You Might Want To Refresh Yourself…

…. new related information/action soon to hit the public airwaves:

Remember Jeff Burnside – and ALL the machinations surrounding him.

Also….. Refresh on Joy-Ann Reid and Russell Simmons prior coordinated Activity.

Then re-review the Aspects of Frances Robles – And The Miami Herald.

Remembering how ALL OF THE ABOVE have utilized, or benefitted from, the creation of FAKE  NEWS WEBSITES  in their reporting.

A Team of four industrious research peeps have been working diligently long-hour days to capture, screen grab, catalog, and secure site owner data and published TOS information in preparation for a launch of civil and criminal litigation.    More soon…

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4 Responses to You Might Want To Refresh Yourself…

  1. ytz4mee says:

    Doxing is a crime – especially of Federal employees, such as Osterman, but it is illegal to do it to anyone, esp if the intent is to threaten or intimidate. Don’t think the media shield protects against it.


    • cajunkelly says:

      Would that not also apply to the persons doing this research?

      I researched “doxing” BTW. It’s a term for internet stalking via hacking.

      😉 So it’s illegal to dox me? I iz a Federal Employee, for what that’s worth, which ain’t much these days. Its positives far outweight its negatives re public opinion and/or sentiment.

      There was a time I was proud to be a Federal Employee. These days? not so much 😦


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