The Enforcement Of Cultural Marxism – President Obama Continues His “Race-Based” Presidency by Dictatorial Fiat (executive orders)….


Would it alarm you if your white or hispanic son or daughter came home from school suspended for a week for being five minutes late to class ?

Would it upset you to find out that he/she was suspended because the school needed to suspend a black child for selling marijuana; and they needed to offset the “black” suspension with the ‘equality’ of a white suspension in order to avoid violating the law?

Sounds crazy right?    Wrong.   It is currently being implemented, and the bugs worked out.   President Obama used another executive order to put the race based policy into place.

The event described in the opening paragraph is the reality of trying to mandate school discipline around rules of “disparate impact”, a lawyerly term meant to describe quotas.

We have considerable first-hand experience with understanding the rules and laws of ‘disparate impact’; and we can tell you they make no sense when you look at them logically.  But some recent events have connected dots to an ongoing uncomfortable discussion.  So allow me to peel back the shield of Cultural Marxism, or political correctness, and show you what is underway as a direct consequence of this race-based administration.

Speaking Wednesday night [July 26th] at a National Urban League gathering in New Orleans, Obama said he has issued an executive order (picture below) establishing the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans, saying, “A higher education in a 21st century cannot be a luxury. It is a vital necessity that every American should be able to afford,” he said.

Obama’s executive order comes in the wake of a new report by the National Urban League’s Policy Institute that warned the president could lose three key battleground states — Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio — if African-American voters don’t match their strong turnout of 2008 in this year’s election.

National Urban League ( president and CEO Marc H. Morial has applauded President Barack Obama’s creation of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans, calling it “an important endeavor that will highlight the barriers and challenges to African-American educational achievement, and develop solutions to improve outcomes.”

A recent Gallup Poll showed the president with overwhelming support among registered African-American voters, with backing of 89%, compared with 5% for certain Republican nominee Mitt Romney. In 2008, Obama won 95% of the African-American vote, with 4% voting for GOP candidate John McCain.

About 2 million more African-Americans voted in the 2008 election than in 2004, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures. Voting by all minority groups accounted for nearly all the increase in turnout (5 million) between the two election cycles, as white non-Hispanic voting was virtually unchanged, the Census Bureau reported.

A decline in African-American voter turnout to the 2004 level of 60% from the 2008 level of 64.7% would cause Obama to lose in North Carolina and possibly lose in Ohio and Virginia, according to the National Urban League Policy Institute report.

Obama won all three states in 2008, and most scenarios for Obama’s re-election depend on him winning at least two of them this time. Ohio has 18 electoral votes, while North Carolina has 15 and Virginia has 13.

The Urban League looks at it this way:

The executive order was announced during the president’s recent speech to the National Urban League’s annual conference in New Orleans, and will coordinate efforts to harmonize programs for African-American students.

The executive order will also identify evidence-based practices to improve students’ achievement in school and college and develop a national network of individuals, organizations and communities that will share and implement these practices. The initiative also will create a new President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African-Americans and a federal interagency working group on educational excellence.

“Expanding educational opportunities, and ensuring equity and excellence at scale for our students is a shared goal of the National Urban League and the new White House initiative,” Morial added.  “We look forward to partnering with the Administration and Congress to expand policies that will help close the achievement gap for African-American students and prepare them for 21st century jobs.”

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics underscore the growing disparity between minority and white academic achievement, and the urgency for action.  Black and Hispanic students trailed their white peers by an average of more than 20 points on the NAEP math and reading assessments at 4th and 8th grades, a difference of about two grade levels.  These gaps persisted even though the score differentials between black and white students narrowed between 1992 and 2007 in 4th grade math and reading and 8th grade math (NCES, 2009, 2011).

When we read the surrounding articles, it reminded us of a very particular comment that seemed “unusual” at the time, because it was made by Jesse Jackson during a speech about Trayvon Martin in Sanford Florida back in early April.

At the time we wrote about it here.  It just seemed odd and somewhat out-of-place, but now things are coming together:

[…]   Jackson also said Martin’s case illustrated the high number of black students who are suspended from school. A report issued by the U.S. Department of Education last month found that black students are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled. Martin had been suspended from school for having a baggie that contained marijuana residue shortly before he was killed.

