TheGrio.Com (NBC) Website Gets It Wrong…. Looking to place blame they cannot see their own activity and Wow, how the Biased Media Slips Keep Showing….

This whole thing is a mess.   A fabricated mess.  New media reports now reflect that 27-year-old  Christina Meza Johnson, was shopping her story?    The mainstream media essentially left a trail of breadcrumbs right up to her front door (see below) yet, some professional media people are “surprised” that her name is so easily known.  Seriously?

(Miami Herald) […] “It’s completely irrelevant, and now we will have to waste 50 hours on something that will never make it to a courtroom,” he [O’Mara] told The Miami Herald Monday night. “He [Zimmerman] denies it. He is saying that it never happened.”

O’Mara said he’s now put in the position of having to discredit the woman, by pointing out things like that she tried to sell her story to People magazine. (more)

Christina Meza Johnson 2007 Mugshot (aka, Cristina Meza, Cristina L Meza, Christina M Johnson, Christina Meza, Christina L Johnson, Cristina L Johnson et al) 

Also identified by an apparently apropos tattoo on her right wrist

“Mischief Managed”

Joy-Ann Reid, TheGrio.Com and The Miami Herald

If you were to read the NBC labeled African-American Interest Website TheGrio.Com one would think that our little insignificant Treehouse blog with no affiliation to anything, “outed” the identity of Witness #9  Christina Meza-Johnson.

Alas, the actual facts are again divergent from the poor reporting done by main stream authors.  In this case Ms. Joy-Ann Reid.

We should give due credit, where credit is due; and it most certainly does not belong to us.

Perhaps after we share with Ms. Reid and others the facts of the “outing” we might be able to talk people into a little actual fact-based investigative journalism in the Trayvon Martin Shooting case.  The least we can do is try.

If  Ms. Reid actually did a little research, of her own peers, in their words, she would discover the media had already “outed” Cristina Meza, aka Cristina M Johnson.  Starting with Matt Gutman identifying her as George Zimmerman’s cousin:

Later confirmed by Trayvon family attorney Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks.  Who incidentally knew first hand who witness #9 was including the substance, albeit well overblown, which Ben Crump announced on Sunday during the Geraldo Rivera Show:

Jeff Weiner (Orlando Sentinel) then picks up the discovery ball and further describes the “Cousin’s” timeline and association with George Zimmerman moving to Florida:

And then somewhat not surprisingly, fresh off previous witness tampering outing Ms. Reid’s Miami Herald colleague Frances Robles again shares the timeline of the Cousin and the relationship to the age of Mr. Zimmerman.   Apparently they are taking a two-pronged approach:

Ironically these tweets of highlighted witness information are from the same reporter who “outed” pro-Zimmerman defense Witness, and Zimmerman security defense agent, Mark Osterman.   Just this past weekend.

Which led to Russell Simmons at the far left  Global Grind posting pictures of Mr. Osterman’s HOME.  in a highly questionable article based off Frances Robles reporting.

Russell Simmons assisting Trayvon Family and Attorneys Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump in strategizing and opportunities…… and stuff

For some reason Ms. Robles had no issue “outing” in her publication the identity of a favorable witness  for George Zimmerman’s defense.   Yet when she outlines the particulars of the anti-Zimmerman witness, she stops short of such identification.

Most alarmingly reflecting something… if not highly visible bias.

It would appear the biased slip is showing in Ms Robles and many other media reporters.  But, nevermind, back to the matter at hand…

So the media, and Trayvon family attorneys share that witness #9 is a confirmed female cousin of George Zimmerman approximately year and a half to two years younger than he.  Which would make her current age around 27.  They reveal she used to visit him and his family in Virginia, and she lives in Sanford and was the first family contact with George Zimmerman when he first moved to Florida.    Well, that essentially narrows the field down to, well, ONE.    Not to be sarcastic by intent but that’s not a real tough one there folks.

It is almost like the media is standing outside Mrs. Johnson’s house with a big flashy sign saying look in here.   It is not a leap to actually follow their trucks, park behind them, read their figurative signs and then ring the doorbell.   Not exactly an “outing” as one might think.

