Baltimore Police Radio Dispatch Reveals: Stunning Evidence of Marilyn Mosby's "Egregious Rush to Judgment" In Her Direct Action Charges…

Marilyn Mosby 2[Marilyn Mosby’s] case against the two arresting officers rests upon an “illegal” arrest.  She says the knife that Freddie Gray was carrying was legal.  But the police task force examined it and said the officers were indeed correct, the knife was spring-assisted and therefore prohibited.
It’s Mosby who made the “illegal” arrest, and could be charged under her own theory of “false imprisonment.” And sued to boot, since she forfeited her immunity from civil action by doing the charging herself. (link)

We continue looking through the direct action filing, the probable cause to arrest determination, as outlined in Mosby’s own words – and comparing her words to the factual evidence she is seeking to hide.  What we are finding is jaw dropping.
Mosby claimed:

[…] “Despite stopping for the purpose of checking on Mr. Gray’s condition, at no point did [Officer Goodson] seek nor did he render any medical assistance for Mr. Gray.” (link)

This is a lie!  An intentional lie we will prove below.
As previously outlined the claim of the knife not being legally justifiable for arrest has now been thoroughly deconstructed.  So now we look forward to the claim that the officers attempted to render no appropriate aid to Freddie Gray.
As stunning as the manipulative presentation surrounding the knife was, the claim she made that no medical aid was attempted is brutally flawed, and bordering on criminally liable.
In doing this research we also discover even more evidence of unethical conduct in the relationship between Mosby’s Deputy Attorney, Janice Bledsoe and her domestic partner reporter Jayne Miller of (WBAL-TV).
*Note* This outline is a collaborative effort by a contributing source that did not directly give permission for a citation.  In addition, this is our first attempt at using uploaded audio files to aid readers/researchers in understanding the facts of the events discussed.  Because we are alone in the research, and because it is exhausting to dig through the clouds of false data provided by the MSM, we are trying to cite to you the “original data” so you can make up your own mind.
The attached audio file below is the Fire/EMS Services recording from radio calls the morning Freddie Gray was injured in Baltimore.
freddie-gray-470x260Freddie gray jr arrest

Start listening to above audio dispatch beginning 4 minutes, 20 seconds. 9:22AM
♦ EMS dispatched unit 15 at police request to 1600 W. North Ave. Unit 15 believes that they are responding to a male patient with a possible injured arm.
EMS has confused another earlier dispatch request that came in for a person with a broken arm on Mosby Street near Security Blvd (if you listen carefully you can hear the EMS dispatcher get these two separate calls mixed up).
♦ Even though unit 15 is sent, dispatch does not reply to the police about their request at 1600 W. North Ave.  *NOTE* This is the exact time/place where the second person was loaded into the van with Mr. Gray.
It is also the only EMS call in the timeframe of the Freddie Gray transport from 1600 W. North Ave to the Western District HQ.

♦ The police do not get a reply from EMS dispatch. They make the decision to load passenger #2 along with Freddie Gray into the van and head for Western District HQ (instead of central processing).
Either by design or a bit of luck, Western District HQ is close to UMBC shock trauma center where Mr. Gray is eventually resuscitated (and sadly dies seven days later in surgery).
♦  An officer is left behind at 1600 W. North Ave. to notify EMS if/when they show up.
♦  At 8 minutes, 54 seconds. 9:26AM. EMS arrives at 1600 W. North Ave. (Unit 15) and reports to dispatch that police told EMS that they have taken the patient to Western District HQ.
♦  At 9 minutes, 23 seconds. 9:29AM. Unit 15 EMS is dispatched to Western District HQ to catch up with patient.
♦ At 10 minutes, 39 seconds. 9:31AM. Unit 15 EMS catches up with the van and both the van and EMS Unit 15 arrive at Western District HQ. EMS Unit 15 reports to dispatch that they are with the patient.
♦ At 19 minutes, 0 seconds. 9:39AM. Unit 3 EMS and Fire Engine 8 are dispatched to Western District HQ because patient has stopped breathing.
Those facts are clearly outline in the radio calls, and supported by video as well as BPD statements.   However, that factual series of events is not what Mosby choose to outline in her explanation for charges.  Instead a false presentation of information is fed to the media through her press conference – read here.
The Mosby version of events contradicts the facts but parallels a prior media report.

Janice bledsoeJayne Miller

Janice Bledsoe (Mosby Deputy Attorney) left – Jayne Miller (WBAL-TV) right

A media report delivered by Jayne Miller (WBAL-TV) who you’ll remember is the domestic partner (girlfriend) of the lead investigator from Mosby’s office, Janice Bledsoe.
Jayne Miller from WBALTV sold this version:

[…] “The call for a paramedic for Gray came 40 minutes after he was loaded into a police van. The exact time of his injury remains unknown. The call was made at 9:26 a.m. by police after the van transporting Gray reached the Western District police station.

Gray was unresponsive at that point, but that is not the injury paramedics were expecting to find. According to new information obtained by the 11 News I-Team, the injury described in dispatching the call was for a broken arm, far less serious than a man unable to breathe.

The medic unit arrived at the Western District at 9:33 a.m., but without the fire engine and extra manpower usually dispatched with a more serious call.”  (link)

The truth is the call to EMS by police was made before 9:23AM before the van even left to go to the Western District Police Station.
The police never got a response from EMS dispatch. The EMS dispatcher sent EMS Unit 15 to the 1600 W North Ave location in response to the police request at 9:23AM.
EMS dispatch failed to tell EMS Unit 15 the actual symptoms of the person needing assistance at 1600 W. North Ave. This was simply a mistake by the dispatcher.
After that, EMS Unit 15 catches up with the patient at Western District HQ.
Unit 15 calls into dispatch to let them know they are with the patient.
10 minutes after reporting that they were with the patient, EMS Unit 15 reports that he has stopped breathing and requests additional assistance.
EMS crash unit 2 is ordered to respond to assist. This unit is not available. EMS crash unit 3 responds instead with Fire Engine 8.
EMS crash units are for severe injuries and have personnel qualified to handle critical care patients. By the time they get there, Mr. Gray is in cardiac arrest. EMS Unit 3 takes Mr. Gray to UMBC shock trauma center. Mr. Gray dies 7 days later.
These are the facts.
Marilyn Mosby 5However, WBAL-TV Jayne Miller’s version of events is in opposition to the facts, but they do align with the version found in the Mosby probable cause for arrest explanation.
If Jayne Miller was reporting on raw data she was interpreting, she would not be reporting false information – and her reporting would not align with the end result which was released by Marily Mosby.
What her reporting shows is that rather than actually use the data available, Jayne Miller used the narrative of the information she received from a source in the investigation.  A version of events which would turn up in the claims of Mosby days later.
Who was the likely source of that false and misleading media narrative?  It would be profoundly obtuse not to accept that version came from Jayne Miller’s roommate, the Deputy Attorney in Mosby’s office, Janice Bledsoe.
Any Questions?

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  1. jason says:

    this gets worse as each day passes, and yet the MSM is silent. I am betting big that when most/all the charges are dropped, it’ll happen the same day we hear about all the other clear instances of institutionalized racism in Baltimore ;(

    • JohnP says:

      Now that the CRS is involved it’s going to be Batesville all over again.