We must stop suspending our children,” Jackson said, asking the crowd to repeat: “Invest in them. Educate them.” (read the inital article and the attached citations)

Knowing how nothing with the Jackson / Sharpton / Jealous Team ever happens in a vacuum, we wanted to dig a little because this had the surroundings of a bigger story.   Alas, time was devoted to the Zimmerman case and we could not expound.   But we did now.   And lookie what is right there from 2010:

The Department Of Justice –  Civil Rights and School Discipline  October 21st 2010

In recent years, many school districts across the country have begun to adopt strict zero-tolerance discipline policies that impose increasingly harsher punishments for seemingly minor infractions. These disciplinary measures – in-school or out-of-school suspensions, alternative school placements, expulsions, and referrals to police departments and juvenile authorities – disrupt a student’s education and diminish their chances for success.

For too many students, these school-imposed sanctions lead to the criminal justice system, a pathway commonly referred to as the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Regrettably, studies have shown that children of color are disproportionately affected by zero-tolerance policies, a trend that increases already significant disparities.

In other words: if you enforce rules, or punish bad behavior, the black students are going to be punished more because they are predominantly the worst behaved.

See where this is headed?…….  and so the government (DOJ and DOE) set about in 2010 to develop a plan, an actual government based plan, to create an enforcement mechanism to deliver parity to school discipline based on race.   And subsequently force the schools not to discipline black children with bad behavior.   Not kidding.  Read on…..

To examine this issue and discuss strategies for addressing it, on Sept. 27 – Sept. 28, 2010, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Office jointly hosted a conference entitled, “Civil Rights and School Discipline: Addressing Disparities to Ensure Educational Opportunity.” Academic and policy leaders, lawyers and law enforcement officers, investigators and educators, advocates and researchers discussed and developed strategies to ensure that all children can access a pathway to success, not to prison.

During the [invitation only] conference, Attorney General Eric Holder, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas E. Perez discussed this pervasive problem, the need for collaboration to tackle it and the administration’s commitment to addressing it:

ERIC HOLDER –  Never before have our two agencies come together in this way – or brought together such a large and diverse group of partners – to discuss the best ways to ensure that civil rights and educational opportunities are protected for every student, at every level, and in every community…But it is just the beginning of what I know – and I pledge – will be an ongoing conversation about how we can better understand the causes, and most effectively remedy the consequences, of disparities in student discipline. I want to assure all of you that for me, for Secretary Duncan, for the agencies we lead, and for the administration – this work is a top priority.

US DOJ October 2010

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot !   The Department of Justice and the Department of Education are going to team up to insure that discipline in school behavior is now held to the same standards of equality in statistics?    What the, huh,…. you’ve gotta be kidding me.?

“Disparate Impact” Defined –  Adverse effect of a practice  or standard  that is neutral and non-discriminatory; but nonetheless,  disproportionately affects individuals belonging to a particular group based  on their race, age, ethnicity, or sex.

For every black child disciplined there needs to be a white child disciplined based on the percentage of black to white, or minority, student populations in the school?

No way.    That would have to be a  joke right?….

No joke….   unfortunately.

Reported 3 days ago in the National Examiner – Maryland Board of Education – Racial Quotas in School Discipline:

Disproportionate/Discrepant Impact. It is contained in the July 2012 Report of the Maryland Board of Education: School Discipline and Academic Success: Related Parts of Maryland’s Education Reform. (According to the Washington Post, there is a 30-day period for additional public comment before the rule can be adopted.)

This proposed rule violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution by pressuring schools to discipline students based on their race, rather than their individual conduct and the content of their character. That is at odds with court rulings like the federal appeals court ruling in People Who Care v. Rockford Board of Education, 111 F.3d 528, 534 (7th Cir. 1997), which forbid both racial-balancing, and quotas, in school discipline.

