The Violent Nature of The Trayvon Martin Family and Attorneys (The Scheme Team)

As we write there is a specific and coordinated effort to distance the Trayvon Martin family and narrative from the violence that may take place after the Trial Verdict is delivered. However, we have a fully researched library of their lies and obfuscations. Here are collected reposts from July    and    November last year in that regard:

The gig is up – The scheme is exposed – Their entire false story is coming apart at the seams schemes. – But they continue to lie to the bitter end – That is the story of the Trayvon Martin Family and Family Attorneys (Crump, Jackson, Parks et al). All they know is lying – They have invested themselves so much in the false story they cannot even cognitively tell the difference between their lies and the Truth. Unfortunately, the same holds true for their simple-minded, sheeple supporters.

Consider – Their Latest Claim: “they did not align with the Black Panthers”.

Whoopsie – Um, well lets take a look at this, shall we: The capacity of the Trayvon Martin supporters and Scheme Team to boldly lie is quite staggering. The latest *cough* claim from the schemers is their protestations that the Martin Family and family Attorneys did not support the New Black Panther Party.

This claim of “non-support” or “non-alliance” with the Black Panthers is actually quite representative of how far they will go to sell a story of fabrications, falsehoods and lies. It does not take our site to diminish their credibility, and expose their LIES - it just takes their own lying words and your eyes to bear witness.

And what do you think is on that flyer the Black Panthers were handing out with the Martin Family, Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks, Natalie Jackson, Ryan Julison, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous etc. e.t.c….

Nice huh ? Yes, that is Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks and all the other members of the aforementioned “scheme team” and professional race-baiting class committing a, wait for it, …… FELONY. ! (March 22nd, 2012 – Ft. Mellon Park)

Yes, I know it might be hard to believe, but putting a bounty on someone’s head calling for them to be killed is actually illegal. Most already understand that, but unfortunately and apparently “some” (like the group above) don’t. Or maybe they do, and they were just waiting for their pending arrest, and/or civil trial, to begin writing checks for the compensatory and punitive damages to their victim George Zimmerman.

For the slow crowd – But, but, but…. I thought Daryl Parks said the family did not support the New Black Panther Party. Some might even point to:

In this video Attorney Daryl Parks rejects AND CONDEMNS the actions taken by the NBPP. Parks says “We do not condone it, in fact, we CONDEMN those people.”

Alas, you see, in the honest, REAL, and even better, “LEGAL world”, you cannot say one thing then do exactly the opposite and NOT be a liar…. or,….. wait for it,…… Legally ACCOUNTABLE for your actions.

Standing on stage in front of the national media and proclaiming your active alliance with the Black Panthers while passing out flyers calling for the Death of a U.S. Citizen, because you oppose them – THEN to proclaim you do not, or did not, do such – is well, beyond silly; and the activity of engagement is also, interestingly, ILLEGAL.

But this is where we Truth Tellers say: Don’t take our word for it – Cue the tape:

Would you like to hear the audio of the threat too? Well, OK then:

Note to schemers and supporters of the scheme: There are about 200 different audio video versions of your Black Panther alliance…. ya’ know, just fyi – so you don’t embarrass yourself and keep, well, lying and stuff… ya’ know.

Whoopsie – Yes, you are definitely going to need that Legal Defense Fund you recently set up; And yes you, along with your supporters who have engaged in previously illegal, and currently ongoing illegal, activity are going to need quite a bit of legal representation both for Criminal and for Civil Liability Trials.

The same holds true for the criminal and civil repercussions soon to be discovered by the various internet groups of like-minded affiliation. ;)

On the heels of Sean Hannity’s interview with George Zimmerman, MSNBC defends itself against the accusation that they, in general, and Al Sharpton specifically, did not “rush to judgement” in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Here is the official MSNBC position as told to Politico:

“MSNBC would like to set the record straight following some misinformation presented by Fox News during the interview with George Zimmerman last night,” MSNBC wrote in a statement sent to POLITICO. “Reverend Al Sharpton never ‘rushed to judgment,’ as stated by Mr. Hannity. Reverend Sharpton repeatedly called for calm and for a more thorough investigation in the wake of the tragic events. Ultimately, the authorities agreed an arrest was warranted.”

Now let’s just cut through the crap, and get to the truth. Because unlike MSNBC and the institutional legacy media complex the Truth Has No Agenda.