      • Anton says:

        Highest compliments to Sundance–thank you.
        On wonders did the arsonist set the Middle East on fire–the Arab Spring in order to bring Muslims into the USA via the Refugee Resettlement Program. Who is BH Management that houses the Muslims countrywide…and where the shooters from Garland Texas lived
        Tonight, Dr. Christina Jeffrey will be interviewed on Blogtalk Radio’s Andrea Shea King Show about the involvement of Spartanburg, S.C. in the Refugee Resettlement Program and Dr. Jeffrey’s work to shine light into the darkest corners of the program.
        The show will broadcast from 9-10:30 PM (EDT) tonight, Tuesday, May 5, 2015.–dr-christina-jeffrey
        The show will be available in Andrea Shea King’s archive following the live broadcast. The archive can be accessed through the above link.

    • mpmp2015 says:

      Exactly. The premise for the Feds to get involved with local policing stems from a false event of police misconduct. However, that doesn’t matter. Now that the Feds are there, they are going to find some OTHER wrongdoing in order to further restrain the police.

    • Bobbi says:

      Bottom line : Who or what killed Freddie Gray? How ethical is it to have no answer to that question?

  2. dizzymissl says:

    Here is over 4 hours of video surveillance from the area. I wonder if we can find anything helpful in it?

    • dizzymissl says:

      I wonder if we can catch the van on video at all to prove there was no rough ride?

      • I’m going to mention this again.. You can get ALL the driver information, speed, time of Day, braking, acceleration, (with GPS if so equipped) someone access, the vehicles OBD-II, (on board ECU), to retrieve the Data needed for XXXX miles.. happens a lot now in insurance crash’s & cases.

        • I thought of that also, but I believe they typically retain only the last 5 minutes. Did the officer have a smartphone that may have GPS data?

          • I used to work a technician, eg Auto Mechanic.. **What is probably more important than a comprehensive list, is a list of the vehicles that have accessible data. As of 2011, GM vehicles as old as 1994 have accessible data, Ford vehicles as old as 2001 have accessible data, Chrysler vehicles as old as 2005 have accessible data, Toyota and Lexis vehicles as old as 2006 have accessible data, as well as some Isuzu, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Scion, Sterling, and Suzuki vehicles. A regulation put in place in 2010 now prevents manufacturers from prohibiting access to this data and requires that they make equipment available to do so within six months of the production of a new vehicle. **

        • Kitty Smith says:

          One of the incognito witnesses on Kelly or Hannity stated the vans do not have GPS anymore. They did when they were new as part of the purchase, but has since become non-functional or was removed.

      • JohnnyB Good says:

        If there was a rough ride, it’s on the Mayor for not fixing the streets.

    • Baltimore Police have them on Youtube, #728 is the loading of the other passenger @11:01. Notice the timestamp is 9:11 to 9:14 when the van leaves. If the timestamps are correct it throws this whole ting off about when EMS was called for Freddie.
      Police were very specific on when they called; they must have got the time from police dispatch record entries.
      9:24:32 Medic called to Western District police station

      • dizzymissl says:

        What do you mean #728?

        • That’s the number they used for the title, it’s the camera number I guess.

          • Armie says:

            This long video is really revealing, and it provides a reference that can be used to verify the radio traffic, because it contains continuous video from the time the van leaves to the time the ambulance arrives. First: Using the counter on the lower left side of the viewer:
            Van Pulls Away: 16:10
            Ambulance Arrives: 28:52
            Ambulance Departs: 38:10
            So: The ambulance arrived roughly 13 minutes after the van left. We know from the radio traffic that the ambulance arrived at 9:29 am, therefore the van left at 9:16 am. The ambulance remained on scene for 9 minutes.
            The PD says that it called the Fire Department at 9:24:32, which would be 8 1/2 minutes after the van left the scene at Pennsylvania and North, which covers driving time to the station.
            The call that brought the ambulance to Pennsylvania and North came in at 9:22 am, 6 minutes AFTER the van with Freddie left the corner.
            And there we are.

            • There’s a #8 on top and #35 on front if that helps anyone looking into this. The CCTV time is 9:29am so it appears the timestamp is correct.

              • Armie says:

                Medic 15 is based at station 8.

                • So what’s 35 doing there?

                  • Armie says:

                    35’s a piece of reserve apparatus according to the web. Reserves get pressed into service when the regular medic rig is in the shop. I’m not sure about the 8 on the roof, could be where the reserve is housed when it’s not being Medic 15, could just be a so-called shop number. All the Baltimore medic rigs are staffed by two paramedics, BTW, then they have some extra units that run at peak hours and when they get shorthanded. The various pieces each has its own numbering sequence, so the station with engine 8 has truck 10 and medic 15. Confusing.

        • Les says:

          Click on “Playlist” at top left corner.

      • Fantasia says:

        If you listen to the recording, though, there are multiple confirmations on times. For instance, at 16:25-17:20, are calls with replies, and on those calls, which are unrelated, the times are stated.
        May very well be the time stamps are incorrect on the cams. I trust verbal called in and called out times, over time stamps on cams, that likely have to be hand maintained after time changes, power outages, downtimes, etc.
        Even the patient not breathing call is responded to with a time, both at 19:00, and 23:00.

        • I’ve listened to the EMS radio dispatch and it’s confusing at best. As I stated below, police have given the time the call from police for medical services for Freddie was placed at 9:24:32 at the police station. The only way they can give that time in seconds is if it came from an Event Report from police dispatch when they entered that data into the computer.

          • Armie says:

            Medic 15 was dispatched at 9:23. At 9:27, dispatch had a discussion with Medic 15, which was still en route to North and Penns. (you can hear siren in BG) re: possibility the patient’s been taken to the PD station. At 9:29, 15 advises on scene, patient’s still here.
            That’s consistent with PD calling fire at 9:24:32 (a minute after they got the North and Penn. call and sent Medic 15 to it), dispatch concluding it was a duplicate of the 9:23 call, then discussing it with Medic 15. So the 9:24:32 time fits the radio traffic perfectly. The reasoning of dispatch would be that because it was a low priority call, they could let 15 get to the scene, then divert a few blocks away to the station if (as they speculated) the calls were duplicates.
            When 15 reported the patient was still there, they realized they had two separate calls, and immediately dispatched Medic 43 to the police station. You’ll hear that dispatch at 9:30 am.
            Medic 43 got there at 9:35, and reported the non-breather almost immediately.
            Try that scenario with the numbers you’re puzzling over, and I think you’ll find it fits.

            • I’m not even sure what you’re arguing. I thought the theory here was that police called for Freddie while they were at North av & Pennsylvania av. I don’t see how that is proven by the EMS dispatch.
              -No one on the defense side has come out and said where they called from
              -The CCTV indicates a time of 9:11-9:14
              -The police gave the time and location in the press conference

              • Armie says:

                Re-read it. The 9:23 EMS dispatch doesn’t prove the call was for Freddie. That’s my point. I don’t think you can determine who that call was for.
                The 9:24:32 call time you’re asking about falls between the time Medic 15 was dispatched to North and Pennsylvania for an unknown patient, and the time when dispatch discussed with Medic 15 (still in route) that their patient MAY have been taken to the police station. That’s consistent with them getting 2 calls (one about 9:22 for an injured arm at North and Pennsylvania, and one at 9:24:32 from 1034 North Mount (The station) also for an injured arm. I’ve been monitoring public safety radio over 50 years, coincidences like that do happen.
                You can’t tell from the traffic who the first call was for, but you can tell that Medic 15 found a patient at Pennsylvania and North upon arriving there at 9:27. Clearly, that patient wasn’t Freddie.
                The 9:24:32 call was for Freddie, he was at the station, and the ensuing sequence proves that.

