Sybrina “Trademark” Fulton Staggering Audacity – Taking Exploitation To New Levels of Financial Benefit – “Show Me The Money”

Sybrina “Trademark” Fulton, Trayvon’s Mom, has released a video for Mothers Day requesting financial contributions to the Justice For Trayvon Martin Foundation.

The video highlighted on the Global Grind Website carries the following request:

Do your part, call your governor (for information, go to: and let’s support the  Martin/Fulton family by making a mother’s day donation to: The Justice For Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Second Chance Coalition Parters are:

  • NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
  • National Urban League
  • National Action Network
  • Color of Change
  • Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights
  • Vote Vets

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton presents the cash haul from a rally with Trayvon Martin’s parents at a church in Los Angeles. The rally was attended by Rick Ross, Councilman Bernard C. Parks, Big Boy, Jesse Jackson, Mary Mary, Oscar Grant’s family, Tony Cornelius, Benjamin Crump, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, Jahvaris Martin, Dawn Haynes, and Minister Omarosa O. Manigault.

The Miami Herald Reports:  Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, will be able to take about eight additional months of paid leave from her county job, thanks to the generosity of Miami-Dade County employees.

Fulton, who has worked at the county housing authority for 23 years, collected $40,825 in donated vacation time, county records show.

The county commission passed a resolution in April allowing county employees to donate their vacation time to Fulton or Trayvon’s aunt, Yolanda Knight Evans, a water and sewer customer service representative.  

Records show 192 county employees gave Fulton some of their hours, and 70 people donated to Knight Evans.   The donations for Fulton added up to 1,362 hours — meaning she can take 34 paid weeks off. Trayvon’s aunt collected nearly nine weeks.

County records show Fulton, who earns $68,768 a year as an administrative officer, used funeral leave, four weeks of accumulated sick leave and 60 hours of vacation after her son’s Feb. 26 death. She also took two days of unpaid furlough.

The County Commission resolution allowing donated time was approved in April, so she did not get to tap that source of time off until last week’s pay period.

Fulton is expected to appear before the County Commission Tuesday to thank the county for its support. She was in London this week and unavailable for comment.  (read more)

There are at least three current entitites created to collect money in the name of Trayvon Martin for Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin:

Obviously the Mom’s Day Fundraiser was pre-planned, taped and coordinated to present, prior to jetting off to London England for baskets of fish and chips to compliment the baskets of cash and checks.    “Tally ho’….. old chap”

Article exerpt…. it has also led to the emergence of a new alliance between civil activists in Britain and the United States who want to create an international campaign against the tendency of both police and the pubic in general to make assumptions about people purely because of their outward appearance or race….  (more propaganda)

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114 Responses to Sybrina “Trademark” Fulton Staggering Audacity – Taking Exploitation To New Levels of Financial Benefit – “Show Me The Money”

  1. minpin says:

    I have no sympathy for Ma and Pa Skittles than I would have for vultures, oh wait…….


  2. philishia says:

    are you friggin kidding me????/


  3. Enough says:

    What a disgusting POS she is. I am speechless at this total lack of class.

    Well, not speechless…but I don’t want to write how I really feel.


  4. The british article is such propaganda it really is, well, quite beyond silly. The caption under the picture of the Scheme Team lists is priceless. Parks and Crump are unnamed and listed as “family friends”…

    LOL Daryl Parks esq. and Benjamin Crump esq …. Family Friends. Who knew?

    (((((*shakes head walking away*)))))


  5. mkm19602000 says:

    F*ck this Ghetto Fabulous She Dog I hope that she she and Tracey are sued within an inch of their lives and that the Bitch will have to beg th.e rest of her life.

    MKM, sorry, I don’t usually do this but while I certainly understand your frustration, we don’t want to get that vitriolic in our comments response. Snark?, yeah. Ridicule? Justifiably deserved. But hate, eh…. notsomuch. …/SD


    • tara says:

      I understand the posting guidelines. I submitted a post in another thread which could fall into this category. We’re frustrated, Team Skittles is like an uncontrollable roach infestation. But I understand the guidelines.


    • Aussie says:

      yes, we all understand the sentiment, but it needs to be phrased in a way that is a little more charitable (for want of a better term) or at least toned down.

      Since I have been in trouble for some things, I do understand the frustrations when dealing with idiots and grifters.