The best way to show how insufferably ridiculous MSNBC is, is to showcase their network host Al Sharpton in his own words. The first example being his appearance at the Sanford City Council meeting where he personally threatens the City Government, council members, Mayor and City Manager:

4:50 …you are risking going down as Birmingham and Selma in the twenty first century… You are making the world know you as a place of racial intollerance…. you have compromised the reputation of your city for one man….

Listen to his own words.

Second example from the Rally he led in Sanford. Fort Mellon Park March 22nd:

In this video you can see Al Sharpton sharing the stage with the New Black Panthers who had at that time placed a $10,000 bounty on the head of George Zimmerman wanted “Dead or Alive”. Sharpton continues…..

… Trayvon represents a reckless disregard for our [black] lives that we’ve seen for too long, and we’ve come here tonight to tell you enough is enough….

…. you thought it was hot,…. well, the heat has just arrived….

The third example is from the same rally March 22nd and showcases the entire Al Sharpton speech as it aired live on local TV networks:

…. we cannot allow a legal precedent to be established in this city where a man can murder anyone he wants and walk out free with a murder weapon….. I have mobilized the National Action Network……

Contrast that against the official MSNBC statement:

MSNBC would like to set the record straight following some misinformation presented by Fox News during the interview with George Zimmerman last night.” “Reverend Al Sharpton never ‘rushed to judgment,’ as stated by Mr. Hannity. Reverend Sharpton repeatedly called for calm and for a more thorough investigation in the wake of the tragic events.

Do those videos of Al Sharpton sound, or look, like a man calling for calm in your book.? And let us not forget what organization rallied with Al Sharpton at Mellon Park on March 22nd as you can clearly see in this next video. Pay attention to the men at the front of the stage handing out flyers:

Yep, that is the New Black Panther Party. There were Dozens of Black Panther militants lined up with Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Jesse Jackson, Benjamin Crump and the entire Trayvon Martin Family.

And what do you suppose was written on those flyers they are handing out in front of the stage at Al Sharpton’s Rally:

WASHINGTON TIMES - The U.S. Department of Justice had no comment on the $10,000 bounty the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) was offering for a “citizen’s arrest Dead or Alive” of George Zimmerman, the 28 year old man who told Sanford, Florida Police he shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin on February 26 in an act of self-defense.

“My People”

In modern America, a prudent citizen should know to remain in their vehicle, doors locked, and windows up, when there are young black males known to be in the vicinity.

What does this say about our society? Are we living in a drive through Safari Park?

If we get out of our vehicles we deserve what we get and shouldn’t blame the animals, much less shoot them in self-defense?

People are foaming at the mouth calling George Zimmerman a racist while at the same time saying he’s at fault for not following the rules on the Safari Park safety brochure.

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97 Responses to The Violent Nature of The Trayvon Martin Family and Attorneys (The Scheme Team)

  1. Mr. Izz says:

    I wish something would really happen so that these individuals can answer for their actions and crimes. If anything, they are more powerful today than they have ever been. If I had the means, money, and ability, I would fight against this type of riot-inducing racial hate.

    • justfactsplz says:

      What we can do is spread the truth everywhere we can. Those in the central Fla. vacinity can start with local news comment sections. More and more people are being enlightened each day and they in turn tell others. Educating others about the lies is one thing we can do that doesn’t cost money.

      • Mr. Izz says:

        Sometimes it is hard for me to believe this stuff really happens. With where I live, I am in a bit of a social bubble. Heck, according to statistics, the area in which I live is a mere 2% Black. I see these stories of riots, of racial tension, of blatant criminal activity, and it feels surreal. It’s like watching a bad movie. A bad movie that changes individuals lives, for the worse, forever.

        • justfactsplz says:

          My sister lives in an area with probably less than two percent blacks. It is hard for her to wrap her mind around the racial tension I describe down here.

    • Bill says:

      1. HAs anyone lost track of the fact that TYrayvon committed feloneous assault? If he wasn’t killed, might be been charged as an adult or could he have even killed Zimmerman? 2. When burglaries and a home invasion are committed by african americans, the neighbohood watch person is not profiling, he is responding to statistics. 3. If Trayvon was being followed by a “creepy white cracker” why didn’t he just call the police and report him? He had a cell phone!
      The racism is evident from the so-called civil rights leaders in posting pictures not of a 17-year old assailant, but instead posting pictures of a much younger Trayvon to enflame passion. Finally, I am by no means a racist as all people are one however, enough is enough. We live in a country of laws and as unfortunate as it is, Trayvon sealed his own fate.