  3. safvet says:

    Reposted at

  4. beaujest says:

    Boston College Law School must be very proud of this fool ! It is a shame that most blacks and most gays can’t get beyond their color and sexual preference,it seems to dominate their every thought !

    • smiley says:

      how much experience does she have ?
      something like 4 months ?
      is that correct?

      • BobNoxious says:

        Four months as the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City; I’m not entirely sure what she did prior to winning the SA election.

        • Joe Gerbac says:

          Her first law job was as a deputy in the States Attorneys office and I think she was there for about 4 or 5 years. She then went to an insurance company where she defended them against personal injury suits. After a few years there, she was elected States Attorney for Baltimore. She was in the job for 4 months when this went down.

          • thevelvetkitten says:

            I was listening to something this weekend and she was talking about how she had an 80 % conviction rate..i am thinking it was in her moments of running for that office.

      • JohnP says:

        Yeah, just four months.

      • lovely says:

        4 months as SA, 35 years at being aggrieved.

      • lou says:

        but she’s got that arrogance down pat now doesn’t she?….it seems that these people when they get into these undeserved and unearned positions just play their black politics no matter what…

    • JohnP says:

      The only thing impressive about Boston College is the cafeteria food. It’s like a cruise ship.

  5. mazziflol says:

    I would love to see her arrested for making a false arrest…how beautiful..

    • JohnP says:

      I’d would prefer to see her sued into bankruptcy. She made this a personal vendetta, there is nothing more personal than ruining someone.

      • Fantasia says:

        Personally, I would enjoy seeing BOTH!
        Richly deserved, IMO.
        When I heard, “If 3 strong black women couldn’t get this done, no one could!”, I nearly lost it.
        Those who have been following since Ferguson and before know why, too. This isn’t a competition, has nothing to do with race, and especially nothing to do with sex.
        The whole problem is, is it is what THEY are attempting to make of it, which is horribly incorrect. Every. Single. Time.
        This alone, should be reason to cause them to stop and reassess their antics, nut instead, only seems to fuel to anger and deeply embedded racism towards whites.
        Now, it seems personal, vindictive, and something of a must do, a drive, a hunger, in them, to not only prove the point, drive it home, but “make whitey pay”.
        That signals to me, it has crossed very dangerous territory.
        Deep breath, just a few more months. I keep repeating that. We only have a few mmore months…

        • ImpeachEmAll says:

          Then, what are you expecting?
          Elizabeth “Cherokee” Warren in the White House?
          Perhaps a RINO, with a RINO controlled Congress?
          The current RINO controlled Congress is working miracles;
          just ask DOJ Lynch. Has Obama been Impeached? Why not?

      • Coast says:

        Completely agree…along with the other media players. People need to be held accountable…for a change.

    • Imprisoned with Mike Nifong?

  6. Rocky Mtn Mama says:

    Has anyone posted this information yet:
    Glad he’s fighting back.

    • Concerned says:

      Good! That’s the first mainstream media source to put out the information about the knife as a headline.

      • Concerned says:

        Mosby swiftly issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon, signalling she has no intention of releasing any evidence before trial.
        “While the evidence we have obtained through our independent investigation does substantiate the elements of the charges filed, I refuse to litigate this case through the media,” Mosby said in a statement.

        She’s evil.

        • BertDilbert says:

          “signalling she has no intention of releasing any evidence before trial.”
          This is never going to make it to trial. She has absolutely no case at this point. She has falsely and publicly accused 6 innocent officers.

        • Fantasia says:

          It’s too late! She already HAS.

        • JohnP says:

          Like I said yesterday she will not release anything and control the narrative in the press as long as she can. Then when it falls apart she will blame someone else.

          • smiley says:

            I don’t understand why she has custody of the knife.

            • Fantasia says:

              Me either. It should be in police evidence. She is so suspicious that she thinks it will be disappeared?

            • Coast says:

              She’s working on getting that spring removed. Dang, that thing just won’t come out!

          • oldiadguy says:

            “Then when it falls apart she will blame someone else.”
            Like perhaps the white dude that signed their affidavit?

          • Netbum says:

            I don’t think she can do that.
            Discovery rules say she has to disclose all evidence to the defense.

        • BitterC says:

          “i refuse to litigate this case through the media” Bob McCulluch Aug 2014 🙂

          • beth60497 says:

            I have been tweeting back responses comparing to Mr McCulloch to every tweet & post I have seen where they are defending her duty to try this case.

        • janc1955 says:

          She keeps hammering home her “independent investigation” as though that gives it credibility. Independent does not equal unbiased.

    • JohnP says:

      CRS can’t stop the British press, thank God.

    • Armie says:

      I think Guardian got the attorney’s name wrong. Probably Marc Zayon, a former Assistant State’s Attorney.

  7. doodahdaze says:

    Why isn’t Mosby in jail?

  8. Nation says:

    Are any of the EMS people white? Maybe Mosby can charge them with murder.

    • ackbarsays says:

      What about the guy who forgot to fill the potholes?

      • Concerned says:

        Maybe he contributed to her campaign fund or repaired her driveway, therefore he is excluded.

    • Concerned says:

      Or the surgeons or medical staff at the hospital. Gray died 7 days after surgery. (For the record, I don’t think they were responsible, but how does Mosby exclude them?)

      • Dixie says:

        I actually wondered about that. How can we possibly know what actually did cause his death after he’d been admitted, had surgery, survived it, and then died 7 days later??? This whole thing is a House of Cards.

    • Fantasia says:

      You know, strangely enough, it actually may have been EMS that caused to fatal injury. Not intentionally, of course, but in an attempt to save his life.
      Freddie had a hangman’s fracture. That is now a known fact, at least for me, and many watching this play out.
      In an attempt to revive him, when found unresponsive, EMS would have at least attempted emergency intubation in the field. This very act may have caused the fatal injury after the fractures, which many feel were self-inflicted., myself included.
      EMS would have been unaware of the fracture, and in intubating the patient, no doubt, would have bent his head back to pass the ET tube. If the fractures also cause him to be a difficult, or impossible intubation, this could also explain the “voice box” injuries.
      While much information can be gleaned from his condition and events surrounding the trauma, some portions, obviously, cannot be. However, common sense can certainly fill in some blanks. The injury was impossible to discern prior to intubation. No way anyone could have known of the spinal fracture, hence, injury was almost to be expected.
      His unresponsiveness was likely not suspected to be from a spinal injury, even a head injury, but likely, overdose.
      However, they cannot (thankfully) be held on any charges.

      • Rocky Mtn Mama says:

        As I’ve previously posted, I agree. I think it’s very plausible that the spinal cord injury was caused by EMS personnel who would have no reason to suspect that Gray had a fractured neck. Even then, though, life-saving procedures take precedence over all other considerations.

        • Fantasia says:

          Exactly. And, add to that injury, likely hypoxemic brain injury, that is likely the actual reason for his death. Many have had severe spinal cord injuries, and survived. Hypoxemic brain injury? Not so much.

        • bofh says:

          Very good points – EMS summoned for a known narcotics user found to be unconscious following arrest (who previously had appeared to be moving normally) would almost certainly think “overdose from swallowed narcotic evidence”, in the absence of any external indication of trauma. Without the luxury of x-ray support, and faced with an apnic patient, I think they would probably hyperextend the neck while trying to ventilate and intubate him.

      • BertDilbert says:

        I mentioned that before, tilting the head back to open the air way. That is the first thing they are going to do if a person is not breathing is check and make sure the airway is open. If they suspected an injured neck they could use the jaw thrust maneuver instead but if there is no reason to suspect a neck injury then tilting the neck back would be the normal course of action.
        Rightly, Mosby should have checked the medical care and ruled out damage caused by possibly incorrect care before filing charges.

