For “Street Cred” – Watch, Listen and view the ideology of the media reporters as they painstakingly avoid the obvious…. AGAIN. DC Metro

….”robberies and a rowdy brawl went down“, that’s what the reporter said.   Another said “this video is alarming“….  “the 44th street crew, gangs up on two female passengers to steal their iphones“…  The thugs took trophy video of the assault/robbery and posted it for bragging rights and “street cred” on their FaceBook page.

Watch how the media make particular attention to avoid the obvious.   The attackers were all black, and the two women attacked were white…..  Hmmm?  Patterns, patterns, patterns.

The knock out game – Thrill kills – Flash mobs – Subway passengers pushed onto the tracks – Street cred – Violence – Pack Mentality….. all pure “Hate Crimes” perpetrated by a culture that embraces violence as a means to gain desired wants.   Like many racially motivated attacks by random black gangs, they took video of themselves and posted it to Facebook.

Scenes like this are occurring daily in urban areas all over America.  This unprovoked assault against two white females is called “a rowdy brawl” by the left-wing local media.

But what is far worse than the media denial of the problem, and the reason for sharing the rest of the story, is the response from the police.   You see, coincidentally the police happened to be coordinating an operation at the next station – the station you saw in the first video at the top.   But what you don’t see from the media is what happens next.

In this next witness video taken by an elderly passenger, the police arrive and do what?   Numerous people have informed the police the attackers were on the train, and what do the police do…   they quiet it down, nothing to see here folks, move along, move along, take a seat….  and let the train leave the station with the suspects on board.

It really is quite remarkable to understand how numb the police have become to random black violence in most cities and urban areas. With that in mind it makes perfect sense for Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson to be worried about a class of victims no longer willing to be victimized. People prepared to stand their ground against such attacks.

Natalie%20jackson%203 Tweets

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28 Responses to For “Street Cred” – Watch, Listen and view the ideology of the media reporters as they painstakingly avoid the obvious…. AGAIN. DC Metro

  1. ytz4mee says:

    Even the Liberal Washington Post did an expose of how corrupt the WMATA (DC Metro) system is. It is a patronage system for and by blacks. I believe the LE’s in this case are WMATA transit officers, not Metro DC officers.

    The predatory blacks in DC follow the same template as the Scheme Team. Any investigation of black criminality results in formal complaints of profiling and expensive, time-consuming lawsuits. Much easier just to let the wilding and thug behavior go. After all, it’s not like anyone was “hurt-hurt”.

    Also, these types of blacks in DC know that whites are unarmed and are easy prey, and black teens who rove in packs know that in Metro DC they are going to be allowed to carry on unmolested or challenged. This metro line was coming from ultra liberal Maryland, and the victims were students at UMd, College Park. They would be a bit more hesitant to try this in Virginia.

    Also, when the Green Line from the black ghettos finally opened up, a rash of car thefts and burglaries within walking distance of the terminal point of the Orange line in white, upper income Vienna occurred.

    It is all just coincidence, however.

    Note the commentary of the lady who was trying to offer assistance. Decent people of all colors are fed up with this predatory behavior from this sub-group.


    • Arkindole says:

      “…these types of blacks in DC know that whites are unarmed and are easy prey…”

      “Following the Heller decision, the Washington D.C. City Council enacted a set of rules regulating the possession of handguns in citizens’ homes. In addition to each handgun being registered with the police, the rules require that D.C. residents undergo a background check and submit fingerprints and photos. Residents must take a gun safety course, and pass a written test on the District’s gun laws.”

      Ok; so big woop–CCW process basically SOP and allowed. As I’ve heard said many many times. “You go to sh_t holes, and sh_t happens.” Why aren’t sheep in these ratholes carrying, and why aren’t we hearing more self-defense cases from the media? Because they prey on the sheep. And, experienced rathole thugs *do* know how to spot those that carry…Something about that eye-to-eye contact as you put the hand on the metal…
      “…was coming from ultra liberal Maryland, and the victims were students at UMd, College Park. They would be a bit more hesitant to try this in Virginia.” You have hit it out of the park right there. Sheep, especially young college libtards, will never resist. Until they do, everything will continue.