  2. froggielegs says:

    I posted this in the other topic but am going to repost here as this is where it belongs…

    “Muhammad told the Daily Caller that he’d been invited to multiple protests by the Martin family and their family attorney Benjamin Crump. The group had associations with other civil rights leaders including Al Sharpton and his brother Kenneth Glasgow. “We came, and we supported,” said Muhammad of their visits to Sanford last year.

    Kayrallah is part of the NBPP faction out of Jacksonville who issued a citizen’s arrest order and placed a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman’s head — “dead or alive” — last year before his arrest.”

    Read more:

    “Invited by the Martin family and their family attorney Benjamin Crump”

    There is also a video on the site

  3. froggielegs says:

    Dang my other post is stuck in moderation LOL
    There’s nothing of yours in moderation….Admin

  4. Heriat says:

    Some sick black pastor was just on my television using “the power and the blood” in reference to this evil thug trashbag! I am soooo sick of this!!! These sick “kneegrow” activists have made this loser into some warped martyr. I am a black woman and these shenanigans are making me livid. I can’t even STAND to see a black person open his/her mouth about this case..GRRRRRRR!

    • ytz4mee says:

      This actually is less about skin color and more about attitude and viewpoint.
      There are lots of BGI acolytes who are white. Morris Dees has made a very good living espousing the orthodoxy of the BGI.

      • michellc says:

        True look at some of the protestors today. I saw one white woman standing beside a black woman who had on a shirt that said, this creepy azz cracka diz guilty. All I could think of you stupid white race baiting libtards when the streets are set on fire you’re going to burn with them. Not that I will have much sympathy for her though.

        This is not really about race, it is about their ultimate goal, the same as the IRS, EPA, Homeland Security, NSA, Gun Control and others I know I’ve left out. Separate battles but all battles in the same war.

        • Tell me about it. I can’t count how many times I’ve been called a racist for even suggesting that George is innocent and using the evidence to support my opinion. Liberals are a disease.

          Another point: I’m Jewish and I watched a video from Oakland (iirc) where they were having an Anti-Israel rally. A Jewish woman like myself showed up at the rally to counterprotest the left. She bent down near the sidewalk and wrote in Hebrew ‘Am Israel Chai’ (The Jewish People Live) and before she could even finish writing a leftard came out of the crowd and beat her up. This is the oh so peaceful left for you. They scream about Israel defending herself and then beat up a Jewish woman.

          • michellc says:

            The left are nothing more than haters. They want to destroy the very fabric of this country and they will use anyone and everyone including but not limited to their own to further their agenda.
            They’ve done that to blacks for years and are to blame today for what much of the race has become. There are three races the blacks hate, hispanics, whites and blacks that figured out or figure out what has been done to them. They blame them and hate them for their status in life. They can’t see through that hatred to realize these people they think they love because they give them stuff only give them enough to keep them where they’re at so they can control them. I’m not talking just whites either, there are blacks like Jackson, Sharpton, Crump, Obama, etc. that figured it out but they got to be in the group as long as they have the same goals.
            They’ve did much the same to many of the Jewish, which is confusing to me as for many years the left has not let it be a secret how they feel about Israel. They’ve went about it in a different way than the blacks but they’ve managed it somehow.
            Christians aren’t immune either.
            You look at the left in Texas, putting vulgar signs in the hands of their children, showing up with bottles of urine, feces and paint and they seem to me they’re running around in the safari as well.

          • Tuduri says:

            Never again!

    • tara says:

      Heriat, you just reminded me of a thought I had earlier, that it’s a sad statement of our times if Trademark is the new Emmett Till. Meanwhile, truly innocent black kids are injured and killed daily by violent acts. I guess for those kids there’s no “hook” to get people’s attention. That’s sad too.

      • I would suspect those black kids do not have connections to those in Freemasons or political offices that can help push the narratives. Perhaps if these black kids knew other lawyers that fund raise for Presidential candidates they would get attention.

      • ctdar says:

        200 + murders already this year in Chicago…it’s July. If the Obama administration can’t or refuses to figure out their hometown problems what makes anyone think they are fit to run the entire country.