  6. cookbook says:

    That is exactly what I thought. No charitable trust involved, no charitable tax deduction applies, no nothing but money directly into their pockets. They want no accountability. I wonder what if any the Scheme Teams cut is. And no wonder they got so mad when Zimmerman’s Paypal account had funds in it.


  7. tara says:

    I have a feeling that the people who donated their hours didn’t expect them to add up to $42k. One of the employees should sue the County. It’s very discriminatory. What if you don’t have enough pals to donate their vacation time to you? Then you get fired if you walk away from your job like Fulton did. And in the mean time, who’s doing her job? Did they have to hire a temp to cover for her? Taxpayers should be outraged.


    • minpin says:

      Tara- That is a most excellent point. From what I’ve read, someone from the local government decided to allow SF to have vacation days donated. How about when an employee has a child or close loved one that needs a lot of care to have vacation time donated to them. How about a mother, father wife, husband dying of cancer? Am I wrong thinking this rule was passed just for Sybrina, and a cousin or aunt of Trayvon? This is a lawsuit looking to happen, especially when some find out her time off is to collect money.


    • scubachick75 says:

      I agree. People die every day. It’s a part of life. What makes Sybrina’s grief more deserving than the next person…because he’s black? It’s not as if she’s so distraught that she can’t get out of bed in the morning. She’s off on her world tour spreading lies and racism while passing around her garbage can for collections. It makes me sick!


  8. tara says:

    Gotta love the re-framing of “stand your ground” as “shoot first”, totally bypassing the judicial system and condemning anyone who uses a weapon to defend themselves. I guess you’re supposed to let someone beat you until you need permanent care. Or a coffin.


    • griz1234 says:

      You are dealing with people that think that “justice” is whatever hurts Whitey and benefits their racial group.

      Apparently, they’re too stupid to realize that the race that is most victimized by violent crime is THEIRS… and that it is law abiding blacks that have the most to gain from Stand Your Ground laws. Oh, and law abiding white-Hispanics, too. Mustn’t forget them.


      • Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

        “Oh, and law abiding white-Hispanics, too. Mustn’t forget them.”

        To paraphrase the kid from Role Models: You white-anything, you Ben Affleck, and you guilty.


      • “…it is law abiding blacks that have the most to gain from Stand Your Ground laws…”

        What’s more, “gun control” was originally OPENLY called “ni&&er-control”!
        See “No Guns For Negroes” – and “The Racist Roots of Gun Control”

        When laws were passed prohibiting carrying of firearms, it was openly stated that they would not be enforced against white citizens.

        Further, laws such as “may-issue” permits or “prosecutorial discretion” – which give the local LEO the right to decide who would get a permit or Prosecutor to decide whether to prosecute a given individual were likewise intended to make it easier for TPTB to “keep them in their place.”

        In the lifetime of most people here, anyone could buy firearms through mail-order with no paperwork! You send $7 to the PO box in the magazine ad, and your pistol would show up in your mailbox!

        Most can’t even IMAGINE such a thing!

        The fact is that the 1968 “Gun Control Act” was passed for the EXPLICIT purpose of making it more difficult for blacks to arm themselves!

        Even if it were not explicitly racist, considered realistically, has the innumerable amounts of money and even MORE IMPORTANTLY the incalculable damage to LIBERTY caused by this legislation done anything to reduce crime, especially VIOLENT crime? Is there ANYWHERE in the US that’s safer today than it was in 1968?

        Lastly, I’m going to tell you something that you will not believe. I didn’t believe it either until I researched it for myself, but I swear it is true!


        See, demanding that a criminal register an illegal gun is forcing them to provide evidence against themselves – and thus a violation of their 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination!

        See US v. Haynes (1968) –

        So, tell me again how “registration” is going to do *ANYTHING* to cut violent crime?!


    • I’ve LITERALLY read posts – even today at a site linked from here – that said JZ should have just “curled up” and let Saint Skittles expend his rage!

      The one today said it’s “exhausting” holding someone down and hitting them, so odds are it would have been over in 20 seconds or so!

      And yeah – I let him have it, told him I admired JZ for taking it as long as he DID, because I’d have shot the mutt when he first got on top of me!

      “An ARMED society is a POLITE society.”

