Media Image = “Mother of The Year” – Truth = “Opportunistic, Detached, Manipulative Parasite” Taking Advantage of Dead Son For Financial Reward

Putting the word “mother” in a sentence carrying the name Sybrina fulton, is akin to considering Roman Polanski a nominee for Teen Girl Counselor.


Sybrina Fulton dispatched Trayvon Martin to be raised by Alicia Stanley for 12 years. A maternal bond was never created, because she never wanted anything to do with Trayvon Martin,   Further evidenced upon his return to her home, after Tracy kicked Alicia to the curb for his newest baby momma Brandi Green, she kicked Trayvon out of the house in December 2012.   But you would never know that from looking at the Rosa Parks imagery created by the media and Black Grievance Entertainment Industry.


Catharine Evans rightly calls attention to this in her article today for American Thinker:

[...]  Fulton  is not interested in turning the death of her son into anything but an  opportunity to get the focus off herself.  Her son’s rage-filled, vulgar,  sexual meanderings online as well as his anti-social behavior are a reflection  of her lousy parenting, and she knows it.  But it was a good distraction  that this tragedy happened under a half-black Alinskyite who knew just how to  politicize the death of a kid and how to put the mother in the  spotlight.

The  truth is that Fulton and Martin are contributing to the demise of future  Trayvons by all this playacting.  If Sybrina wants to talk about God using  her, then she needs to fess up and testify about what really happened to her  son.  Daddy Martin should go tell boys in the black community not to  do what he did.  He needs to tell them to lay off the premarital sex; have  respect for themselves, women, and the law; stop being dependent on  government handouts; stop acting and looking like a thug; work hard; and get  married before having children.   (read the whole article here)


However the useful tool still continues to advance the causes of the opportunists surrounding her as outlined in this recent article from TPM showcasing today how the BGI collective has found a willing conspirator to sell the faux-tears as they try to dispatch Stand Your Ground, self-defense laws.

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, denounced Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law Monday, saying it allowed her son’s killer to “get away with murder.”

“The thing about this law is I just think it assisted the person who killed my son to get away with murder,” she said at a National Bar Association event in Miami Beach, according to the Miami Herald. “I think we have to change these laws so people don’t get away with murder.”

A number of critics of the law, most notably Stevie Wonder, have called for boycotting the state until the legislature changes the self-defense law. Fulton would not endorse the boycott, however.

“I can’t say that I’m in support of it, but not in support of it,” she said. “But I think people have a right to free speech. And if that’s their way of showing how they feel, to express themselves about the verdict, then I think that’s something they can do.”  (read more)

There is a particular place reserved for such manipulations.


Tracy Martin is a great example of how black men are abusing their boys.   And Sybrina Martin is an example of a mother who couldn’t care less.

Jamal Bryant,  Al Sharpton, Sybrina 'TrayMom' Fulton, Tracy Martin at Sanford Civic Center on March 26th for City Commission Meeting

Jamal Bryant, Al Sharpton, Sybrina ‘TrayMom’ Fulton, Tracy Martin at Sanford Civic Center on March 26th 2012 for City Commission Meeting

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159 Responses to Media Image = “Mother of The Year” – Truth = “Opportunistic, Detached, Manipulative Parasite” Taking Advantage of Dead Son For Financial Reward

  1. hawkeye13 says:

    While I agree that Trayvon’s parents were not the best role models, Trayvon is the one responsible for the choices he made.

    • teajr says:

      True but only in the way a program is responsible for it’s output apart from it’s programers input. His frontal lobe was far from being matured so whatever programming (this should come from good programmers/parents) that he had to fall back on was already corrupted. Trash in/Trash out (just my take on it)

      • Spar Harmon says:

        The old computing maxims ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’ + WYSIG= good precautionary rules for guiding critical thinking…my own, that is.
        Trying to apply them to others is risky, sometimes even blinding. I have become hyperaware in the last few years of the multitude of beams in my own eyes and in the process of trying to clear my own thinking have found that genesis of those beams was traceable to slivers I had seen in others.

    • sangell says:

      Perhaps but look at the world through a Trayvon’s eyes. By high school you realize you are way behind academically and you aren’t very smart. You can’t even keep up academically in a POS public high school. What do you do? Adolescence is the ‘great awakening’ in kids. When childhood fantasies have to make way for adult realities. There is no Santa Claus, the prettiest girl or handsomest boy in the school Is not going to fall in love with you. You learn that there are a million other people who also want to be a rock star, NFL QB or TV news anchor and many of them have more talent, better connections or will be just luckier than you. So you have to make do with what you have.

      If you are stupid and have no parental support you try and stave off the day of reckoning by continuing to behave as a child even as you become an adult. You may even experience some initial success. Giving a cute girl a piece of jewelry you stole may seduce her for a time but you are too stupid to see that a $250 geegaw is one thing to a 16 year old girl when you are 16 too and a cheap trinket when you’re both 25 and she has a decent job and you don’t! The problem with the Trayvon’s of the world is that they are smart enough to see that they are peaking at late adolescence and their power and prestige are as high as it will ever be. From then on its just a long road downhill.

      • ackbarsays says:

        For what it’s worth, I don’t think anyone has suggested that Trayvon was stupid. I had an interaction with a teacher who claimed that when she knew him a number of years ago, he was an A student. That can change quickly for a kid who suffers the type of traumatic shuffling that Trayvon was subjected to.

        • chitownmom says:

          Given the state of his liver, I’m sure he no longer had the ability to be an A student. I think his drug use/abuse had a delitorious affect on his judgements and thought processes.

    • alphawookie says:

      In the intrest of good discourse how responsible is a minor??? Seriously, IMO this is an important topic. Remember RULE OF LAW. I need to be challanging remember logic don’t be a prog. Also, WHY is Trayvon responsible?