        • GZanon says:

          I just did a quick Google Map: 3.04 miles
          Point A: Austin, Chicago
          Point B: Garfield Park, Chicago
          Reported by the article was where 40% of the violence occurred over the holiday weekend. 3.04 miles separate the hot spots, this does not seem correct as, the Garfield Park I mapped is to the immediate East from Austin. I just wanted a bird’s eye view.

          per link:
          “With 74 people shot and 12 killed over the July 4 weekend, Chicago has topped 200 murders for the year to date, many related to gang violence.”

          “Chicago has recently suffered from spikes in gun violence originating from hundreds of gang factions established in block-by-block territories on the South and West sides of the city. According to police data, 40 percent of the gun violence over the weekend took place in just two neighborhoods in those areas – Austin to the west, and Garfield Park to the south.”

          • GZanon says:

            for what it’s worth:
            “Illinois is the last state in the nation to have a ban on carrying concealed firearms.”

  5. auscitizenmom says:

    “saying he’s at fault for not following the rules on the Safari Park safety brochure.”
    I don’t think George had seen a copy of that brochure.

  6. MayS says:


  7. michellc says:

    I know this may be a stupid question but who is going to charge them with a crime? I would be willing to bet if a person looked hard enough they could find Holder shoulder to shoulder with the New Black Panthers.

    • froggielegs says:

      “bet if a person looked hard enough they could find Holder shoulder to shoulder with the New Black Panthers”

      Frightening isn’t it?

    • That is the problem with the justice system and our government. The law is only applied selectively against those it deems their opposition. After the riots occur, it will easily dismissed as those disenchanted with the verdict as expressing their anger at the “injustice” and we know that the Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. This sadly has been the rinse and repeat pattern of our government. Charges will never come for the despicable threats leveled at George. Neither from the New Black Panthers nor the idiots on Twtitter.

      As a side note, if you don’t think the media is praying for riots, think again. It’s easy content that will drive ratings for them.

  8. sangell says:

    Point noted and well taken. However, the modern American ‘Safari Park’ staying in your car with the windows rolled up and doors locked is no guarantee that the wild animals won’t simply smash their way in and take your car from you. These are not wild creatures that simply wish to be left alone. The are a different creature entirely. They want what you have only they do not want to have to expend any effort to get it. They are more like hyenas who simply want to take the work of the other animals in the urban jungle.

  9. PeruvianMom says:

    IR-Rev. Sharpton has proven himself a charlatan over, and over yet he is still heartily embraced. The logical conclusions is that he is leading a band, and an entire movement of charlatans.

    • sangell says:

      Blacks now have a higher voter turnout than whites and comprise over 25% of the Democratic vote. That’s the only math that matters to the party in the White House but its not the math that is going to matter in the coming years because the gravy train is over and the ability of this country and government to pay the ‘black reparation tax’ that has been levied is gone. For blacks this is going to have catastrophic consequences. As a group they are not the most far seeing so few are aware of how bad is going to get for them due to their dependence on government spending and their position as the caboose in the private economy but here is a rather long piece from David Stockman, Reagan’s first OMB director, that was posted on Zero Hedge yesterday that shows the stark reality facing all of us but most particularly blacks as government spending not only declines but blacks must make room for Hispanics as they demand their share of public sector jobs.

      • Truth Teller says:

        I will help the Hispanics in any way that I can. Blacks have savaged our culture, our nation, our people, by falling in line with Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and the other thugs. Forget’em and let’s get this nation moving again.

        By the way, I think that there is a likely chance that George Zimmerman gets savaged on the manslaughter count. Women are definitely viewing this case differently from men, based on the TV focus groups I have seen. There is evidence several females on the jury were crying during the state’s last closing argument. This is a problem. They will not know that George will go to prison for years if they convict.

        Nothing will wake up the rest of America faster, however, than a guilty verdict in this monkey trial. Nothing. You will see this clearly. But still believing in the individual, I do not believe a man’s life is worth it and hope the peaceful revolution comes about by other means.

        • sangell says:

          I read that George’s mom, while almost invisible on English language television, did make appearances on Univision and other Spanish language broadcasters. It doesn’t take a Ph.d in political science to realize the if Hispanic/Latino voters split just 50/50 between the GOP and Democrats the game would be over for Democrats. Why the Republican House does not insist that Federal funds be withheld from local governments whose work forces do not reflect the composition of their populations is beyond me. Its not going to affect whites at all but in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia etc which are basically black run fiefdoms of the Democratic party it would require the transferring of thousands of well paid low level public sector jobs from blacks to Latinos and earn the GOP a lot of credit within the Latino population and cost no votes as those black public employees do not vote Republican anyway.

