A Father, A Good Man, A Book Review – Robert Zimmerman Senior

Robert Zimmerman SeniorPained, troubled and brave–those are the sentiments, turned adjectives, I would use to describe the word-image when reading the recently published book by Robert Zimmerman Sr.

Knowing the Zimmerman family found some form of understanding through the research we had compiled last year surrounding the entire scheme to arrest George Zimmerman is good. Reading the words of George’s father, Robert, we can grasp the feeling of being overwhelmed. ‘Fleas looking into the furnace of hate’ is how we visualized them last year.

The recent publication outlines that sense with profound affirmation.

As followers of this site will know by now, there was a time several months ago when all of my available options were exhausted. Our promise of intellectual honesty demanded we not pull punches, and speak the truth openly and directly regardless of consequence. But when it came to honest discussion of George’s legal counsel, Mark O’Mara, we knew the ground was precarious and filled with invisible land mines. Trepidations were overwhelming.

So reluctantly, out of fear of undermining George Zimmerman’s defense, and yet the need for a necessarily dictated honesty, we reached out to his Dad.

The conversation was tough: one part an explanation, one part a heads up, and one part seeking to understand. We knew the words would be challenging to parse because we knew the reception would be far more challenging for the recipient to absorb and contemplate. But the conversation was needed.

519sjxyrD1L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_In reading Florida V. Zimmerman – Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George, we can grasp how pained the journey for the entire Zimmerman family has been. We can also see how troubled and brave the family patriarch is.

It must have been very difficult for Mr. Zimmerman to confront that which he never before experienced; the full frontal rabid assault of the Professional Black Grievance Industry.

You can see from the strength of disappointment, clouded in profound admonition, Robert was, and is, hurt. Hurt and angry toward the undeserved attributes always used as weapons by the BGI to isolate their victim.

What Robert has outlined in the well engaged book is a first hand account of how it feels to have the ire of the black race-driven industrial complex advancing upon you with no regard for cause or fact.

As I previously described it to Robert:

Those lies and manipulations you are facing are merely tools, or means, toward an end.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

They are no more concerned about you or your family than the dozens of previous Zimmerman’s and Zimmerman families that have come before you.

That is why we call it the “Professional Black Grievance Industry” – Their goals have nothing to do with civil rights and everything to do with civil judgment’s. Again, nothing more and nothing less.

Unless and until you understand that, you have no footing to stabilize yourself and fight back.

So long as a person worries themselves with dark imaginings, and sends misplaced requests for others to assist, they will always be on the defensive.

Your cries for help, even from those who know you best, will fall on the deaf ears of the fearful.   Your citations and evidence to prove your non-racist factual life will be dispatched as aimless justification.  Yet simultaneously those actions will be twisted to paint you as the very personification of that which you are not.

It’s just the way they roll.

Benjamin Crump 2 Sharpton-JacksonJesse Jackson Al Sharpton

As the sun comes up tomorrow, so will the treasure-quest of the race driven professional black grievance industrialists continue.

Without it they have nothing; No purpose, no reason, no power and no financial livelihood.   It is, quite simply, their profession – and they have honed their skills over decades. Why do you think 90,000 Pigford claimants can arise from a legal class of black farmers quantified at their peak to be no more than 3,200 people.

Almost $3,000,000,000.00 (that’s billion) in taxpayer funds deposited into the coffers of the biggest financial extortion scheme never known.

Al Sharpton, Martin Lee Anderson's Mother - Gina Jones, and Jesse Jackson march  2006

Al Sharpton, Martin Lee Anderson’s Mother – Gina Jones, and Jesse Jackson march 2006

Against that factual reality what’s $3.7 million for the Martin Lee Anderson family via Parks and Crump… and Bondi…. and Crist et al?   Paid extortion to the schemers to go away and stop themselves from facing what you, Robert Zimmerman, are now unfortunately, all too familiar with.

The BGI does not care if they tear apart a city. No more than they care if they tear apart a state or a nation. The goal is to advance a malicious and false narrative; To create the systemic contingencies that maintain the guise affording the industrialists a purpose.


Do you really think the Zimmerman family stood a chance when similar historical examples show even New York Prosecutor Steven Pagones collapsed under the weight of the false constructs.