      Too bad St. Skittles’ PINOs didn’t teach him what that MEANT…


  9. tara says:

    The owner of that web site name is hiding. The Who Is entry shows this:

    Domains By Proxy, LLC

    They’re using a proxy to hide the real registrant. Domains By Proxy is owned by GoDaddy.

    The site was created very recently:

    Created on: 4/10/2012 4:41:50 PM
    Expires on: 4/10/2013 4:41:50 PM


  10. kinthenorthwest says:

    I cannot believe this lady, In fact I cannot believe this family….
    I cannot believe that the black community is still behind them.
    Especially when you consider all the other blacks being murder everyday in this country.
    Espeically when you consider there were probablly many blacks being murdered who are far more innocent thatn Trayvon….
    Using Trayvon as thier poster child is just going to bite the blacks in the butt.


    • tara says:

      Hey, they cheered OJ at the end of his criminal trial. They don’t want what’s right, they just want to win.


      • Aussie says:

        good point about OJ and it applies to their attitude towards Michael Jackson. I am not a fan of Michael Jackson, and his trial was made into an absolute farce, with those stupid “fans” being all over him. Also, i was against Jackson having the custody of those children because what I saw was child abuse.


    • Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

      “I cannot believe that the black community is still behind them.”

      The world runs on prison rules. You side with the people that look like you. There was a vacation from that for a while in the West, but that’s over.


  11. Sentenza says:

    Airstrip one already bans self defense. I already knew that Sharpton and his ilk are gutter scum, because he doesn’t bother to pay his own debts.

    I think these people’s son was acting like a thug, and it was “thug profiling” not “racial profiling.” If “young black men” don’t want to be viewed as thugs, then in Trayvon ™’s case, they should, perhaps, refrain from acting like thugs.

    It’s the culture that he was inculcated in, not the color of his skin. So, the blame for Trayvon’s death lies squarely at the feet of his parents who did not teach him that it’s bad to beat up random strangers walking down the street.


    • tara says:

      I totally agree! And maybe Tracy shouldn’t have left Trayvon in the apartment while he (Tracy) went off with his mistress.


  12. Debi says:

    Parents living the life with their son’s tragedy, and race baiting for more…..


  13. Dan says:

    Police can’t judge people because of outward appearance now? So if a guy’s wearing a ski mask in the summer walking into a bank. A cop must ignore it?

    I have no hatred for Mr. or Mrs. Fulton. I do think Crump and Co are a bunch of scumbag, snake oil salesman, race hustling assholes who are inciting racial hatred though.


    • tara says:

      Dan, I used to feel like you do, I excluded Trayvon’s parents. No longer. I think eventually you’ll change your mind too. They are opportunists.


    • Aussie says:

      Dan, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are just as much grifters as is Chump and Co.

      From the beginning their behaviour as grieving parents has been strange. Sybrina Fulton has not shown much in the way of grief, and she comes across as being extremely money hungry.

      She raised her son to be a thug…. she does not want to admit that this happened because of the poor upbringing that he received.

      Ditto for Tracy Martin.


      • Jaded says:

        At the end of the day…. Trayvon was someone’s son and someone’s brother.

        At the end of the same day Sabrina will have to look in the mirror and know that her excellent parenting skills played a huge part in what happened. No amount of money will change that.

        Team Skittles who are currently pulling her puppet strings will get their cut of the dinero and move on to the next pay day leaving her alone to gaze into that mirror all alone. She might even wake up an realized she was used too. Idiot. (Just another Cindy Sheehan)


        • Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

          “At the end of the same day Sabrina will have to look in the mirror and know that her excellent parenting skills played a huge part in what happened. No amount of money will change that. ”

          Yep, and she’ll cry all the way to the bank, which she’ll visit just so she can pull a Scrooge McDuck and dive into a big pile of cash. Then’ll she’ll hop into the 7 series BWM (license plate TRAYVON) and drive to the Marina to go for a cruise on the yacht “Trayvon”. But yeah, she’ll be all broken up about it, so she’ll drink it away with a couple bottles of Dom and some Beluga caviar.


      • Scoots Knuck says:

        It’s called GREED not grief…That’s all I see when I look at Sybrina.


  14. realitycheck says:

    “County records show Fulton, who earns $68,768 a year as an administrative officer,” … our tax dollars at work…..just curious what exactly was her job to make almosy $70,000?