  10. kathyca says:

    I work in a pc environment (since we’re all lawyers and know that value of a “go away” claim filed by a minority) and even here people are getting unapologetically vocal about what’s going on in this case. I think that’s a good sign!

    • lovemygirl says:

      I remember years ago when training for management the discussions of doing the wrong thing by transferring a problem employee that was a minority vs trying to fire them and the costs. Unfortunately, they transferred him and his gal pal. Both Howard grads to boot.

  11. PeruvianMom says:

    They’re now playing the white jury race card – already.

    “Juries with little diversity tend to acquit or offer lighter sentences when the victim is black”
    (Could a black juror who honestly wanted to acquit – ever freely live in their community again?)

    • tara says:

      I notice the lightweight term “tend to”. Could be 51% vs 49% which we wouldn’t consider to be significant enough to warrant mention.

      It’s obvious that the jury will be blamed for not delivering the BGI-approved verdict.

      • lovemygirl says:

        I already started asking elsewhere. They were praising BLDR and his minions. Yes, they have decided that the Jury will be at fault for the unapproved verdict.

      • sangell says:

        Total BS anyway as juries do not ‘sentence’ defendants and judges are often ‘required’ to take into account prior criminal convictions when sentencing a defendant.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Cue arguing Disparate Impact in jury selection in 3, 2, 1…

  12. Seriously People? says:

    Never sell these Savages on the Left short. Because conservatives and libertarians have underestimated their cunning, hatred, and willingness to persevere in an insane cause, the Left has taken control of the culture in such a way that there is NO WAY, for instance, that this issue is going to live past this website and this case. Should it? If course. Will it? No way. Sorry to burst the bubble. It is great investigative reporting. I know that you are correct. But the matter will quickly die and RINOs and the GOP Establishment will continue ruining this nation for you and your kids and your grandkids due to their fear of confronting evil.

    Rick Scott being just one case in point.

  13. Stormy says:

    That third video from March 22 rally is not working… has it already been removed?

    How’s that heat feeling now, Al?? ‘Getting kinda hot ’bout now, I expect…

  14. Stormy says:

    Gosh, I would love to hear Trey Gowdy’s opinion on this swamp-trial down in Sanford.

  15. To Sundance, I hope you are taking great strides to protect your safety.

    As we know Tracy Martin is indeed a Freemason. as are the other major players in the BGI, This is why the coordination was so fluid from the start. I can almost bet this is why MOM did not go there. There is the reason for his eternal conflict.

    I understand the need to shine the light on these puppeteers but at some point, you will have to decide the risk versus rewards. We can easily disregard talk of the Illuminati as a conspiracy theory the fact remains that many of the African American players in this game and tied to the Administration are indeed tied to Freemasons in some aspect if not direct members.

  16. froggielegs says:

    And in other news. Corey is starting to lay the smackdown on those who didn’t play in her game…

    “State Attorney Angela Corey fired her office’s information technology director Friday after he testified last month about being concerned prosecutors did not turn over information to George Zimmerman’s defense team in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

    On the same day attorneys finished their closing arguments in that nationally watched trial, a state attorney investigator went to Ben Kruidbos’ home about 7:30 a.m. to hand-deliver a letter stating Kruidbos “can never again be trusted to step foot in this office.”

    • Stormy says:

      That will be a nice lawsuit for him…

    • michellc says:

      What a cesspool that is down there. It almost sounds like Ms. Corey may be finding herself in some other legal troubles not related to this case. Did she do some sneaky money shifting to her and Bernie?
      I think the gangsters are still alive and well and living in the state of Florida.

      However I need some brain bleach because close relationship between Bernie and Corey put a horrible image in my

      I am really curious when Scott is going to start distancing himself from Bondi and Corey. I just have a hunch we’re going to be hearing before long how he put his trust in the wrong people.

      • Cesspool. Yes.

        I have a long list of those I won’t vote for, but unfortunately most of them are not in my district/region. Disappointed that voting in their opponents will likely not serve to enrich our government…. just serve as ‘punishment’ to these guilty politicians.