The proposed rule, COMAR 13A.08.01.21, is found on page 25 of the Report of the Maryland Board of Education: School Discipline and Academic Success: Related Parts of Maryland’s Education Reform. It reads as follows:

A. The Department shall develop a method to analyze local school system data to determine whether there is a disproportionate impact on minority students. B. The Department may use the discrepancy model to assess the impact of discipline on special education students. C. If the Department identifies a school’s discipline process as having a disproportionate impact on minority students or a discrepant impact on special education students, the school system shall prepare and present to the State Board a plan to reduce the impact within 1 year and eliminate it within 3 years. [boldface added]

Thus, the Board seeks to ban “disproportionate impact” – the term for something not motivated by racism that nevertheless unintentionally affects or weeds out more minorities than whites – in school discipline. But it has done so without the qualifications and limitations to that concept that apply in court. The Supreme Court has allowed minority employees to sue over such “disparate impact” in limited circumstances, but it has refused to allow minority students to sue over it. Its ruling in Alexander v. Sandoval, 532 U.S. 275 (2001), said that individuals could not sue under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act for “disparate impact,” only intentional discrimination. Title VI is the federal law that covers racial discrimination in schools and other institutions that receive federal funds. (The Board’s proposed rule is not needed to prevent racism or deliberate discrimination, since there are already several laws banning discriminatory treatment of anyone based on their race, as opposed to disparate impact, that students victimized by racial discrimination can already sue under, like 42 U.S.C. 1981, and Title VI).  (article link)

The fact that a higher percentage of black students are suspended than whites in most schools is not, for the most part, the product of racism by school officials, but rather reflects greater infraction rates tied to lamentable factors like poverty and single-parent households. As a scholar at the Brookings Institution points out, “children who spend time in single-parent families are more likely to misbehave, get sick, drop out of high school and be unemployed.” As the National Center for Health Statistics notes, while most whites and Asians are born to two-parent families, most blacks and Hispanics are not. See National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 60, No.2: Births: Preliminary Data for 2010 (Nov. 17, 2011).

Since infraction rates are typically higher among such minority groups, their discipline and suspension rates are naturally higher as well, even if that is bureaucratically defined as “disproportionate impact.” This is a reflection of unpleasant realities, not school officials’ racism. Preventing such discipline will only cause more disorder and violence in the schools, especially in predominantly black schools, thus harming the very disadvantaged people the Board of Education seeks to help.

Students are commonly victimized by members of their own race and peers of the same ethnicity. So watering down discipline for members of a racial group does not help that group. The fact that black students have been shortchanged by the larger society is not a reason to add insult to injury by depriving them of an orderly school environment and effective school discipline, or subjecting them to the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Pressure to discipline minorities and whites in numbers proportional to their percentage of the student body may also lead to other forms of racial discrimination in discipline, such as suspensions of white and Asian students for technicalities that would result in nothing more than a warning for a black student.

This is the natural outcome for government attempting to legislate behavior based on racial statistics as models for equality.

Think of another example of how this thought process would carry out, only this time in the Criminal Justice World:

If you apply this same methodology now being implemented by President Obama and Eric Holder to the criminal justice system, if blacks make up 17% of the population then blacks can only receive 17% of the incarcerations.  If blacks commit 40% of the crime under their proposal then 23% of black criminals would be allowed to engage in crime, unless the police arrested more white people to offset the disparity.

So to convict and incarcerate a black male of murderer, the police will “have to” arrest a white male.  Perhaps a white guy speeding down the street gets thrown in jail, because a black guy just murdered someone and they need the parity.

This is the ideology of our President.

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43 Responses to The Enforcement Of Cultural Marxism – President Obama Continues His “Race-Based” Presidency by Dictatorial Fiat (executive orders)….

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m thinking that probably the reason so many “minority students” are impacted by zero tolerance policies is connected to their activities that are in violation of those policies.

    We have got to throw all of these America-hating professional destroyers out on their ear in November. Romney had better reverse a bunch of Executive Orders long ’bout the end of January. Then let the hearings begin. There had better be some prison terms that start about the same time the EPA and the NonEducationDept are closed down. Just winning the election in a landslide is not going to be enough to save America unless we chase them all out of town, run them down and put them out of business. Zimbabwe Northern Hemisphere is what they are doing to us.


    • woohoowee says:

      ObamaScareTax repeal day one of legislative session and Romney’s signature before eight the next morning. Then, as soon as the criminals are hauled to prison and the EPA and Department of Dumbufucation are shut down, obliterate bias/hate crime laws.

      The rest of the legislative session is to be spent repealing years of bad legislation and nothing else. No new laws.


    • gbishop1 says:

      The idea that the classroom culture is set up for whites and is oppressive to minorities, really comes down to it is oppressive to blacks who espouse or revere a thug culture. For everyone else, following the rules is something they expect to do in school and it is very sad if they should be punished for minor infractions to even things out.

