Kentucky Sheriff Takes A Stand (on Gun Control)

We were alerted (via e-mail) to a three part video from sheriff in Kentucky who talked to a group about his opinion/plan/approach regarding federal intervention toward gun control in his county of Jackson in Kentucky.     [We'll provide a recap video here, and links to the 3 part series after the video].

Sheriff’s opinions are of particular interest to me because they are the TOP constitutional officer in every region.   Often  I come across people who are not aware of the power of the County Sheriff.  Power bestowed upon them by the authority of their position under the U.S. Constitution.    They have far more constitutional power than judges or other elected officials;  and if needed, the country sheriff can arrest any Judge, Mayor, City Police Chief, or even the State Governor or any Federal agent who crosses the county line.  Keep that in mind when you listen to this video provided:

Here are the links to the Three Part Series:

Part I

Part II

Part III

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44 Responses to Kentucky Sheriff Takes A Stand (on Gun Control)

  1. Sharon says:

    I believe the left is creating a buzz saw of unintended consequences for themselves: these videos demonstrate that normal Americans are very concerned, are perfectly able to express their concerns in complete sentences, and are increasingly aware of the Constitutional reference points. Those who are increasingly pushing back are not just flailing and hysterically objecting: that is the way the left is trying to describe them–but it doesn’t fit. Not at all.

    This is good.

    May it turn out to be the case that the push back increasingly exposes the rot for what for it is: a calculated attack against straw arguments intended to drive the country over the Constitutional cliff before anybody realized what was happening…and may it turn out that it did not work. Love that sheriff and all the well-spoken folks in the room with him.

    • canadacan says:

      This is a joe the plumber moment times one thousand. This is what I’ve been talking about on this site. county by county state by state, the 6th amendment our Constitution at work a living breathing reality. I was moved to tears. this needs to go viral. Thank you Sundance. And for those of you that tried to talk me down on this get stuffed.

      • Sharon says:

        There’s a particular kind of power and life in the non-organized (yet organized, but not being controlled) responsiveness of citizens who are that “living breathing reality….” There’s something about that that I think is incredibly attractive and effective, specifically because the continuity of it is not dependent on some “other” having to explain or tell what to do. Its life was spontaneous and its continuity is spontaneous.

  2. jordan2222 says:

    I have been doing some research to see if there is ANYTHING possible that a citizen can do about all of those criminals, none of whom abide by the oath of office. I had totally forgotten about posse comitatus.

    So I am interested to hear if anyone thinks this has merit.

    I recently joined here:

    So far. they have not asked me for any money so that is a good start.

    • canadacan says:

      That is awesome Jordan and I think that is part of what the sheriff was talking about. as Herman Cain says we are not stupid. Rush, Hannity and Levin and so forth all need to have access to this .

      • Sharon says:

        ….but I won’t think it will change shape or necessarily become more effective because Rush, Hannity and Levin get involved, if they did. They have one kind of job to do in this mess and they’re doing it. And I think the ordinary citizens who have no intention of losing their country have a certain kind of job to do as well, and they don’t need Rush or Hannity or Levin to tell to do it or tell them how to do it. Does that make any sense at all? I’ve just seen too many times where a spontaneous and genuine movement is working….and the minute somebody “organizes” it, it starts dying.

        • canadacan says:

          That was at the back of my mind also. I think you’re dead on spontaneity is everything here. this is a genuine grassroots man in the street thing. this is I am I mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore. this is a speech made by an informed citizen who is going to stand their ground not have their local citizenry put in harms way by stupidity. it’s almost a Norman Rockwell moment.

          • Sharon says:

            It absolutely is a Norman Rockwell moment, because it’s absolutely genuine–from the guy in the red shirt from Chicago to the sheriff to those in attendance; and because none of them are doing what they’re doing or saying what they’re saying “for effect.” They are saying what they are saying because that is exactly what they think and know. They sense their numbers are growing, which means more who have been quiet, will be speaking out–and again–not because anyone told them to–because they decide to. Powerful stuff.

            • canadacan says:

              Once more fate has taken a hand

            • michellc says:

              My sister lives in a different county than me and she said yesterday(we had a lot of ice yesterday btw) 2 women and a man knocked on her door and were a small group who were holding a meeting this coming Saturday on how to fight back against the assault on the 2nd amendment. She talked to them awhile and discovered they weren’t politicians, just a group of concerned citizens. She was kind of surprised.
              I told her, see I told you this small group that met in my shop weren’t the only people waking up. Now how many more citizens across this state and across the country who aren’t organized, just citizens who are tired of their rights being stomped gathering to brainstorm?
              It warms my heart and gives me a little hope in mankind that I had lost.

    • jordan2222,

      With Posse Comitatus, the President is leashed, but with the Insurrection Act, that leash has been given some length. Read up on the Insurrection Act and you’ll be able to imagine a way that the President, this one or some future one, could apply it in a way that seems to be in accordance with the Constitution, yet is not (as we know it to be) and could enforce a confiscation of guns with military power.