      • bofh says:

        “Freddie had a hangman’s fracture. That is now a known fact, at least for me, and many watching this play out.”
        Where did you get that from? I was not aware that they had released any medical information (other than what the family has said). If that was official, what else did they release? Type of surgery (I assume just a simple external fixation) and cause of death (again, I assume that they discontinued life support, but don’t know that). And details of the reported laryngeal trauma?

        • Fantasia says:

          A physician was requested to treat Freddie, that specialized in Jefferson Fractures, before Freddie died. One, who refused the case, spoke about it. He was not held to client patient privilege, nor did it violate HIPAA, as he only disclosed the team were searching for specialists in Jefferson Fractures.
          Also in the photo’s published, Freddie is seen in a Philadelphia (hard) cervical collar, as well as strapped down (the blue strap across the neck) to prevent any involuntary motions such as reflexive coughing (if he still had any) from being vented, etc.
          The type of injury, at the suggested levels, would encompass the fact that he stopped breathing. It was also stated he’d suffered at least 3 vertebral fractures. There has been much media discussion of the high cervical fractures in media.

          I referred to the laryngeal trauma in another post here, in reference to the traumatic intubation Freddie may have suffered, either due to his physical makeup, or the fractures themselves. Some patients are just notably difficult to intubate and require an anesthesiologist and RSI (Rapid Sequence Intubation) to intubate. Traumatic intubations are fairly common.
          It was noted, there was no external injury or bruising, which can lead one to surmise the injury could well have come from internal injury. That injury would be easily deduced as the intubation.
          If EMS was unable to perform the intubation in the field, he would have been bagged until he reached the hospital. That is one of the smaller details we will likely have to wait to discover.
          Another photo was published on Twitter, that showed an individual that may, or may not have been, Freddie, so I will not link it. However, that individual was shown in a Halo device. The person did resemble him. I only know of one confirmed released image, as of yet, and that image is in the link, above. I still did download the other, however.

          • janc1955 says:

            OMG re the “hangman’s fracture.” Can’t wait to hear Crump mangle that one. Over and over and over.

          • “A physician was requested to treat Freddie, that specialized in Jefferson Fractures, before Freddie died. One, who refused the case, spoke about it.”
            Got a link? I’m looking but can’t find anything about that.

            • Les says:

              “Jefferson fracture is often caused by an impact or load on the back of the head, and are frequently associated with diving into shallow water, impact against the roof of a vehicle and falls…” or turning your head violently to the side.
              From the limited reading I’ve done, they don’t always operate on that type of fracture, it can heal (fuse) on its own. And Jefferson fractures don’t kill you. The liberal doctors made sure to mention the fact that almost nobody dies from a spinal injury even if they are trying to say he wasn’t dumb enough to break his own neck.
              Freddie OD’d. They need to just say it.

              • Was that meant as a reply to me? I just asked for a link.
                Regardless, I have no idea what injuries happened to Freddie, when they happened or how he died, I have seen nothing official released about it. The only thing I know for sure is the coroner ruled it a homicide. How it was not ruled Undetermined is anyone’s guess considering a week went by with god know what happening in between the arrest and death a week later. Just way too much reasonable doubt there.

              • Fantasia says:

                Les, this is true, unless fractures have fragmented, and the fragments are endangering the cord itself. If it is a simple fracture, it is usually placed into a Halo, and allowed to heal on it’s own.
                Sometimes, the same fracture also involves basilar skull fractures, as well. That is also highly suspect in his case. Another unknown, but reasonable suspicion to have, based on the indentations on his skull, matching the interior of the van, as released in a statement.
                I have seen dozens of hangman;s fractures, and no, they are hardly ever caused by extreme traumas, as has been alleged. Particularly in those with bone disease and the elderly, a simple fall from bed against a night table can cause it. I have seen diving accidents, auto accidents, and the like as well, but the majority do tend to be simple.
                I would suppose it depends on whom you ask, and the comparisons you are trying to draw. It’s obvious in most cases, from what I have seen, liberal media were trying to draw a violent conclusion as to the cause, and it is arguably not always the case.
                Freddie may have had many predisposing factors, as well as his “playacting” (similar as to what happened in Baltimore yesterday when Meech fell screaming he’d been shot), that Freddie was alleged to have done many times in the past.
                The Megyn Kelly interview with the anonymous officer touched on this topic, as did the second passenger, who I assure you, made a statement well before going to the press.

                • Les says:

                  Thanks for the explanation. Would you get the same effect by hitting the top of your head while bent forward @ 90 degrees? I imagine hitting a bolt concentrates the force.
                  I don’t understand how the BGI thinks he was injured otherwise. I don’t think they really care. The cause/effect thing seems to be lost on them.
                  The only medical reports published so far are from the police command and the family. They are both BGI infested so we can’t trust those sources. I’m not glad Mr. Gray is dead, but I don’t think those folks are really any more upset about it than I am. If they cared, they would have done a gofundme the first time he was arrested so he could have left Baltimore and improved his life. He wanted out of there.

            • Fantasia says:

              Sure, i discussed this with a doctor, in my Twitter. @Fantasiaj14, and the doctor is @charlesinchains. I was quite surprised that the information was released, as well. He said it was discussed, though I am unable to find exactly where, myself.
              I even stated, during the convo, that if this was an unknown fact, he may wish to delete those tweets. AFAIK, they still exist. I presume that to mean this is a known fact. He himself even stated it was not a HIPAA violation.
              You are welcome to view my timeline, although it may be easier to find it on his. It was a lengthy convo, as he challenged me on several points before he would actually settle in and converse. We ended up kissing and making up in the end. 😉
              I doubt a doctor would make those statements, on twitter, and not be willing to substantiate them, especially making it known that he is a doctor.

          • lou says:

            all moot….do you think when or if this gets to trial, there will be jury nullification….I would love to see them all tried together so the stinking BGI can get their comeuppance.

      • truthseekerr says:

        it’s all coming together…. but who wants the truth?

      • oldiadguy says:

        Fantasia, I suspect that you have hit upon the actual cause of the fatal spinal cord injury. I suspect the actual fracture occurred shortly after Gray as first placed in the van and was the cause of the first stop where he was placed in leg irons. Since Gray was not seated belted down, he could partially stand in the back of the conveyance and may have been walking around when the motion of the conveyance caused him to stumble towards the back of the van and strike his head on the door.
        If this is what happened, then the question would be was the motion of the van an intentional act to bounce him around or was it just an accident. Proving a “nickel ride” would be extremely difficult to prove without video showing the unjustifiable maneuver.
        I believe that is why the BPD task force has been looking for video from along the route the conveyance traveled, to either confirm or disprove this possibility. The task force is also mapping the route to check for any imperfections in the roadway that may have cause the van to bounce or dip.
        If Gray did crash against the back door of the van shortly after leaving scene of the arrest, Officer Goodson would have heard the noise, but would not have seen what had occurred. Officer Goodson may have believed Gray was trying to “bust out,” which may have been the reason he requested assistance to check on Gray. It may also have been the reason Gray’s legs were placed in leg irons, to prevent further such actions.
        If the officers’ perception, that Gray was trying to break out the rear door, then that may have been the reason he was placed on the floor of the van after he had his legs secured. The narrowness of the van’s floor would have limited Gray’s movement. I don’t have the medical expertise to estimate the amount the movement or sound Gray would have been able to make after such an injury. The frequent checks on Gray may have been from Goodson’s concern that Gray may have had a medical emergency, but was not sure due to Gray’s earlier play acting.
        All of this is just conjecture at this point, time will tell.