      • cajunkelly says:

        In the open thread I posted about a man arrested for putting up posters about law enforcement using drones to spy on people.
        One of the charges was that he had a gun…now get this…they found the gun UNLOADED, under his bed.
        Come to MY house ya sheep scats, and you’ll have a fatal coronary. (smirk)


  2. sirwin says:

    I know SCOTUS struck down DC’s ban on owning handguns, but what about carrying them for self defense? Still illegal?

    Something about the threat of an armed response to the violence seems to help prevent crimes like these in cities and states that respect the People’s rights.


  3. tara says:

    These stupid thugs are guaranteeing that two more whites will hate blacks for the rest of their lives.


    • ytz4mee says:

      I disagree.

      I don’t think they will “hate blacks for the rest of their lives”, but they will certainly be more self-aware of blacks traveling in packs.

      I also think that they have been so conditioned and brain washed by Progressives thoughout their mandatory schooling years which are nothing more than Leftist indoctrination, that they accept their position as victims.

      We have always taught our children to not carry a body posture that signals that they are weak and docile. Most of these thugs are highly attuned to non-verbal cues. Both our sons have grown into very tall, very physically large men who wouldn’t hurt a fly, yet blacks don’t confront them and melt away the few times they have stood up for others being set up to be victimized.

      I am pretty sure GZ’s body language signaled that he was weak and willing to be a victim, otherwise Traydemark would not have been emboldened to attack him. If GZ had carried himself like a bouncer at a raucous night club, do you think Traydemark would have tried it? I highly doubt it.


      • cajunkelly says:

        You’re so right re the body language. I’ve mentioned before that I took the RAD course (rape aggressive defense) offered by local LEAs.

        One of the first things taught is non-victim body language. Walk with your head UP, stare passers by in the eye. Even to the point of refusing to give the time if a person asks you and sees you have a watch on your arm.

        Predators ARE looking for the timid body language.


        • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

          Dont give em a cigarette (and be prepared for them to pester you for one-though this is just a set up for the knock out game).
          Cajunkelly (and the rest of you out there),
          I was just thinking about one of my favorite martial arts books called “101 sucker punches”.
          In almost all sucker punches (to me really a “Cheap Shot”), the main point is a distraction so the shot can hit its mark without any warning (this is what makes it both devastating and LIFE THREATENING).
          I have told you enough of what you already know in many cases anyway.


        • The key words are… Predator & Prey…. A predator will NEVER attack anything it fears that it can not kill. On a very deep intuitive level is smells fear, it can sense weakness, and those are the internal triggers which lead to the attack.

          The animal kingdom is rife with examples, just watch any lion separate a calf from a heard, or vultures when a hyena moves in after a lions kill. The only exception is a mother protecting it’s young.


  4. cajunkelly says:

    *SURPRISINGLY* the women fought BACK!

    ’nuff said


  5. Cyrano says:

    The two reporters summed up the problem quite nicely without even realizing it. They talked about the metro police, and why they can’t do more to stop this kind of thing. It has never occurred to them that this is a judicial problem. Two suspects have been identified. With the video going viral, more probably will be identified. Now let’s see what kind of message the DC judicial system sends to the perps. If they are convicted at all, it will be considered a misdemeanor, with a slap on the wrist. ninety percent of our social ills stem from our judicial system, and Newt Gingrich is the only politician I have ever heard even hint at judicial reform. We are hopelessly lost without drastic systemic change.


    • cajunkelly says:

      social ills stem from our judicial system


      “jails are overcrowded yanno”

      Our local LEA has websites where you can check daily arrests, listing the charges

      You can also view that person’s history. I get LIVID when I see how many serious charges are “DECLINED” by our illustrious DA. He’s deeply ensconced in the good-old-boy system and will be DA until he dies.