    • jordan2222 says:

      I would be interested to hear from anyone who has joined the Constitutional Oversight Posse (COP) This appears to be a very recently formed grass roots movement. They ask for NO money. I am impressed with that.

      Here is what I received via email:

      Dear Wayne,

      Welcome to the Constitutional Oversight Posse and thank you for joining us. We welcome your participation and encourage you to share your ideas and expertise. We are a citizens-generated organization of the People, by the People, and for the People. When government no longer works for the People, it is our obligation as We the People to rectify it.

      Those who have sworn an Oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution must uphold that Oath, or they are in violation. It is the COP mission to hold them accountable, and we will not waver in our mission. In order to be successful, our goal is to have one million COP members signed up so that our voices will be heard. Listed below are various ways in which you can help us to achieve our mutual goal, and we thank you in advance for all efforts made on our behalf.

      1. Publicity: Share the COP website with others and invite them to sign up: email contacts; social media; Tea Party, Patriot, or other Conservative groups. Spreading the word is vital in order to grow our membership.

      2. Website merges: We are seeking to merge with other websites and/or blogs, adding them as an Affiliate on the COP website if they will add us to theirs. If you or anyone you know would like to affiliate with our website, please let us know.

      3. Legal expertise and law enforcement: We are seeking the support of local, county, state, and federal law enforcement, as well as seeking advice from constitutional attorneys and constitutional scholars. Share the COP Plan with them, asking for their expert opinions, and their support if they agree with the Plan.

      4. If you are interested in becoming a COP Board member, please send us an email, including your area of expertise and ways in which you could contribute to our mission.

      We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis, and we must take a stand. The rights afforded to us in the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution, are being taken away as we speak, and we can either watch it happen or do something about it. All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. Thank you again for joining us, and together we can make a difference.

      COP Executive Board

      I have not yet responded so if anyone has any ideas about questions I should ask, please post them here and I will include them when I write back to them.

      • I had to go to their website to see their “Plan”. It states:

        “Once the required membership level has been reached, the COP’s governing board will identify the enforcement officials who are legally responsible for impeaching, expelling, and/or arresting and prosecuting the violators. The Board will present to each enforcement official an ultimatum and the list of violators who must be prosecuted. The ultimatum will set deadlines by which the prosecutorial duties must be performed. The ultimatum will inform the enforcement officials that failure to carry out these duties within the set time limits will, in the opinion of the COP, render the enforcement officials liable for arrest for violations of their oath of office, a high crime under the Constitution.”

        This is not possible. It would be nice to hold our representative’s feet to the fire like this, but short of a representative violating another statute, prosecution is out of the question. The only time it would possible to, potentially, arrest and/or prosecute an elected representative, is if he violated his oath of office in an attempt to overthrow our form of Constitutional government. The only real recourse that we have, short of any of the above scenarios, is to elect another representative or enact term limits.

        Additionally, the part where this organization describes setting time limits for performance of prescribed duties “in the opinion of the COP,” is, itself, a subversion of our Constitutional form of government.

        • jordan2222 says:

          We have seen how the vote has become impotent. All we do is elect the same old liars and crooks over and over again. They are all the same and since they are ALL guilty of violating the oath of office, impeachment is impossible. I like term limits. If you were to review the changes in the Constitution made by the Confederacy, you will see they had the foresight to see that term limits were necessary. I think most of us today would agree with all of the changes they made and others they wanted to make in our government.

          I am still researching COP.

          • WeeWeed says:

            I LOVE term limits, Jordan. In fact, I think it should be akin to jury duty – and even shorter. Do your duty – do your job and go-the-hell back home.

          • “We have seen how the vote has become impotent.”

            Sort of, yes. The real reason Obama won was because too many people stayed home when they could have made a difference. While some would rather put the blame on the candidate for lack of inspiration or lack of conservative cred or lack of “real” people’s problems, etc, etc, the reality is that these two men were/are vastly different and we all know that Romney would have been a better President (how could anyone not be?). Many of those people that stayed home fell for the media’s shtick. They fell for the ads and the slogans. They are the “low-information voters” that people like Limbaugh are talking about (yes, low-information voters permeate the conservative side, as well).

            Term limits are the best option, at this point, but that won’t be a fix-all, either. However, it will help to potentially remove entrenched power that doesn’t belong in the hands of the people that wield it.

            The real, true enemy of this Republic is the media. Without their support, the Democrats would never have pulled off this victory. We expect the Democrats to behave as they do. That’s what makes the media far worse. Their insidiousness knows no bounds.

            • jordan2222 says:

              I know of no one on the hill who genuinely supports term limits. A few states have them for governors but that is about it. It”s just another example of how the will of the people is utterly ignored.

