The Alicia Stanley Story – The Only Real Mom Trayvon Martin Ever Knew

….”So who are you going to turn to if they take away your rock”….

If you want a happy ending skip this real life story. But if you really want to know what led to Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman’s encounter you will perhaps first seek to understand.

To understand his step-mom, Alicia Stanley.

dr phil 2

This author does not know Alicia Stanley, nor did I know Trayvon Martin. But having spent the better part of a year and a half in and out of both communities, talking to people who know or knew them, and investing thousands of hours in research, I’ve got a pretty reasonable perspective.

Witness 8Within the testimony and deposition of witness #8, the now infamous Rachel Jeantel, you may have heard her say that she knew Trayvon since around the 2nd or 3rd grade. You might also have heard her recount a void of 6 years from 2006 to February 1st 2012, her birthday, when both Trayvon and Rachel became reacquainted. 25 days later he was dead.

For the sake of understanding Alicia Stanley – you must know the key to the 6 years of non-association with Rachel Jeantel.

Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, met Alicia Stanley about a year before his official divorce from Sybrina Fulton. The son of that marriage, Trayvon Martin, became the step-son of Alicia Stanley-Martin, after Tracy and Alica were married. Alicia has two daughters from a previous marriage, so the family was, what has become all too familiar and normal in the modern world of disposable spouses’, blended. Trayvon was 3.

Trayvon and his two step-sisters formed a family with Tracy as father, and Alicia as mother. Tracy and Alicia were married for 14 years. However, as with the jump from Sybrina to Alicia, so too was the jump from Alicia to Brandi Green. The disconnect in emotional bond happening well before the physical, and legal, dissolution of marriage. Tracy began “messin’ around wit'” Brandi about 2 years before he divorced Alicia.

However, between the time Trayvon was around 7 years old, up to the summer of 2010 when Trayvon was 15, Alicia was his Rock. His mom.

After Tracy began “being with” Brandi, he moved Trayvon back to the permanent guardianship of Sybrina.

This afforded Tracy more time for twerkin’ and less time for guilt in dispatch. He wouldn’t have to listen to Alicia’s criticisms of him not being around to care for, or be with, “his son”. The relocation was just one of convenience and afforded Tracy the opportunity to centralize his travel.

Tracy Martin 4-18-12Tracy Martin 2

Tracy Martin CRIP

What Tracy did not realize was the bond he severed between Alicia and Trayvon was actually Trayvon’s only lifeline.

He removed Trayvon’s rock, and in 2010 selfishly cast his son into a world of instability.

Having looked carefully at the written words of Trayvon, a person can read the anguish and feel the sense of abandonment. While he loved his mother Sybrina – there just was not the bond one would expect. A void existed in the chasm of his heart where the rock of Alicia once stood.

sybrina family

Look at any set of pictures with Sybrina and Trayvon and you will view the dynamic. Trayvon was in the picture, but he was not “in” the picture. Photographs show Trayvon in the background, or off to the side, or out of place. He was. He just was.


Compare the physical location of Trayvon in any photograph to that of Jahvaris, his step brother, and the child Sybrina actually considered her son.   Trayvon was not her son, he was her ex-husband’s son.   If you doubt me, or if you are not into picture searches – You can watch it here on video.  Watch and listen, and it will all begin to make sense.   ALL OF IT.

We have also documented the exact time that Trayvon replaced the rock and filled the void.   It was during that summer of 2010 when Trayvon took his first sips of Sizzurp, or Lean. It was his first experience with weed and a formula of cough syrup, fruit juice and candy. His favorite was Grape Flavored Scooby Snacks, but Skittles were not too far down the list.

It was during this summer he began following the “lean lifestyle” on his U-Tube account. We won’t go into all the specific details again, but you can CLICK HERE for the research.

Modern social websites provide a place where kids can engage with their friends, their circle, their crew, in a manner that expresses their sense of themselves and their individuality, as well as how they desire to be perceived by others. A lot can be learned about a teenagers value system, and what their aspirations are, by looking specifically at what they are interested in.

With a following of over 121,000 subscribers, the AMilonakis channel is a daily video log of a guy, looks like a kid, but he is officially 92 years old according to his U-tube profile.  Anyway, this “Kid” is living a life of drug use, specifically (purple lean/sippin sippin), a very popular type of drug use in urban teen circles.