And for what? To what end?

Mr. Zimmerman’s book is a defiant look at the modern Zimmerman case following the historical Martin Lee Anderson case, and the Duke Lacrosse case before that, and the Tawana Brawley case before that….. and so it goes.

The one constant in an ever changing universe is the need for those who live on the division to continue to divide.

Wash – Rinse – Repeat, the cycle continues. Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump replace Alton H Maddox and C Vernon Mason.   Jesse Jackson begets Natalie Jackson…. and so it goes.


boycottTrayvon family attorney, Natalie Jackson, can stand in front of a deck of media microphones decrying racism under the guise of “justice for Trayvon™” – Meanwhile, only a few yards away, her mother, Francis Oliver, is pasting flyers on the church corner demanding blacks to “Boycott all White Businesses in Sanford”.

No-one will challenge that irreconcilable hypocrisy….. and so it goes.

It takes a brave person to carry the torch of disinfecting sunlight into the place where the shadow dwellers choose to hide. Mr. Zimmerman has taken those first bold steps.

Now, through no cause of his own, Robert Zimmerman Senior understands what all of those victims before him have understood.

It is a great book. A solid read, and I hope all visitors to the The Last Refuge will purchase a copy from Amazon.com and understand the scope of what his family has experienced.

Tomorrow we talk about Mark O’Mara…. we need to.

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113 Responses to A Father, A Good Man, A Book Review – Robert Zimmerman Senior

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    On order and Robert Zimmerman Sr. is what I call a TRUE profile in courage. May the Lord let this brave man continue to shine forth the sunlight and melt the filth, the lies of the BGI.

    So many here have contributed and I just want to say thank you to all.

  2. froggielegs says:

    Sadly that is actually a tree in the parking lot of Oliver’s church that holds that sign. As much as Natty wants to deny her racism on Twitter, one only needs to look through some pictures taken at her mothers church where not only her mother was that day but also her and a few friends…


    Scroll through then when you are done, go to the top of the page and type in Trayvon Martin in the search box. Right click on the name of a group of pictures (For instance the group i linked above is named “Revolutionary black panthers attend Trayvon Martin rally Sanford”) and click on open in new tab, then when that page opens, click on view full story to see all the pictures in that set. Many interesting pictures on that site. One of my personal favorites is this one…


    That kind of flew out the window once they figured out racism garners more money!

    Reading Robert’s book today just broke my heart and also angered me even further. I pray everyday for all of them.

  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Too busy being driven by greed and dollars perhaps to be grieving????

    • canadacan says:

      That is exactly correct. I pray to God that they all get struck by lightning, landed on by millions of mega mosquitoes and that the God of the Old Testament will curse them on to the hundredth generation. may they suffer may they never prosper may they never have a days luck. I hope the Hispanics and the Asians take every single job away from them. let the African Americans of that particular ilk destroy each other in the inner cities like a self cleaning oven. No Mercy no peace no quarter from the rest of the world in their daily endeavors. maybe they self destruct and burn in hell. the Zimmerman’s are gentle good kind and forgiving. at the risk of being judged for it I will hate for them. no one should have to suffer the way the Zimmerman family has.

      • Sharon says:

        Whoa….. wreaking divine judgment on them, as needed, might be best needs to be left to God Almighty. Launching curses on people is pretty serious business….may they suffer may they never prosper may they never have a days luck.….that is actually what a “curse” against someone is. Even as we deal with the mess that all kinds of evil has brought on our nation, don’t want to go there.

        ADD: You say at the risk of being judged for it I will hate for them.. You need not be concerned about “judgment” from us as other commenters here, but I seriously caution you against offering yourself as the delivery system for hatred toward them. Aside from the danger it puts you in before Almighty God, it constitutes a rejection of the patient endurance that has been demonstrated by the Zimmermans, the very patient endurance that you say you appreciate.

        • canadacan says:

          Very true Sharon I have an anger issue in this matter. I remember my maternal grandmother saying to me vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord I will repay.

          • canadacan says:

            Bullying of any kind makes me crazy.

            • Josh says:

              “Bullying of any kind makes me crazy.” Me too.
              Of course, Sharon is correct – but we are only human. I THINK my crazy thoughts and then pray on them. It is all I can do.