      “It is always easy to be logical. It is almost impossible to be logical to the bitter end” – Albet Camus

      *drops mic*

      • boricuafudd says:

        Science may say that people of TM’s age are not fully developed mentally or physically. I think it is good to remember that just 100 years ago kids of that age were working, many had families already.

        It has been because of the advances in our civilization that we can as a society allow young people to stay longer and longer in the nest, but I’m am not sure it has been to their advantage.

        As we keep babying young people for longer and longer it is halting their development and the result is 25 year-old teens. It is easy to get sentimental and emotional and pretend that our kids will stay kids forever, those cute little children that were so dependent on us for subsistence, children do grow up at which point all we can do is provide guidance and allow them to fail or succeed on their own. If we did our jobs correctly, while they may make mistakes they will be able to move past them successfully.

    • Judy says:

      Well, the part of me that agrees with the premise that each person, including 17 year olds is responsible for their actions also thinks all parents are responsible for teaching children that with privileges comes responsibility and actions have related consequences.

      When parents, extended family, friends, schools, and police thwart the “related consequences” part, the 17 year olds have no reason to believe there are consequences related to their actions. Then we look at the 53 days of school TM had already missed, stolen jewelry and marijuana/pipe found in his backpack and the very reason he was where he was………in Sanford……unsupervised by any adult was because no responsible adult was willing or interested in helping him refocus his life path. That 10 day suspension could have been a turning point for TM. IMHO they do not know a different path….it is what he learned from observing their behavior…..and participating in text exchanges with his father about buying/selling guns. :(

      • dreamerspirit says:

        I may not be popular in my expressed opinions, but I am a little tired of the excuses we make for bad behavior. Trayvon may not have been blessed with good parents, but he wasn’t exactly living a life of poverty in the slums. He was old enough to know good from bad and right from wrong. He was faced with choices in his life and he alone made those choices. I am certain we have all seen or known good parents with really troubled kids or lousy parents who have children that far exceeded societal norms in their achievements.

        Now many people may despise our president, but he is was right when he said he was Trayvon 35 years ago. His mother and father divorced, his mother remarried and dragged him to Indonesia with her new husband and then abandoned him and shipped him back to Hawaii to be raised by his White/Caucasian grandmother. Obama never really knew his parents and he admits in his writings to going through his young life high on marijuana. But somewhere he was faced with choices and the choices he made earned him an Ivy League education and oddly enough, lead him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

        Now Trayvon was at one time an A student and he had choices too. Just like the night of the shooting when he was “a footballs throw” from his father’s house and he had nearly 4 minutes to get there before he encountered George Zimmerman. Life is all about the choices we make. I am sick of people making excuses and blaming everyone and anything for what happened Trayvon except Trayvon!

        His parents are trying to capitalize off their son’s death which is despicable, but Trayvon could have made something of himself in spite of them if he chose to do so, but he made bad choices and he paid the ultimate consequence.

    • Annie says:

      Trayvon’s parents let their own flesh and blood grow as some weed that comes up between the broken asphalt of an old deserted parking lot. He was without a solid foundation to flourish. He needed to be cultivated and feed morally and spiritually to grow . Like a weed, he was never pruned left to grow wild without discipline or structure. When mother and father let “street” behavior raise their son, the outcome cannot be positive for the young man.

  2. teajr says:

    Is it just me or does Sybrina have a certain gaze that comes off as contrived and disingenuous? I wonder what other people see when they look at her because she looks nebulous to me, It’s almost as if she’s a blank canvas upon which others can project their own white guilt/sorrow. I have a very strong negative reaction to her image but this could just be because of knowing what I know, regarding their dirty money game and bad parenting.

    • Judy says:

      “blank canvas”……sounds very much like a resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who could have been her son’s father? :(

    • alphawookie says:

      You are looking at the light caught in light sensitive chemical film; from a professional photgoropher with an agenda (I love an artists take on propaganda). Don’t be a negative of ABC please, transcripts, audio tapes, and depositions are your friend (as are warm oversized fuzzy, stuffed, and warm teddy bears). Also, don’t give up the fight spread sunshine any place you post I’m not going to cut the ladder behind me. As a battle buddy I HAVE YOUR SIX.!

        • alphawookie says:

          Also, I think you know ;) the prey that had to be hunt the most dangerous prey on earth. Sorry if I hit a nerve Teajr been there done there. We ;) know the look of the “enemy’. They would (bit graphic) cut are heads of if they could! Treymom has the stare :(

    • Lottacats says:

      And when she’s not in that gaze mode, her eyes are shifting side to side very quickly.

    • janc1955 says:

      I have a very strong negative reaction to her image as well. Always have. I don’t know if my reaction to her image is really to her image, or to what I know about her.

    • Lulu says:

      They don’t look right. The old word used to be “shifty”. They look uneasy, as though any minute they’ll be publicly exposed as frauds at one of those gatherings. Someone will stand up and call them out for being fakes, frauds, lousy parents. That and not picking up any more TrayCa$h are their worst nightmares. To go back to Miami Gardens, civil service clerk, truck driver?

      $ybrina is the boss. Probably always was, which is why TrayDad found comfort elsewhere. The draw for him now is the TrayCa$h. He must have some interesting conversations with baby mama Brandi.

  3. mung says:

    Oh she is a mother alright, just not the kind you are talking about.

  4. rickmadigan says:

    Just last night, I did a thread on my blog about Sybrina Fulton’s unlikely role as a Mother. The most successful emotional cons inspire us by taking on the role of Mother, or Reverend.

    My blog thread:

    And I don’t want to beat the O’Mara drum once more, but you know, he had the lead role in this, if he had exposed and spoken out against the scheme and let the world know that Sybrina was lying about his client, if he had taken her to task so many times, when he could have, we would not be facing the juggernaut of myth and misinformation that we are.

    On my thread, I deliberately put another famous emotional con of a mother, who has before and after her death become a saint, in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world. The media worked with the powers that be to sell that narrative, and there were very few to challenge it. Once a meme like this is engrained in the public, you cannot undo it.