    • Does it surprise you? Hopefully when George gets acquitted, Corey and her merry band of misifts get pink slips too. Bao, Rao, BDLR, Guy, Mantei, and so on.

      Only in America can one be fired for actually doing their job and upholding the oath they were sworn to serve.

      • michellc says:

        Don’t forget Bondi.

        Someone asked me over July 4th weekend if I wasn’t a republican or a democrat than what was I? I told them if republicans and democrats are in cahoots together to destroy our nation, why I want to be either. As for what I am, I guess I’m an American.

        I don’t know who do we trust? I thought the tea party was the way to go, but then we got people like Rubio claiming to be something he wasn’t and had the tea party backing. So from now on when I’m asked that question instead of even giving it any thought I’m just going to say American.

        • michellc says:

          why would I…. I think it’s past my

        • woohoowee says:

          I tell people the same thing: I’m an American. To me there are a few exceptional Republicans like Ted Cruz, and the rest are Rethuglicrats.

        • Rick Scott was never Tea Party. He was a Republican through and through. But he leveraged the fringe Tea Party to get elected. The same guy who has invoked the 5th more than any one investigated in Florida ever. Everything he has done has helped hurt the state. His first action was to cut the education budget by over $2 billion that resulted in many teachers, including myself, to be cut. 2 years later, he increased the budget for education by $1 billion and claimed he has increased education by the largest percentage in 20 years. Yet he still can’t understand that education is still missing the other billion.

          Scott is trying to play to the minorities now since Charlie Crist will be running against him as a Democrat and he knows there is little to no chance to secure the minority vote.

          I am Libertarian to the core. I just want to be left alone and only want to interact when I choose to interact with the government at any level. But then again, I can think for myself and don’t need information dumb-downed like others in this state. I definitely feel this is the last signal I need to leave.

          • aboojie says:

            Rick Scott is corrupt and always has been. He’s ruined the education system here in fl and continues to do so. IMO.

          • michellc says:

            I don’t know if that was intended for me, but I don’t know what platform Scott ran on. But Rubio ran on the platform as a Tea Party candidate. Rubio has proven he’s nothing more than another liar.

        • nwtex says:

          How ’bout “conservative”?

    • Stormy says:

      So that would make it brown bear hunting, instead of polar bear hunting ?

      • michellc says:

        I learned when I had to wade into the lives of blacks that they really hate hispanics, I just was never sure if that is a regional thing or not.

        • Stormy says:

          I don’t know where you are; I’m in the midwest and that is how it is here, too.

          • michellc says:

            Oklahoma and we have a small percentage of blacks. But the ones we do have hate hispanics even more than whites. (The kind we’re talking about anyway, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m saying all because I have some very good friends and a neighbor who don’t hate anyone especially don’t hate anyone because of their race and know there are more that I don’t personally know.)

            • MayS says:

              It’s the “i’m entitled to everything because 8 generations ago there were slaved in my family” blacks. I’m a Hispanic woman. Came here over 20 years ago, legally. My parents worked picking up boxes at the grocery store to cleaning homes while they box when to school at night and still raised three kids. Within 8 years of being here both my parents had validated (I’m not sure this is the correct word) their higher education degrees from the Dominican Republic from a US university. Had their own home, jobs and the American dream.

              I’m the first to say there is an illegal immigration problem in this country ….but there are MANY legal immigrants who come here and work hard and achieve that American dream. Blacks just can’t understand that it isn’t about racism or other people’s problems. They don’t get that their communities and their children will only achieve greater things if they themselves change their circumstances. Instead they sit and blame every white person for owning slaves 150 years ago, every “mexican” for coming here and taking the jobs they’re just not willing to do, and govmen for not “protecting their children” and giving them what they deserve.

              They spend so much complaining on what others are doing that they blind themselves to the real problem. All they have to do is look in a mirror.

  17. Cgee says:

    If violence occurs as the result of of a not guilty verdict, it lays at the feet of those who concocted the false narrative (false prosecution/persecution) –Benjamin Crump and allies, ANJELA COREY, black heroes and entertainment stars, as well as those with power (the media including the revered Fox) who supported the false narrative/or ignored the travesty and ALL those who did not stand up due to political correctness even though they could have easily spoke up because they have power, money and the ability to reveal the truth or just give another side. Old, careful, obedient, non-racists women who save their money and eat salmon once a week at Shari’s and abhor injustice have been awakened. We pay taxes, vote, read The Help and own maya Angelou poetry anthologies. The nightmare of what happened to George Zimmerman could happen to anyone. From now on no one will give a d**m. This is armageton (sorry sp). George Zimmerman should never have been charged.