          • Sharon says:

            ((a hug for you)) Each of us has “an issue”….and part of our refuge up this ol’ Tree is the “one another”….being here for one another.

          • jello333 says:

            Sharon is right, of course. But I feel ya, Canadacan… there’s been MANY times I’ve had to bite my tongue — or more accurately my fingers — to keep from typing out exactly what I feel about some of these scumbags.

      • 1harpazo says:

        The Bible says that blessings and curses cannot come out of the same mouth, just like salt water and fresh water cannot come out of the same spring. Sooooo, here’s how I pray when I have trouble with someone: “Heavenly Father do unto ______ as they have (or do) unto me.” If they treat me good, then God will do the same for them. Likewise, if they treat me unjustly (or whatever), then God will do the same to them. Some guy in the Old Testament prayed like this. I don’t curse and I don’t bless; I let God decide. Hey, it keeps me sane.

  4. Yakmaster says:

    @Sundance: both an eloquent book review and a powerful denunciation of the BGI rolled into one. I’m on my Kindle (no emoticons) so you’ll just have to imagine me giving you the two thumbs up!

  5. mrsobee78 says:

    Sundance you’re words – your honest, intelligent and powerful words move me to tears. GOD BLESS YOU for helping us all understand what this is all really about. I wish I could find the right words to express how grateful I am that I found this site. I had so much anger until I understood what motivates these people. Anger has been replaced by disgust. These people truly disgust me. Not the “color” of their skin but their actions. Your point about Natalie Jackson denoucing racism as her Mother is asking people to boycott “White” businesses speaks volumes about their true character. Let’s face it, this has *never* been about grief, it has *always* been about greed and sadly it always will be. For them it’s about “Just Us”, not “Justice” and they have some pretty powerful people patting them on the back and giving them the thumbs up. God help us all…

    • Angel says:

      “Sundance you’re words – your honest, intelligent and powerful words move me to tears. GOD BLESS YOU for helping us all understand what this is all really about. I wish I could find the right words to express how grateful I am that I found this site”

      ++ 1

    • pspinach says:

      “Sundance you’re words – your honest, intelligent and powerful words move me to tears.”

      Couldn’t have said it better. Me too, this morning, have not teared up over GZ’s case until reading Sundance’s words and appreciating the diligence with which CTH has been supporting GZ when he and his family have been abandoned. As with others here, am angry over the injustice to an innocent, courageous man who essentially became an unwilling victim to a convenient industry.

  6. Lou says:

    the Trayvonites are raiding the Amazon site with their 1 star non-Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

    • stella says:

      I just added my five-star review. It is so obvious what they are up to, that no person who actually is considering buying the book will be swayed by their negativity.

    • jack203 says:

      And considering Amazon is probably the only place to buy it….how much more confirmation do you need it wasn’t even read.

      Most of the users have had no other activity either. I think they’re made up accounts.

      It’s just a couple lunatics on the side of the BGI industry making the reviews. Similar to that leftwing moron who came back to court yesterday to flail around.

      • Judy says:

        I’m thinking “paid protestors”…I bought mine from Nook

        • Aoife says:

          y’all don’t worry so much…books are kryptonite to these trolls. Education is for ‘fags’ (Idiocracy) Closest any of them get to a book is when it’s lobbed at their head like a misslile.

    • thesitrep says:

      I just bought it and will review it after I read it. I bet you a dollar that those 1 star reviewers have not read it or many/any other books for that matter.

  7. nomorebsplease says:

    That photo of trayvon on the flier is odd. The one with his right arm up in a black power salute. Looks like a photoshop from when he went fishing. Either it was edited like his hoodie pic or he was like is free mason pro black father.

    Which would explain his “white people call the police black people call there cousin” tweet along with what looks like zero white friends. Same as that diverse loving family and law firm other than token jasmine rand and her ambiguous appearance during her democracy now interview.

    Btw – DID it get confirmed if tracy attended that conference or did they really attend a football game on sat? What is the confirmed story? Ty.

    Oh, and speaking of hating crackers. George should make sure tray’s cousin does not go after him if he is free. After shooting he said he would take law into his hands if he is freed. (As mr_4dat his old handle iirc).