      • Caroline says:

        I’m confused by all this arguing bk and forth. It’s clear to see in the arrest video that Freddie Gray was put into a pretzel shape pin with his feet to the back of his head. Now I’m no Spine doctor but I can’t even put my feet to the back of my head unless imma break my back. Nowhere am I reading that at that time it could had been a possiblity his spine may had severed which I believe by Officer Rice as seen on the video who held Mr. Gray’s legs. Theres another video out there that shows when FG was PULLED OUT to get shackles on his legs and clearly shows he is seen on the ground of the streets of Baltimore behind this Patty Wagon sitting on the ground. Whatever the case is, whether they had a reason to arrest him or not FG ending up dead was they fault for not seeking him medical attention for him which could had probably saved his life. As far as him being in that wagon and the times no video shows abuse from the police only those cops know. You know what’s so crazy? Now a day u can’t do anything without being seen. There are camera on every block now a days unless Baltimore is different then here I Jersey and other

        • Caroline says:

          Places. My mistake. Another thing, it looked like it was hot n of ur face down in that little confined van I would had died to with my hands n legs in cuffs, face down with asthma with more then likely a broken spinal core. No officer took the time to get him help so they all in the wrong and should be responsible for his death period.

          • Caroline says:

            So another thing if FG spine was already broke n he wasn’t in a seatbelt how could he sit?

  9. BertDilbert says:

    Whose civil rights have been violated now? Mosby proved out her dishonesty the day she made her campaign speech. The Brian Williams of prosecutors.

  10. VegasGuy says:

    Wow…..Just Wow….
    This is rising to the level of conspiracy. Mosby is in this up to her almost “Lily White Butt”.
    Can’t wait to see how DOJ & CRS try to bail her out on this completely incompetent display of so called justice.
    Civil liability would be so justifiable & with her immunity waived & taken falling upon her soly, she should roast.
    Flat out zero excuses for Mosby’s lame, vicious, racial, and unprofessional actions.
    Bledsoe should be looking for early retirement & her “partner” should consider another career outside of “investigative” reporting.
    Justice coming….but for Mosby it might seem. Perhaps the youngest SA ever to be disbarred within months of taking office……
    THAT I would look forward to
    “”What a tangled web we weave……..”

    • smiley says:

      I wonder.
      they don’t want “justice”.
      they want….they demand…their “pound of flesh”.
      by any means necessary.
      this will just spread, more & more viciously, from place to place, til they get it.
      even if they have to manufacture it.
      which is what we are seeing here.
      its a travesty.
      and it will never be anything but a travesty.
      its crooked.
      all the way from top to bottom.

      • doodahdaze says:

        Or until someone puts the hammer down on them…hard.

      • Once Al Sharpton was involved, this became almost a given. He has been behind such antics since Tawana Brawley in the 80s. Lives were destroyed over that.

      • Judgy says:

        That’s been my belief since all this crap (at least from Trayvon and on). The BGI “proper” (the usuals, & whoever is currently suing someone), and sadly, large swaths of the black community in urban areas, don’t want actual “justice”. They want REVENGE (revenge on who, exactly? And for what? Pretty irrelevant, actually. They want SOMETHING BAD to happen to SOMEONE WHO IS WHITE; probably the wealthier, the more “privileged” the better).
        The people singing & dancing on the cars last week don’t necessarily want to see the cops charged w/ Freddie’s death end up making plea deals, doing long stretches of time, paying large fines, etc. I won’t go so far as to say they want them DEAD, but it seems pretty clear they’d be thrilled to see their lives ruined.
        I think the basic mentality, as frightening as it is, is THEY WANT SOMEONE WHO ISN’T THEM TO HURT, be that physically, mentally, whatever.
        It is why I wish the idiot who came up w/ the term “White Privilege” had never been born (I think she’s white). I feel like maybe we were just on the cusp of collectively getting better; getting along. This ugly “white privilege” and “microaggression” crap should allow the BGI to drag their run on another good 20 years or so. Especially because you cannot protest or argue against it (if you are white)…’s the way they’ve set it up ( the modern-day “How long have you been beating your wife?”).
        The people who want this revenge don’t even think that they’re being immoral. For they have been taught that White People are INHERENTLY immoral, they cause all the pain in the world.So normal morality concerns don’t even enter into it.
        It’s terrifying.

  11. screwauger says:

    She can not be this ignorant, incompetent and/or uninformed. This is all part of the plan; to see these six acquitted or charges dropped. The (over) reaction is the end result, it has to be. The racial uproar and riots that will surely happen appear more and more to be the end game. And it’s frightening. And I can’t escape the thoughts I am having about our citizens being manipulated like pawns in the progressive leftist takeover of our dead Republic.

    • Fantasia says:

      I beg to differ. I think she is this ignorant.
      I also believe she is blinded by her own racism and inability to move beyond it. Too much of her statements, and the way she spat out her speech, shows a deep hate within this woman.
      She is a detriment to her own self, and her career, and any white, especially conservative, within her grasp.

      • JohnP says:

        I concur in January she fired four seasoned prosecutors in an office that has a horrendous backlog. If you check google there are a lot of accusations that the firings were politically motivated.

      • Les says:

        She’s mixed. Not sure with what, be seems to be a self-hater like our president. That lantern jaw doesn’t hide her whiteness enough.
        I hope Nero is the first to sue her.

      • screwauger says:

        I believe my comment is supplemented by yours but I fail to see how it negates it. Do you disagree that the BGI (of which she is a card carrying member) want division and agitation on the streets of our Urban centers? Just curious, do not mean to come off as confrontational.

        • smiley says:

          I do see your point and I cannot disagree with you.
          at the risk of sounding defeatist or too negative, I think this is going to get much worse.
          there is a sinister militancy afoot.
          they are ramping it up here.
          she’s not alone in this.
          she is being backed.
          it is the NBP.

      • janc1955 says:

        Fantasia: Totally agree. She is that ignorant, in large part because of her own racism and hatred. Just look at her face. Just look at it. It tells me everything I need to know about this young woman.

      • Dixie says:

        Thank you for your observations. Glad to see you back sharing your expertise.

    • Nation says:

      All is going according to plan. If Mosby is disbarred, she can take over Catherine Pugh or Elijah Cummings’ spot. Pugh and Cummings are getting older, after all. Being a lawmaker is the ultimate cash cow and it is much easier work than lawyer work.. As a Congressman, Mosby can spend her days reciting the latest Dim talking points. As a lawyer, she has to try and investigate cases and manage her office. So long as Mosby recites the right talking points, she can likely remain a Congressman until she retires. Sounds pretty cushy. And she also does not have to “live” in hellhole Baltimore either. She just has to make a special appearance during the next crisis.

  12. screwauger says:

    dear Republic oops

  13. lovely says:

    Wow! Fantastic searing light on the narrative! Kudos! Thank you for all your work Sundance and any other contributors.

    • Judgy says:

      The work done on this site is seriously astounding. I hope and pray that TPTB will never be able to screw w/ that. You all are AMAZING.

  14. Suzy Kiprien says:

    This will haunt Mosby and ruin all prospects of further career advancement. She’ll pay the price and it will be hefty. I think she knows this by now. Well deserved.

    • Les says:

      I think she’ll end up making millions out of this. She’ll get a promotion. That’s how it works.

      • goodoldboy66 says:

        Simply look at Hillary’s career to see how ‘Mostly Black’s’ trajectory will look – she’s set for life.