              • I agree. It is the longest shot in hell that these congress-critters would self-impose term limits, after the SCOTUS overturned the will of the people and determined that the states could not impose term limits on federal offices. I disagree with that court decision, but it is the law of the land, for now.

            • ctdar says:

              Investigate voter fraud first.

  3. Don P. says:

    I live in the south and one thing that gladdens me is to see the people of the south leading this.
    I also am a Deputy and our Sheriff without a doubt has no love for the feds. Our county is small and is comparative to this Kentucky county. We have 16 fulltime deputies and 20 auxiliary and reserves. We have discussed this and would stand toe to toe against any federal agency sent here to enforce this.

    • Brook says:

      We may need to create a more autonomous zone that rejects certain federal legislation. Canada gets by pretty well with their provincial system. You can choose to live in a place with the politics that suits you.

      • Don P. says:

        That was the original intent behind state sovereignty until we started allowing the supreme court to rule on state issues. By allowing incorporation we gave the feds a foot in the door when we should have closed it on their nose.

  4. myopiafree says:

    The “Liberals” want all “weapons” registered, or “turned in”. They believe that they will be “safer” if everyone is FORCED TO DO THAT by a huge Federal Government. But then you have the problem of “Dictators”, and “Tyrants”, who eventually can seize power – because of these laws. I know that the “Liberals” insist that “… this will NEVER HAPPEN HERE…” But it always does.

    • yadent says:

      Australia did this very thing quite ‘successfully’—-

  5. Sal Paradise says:

    Well said. Hopefully this guy can stand up to the lefty media lynch mob.

  6. lovemygirl says:

    I may have to move back to the Commonwealth where I was born. ;)
    The other day KY had a self defense case that was on this site and what caught my eye was they were debating about charging the two punks posthumously for attacking the citizen. If FL had a law like that then George could really clear his name.

  7. g8rmom7 says:

    That was great. Reminds me a little of what Larry Correia said in his post and we posted here. Personally, I think the appropriate reaction to the incident in Newtown and Colorado would be to make gun ownership and education and instruction for gun owners EASIER, MORE ACCESSIBLE, and FREE! Probably one of the few times I think I will ever say our local or state governments should provide anything for free, but I would be more than willing to add a penny to a sales tax or whatever to make that happen.

    I’m frustrated because for me to take lessons on how to use the firearms we have is very difficult and they make it as inconvenient as possible. Annoyed.

  8. Don P. says:

    Some one eloquent than I should explain states rights and incorporation. I have heard this to many times about the supremes ruling on this or that when it is not a fed. issue. A good place to start would be gun laws so every one understands it is a state issue. The Constitution states very clearly that the power to make laws on weapons lies with the state. That way if you don’t like the states position you can vote with your feet. Now if you allow the fed supremes to decide that is incorporation and its blanket over all fifty states and there is no escape. The constitution is set up to limit the feds not the states. Thats your job.

  9. ottawa925 says:

    Here’s something you don’t have to register. It’s been going around on the net:

    “Dewalts answer to home protection that doesn’t require a registration or license. This nailgun can shoot a 16-D nail through a 2×4 at 200 yards and incase of a home invasion well you can NAIL THEIR ASS to the wall. Im not saying it wont kill the perp but they wont get away. You can also help build a friends fence 2 blocks away while sitting in your front lawn. This is truly how you adapt and overcome so Thanks Dewalt.”

    For photo, click below link:

  10. Brook says:

    Whoa, just found this, guys!!!! Here is a Matt Lauer report that was scrubbed from NBC site — because it doesn’t line up with the official story. This site captured and saved it to their private server. It proves the rifle was NOT USED in the shooting, only handguns. This absolutely lines up with the police scanner audio you hear on YT. They found the rifle and shotgun in the car. Get this out there, guys. We may shift this discussion from gun control to crime scene cover-up, tampering with and distorting evidence by the Obama admin.

  11. armedandsafe says:

    Sometimes, even the Sheriff has to taken on.

    We CAN win this one, but it will not be won by sitting on the sofa and shouting at the TV.

  12. akathesob says:

    Thank God now if he can wake other Sheriffs up right on…

    • Sharon says:

      Well, maybe I’m just irritable, but if other sheriffs can’t wake up on their own, I’m not sure how much good it will do to wake them up. If they’re that dense, they have already shown themselves to be either incredibly clueless or bought off.

  13. ctdar says:

    Sheriff on Greta now

    • Sharon says:

      I saw that. He apparently made the usual mistake of thinking that just because a journalist requests his time for an interview, that means they wanted to know his opinion on the matter.

      I’m getting heartily sick even of “conservative journalists” (except Judge Jeanine)….

      Will not miss Fox when the cable is turned off in a couple of weeks, but I’m glad we’ve had it for 12 months so I can be sure of why I don’t miss it. Had not had that opportunity in MN.

      • ctdar says:

        I know, wish JJ was on more than 1/week. I just happened to catch Sherrif as i was bouncing around during commercials while watching Pawn Stars :)

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