    Maybe he has cooled down since but who knows? Maybe the trayvonites, black panthers and coffee progressives have cooled down too!

  8. The only reason I am hesitent to buy this book is because it might anger me too much. Might just donate to the legal fund as a hat tip. Speaking of which…have they met their goal yet?

    • stella says:

      My feeling is that purchasing the book gives the money more directly to the family. Please do read the book! All the way through. It starts a little weak, but persevere to the end. It gave me a good picture of George’s family, especially Robert, who is a good, intelligent, well-spoken man, who loves his son, and cherishes every member of his family. You will also learn how he feels about the defense, the prosecutors and the judge(s), based on his experience as a magistrate.

    • Josh says:

      Buy the book.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Nomore – Buy the book, read it, then share it to your friends, one by one.

      Just sayin’… :)

    • Sharon says:

      Mr. Zimmerman does not write in anger or self-pity, nor does he invite readers to either anger or pity.

      He is bearing witness to many things: what is happening to his son, what has happened to America, what we may expect more of in our future. He is bearing witness.

  9. Lee says:

    I watched snippets of the jury questionings and was more than a bit concerned that people were saying they didn’t really know what the protest were about and they didn’t think that race was an issue. Did anyone hear a potential juror affirm the racial bias? I hope so. Some claimed to not take interest in the small story like this one about a local shooting – yet, this STORY has little to do about a local shooting – just ask O’bama, Holder, Sharpton, Spike Lee, Jackson, Cowgirl hat wearing local politicians, Bondi, and a huge contingency of Hollywood hotheads….and the list goes on. Ask your local Sanford council persons and mayor and fired police chief if this was a non-event. I hope none of the potential jury questioned, that I heard, make the short list. I hope the second round of questioning pushes the racial and political issues.

    • If there is a high ratio of young white people or AA’s saying “I don’t know anything” it is likely them saying “I am another plant”. Weed ‘em out. I personally want 12 vulcans and I am sure the defense does as well. The state wants 12 Fredrica Wilsons and it speaks volumes about their case. Now that Jerry Cornholious made a mockery of himself, he basically sent out a bat signal to other plants what not to do and what to do (scrub their past).

    • jello333 says:

      I think that person who said something like, “Me and my friends didn’t follow this, it was just a small story”, also referred to some of the “big, important” stories they DID follow. One of those being Casey Anthony. I’m like, “SERIOUSLY?!” How can anyone think the Anthony case is even in the same galaxy as this case?!

  10. bullnuke says:

    Its understandable that a person can can caught up in the fight against the evil that is attacking George. Until I read the book, I didn’t stop and reflect enough on the pain that his family has been put through. Its not just George that has been destroyed but his family as well. Once George is acquitted, the civil suits against the hate mongers will begin.

  11. rovatek says:

    On a side note, my biggest Traybot misinformation pet peeve is when they claim Robert Sr. was a judge. To me that’s the epitome of their ignorance.

    • alan says:

      it is time some people realized that evil is a big business….and it has lots of followers. Those trying to make money out of this are need pity, as they chose to work for evil, instead of good. They too, are pawns of things even more evil, and so on up the chain. Will they have to answer for what they do? Perhaps, but perhaps not even in this lifetime. Still, late at night, it must be hard for them, after they run out of excuses, to live with themselves. They will make this life a Hell on Earth…for themselves.

      • Josh says:

        “it is time some people realized that evil is a big business….and it has lots of followers” – Quite true.

        “Those trying to make money out of this are need pity,” – Being “only human”, I will not be able to comply.

        “Will they have to answer for what they do?” – I hope so. I pray so.

        “Still, late at night, it must be hard for them, after they run out of excuses, to live with themselves.” – I doubt this.

        “They will make this life a Hell on Earth…for themselves.” – That’s fine with me but their evil affects others.

        I understand what you are saying though and do not disagree.

    • John Galt says:

      “On a side note, my biggest Traybot misinformation pet peeve is when they claim Robert Sr. was a judge.”

      The fact that Scheme Team is not in jail proves that Robert Sr. lacks any significant influence in Florida.

