despicable…I’d be very curious to know how many of the howling God-haters who were screaming at their convention last fall (against God) were at her press conference.

    I’m very sorry that some bold and thinking republican congressman wasn’t ready to do a presser this afternoon with Franklin Graham present to pray against abortion–and give DiFi the credit, pointing out that, “The Senator from California has set forth a positive standard today, showing that we can have public prayers about policy-making processes in conjunction with our press conference. We appreciate her leadership in this matter and will therefore, going forward, always have an opening prayer when we do our press releases, and DiFi’s spiritual courage will be mentioned at the conclusion of every prayer.”


    • Annie says:

      I am sure that the prayer also included that the unborn be protected from being killed as well. The frontman delivering the prayer and those standing behind him have sold their respective souls to the devil; for them there is no turning back.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      I am the Cross Lobby.

      They are but the false prophets of Ba’al, praying futilely for him to rain down fire on our God-given and constitutionally protected rights.

      I don’t know how He will choose to glorify Himself in these times, but I do know this: God will not be mocked.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    Oh yeah, the dean of the National Cathedral – the same place that’s announced it will be performing same-sex weddings, the First Church of the Politicized God. Yes, and Feinstein, to whom the National Cathedral isn’t the National Synagogue – think she’s got her fingers crossed? Gotta remember that the Christian New Testament triune God is not the same God others in the Abrahamic chain worship, so why not invoke what one might consider not doctrinally valid? Then again I’m just a crusty old fart – “HEY! You Congressmen, get offa my lawn!”


      • ctdar says:



        • WeeWeed says:

          We don’t mess wit’ da czar. Fer obvious reasons. 😯


          • czarowniczy says:

            Love it. I was frequently tagged to fly on the AC-47s to kick flares, hump ammo cans and sweep brass from the Vulcans that didn’t make it overboard. Nothing in the world like being in a steep bank with all three .30-cal Vulcans hosing down the countryside. I lost a bit of hearing to that but it was worth it. Khe San, Pleiku, along Hiway 19 – lotsa bad Commies turned into good Commies. Very few things that cannot be resolved with either a bigger hammer or more firepower.


  6. How is the Cross Lobby going to fight the Moslem Lobby without help from the Gun Lobby?
    This will not end well at all.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Hold the Moslem session is a San Francisco bathhouse. Throw in a few young boys and some livestock and the problem should self-resolve in short order. Ya’ll will tell me if I’m at any time being culturally insensitive, ‘right?


  7. cajunkelly says:

    👿 👿 👿 👿 No way I’d have stood closer than a mile to this idiot…lightning can travel quite far.

    I’ve said this *so* many times over the past 4 years; t’wouldn’t do for me to know voodoo.


  8. Coast says:

    So a 2:10 political remark with a 45 second prayer.


  9. Five will get you ten, those uniforms are on Crisis Actors.
    If Rod Serling were down here, I’d ask him if this TWILIGHT ZONE episode is about to end.


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