      Example; one man arrested for DUI recently had SEVENTEEN previous DUI charges and he’s in his 30’s.
      That DA has been asked over and over what it will take, a high ranking politician to be killed by a DUI before he DOES something about the repeat offenders?
      That question is, of course, ignored.
      IMO, a DA who gives wrist slaps to DUIs should be charged with MURDER if that repeat offender eventually kills someone on a roadway while DUI, again.
      The same should be true of ANY DA who operates a court system in this manner. HOLD THEN RESPONSIBLE for THEIR actions as well as the offender.

      OK, rant over.


      • cajunkelly says:

        HOLD THEM* ….dang it, can’t type while mad


        • Cyrano says:

          I tend to agree with you, but the fact is people who get convicted of DUIs will go through a lot more payback than these perps will. Some one could have easily been killed in this incident since the victims fought back. They could have been pushed onto the tracks or any number of scenarios. These people did this when they were sober. They planned it. We need a strong federal law against conspiracy to commit a crime with mandatory penalties. Don’t hold your breath.


          • cajunkelly says:

            Oh, so we’re going to rate the seriousness of a crime based on sobriety and conspiracy?

            I maintain that the DUI arrestee was sober when he decided to take that first drink, and he was guitly of conspiracy when he (while sober) decided to go to a bar and get plastered, *knowing* he was going to drive afterwards.

            I also maintain that DUIs result in “easily being killed” quote often and these victims don’t even get a chance to fight back. Had this 18 time offender not been stopped by the cops, “someone could easily have been killed” too.

            BTW, his BAC was over 2 times the legal limit.


            • Cyrano says:

              “Oh, so we’re going to rate the seriousness of a crime based on sobriety and conspiracy?”
              Sobriety no. Conspiracy yes.
              I didn’t mean to downplay the seriousness of DUI. We’ve all lost someone to that activity, and for that reason the states have cracked down on it considerably.
              What I’m saying is that people who conspire to commit a crime should get at least as much punishment as the DUI perp.
              By the way, I’m scratching my head and trying to figure out how a guy could have 17 DUIs and only be in his thirties. You start doing serious jail time after the second one.


          • Sharon says:

            More laws won’t stop crime when law enforcement isn’t enforcing the ones we have now, for whatever reason.


  6. Sentenza says:

    When people can openly brag about violating the law, what’s the point of even having it?

    Seriously. Why bother?

    In any civilized place, those feral thugs would have been gunned down, and quite justly, by a law-abiding citizen who took exception to their antics.


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  9. LouDaJew says:

    that’s what happens when the gov’t unarms people. the thugs take over. I think the Deathwish movie series is one of my favorites.


  10. We don’t have subways around here but if a mob comprised of 25 Thugs attacked two citizens, (we have Enhanced SYG-Law) you’d see every armed citizen in sight draw their weapon & force the Thugs on the ground until the Police arrived. You’d see 25 class B felony arrests & charges (1st offense). You’d very likely see 25 convictions for felony assault & felony theft. You’d likely see 25 State Prison sentences averaging 3 years for each charge.

    Class B felonies are crimes for which the
    maximum penalty, exclusive of fine, is
    imprisonment in excess of one year but not in
    excess of 7 years.
     manufacture or sale of less than 1 ounce of
     possession of cocaine or heroine first
     aggravated DWI causing a collision
    resulting in serious bodily injury to the
    person or another,
     a fourth or subsequent DWI offense,
     robbery (involving force or threat of force),
     theft if the value of the property or services
    is more than $500 but not more than $1000,
    or the accused has been twice before
    convicted of theft of property or services, as
    a felony or class A misdemeanor, or the
    property or services stolen are from 3
    separate business establishments within a 72-
    hour period,
     caregiver who knowingly or recklessly causes
    serious bodily injury to an elderly, disabled, or
    impaired adult by neglect
     second degree assault = knowingly or recklessly
    causing serious bodily injury to another
    (Note: sentences for drug infractions will be
    doubled when occurring within 1000 feet of a


  11. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    For “Street Cred” – Watch, Listen and view the ideology of the media reporters as they painstakingly avoid the obvious…. AGAIN. DC Metro


  12. This is the result of 25 years of “get evil whitey” education in our schools.


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