What’s Going On “Over There”…..

The Middle EastLet’s cut to the chase so that a broader understanding is possible.

Look at a map of the Middle East:

The first understanding is to know the “Modern West” was accepting of mass migration from N-Africa through Tunisia and Libya into Cyprus, Italy and on to Europe for decades.  This migration was/is the beginning of their substantive multi-cultural issues they are now facing socially and economically.

Long story short…. Eventually Europe wanted the spigot turned off because the “undesirables” were not assimilating correctly and they could not afford the resulting problems.   The ruling fascists in Libya (Gaddafi) and Tunisia (Zine El Abidine Ben Ali) now held “leverage” over Europe.    Quackdaffy and Ben Ali became the gatekeepers.

They, Ben Ali and Daffy, also blackmailed Europe into paying them to keep the gates closed and stop the immigration.   Both men were paid handsomely with Euros, and Trade agreements.   So they took the money and closed the gates.

The “Problem” arose because the migration ‘to them’ did not stop; they just bottlenecked it in their own countries and then had to strong-arm the undesirables to keep control.   Where did the very first country to explode in the Arab Spring happen?

Tunisia.   Ta’ Da! After around two decades of bottlenecked migration, the country was filled with anger.   Anger from the nationalists who wanted their country back, and anger from the new tenants who wanted their “culture” to have greater social and political power.   A multi-cultural powder keg.   It exploded, literally in flames as an old guy, Tunisian national named Mohamad Bouazizi, who ran a grocery market, couldn’t take it any more and set himself on fire in protest.   His flame lit the fuse.

Now look at the map again.

If the Western entrance gates to Europe are blocked by NATO, and strong immigration restrictions are put back in place,….. where does the crowd go?    The path of least resistance.  It flows to the Eastern gates.

Sure some of them settle in surrounding geography, but the push heads toward where?  Yep, Turkey.    Ta’ Da !  Through Syria into Turkey.    What countries are currently in the headlines?  Yep, Turkey and Syria.   They are about to go to war.  Disconnected? Not a chance.

Turkish Prime Minister – Erdogan, now has the power of the gate key.

The pinky raised pontificating Euro-wienies don’t want them pesky undesirables back on the march so Erdogan can demand just about anything.

The difference between Erdogan and Gaddaffi/Ali is he’s an Islamist just like the new Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian Prez Mohamed Morsi.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the “figurehead guy” who led the nonsense (“rebels”) in Libya handed the reins to Mohammed Magarief, and quickly ducked for cover because the severe Islamists are now in control of the militia (aka law enforcement).

Gaddafi and former Egyptian Prez Mubarak, took the payola and kept the Islamist elements in check – and in jail.   The new crew(s) open the jails and let them out, and yet will still demand the payola.   (Not Funny that)

In Syria the President, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, is kinda thought about by our guys like Gaddafi circa 1980’s, before Daffy recognized the easier choice was to “work with us”.  Now the Islamists (Salafists, al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood et al) are gonna chop off his private parts too.  And the neighbor Erdogan is going to give them the knife to do it.

And as described “Erdogan holds the Western Wild cards”…. so it’s only a matter of time before Assad is dispatched too.   But he saw the literal stick up the butt of Gaddafi, and he doesn’t much like the thought of that idea, plus he has all those weapons from Saddam Hussein and the Ruskies.

The Ruskies are cool with giving him more bullets and stuff to keep going, because they are repaid by Immanutjob’s oil and natural resources in trade.   Coincidently circumventing the Iran “embargo” which is more like a non-embargo/embargo.

Meanwhile from Egypt, Mohammed al-Zawahiri, now out of prison, keeps the US embassies busy in Libya and Egypt, while his brother Ayman al-Zawahiri wears the big Turban (al-Qaeda/Taliban Boss) and keeps the US tied down, and waits us out -TO GET OUT-  in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We created al-Qaeda under their former name “Mujahideen” back when the Ruskies were trying their hand in the land of Poppy.   We funded the Mujahideen (aka Osama Bin Laden) to fight the Ruskies, while we were funding Sadam Hussein (Iraq) to fight Iran.

Once Iran and Iraq quit fighting each other Hussein looked South.   When he decided to pick on Kuwait, he became our enemy.   When the House of Saud asked us to protect Saudi Arabia, and we got skittish about the oil worry, Bin Laden got PO’d that “his people” would invite the “infidels” into the land of Mecca instead of asking him for help.  Huge Religious ego issue.

Simultaneously, the Ruskies quit trying to make the big rocks into little rocks, and so now Bin Laden had the time to make us his enemy.

All of these peeps: Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, al-Qaeda, Taliban, Mullahs, and to a lesser extent the Saudi’s have one thing in common.