    • unitron says:

      The State of Virginia (or the Commonwealth of Virginia as they officially refer to themselves) is partially to blame for giving what are essentially Justices of the Peace the pretentious and confusing title of Judge Magistrate.

      But that doesn’t excuse anyone not doing their own research.

  12. Lou says:

    this guy is out of line, and needs to be reported to Amazon.

    1.0 out of 5 stars The Zimmerman’s ARE Who We Thought They Were, June 14, 2013
    JJ – See all my reviews
    This review is from: Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George (Kindle Edition)
    For over a year, this bottom feeding family has screamed “we’re not racists” yet can’t keep their mouths shut, nor stop with the finger pointing. Bottom line, it isn’t normal for a person to be able to shoot an unarmed teenager and walk away free for 45 days without a deep, thorough investigation. Senior seems to be confused as the 2.2 million signatures that called for an arrest, and got one, was made up of people of ALL colors and ALL walks of life. Clearly he did some note taking while reading at the Conservative Treehouse website; thus using the term “Scheme Team” created by bag boy SundanceCRACKER!They can’t stand the fact the world does care and that his failure of a son didn’t get away with murdering a black boy. See,he wasn’t just a black boy that nobody cared about. It’s a new day Zimmerman scum, and George will be the example that this shit isn’t going to happen any more! Ya’ll made your bed, lay in it! Racists!

  13. Angel says:

    The book is only on Kindle, right? ! I really got to get up to speed and buy some sort of tablet.

  14. Angel says:

    “Without it they have nothing; No purpose, no reason, no power and no financial livelihood.”

    Sundance, you said a mouthful right there!!! I

    • Josh says:

      I wish that those the BGI are “representing” would understand this very point. I wish those they are “representing” would understand that the BGI cares not one iota about them – that the BGI is using them.

      • Judy says:

        Some do understand and when we come across them it is important to nurture that ‘knowing’ they have deep in their being so they can be strengthened to nurture others and one at a time we open the “veil”. Billy Graham said it best, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” We are all looking for that palpable sense of relief we feel when someone we respect gives voice to what we feel deep down in our gut. That is what I find in the conversations/posts on CTH and I so appreciate the love of SD and all the admins that goes into making this a safe place for all.

  15. tz says:

    Food for thought— How is the Trayvon Martin case associated with Denny’s? http://www.lewrockwell.com/rockwell/economics-discrimination.html

  16. Aoife Crane says:

    At some point in all this though, there has to be a counter attack. Honestly. At some point, and I pray to God that once the facts are aired in open court that there will be such a backlash against those who’ve helped to create this false narrative. Those who have been responsible for starting fires, fanning flames, and throwing gas on an incident that had the participants been reversed or the same race would have disappeared from the news cycle within 24 hours. Lives were threatened, livelihoods were extinguished, and divisions were created where none existed before. Good people everywhere need to band together, especially those negatively affected by this circus, and join a class action lawsuit that names Jackson (both of them) Sharpton, and members of the media as defendants. What they did and have done is lie, obfuscate, and destroy innocent people. That can not go unanswered. To do so feeds the trolls. Our complacency over past cases, whether it be Brawley and the ensuing deaths at Freddies Fashion Mart, to Duke Lacrosse, to Zimmerman, has only emboldened these bottom-feeding reprobates. Until they are held accountable, they will continue. The fight must be taken to them and they must be exposed for what they are and beaten, legally. They must pay in the most serious terms possible–financially and publically. Until then, there will be no real justice…and no real peace. The cycle will continue unabated. How many more Steve Pagones, Jewels, Seligmanns, Finnertys, Evans’, and Zimmermans will we continue to leave swinging in the wind with shattered lives and reputations? We must fight back. It’s our only choice. And if we don’t, I fear one day we may be unable to do so.

    • Coast says:

      I agree, the question is “how”, how do we really fight? Today, blacks have more power than ever in the history of our country. For example, we have a black president, put in power by an awful lot of white people. We also have a black attorney general, a large black congressional caucus, massive black employment by city, country, state and federal government agencies, hate crime legislation designed specifically for blacks, black colleges, equal opportunity offices, etc, etc. Whenever I encounter blacks with power, I see racial abuse. I see preferential treatment for blacks, but done under the guise of equality and fairness and opportunity. I hate to say it, but I just don’t want to see anyone in political office that is black. Not until there is a huge change in behavior…and that will take a long time.