    • Yakmaster says:

      For more of O’mara’s feather soft touch on the overall subject of George’s prosecution and how it fits into the national “conversation” about race, see this month’s statement on
      I just want to tell him to stop the public relations! He’s not running for public office and those who hate his client are nutters who will never accept the truth anyway.

      As for Fulton, the first sexpot glamour photo says it all.

      • rickmadigan says:

        NLP, neuro linguistic programming, is a method of speaking, by purposely injecting certain words into conversation that we want the listeners to hear, or repeating certain things quickly to focus someone’s mind on what we want them to focus on. I’ve used NLP in much of my verbal communication and its highly successful.

        Most of us use NLP methods naturally, when we are persuaded that something is of importance. When our empathy lies about one thing, we are prone to talk about it more, and bring attention to it more. If you notice in O’Mara interviews, in his court statements, observe what he says, what he repeats, what he interjects in the most unnecessary ways.

        A quick example that comes to mind, when he said to the news media, two days before the verdict, that the Martin parents had been in court everyday, was that really necessary? When he said in closing arguments that Trayvon was a good kid, and didn’t mean anything when he said “creepy ass cracker,” was that really necessary. And notice how convincing and real his tone and speech is when he says such things! This is natural NLP, and it shows what he cares about most.

        And what it robs the rest of us of, is the feeling of righteous indignation, a sense of justice for the wrong that is being done: It robs the Zimmerman family of their victimhood status. Why couldn’t O’Mara have said that the Zimmerman family were not allowed to be in court because of the judges unfair ruling, and they had put everything in the hands of the law, and deserved a just verdict. O’Mara lost the war for George long ago!

        • Yakmaster says:

          +1000 @ rickmadigan. O’Mara’s words, taken in aggregate, are the key to what is important to him. He has made his core ideology clear to his target audience— and that’s the reason he has not been collectively attacked by Florida peers deep in the BGI. :-(

      • Lulu says:

        Re $expot $ybrina, does anyone remember the come-hither user name she used on FaceBook with that photo?

        • LandauMurphyFan says:

          I believe she was Ms. Candy, Lulu. (I’m trying not to gag as I write that.)

          Now that you mention it, I also believe there was mention on her FB page a few months ago that she had a new man in her life . I don’t do FB myself, but I seem to recall seeing it mentioned here, with her friends commenting “you deserve it” etc. (Now I’m gagging again.) I wonder if he stuck around?

  5. Very nice article. You said it all. Sybrina should title of the year as Mother Money.

  6. Moishe Pipik says:

    And how many garbage cans full of money did the mothers of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom collect? I’m sure the answer is zero.

    These people are disgusting scum. They murdered Trayvon through their bad parenting, and now they’re making millions of dollars. They probably giggle as they count their trashcans full of money, thinking of all the “bling” they can get.

  7. June G says:

    I saw a photo of her with her two sons, when they were quite young (Trayvon about 9), perhaps a Christmas photo, and what is striking is Sybrina’s sexy outfit. It seems odd to have a family portrait outfitted like a ho, in my view. I felt sorry for the two little boys.

    My sense is that Sybrina’s new sense of motherhood is economic opportunism. There is money to be made in wrongful death, and if it is a black killed by a white, it turns into a circus. People want to sue so they will be rich. If her son were a more typical statistic, a black killed by a black, there is almost no chance of economic gain.

  8. diwataman says:

    I think it’s great. It says a lot about the black community when they prop up a farce like this as an example of civil rights advancement. I’ve gotten over the fact the media plays its part in the farce because really in the end they are just selling what people are buying, if there wasn’t a market they wouldn’t exist.

    What bothers me the most is the real life influence it all has, as so many have come to realize because of the Zimmerman case, but I think about all the cases now like the one you talked of the other day where people are fearful of even calling the cops because they might be labeled racist for doing so thereby allowing some crime to occur. And I think about all of the cops and prosecutors in future investigations where a black is involved with a non black and how they will fear being “Zimmermaned” so to speak. They didn’t need a Zimmerman conviction for that, they got what they needed on March 22, 2012.

  9. lorac says:

    Who is the father of Sybrina’s other kids Jahvaris Fulton? Was Sybrina married to a Fulton or was that her maiden name and Jahvaris is an illegitamite child of hers. These parents should have been sterilized at birth!

    • alphawookie says:

      Past posts are you best friend to understanding the family dynamic. This is a black family not a Shakespeare tragedy ;) But love to bull dog approach ;) Also in the intrest of good discourse are you in favor of eugenics (… or just blowing of steam I have been there) ???

      • lorac says:

        Basically blowing off steam wondering what in the heck our world is coming to. I worked for an agency and dealt with first time pregnant mom’s that were low income. 99.9% were not married and many weren’t even sure who the father was. I dealt with the kids having kids…a lot of which were searching for love in all the wrong places. I had the parents of these pregnant mom’s allow the 15 yr old child date a 22 yr old man. Yep the parents allowed it and then were upset to find out their 15 yr old was pregnant. Some of the girls would go to the court house to file a protection from abuse against the guy and when asked the guys full name they don’t know it, asked for a permanent address they don’t know it, ask the date of birth don’t know it either. So how do you serve papers for protection from abuse against a guy you don’t know the full name of, his address or birth date. Believe me it was a big eye opener. I had young girls me how to get food stamps and how to beat the system…all you have to do is say you are not eating with anyone else in the house. I had one family getting about $1000. worth of food stamps per month…while I am working and so is hubby and we are feeding our kids sloppy joe! Not to even mention that the illegal aliens get WIC with no questions asked. SO yep just venting as I have seen way to many kids fall through the cracks because they have shitty parents and Trayvon was one of them.

        • alphawookie says:

          I pray the Lord bless you! This, Wookie is doting a tear. How can I help you in your work name a charity. Thank you Sir or Lady.