But far larger than this outlined discovery, perhaps some real investigative or journalistic type people should look into another strange dynamic about this 27-year-old self-described, and tattooed “Mischief Managed“, person who CLAIMS George was, well, very inappropriate to say the least, and if you take them at the bi-line headlines he was just about convicted in the papers as a child molester.  Nevermind the fact he was 7 or 8 when she was 6 as the stories are written.

Perhaps a few of the more mainstream reporters might want to talk to each other, yes, each other, along with the folks from people magazine and find out exactly how many media outlets were contacted as she tried to sell “The Story” first.

Perhaps start with tweets like this one from Fox affiliate Daralene Jones, there are more out there in the Orlando area making the same claim of contact, but maybe just start with Ms. Jones.   However, then again,….

That would require those quid-pro-quo / conflict of interest relationship to be separated a little bit.  Yes, whoopsie, that might upset the apparently chummy relationship with Trayvon Family Attorney Natalie Jackson in this case.   But how else are you going to discover the TRUTH for readers and viewers.

Where is the journalistic code of the Fourth Estate.?    Perhaps that one is a little to difficult a conversation.  Got it.  Ok, let’s try another journalistic angle.   Ready?

What about asking this cable news contributor and author, Ms. Goldie Taylor, how she came to possess evidence relating to the STORY of Mrs. Christina Meza Johnson, before it was released ?    Is this too much to ask?   Does it strike an uncomfortable note.?

If Ms. Goldie Taylor had the tape recordings of Christina Meza Johnson before they were released by the prosecution/State, which apparently in her own words she did, well, wouldn’t you be just a little curious how that happened.?

Was this an example of some “Story Shopping”?

Then again, maybe not.   Maybe this was all just too uncomfortable because it goes against the grain of modern main stream journalism.   Obviously the George Zimmerman child molester angle has more, well, shall we say, ideological meat on the bone.    But is it really fair to run with such stories in every outlet as witnessed yesterday without anyone taking pause and saying, wait a moment we should check this stuff out.

The only way to actually share a story of such sensitivity against the backdrop of media shopping would be to hold back and actually do some background investigation into the integrity of the charge and accusation itself.

Already you can see the law enforcement apparatus did not think too much of the information regarding relevance, and all initial reports are Mrs. Johnson’s testimony holds no merit to the substance of the shooting on the night of February 26th.   To the contrary quite the opposite appears to be the discovery.   There was no evidence of racist intent, nor does Mrs. Johnson have anything specific she can align with George Zimmerman which would have bearing as such.

But if you wanted to chase down the sexual abuse angle, I’m sure you wouldn’t just take one person’s word without weighing the balance of self-interest and motivation, would you?    Most certainly before you would take such a position you talked to her family right?    I mean not Zimmerman’s side of the family because they would be seen to have a self-interest all their own and potentially lying and stuff.

But what about the other side.?   What about Mrs. Meza’s mom Mary, or Dad Luis,  who apparently goes by Mike and is the Brother to George’s mom Gladys.   Wouldn’t you want to get their opinion on what could potentially be some stability issues or, if the story shopping is as accurate as reported, perhaps there are financial motives at play.

Again, nothing within the substance of such considerations have any relevance to the shooting or arrest.   But if  this is the media chosen direction wouldn’t it be relevent if Mrs. Johnson was on any prescribed medications, as one example.    Again, these just appear obvious questions.   Perhaps we’re wrong.

I know, as I re-read this now I am actually proposing for you to get out from behind the comfort of desks and do legwork reporting.   But you are about to advance a very dangerous narrative without any substance, against a backdrop of a now visible agenda driven accusation.

At the very least, how about just hold off on the latte a minute and look through social media networks and seeing what Mrs. Christina Meza Johnson might have written about George Zimmerman, like on Facebook or Twitter or her other social platforms.   Something, anything that might justify the thousands of reams of print and key strokes.

You’d be amazed at what you can find out.   The “Cached Pages” are priceless.   I hope you go ahead.  We’ll wait patiently for those eye-opening tweets and headlines.

Do you? 