      This is absolutely reverse racism against whites, but it is also racism toward other minorities and immigrants. Black Americans are known for their jealousy of the success of new immigrants, Jews, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities. They think the success of all the other cultures is due to favoritism from the white establishment, rather than hard work, family values and a desire to adjust and conform.

      Progs want nothing more than to limit the successes achieved by other minorities, in order to create better self esteem for black Americans. If they are successful in accomplishing this, they will drive out, keep away or shut down all the productive moral capital and human resources which make America the world leader that it is. I do not think people will be fighting to get here, they will be looking to leave here, if Obama succeeds in undoing education in this way.


      • landaumurphyfan says:

        “They think the success of all the other cultures is due to favoritism from the white establishment, rather than hard work, family values and a desire to adjust and conform.”

        Progs would literally see the whole country go up in flames rather than admit that Judeo-Christian values are the surest and simplest route to stability and success.


  2. I get it…
    A black kid stabs a white kid over a lunchbox mix-up.
    The white kid is rushed to the hospital and then expelled from school.
    The black kid eats for free in the cafeteria for the rest of the year.
    Oh yeah, that’ll go over well…like my 1933 Gold Grab.


    • blubird says:

      All of the students who enjoyed their flash mob shopping trips will be back in school to get the free lunches.Imagine trying to maintain discipline in the classroom. It takes an a major event to get anyone suspended as it is now because administrators have to turn in discipline reports and get in trouble if their numbers aren’t “in line”. In fact, they are more likely to fire the teacher who has an “incident” in their classroom than they are to suspend the student. I cannot imagine how much worse it is going to be now. Schools are not a safe place to send your children or your spouses if they try to teach. I’m serious….


    • gbishop1 says:

      When I first saw this news report I was apalled, but this kid was a little monster. Her parents were called several times, they did not answer or call back.

      The educators are not allowed to touch the kids to restrain them, they cannot be confined, tranquilized, spanked or verbally abused either. What were they supposed to do?

      Here are the police standing by what they did!


  3. johngalt90210 says:

    I hope Romney wins and I hope somebody is compiling a massive de-Obama executive order for him to sign on day 1.


    • boricuafudd says:

      Obama is pandering again, to hispanics dream act, to LBGT gay marriage, to students either forgiving of loans or discharge by bankruptcy, to ows crowd tax the rich and to the AA communities no more suspended students so that they don’t have to be parents.


  4. Sharon says:

    So now the DOJ is running and managing the schools. Boggles the mind.


    • aliashubbatch says:

      Keep a close eye on the DOJU; Knowing them, they’ll hand a firearm or two to the minority students and tell ’em to shoot up the place probably for extra credit. Maybe make it an extraciricular activity, Get Whitey 101, Honkie Hunting, Cracker Contra…okay, I couldn’t think of something to go with “cracker” (besides cheese), but I went through public education, so critical thinking isn’t something I’m entirely capable of.


  5. waltherppk says:

    Another government hug a thug luv a gangsta affirmative action program. Can’t bring a wilfully ignorant low class black underachiever and non performer up to acceptable standards so the solution is to drag the whole country down to theirs, grade ’em on a curve because of how they be disadvantaged oppressed minorities and all. Then there’s that whole Bell curve thang.


  6. akathesob says:

    The Crazy folks are running the nut-hut!


  7. boricuafudd says:

    So to convict and incarcerate a black male of murderer, the police will “have to” arrest a white male. Perhaps a white guy speeding down the street gets thrown in jail, because a black guy just murdered someone and they need the parity.

    In Sanford where the white population is about 60 to 30 you would need to arrest 2 white males to bring it to parity.

    The problem is that the worse performing schools are already in areas that are predominantly minority only. So what are they going to do stop disciplining students.

    Something not mentioned on the article is what is the penalty if a school system fails at implementing these new guidelines, because some school system or State will sue if money is withheld based on this.


    • Sharon says:

      That brings a thought to mind–if there aren’t enough whites in a school to punish so that the minorities can be appropriately disciplined when they do bad stuff, will they have to bus white kids in to be on standby for disciplinary action if the #s don’t work out? Or maybe they can just have 4-5 white kids there who are willing to be punished repeatedly to help keep the books straight. Implementation of this nonsense will provide endless opportunities for further illegal gerrymandering of personal liberty and parental rights, particularly for those parents who consider themselves responsible for their children. The parents of the feral children will barely be affected. They’ll be on the receiving end of grants for retreats in the country.