  15. SurlyVoter says:

    I flagged the video on youtube – SPAM > SCAM. I know youtube wouldn’t dare take the video down, but it’s amusing how the comments have been disabled. While I have my doubts about the black community opening their checkbooks for these scam artist, I’m sure the white guilt liberals will be happy to pay for her hair, nails and keep the gas tank of Crump’s Mercedes full.


    • Donnie B. says:

      They just diabled them now. I would say 95% of the comments were not nice to say the least. I found it funny how many times I saw the name ‘Julison’ mentioned in a comment. Most of the public is not fooled and I foresee the house of cards coming down in the near future.


  16. griz1234 says:

    “Fulton, who earns $68,768 a year as an administrative officer”

    Translated, when you consider benefits and retirement, 100K or more a year.

    And they wonder that ordinary folks have developed resentment, perhaps even hatred for government bureaucrats.

    If they can do without her services for 34 weeks, they can do without her services PERIOD.


    • Dan says:

      Aint that the effing truth!

      Government needs to retract these outrageous salaries for remedial jobs because I’m not buying she does anything that requires too much skill.


    • tara says:

      This is just another reason why public housing drives me batty! Not only do we have all of the leeches squatting in these housing units for free, there is a tremendous administrative overhead!


  17. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    When I first got out of law school I worked for a friend who had a law firm. Although I had a lot of “street experience” and was a combat veteran I did not know the ways of making a living as a lawyer.

    Soon after I started working there my boss said “let me show you how we make money.” While driving to “where we were going to make a LOT of money” my boos explained why we were hauling ssɐ.

    Turns out an employee of a delivery company had diverted from his route to visit his girlfriend. He was late, so he drove the company truck around a barrier arm that was down, to signify a train was coming. He went around, even though he knew a train was coming, because he was really late. He could not afford to wait for who knows how long for the train to pass.

    Well you know how that worked out. The train hit him and he was killed instantly.

    We were heading over to his parents’ house where they were having the wake. This was about a week after he got killed. The parents had just buried their son that morning.

    I told my boss I felt cheesy, ridiculous and like a creep, going to a perfect stranger’s home, acting all bereaved. He chewed me out and said “This is how we get money to pay your salary.”

    So we walked in, sat on the couch and then… well… just sat there. The house was filled with sobbing women, men with grim looks on their faces, and kids who did not know what was going on.

    Eventually some guy comes out and asks who we are and my boss lied and said “We are friends with ______.” (Actually, a friend of my boss tipped him off that “there were these people whose son just died and they are having a wake….”)

    So the guy goes into the kitchen then comes out and identifies himself as the deceased’s brother. I can tell he is PISSED that we are there. He then says words pretty much to the effect “Get the hell out of here.”

    So we leave. My boss lectures me on the way back to the office that the way you get big-money cases is to chase down leads.

    I have never forgotten the lesson I learned that day. No, not on how to get cases, but that I would never do something like that again. (And I never have.)

    That my friends is why I look at such contempt at The Scheme Team, because I know from day one they looked at this case NOT to get justice for Trayvon Martin or his parents, but as a way to make (shakedown) millions off the backs of insurance companies and taxpayers.

    And the Martin family, now that an arrest was effected, they are still at it, so to speak. This tells me that they too are not interested in justice, they want money and are willing to do anything to get it. (I should have expected such. After all, within two days of the shooting they had lawyers, and lots of them. Then by March 5 or thereabouts they had a PR firm (Julison Communications), were trademarking and copyrighting names, and securing domain names.

    A battery of lawyers, a PR firm, all working on a contingency (aka “for free”), submitting trademark applications, buying up domain names, yep, this all has nothing to do with justice, it is all about the money.

    (end rant).


    • tara says:

      And then we have the parents, who I initially thought had been abused by the Crump, Julison, Sharpton, etc. But apparently they saw the promi$ed land and they are willing participants.

      Now the only person I feel sorry for is Jahvaris.


  18. Nola Chandler says:

    This is outrageous, how many mothers have lost a child, and never stumped this low. This woman needs to go home, and for all of the suckers that are falling for this, GOD bless you.


    • minpin says:

      Hi Nola! Find a branch in the treehouse and make yourself comfy.