      • janc1955 says:

        Depending on the speed of her free fall from this case, she could easily spend the next couple years in the Obama administration. Or at the DOJ as Erica Holder’s soldier.

      • Judgy says:

        Or she’ll wind up as a paid talking head on MSNBC, under the guise of “she TRIED”,
        They all know she’s on THEIR side. That she is foolhardy and immoral will not matter.

    • Angel Martin says:

      “This will haunt Mosby and ruin all prospects of further career advancement.”
      i don’t know. the normal political rules don’t seem to apply in these cases.
      For example, Congressman Alcee Hastings was a federal judge until he was impeached in 1989.

  15. James F says:

    Aren’t all EMS responders equally capable of handling all types of medical emergencies they might encounter?
    Why would it matter if they were expecting an arm injury that turned out to be something else?
    Do some specialize only in broken arms while others specialize in resuscitation?

    • Fantasia says:

      Thing is, I doubt EMS knew what was wrong him. Neck injury likely had no outward signs. They are trained simply to attempt to return vital signs, treat trauamas to prevent them from becoming worse (blood loss, splinting, etc), not specifically diagnose, unless it’s obvious, such as outward injuries that may prevent intubation.
      He was likely highly suspected to have ingested drugs, and overdosed. Arm injuries don’t tend to make you lose consciousness.

      • BertDilbert says:

        Is it at all possible that the claimed voice box damage was due to a tracheotomy or attempted trach? I am trying to envision what happened from the time it was reported Gray was not breathing and additional help arrived. Wondering if he got something stuck in his throat or attendee was not able to effect an airway.
        Or would that be associated with the hangman fracture? Is it somehow at all possible that he tried to hang himself in some fashion in the van? That might crush the voice box and fracture the neck?

        • BertDilbert says:

          Asked another way, what action could hyper extend the neck and crush the larynx at the same time? Could the seat belt restraints in the van be used to do this?

        • Fantasia says:

          Without seeing any sign of a trach, that would be further guessing. I don’t know if trach’s are practiced in the field in Maryland. State EMS training and laws vary.
          You can see from the one photo, he was intubated via the oral route. As I stated, traumatic intubations are not uncommon.
          Considering anatomy, however, the fractures would have to pass through the trachea to get to the larynx. Also, if the fractures were from C1, or odontoid, to C3, look at the location of the larynx, in relation.
          As he was handcuffed, I see no way he could have tried to hang himself. The hangman’s fracture could however, be caused from banging his head. He had an indentation on the top of his skull from inside the van, as was claimed by a statement from the ME report.
          People frequently associate hangman’s fractures with hanging. Though that is certainly one modality, it’s not the only one. It is simply an odontoid fracture at C1 or, some call it internal decapitation, if it is complete.
          An auto accident and seat belt improperly worn, can cause this type of fracture.

          Simply put, I am inclined to believe the larynx damage was caused by intubation, especially with no external marking or bruising support any external injury.
          One other possibility could have been an ACDF, to repair his injury, which moves the larynx to the left or right. Laryngeal damage is a risk of that surgery, and something that should be taken into consideration. (as someone mentioned above re: hospital treatment)

          (note the disks numbered, on the image)
          Could seat belt restraints be used? Quite possibly. But not without leaving ligature marks.

          • BertDilbert says:

            OK so most likely the voice box damage is due to medical treatment and not officer conduct or happening in the van. According to the article when the leg braces were put on he would have been hunched over, implying that hands would somehow be affixed to his legs, impairing mobility.
            Bound, it seems it would have been impossible to cause a hyper extension of neck by forward and back motion of the van if he was on the floor. He would have had to obtain an upright position in order to sustain an injury.
            The focus given on the bolt makes me think there was excessive thread exposed penetrating his skull. The claim that it was on the back of the door should show in the arrest video, gonna look to see if anything is visible

            • BertDilbert says:

              it would have to be the internal door and not the outside door of the van. Watching the video it was stated that the only trauma in the autopsy was to the spine.

  16. VegasGuy says:

    “Wow! Fantastic searing light on the narrative!”
    LOL…..More like a LASER vaporizing her legal standing.
    KUDOS indeed….

  17. I don’t think police called for Freddie at that location. The times given by police are no doubt coming from police Event Reports similar to these:
    If there’s no entry for any other time than 9:24:32, or actual dispatch recorded then there’s no proving it beyond testimony.

  18. kinthenorthwest says:;_ylt=AwrTcXW3WklVpOQA3U8unIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTIyNzBsNWQ0BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM2MzY1NDdiZjNiZDJhNWFiODdkOWViZjY5Yjk2NTE4OARncG9zAzQEaXQDYmluZw–?.origin=&!%26%2339%3B+Rectangle+Sticker+|+Gifts+For+A+Geek+|+Geek+T+…&p=Shit+gets+deeper&oid=636547bf3bd2a5ab87d9ebf69b965188&!%26%2339%3B+Rectangle+Sticker+|+Gifts+For+A+Geek+|+Geek+T+…&b=0&ni=128&no=4&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=12p20kc0c&sigb=15graj7dt&sigi=13cnjnlcl&sigt=12qc0nfmb&sign=12qc0nfmb&.crumb=gpFmoOJpgrV&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&
    See if this works…After reading and trying to catch up on the forum today I realize that it is getting mighty smelly in Baltimore as the $HlT piles up.

  19. Steve Baber says:

    Why shouldn’t Mosby be charged with False Imprisonment and sued personally for Defamation of Character?

    • Judgy says:

      Probably b/c she is black?
      And b/c Baltimore has proved REALLY good at rioting,
      But we can dream, can’t we? 🙁

  20. Betsy Ross says:

    Never the truth shall be sought.
    Doesn’t fit the narrative..

  21. VegasGuy says:

    I came across this a bit ago. Don’t know if anyone else has already posted it. But if not, it is certainly a curious piece of info.
    It’s a tweet from Jayne Miller outlining that the knife was legal & therefore the arrest of Gray was illegal.
    No real biggie except for the date/time of the tweet.
    Fri. May 1 at 7:46 AM. Hours before Mosby made the announcement of charges.
    Like I said…If this is already out there, disregard. I just had not seen it yet.

  22. dizzymissl says:

    Sundance, this might deserve a thread. Check out the post from State Senator Pugh:
    I thought it important to share with you that after leaving North and Pennsylvania I went to check on the young man who was supposedly shot by the police. I went to the hospital and spoke with personnel….I went in the room where he was given a physical examination. I gave him a hug and ask if he were Okay…he was in tears and I will not reveal our personal conversation around why he was arrested and how we work to improve his future….he wanted to see his mother…and family…so the police led him to the hallway and allowed him to see his mother and the family
    More at the link and the comments are priceless:)

    • dizzymissl says:

      Sorry, I didn’t know that was going to show up like that. oops

    • LoyalReader says:

      I thought the comments would be ooh’s and awww’s for her compassion in this thug’s case. It was nice to see how many “folks” have caught on to the pandering and lack of support from these politico types for the honest, hardworking American citizen. Give me some hope.

    • bonnibrai says:

      She could do with a bit of a spell check.There was a clip posted of her and mom at the hospital with junior that has been pulled. Jeeze the epitome of hug a thug!

    • What an absolutely ridiculous woman.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Those comments were unleashing a torrent of pent up sunshine. Maybe some reasonable people left in Bloodymore after all!

    • Monroe says:

      This so sends the wrong message. Hugs for drugs.