      • gbishop1 says:

        Sheesh. I never thought I’d see the disintegration of America in my lifetime! GAH!


      • boricuafudd says:

        Sharon I have an easier solution. You would bus all the bad behaving kids to the schools that don’t have does problem. The new school would not be able to discipline them without affecting the kids that don’t deserve it. It will level the scores and solve the disparity in discipline all in one swoop.

        The problem kids are removed, the other schools will have parity and we can invest more money to improve the school, sic and hire more teachers if the scores don’t improve enough.


  8. woohoowee says:

    Dictator running the U.S. Government by fiat is EXACTLY what the tyrant has been up to. Hats off to you for the article! Keep ’em coming:-) Hard to believe that more Americans aren’t aware of what is afoot and what is at stake.


  9. akathesob says:

    This was so good I had to re-read it. Really at what point will “we” stand up and say enough is enough? The corruption/corporations that have invaded out Government to the very core of its foundation must be brought under control and returned to “WE” the people…


    • woohoowee says:

      We’ve only just begun…it started with 9/12/2010 then moved on to control of the House and several state legislatures in November 2010. Just think, this week alone WE had victories in TX and an extraordinary show of support for free market and the First Amendment. Yep, WE THE PEOPLE! Let’s Roll!


  10. diwataman says:

    Man, I’m only a quarter way through that Order and if I were black I think I would feel pretty embarrassed by it. Do blacks really need that much extra help just to make it through school? From birth all the way through higher education and to a career? Why doesn’t the president just spare everyone the trouble and give them each a million dollars at birth?


    • Exactly. This is what offends many black people who do not hold progressive ideologies. Why do prog-folks need to lower the standards of expectations just to insure greater participation? It is very diminishing and diminutive.

      Lowering the standard diminishes the value of the individual because it embedds a mindset that you are not good enough, smart enough, or skilled enough to achieve great things without us lowering the expectation of you.

      VERY SAD.


      • boricuafudd says:

        It is beyond sad it is RACIST! It is completely exonerating blacks of their actions by affirming that without government you are not worth the same as Hispanics, Asians or Whites. It tells all the young criminals that they never had a chance, no wonder they don’t put in the effort and just give up, look for ways to make easy money or game the system.

        It tells blacks not only you didn’t build it but you can’t build it so I (government) will build it for you. Its an offensive assault to all the good blacks kids who attend classes, study hard and perform well.


        • landaumurphyfan says:

          “It tells blacks not only you didn’t build it but you can’t build it so I (government) will build it for you.” You nailed it, boricuafudd.


      • waltherppk says:

        Proportionally what percentage or fraction of black people are actually conservative, maybe one in ten, or one in eight ? Somewhere in that range ?


        • boricuafudd says:

          Walther I think you be surprised how many black people have conservative views specially outside the welfare mills in the big cities. The problem is that they vote Dem even though it is against their beliefs.

          Go to any large city that has a sizeable black population, go the DMV or any government agency and you’ll see that compare to population blacks have a larger share of the jobs. This means that they are more dependent on government, which party is the party of the ever growing government the DEMS.

          The AA community has been convinced by progs that they can’t compete in the outside world but a government job is forever, until you retire and then you get a nice pension afterwards. 1 in 5 black workers work for the government nationwide, that is not even counting all the minority contractors that get government set asides, smaller government is a big threat to them.

          Until Republican can address this adequately blacks will continue to vote Dem.

          Read this article on NPR for more information


    • waffenghoul says:

      “Do blacks really need that much extra help just to make it through school? From birth all the way through higher education and to a career?”

      It’s not help. It’s reparations dressed up as “help” to make it more palatable to non-bleeding heart cracka-ass crackas.

      “Why doesn’t the president just spare everyone the trouble and give them each a million dollars at birth?”

      If the rayciss crackas would accept it, he would. It’s all about getback.