          • lorac says:

            Ha I’m a Lady thanks. It was a rewarding job but also a very frustrating one. Our goal was to make the female self sufficient and not dependent on society. Did it always work nope. Were there some that became self sufficient yes. Was it hard as hell to encourage them to finish high school and let them know how important that is. Yes. Did the parents back you on that all of the time…..hell NO. Did it make me proud to see that 16 yr old finally graduate at 18 yrs. You bet it did. But I was the one to encourage and encourage and guide them and I wasn’t their parent, I wasn’t their friend, I was an RN who gave a crap what happened to them later on down the road. I made it for 6 yrs before I simply couldn’t do it any longer. The lack of parental support for these young pregnant girls broke my heart and soul. Some of the families were generational people who just lived off of free housing, food stamps, WIC, LIHEAP and whatever else they could get for free. They knew no difference because that is the way they were raised. Some managed to rise above it all and for that I smile but there were those who fell through the cracks I had many sleepless nights and since I couldn’t be a parent to every girl for my own sanity I had to leave. The problem is not the kids it is the parents. We can sit and call Trayvon a thug and all of that and yes he made the decision to attack poor George. But the point is wasn’t it the parents responsibility to guide their son along lifes path and steer him in the right direction. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child it takes a responsible parent or parents to do it. Enough said.

            • alphawookie says:


              • alphawookie says:

                G-D bless you. In my heart you are mother to many.

                • lorac says:

                  But that is the thing alphawookie. I don’t want to be mother to many. I want the ones who gave birth to be the mothers. And that is the problem with our society we need parents to be held responsible. That is why that job was so draining and heartbreaking because I just couldn’t be a mother to every client I had 22 in all ranging from 14 yrs to 20yrs along with my own biological kids.

                  • Fabi says:

                    Motherhood is the most important job in the world. I cannot understand how some mothers are so clueless regarding their children and it’s also distressing to see the government subsidize bad behavior and decision-making. 14 year old ‘mothers’? I can’t even begin to imagine. Seriously…

      • Lulu says:

        Someone here likened the family to a bowl of spaghetti.

    • Sharon says:

      These parents should have been sterilized at birth!


      How would that decision have been made?

      Who would have made it?

      It doesn’t promote desperately needed conversation to say such things….unless you are serious. If you are serious, please develop the idea a bit.

      • lorac says:

        Ah Sharon that is known as sarcasm. But if we knew the type of kids they would raise or maybe I should say didn’t raise they shouldn’t have had them in the first place. Too many people are producing kids that they really don’t want and therefore they don’t raise them to be responsible citizens. So they end up in tragic situation like Trayvon did. If he was raised by two or at least one responsible parent he wouldn’t have taken the path he did. But this seems to be the way kids are being raised today. Sad but true.

        • Sharon says:

          Then mark it as such. We don’t need someone cutting and pasting that elsewhere and saying “this is how they talk at CTH”..

          I understand the use of sarcasm.

        • alphawookie says:

          Also, Lorac love to see you posting that is first and formost. But, please remember we are way beyond enemy lines and only seeing the truly ugly underbelly of America. Please thank God your lights came on when you wanted them to, the mail showed up, someone opened a door for you and you opened a door for someone, a child blew dandions, and you are upset ” kids are being raised…” this way today. Lorac you are my SUNSHINE! That is not a train at the end of the tunnel but SUNLIGHT. I pray G-D keep you because G-D know I need you and my fellow treepers.

          • lorac says:

            Yes and the underbelly of America is quite ugly and getting worse. We have people having children that shouldn’t have them. I bet that there isn’t one person here at CTH that hasn’t met someone in their life where you said to your self wow she or he shouldn’t have had kids. Or wow they are bad parents. Does that make you bad to think that? No it doesn’t, it makes you honest and realistic. Just look at the title of this article ““Mother of The Year” – Truth = “Opportunistic, Detached, Manipulative Parasite” Taking Advantage of Dead Son For Financial Reward” Maybe in Sybraina’s heart and mind she feels that she is trying to make it up to Trayvon. Maybe the death of Trayvon will open the minds and hearts of other parents who are not raising their kids to be responsible citizens. One can only hope. I guess that if it helps one kid out there by having their parent step up and saying hey I’m not doing a great job as a Mom or Dad and we have to change that then Trayvon’s death won’t be in vain. America needs to wake up because we have way to many kids falling thru the cracks and we aren’t making the parents responsible and that is something we need to do.

            • FoxyGranny says:

              My own parents grew up during the depression. My mother recited stories of the hardship her parent,s (my grandparent’s) endured keeping food on the table for 5 children. My grandfather when needed worked two jobs. My grandmother sold eggs and milk to buy other necessities. Bottom line, accepting responsibility during difficult times was how the family structure pulled together.
              Accepting charity, when one was able bodied to work was unheard of. Ethics, integrity and pride of accomplishment was how I describe my grandparents. That was not the exception, that was reality.
              The conversation that needs to be addressed should begin at home. Basic foundation, values for the children. Give the youth a moral conscience, so the decision to become a thug, gangsta is not their reality. One of my dearest friends has been a first grade teacher for forty years. The decline in parental involvement she identifies is unbelievable. Children come to school with un combed hair, hungry, and without basic supplies.
              Struggles between co parents, offering parental alienation. I am not a psycologist, but the children are passed from parent to parent, exposed to girlfriends, boyfriends, no stable family unit.
              I don’t know TM, personally but it is strongly suggested his support system was compromised in the last year of his life. If Sybrina truly wanted to step up to the plate and make a difference, she has a platform. Unfortunately it appears the stage she has chosen is the promised land of profit. The question is Who’s Profit?

              • lorac says:

                Were we raised by the same parents? Sounds like the same thing I heard as a kid but I got the we planted all of the vegetables and canned them to survive as things were hard. I taught my kids the exact same lessons and I ended up with 3 great kids that are all self sufficient and responsible citizens. I know when hubby and I showed up at a parent teacher conferences the teacher looked at us and said why are you guys here your kid is a straight A student. Well I said because it is our job as parents to make sure they are on the right track and to make sure that our kids know we care enough to find out how school is going. The teacher told us it is sad because the parents that should be showing up aren’t there. I agree Sybrina let her son down big time and that is the cross she must bear for the rest of her life. No amount of money she gets will ever give her comfort knowing that she didn’t help her child choose a better path in life. So sad for sure.