      • John Galt says:

        “I hate to say it, but I just don’t want to see anyone in political office that is black.”

        Like anyone else, they need to be carefully investigated and have a reliable education, resume, and track record. The politicians enabling the Zimmerman fiasco are mostly white.

      • Josh says:

        “the question is “how”, how do we really fight?” – Good question

        I do not care the color one’s epidermis. I really don’t. It is so sad that many are being “educated” to look at color. They are being “educated” to disregard the wise comments of people like Bill Cosby, Allen West and Julius Caesar “J. C.” Watts, Jr. Listening to the likes of the three aforementioned would actually “free” so many of their self-imposed chains.

        It begins with education. Until the Federal Government gets its hand out of education and gives it back to the states OR until the states take back education I do not know that I see positive change on the horizon.


  17. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    sad how these people think

    Benjamin “Justice 4 Trayvon” Crump
    Is Robbie The Racist, the boy who cried wolf?

    He claims to be getting death threats but the issue is, where?

    The only way to contact him that I can think of is twitter
    Share · 93 · 5 hours ago ·
    Shelia Darden, Sajii Montgomery, Dallas Schroeder and 6 others like this.

    Ronda Pattan Beimel if he truly feared for his life he’d disappear out of the public so people would stop thinking of him , yet he seems to always be out there willing to speak which probably does bring negative comments to him. Maybe he wishes he was more in the spotlight like George.
    about an hour ago

    Shelia Darden The entire family is sick. Never seen anything like this.
    about an hour ago via mobile

    Jalessa White That is BS at it best, Even the Security team for fogen has never reported a death threat < That's a plot to rack in more money and further DEMONIZE the BLACKS along with Trayvon.
    45 minutes ago · Edited

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yeah, I want to see the threats that have been made toward the Martin side. I don’t believe there are any at all.

  18. FlConservative says:

    I have the book and have read it. It’s worth the $3.99 and anyone following and outraged by this case should get it.

  19. FlConservative says:

    What’s really ironic here is if someone else shot Trayvon Martin it’s very likely George Zimmerman would have been demonstrating in front of the court house demanding that person’s arrest.

    • John Galt says:

      Yes, I was thinking if I was in GZ’s situation, I would probably strike GZ from my jury.

    • freegz says:

      Given the facts in this case why do you believe this?

    • Cupcake says:

      GZ would be demonstrating for the arrest of a person who shot someone in self-defense? Why do you think that?

    • jello333 says:

      At first, before the facts came out…. yeah, maybe. But not now. George would have been just like the rest of us, many of whom came to the wrong conclusions initially, but quickly figured out something was very, very wrong. George is a smart, caring guy… he would have figured it out.

  20. hooson1st says:

    Mr. Crump was just now on MSNBC being uncritically interviewed by Alex Witt.

    He hints that the defense attorneys ask certain questions of “certain” (prospective) jurors that they don’t ask of other prospective jurors.

  21. There is another Kindle book out on the case. http://www.amazon.com/America-Slaying-Trayvon-Hutchinson-ebook/dp/B00D5IGLIY/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1371315972&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=Hutchison+earl+trayvon+martin Nobody has reviewed it and I am not certain it is simply a racial screed like Hutchinson’s early statements on Zimmerman-Martin.

    • John Galt says:

      The first 34% is mainly about alleged assassination of Trayvon’s character.

      O’Mara will like this part (lol):

      “In the case of Martin, Zimmerman’s lead attorney, Mark O’Meara [sic] minced no words in saying that he hoped the character assassination of Martin would taint Martin in the eyes of potential jurors.”

      • jello333 says:

        “I certainly hope that our character assassination of Trayvon will help taint him in the eyes of potential jurors.”

        Yeah, I remember MOM saying that alright. :roll:

    • John Galt says:

      “It was not disputed that Martin committed no crime and that Zimmerman provoked the confrontation.”

    • John Galt says:

      “When Zimmerman killed Martin he acted in the capacity of a neighborhood watch patroller. This conferred a de facto legal shield on his action. He was viewed as an authority figure and therefore arguably operated under the color of law in patrolling the enclave where Martin was killed.”