      • gbishop1 says:

        This is an immigrant nation, and the wide diversity of recent immigrants have contributed most during the 20th and the 21st century to make this a successful economy: Scientists, doctors, engineers, Professors, nurses, IT professionals, etc. It doesn’t seem fair to take part of the economy that they have contributed to, to pay old debts of reparations to descendants of those who were mistreated over a century ago, especially when so many opportunities and affirmative policies were already created to increase their successes.

        And besides all that, who would qualify for such reparations as integrated as people are these days. Would someone like George Zimmerman qualify, what percentage of black or Native blood is needed for such reparations.

        You see how complicated and absurd all this is? This is regressive thinking, not progressive thinking. Why do they call themselves progressives?


        • landaumurphyfan says:

          “And besides all that, who would qualify for such reparations as integrated as people are these days…what percentage of black or Native blood is needed for such reparations…” .Interesting thought, gbishop. If a child has only 1 AA parent, does he/she have to misbehave twice before meriting discipline?

          If this is a post-racial presidency, how come it’s so fixated on race?


  11. gbishop1 says:

    A lot of this is about self esteem. The liberal ideology in education is that students do good when their self esteem is respected. Educators are encouraged to use culturally relevant curriculums or create one if the one handed down doesn’t fit in the classroom.

    Outcome based education and Group learning are the way classrooms are mandated. In college environments also, group learning and group discussions are facilitated. Gone are the days of teachers lecturing in the classrooms, today, students must learn from each other, and teacher is merely the facilitator of learning.

    Education’s self esteem hoax
    /By Dinesh D’Souza / October 24, 2002

    Throughout America’s schools, educators are busy trying to foster a sense of self-esteem among young people, especially minority students. The basic premise is that racism and discrimination cause minorities to feel bad about themselves, and that this low self-image translates into women avoiding “hard” fields like engineering and blacks and Hispanics doing poorly in school.

    If only we raise the self- esteem of these groups, the reasoning goes, surely the women will enroll in engineering courses in greater numbers and the blacks and Hispanics will produce higher test scores. This reasoning is fallacious.

    Feeling good about myself does not make me smarter or better. Indeed, excessive self-confidence has occasionally made me do things that I later recognized were incredibly stupid.

    Many liberal educators support restrictive speech codes and antiracism education because they wish to protect the self-esteem of women and minorities. So, too, many liberal activists don’t like standardized tests because some people do better on those tests than others, and liberals worry that poor-performing students may suffer blows to their self-esteem. One national school program, Outcomes Based Education, downplays grades and other measures of merit and instead focuses on such things as maintaining “emotional and social well-being” or developing “a positive personal self-concept.”

    Self-esteem is a very American concept, and Americans, perhaps more than anyone else in the world, tend to believe that feeling good about yourself is an essential prerequisite to performing to the best of your ability. Self-esteem is also a democratic idea. In a hierarchical society one’s self-image is determined by one’s designated role: as brahmin, elder, patriarch, peasant, and so on. Aristocratic societies do not speak of self-esteem but of honor. In a democratic society, self-esteem is claimed as an entitlement. Unlike honor, it does not have to be earned. Self-esteem in the West is largely a product of the romantic movement, which exalts feelings over reason, the subjective over the objective. Self-esteem is based on the wisdom that Polonius imparts to Laertes: “To thine own self be true.”

    But does a stronger self-esteem make students learn better? This seems dubious. I am the product of a Jesuit education, and institutions like the Jesuits and the Marines have for generations produced impressive intellectual and motivational results by undermining the self- esteem of recruits. One of my Jesuit teachers liked to say that “be yourself” is absolutely the worst advice you can give some people. He’s right: This is not the kind of advice that we want to give to a Charles Manson or a Hitler. Both the Jesuits and the Marines are famous for first degrading the pride and self-image of youngsters, and then seeking to reconstruct it on a new and firmer foundation.

    Several years ago, a state-funded group called the California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem conducted a study to explore the relationship between self-esteem and academic performance. The study found, to task force members’ own evident chagrin, that higher self-esteem does not produce better intellectual performance. Nor does it produce more desirable social outcomes, such as lower teen pregnancy or reduced delinquency.

    These findings have been corroborated by academic studies comparing the self-image and academic performance of American students with that of students from other industrialized countries. Consistently, American students score higher on self-esteem – yet on actual reading and math tests they perform near the bottom. These results show that it is possible to have a healthy ego and be ignorant at the same time. Similarly, several studies have shown that, within the US, black males have the highest self-esteem of any group, yet on academic measures they score the lowest. The reason is that self-esteem in some cases is generated by factors unrelated to studies, such as the ability to beat up other students or a high estimation of one’s sexual prowess.