Again a full documentation is available HERE and the follow up HERE.

The short story is Trayvon began a downward spiral of bad decisions.

But Alicia never knew this Trayvon, she only knew the pre-bad decision Trayvon.   She knew Trayvon when he had a rock.   She never knew him when he was floundering around trying to fill the void.   That is understandably why you see Alicia Stanley saying Trayvon was no-way a thug.  She never experienced this aspect of the spiral, and when she did see Trayvon, he was obviously filled with joy at her reappearance in his life.

After Trayvon was shot, Alicia became a risk.  Remember during this time from February 2012  to December 2012, Alicia and Tracy were still married.   But Alicia was not the person who the Scheme Team presented as part of Trayvon’s life.   Heck, many media outlets initially called Brandi Greene his mother.

Alicia would not be part of the program.   The Scheme Team, at the direction of Ryan Julison, needed to present a singular mother, Sybrina, and a singular father, Tracy, as if they were united in their grief.

Fundamentally, this construct was, and is, absurd.

You can imagine the pain that Alicia has endured through all of this, and before you go jumping on the “yeah but she didn’t put a stop to it” bandwagon, might I just remind you what she was up against.   Seriously.

The professional Black Grievance Industry needed Tracy/Sybrina, the NAACP, the Media, the entire Scheme Team and their co-conspirators needed to present a traditional family to make the media narrative more compelling.   They DID NOT want to present the image of a troubled teen from a broken home, twice, who was bounced around like a ping pong ball and who, according to Sybrina:

…”he’d get up in the morning, and if he had time, he’d look for some food”…

TradeMom™ Sybrina Fulton


The truth was a risk.  And having Alicia around who could potentially explode into “I told you so’s” was not part of the equation.   So she was dispatched.

Was she paid off?  I have no idea – but I doubt it.   My spidey senses are generally pretty accurate at detecting honest emotion;  And I definitely pick up raw emotion from Alicia.

I don’t hold it against her for having a flawed perspective of her son, Trayvon Martin, the boy she raised, cared for, and loved as she loves her daughters, his step-sisters.   Not a bit.

And given the amount of time I have spent learning about the hatred, the manipulations, and the lengths the Scheme Team will go to spew their lies in the quest for coin, I don’t hold it against her for being fearful and worried about their attacks being aimed at her.

However, I also don’t think it was accidental that just before she came back into the public view – the Scheme Team having lost the race card, *thanks Rachel*, tried to get out ahead of the pending media sh!tstorm and softened their tone into full acquiescence mode.

After all, if there’s one thing the professional BGI is good at, it’s ducking for cover until they can resurrect their schemes yet again.   The BGI professionals are merely constants in an ever changing universe.

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169 Responses to The Alicia Stanley Story – The Only Real Mom Trayvon Martin Ever Knew

  1. w says:

    It’s sad that so many black children are raised like unwanted animals….they don’t have a chance to succeed in life….blame the parents not me.


  2. Casual Observer says:

    “Blame covers shame”

    This blog post is exactly the problem in America within the Black community.

    Men fathering children with Babies who have Babies and the man goes on to another Baby and has a Baby.

    It’s decimated the Family structure in Black Society and it’s never going to change until Blacks start changing the way they think about themselves.

    But the Democrat Party and the “DepenBrotocracy” are going to do everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    It is true the same single parent dysfunctional social structures exist in the White & Latino society, but there is no question it is epidemic in the Black culture.


  3. terriergal says:

    See, this is what happens when people lie to cover up things. People die. People in charge cover things up thinking they’re doing others a favor by keeping them out of ‘trouble.’ Then those people continue to go on down the road to their own self-destruction. We need to stop believing the lies the media and the liberals tell us, no matter what color we are, and start speaking the truth to each other. Lies are not less important than other wrongs. They are what give fuel and power to those other wrongs.


  4. terriergal says:

    “It is true the same single parent dysfunctional social structures exist in the White & Latino society, but there is no question it is epidemic in the Black culture”

    Oh but we can’t tell people who they are allowed to love, right? O.o


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    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.


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