    • bofh says:

      What planet are we on? This guy was under arrest for a firearms charge, was he not? Senator Pugh (who I’m pretty sure is not his lawyer) can waltz in, fondle him, and discuss strategy with him prior to booking and interrogation? OK, plus three for humanity, but about minus 400 for law and stuff, yeah?

      • Fantasia says:

        Exactly. This made me ill, to the enth degree. Not only that, someone involved is capable of continuously having this video censored from youtube. I have witnessed it now, twice. It may have happened even more, however. It is no longer in existence, that I can find.

        • jetstream says:

          There are numerous sites that have video downloaders for Chrome, Fantasia. Here’s one, but I don’t know its reliability:
          If you don’t like the look of this one, find other options by doing a search using the terms “download youtube videos Chrome plugin”

          • Fantasia says:

            Thank you, I did actually look at that one. The issue with that site was, you had to download, and restart your browser, then go to the url. The video had already been removed.
            I searched many times, though, and the ones I found only allow you to capture if you have the URL. The issue I had last night was, the video was still in my tab, but had been pulled from youtube, so the url was useless. Restarting was not a possibility, as I would have lost the url and likely the cache source.
            I needed a way to capture it from my existing tab, or a way to find it in my google cache. I finally gave up about 6am.
            Most downloaders, though, do not allow it in Chrome, bc Google owns both, and it is against TOS to download youtube vids. Not sure how Google/Chrome will act, if that software is found in one’s browser, either.
            Now may be a great time to go ahead and find one I like, and install it, for future needs, though, or, find some other solution.

  23. mimbler says:

    It really is worth checking out the comments on dizzymissl’s link! Not everyone there has been drinking the cool aid!

  24. mickie says:

    Kinda off topic, but worth a mention. Dorian J. files lawsuit against Darren Wilson. Anyone else read that?

    • VegasGuy says:

      Must be trying to get his attorney fees paid…Claims Wilson “targeted” & “Fired at him”
      Odd since his original claim was that Wilson ignored him completely.
      That one goes nowhere.

    • James F says:

      At only 100 grand it is seems like Johnson and his lawyer are hoping for “go away” money and do not expect it to go to trial.

    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      Saw that earlier. The KARMA bus needs to catch up to Dorian and smash him flatter than a doggone pancake. Unbelievable that he has faced no consequences of lying and causing so much destruction and hatred.

      • Vintage66 says:

        I totally agree with you lilbirdee. I wonder if he is still working at his job in St Louis City. I thought that was his reward. Little street punk.

    • Judgy says:

      Wow. I’d bet he probably doesn’t know what “unmitigated gall” means, but he has it in SPADES (if I can still say that).
      Not quite as audaciously disgusting as the couple who encouraged their buddies to “Burn this bitch down” daring to sue when their OWN butts should be responsible for all the damages incurred by innocent business owners (and don’t forget #JusticeForPearlie, lol), but it’s still pretty gross. They should count their blessings they’re not facing charges themselves, and that they don’t makes me feel like we’re on different planets. (Or maybe we SHOULD be……,.,).
      Heck, I wish the entire COUNTRY could sue Dorrian, and Michael’s parents for the irreparable & ongoing emotional damages we’re all dealing w/ now, and that have led to the deaths of at least 3 police officers (is it now 4 as of today?). Not to mention all the cops who are considerably more at risk every damn day, when they may be killed by the extra moment of hesitation they may now feel b/c a perp happens to be black.
      The person who SHOULD be suing is Darren Wilson. I hope he is doing as well as can be expected, & wish we would hear from him, but obviously HE is not so driven by greed or revenge.
      These people are once again showing us who they are at heart, and I SO wish they would be called out on it.
      How the hell can we EVER hope to come together as a nation when people will not only never admit they’ve done anything wrong, but they will double-down and try to get PAID for basically being crappy people?
      I wouldn’t know where to start, but I think the complete absence of SHAME is a huge part of our problems.

  25. goodoldboy66 says:

    Mickie – good stuff. Looks like the Baltimore BS is spawning copycats’.
    A witness to a police officer’s fatal shooting of Michael Brown last summer in Ferguson, Missouri, has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was wrongly stopped and fired on during the encounter on a city street.
    The lawsuit, filed last week by Dorian Johnson, claims that the officer, Darren Wilson, fired at him and Brown as they ran away from him on Aug. 9. The lawsuit claims Wilson targeted him without probable cause.
    “Officer Wilson acted with either deliberate indifference and/or reckless disregard toward” Johnson, the lawsuit says.
    That dirty POS needs to be in jail for perjury and inciting riots.

    • nivico says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… we desperately need tort reform in this country that bars criminals from filing lawsuits.
      The BGI would dry up overnight.

  26. Stephen says:

    It looks as if the U.S. is moving closer and closer to “justice” Zimbabwe style.

  27. flaladybug says:

    Just my opinion, but I think Mosby’s arrogance has vastly exceeded her intelligence in this situation. I think she was hoping to use this tragedy as a springboard to her next political aspiration. Unfortunately for her, this will probably/hopefully come back and bite her in the aspirations! Her arrogance would make one believe she is undoubtedly talented as a prosecutor, but after learning that it took several years just to get INTO law school, after being rejected by MANY due to her inadequate LSAT scores, I’m thinking she is more affirmative action in stilettos than Princess Prosecutor 😉

    • Judgy says:

      She can probably find work as a Michael Jackson impersonator were she to be disbarred. 🙂
      It saddens me tremendously that anything untoward she may have done will be forever forgiven as she will only be seen as a HERO in her community.
      Even sadder, this case should have never even been made into a race thing–NONE of the recent ones should have! It is all inference. unreasonable suspicion, & the machinations of the MSM & BGI. I don’t know what caused Freddie to die, but I daresay he likely bears at least a tiny modicum of responsibility.
      Provocateurs like Ms. Mosby, who rev up feelings of racial anger and entitlement, rather than trying to quell them, ought to be VERY careful. They may think they know what they’re doing. but the consequences of these “feelings” they’re validating will be around for a loooonng time.
      Of course I can’t KNOW, but I think I’d feel the same way I do if I was black. I don’t think this is all a black/ white thing; it’s a right/ wrong thing. We need to wait & find out why Freddie died. Demonizing the police is going to have far more dangerous results than just the ones that they think they want.
      And racist know-it-all’s should be condemned, not PRAISED. So glad to have the Treehouse to further educate me as this unfolds–thanks, y’all!

  28. goodoldboy66 says:

    Ladybug, that fact accounts for 99% of them.

  29. pspsst says:

    I just read SD’s report and haven’t had chance to read comments. Please skip if mentioned already……
    Cardiac arrest, which apparently was the primary presenting problem upon arrival of EMS, is the number one reason for death from heroin overdose. The tongue and breathing apparatus swells from overdose. Philips Seymour Hoffman died too in this manner for those familiar. The individual thinks their body can handle increasingly higher doses, because their tolerance increases and high also diminishes. What they don’t understand is that they fall asleep and become non-responsive. Were there any signs of intravenous use on Freddy? How high was the heroin substrates in his blood and did the doctors know to test or did they assume he hurt his neck. He may have fractured or had a hairline fracture of his neck from before the arrest but it would have been the wrong diagnosis. Conversely was he on pain meds and added marijuana and heroine on top of it? Then again there must have been DNA on one of the minor bolts.
    The party to be sued ought to be the Mayor and BO Administration for failing to support police departments with adequate funding to hire sufficient staff and purchase vans. No money for maintenance of the van requiring the police to adapt vans on their own is not the fault of the police but political junkets for overspending on $200 pencil sharpeners and dinner cocktails. I’m certain Marilyn Bossby attended several of those along with her fancy schmancy hubby decked out in red and black. I’d like to see all of the political hacks wear black and white soon, behind bars. Youth would be safer then.