              • Spar Harmon says:

                I cannot make anyone do anything. With the guidance and power of a greater, I may do better myself. I cannot give what I do not possess, but with the guidance and power of a greater, I often find I have something to share from my experience as person with the person who has appeared before me.
                Sometimes that is simply sharing in companionable silence an understanding moment with another…of such things I have observed astounding changes in both me and the other.

              • treubleu says:

                I think you really hit the nail on the head with “no stable family unit”. That’s exactly what I see at play here. It seems his dad’s marriage broke up, he was bounced back to his mother’s house, and then back and forth between Tracy and Sybrina during the last four months of his life. According to his text messages Sybrina kicked him out in November 2011, December 2011, and February 2012. Additionally, the texts reveal that in January 2012, he thought he was about to be transferred to another school, even though he had only been at Krop for half a school year. That’s just what we can see four four or five months worth of text messages released with the evidence.

    • stella says:

      Actually, Sybrina’s surface persona is pretty good. She has only two children, and I think she was married to their fathers (don’t quote me about Jahvaris’ father), and she had a good, well-paying job. Of course, she was never a good mother to Trayvon. Tracy Fulton Martin, on the other hand, has been spreading his seed all over south Florida. He had two other children by two other women (not married to either) between Sybrina and Alicia, and one more by Brandy Green.

      • ctdar says:

        Jahvaris last name is Fulton also so maybe he was born out of wedlock?

        • Yakmaster says:

          A good paying govt. job would not have been difficult to obtain. Statistically, 18% of federal employees are Black. I haven’t looked up the stats for state and local jobs in Florida by state or county. Anyway, I think I read somewhere Fulton was employed at a Housing Authority? Now she’s a civil rights activist I doubt she will ever need to get back on the job she once had.

          • sangell says:

            Give age and demographics that’s about 35% more federal jobs than they are ‘ethnically’ entitled to. If Federal, State and local government is ever to look like America the only way that can happen is for blacks to lose a large number of the jobs they now hold and have them given to Hispanics. I think your numbers are conservative. 22% of the IRS are black employees. Given that the top analytical and managerial positions are going to be almost entirely white or Asian we are really talking about third of the discretionary, low skilled posts being given to blacks.

            I worked for a municipal utility and of some 650 employees 1/2 were given to blacks on the assumption that half of them would be fired with one or two years of their hire date such that we would keep a rough racial balance to our service area ( if we counted Hispanics as white).

        • tara says:

          ctdar, I’m pretty sure he was. There are quite a few Miami-Dade records starting in 1993 regarding child support, the guy’s last name is Scott. The first one includes an order for paternity, so apparently one or both of them didn’t know for sure if Scott was the father. But it took $ybrina a while to file, Trademark was born in Feb 1993 and Jahvaris is 4 1/2 years older than Trademark, so Jahvaris must have been born around Aug 1988.

          I’m looking at the records … what are all of these judgements against her were the plaintiff is the University of Miami? Was she taking classes there and didn’t pay her tuition or something?

          • ctdar says:

            TM must have been born 1995 to have been 17 in 2012. Has anyone ever seen his original birth certificate to confirm he was the age the scheme team claimed? Idk about FL but State BC Document could also be used to confirm parents, addresses, employment, etc. Everything Martin family & their lawyers have claimed makes ya wonder if there’s a grain of truth to any of it.
            Wonder where exactly Tracy & Sybrina’s paths crossed in 1995.

            • tara says:

              1995! Yes. Thank you. So that means Jahvaris was probably born around August 1990. I think the first child support suit was filed on May 5 1993, so Jahvaris was not quite 3 years old. Maybe $ybrina and Jahvaris’ father were together during that time, then split, and $ybrina went after him for money. Apparently it was a long battle, the latest records I saw were 2001, and at that time the father owed something like $11k in unpaid child support.

    • Hindsight is informative, but useless as a portal to a time machine.

      Throwing around the phrase “should have been sterilized at birth” is dangerous. One gets perilously close to wanting to play God with such notions.

      • maryfrommarin says:

        Obviously, I did not catch your sarcasm either, lorac. Without a “sarc” tag or explanation, it is easy to miss.

    • Fulton is her maiden name. She was not married to Jehvaris father – which is the norm in their community

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        I was trying to research that very thing, just the other day. I could find no public records mentioning Sybrina’s birth, so I could not verify if Fulton is her maiden name. Do you have any info in that respect?

      • lorac says:

        Why do we think that is the norm? What can we do to change that?

        • We don’t think it’s the norm. We know it’s the norm.

          “My son’s mother…..”

          “My baby daddy….”

        • Lottacats says:

          We can’t change it being the norm. They could change it by using BIRTH CONTROL. (whites included too)

          • Lottacats says:

            Health Dept. is free or low cost but to call for an appt. and show up is time consuming for the lazy.

          • lorac says:

            Been down the road with birth control with the girls I dealt with. I had one girl hid her birth control pills in her teddy bear! Some refused to get the depo shot cause shots hurt! Some just simply forget to take the pill. There is excuse after excuse as to why they don’t use it. I even gave out bag after bag of condoms of all flavors and such. Some even use abortion as their mode of birth control. When you see a 16 yr old who has already had 4 abortions and the mother of that 16 yr old knows it we as a society have a problem. It doesn’t matter if they get it for free. They are simply too irresponsible to use it. You could give them a boad load of birth control pill for free and it won’t make them swallow a one of them.

            • Lottacats says:

              My first thought was sarcastic…Put them in skittles. Actually, it’s a very serious problem. As it’s been said…you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
              BTW, Spay and neuter your pets.