They despise the Dollar being the global currency.   This is the commonality they all share, because they view our ability to print money ad infinitum as us being greedy bastards.

While their people struggle making rocks into wheat (because they live in sand dirt) they see our government able to print money all day/night, and create social welfare programs -for Americans only- that not only keep us fat, but also provide cell phones and internet service.   They hate that, and, in actuality, if you look at it from their perspective, they kinda have a point.

After all, we bitch about “currency manipulation” by the Chinese, on the same day that Bernake is firing up QE2.  Duh.  Same/Same.

So the Bin Laden-minded critters (all named above) blame, and label, the printing press excess of the U.S. as global greed.  Hence, when they dispatched their targets for the “Terror Planes” on 9/11 they picked the “World Trade Center”.   Not accidental.   They despise the global currency being dollars.

Well, perhaps that was useful, if not at least it can start a conversation.   I hear Mitt Romney has a bit to say in these regards coming up today……

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13 Responses to What’s Going On “Over There”…..

  1. Mikado Cat says:

    It all boils down to oil, we used to take it, now we pay for it and it puts insane amounts of money into idle hands that make mischief. Same can be said for the drug trade, it funds all sorts of trouble by both the amount, and the black market nature of the business.

    I suspect immigration “reform” (closing borders) is going to occur world wide, and I think we are going to see a large hot war soon, or a dramatic cooling off as the middle class get tired of dying.


  2. Reblogged this on USA Natural Born and commented:
    The Usurper in Chief bows, appeases and apologizes to the leaders of Islam, what a dolt! If he were just a little Reaganesque he would let those ragheads know the way it’s gotta be and if they don’t like it, then we’d sprinkle ’em with pigs blood and turn ’em into a sheet of glass!


  3. sybiljx1 says:


    Exclusive: Libya Cable Detailed Threats
    Oct 8, 2012 12:00 AM EDT
    In a dispatch sent the day he was killed, Ambassador Christopher Stevens described how the militias keeping the peace in Benghazi threatened to quit over a political feud. Eli Lake reports.


  4. MikeH says:

    If I was them I would despise us too for abusing our position as the custodians of the reserve currency. We have exported a great deal of inflation to the rest of the world without feeling much ill effect at home.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    I lived in Germany in the early 60s when the ‘guest worker’ movement took hold. Europe, especially Germany, had lost so many young men of working/breeding age during two closely spaced world wars that there was a sever shortage of workers to man the businesses. Thousands to Mid-easterners were imported, given free housing, a scooter, and almost-citizenship. In the late 90s the problem of a lack of workers reemerged as the aging population in parts of the EU was threatening to overwhelm the cradle-to-grave social welfare system as many thousands of European workers were set to retire. The EU started looking around for ‘white Christian’ immigrants only to find no one meeting those criteria wanted to move so they went back to their fall-back source, the Muslim Mideast. It’s a flood alright, but one of their own causing.
    Another unmentioned immigrant flood is the one from the Mideast to the US. Working with some unnamed Federal LEA agencies subsequent to 9-11 we found thousands of Mideasterners who’d moved to the US in the late 80s – found them quite by accident as we were demonstrating how to use a certain name-based search system and someone put in ‘Mohammed’ in the ‘first name’ position and ‘Houston-Ft Worth+Tx’ as a location. Report came back as ‘too many to list’. Anyway, subsequent searching for valid reason turned up waves peaking and centered around certain times and events with a steady flow in between. The flow through New York and New Jersey was particularly interesting, as were the all-to-common birth date of ‘1 January (any year)’ and a raft of new immigrants listed as sharing the same SSN. What the hell, probably just my rampant conservative xenophobia. Never was scared of Gabrielle though.

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  6. akathesob says:

    We have duped into giving mass amounts of money to the craziest people on the planet who just happen to hate everything about us and are way of life. May I ask just who’s bright idea was this?


    • czarowniczy says:

      Conoco, Shell, BP, Texaco…shall I go on?


      • retire2005 says:

        And why is that? Do you think that those oil companies would be spending the extra capital to drill in hostile lands if we opened up our own oil resources? I can promise you, Conoco, Shell and Texaco would be beating a path to the ANWAR region if given an opportunity.

        But time after time, the left spews its mantra about getting off foreign oil and yet blocks drilling on federal lands. What do you think is proping up domestic oil drilling? Private lands in Texas. Eagleford shale comes from private land.

        At this very minute, Obama is on TV crowing how we are drilling “all over this land.”


      • akathesob says:

        True… Damn crooks.


  7. sybiljx1 says:


    Obama’s Iran Policy: A Timeline

    …Here is a timeline of the Obama administration’s Iran policy, as the world’s most dangerous nation and leading state sponsor of terrorism moves inexorably towards acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapon.