      I remember hearing the story of a mother who lost her young child, and she went to the child’s grave when a storm was coming on, to protect her little one. Everyone grieves in different ways. Going on a tour, buying new duds for her appearances, and beggering money is not the usual actions of a grieving parent just weeks after that loss. Sometimes I wonder if Sybrina isn’t relieved that her out of control boy is no longer something she has to worry about, or be embarrassed by. I’m sure she didn’t want him dead, but she wanted him and the trouble he was getting into to go away.


      • txwolf says:

        I’ve had the same thoughts that the parents were in some ways almost relieved to be free of their out of control son. He was a problem that was escalating. Now he is a symbol representing a cause that has benefited them both socially and financially. Problem is, how will they feel when the celebrity wears off and the $ stops flowing?

        How long can they delude themselves that GZ or SYG is to blame? Doesn’t appear that either parent took much effort to intercede while T was alive- three school suspensions, no restrictions/supervision, no curfews during suspensions, no follow-up when the kid wasn’t home at 10:30 the night he died. Kind of telling that Tracy referred to Trayvon as his “best friend” …when what the kid really needed was a parent and some rules. Same for their fuzzy response to the question about what T “was in to”. Did either Tracy or Sybrina even know how T spent his time?

        As a parent, can you imagine the guilt you’d feel once you realize that you were partially culpable b/c your failure to address your son’s behavior led to his death. Maybe both parents will eventually realize how they contributed to T’s problems by not taking action. If that realization ever hits, then I will have sympathy for them. Now, not so much.


        • tnwahm says:

          These parents are going to end up like most people who win the lottery. Worse off than when they started. Don’t you know that everyone and their brother is going to come begging to them for $$$? This will not end well.


    • scubachick75 says:

      I keep thinking about all the mother’s of the soldiers that never came home. They died fighting for our country, a very honorable thing and Sybrina is on every channel and paper begging for money because her little drug dealing, jewelry stealing thug died.


  19. sybilj says:

    PR- 124-12
    April 11, 2012


    NAACP, National Urban League, National Action Network, ColorOfChange and VoteVets Join “Second Chance on Shoot First” Campaign,

    Sharp Increase in ‘Justifiable Homicides’ in States that Recently Passed Shoot First Laws

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, leaders of national African-American organizations and others today announced a new national grassroots campaign to repeal or reform the Florida-style “shoot first” laws that have passed in 25 states. The campaign – “Second Chance on Shoot First” – will focus on convincing state legislators who have supported shoot first laws to join the growing movement to reform or repeal these dangerous laws. The National Rifle Association drafted Florida’s law in 2005 and helped enact similar versions in other states, eventually bringing the total to 25 states by 2010 and those states have seen sharp increases in justifiable homicides. The Mayor made the announcement at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. where he was joined by Founder and President of the National Action Network the Reverend Al Sharpton, Executive Director of Rashad Robinson, Senior Vice President for Policy and Executive Director of the National Urban League Policy Institute Chanelle Hardy, NAACP Washington Bureau Director Hilary Shelton, Florida Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith, Co-Founder and Chairman of Jon Soltz and former chair of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys Glenn Ivey.

    Chris Smith


    • minpin says:

      Harsh but true- The blacks cannot control the violence in their own race, so the answer is to take guns away from anyone and everyone. Hope I don’t get banned for saying that.


      • tara says:

        I was just thinking that same thing! Apparently they are only offended when non-blacks shoot blacks. Hypocrites. I’m surprised Bloomberg is involved in this nonsense.


  20. ytz4mee says:

    I was very moved by Sybrina “Trademark” Fulton’s plea. So, I did contact my governor and demanded that self-defense laws, such as SYG be strengthened. When someone is on top of you, bashing your head into the concrete, where are you supposed to “retreat” to?

    I will also bring up the issue with our current state AG who will be running for Governor next year.
    “Trademark” is right. We need to contact our Governors and make sure our rights are not infringed upon or diluted. No one should be a victim.


    • minpin says:

      Just curious ytz, are you from VA perchance?


      • ytz4mee says:

        I am not “from” VA but due to the Studmuffin’s current work assignment, I am geographically located in VA.

        Our local DA reassured many anxious citizens that if you fear for your life, and use a lawfully obtained firearm to defend yourself, you will not be charged.
        It was a mini-townhall of sorts.