        • Bette says:

          We might be able to change it if the government would stop incentivizing this behavior by paying more and more in social welfare benefits for each child an unwed mother has, but then disqualifies a married couple with children for even minimal support because their income keeps them at the poverty line. They have learned that life is better for them as unwed mothers and with more babies they can have a better standard of living because our government continues to provide them more incentives for a better life by continuing this pattern. It is a sad, but true, and it is generational. It would be political suicide to fess up and do the right things to turn this situation around so it is doubtful it will ever change. The ciivil rights movement has been twisted and turned into the mess we have today.

          Also, just the general trend of our government and progressives toward liberal views and the secular movement in general all have served to undermine the family unit and Christian values which were stabilizing forces for all of America. This isn’t just a Black problem.

          • treubleu says:

            Amen. A friend’s *Caucasian* college age daughter had an unplanned pregnancy and opted not to marry the baby’s father, her boyfriend of many years, because she can get more government benefits as a single mother, even though she is living with the baby’s father, as she has been for years. This ridiculousness needs to stop. I would rather see the government assistance go to married couples with children who are financially struggling and need help.

            Another *Caucasian* acquaintance has a teenage daughter who had a baby. Her daughter is going to college yet is able to afford her own apartment. Who do you suppose is paying for that? We are. And better yet, the government is actually paying the grandmother to babysit her own grandchild while her daughter is at school.

  10. czarowniczy says:

    Remember, there are people who believe reality shows are real…

  11. scaretactics says:

    No kidding.
    So Trayparents molded TM into an ‘outstanding citizen of this country, eh?’ ??????? What was so outstanding about him?

    Was it the ability to skip 50+ days of school in the 1st semester?
    Was it the ability to get suspended 3 times within 100 or so days of school?
    Was it his ability to place a bag of weed between his butt cheeks for the bus ride to Sanford?
    Was it his knowledge of making and regularly using Lean/Drank?
    Was your son able to provide them with jewelry and watches that he “found?”
    Was it all of the lewd photos TM had on his phone that made him so special?
    How about his ability to fight? Were they impressed by that?
    Maybe his use of the F word made him outstanding….that’s all l can come up with…

    And yes, he did make them rich…. “Job well done” TM! Unfortunately, you are worth a lot more to your shameless parents now that you are dead than you ever were when you were alive.

    BTW, as a responsible, stable parent to 2 teenage boys and 1 tween boy, raising them properly is hard work…but worth it! I imagine TM never got privileges taken away or was grounded. That does wonders for turning around a surly, defiant teen.

    Trayparents are very similar to the parents l encounter as a teacher for at-risk students. Blame anyone and anything…teachers/admins/doctors/neighbors/other kids/”the system”…blame anyone except themselves. They need a giant mirror as Rand Paul would say!

    What an excellent article in AmericanThinker!!!!

  12. tara says:

    It’s hard to believe that this article is dated Jul 28 2013 instead of 2012.

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A group of Philadelphia mothers got together Sunday afternoon to work on a care package that will be sent to the mother of Trayvon Martin. The effort was put together by a local community activist, who wanted to send love and support to Sybrina Fulton.
    Sabrina Hugh of God’s Blessing says as a mother of two, she can only imagine the pain that Sybrina Fulton is going through after losing her son.

    • Yakmaster says:

      Are these women so clueless they actually believe Fulton needs care package? More likely a publicity stunt for “God’s Blessings”. Just call me cynical. >-/

    • chitownmom says:

      I’ve struggled to find sympathy for SF. I’ve come close… thinking how hard it is for any mother to lose her child. But I eventually come back to the realization that she TRADEMARKED HER SON’S NAME. I can’t think of a reason a mother would do this except to make money.

    • Trevor says:

      There are many more deserving mothers who aren’t chasing the spotlight right in the Philadelphia area.

    • treubleu says:

      I wonder if it has ever occurred to these women to send care packages to the parents of service members who have died while serving their country in combat?

  13. dizzymissl says:

    I know the article is about Sybrina, but I am sure she feels the same way:

    Tracy Martin–7/24/13

    “Just to have your son’s life taken away from you when you’ve molded him in becoming an upstanding citizen of this country – it’s heart-wrenching. That’s something that you can never get over,” he said. “Not to be there in his time in need is real troublesome.”

    IMO, there is no hope for someone that ignorant.

    • Lottacats says:

      I agree. Maybe Fruit wanted to say.. “not to be there in his time of need is real troublesome” but for all this money we’re gettin’!

    • treubleu says:

      I just about choked when reading that first sentence. If only Tracy and Sybrina had really done that, Trayvon would still be here.

  14. Fabi says:

    Sybrina is a cold, calculating, opportunist. Her hate and rage are barely concealed. She’s done nothing to make this country a better place, and she needs to disappear from the national conversation soon, or her caustic lies will only further erode our mores.

  15. JC says:

    rev Al looks like he has aids

  16. froggielegs says:

    What irritates me the most are those liking her to Rosa Parks and calling her this centuries mother of civil rights. $ybrina has done NOTHING for civil rights but plenty for lining her pockets. This woman (and I use the term loosely) sickens me. Spitting a baby out does not make one a mother and that’s pretty much all she did with Trayvon. Trayvon’s death was caused by his rotten parents who cared more about themselves and their lives then they did raising him. If they took responsibility as parents and gave him consequences for his actions, maybe he would not of been suspended. This was his 3rd suspension and what do these parents of the year do? They ship him off to Sanford, hand him 100 dollars to let him fend for himself while they are doing their own thang in completely different cities!!!!

    You would have to be mentally ill to want either of these poor excuses for parents to mentor your child! Isn’t it rather ironic though, George and Shelley have been mentors for years and have used their own money to do so. Now all of a sudden, these two want to be mentors just like George and Shelley yet, they want YOUR MONEY to do it. Sorry $ybrina and Tracy aka “Fruit” you two will never be all that. Your 15 minutes of fame is dying out. People are seeing you both for what you truly are.