      Crump’s theory of a civil rights action?

    • John Galt says:

      “His defender this time was his father, Robert Zimmerman, a retired judge.”

    • John Galt says:

      On the topic of W6′s statement that Z was on the bottom yelling, TM was on top beating GZ:

      “This new revelation, meaning the alleged eyewitnesses’ account of what supposedly happened that night, that supposedly corroborated Zimmerman’s contention that he was the victim of Martin’s attack was publicly revealed in late March, 2012. This was fully a month after the Martin killing. There was no indication from authorities why it took weeks after the killing for the alleged eyewitness to come forth.”

      Interestingly, there is no reference to W8 in the book.

      • Thanks John. It seems that it won’t add to my knowledge or understanding of the facts in the case and should go over to my neighbor who is having a garage sale in order to spend my $2.99.

        • John Galt says:

          It provides an interesting look into the manipulations and methods of the race baiters. Some truth, some half-truths, a few blatant lies, numerous illogical segways from Zimmerman case to injustice against blacks as a whole. One very interesting tactic, which seems to be recurrent in this book and Scheme Team tactics, is to accuse the other side of doing what you are doing: manipulating the media, character assasination, attempt to influence prospective jurors.

          • Are there any “black voices” they take an intelligent view of the case? Recently I tried to engage one Morris W. O’Kelly about an article he wrote on the Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/morris-w-okelly/the-george-zimmerman-game_b_3424191.html I was matter of fact in pointing out his continual “Either Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood or he didn’t.” was a tautology and the lack of Zimmerman’s DNA under Martin’s fingernails or no head trauma mentioned in Zimmerman’s medical report don’t get very far in disproving self defense. He had a couple of my posts removed, even though the moderator first accepted them and one where I pointed out that the prosecution has the burden of proof in response to his demands like “Prove to me that Trayvon initiated the altercation.” he got very snotty and said we weren’t in a court of law. Of course I gave up.

            • stella says:

              We have some “black voices” among us here at the Treehouse.

              • canadacan says:

                There have been a number of Black Voices to speak up for George

                • canadacan says:

                  David Webb, Herman Cain, dr Manning, Allen West, the real bill real etc.

                • auscitizenmom says:

                  I think that black people are in a difficult position if they speak out because they live with their families and friends, who are very likely all black or mostly black. They have to stand up to a lot. I think that keeps a lot of them quiet.

                  • Angel says:

                    Hi Auscitizenmom

                    I am invisible. See below:

                    “That’s because the only politically correct way to see blacks is as victims of larger forces that are constantly determining them and beating them and miring them in difficulty.” Shelby Steele. Yes, blacks cannot be seen or see any other way. This is to be as Ralph Ellision stated, “An Invisible Man.” People being blinded to my true nature, my thoughts because of color and how one should be because of it. The book is so apropos right about now. Deserves a reread from this higher level of awareness. Sometimes I feel as though my individuality is at risk of being colorized out of existence.

          • Still no review on Amazon yet. John, you should put together your comments here into a review and post it there. Two stars?

            • John Galt says:

              Should write a book. I have a lead on an illustrator.


              “Treyvon Martin and the Case of Yellow Journalism”

              Very catchy title. I wonder if she’d let me use that?

              “The image seems to say that all the fuss made over the gunning down of unarmed African-American Florida teen Trayvon Martin by self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman is just a story cooked up by the liberal media.”


              “Then there’s the fact that she misspelled Trayvon’s first name.”

              Wow, so did W8′s letter. Precognition, spooky.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Bongo, you slipped a zinger into the thread, and didn’t even trumpet it!

      That’s FABULOUS! Great find! I saved. :D

  22. sangell says:

    Actually Canadacan’s post is likely more prophecy than a curse. Some years ago I was shocked to learn than 55% of all black ‘professionals’ work for government. Toss in Quangoes, utilities, large corporations able to keep economic supernumeraries on their payrolls and you account for nearly all the rest. But all of that was built up during the 50 years since the heyday of the Civil Rights movement and in different demographic and economic era upon which the sun is setting. It doesn’t matter if blacks maintain their phenomenal racial cohesion the plain fact is the ability of the American economy to provide a free ride to 44 million black people is at an end.