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57 Responses to TheGrio.Com (NBC) Website Gets It Wrong…. Looking to place blame they cannot see their own activity and Wow, how the Biased Media Slips Keep Showing….

  1. arkansasmimi says:



  2. doodahdaze says:

    So what we have here is another pre-planned manufactured media extravaganza. Somehow a message must go out to all the TV producers, Newspaper Reporters, Radio News announcers, and Pundits. It could never come together and be unified in one day. It seems the media speaks with one voice. All at the same time. With total saturation.


    • Here’s how it works. The prosecution is forbidden from discussing with the media so….

      STEP #1 — State prosecutor drops information on upcoming Witness dump (#9) to Benjamin Crump. After all he is the representative of the victim’s family and the State just hides under the auspices of keeping them informed.

      STEP #2 — Benjamin Crump tells Daryl Parks and Natalie Jackson and then media guru Ryan Julison.

      STEP #3 — Julison calls his contact peeps local and network, Matt Gutman, Jeff Weiner, Rene Stutzman etc etc (many are friends on his facebook). He gives them heads up.

      STEP #4 — Tipped off media tells network and print managers what’s coming to reserve slot feeds. Then all wait for the moment of Prosecution filing and grab their copies.

      Whammo….. Coast to coast within minutes….. Strategic, planned, executed.

      The Family scheme team can also coincide their exploitation drops around these media hits. Like telling Russell Simmons to nail Mark Osterman, or to print something about Mark O’Mara etc etc to make the hit even harder.


      • doodahdaze says:

        Is this conspiracy legal? If it is it should not be. It is clearly corrupt. Is crump allowed access due to his representation of the Martins? If so is it ethical for him to spread the manure?


      • froggielegs says:

        Ohh Snap! You’re good!


      • myopiafree says:

        But of course – all information about “Thug Trayvon Martin” is sealed – so you don’t know who he is and the Myth of “Saint Trayvon – budding Astronaut) can be kept in the “Public Mind”. Well yes, in a way, Trayvon was “flying high”. (Eye Roll).


  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    Oh crap and she actually has an arrest photo and aliases ….
    dang they are really desperate arent they


  4. indiethink says:

    Awesome story telling SD.
    Can’t wait to learn about the cached Facebook pages with darling cousin perspectives on GZ.


    • doodahdaze says:

      From the looks of things her media appearances must already be booked. Of course she will need a lawyer. I wonder who? Deja Vu all over again.


  5. schoolchoice2011 says:
    Cristina L Meza was born in 1985. Cristina currently lives in Sanford, Florida. Before that, Cristina lived in Sanford, FL from 2004 to 2005. Before that, Cristina lived in Sanford, FL from 2010 to 2011.
    Cristina L Meza is related to Melissa Meza, who is 29 years old and lives in Altamonte Springs, FL. Cristina L Meza is also related to Louis Meza, who is 52 years old and lives in Sanford, FL. Cristina L Meza is also related to Jorge Meza, who is 60 years old and lives in Lake Mary, FL. Cristina L Meza is also related to Mary Meza, who is 52 years old and lives in Sanford, FL. Cristina L Meza is also related to Michael Johnson, who is 33 years old and lives in Winter Park, FL.


    • schoolchoice2011 says:

      Michael Andrew Johnson was born in 1979. Michael currently lives in Winter Park, Florida. Before that, Michael lived in Casselberry, FL from 2004 to 2009. Before that, Michael lived in Orlando, FL from 2005 to 2010.
      Michael Andrew Johnson is related to Cristina Meza, who is 27 years old and lives in Sanford, FL. Michael Andrew Johnson is also related to Brenda Johnson, who is 51 years old and lives in Englewood, FL. Michael Andrew Johnson is also related to Shawna Johnson, who is 33 years old and lives in Sanford, FL. Michael Andrew Johnson is also related to Mark Johnson, who is 54 years old and lives in Englewood, FL. Michael Andrew Johnson is also related to Angela Johnson, who is 45 years old and lives in Hornell, NY.