    • FoxyGranny says:

      🐸 Froggielegs. Agree one hundred percent with your reply. Who would you rather mentor a child/youth…. Sybrina and Tracy. Vs. George and Shellie. Me thinks the answer is obvious!

  17. nomorebsplease says:

    Find a photo of tray and mom all alone. Not a cropped “jaharvis come over here” photo. Look at the family photo the week before he died. He is on the far right and mom/jaharvis are far left. It is sad…

  18. Lou says:

    it’s about time she gets called out.

  19. sangell says:

    While I think $ybrina and Tracy were not outstanding parents they were better than most black kids are going to get, at least economically. We need to understand what is happening in America today. Blacks are being made redundant in their own country. They are now the third largest ethnic group but , as always, the least desirable as employees. The jobs they now hold are under threat because public employment is both shrinking as a percentage of total employment and because lations will, by the rules blacks establishing to benefit themselves, require more future public employment positions be given to Latinos. The $65K per year job $ybrina held with the Miami Housing Authority is either not going to exist or have to be given to an Hispanic.

    Blacks are on a highway to hell and if they don’t intellectualize that they intuit it. They know they always ride on the caboose of mankind and as the US grows poorer and more diverse their ability to claim historical privilege and impose reparation taxes declines, they are poised to give up most of the gains they achieved politically over the past half century. Don’t expect them to give up their unearned position without a serious fight.

    • Lulu says:

      Bad parents are not all black. Read about Todd Ashker … get past his prison organizing and read about his life. And his so-called parents.,0,1059923.story

      • nivico says:

        There’s a disturbing documentary on Netflix called “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia”… it documents five generations of the White family.

        Crime, illegal drugs, prescription drug abuse, welfare scams, babies, leads to even more crime, more drugs, more welfare, more babies, repeat ad naseum and throw in a few murders to boot.

        This in no way is meant to excuse the behaviors, but it is interesting to note that it was once a somewhat respectable family until employment opportunities in the area dried up decades ago… then crime and government assistance became normalized behavior, and getting pregnant guaranteed them a monthly check from the government for the next 18 years. One for each child, who were all declared disabled.

        It highlights the fact that the problem is self-perpetuating and will never end unless and until the government stops subsidizing and enabling these behaviors.

  20. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Here’s a dated article by Kyle Hightower that attempts to spin the “jewelry story” way back in March 2012 that I never saw before:

    • nivico says:

      “At a news conference Tuesday, Bonaparte and Scott refused to answer any questions about an information leak to the media. The leak contained an account by Zimmerman that said Martin was the aggressor in a fight leading up to the shooting. Officials have said they will investigate where the leak came from.”

      Um, hasn’t it been pretty much confirmed that it was Bonaparte himself who was the leak… he gave Tray mom and dad and their lawyers access to all of this info against the advisement of the police chief.

      So when can we expect charges to be brought against him…?

  21. You won’t see the BGI talking about this case:

    “….Still shrouded in darkness is the identity of Terrell’s killer, who fired shots on the 2600 block of north Colfax Avenue the day after Christmas in 2011.

    One of the bullets pierced the home striking a then 3 year-old Terrell as he ran up the stairs….”

  22. Jeff B. says:

    O’mara got Zimmerman acquitted under the laws of the US legal system but he failed miserably in acquitting Zimmerman in the “EYES and EARS” of public opinion. So in essence, George is still Guilty and absolutely nothing has been resolved in dispelling the fake Narrative. O’mara is in a sense responsible for all the continued racial outfall and violence that continues because of this trial.

    How does anyone not use the Platform they have to attack the credibility of Sybrina, Tracy and company and help put an end or at least try to give a voice at the other end of the spectrum to counter to this one sided racial nonsense.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I agree. Omara could have said a lot to help George’s image. He was more interested in a future conversation that standing up for his client. Just watching how Omara and West shook George’s hand in the courtroom says a lot about Omara. You could see the warmth in West.

      • Jeff B. says:

        I agree. I always wished West was the Lead because I know he has that “Pitbull” mentality to challenge things head on and he would have called out everything from get go…

    • MKP says:

      Keep in mind there is more legal wrangling to be done in the courtroom yet.

  23. pspinach says:

    Sabryna, the bio mother, let Trayvon go at age 3 to live his his father for 12-14 years, which explains why Tracey was more attached to him. He showed more sorrow in his features than Sabryna ever did throughout the entire fiasco. Technically, Trayvon is his son and not Alicia’s, so Sabryna had to take him back in 2010. Now his tather is gone. He’s lost his stability without Alicia and Tracey around, and went down hill with estranged mother Sabryna. This was especially true with the presence of mom and Jaharvis in the same household, the favored son known to Sabryna all his life, whereas she probably wasn’t enthused to have Trayvon back having easily given him up at 3 years of age. A teen son is an added expense to the money-loving Sabryna. She didn’t know him at all and DIDN’T CARE TO KNOW HIM EITHER. She didn’t trouble herself to know what he was up to at school. Essentially there was no change in the absentiism of Sabryna in his life. Once he hooked in lean to fill the void, his aggression coupled with hormones and lack of father really accelerated his demise. Sabryna does not strike me as stupid, just extremely sociopathic and cold. Here we have a teen who now has no father nor mother. Most black households while single lack the father, not the mother. Trayvon lacked his mother and then both. I cannot imagine not having a loving mother. Absent father, difficult, yes. But no mother, how horrid.

    • pspinach says:

      Trayvon was a stranger in the Jaharvis and Sabryna household, and for all intents and purposes had neither parent around to care for him at maybe 14-15-16-17, one of the most critical periods of change for a youth.

  24. Jeff B. says:

    Jaharvis and Trayvon were polar opposites… I bet my life that they hardly talked or interacted at all their entire life. I think a lot of people look at Jaharvis and they think that this is how Trayvon was which is obviously completely untrue. Jaharvis played a huge role in getting this scheme to work and if he was smart he would demand more money for his part from his Sybrina, Tracy and company.