    • nivico says:

      Has the tox screen even come back yet…???
      They were saying it could take up to 40 days.

      • Fantasia says:

        According to the police officer interviewed by Megyn Kelly, anonymously, he was positive for heroin and mj. Levels were not released, just positive results. Many are convinced this “cop was not real”.

        • nivico says:

          That was the urine test performed by the hospital iirc… I’m curious about the blood tox screen.

          • Fantasia says:

            All traumas are given urine and blood tox screens, as they show different drugs. The type screen you are looking for is quantitative vs qualitative, will actually come from the ME, so yes, that will be a while, and the results may never be released.

    • yakmaster2 says:

      Baltimore got 1.5 BILLION in stimulus money (Thanks, Obama). Where the heck did all that $$$ go? Cops aren’t even outfitted with body cams that Dems keep saying would solve police brutality.
      THAT’s what the citizens of Baltimore should be asking their smooth talking politicians. They should be demanding an accounting—if they could pull their heads out of their own butts long enough! SMH

  30. pspsst says:

    Excelsio, btw, everyone who worked on the audio. Bravo, bravo.

  31. aprilyn43 says:

    Liberals should really take up reading nursery rhymes, “oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive”. But then as always, “Truth” is the “First” victim to be destroyed to achive the Liberal agenda.

  32. froggielegs says:

    Mosby obviously didn’t read the Maryland Code and Rules…
    Her saying she heard their cries for not justice no peace, immediately places guilt upon the defendants to the public. But most importantly, to the public that could possibly sit on a jury for these cases.
    Here is the entire section…

    • froggielegs says:

      Click to enlarge that image

    • James F says:

      She has deluded herself into believing she has a personal stake in this case for some imagined oppression and has openly stated she is abusing her power to rectify this unrelated imaginary injustice against her and all black youth, using these officers as a scapegoat. “Our time is now”
      “To the youth of this city, I will seek justice on your behalf. This is a moment. This is your moment,” Mosby says. “Let’s ensure that we have peaceful and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come. You’re at the forefront of this cause. And as young people, our time is now.”

      • yakmaster2 says:

        Law schools should use her as a textbook example of activist prosecution and how such conduct violates individuals’ civil rights under the legal mandate of due process.

    • pspsst says:

      Highly unprofessional, indeed. I wouldn’t believe a word she says anymore. Freddy cried wolf. Mosby does too. Her credibility is shot. She should have learned not to jump at pass along notes about the swtich blade sent to her by Obama’s handlers. She thought she got a winning ticket.

    • Concerned says:

      Who has the ability to make a complaint about her? Any Maryland citizen?
      By the way, I noticed the prior paragraph about timely disclosure of evidence to the defense. Except for the knife, apparently. The knife is being held in a secret location.

      • oldiadguy says:

        I suspect there are numerous photos of the original knife being held in safekeeping by many individuals.

  33. dizzymissl says:

    New article:
    Freddie Gray’s spinal injury suggests ‘forceful trauma,’ doctors say

  34. Rodney Plonker says:

    Here’s an interesting news article by Miller where it shows Mosby making a hash of a murder prosecution. Prosecutors dropped second degree murder charges after judge rulled insufficient evidence. She has now filed the same charges again.

    • nivico says:

      “I am committed to ensuring transparency in this case as well as all others. It is extremely important for the public to understand the criminal justice process and the laws that should follow to ensure that justice is served. My job is to uphold the law and rectify procedural missteps,” Mosby said.
      This is what she said in February… now, less than three months later, she’s refusing to be ‘transparent’ about the charges against the Baltimore Six.

    @ abour 28 minutes in the video.
    On BPD #727 video, just 10-15 seconds before 9:29 AM according to the clock on this video, the EMS arrives at 1600 North Ave., Stop 4, 12-13 minutes after the BPD Wagon left.

  36. The infamous “BPD Wagon” with Freddie was there from about 9:11 to 9:16. The EMS showed up just before 9:29. It’s very like the cops decided they couldn’t wait on EMS and diverted to the nearby Western District station. BPD video #728:

  37. TexasRanger says:

    Marilyn Mosby Charged a Cafeteria Worker, and a Plumber Instead of Police Officers
    This Woman Appears To Be Completely Incompetent – She’s Even Charged The Wrong People.!

    EMS ambulance parks for 9 minutes from just before 9.29 AM to just before 9:38 AM, April 12.. Then leaves.
    Nothing in video showing them opening the doors and loading a patient. So very likely, the Baltimore 6 called it for Freddie but decided not to wait on it, since it arrived 12 minutes after the BPD wagon left.

    • Armie says:

      I did the same exercise, and I agree with your time of day figures, but not with your conclusions. The first call to the fire department came in at 9:22am, 6 mins after the van left the corner. The call for Freddie at the station came in 2 and a half minutes later. Apparently there was just coincidentally another EMS incident with a different patient at Pennsylvania and North.

  39. joepufnstuf says:

    This website is a national treasure. The work done here is truly outstanding. What saddens me is that it’s a rarity, and not commonplace, among the media.

  40. jetstream says:

    Thanks to all who took the time to sign up and listen to the Broadcastify radio archives. You hit the motherlode with the EMS tapes, great work!
    Let the schemers, scammers, and frauds beware, Newton’s Third Law rules.

  41. Justice_099 says:

    Wow. Lot’s to catch up on! SD, you have my direct permission to use anything I share on this site. It is implied as far as I am concerned.
    Also, I need to apologize for not being able to follow up on this as quickly as I would have liked. I will be taking an international trip for 2 weeks this weekend, so have been very busy preparing for that and trying to make sure projects at work are caught up to carry over while I am gone.
    I truly appreciate everybody’s help in this.

    • jetstream says:

      So glad you jumped on this Justice_099. Your efforts, and others who listened, have resulted in a grand slam. Well done.

  42. Wow this is truly shocking they would sacrifice innocent black men for a agenda isn’t that kind of like going against the grain for all black people wrongly convicted. Two steps forward 20 steps back Mosby is a circus clown being led by two out of control Lesbian Feminazi’s.

    • Justice_099 says:

      Every war has its casualties and collateral damages. Those 3 black officers should be proud to be martyrs for the greater cause.

      • Concerned says:

        She’ll take down 3 black officers, productive tax-paying citizens, for a leech drug dealer with no future. Brilliant plan for her people.

    • oldiadguy says:

      “Mosby is a circus clown” Hey, that is an insult to clowns everywhere!!!

  43. dizzymissl says:

    How do we know this:
    An officer is left behind at 1600 W. North Ave. to notify EMS if/when they show up.

  44. Ari says:
    Main Talkshow Call-In
    Toll Free Talkshow Call-In
    Verizon Wireless
    AT&T Wireless
    Get Baltimore’s Talk shows Talking about this, the truth must be spread!

  45. aichtuttle says:

    Mosby needs to Check her Black Privilege.

  46. Ben Gozzi says:

    Its time for America’s white population to take a lesson from blacks. When we are grossly discriminated against by Presidential and local events, we must take to the streets and use “guerrilla warfare tactics.” Like Jim Morrison said “They’ve got the guns but we’ve got the numbers.”

  47. pavepusher says:

    Second Amendment, the knife law is unConstitutional.

  48. Patty Ann says:

    Roommate. Yea, right.

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