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      George Michael Zimmerman was born on October 5, 1983,

      Ok two years difference in age….weird molestation case


    • schoolchoice2011 says:

      Arrest Information
      Birth Date : 5-18-1985
      Arrest Date 8-5-2007
      Seminole County Sheriff`s Office


  6. indiethink says:

    observation that bugs me:
    In Robles’ article two sexual abuse experts express concern about how young children learn about sexual activity suggesting something must really be wrong in their families.
    How dumb do they think we are? Robles’ new-stories provide an easy resource rich in details for any capable 7 year old reader to learn from.
    Experts? hardly.


  7. sybiljx says:

    Soliciting cash for one’s honeymoon?

    Cristina Meza and Billy Johnson’s Honeymoon Registry

    Upgrade to a Romantic Suite

    A Night in Our Honeymoon Suite

    A Day On An Island

    A Night Out

    Disney Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba

    Glass Bottom Boat

    Rental Car

    Breakfast in Bed

    Casual Lunch

    A Spa Day

    Champagne in Our Room

    Couples Massage

    Flowers for Our Suite





  8. Mikado Cat says:

    I wonder if the cousin wasn’t molested by someone else, and brought the behavior with her to GZ? Someone older that was sexually responsive, which its unlikely an 8 year old would be.

    Maybe I am clueless, but it seems that an older child that is into puberty would have a much greater direct motivation for some kind of sexual stimulation.


  9. froggielegs says:

    Ironically Robin Meade just came on with a story about it. Said they contacted the cousins father and he said the family has no comment. Hmm you would think that if the parents believed this, they would be supporting their daughter. Thinking maybe Dad is pissed his daughter lied.


    • Dad “Mike” must be stuck betwix a rock and a hard place. Gladys is his sister, George’s mom….. How would you talk to your brother or sister knowing their son or daughter was accusing you of molestation at the worst possible time in the history of time.

      Staggering to think about.

      But I’ll lay odds he is angry she has done this, and does not hold merit toward her honesty. Just a spidey sense thing….. 😦 All around horrid.


      • scubachick75 says:

        It’s sad the amount of damage a little bit of money can do to a dysfunctional family. Seems like Christina will do or say anything to get it.


  10. James F says:

    Apparently the ‘Mischief Managed’ wrist tattoo idea is not unique. It is some kind of Harry Potter thing.
    What do you think of my HP tattoo ideas?
    i really can decide which one(s) to gett!! 🙂 your thoughs?

    -“i must not tell lies” in white ink on my hand
    -“i’ve had enogh trouble for a lifetime” on my my ribs?
    -either avada kedavra, crucio, or expecto patronum somewhere..
    -Lumos inside my lip 🙂 lol with a little wand
    – the death eaters symbol on my left arm in WHITE INK ( i may be a bad girl but im not completely evil)
    -“Mischief Managed” on my right arm or my wrists
    -“i open at the close” somewhere….
    – annd 9 3/4(small) again somewhere..


  11. chopp5 says:

    An attempted back rub at age 16 is now rape??? LOL


  12. griz1234 says:

    “Witness #9 claims molestation didn’t end until Zimmerman was 17. He can be charged…”

    Does this ignorant “Culturally inspired” cow know about the statue of limitations?


  13. WOW, clear and exposed hypocrisy by the Grio. Showed a satellite photo of Ostermans house? But they call out the Treehouse for printing an incendiary lunatics name?
    Kind of funny that they link to the TH but are too stupid to realize that it exposes their own bias.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Actually, they “refuse” to link to the Treehouse, which is fine.
      But yes, the bias is laughable if it weren’t so serious.

      Also note – how desperate does Team Skittles have to be if they send black reporters sniffing around an inconsequential blog for crumbs? There is no meat on the bones of the Persecution’s case, which is why this is what they are reduced to. It’s all highly predictable, and highly selective.

      They must be really p!ssed that the formula of “scream raycisss, prey on white guilt, cash big check” isn’t working when it has worked so flawlessly in the past. The set back of GZ refusing to plea and out-raising the Traydemark Trashcan Momma as well as attracting supporters who are doing pro bono research to defend his claim has them in such a rage it is clear they can no longer “strategize” (read: scheme) clearly.


      • stellap says:

        That’s okay that they refused – since they put it out there just yesterday, and two of their readers have already posted links.