    • Jeff B. says:

      O’Mara is to blame as well… He did nothing to dispel any of the misinformation… Why did he not even bother to question why a PR firm was hired and they only put out 12 year old pictures of Trayvon? He never flipped the script of public opinion…

      • He never flipped the script of public opinion…

        I was about to agree 1000%. BUT, MSM wouldn’t have allowed it, not then and not until AFTER the riots. That should give them something to cover for awhile until the next manufactured story, while they bury the real stories.

  18. froggielegs says:

    Another interesting article especially the last few lines…

    “Ponder again Holder’s rancid comments, and consider what they mean for George Zimmerman.

    Especially since Holder’s Civil Rights Division still has an open investigation of George Zimmerman, though just about nobody is reporting on this explosive fact.

    If Zimmerman is acquitted, look for race-obsessed and truth-challenged Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Tom Perez to act against Zimmerman. We’ll see once again what that corrosive “common cause” can do.”

    and that is what this means!

    • froggielegs says:

      I really fear this will never end for George. These animals will not rest till he is in prison and will use every resource they have. These people sicken me!

      • That is the problem when you are chosen to be the sacrificial lamb. They will get the pound of flesh to hoist above their heads to celebrate “justice” as they continue the great racial divide and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening.

        • froggielegs says:

          Sad but true. I pray George gets through this. I also pray that those who have done this to him get their just rewards in more ways than one.

    • ctdar says:

      Regardless of outcome OMara better have George’s passports with him at the courthouse so if verdict is not guilty he can leave immediately & get on plane until things cool off.

      • Emmaline says:

        My thoughts exactly. I know his wife is going on trial for perjury, and I am sure he wants to support her, but flying to Peru may be his best bet. He can claim political asylum and family ties to the country.

  19. Here’s hoping Holder has his own problems soon enough.

  20. woohoowee says:

    Sundance, this post got me to thinking and looking around so you have email. (Two because I forgot to put something in the first one.)

  21. juanjelelip says:

    Atlanta, GA
    Police: Mableton fatal assault not racially motivated

    “According to the arrest warrant, the 36-year-old victim was repeatedly punched and kicked by the youths outside a Chevron gas station. Chellew, badly beaten, eventually stumbled onto Mableton Parkway, where he was run over. He died at Grady Memorial Hospital.”

    “If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the United States,” writes a blogger on The Daily Caller, founded by conservative pundit Tucker Carlson and a former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney. “It would have knocked the (George) Zimmerman trial out of the news.”

    World Net Daily, meanwhile, references Chellew’s killing in a story titled, “Race Violence Alarms, Before Zimmerman Verdict.”

    Blogger Urbanbaby goes one step further, asserting Chellew was killed “because he was a white man. It’s that simple.””

    Damn. The blood of the innocent are on their hands.

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  23. nwtex says:

    I will forever be amazed at the detail in the Posts! How can anyone be that organized, thorough and thoughtful. Remarkable! My hat is off to S/D and Admins!!

  24. flawesttexas says:

    The only way things will change is when we stop allowing the apologies and start being honest….rid ourselves of political correctness

    Lets start calling Sharpton, Jackson, NBPP, et al, a more accurate term….Black Ku Klux Klan. Lets start calling their White enablers White Guilt Liberals

  25. Q says:

    SD, I know I sure learned a lesson with the Tracy Martin original interview (where he tells th reportr it is not TM screaming), I should have uploaded it to my computer and saved it. I have tried ALL the stations and that video is G O N E…GONE! So, lesson learned, now I will upload and save. Hope you did the same with the videos on this thread. Thanks again for all you do :) Hang in there brotha!

  26. Chip Bennett says:

    Neither the State of Florida nor the federal Department of Justice has made any effort whatsoever to prosecute the New Black Panthers Party for violating George Zimmerman’s civil rights, and the myriad other laws broken, by offering a monetary bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman, dead or alive.

    That pamphlet is prima facie evidence of an unlawful act.

    What more needs to be said?

  27. bensday823 says:

    “People are foaming at the mouth calling George Zimmerman a racist while at the same time saying he’s at fault for not following the rules on the Safari Park safety brochure.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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