    • WeeWeed says:

      Myself. I’m wondering if George’s mother has made a Mother’s Day youtube shakedown to pay HIS neverending legal fees, too?? /sarc


      • minpin says:

        You know what WeeWeed, the fact that the entire Zimmerman family, friends, supporters have had duck tape put across their faces is disturbing to me. I don’t know what O’Mara is up to, but, it seems to me that he is just letting the other side control the media and the message. I would see nothing wrong at all with GZ’s mom doing a news piece wishing every mom to have a happy mother’s day. It would add to the fact that GZ’s family is as much a loving family as the Martins. To keep them all in hiding, silent, and unable to portray their family as a normal family is not quite right. I know O’Mara wants the zeal in the media to die down, but, wouldn’t GZ have a chance to portray their family as not such horrid people, who raised this vigilante. Hiding GZ, and his whole family behind a cloak of secrecy is harmful to the GZ picture, no?


        • labrat says:

          I don’t think so – it’s an very old tried and true lawyer trick. When you’re dealing with an idiot that doesn’t have the facts on his side you just let them keep talking. They evenually hang themselves. Worked for my ex. 😛


          • tara says:

            Also, do you think maybe it’s a sign of confidence? Like GZ is going to get immunity? The judge will decide that, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.


  21. Sharon says:

    This is what immediately came to my mind……

    The harmonic convergence thing is not working for her. Is anyone going to tell her?

    Her “Happy Mother’s Day” is less than convincing.


  22. sybilj says:

    ORLANDO — A new national campaign will seek to repeal “Stand Your Ground” laws across the country — including Florida.

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday a campaign called “Second Chance on Shoot First (” The goal is to repeal or revise the laws in the 25 states where they currently exist.

    The state attorney originally said that George Zimmerman could not be arrested for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in-part because of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which was signed in 2005 by Governor Jeb Bush. Bloomberg says it was drafted by the National Rifle Association.

    Bloomberg’s group, which is supported by several high-profile civil rights leaders, including Rev. Al Sharpton, said Wednesday that Florida’s justifiable homicide cases had risen from 12-per-year to 36-per-year after the passage of Stand Your Ground.

    Bloomberg also is working with incoming Florida Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale. Smith has started a task force to review or repeal Florida’s own law, saying it is “misunderstood and misused.” Smith has also started a website for the taskforce (, and is asking for the public’s input on the law.

    Christopher L. Smith

    Florida State Senator

    District 29

    Stand Your Ground It is a highly controversial law that since 2005 has left a string of incidents throughout Florida and the invocation of “stand your ground” as a shield of immunity from prosecution. There is now a lot of confusion on the part of the public, law enforcement and our judicial system, and the haphazard interpretation and application of the law. This movement is an attempt to clarify the parameters of the law and set the tone for our civilized society.



    Task Force Members

    Perry Thurston
    State Representative, District 93

    Mike Satz
    State Attorney
    Broward County

    Charles Morton
    Assistant State Attorney
    Broward County

    Carlos J. Martinez
    Miami Dade County Public Defender
    11th Judicial Circuit of Florida

    Howard Finkelstein
    Broward County Public Defender

    Carey Haughwout
    Palm Beach County Public Defender

    Chief Frank Adderley
    Fort Lauderdale Police Department

    Dan Gelber
    Fmr. State Senator

    Wiley Thompson
    Broward County Sheriff’s Office

    Alfreda Coward
    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Scott E. Sundby
    Law Professor
    University of Miami School of Law

    Joelle Moreno
    Law Professor
    Florida International University College of Law

    Tania Williams
    Critical Skills Professor
    Nova South Eastern University School of Law

    Zachary Weaver

    Jack Lokeinski
    Fraternal Order of Police lodge 31


    Judge Kenneth Gottlieb
    Broward County Judge

    Judge Ilona Holmes
    Broward County Circuit Judge

    Judge Michael Robinson
    Broward County Circuit Judge

    Nicki E. Grossman
    Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention
    & Visitors Bureau


  23. Scoots Knuck says:

    I’m sure her beloved trademark, er Trayvon would be sooooo proud! Meanwhile I think they are pathetic, disgusting, immoral and despicable!


  24. chopp says:

    Don’t they have to make this into a non profit in order to write off all their expenses? Otherwise, they have to pay taxes on it.