    None of this is to suggest that the research on self-esteem shows no relationship between self-confidence and academic performance. There is a relationship, but it runs in the opposite direction. Self-esteem doesn’t produce enhanced achievement, but achievement produces enhanced self-esteem. In other words, feeling good about myself doesn’t make me smarter. But when I study hard, discover the meaning of a poem, find the amoeba under the microscope, see my way through a difficult math problem, then I feel exhilarated, and my self-esteem is justly strengthened.

    That’s a lesson that I wish more educators would take to heart.

    •(Dinesh D’Souza’s is the Rishwain Research Scholar at the Hoover Institution. This article is adapted from his new book, ‘Letters to a Young Conservative’ (Basic Books, 2002).)


    • boricuafudd says:

      From The Journal of Black Psychology February 2009

      “Previous research has found that despite being aware of negative stereotypes about their group and experiencing prejudice and discrimination, Blacks tend to report higher levels of self-esteem than Whites. Despite the robust nature of the Black self-esteem advantage, an adequate explanation for the higher self-esteem of Blacks relative to Whites has yet to be offered.”

      Study to study blacks are found to have a higher self-esteem, while Asians have been shown to have the lowest self-esteem. Yet, educationally Asians outperform everyone.

      This is another relic from the early Civil Rights movement, when the thought was that if we integrated blacks kids into white ones, black test scores would automatically go up. The scores instead went slightly below white kids to crisis levels.

      This action by the Pres will do nothing to help, but will continue the decline.


  12. blubird says:

    The real victim in the public schools will be the white male child. It is not politically correct to discipline girls or blacks. The white boy isn’t allowed to hit a girl after she slaps him or fight back or even answer questions in class. To survive, they have to cower. It doesn’t take long to mold them when they are surrounded only by female parents, teachers, and principals. Masculine traits are quickly lost as they must mimic feminine behavior. This has already been the practice for children in the public schools for years. Pray tell where our leaders for this generation of children will come from to build the businesses and rule the country? (Just watch TV programs and news channels where all the men are subservient to women in power.)


  13. Mikado Cat says:

    The culture of rewarding and embracing failure has to end, and shown to be the failure that it is.


  14. Dennis Metz says:

    why would any white wanna send any of their children to school with blacks (esp little girls that get raped early on) a few years ago blacks just wanted to be treated as equals but now they just want their affirmative action. blacks look at slavery and hold it over the heads of innocent whites that never had a hand it it. does anyone believe that things will ever be normal with blacks and whites as a whole group(we know individuals can get along well) but black leaders are conditioning and programming blacks to hate whites and use the race card to get their way.


  15. Dennis Metz says:

    so what happens when they reach their quota for disciplining black students? they then have the freedom to commit what ever despicable act they wish it is really sad that they keep sending loser thugs to schools with decent students, if you a parent why would you not want to move to a safer area to raise you kids. if you want to see what these kids are like google flash mob in jacksonville fl has food fight in wal mart, this is the kind of thug kids that are terrorizing your kids in school and there are getting to be more and more of them


  16. Mohammed abdul says:

    “The fact that a higher percentage of black students are suspended than whites in most schools is not, for the most part, the product of racism by school officials, but rather reflects greater infraction rates tied to lamentable factors like poverty and single-parent households. As a scholar at the Brookings Institution points out, “children who spend time in single-parent families are more likely to misbehave, get sick, drop out of high school and be unemployed.” As the National Center for Health Statistics notes, while most whites and Asians are born to two-parent families, most blacks and Hispanics are not” ONE OF THE BIG PROBLEMS is most white and Asians have a plan to support their own children, many white families only have one to three kids while blacks are still breeding like rats having 8 to 10 kids and at least 6 by the age of 30 and who raises these thugs, your taxpayer dime by sending them to school and in many cases sending the young hoe moms to school while the little ones are in paid day care. soon enough there will be quotas place on how many traffic tickets can be handed out to blacks or how many blacks can be arrested or tired or put in prison. white people should move the heck away from blacks as quickly as possible that is if they value the safety of their children


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