    • Lulu says:

      Jaharvis made a point of answering that he and Trayvon did not “socialize” together, and that they did not have the same friends. Trayvon had to be an embarrassment to him. And a nuisance. He and $ybrina were likethis.

      • Lulu says:

        That should have been prefaced with “When he was on the witness stand,….”

      • lorac says:

        I wouldn’t put much weight into Jaharvis and Trayvon not socializing together. There is what a 4 yr age difference. My kids are 4 yrs apart and they didn’t socialize with the same people. Look at it this way an 8th grader hanging with a senior in hs or a junior in high school hanging with a junior in college. Don’t see much of that happening where I live.

        • treubleu says:

          I think this varies with the family. I am the oldest of three girls, with a 4-1/2 year age gap between me and the youngest. Even when I was in college and my sisters were still in high school and junior high school, we still had the same set of friends and socialized together. I have also seen this with other sets of sisters I know.

    • Lottacats says:

      Mother of the year said she was going to buy Jahvaris a car. Possible that he may be sick of all the Trayvon the angel stuff. (after the car is paid for of course)

      • jello333 says:

        I’ve said this many times, but you know what? You know who is MOST sick and disgusted by all the “Trayvon the angel stuff”? Trayvon himself! If he’s seeing what’s going on, I guarantee you it makes him wanna throw up. Poor little defenseless, scared little child walking home with candy. I GUARANTEE YOU HE HATES WHAT HIS FAMILY AND OTHERS ARE DOING TO HIM.

    • froggielegs says:

      Jahvaris and Trayvon were opposites because Jahvaris was/is a mamma’s boy. I’m willing to bet she still kisses his booboo’s when he falls down. Trayvon knew he was not wanted by her. It’s blatantly obvious when you look at pictures with $ybrina, Trayvon and Jahvaris. Trayvon was loved more by his friends than he was by his own immediate family. I think the only reason Trayvon got the tattoo with his mothers name was in hopes to make her love him. Sadly for him it didn’t work and she threw him out once again just days before his death. Maybe she got guilt?

    • pspinach says:

      This photo of the happy couple, Sabryna and Jaharvis, with goofy looking and probably 14 or 15 year old Trayvon having just moved back in, abandoned and snubbed, says it all.

      If Trayvon was 14 when he returned to mother, wasn’t that also near the year Cory Johnson died? Cory is Sabyna’s cousin, so he may have been the only warm presence around for tween Trayvon. Wearing his button at age 17 when he himself was found wandering around a strange town, dissociated again, Trayvon must have felt connected to him, albeit Cory was not the best influence on him if he died under bad circumstances too.

  25. TimInSoCA says:

    Above it states:
    “she kicked Trayvon out of the house in December 2012″
    Would this be 2011 or 2010?

    • Lulu says:

      2011. It was said that they got into some kind of argument and he threatened her life. Never heard any details.

    • treubleu says:

      According to what Trayvon told his friends via text messages, Sybrina kicked him out in November 2011, December 2011, and February 2012.

  26. jello333 says:

    From your “Rosa Parks imagery” link, I’m reminded of this. On the day she appeared at that Baltimore church, this was what was written about her in their newspaper. I’ve posted this a few times recently, and so most of you have probably seen it. But I just wanna keep drilling this in! I gotta believe that the average person reading this will have a pretty major gag reflex, even if they otherwise have some positive feelings toward our dear Ms Fulton. (It might even be nice if Sundance stuck this quote right up top on the front page one of these days, just so passersby will HAVE to notice… ;) ) Anyway, here it is… and this goes well beyond Rosa Parks in what they’re trying to convey:

    “At least a dozen women and men assembled at Sybrina Fulton’s feet before she stepped down to grab one of them. She squeezed the woman, patted her back and whispered in her ear. Then Fulton moved down the line, tightly embracing each mother, grandmother and father, each of them too familiar with loss, until she’d touched them all.”

  27. I Am Trademark says:

    The only phrase with a synonym for “mother” in it that should be associated with this woman starts with “hoochie-“…

  28. herbie says:

    Trayvon Martin’s stepmother, Alicia Stanley, breaks her silence on CNN and says that she does NOT believe race was a factor in the death of her step son’s death whom she raised.

    • justfactsplz says:

      Herbie, thank you for posting this. He is right, it will take white people and black people who know truth to stand up and say enough. We’re not going to take it anymore.

      • herbie says:

        Always enjoy Peterson, though it is very odd how the last three minutes of the video clip vanished right after posting here.

        Go figure, eh?

        • herbie says:

          So post again ;)

          • tara says:

            That’s fantastic! Thank you so much for posting it! SO many great points, but in particular I liked the comment about how $ybrina would have reacted if Trademark had been shot by a black man. She would have buried Trademark and that would have been it.

            I wonder if Alicia was paid off by $ybrina. If I were Alicia I’d keep talking. What $ybrina did to Alicia was horrendous, and $ybrina did it for her own profit. This nonsense of making it look like $ybrina and Tracy were a married couple and that Trademark lived with $ybrina … all to portray an image of a loving and caring “normal” family to garner sympathy from the public.

            • Fabi says:

              Yeah, I’d really like to see the list of who received a lovely parting gift in this fiasco. Brandi, Alicia, Chad, the cousin (Stevie?), Jahvaris… Just off the top of my head, but I’d bet there’s a heck of a lot more. And once those folks get a taste of cash, they’re gonna want another serving at some point. When the cash runs out, they’ll run to sell their stories to the media. I can’t wait!

          • dizzymissl says:

            Wow, thanks for posting. Love this guy–never heard of him.

        • justfactsplz says:

          That happens all of the time. Stuff just disappears. That’s why screenshots are so important.

  29. Pingback: Sybrina Fulton & Mother Theresa, A Tale of Two Mothers | Railroading of an American Hero

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