  25. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    Hey folks, I’d appreciate you go this this YouTube video and leave comments. I heard that the comments are monitored and anti-Zimmerman comments are removed. But that’s just what I heard. 😉


    • tara says:

      For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t), you can click on the little YouTube logo on the bottom right and it will take you to the YouTube page where the video and comments are.

      Hey, there are 67 views already! Good job! Love the comments.


  26. sidneytawl says:

    This video should not be aired as a PSA, It does not fit the guidelines. This is not a non profit org. and it violates many of the standards used by the networks (broadcast), so the affiliates should not be airing it. This does not take into account Cable networks, though the political nature of the add, controversial, and appeal for money for a for profit organization should not pass the test either. Using the words PSA in the advertisement should not be allowed I would think. They can pay for the spots.

    # The sponsoring organization must be national in scope and dedicated to public service or charitable activities.

    # PSAs cannot, directly or indirectly, promote the sale of commercial products or services, including showing any logos or any other visual references.

    # The campaign cannot deal with sectarian, politically partisan or controversial subject or issues, nor can it be designed to influence legislation or government actions.

    # You should avoid direct appeals for funds in your message. CBS Network policy, for example, says a direct appeal for funds such as “send your check to…or please make a donation…” is not acceptable, whereas statements such as “please help…please support” may be acceptable. When in doubt, contact the networks.


  27. tara says:

    I wish we could do an SNL-like parody of this ad! Sybrina using a tissue to dab her eyes and then tossing it into a wastebasket full of cash.


  28. Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

    That kid is straight cash-money, yo! If only the Medellin Cartel could have smuggled some Trayvon, they’d have owned the world.


  29. sidneytawl says:

    Tara, oh just you wait, there will TONS of videos’s using this and cutting in other sources. Parody you know.

    The more I watch this piece, the more I laughed, they opened themselves open to considerable parody. This is basically a political advertisement. Its an ad for govt change.

    Heck just cut in more current photos of No Limit for a start as she wipes a tear.


  30. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    On Sybrina’s PSA video, there’s a few copies of it on YouTube that allow comments.

    For your entertainment:

    Here is my comment:

    “This is NOT really a Public Service Announcement. I am not sure it is legal to call this a PSA when it is a for-profit message, directing people to donate on the various websites. So if Crump, Julison (the PR guy) , et al. are passing this around as a PSA, that’s dishonest, IMO. After all, we know where the money is going. To finance the lawyers, PR guy, and Martin family to jet to London, England on holiday. (I am curious, when did Martin and Fulton get their passports.)”

    And the response by “lookinforsexymen2008” (who looks to be about 22 – 25).

    “i guess your next question will be are trayvon martin’s parents citizens of the united states. people like you disgust me. my brother is in the army and it’s a damn shame he’s fighting for the right of people like you to have free speech, when in reality it’s people like you who deserve to have a suicide bomber park his car in front of your house and it goes off. she will never get her son back and gun happy, republican dick sucking sons of bitches like yourself could care less.”


    • Sharon says:

      Guess she told you exposed herself.


    • dmoseylou says:

      I almost NEVER, ever post…anywhere on the ‘net. I READ and I learn. I research and verify statements to better educate myself to TRUTH, to separate Fact from MSM fiction.
      The statement in response to your post, by “lookinforsexymen2008, absolutely INFURIATED me beyond comprehension, except by those who have been there. MY SON, my CHILD, a former United States Marine, was a casualty of war by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Both of his feet were shattered. But, he was one of the lucky ones, and I thank God every day that he was. He SURVIVED. He LIVED. It took many, many months of rehab, but he came back stronger than he ever was.
      When I read this:
      “And the response by “lookinforsexymen2008:
      ‘when in reality it’s people like you who deserve to have a suicide bomber park his car in front of your house and it goes off. she will never get her son back and gun happy, republican dick sucking sons of bitches like yourself could care less,’ ”
      I cried, I just cried. And cried and cried and cried. George Zimmerman did nothing wrong, he did everything right, just like my son. And yet, his feet, too, have been shattered. But, like my son, he can come back stronger than he ever was. My prayers remain with him and his.


  31. eagle says:

    Kanye says,
    “Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger
    But she ain’t messin’ with no broke …”


  32. chinchilla says:

    Haha, using trash cans to take a collection. The snide comments just write themselves.


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