  14. minpin06 says:

    Obama’s race warfare warriors. His plan is working splendidly.


  15. minpin06 says:

    Just reported on ABC radio news-

    There are new charges against George Zimmerman, the Sanford shooter of Trayvon Martin. A witness has come forward claiming that George sexually molested her starting when she was age six, and he was age 8.

    On to the next propaganda topic. Same thing, different day.


    • minpin06 says:

      Oh, and still not the first peep on ABC news about O’Mara filing a motion to have the judge dismissed, which actually is true, and news.


    • woohoowee says:

      Hi minpin,
      “same thing, different day.”
      Second verse, same as the first.


    • chopp5 says:

      How can there be charges? I know what they mean but they used a loaded word deliberately. No sane prosecutor would have charged (or been able to charge) GZ with anything at the time. And with the passage of time, even Corey couldn’t charge him. And again, he was less than 2 years older than him so he was 7 y/o. Or would they prefer to round up her age and make her 7 and him 8?


  16. sybiljx says:

    Frances Robles ‏@RoblesHerald

    People magazine tells me Zimmerman’s cousin never approached them for money or a story. @GZlegalCase


    • IMHO, this means nothing. The level of unscrupulous behavior in this case by both the MSM and the persecution is off the charts. The cozy bed partners are all-in and will never throw their ilk under the bus at any cost. The case built on matchsticks is crumbling before our eyes


    • myopiafree says:

      She was looking for “Exposure” and 15 minutes of fame. To be interviewed – to have “excitement” in her boring life. Happens every day. So you have to fib a little. Hell, no one gets caught at it.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Like “People’s Magazine” has ever been credible? lolz


  17. scubachick75 says:

    Probably because Cristina didn’t technically approach People Magazine…..It was someone from the Chump/Jackson scheme team. I think it’s funny how Jackson acts like she cares about the cousin and her privacy. She is just another pawn and a dollar sign to that evil woman.


    • woohoowee says:

      @scubachick – You’re correct that Christina is just another pawn to Jackson. Christina is going to learn that the hard way just like George learned about the NAACP the hard way.


    • johngalt90210 says:

      W9 handlers might have held her in check with promises of a People exclusive. Don’t talk to anybody else, your value will go way down. We’re working on the exclusive deal with People. Be patient, just wait. Your time will come. They might be using the same tactic with Dee Dee.


      • minor4 says:

        Entirely possible (probable) that she is being or has been exploited by Crump and company. Hard to distinguish her motives from those of the propagandists.


  18. sidneytawl says:

    The media is corrupt and the Courts are corrupt folks. This video will lay it out for you, instead of linking to the print info. video seems to fit better with today’s audience.
    The media is allowed to lie and manipulate
    The Court is allowed to use the constitution and support rights as THEY CHOOSE.

    Its called fascism . Corporations get their rights, you get what the corporations only allow you.


  19. diwataman says:

    I didn’t know NBC had it’s own special black division. Do they have one for the Irish?


  20. scubachick75 says:

    Did they release the cell phone records? I can’t find them anywhere.


  21. crump has already gotten what he was after…. the money grab…….he is after the hoa and will then go after the SPD and the city od Sanford….. they will settle to avoid the raycisssssssssss factor


  22. maggiemoowho says:

    I found this article on Carlos Meza’s FB page, I thought it was an interesting article about the forgotten justice for GZ.


  23. jordan2222 says:

    I have a sense that Christina Meza will regret this soon. There might be a lot more tan fifteen minutes of fame?

    Releasing this should spell the end of Lester. Didn’t the state also object to its release at one time?


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  25. diwataman says:

    If y’all recall it was Frances Robles who broke the story on George’s old MySpace. How did she find out about it? She doesn’t say except “another site has popped up that belonged to the controversial former neighborhood watch volunteer”. Just popped up?


  26. This shizz is seriously scary!
    I mean, just think about it if it was you that this kind of situation happened to.
    Might there be anyone… ANYONE in your past that could want to get their 15 minutes of fame and be willing to lie/twist the truth to get it?
    Think about that for a moment…


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