    “My expectation would be that if we can begin discussions soon, shortly after the Iranian elections, we should have a fairly good sense by the end of the year as to whether they are moving in the right direction.” President Obama, May 18, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “The opportunity will not remain open indefinitely.” Secretary Clinton, July 15, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “We are not going to keep the window open forever.” Secretary Clinton, July 22, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand.

    “The Iranians may simply try to run out the clock.” Defense Secretary Robert Gates, July 27, 2009.

    “Our patience is not infinite. We’re not willing to let this go on forever.” State Department spokesman Ian Kelly, September 14, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “If Iran does not take steps in the near future to live up to its obligations, then the United States will not continue to negotiate indefinitely. . . . Our patience is not unlimited.” President Obama, October 1, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “We are in what we hope is an intensive diplomatic phase now. It will not be open-ended.” Senior U.S. official, October 1, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland.

    “I don’t think that there’s a hard-and-fast deadline. . . .What we have said all along is that this is not an open-ended process, we are not in this just to talk for talk’s sake. . . . We expect prompt, concrete steps to be taken over the next couple of weeks.” State department spokesman Kelly, October 2, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “We are running out of time” President Obama, November 15, 2009, Shanghai, China.

    “Time is running out for Iran to address the international community’s growing concerns about its nuclear program.” Press Secretary Gibbs, November 29, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “Iran has to live up to its international obligations. . . . The president has said that our patience is not unlimited.” State Deptartment spokesman Kelly, November 30, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “The window is closing.” National Security adviser Jim Jones, December 2, 2009, Washington, D.C.

    “Iran’s nuclear program . . . there was going to be a time limit . . .” President Obama, March 30, 2010, Washington, D.C.

    “We’ve said to the Iranians all along . . . we still remain open to diplomacy. But it’s been very clear that the Iranians don’t want to engage with us.” Secretary Hillary Clinton, September 19, 2010.

    “We want to see the Iranians engage, and as you know, we have attempted to bring about that engagement over the course of the last three-plus years. It has not proven effective.” Secretary Hillary Clinton, December 12, 2011, Washington, D.C.

    “To resolve this issue will require Iran to come to the table and discuss in a clear and forthright way how to prove to the international community that the intentions of their nuclear program are peaceful. . . . The question is going to be whether in these discussions they show themselves moving clearly in that direction.” President Obama, March 6, 2012, Washington, D.C.

    “That window is closing.” President Obama, March 25, 2012, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

    “Time is short.” President Obama, March 26, 2102, Seoul, Republic of Korea,

    “Iran’s window of opportunity . . . will not remain open forever.” Secretary Clinton, March 31, 2012, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    ”They assert that their program is purely peaceful. . . . We want them to demonstrate clearly in the actions they propose that they have truly abandoned any nuclear weapons ambition.” Secretary Clinton, April 12, 2012, Washington, D.C.

    ”That window is closing. . . . Now, the clock is ticking. . . . We’re not going to have these talks just drag out in a stalling process. . . . We haven’t given away anything — other than the opportunity for us to negotiate ” President Obama, April 15, 2012, Cartagena, Columbia.

    “We will not engage in an endless process of negotiations.” U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, September 20, 2012, New York.

    “Iran . . . has failed to take the opportunity to demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful . . . time is not unlimited.” President Obama, September 25, 2012, New York.

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  8. retire2005 says:

    Sundancecraker, have you read “The Looming Tower?” It is probably the best book written on the creation of Al Qaeda. You said we funded the Mujahideen but you failed to mention that it was under Carter. I know that has been the story, that we actually funded what is now known as Al Qaeda, but AQ did not exist then. And who we later backed was the Northern Alliance, headed by Ahmad Massoud, a secularist who was fighting against the oppressive Taliban that came in after the Russians left. What is remarkable about the assassination of Massoud is that it was done by Tunisians on September 8, 2001. It was an alarm bell that no one rang pertaining to the U.S.
    When Massoud was assassinated, the Northern Alliance fell apart. Massoud was Islamic, but not oppressive like the Taliban and believed that Afghanistan had to come into the 20th century. For ObL, Massoud had to go.

    Congressman Charlie Wilson (D-Tx) managed to provide arms to what became the Northern Alliance in order to defeat the Russians and send them packing. But he got stabbed in the back by his own party when they defunded the Afghan aid that had been previously promised. Once that aid ended, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who headed what was to become known as the Northern Alliance, turned coat and supported the Taliban, the Taliban came in in full force, and the rest is history. Charlie Wilson was smart enought to know that we would have to provide a certain amount of “nation building” (roads, schools, hospitals) in order to hold on to the loyalty of the Afghanis that he had worked with for so long. We didn’t do that due to the pulling of federal aid, and the rest is history.


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