    On the other side of this looming economic vise is the fact that the growth of the Latino community will put huge pressure on the very sinecures blacks have created for themselves based on nothing but ‘racial preference’. For example, I retired three years ago from a municipal utility in Richmond, Virginia. Of the 650 people employed here we had only a handful of Latinos and none were from Mexico or Central America yet they now account for more than 10 percent of the population of Richmond. All the ‘technical and engineering positions were held by whites or Asians and the unskilled positions were allocated such that blacks made up about 50% of those positions. That doesn’t really give the full flavor of the hiring though as blacks were given 2 out of 3 positions but because of drug use, criminal activity, laziness etc would not be able to hold their job. This employment pattern is typical all over America. Did you know that blacks hold 22% of the positions in the IRS/ Think the Post Office is going to have 500,000 employees in 10 years? In fact, why the GOP is not insisting that Latinos be given jobs at the Federal, State and local government level to reflect their proportion of the population in a mirror image of black demands seems a political no brainer to me. How many white Republicans would lose their jobs if, say, Richmond, Virginia, Gary Indiana or Atlanta, Georgia were forced to comply with such race based hiring politicies?

    For this reason the economic clout ( never very substantial to begin with) and political power of black America is going to begin to erode and it will totally collapse if the GOP can just get 30 or 40% of the Latino vote.

    • wanderlust says:

      You remind me of a personal story I will share. I worked for a week or so on an engineering project at the Social Security office in lower Manhattan (many years ago). The manager there shared stories of trying to get some kind of productivity out of the workers who were almost all AA women. Said we hire those that cant be hired anywhere else. If the workers got too out of hand, the manager would threaten to take the Saturday (overtime) work away. On Saturdays, the women would come in with their kids and have an all day picnic in the office.

  23. diwataman says:

    The IAIWM finds the following paragraph from Robert Zimmerman Sr. book disturbing:

    “Unfortunately, there still exists individuals and organization whose paramount objective is to promote racial divide and hatred – Racists. These individuals and organizations are obvious even to the casual observer. If the name of an organization signifies a particular race, one should certainly be skeptical.”

    • Sharon says:

      There’s nothing inherently wrong with skepticism informed by experience. It’s kind of like “profiling.” Profiling saves lives. Skepticism might prevent deception and damage. If the individual organization that caused skepticism turns out to be problem free, that’s when we learn, “Well. Guess I was wrong about that.” How many times are the names of organizations are chosen with the intention of eliciting a reaction. The New Black Panthers comes to mind.

      Considering the context and the furnace from within which Mr. Zimmerman writes, I think his observation is pretty mild.

      • diwataman says:

        He correlates the racial use in an organizations name with racism, this is what we at the International Association for the Interests of Whites and Males find disturbing.

        • Sharon says:

          He says it’s cause for skepticism, which to me just means that a person might want to ask some questions and inquire as to why that’s their leading introductory self-description.

          How people introduce themselves actually tells quite a bit about them, because they are obviously presenting in that opening bit of information what (at least in the context of that introduction) they want folks to know about them: “This is the most important thing about me that I want you to do know–this is who I am this is how I think.”

          Nothing inherently wrong with that. His opinion, based on having been targeted by such, is that it calls for skepticism.

    • sundance says:

      He’s talking about the need to Hyphenate your *patriotism.

      (*patriotism in this context is defined as “a melting pot American”.)

  24. lovemygirl says:

    Of course “news media” is quoting Thinkprogress review of the book and only talking about racism

  25. thesitrep says:

    I’m 63% thru it and It is just packed full of facts. I loved that he gave a big mention to this site.

    It is apparent that anyone that concerns themselves with truth aka facts. (people that read) will see that this book is a heart felt expression of case facts and of government malfeasance.

    I think there are some folks that don’t read that will say they read the book and feel inclined to rate it a one star on Amazon. Maybe there is a correlation between ethics and the ability/inclination to read.

  26. Christa Cohen says:

    When I saw the blood and bruises on George Zimmerman, and not a scratch or bruise on Trevon Martin, I realized that George Zimmerman did not throw a single punch. He was attacked and refused to fight. My prayers are for the Zimmerman Family.

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